so widdle

Kinda funny how Overwatch has a problem of treating it’s characters of color shitty by making them the “villains” of Overwatch despite them all being on the same side, and also a lot of the skins whitewash or are racially insensitive, and yet people praise it for being super progressive, and yet no one mentions how black ops 3 has a cast that’s ~75% characters of color, with none of them being treated lesser than their white counterparts

needed to calm down with a doodle

I thought you guys were overselling the Great British Baking Show and NO, nobody was. It’s so sweet omg, and I love the interactions between the very young bakers and everybody else, like the young ones are often among the best but also so open to learning and the older ones are so encouraging of the widdle ones and everybody is so supportive of each other. It’s a cooking show and I think that, because your product speaks for itself in the end and they don’t care what led up to the finished product, you’re really incentivized to just do your best work and not be mean to anyone. I’m sure you hope someone else does worse than you but not in a mean way, just a regular competitive way. It’s so cute omg.