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If You Want To Be A Nerdfighter, You Are One

In 6th grade, I saw a poster on my social studies teacher’s wall. It was a Crash Course World History poster. I wasn’t sure what it was, but through my journeys through YouTube, I found Crash Course. I knew what it was, so I verified it as a credible source, and started watching. It was great! Even my sister enjoyed watching it, which is really saying something. Eventually, I saw a mug which I thought I just had to have. I started to type DFTBA in my browser (not even knowing what the phrase meant). Before I even got to the “A,” safari suggested DFTBA by Hank Green. I clicked on it, and found the magnificent album “This Machine Pwns n00bs.” I saw some other songs, including the ever-popular “We Are All Batpeople.” I wanted to listen to the whole song, so I searched it up on YouTube. I found “We Are All Batpeople,” lo and behold, above the name “Vlogbrothers.” I thought: Ok, they’ve got a personal channel, that’s cool, I guess. I seldom watched it. Every once in a while, I watched it. Then I started watching it more. I wondered, how do I become a Nerdfighter?“ That’s when I heard John say: "If you want to be a Nerdfighter, you are one.” From that moment on I was part of Nerdfighteria.

Thanks for reading this, DFTBA!

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Wow I’m really bad at being sincere

For the last few months I’ve hit a really low pit of depression, and I was just never able to express or tell anyone what was upsetting me shout out to my mental breakdowns at work tbh. I just kind of let it sit there. My only source of happiness was watching YouTube videos. Or more specifically, Holy Trinity videos and Dan and Phil videos.

I got these done as a constant reminder that their work has gotten me through so many bad days and that a good laugh and vibe is just a click away.

Also to be clear the martini glass is the chapter header thing from You Deserve a Drink. And by that I mean the book. 

Something’s Wrong With My Daughter

Author: Eldautor

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My wife and children are asleep right now - I think, at least - so I finally have the chance to write all of this down. Things have been hectic around the house lately and if Clio knew I was writing all of this stuff down, she would honestly kill me. (No, I don’t actually think she would kill me. This isn’t that kind of post. My wife and I have a wonderful relationship.) She’s trying to keep all of this a secret, claiming that Layla is just “sick” and “going through a phase,” but the school is starting to realize that we’re hiding something from them. Things are starting to get pretty bad, so I decided that maybe you guys could help me out. NoSleep seems to be full of people pretty accustomed to this type of crazy stuff.

So, let me give you a bit of background. My name’s Atlas. I’m 32 and I married my wife, Clio, two years ago. The moment we discovered that gay marriage was legalized, we began planning our wedding. It was short, simple, and absolutely perfect. Married life has treated both of us well and I’ve never been more in love with someone. I don’t believe in soulmates, but I think she’s someone I was truly destined to be around. Maybe I’m contradicting myself. I don’t know. I’m not here to talk about Clio.

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When I was scrolling through Tumblr, I saw this post from Vanessa’s foodblog (Veggie-ness). It looked so amazing and so easy to do so I had to try and make it 😆. It turned out just as great as I had expected. 

I used oats milk, normal banana and didn’t put granola in my version. If anyone wants to know how to do this just click in the content source below to get to the post on Vanessa’s Tumblr. 😁

just so everyone knows, that post going around with all the links to the songs with asterisks takes you to a site that, at least for me, is very hard to actually navigate. i wasn’t able to download anything legitimate. so an easy trick to find the audio source file and download the song off any webpage:

> right click any part of the web page (once the page is fully loaded)
> pick “inspect element”
> go to the “elements” tab (it’s the first one)
> look through the code and try to find a url that ends with “.mp3″
> right click that part of the code, choose “open link in new tab”
> it’ll probably be a black page with a simple audio player in the middle, just right click that audio player and choose “save link as” and the mp3 will be downloaded onto your computer

I took some screenshots on that site to show you how to get the songs since no download link on there worked for me:

above, you can see that the part of the code with the url is actually collapsed so the link isn’t there at first glance. the code you see should be similar to what’s above in this situation (regardless for which song you’re trying to get) so if you can’t find this part of the code just look for the “< div > … < /div >” part, or any of the classes (centeredPlayerWrapper, musicBoxControl) just above it. go ahead and expand the code

and there’s your link. voila!

Please reblog this so people know! I don’t want anyone accidentally downloading something shady off that website or anything, I almost did before I remembered I could do this!

There’s been a ton of new vegan food blogs following me that seem sort of like spam blogs, i’m not sure if they are, but the captions they write (after they remove mine) are pretty similar…

Please don’t remove my captions - that’s the point of this blog, sharing recipes. I know I link the source through the photo as well, but on mobile people can’t click that. Plus the people who post these recipes for us to drool over deserve the credit. So it’s actually super obnoxious. You can still obviously write whatever you want under mine, but removing the whole thing is kinda gross..this isn’t just a picture blog, the captions are there for a reason.

A reminder NOT to delete the captions put on gifsets/edits by the edit maker. Last night, someone deleted the caption on a Killian set I posted, thus deleting the link to the source video. Which then means anybody who sees that version after that, who hasn’t seen the video, can’t just easily click the link and go watch.

The captions edit makers choose to use on the gifset/edit are there for a reason. They give the edit context, they often link to the source, they link to the other edits in the series (if the edit is part of a series) so people can easily look through them and find more content to reblog.

Please do not delete them.