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One Year Together

As a celebration of our 1st anniversary, i planned to go on a swimming date, as such i really wanted something special for us and we ended up at the Valentino Resort.

Valentino Resort & Spa is one of the best resorts i’ve ever seen. It is located at Pinagtung-ulan San Jose Batangas.
If you want an exciting get away then go here. Its a place of relaxation and tranquility since the resort is surrounded by plants and trees. You will definitely love the sound of the wind and the chirp of the birds.

The reception area. *look at the center table, its instagrammable tho* Haha

Note: I will attach the link of VRS brochure/rates at the end of this post.

They have a mini store from the reception area, you can buy shirts, rash guard, cap, souvenirs, sunglasses, etc.

Actually, i requested to see the location of the cabanas (kubo) so we can decide where to stay or which is the best view to stay within day and i was surprised that we needed to ride on this golf cart. Hehe. Oh men, the resort is so big and beautiful. It’s an instagram worthy place! Haha

This is the Cabana (medium size) and it was perfect for our anniversary photos to hang with. Btw, they can put curtains on both sides of the kubo as per request of the guest. 

Epic set up, supposedly this is a surprise but i asked him to help me on this, haha. 

We had lunch together 

Foods: Carbonara, fried chicken, lumpia and bread roll. I cooked all of it by myself and he was so proud of me. Well, get you a girl that can do both: can annoy you & can cook for you.

Note: There’s a corkage fee of 25pesos per head.

Infinity pool was my favorite among the other pools + the jacuzzi. 

We had a tour around the resort before swimming. There’s a playground for kids, recreational center, sports gym, a mini garden, restaurant, function halls, hotel and a mini pond. Btw, Valentino resort has a lot to offer, spa, sauna, manicure & pedicure, ear candling, whole body massage and foot spa.

Note: Golf cart riding while on tour is free. 

The view from the hanging bridge was amazing. 

Yup, you can ride on one of these karts. Go Kart fees range from 50-80 pesos per 30 minutes. Awesome!

Note: I suggest that you go on a ride earlier of the day, 4-5pm isn’t a good idea. *Malamok*

At the Go Kart track with two duyans

This pool looks fab, so do i. Haha. My swimming talent is deeply channeled.

He was chilling out and flaunting his sexy body. I’m inlove.

Valentino’s Tunnel was an awesome structure, why? *it’s a secret* haha. You go here.

Valentino Resort exceeded my expectations. It was perfect for what we wanted in our anniversary. The staffs were very helpful and i love the panoramic view of Mt. Maculot. We will definitely go back here!


I still see people complaining about how Isabelle can’t seem to make public works go where you want them to, so here’s a guide to placing things.

Red = Public works project. Buildings have dead spots where nothing can be placed in front of their doors. This space is counted as part of the building. 

Orange = Actual size of the project. Orange spaces cannot overlap, but they can touch. This means that public works and buildings must always be at least 2 spaces apart from each other. Cliffs, rivers, rocks, ponds, trees, bushes and bamboo cannot be in the orange area, but they can touch it.

Blue = Where you must be standing in order for Isabelle to put it in the right spot.

idk about bridges though. I don’t have enough free space in my towns to mess with those.

This wiki page has pictures of all the public work projects available along with their sizes.

National Novel Writing Month

Otherwise known as NaNoWriMo.

What is it?

As some of you know, and others were able to guess, it’s an event that starts every November 1st here in Internet Land where you try to write a 50k novel in a month by setting up a daily word count goal. There’s a website for the event, which you can check out here. You can sign up on the site to participate, but it’s not a requirement.

I am actually participating this year in a sense. I’m going to be using the month to finish the current draft of my novel, but for those of you who are starting one fresh, it may seem like a tall order. So, to help you guys out, I’ve complied some links from this blog and from others in the community. If there’s a post you really like that I missed, let me know. There are likely a ton. These are just some of the ones I had bookmarked.

Slithering Ink Resources

Community Resources

i’m actually tearing up when carmilla said to run away because she looks so afraid and tired and hurt and she just wants to be a normal teenager living in hotel rooms and going from city to city like runaways

she doesn’t want to fail anyone anymore or be a hero or anything literally all she wants is to be with laura, and iT HURTS because you can tell she’s been thinking about it and she’s probably thought through scenarios where one day she’d actually get to run away with the love of her life but instead life puts her through so much pain again and again like wow st Op

and laura goes ‘that would be nice wouldn’t it’ and carmilla just mhms and she chuckles into laura’s mouth, like heck yes ofc it’d be nice and i just want her to be happy uhgGhh


sica-yah, let’s be happy! happy 27th birthday to our ice princess, our maomao, our favorite creative director, our barbie, our elle woods! this next year is going to be amazing for you – we can feel it. no matter what happens, no matter where you go from here, we’ll be by your side. jessica, let’s be happy together this next year!


Here’s my take on the characters from that wonderful series that is The Lunar Chronicles by Marrisa Meyer (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚🌙

[the pages are quite detailed so you can click on the pictures for terrible character descriptions and to see stuff a little better! I’ve tried my best to stick to the characters’ heights (which u can find here) to do that thing at the top where they all stand next to each other and make ze’ev look like a giant. 👀]

[you can also see the first picture in high quality on my deviantart and the character boards that I’m going to post probably tomorrow.]

People who say that if Abbie were in a relationship with Ichabod it would stunt her growth..

But don’t say a word about Katrina being a literal plot device and the fact that her relationship with Ichabod literally cannot go anywhere at this point..

This! This right here. Lately, I have been seeing people get hate saying “go kill yourself” and “Mark and Jack wouldn’t want you here.” Why? What do you gain from that? What if that person actually did? Like Jack said, “think about what you’re fucking saying.” It is such nonsense. These people that are getting hate are REAL people with REAL feelings and they could already be going through so much and then, out of no where, get hate saying to kill them self. Don’t be an asshole because you can. Just think about what you’re saying before you say stuff like that. You don’t know what that person is going through.

Source: Ishuhui Scans

Kuroo: Awesome!
Narration: Revealing the usual poster!!
Bokuto: Kiyoko-chan’s form fitting suit… Good job, Ennoshita!! [TL Note: He calls her little sister here, which is imouto-san, but there really isn’t a ‘shorter’ suffix in Japanese for that unlike big sister, where you have nee-san, so like Saeko-nee-san, so I’m opting to go with ‘chan’ until I know what’s in the actual raws.]
Kuroo/Bokuto (Thoughts): They’re blocking her off so well we can’t see anything!
Hinata: Something bad’s happened!
Kuroo: What’s up, Chibi-chan?
Hinata: Aone-senpai’s being questioned by the police!!
Police: Is this little kid from your family? Can you show me your ID?
[Words on back read - Miyagi Prefectural Police]
Narration: He really looks like a suspicious person!!

So the above short comic is related to this poster for the new Ennoshita movie. Both the comic and the poster came out in the recent issue of JUMP NEXT and there are no public raws for it yet. I’m sure we’ll see stuff about it in the next volume of the light novels~ Thanks to tobimikesan for letting me know.

Scene Order for the 5.15 scenes filmed Yesterday

Because so many people are understandably feeling triggered by the content of ‘Bash’ (whether you feel 'good’ about the ep or not, the content is obviously triggering), and I know a few people were feeling very triggered by the idea that Kurt witnesses and gets involved in an attack that ends up being a murder (memorial), I did ask Gi if she would be willing to let me know the scene order of the filming scenes from yesterday. 

I actually thought there were enough spoilers out there to piece this together, but there were competing theories, so for the record, here you go:

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About the new blocking system

I would like to thank the tumblr staff for doing the best thing they could have possibly done here recently: Fixing up the block system to where you can keep people from actually following you. I appreciate this so much, and I know plenty of other people who do and will too.

Friends: It doesn’t automatically work on your existing block list. You have to go through your list, unblock, and reblock everyone already on your list from before the block system fix. Otherwise, they’ll still be following you. Make sure to write down their URLs, because once you hit unblock, they’ll disappear from your block list. Don’t forget who ya wanna be rid of.

Please spread this around so people know!!!

Happy and safe tumbling, friends <333

Flight Log Theory Additions

Okay, so the Flight Log: Turbulence trailer just dropped and I was so excited because not only was it BRILLIANT and so well shot, it supported my theory. If you haven’t read it already (I posted it yesterday), you can check it out here.

Anyway, I figured I’d break down the new trailer and provide some explanation as to how it fits into my theory. It’s gonna go a little out of order of how everything’s actually show in the trailer, so if you haven’t watched the trailer on it’s own yet, you should do that first.

Here we go!

We actually SEE an airplane this time around! Woah! Anyway, we see Jinyoung once again separated from the others, just like the dream sequence in the bedroom where no one interacts with him.

While in different clothes this time, there are still numerous things showing that the six boys are still dead and just appearing as figments of Jinyoung’s imagination. One is the drawing on BamBam’s face. If you remember, Bam had drawings on his face when he was in the van as well, which is when the boys all died. This being the last memory Jinyoung has of BamBam means that poor Bam is doomed to always being remembered as the marker-faced kid.

Jackson is also still filming everything, as that’s how he was last remembered.

When the seatbelt sign comes on, Jinyoung immediately tries to go and help his friends, since it seems like they didn’t hear it. However, the flight attendant immediately holds him back, saying he needs to stay seated, while the other six continue to yell and run around the cabin without the flight attendant saying anything. This seems to make Jinyoung realize that the other boys aren’t actually there, but instead are parts of his imagination.

The oxygen masks then drop when the plane hits turbulence. The masks signify the connection to life. Jinyoung doesn’t take one when they drop, instead simply holding on for dear life as the plane starts to shake. The other six are still fooling around and yelling, again signifying they aren’t actually there.

The same flight attendant who told him to stay seated is still walking around without any trouble. When Jinyoung tries to get up a second time to go to his friends, the woman holds him back again, this time holding the oxygen mask up to his face.

This flight attendant is actually his subconscious’ version of the medic who is saving his life. The oxygen mask in the plane is actually the oxygen mask that the female medic is feeding him air with.

Right when she first puts the mask on him, Jinyoung immediately slips into a semi-conscious state. His brain imagines this as being trapped in a water-filled container. He’s very peaceful and calm at first, seemingly unaware of where he is or what’s happening. This is representative of his unconscious state. However, as he opens his eyes and realizes where he is, he begins to panic. This is representative of his body receiving the oxygen the medic is feeding him and, in turn, desperately grasping for more. Lack of oxygen = drowning sensation.

As Jinyoung’s body slowly begins to regain consciousness, he goes through a series of flashbacks to his dreams from when the boys first died mixed with some new dreams. One of those is the image of Youngjae in a brightly lit, mostly white area watching over an aqua parakeet similar to the one Jaebum had. Because the parakeet still has color, it’s representative of Jinyoung and his hope that his friends are watching over him and that they haven’t forgotten him.

After the rapid-fire flashbacks, Jinyoung finally regains full consciousness at the site of a car accident. While the entire site looks truly horrendous with lots of fire and flipped, burned cars, Jinyoung is once again unscathed. He’s also in different clothes, suggesting that this isn’t the car accident that killed his friends, but instead is a different incident.

The appearance of Jackson’s camera at the end is a hallucination, seeing as it’s not broken, has no apparent scratches, and is replaying the footage from the Flight Log: Departure trailer. This signifies the memories of his friends and how they’re still there in his head.

Admittedly, there are still some parts I’m not sure about. Here are some things I haven’t quite puzzled out yet:

  • What happened to Jinyoung to put him at the sight of that car accident.
  • Why the paramedics aren’t more focused on/worrying about him after being unconscious at the sight of a wreck.
  • Why Jinyoung always manages to be unscathed after accidents.

Hopefully some of these will get answered in the MV, so we’ll wait and see what happens then.

Taylor Swift Style - 2015 ACMs

Alright guys, how’s this for last minute? I always seem to think going into an awards ceremony that this will be the time I stop. But you guys love these posts and I can’t let you down! So here are some of my picks for Taylor’s gown at the ACMs tonight where she’s set to receive a major milestone award. 

My major predictions for the night: Ladylike, dramatic, full-length. As this will be a big evening for Taylor and she’s going to receive a prestigious major award, I don’t foresee any major cut outs or plunging necklines. Instead, I’m thinking ladylike elegance will be the theme for the evening. 

  • Badgley Mischka Spring 2015
    This one is actually leftover from the Grammys prediction post and was a fan submission I loved so much I decided to let it out for a second time. The cut is impeccable, the colour will flatter her skintone, hair and eyes like nothing else and those subtle cut-outs provide just a hint of sexy.
  • Elie Saab Spring 2015 Couture
    Nothing says ladylike more than Elie Saab couture. When Taylor last wore Elie Saab couture to a country music awards show it was a symbolic goodbye to the genre that gave her her start. It wouldn’t surprise me that she would dovetail that moment with another couture gown — this one from the latest spring collection. This is one of the few that Cinderella actress Lily James didn’t get her hands on for her fabulous and Saab-filled promo tour. 
    Plus I love the way this dress drapes to almost make it seem like it’s a crop top over a high-waisted skirt — a subtle nod to her current favoured style. 
  • Christian Siriano Spring 2015
    When I think “dramatic” my first thought is usually Zac Posen. But on this occasion I couldn’t help but think of the huge ball gowns and form-fitting bodices that Christian Siriano has been delivering lately. Taylor would pull off this heavy look with ease. A midnight blue smoky eye and soft pink lips would suit this fine. 
  • Bibhu Mohapatra Spring 2015
    Okay. So. This is possibly my favourite. Though it’s highly unlikely Taylor would ever wear it, what I love about this gown is its combination of demure with its traditional, formal bodice combined with the futuristic party statement of the skirt. Slicked back hair or softly curled updo, coral lip and white manicure is what this needs. 


  • This Jason Wu Spring 2015 gown was thisclose to being included in the list. It ultimately lost out to the Badgley Mischka above as it seems more likely for Taylor to go with something refined and classic to receive her huge award over a gown with a plunging neckline. But check out this colour! This is still something I’d love to see Taylor in but perhaps at a more “fun” and sexy awards show. 

What do you think of my choices, TSS-ers? Are there any other looks you can would rather see Taylor wear tonight at the ACMs?

— For the event, Taylor chose a Reem Acra gown, similar in colour to my predicted Badgley Mischka dress!

Soooo… this is (finally!) an update on my ✿ sterek fanfic rec masterlist ✿ It’s been so long since I last updated my masterlist and I found out that people still check it so here we go!! The (27) fanfics I’ve just added to my masterlist (fave is actually for super favorites bc I’d never rec you badfic ok):

Cornerstone by Vendelin (fave!)
(83,738 words)
Summary: Suffering from PTSD, ex-Marine Derek Hale moves back to Beacon Hills to open a bookshop and find a calmer life. That’s where he meets Stiles, completely by accident. Stiles is talkative, charming and curious. Somehow, despite the fact that he’s blind, he’s able to read Derek like no one else.

Three Marks by sanam (fave!)
(113,736 words)
Summary: “And then there was pain again, but this time it was in only three places—his arm, below his clavicle, and next to his heart, all on the left side. It felt like the skin was being sliced apart, ripped open, flayed off— And suddenly it was done. Derek looked across the room and saw the boy on the floor, looking about as bad as Derek felt.” // Derek and Stiles learn that bonding is probably best done with ridiculous amounts of video games and maybe a little bit of time.

Play Crack The Sky by WeAreTheCyclones (fave!)
(122,787 words)
Summary: Excerpt from “Hale Pulls the Plug on the Future of Rock,” Rolling Stone, Issue 1203 – Oct. 2014 “Fans and music industry vets alike are left reeling in the wake of bassist Derek Hale’s sudden departure from Smokes for Harris. At a time when the foursome from Beacon Hills, California seems to be on the cusp of rock superstardom after just one double platinum record, Smokes has everything to lose.” // Excerpt from “Smokes for Harris: Gladiator,” – Feb. 2015 “Smokes for Harris gives in a little to the pop punk of yesteryear in their sophomore effort, but rather than pandering to fans of a lost era they elevate the genre in a way that hasn’t been seen in quite some time. Frontman Stiles Stilinski works double duty as singer and primary songwriter and proves that he can handle the task even without former bassist Derek Hale.“

Binomial Coefficients by DevilDoll
(20,783 words)
Summary: In which brainy freshman Stiles Stilinski wants star quarterback Derek Hale to join the math team, AKA math nerds in love.

Keep reading


I am in love with my new NQS figure!!! She’s the grand prize from the third Ichiban Kuji lotto series. 

She’s actually a bootleg, haha… the official version is around $90 so I settled for a $17 bootleg. I can’t really tell the difference, though! Here’s where I got mine.

Before too long, I’m going to run out of space for my Serenities! :o

PSA: Use common sense when playing Pokemon GO

Am I the only one makes sure I’m in a very safe area before taking out my phone to play Pokemon GO?

Here are some tips, though:

-Make sure you’re away from cars.

-Don’t catch Pokemon when crossing the street or even at the sidewalk. You can get hit by a car or someone can hurt you when you are not looking.

-CHECK THE APP to search for nearby pokestop BEFORE ACTUALLY walking there. The game tells you, so walking while looking at your phone simultaneously is NOT necessary.

-When walking don’t look at the phone, and instead look where you’re going while walking. When you sit down or stay in one place, THEN check the phone

-DO NOT CHEAT BY DRIVING. Not only is that dangerous, but it’s also illegal.

-DO NOT go to private property to catch a pkmn or take over a gym. That’s just stupid. Do that in safe, public areas instead.

I know this stuff is common knowledge, but it’s incredible how people get so preoccupied with their phones that they ignore safety because, “Yea I know what I’m doing I’m not stupid!” And then get hurt anyway.


This is my new favorite video. It’s from a zoo in Nagasaki, Japan, where you can actually interact freely with the capybaras. I want to go there so bad.

More videos here

[note] netizenbuzz actually left out a chunk of jonghyun’s tweet in passing. he was actually tweeting (along with the low birth rate issue) about an ongoing issue lately in south korea where they’re considering only having one history approved textbook which may provide an inaccurate presentation of history. a translation of his tweet can be found here.

[netizenbuzz] jonghyun speaks out on issue of korea’s low birth rate

article: shinee’s jonghyun speaks out about cutting the school system: “i’m afraid to have kids”.

01. [+334, -15] the majority would agree with him lately.

02. [+303, -15] people can accuse jonghyun all they want of trying to act educated and enlightened and all but i think he’s a great person. he showed genuine interest in the sewol ferry accident and other societal issues, which is amazing considering how rare it is for idols to take interest in those sort of issues. i hope he continues to take interest in these fields as well.

03. [+262, -15] call him whatever you want but he’s better and more influental than all of you writing comments on this article.

04. [+40, -4] i’m a man who has not even an ounce of interest in this boy group named shinee but i think stuff like this should be praised. he’s better than those other stars who are too afraid to utter a word on sensitive issues like this because of what it’ll do to their image but sometimes having someone with as much influence as him say something has more impact than a hundred of us leaving comments online will have. celebrities live off of the public’s interest and i have no problem if they want to use that influence to make respectable comments about some of the issues in our society today.

05. [+28, -3] he always says respectable things.

06. [+22, -3] an idol is saying what a politician should be saying. this idol has a better understanding of our issues than our politicians. going even further, these idols are doing so much for our country by getting korea known to international fans and foreign countries but what have our politicians been doing besides set the country back twenty years? if an idol who is super busy with his own schedule is able to understand the problems in our society and make a comment on it, how big of a mess are we really in? this is so hopeless. korea is horrible at government and politics.

07. [+18, -1] jonghyun is a hundred times better than any politician.

08. [+17, -4] yoo ah in and jonghyun usually make the most comments about societal issues out of the younger celebrities lately.

09. [+17, -3] it’s unfair to accuse jonghyun of putting up an act of looking educated and tryhardish because he’s been saying stuff like this for so long now. i don’t think it’s a bad thing.

10. [+15, -1] it’s hard for idols like him to say this stuff. i don’t think jonghyun’s just saying it to present a certain image because it’s not the first time he’s spoken out.


buy art from loren so she can get her kool-aid plane licence!

just kidding, i’m not actually going to be flying the plane. BUT! for once in my lazy life i’ve got an actual legit goal in mind and that goal is —> the USA, where a wonderful friend of mine is waiting for me. and i can’t get there without some mullah, so here’s the deal.

i’m offering lined and flat-coloured drawings!

  • the standard price is for a full body image of a single character, which will be £10 ($13.03). for two full body characters on one image, it’ll be £17 ($22.07).
  • if you want just a bust/waist-up image of a single character, then it’s £8 ($10.39)! for two characters, it’ll be £14 ($18.18).
  • i’ll draw most characters, canon or OC, whatever you’d like, but…

stuff i won’t draw:

  • anthros/furries, excessive gore, big mecha-type robots or hardcore NSFW. pin-up style i will do, though!

if you’re interested, please contact me via email ! that’s <— right over here. we can bash out the specific deets there, and we can discuss what you’d like! payment will be done through paypal, so please do have a paypal email ready!

last but not least, please do reblog this even if you can’t buy anything right now! and thank you so much!

Nate the Virgin (SMUT)

Anonymous said
You asked for requests so here we go. Can you do an innocent nate smut?? Where yn thinks he’s a player but he’s actually never even kissed a girl?? And it’s super hot and she shows him everything? ? Thank u babes ♡ ur account is amazing btw

I looked down at my watch as the curling iron heated up. I can’t believe Sam finally set me up with her cousin, Nate. We had met at one or two of her family gatherings and he was so hot. I tuck a loose hair from my ponytail back before putting voluminous waves in it. I apply fresh lip balm after brushing my teeth and adjust my dress once more in the mirror. I told Nate I would pick him up, since we have met before and his condo is on the way to the restaurant.

“What do you mean you’re a belieber?” I almost snort water out of my nose, unable to prevent myself from leaning in to Nate.

“I was a really big fan when he first came out and I still support him. I did have an embarrassing t-shirt that someone got me, though” he smirks. We have been at the restaurant for hours, swapping stories and enjoying the company. I smile up at him, pressed closer to him than I was at the beginning of the meal. He smells of fire, weed, soap and pine and his chest was firm as I felt him laugh underneath me as we talked.

“Do you want to finally get out of here?” I say, quietly, sitting up a little.

“Sure,” Nate smiles, but he seems tense. Sam said that tons of girls were all over Nate. It wasn’t hard to imagine why, he was so fucking sexy. So, why did he seem like a nervous puppy as he helped me with my coat and we left the restaurant? I leaned on his arm as we walked out. He was still talking about music and I loved the passion in his eyes. I was trying to not take things too fast anymore, but something about this guy had me feeling all crazy.

“Let’s go back to your place. I want to see where you make music and stuff” I say as I get in the car. Nate looks over at you me, surprised.

“Really? Um okay” he rubs the back of his neck. I put my hand on his thigh.

“Is everything okay? I feel like I keep freaking you out tonight” I look up in his dark eyes.

He sighs. “ I have never done this before” he says quietly.

“Oh, been set up?” I look at him.

“No, I’ve never brought a girl back to my apartment” he blushes and keeps his eyes on the road.

“What? But you’re so and Sam thought” I sit there confused.

“My first real girlfriend was a really strong Christian so we didn’t ever talk about doing that stuff. I haven’t even really kissed anyone but her. And then I was messed up for a while after she cheated on me, so I wasn’t in the mood to be dating, then I moved out here and got really busy with my career and didn’t have time to be chasing the ladies.” He says running a hand through his hair as he pulls up to his building.
“So I think you’re so fucking hot and I want you to come inside, I just am not the big player that everyone thinks I am”. I lean over and crawl into his lap when the engine shuts off.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go easy on you big boy” I lean up and bring your lips together. I can feel him remembering how to do this as his kissing becomes more intense. “So upstairs?” I ask after finally pulling away and placing my hands on his firm chest.

He nods, opening the car door as we both topple out of the front seat. He hands me back my car keys as I walk through the lobby, his nervously ticking hand not leaving my back. “Yes Nate! Finally getting some” a guy says in the elevator and Nate turns beet red. I smirked. How could he be this shy and cute and also so incredibly sexy?

Nate keys the door to his apartment as I wrap an arm around his waist. “Here we are” He says showing me around a little. I quickly end up on the couch next to him and soon our lips are pressed together again. I take a deep breath and the smokey burnt pine smell fills my head as I push him back on the couch and begin to kiss down his neck. “You’re amazing” Nate says and slips his hands down to my ass.

“I didn’t even have to tell you to do that” I smirk and begin to grind into him a little as we keep making out. “It is so sweet that you haven’t been with anyone” I rub his chest. “You are going to be a sex fucking god”

He laughs at me a little, then lets out a quiet but deep moan. I smile down at him and then he sits up, surprising me. Something in his eyes shifts as I feel him huge and stiff beneath me. “I know I haven’t done this before, but something about you is turning me into an animal inside.” He says before lifting his shirt from his body exposing his tattoos and toned chest muscles. I didn’t even know I could want him more. He bites his lip as he pulls my dress slowly from my body, then quickly pressed his lips to mine. He kisses down my neck and I am shocked when he begins to kiss the tops of my breasts as well. I moan a little and this really fires him up. Soon we are not on the couch anymore, he is carrying me upstairs, never removing his lips from mine or his hands from my ass. I pull a pin out of my hair, letting it all fall loose. He tosses me onto his bed before removing his pants. The second he does, I realize how big he is.

“Damn Nate, you’ve been keeping that from women everywhere” I smirk and he chuckles.

“You still want to do this right?” He says as he kicks his pants to the side and steps up to the end of the bed.

“Since the moment I saw that ass of yours walk in to the restaurant” I smile and before I can say anything else, Nate is on me, kissing down my body. I feel my pulse everywhere as he finds my tight stomach and places his lips on it.

“Do you want me to, uh.. You know” he says and I can feel his heavy hot breath in my core.

“If you want to” I say meeting his eyes. “You really can’t go wrong I am so turned on by you right now it’s ridiculous”

“Oh, really?” He says raising an eyebrow. He peels my thong off carefully then takes a deep breath. When his fingers start exploring I gasp.

“That’s it sexy, up a little” he finds the right spot quickly and my head throws back. He thrives on this sense of power and control and to my surprise, his heavy breath is soon right on top me, already soaking wet. For someone who has never done this before, Nate catches on quick. He listens to my breathing and the moans escaping my mouth and adjusts. I can barely breathe and writhe under his control.

“Fuck Nate, you are one talented virgin” I throw a hand into his thick hair and his tongue speeds up against my clit. “I am so close” I say, breathing out quickly. Nate pulls away and I moan wishing he had just finished me off right then. He slips off his boxer briefs and his huge dick slaps his stomach. He stumbles around for a few seconds, rolling a condom from his bedside table on. I meet his eyes. “You ready?”

He nods and lines himself up with my hot, wet entrance. He is thick, the thickest I’ve had. He slowly pushes in a lets out a moan. “Why the hell did I wait this long?” He says feeling me tight around him. I laugh a little in between heavy breaths. I feel myself stretching to fit his size. Just when I think I am adjusted, he starts to move. I was already close before, so I am writhing quickly after he starts thrusting. He grabs my thighs and pushes them back, getting even deeper into me. I cry out and grab the bedsheets. He is turned on further by my reactions and keeps speeding up, driving us both quickly to our climax. “Fuck, (Y/N) I’m going to cum” he says, his voice hot and groggy. I nod. We writhe together, our peaks arriving at the same time.

“Fuck” I cry out and lay back on the bed. He sloppily thrusts in me a few more times before pulling out and flopping down on the bed next to me.

“Oh my god. That was incredible” he leans over and deeply kisses my lips. There is silence for a while, just sweaty bodies and heavy breathing.

I get up and go to the bathroom, then slowly get dressed. “That was the best I’ve ever had, Nate”

“Really?” He beams and puts on underwear. “So I guess I can ask you out again, right?”

“Of course"I say pulling my dress over my head. He laughs a little.

“Great. How about tomorrow morning?” I chuckle and find my shoes.

“Someone wants to make up for lost time” he puts his hands behind his head. “Why don’t I call you and we’ll go out by the end of the week- hot shot. I wouldn’t want to wear you out right out of the gate” he smirks

“Sounds good beautiful” he says as I come over and kiss him quickly.

I grin “Goodnight you Stud.” I joke as I head for the door.

He waves and I drive off. I am definitely going to be sore tomorrow.