so will just click through source it

tip one: reposting vs. reblogging

Reblogging leaves credit to the original poster, and is the correct way to share something that you enjoy. Reposting is when you save, screenshot or copy something and create a new post it. So what if there’s a really great post you found somewhere outside of tumblr that you want to share here, or vice versa? Reposting is okay if, and only if, you have the authors express permission and clearly credit them in your post. People work hard, don’t steal their stuff! 

tip two: captions

Do not delete original captions. It makes it much harder to find the original author. In cases like mentioned above where someone has reposted something properly, deleting the caption deletes the credit completely. 

Also, never add a meaningless comment to a post to promote your blog. Why is this not cool? Well, for one it’s trying to gain followers based on someone else’s work instead of your own, but it’s also against community guidelines. Skip these types of captions and focus on gaining traffic through your own original posts.

tip three: reblogging things without a caption/that have been reposted

If you smell something fishy don’t spread the post around! If there’s a caption-less post that seems like it should have one (or it has a long string of promotional captions), click back to the original source and reblog from them. If there’s something that just seems too perfect, check out their blog and see if their original content matches up, or just seems like a collection of random photos from other people’s instagrams. If so, don’t reblog!

tip four: tags

When you shouldn’t tag something: If it’s hate, please don’t tag the fandom in it! It’s fine if you didn’t like a book/movie/show, but fans want to scroll through that tag and see positive posts about it, not hate. Another one is if it’s not relevant; for original posts. It’s great to add a lot of tags to get it out there, but if someone is looking through the math tag, they want help with math and not to see a picture of your cat (however cute he may be).

When you should alway tag things: For people’s blacklist. Things like sexual or violent/disturbing pictures should always be tagged with nsfw. Spoilers should also be tagged! You don’t wanna be the one that tells some one that SPOILER darth vader is luke’s father.

tip five: be kind, always

The internet makes it easy to say things without consequences, but just because you don’t say it to someone’s face doesn’t mean it can’t hurt them. Anon hate, rude comments, and picking fights over trivial things is never okay. Be respectful and kind. The internet already has enough negativity, don’t add to it. 

everyone is cool with mentally ill people around them until we start displaying symptoms they cant sympathize with

youre sad all the time? poor darling ):

youre irrationally angry,defensive, and paranoid? you say and believe things that just dont make sense? you seem to be a completely different person from day to day? well now youre just being difficult


please stop reblogging this post… i made this i think over two years ago now and i was ignorant to a couple important things:

  1. there’s NO objective measurement of how much mental illness affects any given person’s life, nor are people particularly tolerant toward any consistent expression of misery. be kinder than i was when i made this post.
  2. race is the biggest, but not the only, variable in how different people’s emotions are perceived differently by those around them. ableism doesn’t just “intersect with” racism, the institution of psychiatry is built on racism. look into how certain diagnoses such as schizophrenia were adapted to criminalize and institutionalize black people who started voicing malcontent towards white supremacy. black people dont get “poor baby”d.
  3. mental illness is not a get out of jail free card to behave inappropriately, angrily, abusively toward those around you. i made this post after snapping at someone for asking me to calm down and saw that someone who had witnessed it made a snippy facebook status about me. frankly, it was fair of her to do so. i was upset about it and am still embarrassed but i had acted inappropriately and then justified it to myself with “oh, it’s just a symptom of my mental illness.” that might very well be, but i still owed apologies and an apology comes with the promise that you’ll work to improve yourself.

i’m adding this to the source in the hopes that someone will click through and see this. the original post no longer reflects my position and hasn’t for a long time.

Green - Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Isaac Lahey, Stiles Stilinski, Reader.


Originally posted by lux-teen0

You were spread out on the couch with your legs on your best friend’s lap. “Lahey, off the phone. This is us time.” You tossed a throw pillow at him.

“No need to throw things.” He put his phone down and laughed.

“It is a throw pillow…so…” You grin.

“God, you and Stilinski were made for each other.”

“I know. Thank you.” You flipped your hair playfully.

“That was supposed to be an insult.” You both laugh.

Your phone started vibrating like crazy so you picked it up.

“Hey you told me no phone.” Isaac pouts.

“It’s just Stiles it’s fine.” You unlocked your phone and read all the texts.




Are you busy?

Well obviously you are or you’d answer

anyway I need to talk to you ASAP



I’ll quit harassing you when you look at your phone


“Hold on.” You sigh and stand up, calling Stiles.

He answers immediately, “Hi babe.”

“What’s wrong?” You walk out of the living room.

“Nothing I just wanted to talk.”

“You texted me like that just to talk? I thought something was wrong.”

“No. I had a weird feeling and I had to hear your voice. So what are you so occupied with?”

“Oh, I have Isaac over. We have a no phone policy so I had it on vibrate.”

“Oh…you’re with Isaac.”

“Yeah, I told you he was coming over. Actually I told you he was here earlier.”

“Yeah, earlier. I didn’t think you’d spend the day with him.”

“Stiles, he’s my best friend. You’re always so touchy with this stuff.”

“Gee…I wonder why.” You hear him sigh quietly.

“I have no problem with you going over to Lydia’s or Lydia hanging out with you. You were in love with her, Stiles. I’ve never even thought about Isaac in a romantic way.”

“I don’t know what goes through your head.”

“Oh my God, Stiles.”

Isaac pokes his head into the room. “Hey, I was supposed to meet Derek about ten minutes ago. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

You wave at him. “Yeah. Bye, Isaac.” He waves and goes out the front door.

“I’m coming over.” Stiles grunts.

“I don’t want to see you.” You whine.

“Y/N, I’m coming over and you’re going to answer the door.” He hangs up and you sigh. He was such a jealous person it was hard to even talk to Scott alone sometimes.

Stiles arrived and didn’t even knock, he just walked right in.

“Thanks for knocking.”

He walks over and tilts your neck around and you swat his hand away. “Are you checking me for hickeys? God, you don’t trust me at all!”

“I trust you. I don’t trust Isaac.”

“Stiles, he’s my best friend! He’s been my friend longer than you’ve been my boyfriend. We’ve never had any kind of relations. I think we hugged once when his dad died, but that’s it. He’s been my best friend since elementary school. Get over yourself.”

He scoffs, “I see how he looks at you!”

“Stiles, he’s like my brother! If you’re imagining other guys looking at your girlfriend the way you should be maybe there’s something wrong here.”

“You know..maybe there is something wrong.” He crosses his arms.

“You’re sickening. You get jealous of someone I’ve known for over a decade, then you actually come and check me for hickeys? You hang out with Malia, your ex. You hang out with Lydia too, and you hear nothing from me. I trust you!

He sighs. “Maybe we should take a break.” He mutters.

“Yeah. Maybe. I think you should go.” You stare at the floor.

“Fine.” He storms out the door and slams it behind him.

You sigh and shake your head. You thought he was the love of your life…he just got so jealous sometimes.

You just broke up with your boyfriend. You skip a shower and go straight to bed, your tears inducing sleep.

You’re awoken by a faint clicking. You sigh and check your phone. It’s 4 a.m. You get up at try to find the source of the clicking. You look outside and find Stiles trying to get your window open.

You slide it open. “Really? Go home.”

“I just wanted to say that I’m sorry. I get so jealous…I hear what guys say about you and it goes to my head. I know you and Isaac are just friends but I can’t help but feel jealous.”

You sigh, noticing his puffy eyes. “Get in here.”

He crawls through your window and hugs you tightly. “I love you. I’m so sorry, baby.” He kisses behind your ear.

“I just get so upset that you don’t understand.” You sigh as you both pull away.

“I talked to Isaac. I was upfront with him and we talked about it for awhile. I get it now.” Stiles smiles.

You sit on your bed. “Thank you for coming. I thought I for sure lost you.”

“Let me make it up to you?” He raises an eyebrow.

You nod and the two of you climb under the covers. You cuddle, facing each other. He pecks your nose. “I’m so in love with you that even if you were cheating on me I wouldn’t care.”

You roll your eyes. “You’re my favorite person ever. I’d never cheat on you.”

“Were you crying?” He pushes your hair away from your face. You nod and his face falls. He kisses you gently. “I love you, Y/N. I’ll never say another word about Isaac.”

“You get me. It’s just hard to balance the two of you.“

He pulls you close and you giggle. “Let’s promise not to fight anymore because that sucked.” You nod and the two of you hook pinkies.

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I saw that you're very careful when it comes to people posting your stuff which makes sense but you mind even if someones reposts it, giving you credit and all that?

I don’t know what you mean by ‘careful’, but I believe that people should always give credit when using an artist’s imagery (in the same way that I would always credit an author for any words i would use), just because someone’s spent time on it and obviously owns it. I’m not okay with people completely re posting my work on their blogs and simply crediting me in the caption, because the click-through and source links will no longer go to me (so someone else will get all the credit for images i have spent time on) and people more often than not seem to delete those captions anyway. Anyone re posting my work (on instagram or reblogging) with credit is absolutely fine of course, i love seeing this! (Sorry this was long winded but i feel like this needed a proper answer)

smartypunk  asked:

Hello dear! I have been following you for a while for your beautiful photography, but i'm just now beginning the journey of witchcraft:) i was wondering if you have any witch friends/other cool witch blogs you recommend following? Trying to gather lots of sources of info! Thanks so much :)

Hi sweetums 🙊 I’ll offer you a few off the top of my head but depending on your interests just click through our tags and see who we reblog from and such!

@la-petitefille @sugarandspells @ofearthandherb @celestinewiitch @madre–luna @fairylland @kemmotare

I know I missed lots and it’s hard to remember who’s openly practicing too but you can also try looking through my witch tips tag or the floralwaterwitch tag as there’s plenty of amazing blogs you can find who post their own content and informative witchy posts! 💕

Norman Reedus - Secrets Are Revealed

Originally posted by reedusgif

You and Norman are in a relationship and you are both really happy, there is one thing, though, no one knows that you two are together. The other cast members and your fans have no idea, so when the two of you are caught having a PDA, you kind of have to explain yourselves to the fans at Comic-Con. You are overwhelmed by the amount of support you get from the fans, then at the end of the panel, once everything is out in the open, Norman does something you never expected.

Norman x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Swearing, sexual references, and fluff!

Chapter 1

It was a boiling hot day in Georgia and you were on set, you were an actor on The Walking Dead and you loved it, sure the weather was extreme but, if it wasn’t for this show you would’ve never met the man you would fall in love with. You would’ve never met Norman Reedus.

None of the fans knew that the two of you were together, hell, none of the cast knew, you just weren’t ready to tell them yet. It was hard, keeping your relationship a secret, but you both knew that it was for the best. You would tell everyone when the time was right.

The cast just thought that you were best friends because that’s how you acted on set, they didn’t suspect anything, not as far as you knew anyway.

You were currently sat in his trailer lounging on his couch with his arms wrapped around you as you watched a show on TV with the AC turned right up so you could both cool down, you both jumped when someone knocked on the door and you heard the familiar voice of Andrew Lincoln, “Norman? You’re needed on set,” you and Norman quickly pulled apart and sat normally so Andrew wouldn’t suspect anything, Andrew walked into the trailer and he smiled at you when he saw you, “Oh, hey Y/N, I didn’t know you were in here.”

“Hey Andy, I was just spending some time with this guy, and plus the AC in here is way better than it is in my trailer,” you said with a grin, you prayed that he didn’t suspect anything.

“Fair enough,” he said with a chuckle.

“Is that all I’m good for? The AC in my trailer?” Norman asked playfully.

“Yup, it’s all you’re good for,” you replied jokingly, “Anyway, I will let you two get to set to film your scene, I’ll see you boys later,” you said as you stood up walked out of Norman’s trailer to go to your own.

You sat in there for about an hour or two alone, you just sat on your phone and scrolled through your Tumblr to see what people had been up to, you smiled when you came across a piece of fan art of you and Norman, the artist had made it look like you were posing for a photo, it was amazing. You decided to click on the source of the image and sent the artist a lovely message saying that you really loved the picture and that you were going to show Norman next time you saw him, you even gave them a follow and started scrolling through their blog, they were very talented, you got so caught up looking the pictures that you didn’t even hear Norman enter your trailer.

You felt someone poking you in the side and looked up from your phone to see Norman looking at you with a cocked eyebrow.  “Watcha doin’?” he asked you in an amused tone.

“Just looking through this blog, she draws us, all of us, she’s very talented, take a look,” you said, he sat down next to you and gave an impressed nod when you showed him the first picture of the two of you that you had found and then a few more of the two of you and a couple of the other cast members.

“She is very talented, I really like the ones of us,” he said as he pulled you into a side hug.

“Me too,” you replied as you snuggled into his chest and continued scrolling through the blog. You giggled when the blog owner messaged you back a massive paragraph thanking you and telling you much she loved you and that you were her favorite. You sent her a message back saying thank you and that you loved her too, you loved interacting with fans, even if it was only over social media.

“You want to go for something to eat? I fancy some food from that diner a few blocks away,” Norman said as he pressed a kiss to your forehead.

“Of course, you know how much I love their food,” you said as you got up from the couch and walked out of the trailer with Norman on your tail.

Since it was a nice day the two of you decided to walk there, it was only a fifteen-minute walk so why not? The streets were surprisingly empty for a hot summers day, but that gave Norman the excuse he needed to hold your hand as you walked down the desolate streets. Out of the corner of your eyes, you noticed that he was looking around, “Norman? Everything okay?” you asked.

“Yeah, I was just looking around to see if I could see anyone, there is no one so that’s good ‘cause that means I can do this,” he said, you furrowed your brows at him and opened your mouth to say something but he quickly silenced you with a quick, short and sweet peck to the lips.

“Getting a bit risqué doing that in public aren’t you?” you said with a smirk.

“There’s no one around, it’s fine, now come on, I’m starving,” he said as he led you round the corner and down the street to the diner. He opened the door and let you go in  first, such a gentleman.

Fifteen minutes later and you were sat in a booth across from Norman eating your food, your phones pinged and you both lifted them from the table and unlocked them.

The picture that came up stopped your heart and made your breath hitch in your throat, “Oh shit,” Norman said in an exasperated voice.

Your eyes connected with Norman’s, you both looked like deer’s caught in the headlights, “They know,” as those words left your mouth you felt like your entire world had shifted, everyone knew about you and Norman thanks to some ass-hole who took a picture of the two of you kissing and uploaded it to the internet. You had no idea what was going to happen now.

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Request:  “PART 5 for the Grant Ward!! It’s so good”

Description: You wake up after being unconscious for some time after being rescued from the botched mission that led to both yours and Grant’s torture.

Continuation of Part 1, Part 2Part 3, & Part 4

Rating: E (Mild Language)

Characters: Grant Ward, Reader, Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons, Daisy Johnson (Still Skye at this point in the story), Melinda May (Mentioned), Phil Coulson (Mentioned)

Relationships: Grant Ward & Reader, Leo Fitz & Reader, Jemma Simmons & Reader, Daisy Johnson & Reader

Warnings: I am so sorry if I get anything wrong medically. The worst I’ve ever had happen to me was passing a kidney stone. Twice. And there was no need for any major medical equipment involved.

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If You Want To Be A Nerdfighter, You Are One

In 6th grade, I saw a poster on my social studies teacher’s wall. It was a Crash Course World History poster. I wasn’t sure what it was, but through my journeys through YouTube, I found Crash Course. I knew what it was, so I verified it as a credible source, and started watching. It was great! Even my sister enjoyed watching it, which is really saying something. Eventually, I saw a mug which I thought I just had to have. I started to type DFTBA in my browser (not even knowing what the phrase meant). Before I even got to the “A,” safari suggested DFTBA by Hank Green. I clicked on it, and found the magnificent album “This Machine Pwns n00bs.” I saw some other songs, including the ever-popular “We Are All Batpeople.” I wanted to listen to the whole song, so I searched it up on YouTube. I found “We Are All Batpeople,” lo and behold, above the name “Vlogbrothers.” I thought: Ok, they’ve got a personal channel, that’s cool, I guess. I seldom watched it. Every once in a while, I watched it. Then I started watching it more. I wondered, how do I become a Nerdfighter?“ That’s when I heard John say: "If you want to be a Nerdfighter, you are one.” From that moment on I was part of Nerdfighteria.

Thanks for reading this, DFTBA!

(via Wolfgang B)

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How about the whole gang shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Since it is that time of year!

◉ Yoosung

  • He’s a totally different person when it comes to sales
  • Shocks everyone
  • Will jump through the crowd to grab that gaming mouse or limited edition LOLOL headset
  • Snatching stuff before an old lady can get to it he doesn’t care 
  • He’s a broke college student he can’t afford to be nice rn
  • Impresses the other RFA members with his massive gift haul at the end of the day !

◉ Jumin

  • Doesn’t care about sales
  • Why would he?
  • He’s terrible with technology so no way would he participate in cyber Monday
  • But he goes to some shops with the RFA just to observe what goes on
  •  Comes across a tiny porcelain cat that looks just like Elizabeth 3rd
    • “I must have this for my desk at the office”
  • Is shocked at the price!
    • “Excuse me, do you have any more of these?”
  • Buys them all
  • Gives them as Christmas gifts
  • Saeyoung is ecstatic
  • Zen…not so much. Same for Jaehee…
  • It was a good Black Friday for Jumin

◉ Zen

  • Would go just to make sure you are protected
  • But doesn’t mind looking at some deals while you’re all there
  • Would be shopping mainly for himself
  • New outfits and sunglasses!
  • Face creams that he normally spends a ton on are half off and he’s freaking out
  • Gets really mad if anyone bumps into you and after that happens he’ll keep insisting you both leave

◉ Jaehee

  • Excited about discount planners and organizational supplies
  • She stocks up for the next year
  • Super prepared
  • She knows the aisles and has studied the Sales Flyer
  • But then she walked by that espresso machine she’d been eyeing, half off!
  • Grabs it and runs to the register
  • She’d so proud of her find
  • Of course Jumin had to spoil it when he saw
    • “Excellent. Now that you’ll have a source for quality caffeine I won’t have to feel bad about making you work overnight.”

◉ Saeyoung

  • He’s a cyber Monday guy
  • Of course
  • Why go out when he can shop at the click of a mouse
  • He’d still go out with the RFA group though just for the fun of it
  • Would be rolling around in the crowd pretending to be on a secret mission
  • Would probably give you a walkie talkie that he’d ‘report’ to you through
    • “Agent pepper reporting to Honey Buddha, Honey Buddha do you copy? Target spotted. Massage oil set 75% off. Over”
    • “Saeyoung I can hear you. You’re literally right next to me underneath the display table.”

◉ V

  • Doesn’t like to go out in large crowds because of his sight
  • Would probably stay home and just wait for Monday
  • Would end up buying wayy too much stuff
  • The mail person is always tired this time of year because he orders so many things
  • But V is so nice, he can’t be mad
  • V always offers him a cup of tea or coffee when he brings the deliveries, and even though he has to decline, they do end up talking for a bit
  • He obviously doesn’t need to worry about sales
  • But it’s the spirit and the thought behind the idea that gets him into the shopping

◉ Saeran

  • Not diggin’ it
  • He’d get dragged to go out with the RFA members, though
  • Arms crossed the whole time
  • Pouting
  • See’s a beautiful necklace he wants to get you
    • “Oh!” *sparkle eyes
  • Him and another person reach for it at the same time
  • But when they see his scowl they immediately let him have it
  • Has them wrap it and he sticks it in his jacket before anyone can see
  • But Saeyoung had been watching him
  • He’s like rolling around in the background
    • “So cute so cute so cuuute!”

Title: I Want to Hold Your Hand

Summary: Upcoming Youtuber Lucas Perkins, otherwise known as lightperks, has no intention of hiding his growing admiration for Phil Lester. He blatantly flirts with him at YouTube events and continuously praises Phil in his videos. Phil thinks it’s sweet and hilarious but Dan isn’t happy at all and he doesn’t plan on letting Phil know how he feels about him anytime soon.

Starts off Platonic Phan

Word Count: 3.49K

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Wow I’m really bad at being sincere

For the last few months I’ve hit a really low pit of depression, and I was just never able to express or tell anyone what was upsetting me shout out to my mental breakdowns at work tbh. I just kind of let it sit there. My only source of happiness was watching YouTube videos. Or more specifically, Holy Trinity videos and Dan and Phil videos.

I got these done as a constant reminder that their work has gotten me through so many bad days and that a good laugh and vibe is just a click away.

Also to be clear the martini glass is the chapter header thing from You Deserve a Drink. And by that I mean the book. 

So you’re going to university?

Here are some tips I wish someone had told me:

  • Access support services if you need them. If you are in the UK, apply for DSA (Disabled Student’s Allowance) if you qualify. It will only help you. If you want accomodations but don’t want anyone to know, say. You can receive lecture notes while retaining confidentiality.
  • Talk to your lecturers. They are people too and will appreciate you coming to talk to them. If you have a question about an essay or want to improve, ask them how. You will only get better.
  • Ask if you can send an essay plan prior to writing an essay. You will get valuable feedback which might help when writing.
  • Always write an essay plan. You might think you don’t need one and you haven’t used one before but when you’re 3000 words into a 5000 word essay and you’ve run out of steam, it is vital.
  • Learn how to proof-read. Read internet articles and go to workshops. Ask a study skills team if there is one. Ask your lecturer for advice. Proof-reading is not just reading through an essay, it’s more switched on than that.
  • Google Scholar is a great starting point for finding research journals. A lot of courses don’t like journals that are more than ten years old, unless they’re a primary source, so use advanced settings to only have articles from the last ten years.
  • When you find an article that you like, click ‘cited by’. That way, you will find similar articles that will provide more support for your argument.
  • Learn about your referencing system. Write down how to cite textbooks, journals etc., on a post-it and stick it to your wall to remind yourself.
  • Answer the question. I can’t stress this enough. Don’t just write everything you know about a subject. Write the question on the top of every page and stick it to your wall in front of you.
  • Be critical. Essays are not description, you often have to be critical. Keep this in mind.
  • Stick to the word limit and don’t waffle. If you have the additional 10% word count, use it, but only if you need to. Most essays have this but check.
  • Talk to your peers but don’t compare yourself. If someone has finished an essay that you haven’t even started, don’t worry. They might be working at a different pace than you, it doesn’t mean that you are doing worse.
  • Write a schedule. You might not stick to it but sometimes it can help to tick days off, so that you feel you’re getting somewhere. Write down the deadlines so that you can clearly see them.
  • Sometimes abstracts are enough. If you are using a journal to support an argument, you only need to look at the abstract. That can sometimes contain enough information.
  • However, for your main texts, make sure you look at the main article. Some are long, so focus upon the abstract, results and discussion. The discussion will contain weaknesses in the study which you can use in your essay.
  • If you are collecting data, don’t be afraid to ask your friends. Ask others on the course. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t ask. If your data doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to change topic.
  • Make sure you are enjoying your course. University is a lot of socialising but you are there to get a degree. Don’t spend three years + studying something that you don’t like. You might get told that, at 18, you have to have it figured out but you don’t. Many, many people drop out or change course and their lives work out just fine. Yours will too.

Just some things I learnt whilst at university. These are mainly focussed upon the academic part but yeah, I wish I’d known some of this when I started!

Tips & Tricks for using action batches to make rp icons!

This tutorial was originally written for a close friend of mine so it’s going to be kinda informal. Plus i tend to ramble to make sure i’m thorough so bare with me if things get a little long winded Literally this is the first tutorial i’ve ever written so be easy on me pls. Idk if this is actually going to be helpful to anyone else, but it makes my life a lot easier so I figured i’d share. anyways, ramblers lets get rambling! 

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A couple of weeks ago I received a message from bh-fashion-bella​ asking me ‘whether do you have interest to cooperate with us’. I should have known from the start that this was a scam, the broken english and disorganized website made it obvious that this was just another Chinese sweatshop hoping to lure naive shoppers into buying low quality clothes. 

Before I had even applied they sent me several emails harassing me and repeatedly asking me to join, even when I had told them I would do it when I could.

So I eventually joined the Tumblr Affiliate Program, the idea was simple enough, you supply a link to their website and when the link has gotten enough clicks they supposedly pay you. Except they don’t.

Within ten days I had gotten 300+ clicks, meaning Beautiful-Halo owed me $15. Then, a couple days ago I received an email saying, 'How are you?When i visit your tumblr today,I found that you link all your post to our website,it violate our rules,so I close your account’.
Umm, what? This was a complete lie and was sent just one week before I should have been paid. This was the response I sent them: 'I post many photos daily, none of which source beautiful-halo as a content/ click through link. They only link to beautiful-halo in the captions. No where in the FAQ does it mention this as a violation’.
Then they changed their story and started accusing me of linking their products to irrelevant photos when I hadn’t been linking their products at all. When I called them out on this they promptly stopped responding to my emails.

I thoroughly regret wasting my time with this company and hope to warn anyone else who may get this message (since it seems they’re desperate).

Read other negative experiences here.

P.S. Look at these obviously photoshopped images!

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It's your first time and your very nervous about it, but want Pietro to be the one.


Kiss Me (RATED - for smut)


Hey my love, your wish is my command! Just saying I’m not the most talented at writing smut. But I wanted to take my time with this one and really bring out the meaning of what it means to have your first time with the person you really love. I HIGHLY recommend that you listen to the music as you read. Enjoy x.


listen please -


I felt him push me backwards gently before my back hit the wall as he continued to kiss me, his hands gripping my face securely. 

Pietro pulled away finally, both of us gasping for air as he placed his forehead against mine, ‘Y/N-’
‘It’s okay, I want you to …’ I said caressing his cheek gently with a smile.

Yes, I was a virgin, and Pietro had been patient with me which I loved about him, something tonight just clicked, and it just feels like he could really be the one.

‘I trust you Pietro,’ I say before placing a small kiss to his lips.

He smiled down at me before taking my hand and led me to the bedroom.

I stood in the darkness of the room, the source of light was the moonlight that peeked through the tattered white curtains, enveloping the room with its light, the shadows still lingering.

I felt his warm body come against mine, gasping slightly as he placed his lips to my neck, kissing it gently and ever so slowly.

He my hand into his, squeezing it with the utmost of care before turning me around to face him slowly.

Pietro stared down at me lovingly, making chills run down my spine and the hairs on the back of my neck to stand.

He caressed my cheeks gently, letting me close me eyes as my knees went weak at his very touch.

I opened my eyes to find him closer to me before he pressed his lips to my forehead, whispering against it, ‘It’s just you and me, Y/N … No one else …’

I nodded slowly as he pulled away before kissing me.

My hand went straight through his hair, the other to neck that pulled him closer as he placed his hands on my waist.

I felt his hands creep from my waist to the front of my blouse, slipping his fingers through the buttons before slippingit from my body.

My breath slightly increased at this I continued to stare into his eyes as placed his forehead against mine a he undid the last button.

I felt his hands ever so gently run over my shoulders and arms, the coldness of his rings tingling skin as he pulled the material off, misplacing it somewhere in the darkness.

Shakily, I reached up and undid the buttons of his white shirt, even though already most of them were already undone.

I pushed the material off of his muscular arms, letting it absently fall to the floor.

He smiled gently as I traced his chest with my fingertips, sometimes bumping over some battles scars which made my hands shake before I kissed his chest over where his heart was, hearing it beat faster.

I undid my pants slowly as he intently watched me before I pushed them down and kicked them away as Pietro did the same, leaving us both in our undergarments.

Pietro placed his arms around me before placing a kiss on my lips,my hands reaching his neck as he let us both fall against the sheets.

He looked down at me in awe, my hair sprawled out across the sheets as he caressed my face gently before kissing me hard, taking my hands in his and locking them beside my head.

He kissed down the the side of my neck, kissing and sucking gently on a few spots as I let out a moan my hands reaching for his hair and pulling at it gently as he hands caressed my back.

He kissed up my chin gently as he unclipped my bra, throwing it across the room. Pietro smiled before kissing my fore head as he whispered, 'You are absolutely beautiful.’

He kissed down my nose, cheeks, lips, neck and down to my breasts which he kissed them gently before kissing down the valley of them, just before he kissed my stomach I covered it slightly embarrassed.

I wasn’t skinny like everyone else, I had a lot of weight on and had a bump on my stomach which was mostly fat.

'Don’t Y/N. Let me love you …’ He whispered as he kissed my stomach with the utmost of care, before getting the waist band of my underwear, he looked up at me as he pulled it down and off of my legs slowly as ever.

He stared down at me fully naked before him, the moonlight bathing over me. He kissed down my leg, whispering upon it, 'Your so beautiful …’

I moaned gently, shivering in anticipation as he finally came back up to looking down at me with so much love as if to say “are you sure?”

I nodded as he pulled his boxers down, my eyes widening at his size as he placed a condom on.

I looked at him slightly panicking as he laid me down again, hovering over me as he whispered, ‘It’s going to hurt a bit at the beginning, if its too much tell me and we can stop. And keep your eyes on me.’

I nodded as I placed my hands on his shoulders as if to brace myself.

He leaned forward and pushed in slowly, the pain bearable but starting to heighten as he filled me fully.

A tear escaped my eye as struggled against the sheets in pain, and he kissed it away, kissing down my neck and collarbones to distract me as I moaned.

Before long he pulled out thrust back in, making me gasp slightly before he started a rhythm, going from slow to fast.

'Pietro!’ I moaned as I scratched down his back, mouth opening in a moan of  pain and pleasure. His afce was covered sweat, his hair falling over his eyes and his body hot too the touch.

'Faster Pietro,’ I moaned deeply as I kissed him hard, his hands holding my hips in place as he went faster, kissing harder as well.

I felt myself at peek and let out a very loud moan, Pietro gasping as I tightened around him, also reaching his climax.

He fell against me, his forehead against mine as he kissed me harder than ever as I moaned into the kiss pulling away to say, 'Are you-you trying to kill me?’

'After that love, no way,’ he said with a throaty chuckle as he pulled out of me, tying the condom before throwing it into the trash.

He laid down again and pulled me against his chest as i snuggles closer. He laughed slightly as he pushed my tousle hair away from my face and kissing my forehead gently,

'I love you Y/N’
'I love you too Pietro.’


I awoke to the feeling of lips pressed to my forehead, kissing it gently and causing a smile to stretch upon my lips as I began to wake up properly.

‘Good morning my love,’ He whispered upon my forehead where he placed another kiss as I snuggled even closer to his body, I smiled before whispering back, ‘Good morning.’

My flickered my eyes open and instantly gazed upon Pietro, the strands of sweaty hair that had been clinging to his skin the night before now back to normal, looking as great as it did all the time during the day. 

‘What?’ He asked with a smirked as he realised I was staring up at him constantly, giggling softly, ‘How do you do look so perfect after a night of driving me crazy?’

He threw his head back, his chuckles echoing throughout the room, making sure I was watching as he ran his hand through his hair a few times to mess it up. 

‘Better?’ he questioned, cheekily raising his eyebrows up at me as I nodded head in satisfaction. 

I watched as a smirk plastered itself to his lips as I pressed my lips to his neck, kissing it softly and in gentle touches, running my hand gently down his chest, his fingers trailing down the my back gentle, making me shiver.

Finally Pietro ducked his head down, placing a desperate kiss to my lips, making me smile as I ran my fingers through his hair, pulling him closer towards me.

He grabbed the back of my neck, keeping me in place and kissing me hard before pulling away slowly, our noses nudging against each others as we did. 

I smiled up at him as he placed a kiss to my cheek, my nose and to my lips again before settling his head on my shoulder, placing one finally kiss upon my neck gently as he took my hand in his own.

Lifting it into the air and holding it up to the light, he began to play with my fingertips, as if he were playing piano notes upon the palm of my hand. 

And this was a continuation of the day, where did nothing except for staying in bed, showing each other how much we loved each other, sharing kisses and touches before falling asleep in each others arms, so deeply, and utterly in love. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm new to tumblr and I was just wondering how things work. Like, how to people get followers and how do they know who's following them? If I reblog stuff like your art, do I need to tag you or something? i'm super sorry I feel really stupid asking but I tried googling it and looking through settings, and I dn't understand

Oh..tumblr was pretty confusing for me at the beginning, too, haha

I guess I will just start on with tags. The main reason tags exist is to make tumblr search easier: if you reblog something and tag something, then it will be easier for you and your followers to find something on your blog. (or for your followers to block a certain tag if they would rather not see it on their dashboard). Personally, I have quite a few of tags I use constantly on my blog in order to be able to find stuff later (just by going on , in which you may obviously change the name of the blog and the tag), so when you search it just gives you all the tagged posts (specifically on the blog);

you can search tags on tumblr (on the right upper corner), which will give you a lot of different posts by different people. And it works vice-versa, if you post something and tag it with a certain tag people will see it in search (and this is one of the ways people might find your blog and therefore if they like follow you); though I think the search leads you only to the posts that are originally posted with a tag, therefore reblogs would not count.

I guess people find other people through blogs the follow, their interests, tags, etc..haha personally I get obsessed constantly and check tags and end up with a few more blogs that post tag-related stuff:) I often find different blogs through various people (or if I like someone’s art just check out source for more artwork (if there’s more) )

If you reblog you don’t necessarily have to tag it with anything at all, so you don’t have to tag *my stuff* with viria. Only if you want to find it later on your blog:)

The last…when someone follows you, you get a notification on your dashboard (same for them if you followed them),  you can always check who’s following you by clicking on your Followers box. And seeing the blogs YOU follow by clicking Following blogs, it’s easy:) Also in the notifications if the blog you follow likes-reblogs-comments on anything, the note will be written in a blue box, so it’s…easy to track down….I swear I am not creepy

hope it helped^^