so widdle

So how about a fic where Stiles & Derek have been dancing around the idea of getting together for awhile, but something always happens to keep them apart. Neither of them are great with emotional talks, which is just adding to the problem & the building tension between them. Stiles finds a spell that he thinks will help…. 

Below is a very bad ficlet/barely a prompt cause i’m not a writer so someone fix it if you want <3!

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Modern Hiccstrid in the rain in the fall. Because I’m sick of hot dry weather. They’re around RTTE age here.

Little tiny baby Saeran test run! This is a brand new mini body pattern

He is so widdle and precious! He’s about 6-7 inches tall and his jacket is almost done lol I was just so excited about how cute and smol I wanted to share now!

@dr3ad-m0on here is the test run with the pink hair lol the white dip dyed red is still soaking XD I hope this is a good size for you!


Shwew! Took a while but finally got Shigezane to come back XD wookit da widdle face (*≧∀≦*) so sweet!!

But like did taiyaki even exist back then? I mean I kinda figured it was a more modern thing to have molds like that ^^; Also! Fun Fact! If you try to read about the actual historical figure Date Shigezane, the image on Wikipedia is from SLBP lolololol who needs historical accuracy when he can be handsome!

@bloody-geisha got it! ^^ idk why but he just didn’t want to come back for a while…guess he was full XD


So my friend deepfrieddoppleflute just shows up at my house with a (not so) little gift for widdle ol’ me: a freaking BILL CIPHER TEASET!

Everything’s handmade except for the platter, which is a repainted store-bought one. The teapot & sugar bowl are a little top-heavy, but that hardly matters because hOLY CRAP I CAN DRINK OUT OF A CUTE LITTLE BILL TEACUP NOW


Look at dat widdle face. So cute!

How he grins.

How he stares.

How he shrugs.

How he shows confusion.

You see where I’m goin’ with this right?

How he is tired out from laughing so hard.

Dat grinning little reaper.

Aw he looks so blissfull in dat one.

Dawww~ How he perks.

I am going to die from all this cuteness.

You’re gonna have to bury me Unnie~

Though that wouldn’t be such a bad thing~

Unless he uses me as a bizarre doll…..

Oh god no.


Damn it why you so cute?

Does it ever end?


Fare Thee Well~~


While hunting for background Fili (well, he’s actually in the foreground here!) I spotted an adorable, growling widdle puppy:

So cute! He’s putting on his “I’m threatening, watch out!” face.


And this “aw bro don’t go, it’s scary” face.

“Uhh, you sure about this?” 

Background Kili: always providing gems

Goodbye, Gravity Falls.

Gravity Falls, a place full of freaks,

Gravity Falls, anything but bleak,

With Fiddleford McGucket, who has gone crazy,

And Mabel Pines, who’s anything but lazy,

There’s Stanley Pines, he’s a con artist,

And Jesús Ramírez, who is big-hearted,

There’s Stanford Pines, he is a scientist,

And there’s Dan Corduroy, he isn’t the quietist,

There’s Dipper Pines, he loves solving mysteries,

And Bill Cipher, who’s been around for centuries,

There’s Wendy Corduroy, who’s always looking for fun,

And Tyler Cutebiker, who’s as sweet as a cinnamon bun,

There’s Toby Determined, who’s quite eccentric,

And Pacifica Northwest, who is mostly egocentric,

There’s Gideon Gleeful, who’s just so “widdle”,

And Grenda, who’s anything but little,

Alex has given us some great new friends,

But now the show has come to an end.

There’s one more thing I have to say,

Thank you, Alex, for making Gravity Falls so great.

Pqxv tbfoa!