so when you do meet someone the way tim and dawn met each other

Buddy and Ummi: The Realization (Damian Wayne x Mother Figure!Reader)

Summary:  As Dick Grayson’s girlfriend, you meet his new younger sibling, Damian Wayne. The young boy doesn’t know how to express that he needs a mother figure, but once you figure it out, you’re happy to be just that.
This is the third part in the series. If you haven’t read the first two parts you can find them in the masterlist below.

Word Count: 1216

Series Masterlist

You spent the next day replaying memories from the lovely dinner you had with your boyfriend’s family. You smiled when you realized that you were nervous over nothing not even 24 hours ago. You were so scared that his family would hate you that you didn’t even know what to do now that they didn’t. And as you sat there thinking about Dick and his family, your mind wandered to Damian.

He grew up in such a different environment. He didn’t have a childhood, and that made you upset. You could tell that he was clinging on to the idea of finding a parental figure. Obviously he had Bruce, but you could see the dynamic between them wasn’t necessarily healthy. It was clear to you that Bruce loved his son, even if he didn’t quite understand him, but you also knew from conversations you had held with Dick that he wasn’t always the best at showing it. The idea of the boy growing up in such a hostile environment and then being thrown into a family who is awful with feelings wasn’t an ideal situation.

And then it dawned on you.

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