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gundham - whats your opinion on kazuichi?

For a mortal unable to see beyond the veil he is quite pleasing, save for his attempts to ignore the union of my lady and I.

Got it. (That was… surprisingly coherent.)

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I keep seeing stuff about Tadashi liking surfing so what about a beach day with Tadashi? :3

“The water feels really good,” You complimented, your feet washed in the ocean, while the rest of your body was still sitting out, completely dry. Tadashi looked over at you, him sitting on his surfboard, completely soaked before chucking gently. “What?” You looked at him, smiling intently.

“You’re not even in the water that much,” He said to you, rubbing the back of his neck before brushing his hair back. “If you really want to feel how good it is, swim to me.” Looking at him, you hummed in your chest and tilted your head. Tadashi could see you scrunch your nose before he swam towards you. “Let’s put some more sunscreen on you, then you can get into the water, okay?” You grunted out a response as you lifted your self up, wiping off the sand that had gotten in unimaginable places before following him back to your beach towels. He sat down first, reaching over to grab the sunscreen as you snuggled yourself in between his legs.

“Get under my straps too,” You said softly, his hands now working the white substance onto your back, “I don’t want lines.” You felt that he rolled his eyes, before really moving his hands deeply into your skin. You growled out of amusement as his fingers peeked under your bikini straps, making sure he got all the spots on your back he could possibly get to. “Do you need any?” Tilted your head, you looked at him through the corner of your eyes, noticing that he had already put the sunscreen away.

“Nah, I’m naturally tan so I don’t have to worry about getting sunburned.” He replied, “And if I do, then whatever. I’ll deal with it.” He grinned cheekily down at you, standing up and helping you up as well. “Just get your butt into the water before I throw you in.” Tadashi heard you groan a slight response as you stomped your way to the ocean, looking at it dreadfully before he came up next to you, his surfboard in hand. “Do you wanna use the board to float around on?” Pursing your mouth, you gazed over at him like, ‘really?’ before stepping your way into the water.

The first thing that you felt was warm, before the coldness set in. Jolting slightly, you wrapped your arms around you and trudged forward, goosebumps now attacking your skin. You knew you would get used to it, it was a matter of time was all. “I-It’s a bit cold.” You complained to Tadashi who must have left his surfboard on shore for he was swimming freely next to you. He hummed, though you couldn’t tell if it was in agreement or not, and made his way towards you. Shaking slightly, he grasped your arm and pulled you towards his naturally always warm body. His chest was broad and strong against your body as your legs wrapped around his waist.

“You’re a big baby.” He said, holding you tightly before kissing your forehead, “If you came in the water earlier, you wouldn’t be so cold right now.”

“Maybe it was a plot to get you to hold me in the ocean.” Smiling at him, you kissed under his jawline.

He gasped fakely, laughing deep in his chest. “That’s very devious.”

“You love it.”

“But I love you more.”

“I love you too, ‘Dashi.