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Uhhh I've never really requested anything sexual before haha/////;; sorry if it's shit. Um maybe everyone (Rfa,V, Unknown and Vanderwood) react to MC being a horrendous tease in public??


Ps. i literally just wrote this at 3 am, there’s no proofreading here…


  • Oh god
  • He wasn’t expecting you to be like this tbh
  • he’s not complaining tho
  • keeps his cool, he’s a gentleman after all
  • he tries his best not to be affected by your teasing
  • fails
  • the beast is too strong for him lmao
  • when you get to a private place the beast is UNLEASHED
  • “Princess… it isn’t good to play with the beast like that~”
  • not that you’re complaining, this is what you wanted after all


  • surprised at first
  • acts unfazed although he’s loosing his shit
  • why are you doing this now where he can’t take you?
  • considers leaving and taking you ANYWERE that’s private
  • almost does it
  • welp
  • keeps his poker face until you’re finally somewhere private
  • “You’ve been a naughty kitten, Mc… Naughty kittens get punished~”


  • shook
  • baby wasn’t expecting this when you two had gone for coffee
  • tries to keep calm but you just keep teasing
  • she honestly just wants to go home and do you
  • starts saying that she doesn’t feel too good and that you should head back
  • Once you get home she pins you to the wall and kisses you
  • “I can’t believe you did that.” she says between kisses
  • it doesn’t take long until your clothes are on the floor and you’re pinned under her in your bed
  • Jaehee is def a Dom fite me


  • He’s so flustered
  • why would you do this to him he can’t take it!!!
  • he tries so hard to seem unfazed
  • fails horribly
  • poor bean
  • once you get somewhere private he won’t take the initiative
  • so you go and “play” with him
  • and a rope
  • asdfdfgdhhgjfd


  • EH? MC!!!
  • he’s as red as his hair at first
  • but he gets used to it
  • sometimes he’ll tease you back
  • it turns into a teasing battle
  • everyone around you regrets being there lmao
  • when you finally get somewhere private he deosn’t really do anything
  • he’ll either wait for you to act or act when he gets tired of waiting
  • when you get to do the do he teases you for the longest time
  • remember he’s a sadist yo~
  • that side comes out 


  • Ah…
  • wasn’t expecting that
  • at first he laughs it off and you’re just like????
  • as it keeps going he just kisses your cheek
  • it really frustrates you cause HE’S BEING TOO SWEET GDI
  • you stop teasing him for a while
  • So he starts teasing
  • fuck just imagine V actually being a tease
  • i’m deceased
  • he keeps teasing you until you’re somewhere private
  • he’ll just kiss you and lad you to the bedroom
  • fuckin finally ayy


  • oh so this is happening?
  • ok
  • a bit flustered first but then he’s okay with it
  • he can deal with the teasing
  • he’ll tease you back for a while 
  • if he can’t take the teasing anymore he’ll tell you to stop or you’ll have to pay later
  • you don’t stop
  • he loses his patience and just takes you anywhere that counts as semi-private
  • takes you then and there
  • good luck walking dear


fucking tumblr posted my draft :) without him asasdsf

  • No
  • not okay with the teasing
  • doesn’t pay attention to your teasing
  • he’s not a pervert
  • seems unfazed
  • he won’t do anything until you’re either home or a 100% private place
  • then he’ll make you pay for the teasing

i’m sorry idk if i know enough about Vanderbabe to write him TT-TT

Children Headcanons

-A little Alpha insisting that their Omega friend wears their jacket all the time and the Omega going along with it but when they ask why the Alpha always wants them to wear it the Alpha just shrugs and responds like, “Dunno, dad always loves it when mom wears his jacket cuz it smells like him, so since I’m gonna marry you, you should wear my jacket and smell like me!” and then being confused why the little Omega is blushing like they hadn’t just declared that they want to get married

-A little Omega being picked up from school by their Alpha parent and their Alpha friend boldly introduces themselves as the Omega’s mate. The Alpha parent plays it cool but later that night they are ranting to their own Omega mate about that “arrogant little punk” and their mate is just like, “He’s seven years old, I don’t think we have much to worry about dear.”

-Shy little Omegas clinging to other little Omegas for comfort in schools and playgroups, always nervously holding hands or gripping each other’s sweater sleeves

-An Alpha and Omega having a play date and getting into a very loud argument so the Omega’s mother comes in to check on them and the little Omega tearfully explains that the Alpha won’t agree to any of the names they chose for their baby. And the mom is trying to understand like, “Baby? Are you guys playing house?” and both the children look at her like she’s an idiot or something before the Alpha very seriously answers like, “No, we’re talking about the baby we’re gonna have when we get married in a couple years…and Sparkles is a stupid name.” thus begins more crying/arguing from the Omega while the mother is just very confused because these children are literally only five years old

-Little Alpha, Beta, and Omega that are all best friends and one day the Omega is asked by another student if they would rather marry the Alpha or the Beta and the Omega replies, “I’m gonna marry them both of course, my mom is married to two Alpha’s so I can marry two people too.” and the Alpha and Beta just nod along like it should’ve been an obvious answer to the question

-A smaller than average Alpha child being very weak and always getting sick, being teased by bigger Alphas at school but their Beta and Omega friends always try to protect them and take care of them

-A little group of friends deciding that they are going to be a pack and all live together someday…the idea falls apart about 15 minutes later though when all the Alpha children start fighting about who would get to be the head Alpha

-A little Alpha wanting to show off how strong they are so they try to pick up their Omega friend…only to be horribly mortified when they stumble and drop their friend on the hard ground. The small Omega being in tears while also desperately trying to comfort the Alpha and assure them they really aren’t hurt at all


“Now the choice is between facing the Borg in their space, or finding a nice planet here in the Delta Quadrant and giving up on ever getting home”

I’ve almost completely gone into autopilot. I watch myself sit in the corner of my room listening to loud, sad music for hours. Not moving. Not speaking. Not checking my phone. And for a while I thought it was healthy. A way for me to meditate. A way for me to recollect. But now that I’m laying on the floor with bloodshot eyes and bandages on my arm; I realize I was sadly mistaken.


📣📣📣📣  yall seein this???


And then Rigby proceeded to vomit all over Mordecai’s bed, and his bathroom, and on him as well. So Mordecai couldn’t make it to his morning class because he had to do a quick laundry run. That’s the last time Mordecai threw an impromptu dorm party as well.

Ask and you shall receive. Also college AU incorporation because why not? Ahaha, thank you for the message!! Q q Q

I can find a little bit of you in everything. I can find you in the smell of freshly brewed coffee and I can find you in the warmth of a soft blanket on a cold day. I still remember the way you wrapped your arms around me so tightly and the way you smiled when you were exhausted. I can’t forget you. I don’t know if I even want to.
—  I wish it could just be us again. I need you now more than ever.
Me finding out that Mishima has done a shit load of all nighters for the Phan-site

Mishima darling baby love of my life I appreciate you with every fiber of my being but Jesus Christ get some rest you bright hot mess of a child

Though you are adorable when you yawn, I will say.

Ah hell you are always adorable what am I saying


Ryan & Colin feat. various emoji

If someone ever pulls a gun on you, tell them "I love you" before they pull the trigger.

That’ll fuck with them for the rest of their life. Every time a loved one tells them I love you, they’re gonna remember killing me. They’ll go crazy trying to avoid all love forcing themselves into voluntary isolation dying alone in a run down apartment having difficulty holding a job because they are so lonely, because they can’t interact with people they love because when they are their loved ones face saying I love you,

They’re going to imagine that they are killing them. Killing their loved ones every time they say it.

Then they kill themselves.