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BTS Reacting To Their Small S/O Being Protective

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Seokjin: I see Jin being okay with you being protective of him, in regards to arguing and like being sassy. But when it comes to the point of you fighting someone on his behalf, he would freak the f**k out. ^^^^^ Just like that “JAGIYA WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” “Shut up I’M DEFENDING YOUR HONOR.” “jAGIYA NO” “jAGIYA YES.” He worries for you so much because you’re a smol bean, and he fears that you would get really hurt. He’s not called Eomma for nothing lol.

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Yoongi: Even though everyone assumes he would be all like “yeah that’s my boy/girl.” *LOUD OBNOXIOUS BUZZING SOUND* WRONG. Yoongi would be pissed if you got into a physical fight over him. arguments and squabbles over him, pfft he’s rooting for it. But no way in hell would he be supporting you fighting someone else with your fists. “Y/N, don’t pull this shit again. You think I like worrying if you’re going to be in the hospital?” Do not fight anyone while you’re with Yoongi. 

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Hoseok: I’m having a hard time deciding whether Hobi would be mega pissed to the point of trying to find the person who made you that angry, or like super upset that you even put yourself into that position. “Jagi… I don’t like to think that you’ll go out and let yourself get hurt for my sake…” He seems like one of those people who would take it to heart, as if he was doing something wrong. Or maybe that it was his fault. You would eventually feel bad and apologize because “Hobi, it isn’t your fault I just… I love you so much and those people don’t get how much you mean to so many people… I’m sorry but I just couldn’t let them say those things about you.” Hobi would nod in understanding but make you promise not to do that again. 

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Namjoon: This boy. Aish he would go on for ages like a parent would. “Y/n you shouldn’t be doing this. It’s not right to solve issues with violence…” It would get old real quick. “Aish okay Namjoon!” He would continue though until you actually looked him in the face and listened to reiterate what he said. Then he would kiss your forehead and help you bandage your bruised knuckles. 

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Jimin: We all know how he is. He’s a shy ittle mochim. But for some reason I feel like Jiminie would be the least upset about you getting into a fight. “Aish fight for a good reason. I don’t want to worry about you if it’s only me.” “You are the only reason I would fight Jimin. You’re so small I need to make sure that no one messes with you.” “Aish Y/n you’re tinier than me…” He’d still be shy and feel a little bad, but he would try and make sure that you wouldn’t need to be fighting on his behalf anymore. 

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Taehyung: Honestly, I feel like Taehyungie would be the most upset with you. He would sort of give you the silent treatment as he bandaged your hand and put ice on your knuckles. He knows you are fully capable of protecting yourself, but to go as far as to fight because of him? He would be really upset. “Y/n I don’t want you doing this again. I really don’t. Not because of something someone said or did to me. I can handle that. What I can’t handle is you getting hurt because you were upset about something to do with me.” He would sense your upset, but he would pull you in close. “I just… You’re my jagi. I should be doing this for you not you doing this for me…” 

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Jungkook: I feel like Guks would be like “Huh, do they think I can’t take care of myself?” But also a little like “Yeah man, that’s my jagi. My jagi has my back.” I feel like he has that sort of mindset where he is impressed that you would go to those lengths. He’s a little cocky about it. But deep down as he’s holding your smol hand looking at the bruise he would feel bad that you felt you needed to do this. “I’m proud of you, Jagi. But please don’t make this a habit.” 

A/N: Honestly the boys don’t seem like they would be impressed by fighting. Or somehow gauge your ability to protect them. They seem hella chill like “nah fighting ain’t worth it. My face is too important.” But however if it were really important they would be squaring up homie. Hope you like it anon! Xxoo <3<3<3<3

Too much to ask...

I want this to be my happy place again. I want my friends and followers to be happy.

I just… it makes me so damn sad, and I feel powerless to stop it.

I try to be supportive and there, and somehow I still fail miserably.

Can we just be happy again? Please!

Shout out to my girls who are always there even during the UGLIEST times.

Guys I don’t know what I would do without you and I miss the hell out of you. You are my people. You are my tribe. You are my family. I owe you so much. @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @torn-and-frayed@chaos-and-the-calm67 @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @blacktithe7@captainradicalpassion @winchester-writes @ilostmyshoe-79 @percywinchester27 @purgatoan @nichelle-my-belle

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How or I guess when did you first realize your sexual orientation? Just because I still feel like I'm not sure and is that okay? If I'm still not sure. I mean I'm like 55% certain on most days.

Hmmm I think when I was 17. It was during my first year at NYU. I had a huge crush on this girl in my writing class. I had a boyfriend from high school at the time that I had been with for more than a year and I realized that my feelings for this girl were like…similar to what I felt for him. I panicked, broke up with him, went through a mild crisis (I come from a Christian household so I thought I was going to hell) then starting identifying as pansexual. Skip a couple years to 19 and I realize that parts of my childhood I had SIGNIFICANT crushes on female characters in the media I consumed. I also started identifying as bisexual rather than pansexual.

Wanna hear something SO FUNNY? The guy who is my high school sweetheart is GAY. Literally realized after we broke up after trying again. He’s always gonna be my puppy love but we really never went beyond hand holding and kissed maybe like….five or six times in almost two years. Compulsory heterosexuality is a helluva drug.

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Considering Riskua's obliviousness to her own attractiveness and Ace's inferiority complex, I foresee a colossal amount of failed matchmaking schemes in Sabo's future. I wonder what the count will be by the time they get their act together.

Scheme #34; failure. 

Crossing out the latest failed plan, Sabo rubs his forefingers into his forehead, wondering why, out of all the kids on Dawn Island, it’d been these two idiots that he’d found the most interesting. He feels bad for the thought a mere moment later, but they’re just so god-damn stupid. 

Sabo hadn’t missed the way Riskua’s eyes had lingered on Ace’s broad shoulders when they met up again, for the first time in just over three years. Hell, were they not brothers… yes, Sabo can see the appeal. 

Riskua likes Ace, or in the very least, she finds him physically attractive. She must like him somewhat to have put up with him throughout their childhood, after all. Three years apart did the both of them good; they missed the other’s full transition into adulthood. They’re looking at each other with new eyes, even if Ace still holds onto the kindling embers of attraction. Embers that’ve never really died out and only need the slightly prompt to become flames once again. 

They only need a little push, and what else is the wind known for than for carrying pirates to adventure? They could find the adventure of a life time in each other, Sabo’s sure of it. He’s just not sure how to get them to open their god-damn eyes and smell the roses in front of them. 

The idiots. 

Well, onto Scheme #35.

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Do you ever regret opening yourself up like this? Like, allowing so many people to be able to vent to you? Not to sound ungrateful! I can't possibly tell you how much you've helped me with, but sometimes I feel bad that you have so much dumped on you all the time when you have your own life

Regret? Hell no. I’m on my way to (other) work right now and answering these on my phone… I guess my point is, I mean what I say to yall about deserving validation and love. So if I can play a small part in giving you that, I’m happy to.

can you believe that tobin heath THE tobin heath THE one and only tobin powell heath THE one and only singular tobin powell heath THE one and only singular tobin powell heath who skateboards to practice everyday and walks barefoot everywhere is turning 30 in a year and two months …… she’s gonna be 30 … as in 3-0 30 ….. THIRTY FOLKS THIRTY

A list of things I never thought I’d do

Pairing: Finn Balor/You

Summary: You just might pregnant. How are you going to tell Finn ?

If there was ever a list of things you’d never thought you’d do, standing in Walmart arguing over pregnancy tests with AJ Styles would be pretty high up on it. Which incidentally is exactly what you’re doing right now, you’ve already said several prayers that no fans have recognised you. The last thing you need is for pictures of this little expedition posted on the internet to make it any weirder. Eventually you argue the stubborn idiot down to the $6 box so you can both just get the hell out of god-damn Walmart already.

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This week’s WTW theme is All or Nothing!! Wonder trading will start at 9 PM PST.

You may be wondering what All or Nothing means and why the hell I’m using that as a theme. What it means is that I’ll be wonder trading five different mythical Pokemon. Currently, mythical Pokemon can’t be sent over the GTS because deposits for them won’t show up (we’ve tried it before). So if you get one of my mythical Pokemon through Wonder Trade and you submit proof to me, you get to link trade me for the rest of the set!

I’m doing this because I have a big giveaway plan for April Fool’s Day and I don’t want to run two big giveaways at once. I guess you can consider this April Fool’s WTW.

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Elise shows her abs and my brain stops functioning and then I realise ten minutes have passed and all I've done is look at her abs. The anon who doesn't get fazed by them is super human. Then again Natasha's tummy does nothing for me so I guess we all just have different attractions

Y’all are confessing things the Church of Natasha and Elise would send you to hell for 😒

LMAO jkjk I’m just attracted to them both so what ever they do always makes me a mess of fluids extricating from my body.

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Summer Olympics au?

1 - Mick’s a boxer. Len is a diver. Nobody knows how they even met. Those two areas are in literally different parts of the city guys. What the hell.

2 - Barry is a track star. Obviously. He’s very, very fast. So is Wally. They train together and they’re totally going to rock the relays.

3 - Iris performs in dressage. Lisa is there to support Len and also to support her new girlfriend-who-doesn’t-know-it-yet. Luckily for her, Iris finds her charming.

4 - Len is one of those rare, rare people who actually competes in two different sports. He grew up doing diving while Lisa was skating - the rink and the pool were adjacent and he didn’t like the ice - and that’s what he was trained in, but recently someone discovered that he is a ridiculously good shot and made him train and then try out for shooting. No one was more surprised than Len that he made it. He’s never telling anyone his skills were originally gained illegally.

5 - Damien Black is in the synchronized swimming category. No, it’s not really relevant, it just amuses the hell out of me.

Dating Millard Nullings would include

Requested?: Yes.



- It’s weird at first cause he’s invisible 

- He tells you a lot about proper literature

- He has to kiss you because you can’t see him

- You start to be able to detect when he comes in a room

- He pops up and scares you a lot:

“Millard what the hell?!?”

“Oh my goodness did I scare you I’m so sorry please don’t be mad.”

- He really likes hugs 

- When one of the boys is being too close to you or being rude to you (mostly Enoch) he does something to get back at them.

- Sometimes you two walk through the garden and he tells you about every. single. fucking. flower. 

- He’s always big spoon.

- Him teaching you a lot about historical events

- You secretly telling him about future historical events

- Automatically loves helping you with harder subjects in school (or whatever Miss P teaches)

- Doesn’t quite see the point in you stealing his clothes but he lets you do it anyway cause he just really loves you

- Letting you read all the things he writes

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Could you write one where a heated make out session leads to kara accidentally ripping the reader's shirt?

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Kara is having the worst week. Snapper rejects 3 of her articles in less than 4 days, rendering her extremely frustrated. Then, he demands to have a story on his desk by the end of the week, leaving Kara in a state of panic. What the hell was she supposed to do?

If things at work aren’t so bad, there’s also the fact that you’ve been out of town since Saturday, and your girlfriend was longing for your gentle touch and warm embrace.

Kara manages to somehow write that story and hands it in at the end of the excruciatingly long week.

Snapper glances at it, picks it up and leafs through it quickly.

“No.” He says, unmoving.

Kara’s eyes widen. “No? What do you mean ’no’?”

“I mean exactly what I said, Miss Danvers. No. This isn’t good.”

The blond clenches her fists tightly, attempting to keep her calm.

“I don’t understand.”

Snapper sighs loudly, and stands up, her article still in hand.

“You can’t keep using Supergirl as your source. It’s starting to lack credibility. You need a variety.” He drops the story on his desk and waves her off.

“Same story, a new source. By Monday. You have all weekend, that’s more than enough.”

Kara doesn’t even bother arguing with her boss. Instead, she grabs her paper and storms off.

Kara arrives at her apartment, full of pent up anger. Snapper being an asshole and you being in a different country was a horrible combination of events, and Kara has had just about enough.

She unlocks the door and shoves it open with her shoulder. It almost breaks under impact, but Kara releases pressure when she realizes she shouldn’t be using her strength on her door out of sheer frustration.

Kara’s jaw drops when she sees you standing there, in the middle of the living room.

“Oh my god! Oh my- Y/N! I can’t believe you’re really here!” Your girlfriend’s smile brightens the room, and you laugh when she jumps like a small puppy and comes running towards you.

“Hi, baby.” You whisper as she wraps her arms around your neck and goes in for a kiss.

The kiss is electric, full of heat and passion. Kara knows exactly what she wants after her horrible week at work, and this is it. Your hands leave her waist, exploring her back, pulling her closer. You want more, and Kara seems to agree because she slips her hand in your pants. 

“That was quick-” Your sentence is cut off as you gasp loudly, moaning when Kara moves her hand just the right way. You feel her smile into the kiss, and you do the same. You’re so incredibly happy to be with her after not seeing her for a week. To most people, that might not seem like a long time, but they didn’t have a sexy kryptonian girlfriend waiting for them back home. 

Kara grins mischeviously and slowly removes her hand, bringing it up to tease you even further. You groan desperately, your body aching for her touch. 

Kara was all over you, with such a desire to close every single space between you two. Just her wanting you this much was enough to completely unravel you, and you gasp again when she shoves you onto the couch and kisses down your neck, straddling you.

“Kara-” You moan.

“Oh Rao, I want you so bad.” She cups your face tightly and pulls you in, kissing you, slipping her tongue in your mouth.

Kara was getting more desperate with every touch. She moves her hands up and down your body, aggressively bringing you closer to her by pulling at your shirt and pressing your bodies together.

You hear a loud tearing noise and Kara breaks the kiss, gently lifting herself up to hover over you. She look down at you and gasps.

“Shit, Y/N!”

You raise and eyebrow. “What is it? What happened?” You follow her gaze, and look down at your shirt. It was completely torn in half, a piece of fabric in Kara’s hand.

You stare in shock, and burst out laughing.

“Kara, I knew you were excited to see me, but this is a whole other level of rough foreplay.”  

She smiles shyly, her cheeks warm. “I’m sorry Y/N-”

You gaze at her in admiration, and press your lips gently against hers, stopping her apology in it’s tracks.

“Don’t apologize, babe.” You take off what’s remaining of your shirt, leaving you in your bra. “It was actually pretty hot.” You smile and pull her in for another kiss.

Belle/Adam and children

alternative title: I Can’t Believe My First Proper Contribution To A Fandom After So Many Years Is Fucking Disney Headcanons

also, this got really out of hand. still.. enjoy?

- Belle doesn’t want to have children for another ten years, and that makes everyone, literally everyone in the village Upset™ (bc nothing, even a thought goes unnoticed in a village, apparently) [okay, her father isn’t upset, but he doesn’t really get it either]

-  Adam does want to have children, but he understands Belle and respects her wish – he thinks she’ll make a marvellous mother (he’s seen her plenty around children) once she’s ready

- and besides, he’s not sure he’ll ever be able to give his children all the love he wants to give them; he’s not afraid of turning into his father anymore, now that he has Belle, but he’s terrified of not being enough

- Belle figures that out after a while, and even though it breaks her heart, it also makes her even more determined to show him just how happy he makes her, their friends, their people

- (on that note, Adam definitely has a praise kink)

- (but he enjoys praising Belle - and watching her reaction - as well? basically their communication during sex is A+, 10/10, would recommend)

-  but anyway, as effective contraception was basically non-existent as a term back then, and despite their being bright and well-read and everything (Belle a genius, even), there isn’t a solution they could come up with that would really work

-  (besides not having sex at all, obviously, but knowing themselves that’s so impossible/ridiculous a thought they don’t even say it out loud, just dismiss it for good)

- so Belle ends up visiting the Enchantress, despite their shared mistrust

-  ..and they have this amazingly thorough and comforting talk; by the end of it Belle is visibly more open and more forgiving

-  the Enchantress gives Belle the herbal+magical equivalent of a birth control pill basically, and they part on relatively good terms

-  but now Belle just wants to have sex all the time, which is really adorable/very hard to resist if you ask Adam

-  of course he knows she’s done something, and as Belle won’t tell him what’s this sudden, miraculous ’solution’, he can’t help but worry

-  she gets so annoyed she just kind of blurts it out one morning, and immediately regrets it

-  Adam goes from mildly worried to full-on panicking in about two minutes; he isn’t loud or dramatic for once – he becomes uncharacteristically quiet, and he looks so, so lost and afraid

-  Belle tries to convince him that it’s fine, everything is fine and the Enchantress wouldn’t have a ’reason’ to curse him/them this time – but it sounds really half-hearted the more desperate and guilty she becomes (he’s looking at her with big blue eyes, and when she moves to draw him into her arms, he’s shaking, holding onto her as if someone was to take her away if he let her go)

- that night, he kisses her, stroking her back as if she was the porcelain doll she very much isn’t, and refuses to do anything else – he doesn’t sleep a wink, either

- the next day there are as many as six physicians in the castle, and Belle huffs and grits her teeth in annoyance, but lets them examine her, looking for any physical sign of a curse

- they don’t find anything, and Belle nearly cries at Adam’s joyous, relieved expression when she tells him

- weeks pass, and although they are still just as affectionate as before, there’s this hesitation, unsureness between them that Belle hates more than anything – she can see Adam doesn’t like it, either

- she decides she’s had enough after a month of this, takes a deep breath, and tells Adam she’s ready to have children after all, they needn’t be that careful

- Adam knows it’s not entirely untrue, but also sees that stubbornly set jaw, that brave, upturned face, and decides to visit the Enchantress himself

- he comes back only slightly less terrified, but he kisses her palm and folds her fingers around the small vial, and Belle feels his trust heavy and sweet in that palm as he leans down to kiss her properly

- things grow.. easier in the next few years, between them and the Enchantress

- however, it’s not until the birth of their first child, healthy and perfect, that the last traces of worry fade from Adam’s eyes

- he still insists on co-sleeping with the baby (at least until Belle has recovered), and Belle, utterly in love with the child and now feeling confident enough to be a parent her mother would be proud of, agrees

I am super tired today. Didn’t get much sleep last night. It was a crazy day.

I was at work when my husband - who had been at work for four hours at this point - texts me.

“Big staff meeting. This doesn’t look good.”

Two minutes later:

“There will be massive layoffs today.”

Ten minutes later:

“I was just fired.”

His company basically laid off his entire division with no warning.

So I make it through the day at work, FREAKING OUT because what the hell are we going to do? It took me a year to find a decent job when I closed my practice. Texting him back and forth about getting him on my insurance, next steps.

I get home at about that afternoon and we sit at the table and start hashing out what this means. Trying to figure out where we go from here.

TEN MINUTES LATER, his phone rings. He answers and it’s a job offer for a job he applied for a month ago. (We did not see the layoffs coming, but he’s been wanting to leave his company for a while because it wasn’t a good company to work for, for a variety of reasons.)

I feel so bad for his fellow coworkers, because laying everyone off with no warning is terrible. But I have to be thankful for that unexpected job offer, just at the perfect time. It was a terrifying day until that point, and the emotional roller coaster had us both up late last night.

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How do you think Beth and Daryl's relationship might have progressed had that grossly inconvenient mess we like to call "Coda" not taken place?

Omg,  “that grossly inconvenient mess we like to call ‘Coda’” is a perfect description. Thank you so much for that (and for helping alleviate my boredom today). 

I ship the hell out of Bethyl, so I feel like that would have had to happen eventually. But I think it would have been very, very slow going. Daryl’s vulnerability with her at the funeral was interrupted in a rather traumatic way and I think it would be hard for him to get back to that point, especially with other people around. On top of that, his anxiety about his own social class and upbringing vs. the Greene family’s might mess with his head and sense of self-worth again. So in my personal dream of What Could Have Been, Daryl goes back to being closed off while they’re on the road. Then Beth might have taken that as something of a rejection, but I think she would have kept making herself an available presence to him. I think their eventual arrival at Alexandria would have made things a little worse at the start because of how much of an outsider Daryl is there - but once they have the safety of a home and are getting settled, I think he and Beth would finally be in a position to face the music. She’d have to take point, though. 

Then Bethyl would finally have become A Thing and Daryl would have spent season 6 learning to have faith in himself and working toward the future again, this time with the support of a woman who loves him and sees the best in him when he can’t, instead of being lost in a haze of depression and mourning. 

I’m only slightly embarrassed that I have a whole headcanon of this. :)

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My current obsession is Free! (Mostly Sourin as of this moment.) and your art is beautiful. I loVE IT SO MUCH BLESS YOUR BLOG. 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👀👀👀👀👀

Thanks fam~ I’m so happy to hear you say that! 💕 Been stuck in Free! hell for 4 years so I might as well give back what I can!