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Reyna’s BatB Fic Recs

To celebrate hitting the 100 follower mark (!!!), here is a list of my fav BatB fics so far that are focused on Adam/Beast and Belle’s relationship. I’ll prolly be adding to this list as I read more.

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But first, I want to remind you guys of something:

Stories take time and effort to write. As I writer myself, I know how excruciatingly awful writing can be but love it anyway bc im weird and how it feels to have someone recognize the effort that we writers put into the stories that we’ve shared with the readers.

In brief, leave a kudos. Write a comment.

Don’t know what to say? Pick your fav line and explain why it’s your fav! Keysmash! Did the author do something new with the characters? Tell them what you thought about it! Did you laugh, smile, wince at a certain part? Let them know! Too shy to say anything? Just write something like “Good job :)” or “I liked this!”.

Basically, the excitement you get at reading an amazing fic is the excitement we get for ppl reading and giving feedback on our fics, only multiplied bc these things are like our babies.

So please please please comment or give a kudos. They actually help motivate writers to write more, so if you liked a fic, be sure to tell the author! Who knows, maybe they’ll be inspired to write more fic bc you wrote an awesome review ;)

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for she had eyes and chose me by @piercephone/ @notmiliica

(psst read it right now she’s a great writer and an overall awesome person so yeah you need to read this fic asap)

Summary: a series of interconnected chapters detailing the evolution of belle and adam’s relationship over the course of their life together (WIP)

and when he could not climb, he reached by @scarfblogs

Summary: the castle came awake that night. (Complete)

I Love You Too, By The Way by @funnygirltthatbelle

Summary: Short conversation between Belle and Adam between the kiss and the reunion with the servants. Because you know Adam would be excited more by Belle being in love with him than by the curse being broken. (Complete)

pouf-pouf by @je-suis-em-jee

Summary: “Not for the first time, Belle found herself curious about the dusting of gold Plumette so often applied to the corner of her eyes and the swell of her cheeks. ‘Actually. I did have one question. How do you…’ She touched the side of her face to indicate where Plumette’s skin shimmered.
'How do I do my makeup?’
Plumette shook her head in amazement. 'There were really no other girls in Villeneuve?’”

In which Belle makes a friend and learns more about her fiance. (Complete)

When We Touched by @daysinthesuns

Summary: The five times the Beast had human contact for the first time in years, and the one time he had it as a human himself after the curse is broken. (Complete)

Lessons For The Lost by KayMoon24

Summary: Once the former Beast, newly human King Adam, alongside his newly wedded wife, Belle, attending various social gatherings featuring the rest of the Disney Royal kingdom. It gets awkward. (WIP)

Embers & Ash by telepathy

Summary: During the “Evermore” scenes in the new Beauty & the Beast film, Beast reflects. (Complete)

She’s never out of sight by @jomiddlemarch

Summary: They have a second courtship after the marriage. (Complete)

What a puzzle by @jomiddlemarch

Summary: Maurice came to dinner on Sundays. (Complete)

The Master of My Fate by @jomiddlemarch

Summary: He’d slipped into the alcove for just a moment. (vignette about Adam before the curse) (Complete)

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind..” by @kotaka-kun

Summary: What happened in the short span of time from when the Beast demanded Belle leave, to him rescuing her from the wolves. (Complete)

Behold the Beast by P_Artsypants

Summary: An alternate ending to the Disney Animated Movie. (Complete)

The Anchor by sancallisto

Summary: Chapter 1: A short vignette immediately following the transformation kiss.
Chapter 2: A short vignette immediately before the Celebration dance.
Chapter 3: A conversation that occurs the night following the breaking of the curse. A series of vignettes following Belle and Prince Adam based on the live-action Beauty and the Beast. No set number of chapters or timeline
. (WIP)

Mirrors by @greensearcher

(ok confession time so i actually haven’t read this yet but i’ve glanced through it and it looks AMAZING so yeah next free time i get imma read the whole darn thing in one sitting)

Summary: Everyone knows the Beast was selfish and unkind—which, of course, is exactly what a jealous enchantress would want the world to think. A retelling in which young Adam was an innocent victim caught up in his father’s past mistakes, and Belle a willing presence seeking to repay her own father’s debt. And with a vengeful witch on the loose, Gaston is the least of their worries. (WIP)

open doors, closed doors by  @ice23hot

Summary: Her selflessness angered him, reminded him how much he did not deserve her or the child. She looked frightened when the midwife shooed him away. Now all the prince could think of were the worried eyes that had met his before the door slammed in his face. (Belle and Adam have their first child) (WIP)

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Don’t forget to thank the authors for writing these wonderful fics! Happy reading!

Manga Character! Jihoon [1]

Okay so i was gonna post this like three hours ago but when I got home the power was out at my home and we had to keep waiting for the electrical people to come (they kept on telling us different times they were gonna come but then they kept pushing it back) but I hope you guys like it!

idea: Your favorite Manga Character is Kim Jihoon (you’ll understand why i changed his last name in the next part) and while your parents are on vacation something unbelievable happens! 

  • Your family always told you that miracles do happen. just not as often as you would like. 
  • you never really believed it 
  • but boy did you start believing once you literally saw one of your favorite manga characters standing in the middle of your room
  • so it goes a little like this. 
  • you were home alone because your parents decided to go on a long vacation together. and since you were 18 and in your last year of high school they thought that you were old enough to take care of yourself! 
  • so you were just reading your manga when the sudden urge to eat came upon you. You left to go tame your stomach from growling. 
  • While you were downstairs making ramen for the thirteenth time (you actually do not know how to cook so you’re wondering why your parents thought you could take care of yourself hkfs) you hear a yell from upstairs
  • you instantly turn off the stove (after making sure your ramen is done cooking ofc) and grab a nearby pan making your way upstairs. 
  • noises continually come from your room especially and honestly you’re preparing for a full out battle  
  • “i hope my parents are okay with some things that will be broken in my room.” 
  • you take a deep breath and pray to the food gods that you will get this over with in time so that your ramen won’t get cold 
  • you put your hand on the knob and fling the door open to reveal
  • a guy around your age wandering around your room confusedly 
  • “um hello?”
  • you stood there confused because once the boy turned around he looked exactly like your favorite manga character, just a real life version though. 
  • you dropped your pan and you just stared at him with your mouth open. 
  • “y-you are-”
  • “I’m Kim Jihoon!” 
  • “i know just hold up a sec!” 

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hello instrumentalists! band camp is coming up very soon for most of us, and for some of us this might be our very first band camp. regardless of how many years you have under your harness, it’s always good to know exactly what you need during this time of…harshness.

YOU WILL BE MARCHING FOR PROBABLY EIGHT (8) HOURS OR MORE. it will most likely be very hot since it’s summer here in america, and most bands practice on their school parking lot.


- if you haven’t started band camp yet, start getting water into your system asap. you need the hydration so you don’t get weak or faint while you’re out in the heat; if you don’t have enough water in you, you will sweat it all out!

- invest in a water bottle of your own. preferably not plastic bc it’s bad for the environment, so get glass or something else environmentally friendly! your band directors will provide water bottles every day, but they’ll run out fast and probably make a mess as well. plus, you can refill it And it’ll stay cold longer if you get an insulated bottle!

- if you have started band camp already, get water into your system rly fast. chug it by the bottle if you want. not too much but however much you feel like is enough! you really need that water and my band instructors encouraged us to drink a bunch immediately if we felt dehydrated. if you feel dizzy or sick, don’t be afraid to tell your band instructor! they will let you sit and drink for a moment and recuperate.


- pls eat healthy and avoid junk foods during this time. your body needs to be as strong as it can for this stufd, especially since you’re on your feet so long, especially² if it’s hot where you practice and you’re sweating a lot

- be sure to eat a mix of carbs and protiens for breakfast every morning; the carbs will give you a burst of energy and the protien will keep you going all day! (i suggest eggs with almonds, fruits, and ur fav cereal if ur not full)

- make sure to eat food that will give you plenty of energy for lunch. that’s when u start to get tired and droopy and hurting so Feed Your Body Good Stuff

- mcdonalds is easier but Don’t . Blease .


- someone is going to pass out. don’t panic when it happens. it can and will happen anywhere. if it’s you, make sure you get the help you need after and Make Sure to prevent it from happening again! you need more water. if it’s not you, comfort the person when they wake up, get them what they need, and get your band director immediately.

- always have sunscreen on you! every break you get, put it on! it’s easy to get sun poisoning if you’re out in the sun for that long, and even if it’s not sun poisoning, burns really hurt like hell and marching while burnt is not a fun experience!

- if you have any health conditions you feel could be triggered during camp, whether it be physical or mental, please let your director know! they will try to be understanding and accommodate to your needs because no one wants a sick or injured kid on their hands!

- if u sweat a lot drink More More Water

- always keep bandaids and gauze with you! not everyone does this but i do, and if you want to go through the trouble then go ahead. as well as bee sting ointment if you want that too. someone’s gonna trip and fall, or get stung by a bee, or get cut, or whatever. heres a list of helpful stuff you might want
__ - gauze/bandaids
__ - neosporin
__ - aloe vera for burns
__ - sunscreen
__ - bee sting relief
__ - your meds
__ - pain relief meds
__ - deodorant

- you’ll hear this from everyone but GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP. for obvious reasons. marching while you’re tired in the heat really really sucks and you’re going to need the energy


- if you can go naked i suggest going naked

- no really. it’s fucking scorching especially if you practice in an area without any trees or other shade and the worst is if you practice on asphalt/blacktop. aka parking lot

- tank tops are your best friends and so are shorts

- don’t wear flip flops you’ll hurt your feet and you have a much higher chance of tripping and falling

- literally always have a tank top and shorts on even if it’s chilly (HA) because if it gets hotter you’ll suffer and might pass out

- hats are advised, to keep the sun out of your eyes, as well as sunglasses

- keep a lil bag if u want to keep a water bottle in and some munchies


AU where Laurent & Auguste are an infamous Art Thief duo and Damen is the Agent who’s leading the FBI team assigned to catch them holy shit this got really long pls bear with me

  • Nikandros is Damen’s second in command, Pallas is the guy with the street cred who leads most undercover missions, Erasmus handles their IT/tech stuff (and also internal affairs because everyone loves him) and Makedon is their weapons expert
  • Jord leads a mercenary squad (selected members: Orlant, Lazar, Aimeric) that Laurent & Auguste sometimes hire when they need extra muscle or protection
  • Nicaise is Laurent & Auguste’s master forger of choice, aside from providing them with check-proof fake identities and documents they also bring their goods to him to have them checked over
  • Laurent sometimes brings Nicaise forgeries just to set him off. Nicaise thinks it’s because Laurent doesn’t trust him/wants to test him but really Laurent just thinks it’s cute that Nicaise gets personally offended by bad forgeries (that aren’t his own, mind you)
  • one time Damen’s team gets an anonymous tip about where their next coup is about to happen - just the painting never gets stolen??? they just don’t steal it??
  • so Damen thinks that either the tip was wrong OR they have a mole in the team
    • Spoiler: it’s neither
  • Laurent & Auguste arrived at the scene and upon seing the painting in person Laurent flat out refused to steal it
    • “It’s even uglier in person, no Auguste, this isn’t even ART. This is an abomination. We never should have taken the job from this Guion guy, the abhorent colour of his suit should have been a warning.”

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Jimin’s Honeymoon

And now it is time for an actual angel, the first half of the Busan line, a total cutie who’s tearing this comeback uP like he just has this energy to him where every stage he steps on is his like I genuinely feel like he has born to perform but he’s doing s o fucking well with this comeback, Park Jimin aka chim

  • This is going to be part of the wedding series, I’ve done Jimin’s proposal (here) an alternate version to that is youtuber!chim’s proposal which you can find here, Jimin’s wedding (here) and husband!chim (here)
  • It isn’t required to read the others, you can v v easily read this without the others but if you want the full story and all the fluffy stuff, you can click any of those links
  • Okay so Jimin is a lil romantic at heart, he gets all tough when he’s on stage and shit but he’s actually just a huge softie
  • Like he’s the type to be all of course you married me I’m the best duh but then at night when it comes to cuddles he just melts and turns into this big pile of oh my god I love you so much I can’t believe you actually married me like I’m a husband now do you know what that means you can’t say I’m your boyfriend anymore my boyfriend days are gone forever
  • Okay so I have such a huge head canon for this like pretty much the second I started thinking about the honeymoons, I knew Jimin’s
  • Jimin would want to go one of the more popular romantic places like Paris or Rome but he’d also want to have some private moments bc even though Jimin is a beast on stage and has so much confidence, he’s actually a smol shy bby who gets blushy when you say you love him
  • You two would go on a lil tour of Italy like you’d start in a smaller city spend a few nights there, go to the next city spend a few nights and then the last place you two go to is Rome
  • The honeymoon would be a bit longer, closer to 4 weeks than just the usual 2 bc he would want to turn it into a vacation too he wouldn’t want to have to rush through all of the sights and be worried about getting to a certain place on time
  • He’s totally cool with extending it even bc he knows the second you to get back home, it’s gonna be packing and moving into the new house and you two are planning on getting a pet when you get back and he’ll have work and you’ll have work and he just knows you two are gonna be so fucking busy
  • So he figures he can stretch the honeymoon out as long as possible so you two can relax and de-stress and just enjoy being married for a while without having to think about what’ll happen tomorrow
  • He would absolutely want to go explore a vineyard, he wouldn’t even care so much about the wine aspect he just wants to look at all of the trees and see how the wine is made
  • I feel like chim is the type to just casually have a childhood friend that lives in Italy and works at a vineyard and he gets all the behind the scenes shit
  • You two stay for a little part of the wine tasting but then you two sneak off to go run through the trees like lil kids bc no matter how old chim gets he’s still a child at heart
  • He’d still make it romantic though bc he’d have his friend set up a lil picnic at the top of a hill that looks over the entire vineyard and there are a ton of lil Italian desserts in the basket (his friend’s favorites bc chim just told him to put in the best desserts in the area)
  • So you two just sit on the blanket and cuddle up and try all of the sweets and you two end up staying there until the sun sets which makes it even cuter
  • At that point, you’re both sprawled out with v v full stomachs from eating so many desserts and chim’s got his head on your chest and you’re both just enjoying the breeze and watching the sunset and it’s one of those moments where neither of you need to talk
  • You just enjoy being near each other and chim’s half asleep bc he’s listening to your heartbeat and your fingers are combing through his hair and he’s trying to stay awake bc you two still have to go back to your lil rented house
  • You two go to city after city, trying all of the food and seeing how each city does something a lil different like there are different sauces different pastas different flavors just everything
  • Okay but cute ass chim would try his best to speak the limited Italian he knows (from his friend attempting to teach him over the phone) and he’d get so shy about it
  • Like you know when chim speaks English and he just gets that shy smile and it’s so fucking cuTE that is exactly what happens whenever he attempts to speak Italian
  • But all of the cashiers and people he speaks to just coo at how cute he is and tell you how lucky you are to have such a cutie pie as your husband, which of course only gets Jimin’s cheeks even redder
  • You two would s o have to go on a gondola ride like that would just be on Jimin’s wish list he’s seen so many couples do it and he’s like that sounds so romantic and cute I ne e D IT
  • So once he finds out how he can set it up, he’s racing to get it done asap bc for as long as chim could remember, he’s wanted to do it
  • He’s super happy when you two first get in like he’s nonstop smiling he’s laughing at everything you say his dimples are just making an appearance
  • He calms down after a bit and holds you super tight and looks at everything he passes by he’s just so fascinated by all of the lights and the buildings and it’s really endearing bc you can just se e how happy he is
  • But honestly let’s just be real here Jimin’s the real view bc sure you have a beautiful city all around you and it’s super fucking romantic but then you have Jimin with his jaw dropped a lil bit and his eyes are all wide and lit up and he’s in so much awe of everything
  • And then he smiles at you and gets all shy when he notices you were looking at him bc even though you two are literally married and have known each other forever, he stills gets the butterflies when you look at him
  • The entire honeymoon is just a mix of playfulness and romance and sweet lil moments that could easily be overlooked but actually mean the world to both of you and it’s just really cute

theabsurdcrouchingman  asked:

Idk if u remember the prompt post but please do 49

49:  “I don’t care if they’re watching. I’m not done with you yet.”

Yes this is the shit!! I hope you don’t mind, but I combined it with this prompt:

perhaps phils the leader of a gang and dans his pastel baby and smut and shit thx

Also Dan is short (like 5′3″) bc height difference is adorable and I added some of that DaddyKink


-Everyone knows better than to make fun of or flirt with Dan, no matter what he looks like that day. The reason? If Phil Lester catches you, you’re a dead man walking, and unless you can get out of the country in less than 24 hours, you’re fucked. Well, one person doesn’t know quite yet. Chris Kendall joined Phil’s gang only a couple of days ago, and he hasn’t met Dan yet. 

-”Hello, boys,” Dan drawls as he comes into the room with a smile. Today in particular, Dan’s wearing white shorts, a pink crop top with matching thigh highs, a white flower crown and pristine white converse. “Mind if I join the game?” He asks, gesturing loosely at their game of poker.

-”Sure. Make some room at the table,” says the dealer, Felix.

-Chris smirks. “You could just sit in my lap, pretty boy.”

-Everyone stares at him for a second, before averting their eyes. Several of them message Phil under the table, not willing to risk feeling his wrath for not stopping Chris. The real question is how Dan will react. A lot of Phil’s gang aren’t that fond of him, because he’s a coquette, a relentless flirt, and a tease to boot. 

-”Pretty boy? Haven’t heard that before,” Dan deadpans, crossing his arms. 


-Glancing around the table, Dan realizes there aren’t any free chairs, and he doesn’t want to get one or stand. Then again, he knows he could make someone give up their seat. “Let me have your chair,” he demands, watching Chris’ face carefully. Shrugging, Chris stands up.

-”Sure, sweetheart. I’d get used to saying please though,” Chris says, standing up and pulling out his chair, pushing it in once Dan sits down. “Do you know how to play?” he murmurs, skimming his lips along Dan’s neck.

-”What exactly am I looking at?” Phil says icily, standing in the doorway no one heard open. 

-Instantly, everyone else stands up and steps away from the table. It’s always best not to get involved. “Who is this? He’s adorable.”

-”He,” Phil starts, rolling up the sleeves of his button up. “Is mine, and that’s all you need to know.”

-”I’m so sorry, I had no idea-”

-”And you should be,” interrupts Phil. “Somebody get him out of this room, I’ll deal with him later.”

-Dan bounces out of his chair and presses himself to Phil’s side.  “Hi Daddy,” he says with a bright smile and adorable dimples. 

-”Hi,” Phil growls, slipping his hand into the back pocket of Dan’s shorts. “So, I never got an answer. What was happening when I walked in that door?”

-”He was flirting with me,” Dan defends, pouting.

-”And you weren’t teasing him?”

-”Nooooo,” he says, drawing out the vowel. 

-in answer, Phil raises an eyebrow and pulls Dan’s head back by his hair. “Out. All of you.” When the last person leaves, Phil instantly starts attacking Dan’s neck, biting and kissing over the pale skin, purple marks blooming in his wake. “You’re mine.”

-”Yours,” Dan agrees, grabbing Phil’s shoulders to pull him closer.

-Once he’s satisfied with the amount of hickeys he’s left on Dan’s neck, Phil sits on the chair Chris had been in and beckons Dan over. “I have a meeting in ten minutes, in this room,” he warns, and rips off Dan’s shorts. “You’re so naughty, not wearing any panties under your shorts.” Dan just whines and climbs into Phil’s lap, grinding down. “Already so desperate, hmm?” Phil laughs. He undoes the button of his skinny jeans and pulls his cock out of his boxers. “Are you stretched already, like the whore you are?” Nodding, Dan licks his palm and starts jerking Phil off to get him wet enough. As quickly as he dares, Dan sinks down onto Phil’s length, moaning and throwing his arms around Phil’s neck.

-”Daddy,” Dan whimpers when Phil starts moving, wrapping his legs around Phil’s waist as best as he can. Soon, Dan is getting close and he buries his face in the crook of Phil’s neck. “So close, gonna come.”

-”No, you’re not,” Phil says, and lifts Dan off of him, pushing him onto the floor and jerking off onto Dan’s face. Dan licks away what he can reach with his tongue, but doesn’t bother with the rest.

-Looking up at Phil, Dan’s eyes are wide and pleading. “Please, let me come?”

-”C’mere, baby.” As Phil buttons up his pants, Dan climbs back into his lap and settles between his legs, back to Phil’s chest. Teasingly, Phil rubs his thumb over the head of Dan’s cock and nibbles along his jawline. He allows Dan one slow and loose stroke before teasing again, occasionally moving his hand down to play with Dan’s balls, keeping every near feather-light touch on just this side of too much, but not enough to give Dan any relief. Then, Phil’s associates start filtering into the room for their meeting.

-”Daddy, they’re watching,” Dan complains.

-”Phil laughs. “I don’t care if they’re watching, I’m not done with you yet.”

-All in all, Phil teases Dan for the entire hour long duration of the meeting, until Dan is crying and squirming and desperate and letting out constant streams of “Daddy, please, please, let me come, daddy!”

-”Cum for me baby boy,” Phil whispers, kissing one of the many marks on Dan’s chest and speeding up his movements, helping Dan rut his hips into the stimulation.

-”Daddy!” Dan screams as he finally comes, arching his back and crying out.


I didn’t write it into this scene but AFTERCARE AFTERCARE AFTERCARE IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!

(The other hcs I will get to ASAP)

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mnemehoshiko  asked:


THIS IS WHAT IS WORKING FOR ME!!! None of this is revolutionary - actually, it’s on pretty much most every diet blog advice, but that’s cause it’s what works for a lot of people. Of course, some of this advice will not be possible for you due to your own life situation, so you know best (my roommate for example can’t count calories bc it starts very unhealthy, destructive habits and thinking for her, so that’s something she’s not gonna explore, and that’s totally valid).

1. Count your calories. Honestly, that’s tantamount - you gotta know what you’re eating. I’m being very careful with mine, even going as far as buying a kitchen scale to know exactly how much stuff weighs, but you don’t have to be so hardcore, it’s helpful to know even general amounts - plus, food logging is very useful in it’s own right, even if you’re not counting the calories. A lot of calories come from eating stuff you don’t even remember/stuff you don’t think of when trying to figure out why you’re gaining/not losing weight. Again - you have to know your eating habits before changing them. HOW? Get an app - either Lose It! or MyFitnessPal. I use Lose It!

2. Set your goals. Calculate your resting metabolic rate (google it, you’ll find some calculators) aka the amount of calories you burn just by existing, and you’ll have an idea of how much you burn a day, which will help you know how much you should reduce to lose weight. Lose It! gives you your daily calories when you set your goals - you can even choose how fast you want to lose weight, which of course affects your daily limit.

3. Don’t say no - budget instead. Don’t say yes to everything you want to eat, but don’t say no to it all either! That way lies failure, cause you’ll crack, feel bad about it, and fall off the wagon. Just budget for your food - if you know you’re going out to dinner, eat very light the rest of the day so you can order what you want at the restaurant. Keeps you sane! Even if you go over your daily budget, don’t beat yourself up. Enjoy yourself and just be careful the next day.

4. In for a penny, in for a pound - NOT FOR WEIGHT LOSS! If you’re craving a burger and decide to get one and then be like “fuck it, let’s go for gold and get fries and a shake with it!” er, let’s think it through. A burger can be around 600 calories, but add to that 400 calories of fries and then 800 calories from the shake, and you went from 600 (a doable amount) to 1800, which is pretty  significant, especially if that’s not the only thing you ate that day. When satisfying cravings, stick to what you really, really want - and then spread it out. Sure, I want a glass of wine and a brownie, and I’ll have them too. But maybe not on the same day.

5. Portion control. You can eat what you want - just eat a little less for it. Eat slow, eat half your plate and pause for 20 minutes. If you’re still hungry after that, eat the rest. If you’re not, put it away and eat it for another meal. Portion control ensures you can eat to your satisfaction without going over your limit.

6. Listen to yourself. Am I hungry, or am I bored? Am I hungry, or am I thirsty? Am I hungry, or am I emotionally eating? And if I am hungry, what am I craving? Listening to yourself ensures that you only eat when you’re hungry, and when you identify your craving, you can try to satisfy it with something low calorie if you can.

7. Don’t get junk food in the house. That’s hard to do if you live with others, but try to cut down on all junk food in the house - it’s really hard to resist 2 am snack attacks, but can’t eat unhealthy if there’s nothing unhealthy to eat! Instead, surround yourself with healthy foods that’ll satiate you like fruits, veggies and rice cakes, stuff like that.

8. Try to cook for yourself. Listen lol I KNOW it’s a tough one, but when you do that you’ll know exactly what went inside your meal. Eating out is great but unless you go to a joint that tells you the calories, you’ll be totally in the dark as to what it actually was calorie wise. Like say, roasted brussel sprouts - yum! Except they were roasted with bacon and olive oil - delicious, but that’s a lot of calories right there you may not have counted.

9. Diets don’t work, but being careful does. Like I said in 3, if you cut out entirely a kind of food like starches or something, unless you’ve got Godly self control, it’s not going to stick long and you’ll get discouraged, which is the real diet killer around here. You have to stick to it, and that’s hard to do when you feel you’re verbotten from your fave foods. Sure, when you count calories you’ll start to gravitate towards foods that can make you feel fuller and cost you the least amount of calories naturally as you get deeper in your diet, but don’t go draconian on yourself.

10. Diets don’t work, so don’t diet - make life changes. I’m a soda addict, but instead of having a soda everyday I have one every few days, I share a can with a friend - it’s about changing how I eat on a permanent basis. You do not want to gain the weight back, which is what will happen if you just diet for 6 months but then go right back to the same eating habits from before - they’re what got you in this situation in the first place. You need to learn how to maintain your weight once you do get to your goal and even before that, so take the weight loss journey as an opportunity to unlearn bad habits and relearn good ones.

11. Exercise. Weight loss is 80% diet, 20% exercising - just doing exercising alone isn’t gonna help you much, it’s just so hard to burn calories and so easy to eat them back. What exercise will do though is make you healthier, feel better, be fitter - it might not make you lose weight but you’ll be in a much better place with it. Also, goes well with life changes! You’re trying to make positive changes in life and exercise is a good one. Get apps, join your building gym you’ve been meaning to go to - start small, just 20 minutes a day 3 times a week, and start increasing when you feel ready.

12. Love yourself. Do this because you love yourself, because you want to make a change - treat this POSITIVELY, not negatively. This isn’t punishment, on the contrary! Even I think negative sometimes, but you’ll be much better at sticking to this if you think “I’m doing this because I love myself, because I care about myself and I want this for myself” rather than “I’m disgusting and I deserve to be punished and not enjoy food”. No! You deserve to be happy with yourself, and that’s what this should be about. Healthy choices are a gift you’re giving yourself bc you’re making it a priority for yourself, NOT a punishment.

13. Food is not a reward. Don’t use food as a reward anymore. Food is awesome, I love it, it’s delicious, it’s a treat, but stop using food to reward yourself. Find something else to treat yo self with when you want to celebrate (or as a pick me up when you’re down) - buy something else like a beauty product or anything, really, but the more you associate food with rewarding yourself the tougher it’ll be to break habits that are going to impede your goals, especially since food we use as treats can be very indulgent and high in calories. If you have to, treat yourself with healthy foods, like fresh fruit. Fresh fruit is delicious and is def an indulgence, considering how expensive they are smh

14. Prioritize it, but don’t let it run your life. This is important to you, of course - but if you let it overrun your life it’s not good for your mental health. You don’t want to tie yourself too much to it bc if you ever have a set back, it’ll be difficult to recover from it if it got you really shook. Of course though, this a big commitment of time, money, effort - you want to give it the mental resources it needs to be a success, so you do have to make it a priority in your life for the time being. Maybe not every day, but most days, yes. Again, having days where you’re not watching your eating too much happens, it’s ok, as long as you get back to it asap.


Ashton Irwin AU - You're Both YouTubers With Crushes on Each Other (Part Three)

hey guys! so this one kind of has an ending, so you gotta request it if you want a part four… I mean, I’m totally down for whatever you guys want but I do have a plan for a part four so if you want it just tell me and I’ll make it happen :) 

warnings for this are: uhhhh…. is there even any swearing? also warning for me rambling on a bit and stuff, you know how it is

Thank you so much for all the positive feedback - you guys are awesome :) 

enjoy <3

Surprisingly, you didn’t actually get that much shit about it. Aside from a few jealous 5SOS fans, all anyone really said about your tweet was that they shipped the two of you as well, and that, while being kind of annoying, was manageable.

And it wasn’t even that annoying, really, apart from the fact that it was a constant reminder that you had no idea what to do about the whole Ashton situation.

It should have been simple. It would have been, except for the fact that it seemed the entire world either wanted you two to be together or desperately wanted you to break up. Your ship name seemed to trend almost daily on twitter, and your feed was now constantly filled with jealous, adoring, or passionate fans. It was cute, but it was overwhelming, a bit like Ashton himself.

It was all horribly awkward; because you liked him so much and neither of you had the slightest idea of what to do about it. Aside from DMing good mornings to each other from time to time, the two of you didn’t really know how to interact.

A blessing came in the form of Ashton’s next major tweet:

@ashirwiexofficial: good morning London! We’re coming to write songs for a couple weeks… look forward to seeing you xx

Your heart leapt. Did this mean what you thought it meant? You replied quickly, ignoring the voice in the back of your head reminding you what a bad idea this probably was.

@y/t/n: @ashirwiexofficial good old London town! glad to hear your coming to my favourite city!! welcome xx

There. That wasn’t too threatening, and now he could ask if you wanted to hang out without it being really awkward and weird. He replied within the minute.

@ashirwiexofficial: @y/t/n you should show me around :)

You replied hastily.

@y/t/n: @ashirwiexofficial maybe I will… there might even be a collab in your future if you play your cards right Irwin

Twitter exploded, and here it was. The end of the last semi-peaceful moment for a really, really long time. There was now tons of stressing to do, culminating with a particularly panicked phone call you made to your friend at 2.30 in the morning.

“If this is about Ashton I’m hanging up,” she said tiredly, managing to sound snappish even through an enormous yawn. “Actually, no I amend that statement,” she added as an afterthought. “If this is about anything remotely unimportant I am hanging up.”

You sighed, running a hand through your hair.

“But Y/F/N, I don’t know what to wear,” you whined.

“Jesus Christ, can’t it wait until a mildly not-ungodly hour?” she asked. “You don’t even know when you’re supposed to be meeting up with him, why don’t you focus on that first? Besides, he’s still in Australia, right?”

“Um, yeah, I think so,” you replied.

“Exactly. Which means you can probably DM him right now and he’ll be awake,” she reasoned.

“Probably,” you agreed.

“Okay, now that we’ve got that sorted, let me go back to sleep.” She hung up without another word, leaving you to open up your DMs for the third time that day and stare silently at the white screen.

Suddenly, a message popped up.

Ashton Irwin @ashirwiexofficial:

Hey you still up

You replied quickly.

Y/N @y/t/n:

I shouldn’t be, it’s like 3 in the morning here

Ashton Irwin @ashirwiexofficial:

oh god sorry you should go to sleep I didn’t wake u up did I

You smiled at how concerned he sounded before responding.

Y/N @y/t/n:

Nope it’s fine I was actually wondering about when ur coming to London

Ashton Irwin @ashirwiexofficial:

B there in a day and a half. u wanna meet up?

Your heartbeat quickened. What were you supposed to say without sounding like a total creep?

Another message popped up during your internal debate.

Ashton Irwin @ashirwiexofficial:

wow I just realised how creepy that sounded sorry I didn’t mean it like that at all idk I just kinda want to meet u in a completely non stalkerish friendship kind of way

God, he was so adorable when he was flustered.

Y/N @y/t/n:

ur rambling bro

Ashton Irwin @ashirwiexofficial:

oh gosh sorry it’s a nervous habit

Aww, he probably felt bad now. As cute as it was, you didn’t want him thinking you were, like, annoyed or something.

Y/N @y/t/n:

no it’s fine it’s kinda cute actually ^-^

Ashton Irwin @ashirwiexofficial:

100% certain that you’re cuter

Okay. That was it. The two of you had to get something straight.

Y/N @y/t/n:

okay I need to meet you asap bc I really want to date you and it would be kinda weird to start dating before we’ve even really met

Ashton Irwin @ashirwiexofficial:

sounds like a plan, beautiful

wanna meet us at the airport?

Yes. Omygod did you want to meet 5 Seconds of Summer at the airport. When you didn’t respond, Ashton kept talking.

Ashton Irwin @ashirwiexofficial:

Cal’s gonna be thrilled he loves u

Y/N @y/t/n:

awww well u can tell him that I love him too

also, do u think this whole endeavor would be a bit easier if we just texted

Ashton Irwin @ashirwiexofficial:

uk I was just thinking that but I didn’t want to be creepy

Y/N @y/t/n:


Ashton Irwin @ashirwinxofficial:

no no that wasn’t what I meant at all you’re brilliant

Y/N @y/t/n:

uh thanks you’re pretty great too ;)

After a bit more meaningless banter, the two of you exchanged phone numbers and spent the rest of the night texting, to the point where it was getting light outside before you realized how much time had actually passed.

You: omygod it’s getting light outside how long have we even been texting for

Ash: um idk but you should really go to sleep

You: yeah probably but I’m having so much fun texting u

Ash: trust me the feelings mutual

Ash: but I don’t want you to be tired all of today

Ash: go to sleep Y/N

You: is this something about me needing my beauty sleep or some shit

Ash: don’t swear

You: …

Ash: and no, you’re already gorgeous

Ash: but nobody wants their favourite youtuber to die from sleep deprivation

You: flattery will get you everywhere

Ash: potato

You: wow I feel so flattered

Ash: French fry

You: fine I’m going to bed

Ash: good morning beautiful

You: you’ve already convinced me to sleep quit it with the flattery

Ash: why

You: because its making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside >:(

Ash: you say that like it’s a bad thing

You: just zip it, Irwin

Ash: ok. Good morning, awesome girl who I’m not allowed to compliment. Sweet dreams xx

You smiled, put down your phone, and your mind was suddenly racked racked with panic about your upcoming interaction with Ashton. You only had around a day left. Despite your intense levels of exhaustion, you felt like you would be wasting valuable time sleeping. Time you could be targeting towards planning your outfit, or rehearsing what in hell you were supposed to say to the gorgeous band member and YouTuber you had been crushing on for the better part of two years now.

Whatever. You were exhausted at this point, so it wasn’t like you would be productive even if you did force yourself to stay awake. You set an alarm for seven hours from now, turned off the light, and curled up under the covers thinking about Ashton and how nice he was, and how you were probably going to meet him soon, and you were totally and completely unprepared. But it was okay, somehow.