so when we were watching the end of time part 2 the other day at jessica's

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Hi there jessica! Do you see a reunion of olicity before the season ends?


…Were you looking for a bit more? ;)

Ok, but I’m going to add a couple of other asks to this because they’re very similar and no point writing out the same reply 5 different ways (2 have been in my inbox for too long, oops):

“Hello; read your posts, really liked your explanations but I’m worrying. I don’t see how Olicity could reunite by ep20! Won’t they need more time?! They’ve already taken so long. Since they’re following S3, they could sleep together, especially if they go on the run together. Saw a theory that they go Lian Yu? That would be interesting. Would fit with them running. What do you think’s going to happen?”

“Hi! There have been a lot of theories about Olicity this season. Do you really think season 5 is paralleling season 3?”

“Hey Jessica! So what do you think about the Olicity love scene being a flashback?”

“What about Oliver’s dark spiral? SA said he’s going to be resigned to his fate; won’t that affect a possible reunion?”

Wow! I see: it’s THAT time of year! (I’ll do my best!)

Here’s the meat of it: since they broke up, I have been 100% certain that Olicity would get back together but I wasn’t always certain of when until last October (2016). I figured they’d be sending the wrong kind of message to have them take 2 or 3 seasons to reunite; as if they were the type of couple who couldn’t work through their differences and that ONLY time apart could heal them.

Time apart – factually – would kill them.

It’s part of the reason why she stayed with him in episode 4.23.

But until last year, I was the type of reviewer that didn’t think or consider the content of the shows I watch. I should have done because I missed so many clues. I took Psychology (a lifetime ago and am rusty as heck so don’t expect any profiling, you’ll be disappointed ;)) and I loved English literature; I know what a thematic analysis is etc, so… shouldn’t I have known better?

I have my own life but Arrow – this fandom – is where I go to replenish, so to speak. It’s where my brain switches off. To escape for a while. But it became more than that during season 4. Suddenly it was this hopeful symbol; the idea, however naïve, that love prevails and that trust can be earned, that even when things look so very bad, they can always get better. Naïve, right?

Because then Oliver and Felicity broke up and my mind just kind of went… ‘what’?

Too much heart. Not enough brain :)

I was too involved in what I was watching and sometimes you need to take several steps back and actually connect some dots: I used to be so good at that. But it had been years and I’d forgotten how. But then I found @louiseblue1 and her insights; these on top of @jbuffyangel reviews and her fabulous way of understanding narrative flows, Cali’s knack for hitting the head of every nail out there and @dust2dust34 @so-caffeinated natural understanding of Oliver Queen, gave me a kind of swift subconscious kick to the head that I needed to pull back a bit and really look at the show the way it needed to be looked at.

(I will fully admit that I’ve needed Bre and @callistawolf to bring me back from a major huff and puff once or twice this year too;))

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I say this because I want you to understand that I’m just going off what I now see. I may not be right. But until proven otherwise, I’m sticking to the near-invisible threads we’ve been watching so far this season.

Do I think they’ll reunite by season end? Yes. Absolutely. Since Diggle asked Oliver that question in episode 1, about whether his life would personally involve Felicity Smoak in future (OF COURSE IT WILL), to which he answered ‘I don’t know’.

Since then.

There are other reasons why I do but as the above questions don’t ask for them, I’m going to save you the many pages I’d write about them ;)

Okay! *rubs hands together* episode 20…

Why are people assuming they WILL reunite episode 20?

Has there been a spoiler saying they will?

I’d LOVE it but I think we’ve learned pretty damn well that expecting anything to happen will only end in disappointment.

Just because its episode 20, it doesn’t mean they’re following season 3 to the letter. I’ve had a few asks that have made it very clear to me that people are expecting a LITERAL – not just a figurative – 3.20 parallel for episode 5.20.

Please don’t.

Season 5’s parallels to season 3 are absolutely present and we should pay attention to them but they also haven’t been quite so obvious thus far as to copy season 3’s progression.

The obvious parallel is that Felicity is – in a different kind of slide into darkness – sort of doing a ‘season 3 Oliver Queen’. But mostly, it’s been in the little things. And the symbolic things.

For instance, I highly doubt O + F are going to go away together to someplace in episode 20, have some life affirming sex (I’D LOVE IT THOUGH), say I love you and have Oliver leave her to face her horrible fate… just like a 3.20 parallel. Like a copy and paste, just switching character placements.

I don’t think I like that idea. It feels cheap. This deserves to be handled properly; no rushing.

For one thing, from the spoilers, I think they’re trapped – not necessarily running - and the team needs to save them (remember that pick of Echo propelling down that shaft?). I think they’ll be alone together.

As I theorized in my post (an hour or a day), I think they’re going to air everything out in this episode. Big time. They’ll have no choice because they’re trapped but to face each other. They’ll have no choice because with out it, moving forwards will be impossible for them. And though I have no idea what would come of it I do know that by itself is supremely different to what happened with them 3.20. That was an ‘I love you’ and a ‘goodbye’. A physical representation of repressed feelings coming to the surface.

Oliver and Felicity have always been magical at communicating without words, which was why sex was the obvious conclusion in 3.20.

But THIS time? They NEED to flipping talk.

Originally posted by gothsmoak

And sometimes? Talking is an intimacy – and an openness - unto itself that even sex cannot reach.

I think they need to reach that final level with each other; the level where two people meet in the center and understand each other completely. They’re going to connect. Really connect, one soul to another (cheesy I know), or that’s what I hope for. I mean, there really is no other choice for these two.

They’ve ruined each other for anyone else.

Felicity found a boyfriend in Billy, because it wasn’t a chance to take (she wasn’t risking her heart, she was defending it); he was an escape option and a shield. It was her saying ‘look how fine I am’? ‘I’m absolutely over Oliver Queen’. ‘He can do whatever he likes too’. ‘No I don’t think about him every second of the day’…

It’s human. And it’s painful. And it’s sad. It’s natural. It tells us just how much she isn’t passed it all.

Oliver found Snoozan who, like Billy, doesn’t quite fit the title of girlfriend.

Neither Oliver or Felicity – or ANY other character – has really been able to refer to Billy/Snoozan as their boyfriend/girlfriend respectively which delights me.

Oliver has been routine in his belief that he isn’t good enough for Felicity since season 3 (a bit of 2 as well), so he settled for whatever life threw at him this year (HIS WORDS IN EPSIDOE 5). Life threw Snoozan at him and he went along for the ride.


Originally posted by thedis4design

Both Felicity and Oliver developed feelings for these two but I promise you now, those feelings aren’t lasting. Nor are they romantic love.

They’re both these tools for O + F to try with.

These attempts failed horrifically.

Billy was killed by Oliver, a deliberate attempt of Adrian’s to prove him the monster he keeps inferring he is and Snoozan and Oliver broke because of secrets he refused to share hoping she’d just believe in him anyway.

Which she didn’t.

(Funny, we all thought Oliver would tell her his secret etc but he didn’t even come close and he CHOOSE that; it’s why he questions what he was even thinking getting involved with her. I’ll tell you Oliver; you were lonely and desperate for someone to see a man instead of the monster you think you are. Poor guy.)

Because, when you spend enough time with someone you develop feelings for them. It’s only natural. But it also makes me feel sorry for Billy and Snoozan (not really) because neither Oliver nor Felicity chose them because they were attracted to them, or because they were tempted, or because they even liked them.

Felicity was hiding. Oliver was settling. Both were looking for comfort.

How flattering.

Which ultimately makes both these relationships utterly unimportant.

AND it explains how stiff Oliver was after sleeping with Snoozan and the feeling that Felicity wasn’t completely present with Billy after they’d done the same.

Now timing has been ridiculous on this show; sometimes the pacing makes sense, sometimes it doesn’t. Maybe the flashback will explain more as to the why’s of their behaviour. But, really, one episode is all they need. OF COURSE THERE’S TIME.

Olicity has spent the season decidedly NOT talking. And it HAS to be for a reason. They used to always talk. Now they don’t. Why did they make that choice? A choice that has obviously hurt them both.

Just as the flashback sex HAS to be for a reason. As great as it is that they will show this, they wouldn’t do it without a reason. I’m guessing that whatever happened between them between S4 and 5, explains their behaviour this season. There’s been a ‘we’re completely fine’ air about them both that feels off (we know SA and EBR are fab actors so this is deliberate). Eventually ‘fine’ won’t cut it for either of them.

They’re already coming close to their attempt at pretending that they’re fine, shattering into little pieces.


Originally posted by firelordasami

We’re already seeing the signs in episodes 15 and 16.

Notice Felicity’s physical and verbal responses to him? They’re a bit softer. There’s a lack of defensiveness about her person that made me grin. His focus on her in episode 16 broke through a wall and it surprised her. I think she’s building up to a conclusion.

And Oliver? He’s started concentrating on her again, directing his thoughts to her – I MEAN SNOOZAN WAS TAKEN AND HE WAS ALL ‘NO THAT DOESN’T MATTER; I’M WORRIED ABOUT YOU’ - like he can’t help himself. But his path – because of Adrian – is about to get ten times darker.

Like I said in my post, I think he’ll break. I also think there is a chance Felicity might too for a different reason and in a very different way. But in this regard I also think that, in this respect, she’s stronger than Oliver. Maybe she knows more than we think she does about Helix.

But him breaking will test EVERYONE, including the team. (Maybe that’s why episode 18 is called disbanded *shrugs*)

The sex scene being a flashback isn’t a problem for me.

But when I first discovered it, I will admit to thinking DAMN! WHY NOT IN THE PRESENT? LET THEM VENT IT OUT! BRING ON THE SEX; ALL THE SEX!!

But… at this stage, without really connecting again, wouldn’t that kind of physical explosion just hurt them? It wouldn’t be an answer. Maybe AFTER they talked.

Plus, flashback sex proves neither could keep their hands off each other during the summer. How gratifying.

But I’ve also heard some people saying that their perception of the sex being a flashback is Arrow’s way of telling the fandom that Olicity really are a thing of the past. Dear God, why waste ANY sex scene on them if they were saying goodbye to them.

Why trap them together?

Why claim it’s a big Olicity episode?

Why would the climax of the season be anything but that: a CLIMAX. Something we’ve been waiting for.

Look at season 1: Oliver and Laurel, after spending most of the season apart (seriously, their scenes were few and far between and absent of romantic emotions) suddenly (because it was abrupt, no lead up or anything other than Laurel throwing herself at Oliver right after he lies and tells her what she wants to hear), have sex. Episode 21.

It’s VERY possible. Probable even. There’s no way they’re saying goodbye to Olicity. James Bamford even confirmed (last year) @jbuffyangel theory about them relearning each other. How better to know someone than to walk in their footsteps?

MG asked us to be patient.

WM said that there were some storyline they could only do if they were apart and they were obligated to do them, even if we didn’t like them.

Other than that, we don’t really have enough info to say for sure about what, when, where, how… and I expect to be proven wrong at some point.

Whether they go to Lian Yu or not, I’m also clueless.

But I want to point out something.

True love, fun and bedroom antics…

These are Stephen’s words about the nature of Oliver and Felicity’s season 4 relationship and they make so many things clear in where they may be heading. He didn’t need to clarify that: he offered it. We’ve learned a fundamental truth about our Captain this year:

Everything Stephen says is deliberate. EVERYTHING he says is honest (sometimes you just have to dig or filter or read between the lines):

He brought up the Russian Vodka sex, which I’m sure, was meant to be a joke (I thought it was) but we know has been confirmed thanks to JB for the flash back sequence. And notice how he behaved when he said it – the slight ‘it’s important but I’m going to coolly play off’ shrug thing and slight smile – and the way Emily looked at him, like she was dying not to laugh.

He brought up killing Billy BEFORE episode 1 even aired. Yes, it was another joke, but he referenced it at least 2 more times afterwards. And Oliver did kill Billy.

Bu that quote made it clear that their relationship in season 4 was fundamentally lacking something. The words are great but a relationship doesn’t last from embracing only the good things.

They learned how to fight in season 3.

In season 4 they learned how to live together.

In season 5 maybe they’ll finally learn how to UNDERSTAND each other.

It gives them room to grow as a couple too. It suggests that once they achieve this, then that will be it. When they get back together, maybe they’ll never break again (*fingers crossed*).

He also stressed that Oliver KNOWS he’s at fault for their breakup (to all the people hating MG’s interview recently where he said that Felicity’s lack of understanding is was broke them up, please be aware we only received a partial interview and that he was talking technically – Felicity DID break them up but the reason why they broke up was Oliver’s, that was the point).

Now, why would Stephen do that? Why would he also say that she was right to break up with him, that it was only choice for her to make? She needed to learn something this year and I think she is. I think they’re going to focus on this. Soon. Because they have too; they can’t leave this hanging in the air.

Stephen also said that we shouldn’t stop hoping for them.

AND he has said that there’s a reason for the way Oliver’s been acting this year…

So I looked back at how he’s been acting. He’s content in a way, but not happy. More brutal. Tougher. A better manipulator, lonelier, more understanding and ethically confused. Tired. Like a constant cognitive dissonance. Felicity told him that he was in a schism. He still is in one.

Season 3 had him choose between the Arrow and Oliver Queen. He chose the former. Season 4 had him discovering how to be Oliver. Season 5 has had him try to merge these two identity’s but he can’t because he has a third. The monster. Where every other aspect of himself is defeated by this creature of violence and death and destruction. The man we’ve been seeing in the Bratva flashbacks. The thing created from placing a man in hostile environments for years and having him claw his way out. Only, he never really did.

He never left.

Originally posted by olivergifs

I think that’s what Adrian is trying to reveal to Oliver; that his true self is this monster. Stephen added that Oliver will be resigned to his fate after episode 17. I think Prometheus is going to somehow convince him – manipulate and mind screw with him – that he can’t change his fate: a fate to be a monster who lives alone.

(Can’t wait to discover this secret he wants Oliver to reveal to him!)

This season NEEDS Oliver to find a way to merge his identities. To see the light again and I don’t think that’s possible without Felicity Smoak.

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So yes, I feel very good about a reunion. Due to how the season has run, I don’t expect one until episode 23 but I do feel that episode 20 will be one for the books!

I know I ranted. It’s a problem. But I cannot WAIT for this episode (well I can but it’s very difficult) because WHATEVER happens - BAD OR GOOD - will be a culmination of the events leading up to it – with Oliver a broken and Felicity making morally ambiguous choices - and I for one am super excited to see how it plays out!

My Father the Stranger - Part 2

So I’m not sure how popular this is going to be, but I’m really enjoying writing it and in the end I guess that is the most important thing. I’ve just recently started to branch out into Supernatural fanfics and only have a few followers of that type so far. I mostly stick with my main man Negan, but there is just something about John Winchester that I can’t avoid writing about.

For anyone reading this for the first time, the premise of this story is a slight AU where the boys and John are hunting together just after Sam left school and they stumble across an old flame of John’s and their adult daughter. I was very intrigued with Adam’s story and had a hard time believing that he could be the ONLY illegitimate John Winchester love child out there.  I mean, have we seen the man?

Part One can be found Here.

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Our conversation went well into the night, lasting until the last patron had left the bar and it was just the five of us. Mostly we talked small talk, only bringing up heavy hitting questions once an hour or so. I noticed Momma trying to subtly check in on me constantly, but other than still being in shock I was doing just fine. 

John seemed like a decent man. Maybe a little troubled, and rough around the edges, definitely mysterious, but decent nonetheless. 

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Dirty Dancing: 10 Most WTF Moments from ABC’s TV Remake - Rolling Stone

The original 1987 Dirty Dancing is a movie that worked against all odds. Eighties sensibility (and hairstyles and theme song) shoehorned into a Sixties nostalgia piece, a miniscule budget, a cast of unknowns, and a troubled production – not to mention a heroine named … Baby. And yet it positively crackled, thanks to Eleanor Bergstein’s deeply personal script, crazy chemistry between leads Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze, and the ethereal gyrations of the late, great Swayze.

Wayne Blair and Jessica Sharzer’s remake attempts to be all things to all people, and ends up being nothing to anybody. The 2017 made-for-TV Dirty Dancing manages to be both a grim, workmanlike re-creation of the original – some scenes are rehashed shot for shot – and also a vast extrapolation that bloats the original’s runtime by more than an hour. It’s also a musical (but only sorta), a melodrama about the decay of marriages, and a clumsy (if well-meaning) treatise on issues ranging from feminism to institutionalized racism.

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Day 2 (January 14th) Part 2:

After lunch with #Bactus:

it was time to go handle other business. We split up here, with some of going to the Costume Panel and others going for autographs, unfortunately the costume panel with Wendy Biscuit was cancelled with no notice and the autograph lines were horrendous so we wound up just charging our phones and chatting for a bit until the Delinquent Panel, which featured Eliza, Bob, Chris, Richard, Jarod, Chelsey and Katie (Lindsey was supposed to be on the panel, but she was still not at the even yet). 

I was actually a bit late to the Delinquent Panel because I had my Bob photo op pictured here:

He’s a genuine sweetheart guys. Like, he remembered my name from the quick meeting we had at the panel in the morning, said he liked my hair, and asked if I’d eaten (he smells like mint-he was eating one-and super clean laundry, btw), before saying he had. When he asked how I wanted us to pose, I just asked for a hug and he said “Of course!!” He gave me a real hug first and then we did the side hug for the photo.

Then I joined the other gals in waiting for another Bob photo op, because Jen had two. After Gina, Sam and Jen took their individual ops, we all ran back for a group, which made Bob really smile, he was super surprised:

We finally made it to the Delinquent Panel and here’s the relevant info I gathered from there:

Everyone got their Custom Funko Pops, they were all super pleased (Sachin cat called from the audience because he didn’t get one).

They talked about their character’s ages, with Bob pointing out Bellamy isn’t really a Delinquent, Bob said Bellamy is about 24) so he must have had a birthday on the ground, same as Clarke. 

This is Harper’s biggest Season thus far (which makes sense because she’s finally a series regular).

Clark says that the Jonty high five in the trailer is a good indicator of the promise for Jonty this Season.

Bob said Bellamy thinks Octavia is responsible for Monroe’s death (which I agree with.)

When asked why they sided with Pike, Monty said it was for his mother (which I’ve always thought, so good to have that confirmed!). Jarod (who was anti-Pike) said it was because Pike was a Brother (another black man) and that the others wouldn’t understand.) Someone reminded him he was anti-Pike, it was funny. 

Jarod said he gets nervous working with Bob because he respects his ability as an actor so much.

Murphy had a lot of respect for Pike by the end of the Season, Richard loves Murphy’s relentlessness. 

Clarke’s emotional side comes from Jake, while Abby is where she gets her diplomatic/political stuff from.

They all joked about being chipped or “chip-faced”. 

Eliza said Monty is her all time favorite character on the show. 

When asked which other show they’d like to be on: Eliza said Broad City, Bob said Black Mirror (everyone cheered), Chelsey said Homeland. 

Richard said he thinks Murphy and Bellamy are back to some semblance of mistake and Bob made like…a “sure, Jan” noise. 

Season 4 has a huge power imbalance, with no real Chancellor or Commander and so the power shift is tumultuous.

There will be a mutual respect between the Delinquents and the adults because they all have to collectively come together. 


After the Panel was over, I had a few more photo ops scheduled, so I took care of those:

The Bad Boys op with Jarod, Bob and Richard. Sachin snorted when he heard their op was called “The Bad Boys”, lol:

I asked them to do a Charlie’s Angel pose, with me as Charlie, presenting my angels. Bob still looks too innocent (He can’t help it), but Richard’s face is perf!

I also squeezed in my Jarod Joseph photo op, I wanted to do the “Unfriendly Black Hotties” thing-Jarod, nailed it, me-unsure:

I missed the Camp Jaha Panel, because I was given a random free Meet and Greet with Luisa d’Oliveira.

Luisa is the sweetest, she started off by asking everyone where we were from (and remembered every place). She was so genuine guys. She doesn’t seem to realize that people actual like her outside of the Memori relationship. 

@adancergirl did a thorough write up of this, so I’m linking that here:


Then I shot over to get my Photo Op with Lindsey “Actual Angel” Morgan done:

After that was done it was time for the Grounder/Mt. Weather Panel which featured Chris, Jarod, Chelsey, Tasya, Luisa and Jessica.

Chris was late and walked on to the stage looking like a hipster college student. (He wears a backpack everywhere guys and he always has his hood up, it’s adorbs).

Tasya confirmed that Echo is a royal guard for the Ice Nation and said there will be more Becho interaction this Season. Bellamy is the only Arkadian that Echo trusts (although we don’t know if that sentiment is returned-I expect to see some tension here!)

Jessica said it’s pretty obvious when you start watching Season 4 where Niylah’s allegiance lies. She’s super funny, btw. 

Chris is so deadpan guys. Like, his humor is out of this world. I love it. 

My favorite Chris quote was: “When Jarod’s hand was on my knee in episode 210, I’ve never felt warmer.”

He asked how many people shipped Minty by show of hands (and then Marper). It was about even and Chelsey raised her hand for both options. 

Chris wanted a photo of the audience but he doesn’t have a smart phone (according to Jessica it’s a flip phone) and so he took out an Old School  disposable camera that he’d just bought from London Drugs and took a picture of one side of the crowd, forgot to roll the film forward, so had to pause and do it, and then the other side. Jarod shook his head and laughed. 

When asked which character they’d like to play other than their own everyone but Jarod said Bellamy. Jarod said Monty, because he’s like a cat-to which Chris replied “What?”

Marper was organic and not planned at all. They often didn’t have lines in Season 2, but were told to do things in the background, so Chris and Chelsey discussed what they would do in the situation if this was real (after Harper has her butt drilled) and Chris said “Well, we’re friends, so I’d try to make you feel better” and this is where the cup scene originates. 

Chelsey said they kept improvising those little scenes in the background and eventually the writer’s must have picked up on it and actually made Marper canon. 

Chris closed the panel with the following: He asked how many people had ever been in a breakup that was so bad that you thought you’d never love again, lots of people raised their hands, including all of the cast and then he said:

“Monty and Harper are at a position where they are super excited and super terrified because they are starting something new and they’re sharing so much with each other so when that person leaves you it can be soul destroying. Welcome to Unity Days.”

Everyone cracked up and that was the end of that panel.


Then  I ran up to get my final two autographs of the day, both from Bob. I gave him #Bactus and a handwritten card first, he smiled super big when I gave him Bactus and he and his manager both laughed when I explained it’s name, he said that was clever. 

I asked him to sign my “Bellamy Blake Protection Squad Shirt” with @indygoh‘s art on it:

and the postcard I won in the Cancer Gets LOST silent auction. He loved the BBPS shirt and said, sometimes Bellamy needs some backup and he and his manager said that the postcard’s artwork was cute. While I was leaving, he said “Thanks for Bactus, April.”

And I died on the inside because he remembered my name from hours before.

After the Convention closed for the evening, everyone gathered in my room and we had an impromptu pizza party where we just in person meta’d (and I got teary about Lincoln-which was super embarrassing) and it was such a great night, because talking in person is always so much easier than online.

We hung out pretty late, until most of us were sleepy and then parted ways to get ready for Unity Days Part 3.

When you least expect it - Part 6: Family Matters

Characters (AU: first names are as in the show renaming a few last names to fit my story): Reader (Y/N Mills), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Jessica Moore, Jo Harvelle Singer, Castiel Harvelle Singer, Hannah Singer,  Ellen Harvelle Singer, Mary Winchester, Claire Singer, Ben Braeden, Lisa Braeden (mentioned)

Pairings: Reader/Dean

Warnings: angst, fluff overload, lots of implied smut, hmm not sure what else just read it guys.

Wordcount: 4000ish (again a little long but shorter than last time ;))

A/N: This is my newest series. It is a Mechanic!Dean AU and it is mostly written from the readers POV but it will have a few from Dean’s as well. It is an emotional rollercoaster so consider yourselves warned. It will have smut, fluff and angst. It will get pretty dark at some point too.

This chapter: Dean and Y/N’s relationship is moving forward, but Dean comes with a big package. His family. 

Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Tagging: If you want to be tagged let me know and I will do my best to remember! @blacktithe7 @ashleymalfoy @harley7509 @dear-claudia @ohmydean @faith-in-dean @beautifulfound @whovianwholikesgirls @ilostmyshoe-79 @deanreaderreblog  @k20wn @lilyoflothlorien @phoenixia67 @torn-and-frayed and @hermitsofthewhoniverse


You felt the morning light hit your face as you slowly started to come too. You stretched your limps slightly before turning around to face him. You smiled as you watched him sleep. He looked so peaceful and perfect. You studied every line of his face. The curve of his lips and the way his eyelashes curled slightly. The freckles that were splashed over his nose and eyelids. You smiled as you noticed a few lighter ones on his forehead and then on his shoulder and arm he was resting above the covers. It was all you could do not to reach out and touch him. To try and count them. Finally you gave in and your fingers gently started to trace the ones on his arm up to his shoulder.

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Hey guys.

So I don’t know about any of you, but today I seem to be walking around with a giant black cloud hovering over my head. I am so bummed out about last night’s finale… not because CeCe is A, not because Charlotte is transgender, and not even because Sara Harvey, who is one of the newest characters in the show, ended up being a pivotal part of the story line. I am more upset because of the staggering amount of plot holes that have become so obviously apparent to the devoted fandom of this show. It’s like we know this show better than it’s own creator.

(Please refer to prettylittlesessions for the original post of Plot Holes, which you can view here ) - - prettylittlesessions refers to this post as Part 1… and it definitely only covers half of the shit that has gone wrong with the story, but I can think of so much more.

CeCe being A definitely explains a lot, and it is satifying in a lot of ways, but there are still SO MANY PLOT HOLES in the story.

For instance:

-Why exactly was CeCe targeting the PLLs again? I don’t think we got an answer that justifies ANY of the shit that A has done. What did she say her reason was again? Because they were “happy” Ali was gone? Ha! THAT SHIT IS WEAK!!! Ali bullied them all (enough for Mona to try and kill her That Night, but mistook Bethany for Ali instead). And even though Ali put them through hell, the Liars continued to try and track her down so they could solve the mystery and even try and protect her. The only Liar who actually admitted to being happy she was gone was Hanna. So are you trying to tell me that A’s entire motive for 2 entire years was based off of a rumor that Mona told her while they were in Radley together? And the only other motive that was given was “addiction to the game”. I know she was sick in the head, but ugh, seriously?! Our theory about the Liars killing Bethany Young/or someone important to A That Night & A was taking revenge on all of them because of it was so much better.

-Why did CeCe have Maya’s purse in 3x05 if Nate is the one who killed her?

-Why make Aria dye her hair pink, the same way that it was That Night? Why cover Spencer in blood like you are trying to get them to both remember something that happened That Night, when it turns out that NOTHING EVEN DID!!? It makes no sense. It would have made way more sense if Spencer actually killed someone & the Liars helped her cover it up. Once again, our theories are so much better.

-If Wilden was the first Queen of Hearts on the Ghost Train, then why would Melissa supposedly be the other? What the hell did she have to do with this game? It would make more sense if CeCe was the one behind the other QOH mask, so maybe it really was her. BUT NO EXPLANATIONS HAVE BEEN GIVEN either about that, or about Jason’s screwdriver-sized hole that he had in his hip the next day.

-How did CeCe & Sara meet? Did CeCe really kidnap her? Or was Sara there because she was just simply an evil bitch? How exactly did their alliance form and what is the deal with their entire relationship? (hopefully this will be covered in 6B, although I’m not really sure if I even want to watch anymore. But I will because I’m in love with the Liars.)

-Why was Jessica visiting Bethany in Radley & buying her horses? Or was this supposed to actually be CeCe? Obviously Bethany’s Radley tapes were about Jessica & her affair with Mr. Young, so it must have always been CeCe she was visiting, not Bethany. Guess I just answered that one myself.

-Okay so I know CeCe explained that every single time Jessica bought Alison an outfit, she would buy CeCe an identical outfit, like they were twins. So apparently Bethany put on her clothes That Night & left to try and do something terrible to Jessica because she had just found out about her affair with Mr. Young. This is why CeCe followed her and accidentally hit Alison instead of Bethany, because she was trying to protect their mother. I guess I can pretend that all of that makes sense, but the one thing that doesn’t make sense is that Bethany was buried while wearing the purple “Alison” friendship bracelet on her wrist. WHY THE FUCK WOULD JESSICA GET A DUPLICATE FRIENDSHIP BRACELET MADE THAT SAID “ALISON” & GIVE IT TO CECE? IT MAKES NO SENSE! Especially since Alison is the one who had those bracelets made for the girls in the first place. This was purchased at a separate time from the ugly yellow outfit, so why would Bethany know to wear it?

-Who killed Jessica? (another hopeful explanation for 6B)

-Why did Red Coat/Sara Harvey pull all of the Liars out of the Thornhill Lodge fire, but not Hanna?

-What was with Spencer’s nightmare about the hydrotherapy room in Radley & the Creepy Dancer? Was this seriously just a story line that was created so that Maddie Ziegler could be a part of the show? What the actual fuck? How does that tie into ANY OF THIS? Oh wait, it doesn’t.

-I know this was mentioned in prettylittlesessions’s post, but I must mention it again. Marion Cavanaugh was alive & well when Ali & Toby were both teenagers (flashback from 4x01), yet she was supposedly murdered by Bethany when Charles was a kid… yet Charles is older than both Ali & Toby? da fuq?!

-Please please please explain Wren Kingston. There are no doubts about it, his exit from Rosewood was one of the sketchiest of sketch moments ever. Was he working for CeCe? And if so, does that mean Melissa was too? Why would she want to hurt her sister so much?

-Speaking of Wren, where the fuck is Eddie Lamb? And why did he hate him so much?

-And speaking of again, how did Mona’s blood end up in Spencer’s bag when she was in London? Did CeCe pay off Colin, Wren, or Melissa? And if so, once again, why the fuck does Melissa keep doing things to hurt her poor sister? I guess being blackmailed about the fact that you committed murder by burying someone alive might sway a sister to torture her own flesh & blood, but I still don’t like it.

-Why did “A” put knives into Jake’s punching bag when Aria had already broken up with him? What did that gain? Oh, that’s right - - nothing.

-Why was Ambrose Pavilion so important to Alison? Was that Sara Harvey lurking in the shadows, or CeCe Drake herself?

-Why was Andrew Campbell outside of Mona’s house when the Liars broke in to search through her room? Did CeCe pay him off to plant the Charles DiLaurentis anagrams?

-Who shot the arrows at Ezra, Caleb & Mike in the woods? Was CeCe also good at archery? Or did she pay off Andrew once again (since we know he was a skilled pathfinder and had many awards for archery). And if so, why did he swear that he was only trying to be a “hero” by tracking the girls down after their kidnapping, yet most of the sketchiness related to him took place beforetheir kidnapping?

-Why did CeCe recreate Melissa, Ian, Jason & Garrett’s senior prom in the dollhouse if she didn’t even go to Rosewood High? And how did she become “PROM QUEEN” in the high school yearbook if she didn’t even go to school there? I know that we saw a flashback from when she came and crashed picture day & met Jason, but that doesn’t explain anything else.

-Why did CeCe dress up as a man during the dollhouse prom if she made her transition when she was 16 years old? She had boobs, but in that scene Charles definitely doesn’t, and it pisses me off that the writers gave absolutely no fucks about details like that.

-Jason & CeCe dated. Yea, that’s disgusting. Here I was, ruling out people like Ezra, Wilden & Ian because of the fact that they had romantic relationships with Ali. I could NEVER imagine that the PLL writers would actually bring incest into the show. But for fucks sake, I was so wrong.

All & all, I’m just so disappointed. I feel like I really do love CeCe as A, and I can get behind it because it really does explain most of the shit that has gone down. But all of these plot holes, including the ones by prettylittlesessions, cause me to lose an incredible amount of respect for the show. I’m sorta heartbroken over this :(

And then there’s this

black-and-white-horror  asked:

have there been any crimes inspired by the movie Se7en (1995) or any seven deadly sins inspired murders?

I cannot think of any crimes inspired by Se7en although I could be wrong.  There are a ton of films that have inspired crimes and I enjoyed researching and making this list.  I grew up watching many violent films, and to me they were always just that…films.  So it always interested me when anyone would claim to have been inspired to murder or commit a crime after watching a movie.  Enjoy!
The Dark Knight - We all know about James Holmes and the Colorado Movie Theater Shooting.  However, this wasn’t the only case.  In 2009 a student in Indiana went to the bathroom to apply Joker-style makeup, and when she came back she tried to attack her teacher with a razor blade.  In 2010 a man in Wisconsin was sentenced to a year in jail after he broke into his cousin’s home and assaulted him (he was dressed as the Joker).  
Twilight - A young boy went around biting classmates; he bit about 10 in 1 month.  The boy’s dad said it was because of his love of “Twilight”.
A Clockwork Orange - Perhaps one of my personal favorite movies of all time inspired various crimes throughout Britain.  Some teen boys beat a tramp to death.  Another, dressed, like a droog, stabbed a younger boy.  A Dutch girl was gang-raped in Lancashire by a group while they sang “Singin’ in the Rain”.  Another man, John Ricketts dressed up as a droog and attacked a woman at an office party because “she was taking up too much time on the dance floor”.
Magnum Force - After seeing Magnum Force, William Andrews and Dale Selby Pierre committed murders that became known as the Hi-Fi murders, murdering 3 people.
The Deer Hunter - A man named Mickey Culpupper shot himself in he head while playing “Deer Hunter”.  Similar incidents occurred in the Phillippines, Finland, and Lebanon.
Natural Born Killers - This movie caused quite a bit of crime (a full list would probably be a mile long).  It is said that both Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold who carried out the Columbine High School massacre were very into the film.  Michael Carneal, responsible for the Heath High School shooting was also influenced by the film.  Perhaps the biggest “copycat” crime of all was that of 19 year old Sarah Edmondson and her 18 year old boyfriend Benjamin Darras, who went on a killing spree.  In Canada, 23 year old Jeremy Steinke (who now goes by Jackson may) and his 12 year old girlfriend killed her parents.  Also in Canada, Kimveer Gill carried out the Dawson College shooting, killing 1, injuring 19, and killing himself.
Dexter - The hit show inspired quite a few murders.  A British teen by the name of Steven Miles stabbed his girlfriend Elizabeth Thomas in the back of the head.  He then chopped up her body and put her parts into plastic bags.  Mark Howe of England killed his own mother.  In Canada, Mark Twitchell invited two men to his “movie studio” to be in his movie about a sword-wielding serial killer.  He murdered one of the men, the other escaped.  In Indiana, Andrew Conley who claims to have “felt like Dexter” strangled his 10 year old brother to death, afterwards putting a plastic bag over his head.  In California, Jessica Lopez strangled a woman saying it was as if “Dexter had spoken to me directly”.  In Sweden, a young girl plunged a knife into her stepfather and slit his throat.  In Norway, Håvard Nyfløt  claimed a taxi driver by the name of Shamrez Khan asked him to kidnap and torture a woman named Faiza Shraf for rejecting him.  Nyfløt felt Khan was a bad person who “fit the code like in the series”, so he dug him a shallow grave in the woods and planned to bludgeon Khan out there and cut him up.  He wanted Ashraf to witness him execute Khan, so he kidnapped her and put her in his trunk, bringing her out to the woods.  When he opened his trunk and tried to explain his plan to her, she tried to run away.  To stop her screaming he used an entire roll of duct tape on her, and tied a rope around her neck and put her back in his trunk.  When opening his trunk later, he discovered she had died, so he dumped her body in the grave he had made for Kahn.  
Queen of The Damned - Allan Menzies murdered his friend Thomas McKendrick, and he claims to have done it because a character in the movie told him to, promising to make him a vampire in his next life.  Menzies had watched the movie over 100 times.
Backdraft - I had never sent his movie, but it was made in 1991 and is an action film that is about a group of firefighters trying to catch a serial arsonist.  After seeing this movie, a man  really admired the firefighters and wanted to be just like them.  who was arrested for arson said he admired the firefighters in the movie and wanted to be just like them, saving people from burning buildings.  Instead, he lit a chair on fire in his girlfriend’s families home while everyone was asleep.  Strangely, he didn’t even put it out.  The family woke up, put it out themselves, and he was arrested for arson.  Luckily, nobody died.
The Town - The biggest “copycat” crime took place in New York, where a group of men committed a whopping 62 robberies.  The other 2 reported “copycat” crimes took place in Nebraska and Illinois.
First Blood - This 1982 action film portraying the damage of the Vietnam War on young American men.  The hero in the film, John Rambo, was played by Sylvester Stallone.  Apparently there were many police reports of men trying to imitate John Rambo, primarily in the Canadian Wilderness.  The worst case was of one man who was shot to death after a standoff with the police (he killed an officer). He was dressed in army fatigues and a red headband.
Nightmare on Elm Street - The biggest crime inspired by this movie was the one of spree killer Daniel Gonzalez.  In two days in London and Sussex, Gonzalez where he killed 4 and injured 2.  He was known as the “Freddy Krueger Killer”.  He was also influenced by Friday the 13th.  He ended up killing himself in his cell in 2007.  
Interview With the Vampire - A longterm couple named Daniel Sterling and Lista Stellwagen watched this movie together in 1994.  She woke up at 3 in the morning and found Daniel staring at her.  He told her “Tonight you’re going to die.  I’m going to kill you and drink your blood.”  She didn’t take him seriously and went back to sleep.  Later that day, Daniel stabbed her seven times and sucked the blood from her wounds.  Lisa survived.
Property X - While this movie hasn’t actually caused any murders, it has caused crime in the form of hardcore partying.  Mainly, just tons of kids partying and trying to reenact the movie’s portrayal of drugs and violence.  Incidents have been reported in Texas, Utah, and Florida. It’s said that Warner Brothers actually had to issue a statement telling kids to cut it out and that it’s just a movie.
The Collector - This old British film is said to have inspired the crimes of serial killer duo Leonard Lake and Charles Ng.
American Psycho - Not so surprisingly, this movie caused some brutal murders.  14 year old Mcihael Hernandez of Florida stabbed his middle school classmate to death.  He then admitted that he was attempting to model his behavior after the serial killers in American Psycho and Silence of the Lambs.  A 30 year old British Banker, Rurik Jutting, killed two Indonesian women in Hong Kong and kept their bodies in his fancy apartment.  
The Matrix - This is apparently a movie that Lee Body Malvo, known for his role int he D.C. Sniper Attacks, was obsessed with.  While he was in jail, he wrote “Free yourself of the Matrix” in his cell.
Saw - This movie really seemed to speak to the younger crowd.  In Tennessee, two 13 year old girls decided to play a little game after watching the movie.  They prank phone called a 52 year old woman by the name of Beverly Dickson.  They left her a voicemail saying one of their friends was in her home and it would be filled with toxic gas, and does she want to live or die?  Unfortunately, Dickson listened to their voicemail at perhaps the worst time.  She was at a funeral.  It caused her to suffer a stroke.  In Salt Lake City, a mother had turned in her own son and his friend, aged 14 and 15, after she heard them discussing their plan to to kidnap, torture, and murder.  The two had made an elaborate plan to set up games in the style of Jigsaw to teach people lessons.  On their list they had a police officer and two middle school girls.
Fight Club - Not so surprisingly, this film has inspired quite a few crimes.  The most well-known was the string of bombings in New York over Memorial Day Weekend in 2009.  They were linked to a guy named Kyle Shaw, who was a member of a local “Fight Club” himself.
Childs Play - It is said that the infamous case of the two young boys, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables who murdered 2 year old James Bulger were influenced by Child’s Play 3.  It is also said that Australian Mass Murderer was obsessed with Chucky, the doll in the movies.
Money Train - This film had a scene in it where a thief robbed a subway toll booth, trapped the clerk, sprayed the booth with gasoline and set it on fire.  (In the actual movie, the clerk got away).  However, this isn’t how it happened in real life when 3 teens attempted it with a 50 year old clerk who suffered burns on over 75 percent of his body, dying in a hospital just 3 weeks later.  Strangely enough, there were 7 more more incidents over the following 3 weeks that utilized the same method.  
RoboCop 2 - Serial Killer Nathaniel White savored the violence portrayed in the movie.  He even killed a pregnant woman, Julianna Frank, in a manner identical to RoboCop.  He said “The first girl I killed was from a ‘RoboCop’ movie… I seen him cut somebody’s throat then take the knife and slit down the chest to the stomach and left the body in a certain position. With the first person I killed I did exactly what I saw in the movie.”
The Basketball Diaries - School shooter Barry Loukaitis entered his classroom in Washington in a black trenchcoat with pistols, ammunition, and a rifle.  He apparently said “This sure beats Algebra, doesn’t it?”  His shooting left 3 people dead.
Scream - This movie caused a frenzy.  A Belgian man by the name of Thierry Jaradin befriended a 15 year old girl named Alisson Cambier.  She was in his home, and after she rejected his advances, he went in the other room and put on the classic Scream costume.  He then stabbed her 30 times.  A woman named Gina Castillo was murdered by her own son and nephew.  The two boys needed money in order to go on a murder spree to reenact the story line of the first two films.  They needed money for the classic Scream costumes and the electronic voice boxes that they could not afford.
Taxi Driver- Ahh, Taxi Driver.  Another one of my favorite films.  After watching it, John Hinkley Jr. had blurred the boundaries between fantasy and reality.  He claims he felt Robert DeNiro was talking to him.  He grew obsessed with Jodie Foster, who played a young prostitute in the movie.  He figured that in order to impress her and get her attention, he would have to murder the president.  He attacked President Ronald Reagan in Washington D.C., only wounding him.  He was found insane and sent to a hospital, where he continued to be obsessed with Jodie Foster.
Wedding Crashers - Who would think that such a silly movie would inspire anyone to do anything violent?  However, student Olga Louniakova, put Visine in a bottle (the wrong bottle) and poisoned her supervisor.  

CHARLOTTE’S KILLER plus Wren is Uber A.D

Okay I know i have no followers at all bc i just created this blog. This is just a brainstorming of my ideas/theories/logic/questions etc… Please if something doesn’t add up just be nice and tell me. Like I said is my first time doing it. OKAY SO this last month pll re activated my obsession. Part of my “theories” are inspired by many amazing theoriests (sorry if i can’t remember but credit to you all!) but is mostly things we all figured out and i connected it to my logic. Things that actually do make sense. I apologize for any spelling/grammatical mistakes. English is not my native language:)

QUESTIONS  Possibilities 

  • So in 7x06 in Jenna’s flashback Cece/Charlotte (OKAY I’m gonna call her Cece sorry) Cece, Rollins/Archer and her were talking like the best friends they were. Cece said that Alison will go later that day to meet the new doctor, Elliot Rollins, and the only way she can get out of Welby is by making Elliot convice Alison that she’s better now/seduce her and he did. ALSO Jenna told Emily that she introduced Archer and Cece. Basically she made him come to Rosewood for an unknown reason and she had contacts that gave him a fake passport etc. The real question here is why would Jenna introduce this 2 people? what’s the point? Why were Jenna and Cece suddenly friends if back in s4/5 she was scared of Cece? Bitch almost drown her, set fire to her house… I ain’t buying that shit that they became friends out of curiosity. Plus they did met before in Khan’s party (that truth game back in s3) #plothole1.  

 Okay the interesting part starts here, I read somewhere that why would Cece be mad at Ali if she was with Elliot when that was exactly what she wanted? I had to re-watched those 2 scenes: jenna’s flashback & ali’s flashback at welby. She [CeCe] pretended to be mad at Ali bc she was “hooking up with her/my doctor” when that was her plan since the beggining, according to Jenna. She acted all mad and dissapointed at Ali and went to the bell tower on purpose bc she knew that Alison will follow her. I believe that someone was waiting there to kill Alison in Cece’s orders but somehow got confuse and killed her instead. Or maybe Cece herself wanted to kill Alison bc let’s be honest, she never loved her. Why on the hell would she torture her & friends for years with the excuse that she didn’t “listen”? or maybe was really crazy prob. Anyway this is a possibillity. OR this person/killer wanted to kill both, Ali and  Cece. Either way Mary and Archer thought Ali did it but I’ll talk about this in other post. Cece died accidentally or on purpose idk but she’s dead.

Something that caught my attention this week was the line Mary said to Elliot at the end of 6x20 “That’s what Charlotte would’ve wanted” Okay, how would Mary know what the fuck Charlotte/Cece would’ve wanted if she said to Ali that they never met?#plothole2 (7x06). Jenna said that she was looking for her biological mother [Mary] and that she will find her. But WHY? What does Jenna gets from helping her? For me Charlotte and Mary did met and were close. That’s how she got the Drake last name for her alias Cece. There’s no way in life Drake is the maiden/dad’s last name of Jessica and Mary. If so, Jessica would’ve had forced Charlotte to call herself CeCe other lastname but Drake bc it would be too suspicious that Jason’s girlfriend has the same last name that her mother’s maiden one even if they never thought they could be related. Yes, Jessica didn’t knew it was Charlotte until that day the went on summer but still. Idk its just me. Like, did Jason, Kenneth and Alison never asked her what was her dad’s [jessica] last name? the one she was born with. Anyway i just find it really odd. So yes, basically Charlotte knew who was her mother all along and lied big time on 6x10. (its necessary to say that she is a transgender. I personally don’t believe it that much but this is a sensitive topic and the writters wouldn’t change it bc they will really get attack for faking all the trans story which will be even more bad representation for the lgbt community. They deserve respect too<3) 

NOW WHAT YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. CHARLOTTE’S/CECE KILLER. Back to Jenna and all the bennefits she would get by helping Cece is keeping her close. I’ll put it this way. She knew Archer idk how? and was looking for Mary so she made her come and join Archer to stole the Carassimi Group money and blah. Idk why but i found it funny “The blind leading the blond”. She was gaining both, Archer’s and Cece’s trust over the years so she could attack them and blame Alison like always. Jenna has always hated Alison. She+liars blind her, blackmailed her with the Toby sex tape etc etc etc… Also Jenna was afraid of Cece like i already said (S3/5 i think so)she almost killed her, and set her house on fire. Maybe she was the one who wanted to kill Alison and got confuse, or wanted to kill both blond’s that night. She’s one of the only characters that never reedem with Ali and like Aria once said “I don’t think Jenna is the kind of person that forgive easily” or something along those lines. But she did with Cece? why? to get close to both! you know what they say “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Maybe you’re saying “she’s blind” well BITCH CAN SEE. She did lied about having her sight back who knows if she wouldn’t do it again? There’s this theory that says that her stick match the murder weapon. here is the link creds to @tremolux yep that makes sense. And NO ONE will ever suspect of a blind girl bc you know, she’s blind even if she has a million reasons. Rosewood pd are idiots, remember. Plus nobody knew she was in town. She just came to Radley hotel out of nowhere and surprise the girls with her noisy stick. She was in town all this time and nobody noticed it. In my opinion Jenna had the perfect motive to kill Cece & Ali but only killed Cece bc Ali went home earlier and she had to stick to her plan bc then she could never do it. Was a now or never situation. Maybe Cece asked her to kill Alison and that’s why she went to the church on purpose but she betraded her and that was the end of Charlotte Drake. She has the perfect aliby. Not being in town. Being blind. She’s a geneous! She killed her, pushed her from the bell tower and make it look like a suicide, and put the flowers in her hand. Ran away only to come back and frame Melissa making her look like she did it go away again and come back when Elliot died. 

SORRY if its toooo long but just wanted to point that out. Just put half of my notes here. Like, real life logic not pll logic but hey, you never know! 

I think that AD >> IS THE SIBILING >>AD IS AVENGING CECE >> AD is the older/youngest/fraternal twin. AD IS #WREN (will post my master theory soon)





rebblig if you agree 

to be continue… shh

Dylan's dad's side of "Dylan's Story" Cheerleaders episode

This post is not directed at anyone here in particular but rather to state the truth, the facts so everyone can see the real way things played out & just how badly CA, Smoed team members & staff behaved & are clearly still behaving badly….disgusting.

As many of you know I am Dylan’s father, some of you may have seen my post the week Dylan left Smoed. I apologize for the length of this post & if it is a bit disjointed but I am really annoyed & there is a lot of mis-info that needs correcting. Yes, there are 2 sides to every story but the new episode I have just seen is more than loaded with absolute BS.

Dylan has remained professional throughout all this drama, the same can’t be said about his so called friends & coaching staff at Smoed. Regardless of age when you are on a semi professional sports team you should be conducting yourself in the appropriate manner as you are in the public spotlight. To say I am extremely disappointed in CA, the team (past & present) & staff is a massive understatement!
I made a statement here to clear things up at the time & also chose to remain silent about the real reasons he left. After seeing the episode ‘Dylans Story’ (which is not his story at all!) I will not remain silent any more!
The Cheeleaders show was only part of the reason he left. He didn’t mind the cameras etc but when the producers asked him about how his long distance relationship with his girlfriend was going (they wanted him to talk about it) & he told them that they had broken up the producers said lets just pretend you are still together & talk about it. Talk about a long distance relationship that doesn’t exist, really?! WTF? It was hard enough on him breaking up with his girlfriend & they wanted him to pretend they were still together just for the show, disgusting!!! And yes they constantly tell them what they want them to say to camera!

Eddie, Orby & several of the team (past & present) went to Europe & left the team to have tumbling practice only the entire time. The tumbling coach told Dylan he doesn’t need any tumbling practice, so what does he do? Sit around with his fingers up his butt waiting for them to come back?! Then there were more breaks while Eddie & Orby traveled around the USA.
Everyone on the team who had been there for more than a year was telling Dylan that Smoed had never had so many breaks…ever! Just how does that prepare you for comp? He tried to talk to them on a few occasions however they were always either 'too busy’ or said come see me at next practice & then were too busy or unavailable.
I had a lot of contact with Eddie prior to Dylan leaving New Zealand & was told the day he left that he would call me after meeting with Dylan at his first practice the day he got to California (Dylan flew 11500 kms/19 hours, landed in LA around midnight then went straight to the gym the next day after minimal sleep) The phone call from Eddie never happened!
Then Eddie continued to ignore every message, email &amp; call I made to him until Dylan quit then he called me like 10 times in 6 hours. He was in panic mode! To not reply to my messages, emails & calls is just extremely rude to say the least. I don’t care how busy he was or who he is he should of replied. Not cool.

Then there was the issue of Dylan’s stunt group….his two female bases cut after camp & not being replace immediately. Then when they were replace it was with 2nd & 3rd choice bases that were just not cutting it & didn’t have the skills. This caused Dylan to have to 'carry’ his stunt group, doing most of the lifting & stabilizing of his flyer which caused him to injure both his shoulders (rotator cuff tears) which caused a severe weakness in his strength with constant sever pain every time he lift his arms above his head which he had to just suck up & carry on. This could of been a career ending injury had I not addressed it. (I have a background & years of experience in personal training &amp; injury rehabilitation so I know how bad it was)

For Jessica to say that she was taken into Eddies office & told she was being replaced then blaming it on Dylan leaving is damn ridiculous! She shouldn’t of been there in the first place, she doesn’t have the skills.
Apparently being welcomed into the brotherhood 'for life’ means only as long as you are on the team Lol

I had to laugh at Eddies comment 'I feel like I did something wrong’ ahhhhh you did Eddie! Focus on the team, not traveling the world & USA promoting yourself! The height of cockiness & arrogance I feel. And then 'we don’t recruit from other teams mid season, that’s not ethical’ Lol Whatever! They have done exactly that in the past & this year too!
Dylan knew that they would never let him leave without a fight from past knowledge of what happened to Jenee & his room mate Tyler. That is why he left the way he did. Both Tyler & Dylan were the first 2 selected for the team, both world champions already (USASF & ICU) & both got nothing but high praise from everyone at CA….until they left then they both get slagged off. Leaving Smoed is like quitting a gang or the mafia, they will come after you if you leave on your own accord unless you are cut, kicked out or age out. The arrogance within the team is terrible. Everyone is nice to your face then totally the opposite behind your back!
I am sure Gabi leaving because she missed her family was just a feeble excuse to get out with being crucified. Then she starts cheering for another team a month or so later. When athletes of this caliber leave it should tell you as a coach that something is not right within the coaching staff and/or team, you do not go about attacking them & trying to destroy them!

There was also kids turning up to training high & the coaches knew & didn’t seem to care one bit! Very professional….NOT! Some have medical marijuana cards.

The one thing they got right in that episode is there was no one in the team as strong as Dylan when it comes to his all round skill level & fitness level. For months Dylan watched as others were throwing up during training, Eddie would push them all hard & Dylan wouldn’t. Then he started pushing them harder until Dylan threw up too & would then say 'now we are getting somewhere’. Dylan could handle anything that was thrown at him, no problem. Some of the hardest practices they had had Eddie commenting on Dylan’s instagram that Dylan did great 'Good job’ also commenting on his own instagram just how good Dylan was.
After Dylan quit Eddie sent me an email threatening to have Dylan deported etc, something he could not do. Tannaz also threatened not to release Dylan but in was still October not November so they had no hold over him. They were grasping at straws.
For the record I was the one who organised all Dylan’s visa documents & organised it all, not CA, not Eddie like he makes out. They did provide supporting letters for the visa application from themselves & the host family but so would any other gym! I spent 3 weeks living on 5 hours sleep working 17-18 hours a day fundraising & getting all the necessary documents together etc not them.

Everyone probably saw the twitter & instagram posts from past & present team members & coaches indirectly slagging Dylan off. And you probably saw Orby’s post about being called a bully, Dylan never called anyone a bully…that was me in my email response to Eddies deportation threats etc.

I am going to post a link to the emails, hate message pic sent to Dylan & Tannaz response. For the record there was never any apology as she says there would be in the email. I love how in Eddies email how he constantly mention that they are a 3 x world champion team, SO WHAT! Arrogance much?! Eddie wouldn’t know the high road if it bit him on the arse!

To say I am disgusted with the behavior from both team members & staff as well as the producers of Cheerleaders is an understatement. I have all the messages from twitter & instagram saved as screen shots because I knew they would delete them ;)

If anyone was stabbed in the back it was Dylan.

Welcome Back, Riley │ Part 17

Riley disappears the day after her high school graduation, five years ago. She didn’t keep in contact with anyone, but her family. What happens when she comes back to New York for a week? What happens when she comes face to face with the friends she left behind? When she left, she never made plans to look back at the life she left. She left it behind for a reason, but sometimes the past has a hard time staying there.

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This chapter might be all over the place, and I am very sorry about that. I had a lot of ideas that were jumping at me all at once. 

Friday morning is when Auggie decided he wanted to sit mom down to talk to her about his future. We all listened to him talk about his plan. My dad and I supported him instantly, however, my mom took a little more convincing. As soon as she sees some of the pictures he’s taken, her eyes widen in amazement. She couldn’t believe that he was this talented with a camera in his hand.

The rest of our Friday, none of us wanted to go out with it being the Friday after Thanksgiving and places being crowded. We wanted to enjoy a quiet night in, so we decided to have a family game night and play monopoly. However, my mom’s competitive nature with mine did not make for a quiet night.

Auggie never liked playing because he said it took an unnecessarily long, so it wasn’t a surprise after two hours of playing he quit and went up to his room. Monopoly can be an intense game, especially when you have two people like my mother and I playing against each other. My dad played the mediator throughout the night to make sure things didn’t do too far. The three of us played until midnight. We had to call it a night because of Nathan’s game in the morning.

When we get to the football field the game had already started, we scan the bleachers for Nathan’s parents. It takes a minute or two to find them waving frantically at us.

“Nathan is going to be so happy to see you guys,” Jessica says as we take our seats next to them.

“We told him we’d be here. Sorry that we’re late. We had a hard time getting someone up,” I look at Auggie.

Jessica and Michael laugh, “We know what you mean. We practically need to drag Nathan out of bed by his feet to get him up,” Jessica says.

My dad looks at into the field, “Speaking of Nathan, what number is he?”

Jessica, Michael and I scan the field, “He’s number 47. Right there,” I point to the right side of the field.

I try to keep my focus on the game at hand, but mind is elsewhere. I’m looking for a certain someone. This is where I told Farkle to tell Lucas to meet me. He can make it a little before half time if he comes here straight from the airport. Maybe it wasn’t the greatest idea since he’d have to carry his luggage around with him.

Throughout the first quarter, we all cheer for Nathan on. He gets benched for the second quarter to give other players a chance to play. I’ve been to many of his games. He’ll play the first quarter sit the second, and come back in during the end of third and finish the game. During the time, he isn’t playing, I keep pulling my phone out from my coat pocket to see if I have any new texts or calls from Lucas, but I don’t. Nathan’s team is down by a touchdown when halftime rolls around. Auggie leaves to go get something from the snack bar, and my parents and Michael and Jessica go down to the field to go say hi to Nathan.

I don’t leave the bleachers; I stay in my seat looking over everything. Shouldn’t he have been here by now? I pull out my phone to look at the time. It’s been an hour and a half since his flight landed if he made it.

“Are you waiting for a call from someone or something? You’ve been checking your phone like clockworks,” my dad says climbing the bleachers back to me with the others right behind him.

I smile and look at my mom who is already looking at me smiling. Michael, Jessica, and Auggie are confused, but my dad catches on and smiles too. “Lucas,” he whispers and I nod.

They get settled in their seats on the bench. Time continues to go by, and still no sigh of him. I look up and see Nathan’s head keep turning in the direction of the other team’s cheerleaders. I nudge Jessica who is sitting next to me.

“Did he get a flower?” I whisper just for her to hear.

She smiles, “Yes, he has it in his bag. I told him let me hold it, so it doesn’t get smashed. But he insisted on keeping it close to him. Do you know who it’s for?”

I look at her, “You don’t know?” she shakes her head. I let out a small laugh, “Just watch him and look wherever he looks.”

Jessica turns her attention to the field and keeps her eyes on Nathan. I watch as she turns her head slightly every time she turns her head every time he does. Her eyes widen after a few minutes of following his gaze. She turns to Michael to whisper something in his ear, and they look at each other and smile.

“You know who the girl is don’t you?” I whisper leaning over to them.

Michael clears her throat, “Her name is Ellen. She was in the same foster home as Nathan when we adopted him. When we first brought him home, he cried because he missed one of his friends. After a few days of nothing being able to calm him, we went back to see if adopting the other child was a possibility,” my eyes widen, I didn’t know any of this. “But she was adopted a day after Nathan, we tried to get information but they couldn’t tell us anything.  It was hard on him for a couple of months.”

“But this school year,” Jessica starts talking, “he said that his class had a new student this year, and her name was Ellen. His attitude changed. He was always so happy to go to school and after he was like in a daze. He only mentioned her name a few times though.” She looks back at the field and at Nathan who was putting his helmet on to take the field. She smiles, “Some people are just meant to be in your life. They spent years apart, and now they are back in each other lives.”

I can’t help the smile that consumes my face. The three of us turn our focus back to the field to see Nathan run out. I look at parents and Auggie who are watching the game and back at Michael and Jessica who are having the same. To think the six of us, seven with Nathan, could have been together if I didn’t keep secrets.

We all scream and shout when Nathan’s team scores a touchdown, tying up the game. The energy amongst the boys is high as well as the fans. They want to win this game, this is their rival team. It’s still tied by the time the fourth quarter comes. My eyes follow as the boys run the ball, but stop as soon as they land on him and I can feel my heart rate quicken with excitement. He looks flawless.

Lucas eyes sweep through the bleachers, and I wait for them to land on me. It takes him a minute, but his eyes land on mine. A smile that makes me melt on the inside spreads across his lips and I return it.

“Is that Lucas?” my dad says loud enough for all of us to hear. I’m too focused on Lucas to reply to him.

My mom nudges me, “Go to him,” she smiles.

“It’s about time. You’ve been smiling at your phone the whole time I’ve been here. It was kind of sickening to watch,” Auggie teases.

“You mean the way you smile at your phone when you text Ava,” I tease back. He rolls his eyes.

“Wait, that’s Lucas?” Jessica asks wide eyed. I nod. “He came into our café not too long after you had Hope. It was when you had let her adopt her. I remember him because he was in complete awe with her, and I couldn’t help but notice his eyes and how Hope’s eyes looked remarkably like his.” I can’t help the tears that start to well up in my eyes.

“He asked if he could hold her. I don’t know why, but I felt like he needed to hold her. The way he looked at her my god, you would have thought Hope was his daughter,” Jessica smiles and grabs one of my hands as my mom grabs my other. “Lucas met Hope.”

“He met his daughter,” I smiled through my tears. Lucas looks at me and I keep my smile.

“Go to him,” my mom whispers.

I slowly rise from my seat and maneuver through the people. My heart feels like it going to jump out of my chest the closer I get. As soon as I’m in reach of him, he grabs me and pulls me close with one arm. I fit perfectly against his body, this is where I belong. It’s where I’ve always belonged.

He pulls away slightly and I do the same. His green eyes lock with my brown orbs. He starts to lean in, but gets startled when the crowd starts to cheer and immediately pulls back. We look out into the field, and I can see number 47 jumping around in excitement.

I turn my attention back to Lucas, and he slowly turns back to me. Before I lose the nerve, I take his face between the two of my hands and press my lips against his. I try to pull away but he deepens the kiss and I melt into it. This is what I’ve been waiting for.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” he says when he pulls away. “I went to go get these for you,” he pulls out a small bouquet of roses from behind his back.

“I see you went to get her flowers,” a voice says approaching us. I follow the direction of the voice and see Nathan approaching us. He looks at me, “He was here when I was on the bench. I got up to get something to drink and bumped into him. He told me sorry he wasn’t paying attention, but the whole time he wasn’t even looking at me. I looked to where he was looking and saw you. So, I told him what you told me, girls like flowers.” I look at Lucas who is already looking at me smiling. “I told him to get you flowers if he wanted you to like him.”

I can’t help the smile that escapes from my lips, “Thank you, Nathan,” I smile. “Nathan this is Lucas, and Lucas this is Nathan.”

“Nice to meet you,” Lucas holds out his hand and Nathan takes it in his.

Nathan turns to me, “Is he the reason you’ve been happier since you came back from New York?” I nod my head. “Well I guess he is okay then,” he teases.

I laugh, “Good job out there! You did great!” I say holding my hand out for a high five. “Are you going to give her that flower now?” He nods, but doesn’t move. “What’s wrong?”

“What is she doesn’t like me?”

I open my mouth, but Lucas beats me to it, “I was scared too when I first gave Riley here a flower, but I’m glad I did. You won’t know if she does until you try.”

“What he said.” I still see that he is hesitant. “It’ll be okay. I’ll be here, and look,” I gesture to Jessica and Michael who are making their way down with everyone else behind them, “they are here too. But from what I hear you’ve known her since you were little.”

He nods and a smile exudes from his face, “I’m going to do it.”

We watch him walk away. Lucas clears his throat and I look at him. “Why did you want me to meet you here at out of all places.”

“Because I wanted you to see that,” I gesture to Nathan as he walks over to the cheerleader that he is smitten with.

“Why?” he smiles.

“Just watch.”

I look behind me and I see the rest of them giving me and Lucas our space. I turn back just as Nathan reaches Ellen. I see him holding a white daisy behind his back. I grab Lucas by his hand and pull him so we can stand in a place so we can see both kids’ faces.

I can feel Lucas’ gaze on me, but I nod my head in the direction of the young boy and girl. We can’t hear what they are saying, but we can see the smiles the explodes from both their faces. We see the nerves on the Nathan’s face and the smile that won’t go away on Ellen’s. He nervously and slowly pulls his hand from behind his back, and this makes her eyes shine. I can’t help the smile that starts to form on my face as she leans in and hugs him tight.

“The expression on his face was the same one you hand when you first gave me a flower.” I look at him and he is smiling. “The day that we all had detention in 7th grade with Missy, you walked me home. The whole way we didn’t say much. I don’t know if it was nerves, but to be honest even in the silence I felt comfortable around you. When we were outside my building, you decided to talk. You asked what should you do for a girl to show you that you liked her. I’ll admit I was a little heartbroken because I assumed that you were talking about Missy.”

He smiles at me and it makes my heart flutter, “I was talking about you.”

I laugh, “I didn’t know that then, but I told you to give her a flower because girls like flower. Well when we had our school play that Farkle ruined, after the halls were empty and it was just you and I you came up to me. I remember being so incredibly nervous. You were talking so fast I was barely able to keep up with what you were saying.”

Lucas starts laughing, “I was nervous.”

“So was I!” we laugh. “You pulled out a purple dyed daisy from behind your back, and you tried to say something but you were stuttering so much the words weren’t making sense,” we both starting laughing. “Instead of trying to finish what you wanted to say, you just handed the flower to me and-“

“And your eyes twinkled the way the little girl’s eye did. You had the same smile,” he stepped closer taking both my hands in his. “I was trying to say this is my way of telling you I liked you.”

I smile at him, “I wanted to share this with you. Watching a little boy that I am very fond of basically recreating a moment you and I shared.”

He smiles coyly at me, “You were always such a romantic.”

“Only with you,” I capture his lips with mine. I reluctantly pull away, “I want you to meet some important people to me, and then I want to take you somewhere special.”

We walk hand and hand to where they were all standing. My heart quickens with every step with the way my hand feels in his.

“Hi Mr. Matthews and Mrs. Matthews,” he gives them both hugs. “Hey Aug,” him and Auggie do a handshake that they made up.

Jessica and Michael turn the attention away from Nathan and Ellen to me and Lucas.

“Lucas this is Michael, Michael this is Lucas.” I watch as the shake hands.

Lucas’ shift his gaze to Jessica and his eyes widen, “I know you. I met you years ago, right?”

Jessica nods and smiles, “I’m Jessica,” she holds out her hand and Lucas takes it.

“I’m Lucas.” He looks like he is searching to find where he knows her. “Where do I know you from?”

I clear my throat, “I can explain that, but not here. I want to take you somewhere. Will you come with me?”

“I’ll follow you anywhere, Riley.”

Red Coat & The Black Widow Are The Same Person

I woke up this morning with one random thought in my head: 

Red Coat & the Black Widow are one & the same

I have no idea where this idea came from or why I never thought of it before, since it is now so obvious to me. I didn’t go to sleep with PLL on the brain, but it was the first thing on my mind when I opened my eyes this morning (LOL at the fact that I wake up to Pretty Little Liars theories running through my mind). 

When I started my day, it began to bug me more and more, so I decided to do some research in order to refresh myself on all that we know about the Black Widow so far.


After going back through my notes, I realized that as of yet, we have only seen her twice:

1.) Once at Wilden’s Funeral (& later in A’s lair) in episode 4x01:

2.) And once on her way to Bethany Young’s funeral in 5x06.

So I wondered: why is it that we only see her at funerals? 

Well, most of us have been speculating since we met her that she was probably a separate entity from Red Coat & A, and that there were three different people involved in the A-Game. But as of this morning, I started to realize that there are still only two allies here, Charles DiLaurentis & Red Coat.

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So this made me wonder: Where does the Black Widow fit in to all of this?


Well, we know for a fact that she is a comrade of A’s. Why else would she store her outfit in his lair?

And why else would she be in A’s lair in the first place after Wilden’s funeral? I could only come up with one possible answer: because she must not be a different person at all. She’s Red Coat herself!

The fact that we recently learned RC & A are working together, then her access to the lair would be justified by this fact.

If you think about it, while attending these two funerals, Red Coat couldn’t very well show up while wearing a bright crimson jacket with an Ali-mask covering her face… people would start asking questions. So, she had to invent another disguise in order to go unnoticed. This is what made me come to the realization that the black veil must just be Red Coat in her funeral gear! Wouldn’t it make total sense?! And wouldn’t it explain why we have only seen her twice, & only during funerals?

It was like a lightbulb went off in my head!

Then I started thinking about the night of the lodge fire…


I have speculated for a while now that there were two separate Red Coats present during the night of the lodge fire in 3x24: One of them was definitely Alison (she saved Hanna from the fire & admitted to doing so in 4x24). The other must have been A’s ally (the current Red Coat). 

Since the Black Widow showed up right after the fire with a burned mask, then my speculation would make complete sense:

Red Coat burned her mask in the fire, then wore the same exact mask to Wilden’s funeral that week. 

And what happened to her coat? Well we know Alison’s stayed in one piece (because we saw her wearing it when she saved Hanna). But Red Coat’s jacket, as well as her mask, wasn’t so lucky:

It would explain the one Toby saw the next day. This must mean that the mask & the coat were both in the same fire, and worn by the same person.

That leaves me with the next question: who pulled the other Liars out of the lodge (except for Hanna) before Ali got there?


I have two possible answers to this question:

Theory #1: It was Jenna Marshall. Why, do you ask?:

Could it be possible that Jenna burned herself dragging them out?

We know for a fact that Melissa, Shana & Jenna were all present during the night of the fire, so any one of them could have saved the Liars from succumbing to the flames.

But then I realize that there’s a hole in my theory here:

I can’t figure out why Jenna would leave Hanna behind, especially since Hanna & Spencer saved her from the same exact fate in episode 2x23:

Maybe it was because Jenna has always been afraid of Alison, and it is possible that she saw Ali exit the plane and got scared & ran off before she could grab Hanna? This creates a huge hole in my theory tho, so I am going to rack my brain for a possible answer to this question.

Theory #2: It was Red Coat/Black Widow herself that pulled them out. It could be possible that she saved them in order for the game to continue (what fun would it be if all the Liars were dead?) And the reason for why she would leave Hanna behind to die is a question that I have yet to answer, but I speculated a possible reason in my Red Coat is a Jealous Bitch post.

Supposedly, we are going to get answers about the Lodge fire this season, so I hope that it all comes together after we learn more.

The last thing I want to cover is the fact that we have seen the Black Widow one other time besides the two I listed above…


I can’t forget about the fact that we have seen the Black Widow one other time. When Alison had her dream in the Christmas episode, she showed up to her funeral & was represented by Ali’s mom, Jessica DiLaurentis. 

She warns Ali that “they’re coming for her.

But remember, we saw Jessica & the Black Widow in the same room during Wilden’s funeral in 4x01, which rules Jessica out as the lady behind the veil (it rules Jenna out as well, since BW sat directly behind her and Nigel Wright in the church). 

Until now, Jenna Marshall has been one of my top contenders for Red Coat, but if the Black Widow & Red Coat are indeed the same person, then Jenna couldn’t possibly be the one behind the coat either because of the scene above.

So why was Jessica wearing the black veil in the dream? I believe that showing up in Alison’s nightmare dressed as the Black Widow was a metaphoric representation & warning sign to watch out for the two people who were after her: A & Red Coat/Black Widow.

So last, but definitely not least, who the hell is she?


After going over all of this, something clicked. If these two are a team, and A ends up being Wren (like I have suspected for a long time now), then there can only be one person behind the Black Widow & Red Coat disguises: 

Melissa Hastings.

Both she & Sara Harvey (& maybe CeCe Drake) have been my top Red Coat & Black Widow suspects up to date. But if I am right, and these two ladies are one & the same, then I can totally picture Wren & Melissa being the two star-crossed lovers behind the infamous A-Game. 

So what do you guys think?

Last night after the show I got to thinking about some of possibilities for what might be happening in the future. 

Theories behind the cut include:

  • What we learned and what it means
  • The Hastings/DiLaurentis/Young family tree
  • If Bethany hit Alison, who hit Bethany?
  • Who wanted to hurt Bethany?
  • Does Wren have something to do with this?

go go go!

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Welcome Back, Riley │ Part 13

Riley disappears the day after her high school graduation, five years ago. She didn’t keep in contact with anyone, but her family. What happens when she comes back to New York for a week? What happens when she comes face to face with the friends she left behind? When she left, she never made plans to look back at the life she left. She left it behind for a reason, but sometimes the past has a hard time staying there.

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I really hated writing this chapter because I felt like it was all over the place. I think I’m just in a hurry to finish it. The ending is just shouting at me to write. 

I knew I missed Lucas, but I didn’t understand the extent of it until I heard his voice last night. We talked for hours. Both of us were both a bit nervous at first, but it didn’t last long. I did feel bad that we did stay up so late. It was only midnight my time, however, it was three his time. He said he didn’t mind because he was able to hear my voice. So, I guess it wasn’t much of a surprise when I woke up this morning to a text message from him.


Goodmorning Riley! Talking to you last night about everything and nothing was something I really needed. I miss you.

I can’t help the smile that strews across my lips


Maybe tonight if I don’t leave the work so late, we can talk again.

I press send and toss my phone on my bed. I move to my bathroom and start the shower, but before I can star undressing I hear my phone bing. It’s like the teenage inside of me went off because I dash out of my bathroom and to the side of my bed.


Doesn’t matter what time, call me. Talking to you is the only way I’m okay with losing any sleep.

Throughout the day Lucas and I text each other. I don’t know why I thought we would be able to wait till tonight to talk. I smile all day. He makes me happy, just talking to him for a few hours makes me feel like I have a piece of me that’s been missing. It’s different talking to him when I’m states away, no one is forcing me to talk to him or I don’t feel forced. I’m doing it because I want to.

I decide to leave work early today for the first time in months, but I don’t go home instead I go over to Michael and Jessica’s house to surprise them. They call me almost every day to check in, but I haven’t seen Michael or Nathan since before I left, and Jessica the day I got back.

Their house is beautiful. It’s a two story light grey house with darker grey window shutters and a black window door. It sounds a little gloomy, but it fits Seattle weather. I walk down the walkway leading up to their door and ring the doorbell.

I’m greeted by a tall brunette with brown eyes.

“Riley!” He looks back to the stairs, “Nathan come down someone’s here who you missed!” He shouts.

“Hey Michael!” I move in to give him a hug. “How have you guys been?”

“We’ve been great!”

“That’s good to hear. I’m sorry I didn’t come sooner.”

“Don’t worry about that. Jessica will be back soon with dinner. She didn’t feel like cooking tonight,” he chuckles. “You are staying for dinner.”

“I don’t want to-“

I get interrupted by a now eight-year-old Nathan running down the stair. “RILEY!” He practically yells. I turn my attention to the blonde hair light brown eyed boy.

“Hey little guy!” He wraps his arms around me and squeezes me tight. He’s gotten so tall, pretty soon he is going to tower over me.

“Nathan how about you go set the table.” Michael says.

“But do I have to?” Nathan whines.

I can’t help the quiet laugh that escapes my lips. “How about I go help you? Apparently I’m staying for dinner.”

I see a smile that spreads across his face. He reminds me of Auggie when he was this age. Maybe that’s why I get along with him so well.

Nathan and I move to the dining room table. I grab the plates and silverware, and he grabs cups and cloths. The both of us walk around the table placing the items for each person. He tells me about his pee wee football team and how he is excited for his game against their rival team in a few weeks, but he’s nervous too.

“Why are you nervous?”

Nathan takes a deep breath, “There is a cheerleader that cheers for the team we are going to be playing.”

“Does someone have a crush?” I tease him a little with a hip bump.

“What do I do? You’re a girl give me girl advice?”

I smile, “Give her a flower, girls like flowers. A really pretty flower.”

“I’ll tell mom to help me pick one. Will you come and watch me play?”

“Of course I will!”

My phone goes off and I look at down at it.


I can’t wait to tell you about the day I had at the clinic today! Call me as soon as you can.

A smile forms at my lips because I can picture his excitement.


Can’t wait to hear! I’ll call as soon as I’m home.

The smile never leaves my face. I feel like a happier person.

“Why are you are smiley?” Nathan pulls me out of my Lucas daze. “Who was it?” he asks stretching his neck to look at my phone.

I shake myself out of my Lucas daze and twist to the side to hide my phone, “Oh nothing.”

“Liar! You are all smiley Riley right now. You never smile like that.” He gestures to my face. “Don’t stop. You have a nice smile when it’s real.” How is an eight-year-old so observant?

“You are one smart boy you know that.” I ruffle his hair.

“I GOT DINNER!” we hear Jessica yell from the front door.

We finish setting the table just as Jessica walks into the dining room with Michael right behind her.  

“Riley, you’re here? What a nice surprise!” She places the food on the table and embraces me into a hug.

Nathan wastes no time reaching for the bag of Chinese takeout, but Jessica slaps his hand away. After a few more words exchanged between Jessica and I, she pulls each container out of places it in the middle of the table. The four of us take our seats around the table and start to serve ourselves.

Michael starts to ask about work and tell him that everything is going good. I ask about the café. They try to down play how they are hanging on. I won’t let anything happen to where they’ll lose the café. They invested so much into it.

We continue to talk about everything going on in our lives. Nathan talks about school and his favorite classes. I don’t mean to be rude, but I keep counting down the minutes until I’m home and can talk to Lucas. If it because daily, I would be totally fine with that.

We talk about Thanksgivings. They seem excited about meeting my parents, and I’m excited too. I can finally bring the two parts of life together.

Dinner starts to come to an end. Nathan gives me a hug goodbye and then disappears upstairs to get ready for bed.

“Thank you for having me for dinner.”

“Anytime. You know you are always welcomed here.” Jessica says as she takes her turn to hug me.

“Be safe getting home. I don’t know why you live basically in the middle of nowhere.” Michael has always been so concern with where I live. It’s not like it’s a bad location.

“I like it what can I say.” I move to hug him. I pull away and make my way to the front door. “Bye. I’ll see you guys soon, and if not I’ll see you guys on Thanksgiving.”

They both nod, “We’ll be there.” Michael says. “Drive safe.”

I give them a quick nod and walk out of the house. They wait by the front door until I make in to my car before they scurry inside.

As soon as I get home, I waste no time going to my room to change into something comfortable and crawling into my bed. It use to feel normal, but right now it just feels empty. I know what’s missing, and I know what it is. I grab my phone and call the person that is missing, that I am missing.

I’ve been waiting all day to hear your voice.

I feel heat rush to my cheeks. Hey Lucas. How was work?

It was amazing! I hear the excitement in his voice. I never told I’d be able to help a horse give birth here in the city, but today I did! I was reminded of the whole reason I wanted to become a veterinarian in the very beginning. Not that I ever forgot, but it was as if I was in that moment again.

That’s incredible Lucas!

It really was. I try to hold my yawn in, but it fights it way through. Are you tired? I can let you go to sleep.

No I’m okay. Just keep talking.

He proceeds to tell me about the rest of his day. I’m trying hard to stay up. I don’t know why I’m so tired. If anything he should be the one tired. It’s later there then it is here. I love the fact that we were able to pick up talking to each other comfortably so fast. Even if it’s about topics I don’t want to talk about, like we are now.

Maya asked me talk to you for her.

How does she know you are talking me?

Well, her, Zay, Farkle, Smackle, and I went out for dinner. A little awkward going out with engaged couples and being the only single one. We both laugh. Anyways, they all kind of guessed it. Apparently I was kept smiling and Maya said it was my Riley smile.

The corner of my lips lift slightly. I was called Smiley Riley today by an eight-year-old. I haven’t been called that in years.

I can practically hear the smirk spreading across his face. So what I’m hearing is that I was the reason behind your smile.

I don’t say anything. Neither does he. Yes, he was the reason for the happiness I felt today, but maybe it was because letting him back into my life was like getting a piece of the old me. Maybe I need other people back in my life too.

Lucas. I take a deep breath. Can I have Maya’s number?

I’m pretty sure she already took your number from my phone. I’ll tell her that it’s okay to use it now.

Thank you.

No Riley, thank you. Thank you for letting me back into your life.

I let out a small sigh. I’m sorry it took so long.

We talk until I hear his breathing start to get heavy. I wondering when he would start to fall asleep because I was hanging on by a thread.

Goodnight Lucas. I hear nothing. I love you. I whisper. I immediately hang up. Hopefully he was really sleeping. I just had to get it off my chest. I love him. I always have and I know I always will.

The next two week or so Lucas and I text all day with calls late at night until one of us falls asleep. It’s almost like being in high school again. I get all the butterflies in my stomach and my heart starts to flutter when I see his name flash on my phone. If one thing I confirmed, I want to be with Lucas Friar more than anything. I want to be able to call him mine.

Maya texts me every day since the night I told Lucas that I wanted her number, and honestly I’m happy I made that choice. Once her and I got past the uncomfortableness I think we both felt, I know I did, it almost felt normal to talk to her. I know we still have a long way to go before we can really repair what was broke, but now I know it’s something I really want.  

She tells me how Zay finally broke her down to move in with her, and how she is up to her neck with planning her wedding. I tell her not to worry because she still has more than half a year. She asks if I be willing to help her and I want to, but I can’t not all the way from here.

On Friday morning, I have a hard time pulling myself from my warm comfy bed. The one downside to Seattle weather is that it has the effect of making someone want to stay in bed all day especially when they are tired. I get to work a little late and head straight to my office.

My attention gets pulled from my laptop when I hear my door being open. “Wow, you look a little tired?” Daniel another employee of mine ask. He has really dark hair basically black, but his eyes are the brightest blue that I have ever see. He’s about the same height as me.

“Thanks,” I say sarcastically.

“I’m just messing around. I just wanted to make sure this was okay before I post?” He says passing me his laptop.

I take it from his hands, “I told you, you don’t have to keep doing this. I trust all of you to post what you want and what is appropriate.” I take a quick look over it. I’ve never seen something this personal from him. “Are you sure you want to share this? I mean this amazingly written, but you never shared anything like this. You sign your name at the bottom of this.” My phone flashes on, and I look on down to see his name. I can’t help the smile that takes over my mouth.

“I have never seen you smile like that before. Who’s the lucky guy?” he teases.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” I hand him the laptop, “If you want to post it, do it. It’s really good.”

“Thank you.” He heads to the door, but stops. “You know Evan isn’t going to like that very much. He’s been trying to get you to out with him for a year now.”

I laugh to avoid the embarrassment I feel. “Get back to work Daniel.”

I try to finish the piece that I’m working on, but to no success. I’ve been distracted lately, mostly by thoughts of Lucas. Before I know it’s six and I’m staring at a half written post. I really should finish this, but Lucas is already calling. I know I shouldn’t answer it because I have this to finish it. But it’s Lucas, and I have a weakness for him.

I answer placing it on my phone speaker, so I don’t have to hold it. Hello? I say as I try to type the thoughts that rushed to head down before I forget.

Is that typing I here? He laughs. Are you still at work? It’s 6:30 your time and you’re still at work on a Friday.  Lucas voice echoes throughout my office, but I was completely zoned in on my laptop I didn’t really hear. Hello, Riley?

Yeah, sorry. Give me a second. I try to type as fast as I can, so I can talk to him.

There is a knock on my door, but once again I’m too focused at the task at hand to acknowledge it.

“Riley,” I look up to see Evan standing in the doorway. “I was wondering since it’s late and neither one of us has eaten, maybe you wanted to get a late dinner? I can even go get take out and bring it back and we can eat here.” The sound of Lucas clearing his throat fills the room. Evan eyes move to my phone, “I’m sorry I didn’t know you were on the phone.”

“It’s okay. It’s a friend.” I hear Lucas scoff and I’m pretty certain Evan did too. “You go. I’ll probably just pick up something on the way home. I still have to finish here.”

“Again with the rejection,” he laughs. “You’ll crack one day, I’m pretty persistent.”

Over my dead body. Lucas decides to chime in. I quickly move to take him off of speaker and place the call on mute so he doesn’t hear anything else.

“Sorry about that.” I say with a smile. I can hear faint mumbles coming from my phone.

“I guess I’m not the only one who is trying to win over the heart of Riley Matthews.” He can’t win something that is already taken. Lucas has my heart.

I laugh to cover the uncomfortableness I feel, “Goodnight Evan. I’ll see you Monday. Remember meeting at ten.”

“Goodnight Riley. Have a good weekend.” He gives me one last smile before leaving. I wait until he is a good distance away before I pick up my phone.

Was that really necessary? I try to remain calm.

Who was that, and why does he think it’s okay to ask you out? Lucas snaps.

Evan just someone I work with.

Evan?! Not the same Evan from the ski lodge right?

I roll my eyes. No, but there are similarities. At least I don’t think this. I think I’d be able to recognize him. I don’t know why I just said that to him though. I hear him say something under his breathe. You don’t have a right to be mad, me and you are just friends. Even though I want to be so much more.

You know damn well I want to be with you, Riley! The rise in his voice startles me. I’m sorry. I just don’t like someone hitting on you, and I’m not there to do anything about it. I don’t even know where you are!

I scoff. That angry of yours still comes out sometimes, doesn’t it?

I’m sorry, but this guy-

I cut him off. This jealousy thing use to be kind of endearing when we were in high school and middle school, but we’re adults now.

Riley, I’m trying here. I’m willing to do anything to make it work.

And I’m not?!

He laughs a little more sarcastically than I like. You are still hiding! How is that trying? I’m willing to relocate to be with you!

Lucas. I sigh. I’m just not ready.

Damnit Riley! Am I supposed to wait until you are?! He shouts.

You will not talk to me like that! I bark back. When we can talk about this without you getting mad, then we will talk about the possibility of us. I want it just as much as you do, but right now I can’t talk to you. Bye Lucas.

Riley, wait!

What? I whisper.

I love you. I can hear the sincerity in his voice.

I wanted to say it more than anything. Say it when he isn’t sleeping and can actually hear me, but I bite my tongue. Goodbye Lucas. I hang up before my mouth can shout out the words my heart so desperately wants to say.

Within the same minute we get off the phone, he is calling back but I don’t answer. He calls five times and each time I have to resist the urge of answering. I do want to be with him, soon even, but right now I can’t. I can’t explain it, I just can’t something is telling me to wait.

It doesn’t stop at just at calls, he starts texting.


I’m sorry I shouldn’t have reacted like that just don’t shut me out please


Maybe I shouldn’t have said I love you. Was it too soon?

You know what I’m glad I said it because I do love you!

There is a few more, but I stop reading them. To make sure I don’t give in, I turn off my phone and put it in my purse. Why does he have this effect on me? I can be mad at him, but at the say time want to be near him. I don’t know why I wasn’t able to say I love you back because I do love him.

It takes me about another half hour to finish the rest of my entry. I hurriedly lock everything up and head to my car. Once again the last one to leave, but I don’t mind. Maybe because every day I go home to an empty house.

Once I get home, I walk over to my kitchen place the personal size pizza I got for dinner on the counter top. I take my phone from my purse and turn it on and take a bite out of a slice as I wait. I expected to have more missed calls from Lucas, even some text messages, but I have a miss call from Maya followed by text to call her as soon as I can. So that’s what I do.

As I wait for her to pick up, I take another bite. Riley!

Zay? Where’s Maya? She told me to call.

She’s dealing with a very drunk Lucas right now.

I scoff. What happened?

The person that Lucas will never get to meet was his daughter. You were pregnant when you left and had the baby. You named her Hope

How-How do you know about Hope? I stammer at first.

Lucas. He’s here at my house and very drunk going on about you and someone named Hope Olivia Matthews. I called Farkle and asked him to come over. He is usually the one to calm him down. I don’t say anything.  Riley, please tell us where you are. He needs to know. We all need to know. 

I stare down at my food, thinking maybe I should just tell them. I’ll tell you guys soon, just not now. Take care of him please. Don’t let him do anything stupid.

I hear a deep breath from the other end. Are you okay?

I’ll be fine. I hear someone asking if it’s me on the phone and by the slurring of the words I know it’s Lucas. I have to go. I have to get everything ready for Auggie when he comes this weekend to spend the week with me. Bye Zay. Tell Maya to call me tomorrow.

Riley! Lucas must have snatched the phone away from Zay because his voice is the one shouting my name from the opposite end of the call.

I don’t say anything instead I just hang up. I can’t deal with this right now. I place my phone down, but it glows with a new text message from a number I don’t recognize.


I know where you are. No more hiding Riley.


Who is this?


You’ll find out soon.


So this season is over, here’s an stocktaking of the show until now:

AHS top 5 best seasons:

1. Asylum
2. Murder House
3. Hotel
4. Coven
5. Freak Show

AHS top 5 best Sarah Paulson’s characters:

1. Bett and Dott Tittler
2. Lana Winters
3. Sally McKlena
4. Cordelia Foxx
5. Billie Dean Howard

AHS top 5 Evan Peters’ characters:

1. Mr. James Patrick March
2. Tate Langdon
3. Kit Walker
4. Jimmy Darling
5. Kyle Spencer

AHS top 4 Denis O'Hare’s characters

1. Liz Taylor
2. Larry Harvey
3. Spalding
4. Stanley Specer

AHS top 4 Lily Rabe’s characters:

1. Sister Mary Eunice
2. Aileen Wuornos
3. Misty Day
4. Nora Montgomery

AHS top 3 Angela Bassett’s characters:

1. Marie Laveau
2. Desiree Dupree
3. Ramona Royale

AHS top 3 Finn Wittwork’s characters:

1. Tristan Duffy
2. Dandy Mott
3. Rudolph Valentino

AHS top 3 Kathy Bates’ characters:

1. Madame Delphine
2. Ethel Darling
3. Iris

AHS Hotel best new cast members:

1. Matt Bomer (Donovan)
2. Wes Bentley (John Lowe)
3. Cheyenne Jackson (Will Drake)
4. Mare Winningham (Miss Hazel Evers)
5. Lady Gaga (Elizabeth March/The Countess

This season:

•Hotel was, for me (I’ve passed watching the show since 2011), FINE. Not bad, not super good, just fine. It was a little boring sometimes, the story tangled a lot and in parts I didn’t understand it, but for the charade they did with Freak Show, I think at least this season wasn’t that bad as season 4.

•As a lot of us have been saying it, Hotel gave to Evan Peters and Denis O'Hare their best characters of all AHS seasons. Evan’s talent has been overshadowed in the show a lot and obviously, I’ve seen how James March has been the pay to Evan for awful characters like Kyle. Evan always plays the good kid (yes, we love Tate because we think he’s a “”“good”“” kid), but March was supposed to be the bad man in this season, well, he was and that’s why we loved him. James March took us out from the same rutine to see Evan into the role of good kid, suffered and confused man who is taken by bad human but he isn’t. James was a VILLIAN, a REALLY GOOD VILLIAN and the best way to refresh Evan Peters into the show. I have to say that I dream with a season where Evan is the real starring role and he can show us finally his amazing talent and not only we have to see him in fifty-fifty, a season where he could shine with his own light.

Denis O'Hare was, for me, the revelation of all this season. THAT MAN KNOWS HOW TO ACT, ADMIRATION IS LITTLE FOR WHAT I FEEL FOR THAT MAN. Liz Taylor is maybe one of the best characters in all the AHS universe. Denis is always into the list of the underrated actors as so many good actors in the show like Frances Conroy, but I think this season he was the star of the show, he has had to be in all the seasons he has been in. Liz was the leader of the hotel, the sarcasm, the elegance, the great story behind this character was amazing, clean, beautiful. Denis had own light, he brought to his real life a little of Liz, and that only happens when you understand your character so good, you live it. Denis is a fantastic actor and, if he is in new seasons, please, GIVE HIM THE LOVE, THE ADMIRATION AND THE LEADERSHIP HE DESERVES.

•The not-curse at the end for the show: Lady Gaga. I remember when they announced that Lady Gaga was the replacement for Jessica Lange in Hotel and I was like “what the fuck is this?”. Well, I didn’t regret to have thought that but she surprised me, I thought she would be a disaster but she was good, she can act, at least. I think they accepted the propouse to put her into the show for publicity, and that failed them at little, I think. The ratings were low, comparting Hotel with Coven or Freak Show, so that means that it was one of the mistakes for them this season. Ok, Gaga was good, but not that good to get a Golden Globe… I’m not gonna be again the discord’s Apple, because some say she was, I say she wasn’t. ANYWAY, I feel like Gaga was a complement, I think they write the character to her so she can be in the show. Period. But they gave her almost all the attention, really unjustice with the other cast members, some of them have been for years in the show but it’s understandable, you know, she’s LADY GAGA, Grammy winner, known for her eccentricity and good music. Conclusion, I like her as SINGER, not as ACTRESS. Gaga, please, keep going with music…

•The performance of Sarah Paulson was stunning. She always leaves me blown away with her characters, I know nothing can make me get over Bett and Dott, but Sally won my heart since the first time. Sarah lived in the character so good and Ryan Murphy has to consider her more for villian roles, she’s good in it.

•Matt Bomer, Cheyenne Jackson and Wes Bentley. I want them for future seasons, I really need more of them. Matt was amazing, a good performance. Wes impresed me, he’s a great actor, but as leading role, he wasn’t that good, I feel like he needed more force, I don’t know… And, now, why the fresh hell I never haven’t seen Cheyenne Jackson before? He was amazing, I need more of him, he’s a potential actor, he needs a leading role more offend!!

•I have a dilemma with Chloë Sevigny. God, as the amazing actress she is, she didn’t showed NOTHING in this season. I think producers concentrated more in make Gaga look good than in the other members of the cast like Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates (SHE’S THE QUEEN, MAN, WHY THEY DID IT?!) And Chloë. We saw her in Asylum and she was stunning, and I think she could have a great role this season, but Alex was awful, a really bad character for an actress like Chloë who can show us her brilliant performances finally. I’m upset with it, they had to have priority with oldest members of the cast, I mean, they could make Gaga look good as same as they could make good characters to real actresses like Bassett, Sevigny and Bates. Angela and Kathy were overshadowed this season, but the most one was Kathy. Iris was good, yeah, but a flat character for Kathy: Iris was desesperate for the love of her son and what else? EXACTLY! NOTHING. Ugh, they despised Kathy a lot. Well, at least she could give us an innocent Iris, but that’s not enough.

•I want Lily Rabe back into the intro and I want a space for Mare Winningham in the intro. I want more John Carroll Lynch, Gabourey Sidibe, Anthony Ruivivar, and the little babies Lennon Henry and Shree Crooks (Holden and Scarlett Lowe) in future seasons. They did great roles in this season, some of them like Gabourey and John Lych were already in other seasons, but I need them MORE.

•Finally, we saw Hotel was connected with Murder House and Coven. I think it was a little cruel to kill Queenie, she was the only one from the Coven who I really liked.

•Best Episode: Devil’s Night

Worst Episode: She Gets Revenge

Favorite moments:

  •Hotline Bling (obviously!!)

  •The birth of Liz Taylor

  •Tristan Duffy’s crazy in the runway

   •Mr. March’s story and the building of the hotel

   •"Your boy has a jawline for days"
   •All those killers having a dinner with March


    •The Countess’ head into the best place she deserved: a water box

    •"I googled you"
      “That sounds obscene”

    •Donovan saying mom to Iris before die

    •Liz Taylor’s reason to stop Will and Elizabeth’s wedding

10 Favorite Characters:

•Liz Taylor

•James Patrick March

•Sally McKlena


•Tristan Duffy

•Aileen Wuornos

•The Countess

•Will Drake

•John Lowe

•Miss Evers

(Thanks for reading this, it’s too long but I had the need to do it)