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u know what cryptid is really hot?? the yeti. he’d seem cold and aloof at first, and you’re worried he’ll break your heart. and you’ve been fucking for weeks on end now in his igloo and you’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop and it never. does. the yeti has been alone for so long and maybe, just maybe, you can be the one to fix that? he hopes. he really does like you. love you even. he doesn’t want you to leave

y’all are getting really elaborate and I’m INTO IT, you can’t pay for market research like this

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So excited 2 have u as my secret Santa u r such a great writer it is an honor to craft a gift for u I copied my anon by leaving out punctuation & grammar so u can't guess who I am love how detailed ur form was and can't wait to make something special for u - what are some of ur favorite fics? what is your favorite thing about Han? and Leia?

Hello, Santa! So great to hear from you. I love how sneaky several of the anons are being…the surprise is a big part of the fun.

My form was really detailed just because I like to give lots of ideas…but don’t feel like you have to try to use a whole bunch of those ideas. They’re intended mostly to be food for thought.

Favorite fics is always such a tough question, because I like so many different things and there are far too many to actually name. A few of my longer favorites include the Identity series by @madame-alexandra, @cicatrick‘s New Hope, Indiana, @knightedrogue‘s Mighty Things, several of @mandatheginger‘s fics (particularly her recent Affirmation), and Zyra M’s Accidental Marriage.

I also love little “moments” fics like @graciecatfamilyband‘s Something Nice and @organanation‘s The Alderaanian Tango. Most of the things I like are kind of a mix of humor and seriousness, and show how Han and Leia really care for each other (even if they’re about some moments of tension between them).

My favorite thing about Han is how completely gaga he’ll be over Leia while trying to pretend that he doesn’t care about anyone. My favorite thing about Leia is how hard she fights for what is right. My favorite thing about them together is how they complement each other, challenge each other, and support each other.

Anyway – this will be fun! Thank you for the ask, Secret Santa!



tag yourself or comment with which gem you are! i’d love to know what you all end up being!! 

and if you’re not familiar with all the symbols i made a chart under the cut:

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#oh my gawd  #no of course I don’t know him  #who is sherlock holmes #sherlock stahp  #y u no listen to me

#oops  #see jawn i’m so clever i can’t even control it  #hehe i’m being naughty jawn  #do i amuse you jawn  

#wait till we go home  #there ‘s a lot of spanking waitin for u  #scolding i meant scolding  #srsly i’m so angry right now i don’t know what i’m saying 

#jawn disapproves of me  #jawn doesn’t like naughty  #i’m a failure  #bye world  #but wait  #what does this sexy despicable person think  #no #NO DON’T LOOK SHERLOCK  #he’s the devil  #don’t  #shit  #can’t resist 

#I like it when you ‘re being naughty, babe

Fave scenes

kanetou has come a long way..

  • 4892615648146887 ARTS BY ISHIDA &EVEN SONG RECS
  • “touka/kanek come as a set”
  • “i would be sad if you died”
  • “don’t leave me/i won’t”
  • art cover page as ying-yang
  • “i know that he will return”
  • stickers; “okaeri/tadaima”
  • “so people as beautiful as her exist”
  • “i wonder what that person is doing today..on a date, maybe?”
  • novel; “she wondered what was the last time he called her “toukachan”“
  • tgre42, selfless; "it’s fine if kaneki doesn’t come back…it’s better”
  • literally :re was haise’s second most visited place ((after chateau/work)), even reading coffee books to impress the beautiful manager, he was crushing hard &everyone knew this asnbjtdhsabhf
  • “even if time has passed, even if our bodies have changed… even if he had forgotten me…—as long as they came back home, that would be enough.”
  • “i guess i’m more of an idiot, for feeling happy at being looked at like that”
  • TGRE125!!!!!!!!!!! —"YOU DON’T NEED TO BE GENTLE WITH ME” *PUSH*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • RING ((that he doesn’t take off, ever)); “every time i look at this, i will remember you, toukachan!” THEY’RE ENGAGEGD DNESNAKJS

i am sorry but i have absolutely no idea anymore which writing prompt those 3 and 15 numbers were , anon 2…… but u got ur high!eddie. and he is cute
warnings; well uh. weed. duh

  • so the losers blood oath didn’t just mean fighting a killer clown’s ass together . it also means doing everything together like trying out all “cool adult stuff"™ like drinking and smoking cigarettes and when one of them one day wakes up thinking wow u know what today i wanna try some weed … u know that everyone’s gonna have to do that
  • so they’re at this abandoned swimming hall that they always go to when they wanna hang out in peace
  • all sitting in a circle and passing the joint
  • richie and bev are like ye man this shit is GOOD bc it was probably their idea
  • then it’s eddie’s turn and he’s lowkey very nervous bc he’s been waiting for his turn with sweaty palms
  • “eddie u know u don’t have to if u don’t want to”
  • “stfu richie give me that roll of cannabis”
  •  “its called a joint eds”
  • “jUst gIVE iT TO mE”
  •  eddie just really doesn’t wanna look un-cool
  • he almost chokes on the drag tho
  • bill starts hitting his back gently like r u ok
  • “i am fINE OH MY GOSH GUYS”
  •  *15 minutes later*
  • eddie and richie are chilling in the corner of the pool away from the others bc eddie wants to take it easy … bc richie thinks he should lay down a lil bc he’s too giggly
  • so richie’s like,,, sitting with his back against the edge of the pool and eddie’s glued to his side resting his head on richie’s shoulder
  • “have u ever realized that the reason we call sand sand ,,, is because it’s between sea and land
  • “wow when i close my eyes…i can’t see anything
  • “jared leto with long hair is just hipster jesus”
  • richie would do the slow-laugh (u know the stereotypical high person laugh) and eddie would smile as he’d feel the other boy’s body shake from laughter against him
  • “richie?”
  • “what” 
  • “i would actually die for you”
  • obviously richie blushes and his heart goes pitter patter and he’s glad eddie has his eyes closed and can not see the reaction
  • “please don’t” richie just lets out a chill laugh boy as IF you are swooning inside stop acting tough
  • “well im not gonna but i would”
  • “ok eddie but i’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t”
  • “yeah sure. but i would”
  • “thank you”
  • “yeah you’re welcome”
  • how about u say you’d die for him too richie 
  • (jk he doesnt even have to say it bc everyone knows that he would without hesitating)
  •  ….
  •  “imagine if goats had eyes in their horns”
  • “what now eddie”

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the best parts of the foxhole court (feat. me crying)

- i’m not saying love at first sight exists but… the first time they meet andrew almost breaks neil’s ribs <3333

“Andrew smiled down at Neil and tapped two fingers to his temple in salute. “Better luck next time.” this is… gay

- ““I’m not good enough to play on the same court as a champion.” “True, but irrelevant.” a new voice said.” Okay i know we have all acknowledged that kevin day is the queen of being extra but like…. nothing will ever top this

- “Where the court is, Kevin is.” “I didn’t think the court is what Kevin was staying for [talking about Andrew]” #gay

- “You have a nice car for someone who thinks he’s poor,” “That’s why we’re poor.”

- Andrew pretending to be Aaron when he picked Neil up from the airport

- “”I did.” Neil said. He tapped two fingers to his temple, copying Andrew’s mocking salute from their first meeting. “Better luck next time.” you know what this is? gay. 

- “Keys meant Neil had explicit permission to be here and do what he liked. They meant he belonged.” Neil has a key kink

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are you still doing prompts? if so, i’ve always wondered about what would happen if dnp were playing what’s in the box and dan/phil put a ring in the box and then stuff happens. i love your writing so so so so so so (x infinity) much <33333

“Alright, and rolling in three, two, one…”

“Hello, DanAndPhilGames- wait, no-”

“What channel do you think you’re on?!”

“We just had spooky week! Give me a break!” Phil laughed. “Alright, today we’re playing the ‘What’s in the Box’ challenge, and I’m joined here by my glamourous assistant-”

“Phil, I feel like I’ve been on your channel enough that I don’t really need an introduction anymore, don’t you agree?”

“Fair enough!” He laughed in that silly way that he did, and Dan laughed too, looking at him. “Welcome to the challenge! Dan and I have organised three things each to touch- they could be literally anything! There might be… like… a dead rat? Or maybe popcorn!”

“Phil, I can assure you now that I haven’t put any dead rats into my list of things,” said Dan with a chuckle. “Alright Philly, you first?”

“Wait, you didn’t tell them what the ultimate prize is!”

“The ultimate prize, right.” Dan rolled his eyes. “It is… this packet of fizzy cola bottles.”

“I love Coca Cola bottles, so I’m gonna win this.”

“We’ll see about that, Lester,” he said. “Alright, you go first.” Dan tied the blindfold around his head, and he could feel Phil waving his hand in front of his face. “Okay, you can’t see anything?”

“Nope, go for it.”

“Alright, first thing here is…” Phil grinned as he brought out the mashed boiled eggs, winking at the camera. “Alright, go!”

“Ugh, it smells terrible, right off the bat,” said Dan, reaching into the box and touching the egg. “Ew! Oh my God, that feels so gross!”

“Do you know what it is?”

“Why is it so warm?!”

“Surprise! It’s placenta!”

“Philip Michael Lester-”

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Go on, then.”

“Uh… ugh, I literally don’t even know, it feels like warm dog shit.”

“Is that your final answer?”

“No!” Dan wrinkled his nose, poking his fingers through it. “Is it… ugh, no, it can’t be. Is it like, some sort of pasta that you’ve done something to?”

“Nope!” sang Phil. “It’s mashed boiled egg!”


“One point to Philly!” he cheered. “Okay, okay, wash your hands, it’s time for the next one!”

“You’re gonna fucking- put poison or some shit into this, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I’m just filming your murder for me to watch back later.”


“You love it.”

“We’re cutting that out.”

Phil chuckled. “Don’t be so coy about that hidden love you have for me, Danny Fire.”

Dan flicked his eggy hands at Phil, who squealed. “Give your friend a kiss, Phil!” he sang as Phil screamed, ducking away, but Dan managed to wrap his arms around him, kissing him. “Gotcha,” he breathed.

“Alright, whatever. I win that one!” Phil laughed, kissing Dan’s nose. “Onto the next one!”

“Dork,” muttered Dan, and Phil grinned, getting the next thing- moisturiser. He blobbed a large dollop into the middle of the box, and Dan reached through the holes in the box to touch it, before making a face again. “Oh m- why is it wet?!”

“Because that’s what it is. Guess, guess!” said Phil, laughing.

“Uh… ugh, I hate it- is it like, yoghurt or something?”

“You’re so close! No, it’s moisturiser!”

“God dammit, Phil!” Dan laughed loudly, his eyes crinkling at the corners. “You’ve made this so hard!”

“Alright, alright, last one,” said Phil, grabbing the Furby and turning it on. “This one makes sound, so you’re gonna have to wear headphones, too.”

“You’ll forgive me for not trusting you at all,” he said, and Phil laughed.

“Go on, Dan!”

He sighed heavily, putting the headphones in. “I must say,” he said, slightly louder than usual, “being blind and deaf is terrifying.”

He reached into the box, then screamed, taking his hands out and pulling off the earbuds. “Jesus- was that the fucking Furby?!”

“Ding ding ding!”

“You asshole!”

Phil laughed again, and Dan bit his lip, beginning to get nervous. “Okay, so I got one out of three,” he said, pulling off his blindfold. “I gotta say, the odds aren’t great, but I’ll take them. Phil, blindfold on, go!”

“Alright, alright.” He began tying it around his head, and Dan helped. 

“Can you see?”


“Okay, first thing,” said Dan, placing a puffer ball that he had ensured was grossly sticky in the box. Phil reached in, touched the ball, and shrieked. 

“Ew, it’s sticky!”

“Get over it, you made me touch mashed egg.”

“I don’t know what it is but I don’t like it!”

“Come on, at least guess?”

Phil touched it some more, while making a face, then said, “One of those… squishy balls? The ones that light up when you squeeze them?”

“I mean, you don’t have to know the name, I know what you mean. One point to Phil!” said Dan, laughing. Phil cheered, and Dan put the next thing in the box; a cactus. “Go!”

“Ow! What the- is this one of my cacti?!”

“Yep, correct, for two points!”

“Already won! Phil’s the winner!”

“I got one more thing, though, will you try guess what it is?”

Phil laughed. “Fine, okay, hit me.”

Shaking, Dan placed the ring in the box, and Phil felt around for it. He frowned. “What… what’s this? A… ring of some sort?”

“Why don’t you take off your blindfold?” suggested Dan, gently prying the ring from his fingers and letting Phil take his blindfold off, his mouth slowly opening as he realised what the ring was. “Phil, I’ve loved you since 2009, and every single day I spend with you is a day that I thank my lucky stars, because I found you, and I love you more than anything.” He bent down onto one knee. “Will you marry me?”

Phil just looked shocked. “Dan, the camera’s rolling.”

“Great. We’ll play it back to watch sometime, but right now, I just need an answer.”

“Y-Yes. Of course I will.” Phil’s lip trembled as he smiled, tears forming in his eyes.

“You don’t have to cry, babe,” said Dan softly, pushing the ring onto his finger.

“They’re happy tears, because I’m so glad it’s you,” he whispered, before kissing him softly. Dan’s arms came up to wrap around Phil’s neck, while Phil’s hands stayed on Dan’s waist where they had always seemed to fit perfectly.

“I love you, Phil.”

“I love you, Dan.” He let out a watery chuckle. “Guess I won, huh?”

“Nah, I won.” Dan kissed him again. “I’m the one who gets to marry you.”

send me prompts!!

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Hi! I love your stories, oh my goodness you're a brilliant writer! I'm seriously in love with Pompeii!! I'm not sure if you're still doing writing prompts but bc Shikamaru is my baby and I love him and I just adore anything Sakura and Shikamaru. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” Sakura and Shikamaru and if Shikamaru can be jealous bc him losing his cool is so cute! Thank u!!!! ❤️

“Ah, Sakura-san. I did not expect to see you here.”

Sakura glances up, startled. Shino stands above her, one hand at his collar as he looks down at her. “Shino!” she greets, patting the seat on the bench beside her. “What are you doing out this way?”

“It’s the end of the cycle of metamorphosis for the fire butterfly,” Shino says, perching himself on the edge of the bench. “This particular park is the resting grounds for most of them. I am here to watch the process.”

He folds in on himself slightly, seemingly embarrassed.

“Fire butterflies?” Sakura asks, musing. “Those have orange and yellow wings right?” Shino nods. Sakura chuckles, shaking her head. “The first time I saw them was when I was a child and I thought they were actually on fire. The way the light hits those wings…well, suffice it to say that my parents had a hard time consoling me. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen them.”

Shino nods, leaning forward eagerly. “Their population has been dwindling because of the recent introduction of the weevils into the ecosystem. We, the Aburame I mean, have been working to preserve them.”

“That’s amazing, Shino,” Sakura says sincerely.

Shino looks at her for a long moment, but Sakura cannot read his expression. “Sakura-san, would you…would you like-”


They both jump, turning toward the voice. Shikamaru stands behind the bench, scowling down at the two of them.

“Shikamaru,” Sakura says, relaxing a bit. “About time for you to get here! Did you get distracted cloud watching?”

“Something like that,” Shikamaru replies. “I see you found some company to keep you entertained.”

Sakura nods, patting Shino’s shoulder eagerly. “He’s here to watch the fire butterflies! They’re supposed to be emerging from their cocoons soon.”

“Isn’t that something?” Shikamaru says, frowning down at Shino.

Shino grunts as something tightens and he finds himself standing stiffly and abruptly to his feet.

“Shino?” Sakura asks, looking up at him.

Shino glances across at Shikamaru, meeting his baleful gaze. He frowns thoughtfully. “I…have to leave,” Shino says.

“Oh, really?” Sakura asks, disappointed.

Shikamaru slides into the seat beside her. “Sorry to hear that, Shino.”

Shino looks at Sakura for a long moment. “Be safe, Sakura-san.”

“You too, Shino,” she replies, frowning thoughtfully as he walks away.

Shikamaru’s hand squeezes her shoulder, drawing her attention. His smile is soft as he regards her. “Ready to play chess?”

“Definitely,” she says. “Can we set up out here? I want to see the butterflies.”

“Of course,” Shikamaru says, gaze following Shino’s path thunderously. “Of course.”

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just humor me real quicc... steven and andrew love petnames. they both know it’s embarrassing as hell so they try to keep it lowkey, but sometimes andrew is running back to his section after steven pulled him aside but stevens not done talking to him so he blurts out a “wait, sweetie!”. the whole office hears and andrew is bright red. and its the cheesiest ones too. honey, cupcake, sweetie. steven blushes when andrew calls him baby boy, then reminds him that they’re the same age

this is . so good. im cryng. thank u. thank u for blessing me with these words.

also, sweats, if u wana read some Cool Stuff, ,, ya know

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Raven’s waiting in her tent 2 minutes after she told Yang and Weiss to come inside and is like “What are those two doing?” so she goes back out and sees them locked in a fervent embrace “oh… oh I see.” Yang sees her and is like mouthing at her MOM GET LOST WE’RE HAVING A MOMENT and Raven’s like “Yeesh okay fine just come the hell inside” but then like 10 minutes later she’s still sitting in there alone and she goes back out and gives Yang this deadpanned look and Weiss is still clinging to Yang for dear life and Yang’s just shrugging and flustered and blushing like “WE’RE NOT DONE YET OKAY” and Raven SIGHS and goes back inside for like another goddamn hour and by the time Yang and Weiss finally get their asses into the tent Raven’s dead asleep

long distance bf! donghyuk

mHMhmHm leggo

- lets b real here

- donghyuk would be a great bf

- no matter the distance

- like he makes sure to skype u errday

- nd they always last like 83982 hours

- “babe,,,its been 6 hours,,,,its 3am and i have school,,”

- “shhh babe you know u don’t wanna leave me”

- “,,,,,,im not gonna deny that”

- and u were late 4 school that day

- pretty much everyday

- you always get texts throughout the day from him but sometimes the are like “good morning!” but its 2pm (time difference)

- u guys haven’t rly planned on meeting up

- i mean yes y'all miss each other sm but

- its not really ur first priority

- its not donghyuks either


- so once u were skyping rite

- but his 6 OTHER ROOMATES





- u were blushin but donghyuk wasn’t

- he looked so pissed off

- he was about to say something but-

- “hey!!!! have u seen donghyuk naked???” 



- literally for the next 10 minutes all u heard was chenles dolphin screech n mark trying to calm donghyuk down

- and every 4 second or so someone would run across ur screen

- fun fact : this was ur first time meeting them ever 

- and probs ur only time tbh

- sometimes when ur studying 4 skool or smth

- donghyuk randomly texts u and u get carried away so fast and end up like never finishing whatever u doing but its gucci cause u have donghyuk

- once donghyuk was really sad

- like really sad

- and when u Skyped he would be super quiet


- so ou were asking him what was wrong

- nd then he finally exploded

- and let out all his feelings

- “i really wish you were with me right now. here, in my room”

- your heart shattered 

u know donghyuk is loyal so you have no worries of him cheating on u

- but sometimes when u look t his social media, all deez girls start commenting about how good looking he is and how he should date them

- no!!way!!honey!!

- he shut them down so quickly 

- it was cute bOI

- oH bUt whEn yAALL mET uP agAinnN


- so like

- u secretly flew to korea

- and decided to call him (not Skype)

- and he was like “agh i rly miss u”

- and you were like me 2 but atlas we’ll see each other soon


- he didn’t know what u meant but its ok cause

- literally like 3 seconds later he heres a knock at his door and



- omgomgo he was so happy words cannot express

- he gave u this bone crushing hug and it was all fluffy n cute

- it was such a sweet moment 

- “wait- ew u look terrible whats up with those bags under your eyes and-”


- so den y'all cuddle for a long ass time



- “jiSung lanGUAGE!!!” - taeyong lets b real

- there goes ur alone time wh00pz

- anyway

- any relationship with donghyuk is gr9

- donghyuk is gr9


Teaching Pennywise about Halloween. #2

“(Y/N) so tell me again why you are dressed like that?”

“What? Oh you mean like you?”

“Yes like me…”

“It’s Halloween Penny.”


“Yeah one day out of the year people dress up and go door to door and get candy. Most people dress scary but some don’t. But generally the idea is to get spooky 👻”

“Ok wait wait. You said scary?”

“Yes scary. Like kids dress u-”

“Kids you say? Scared little kids running around in costumes?”

“Yeah so-”

“So what you’re saying is I could walk the streets and snatch up a snack and it would be ok because nobody would know?”

“Well yes but n-”

*You hear footsteps walking running towards the door and the door slamming shut*

“Oh dear god what have I done”

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I was skimming through BLLB yesterday looking for that Persephone quote and I forgot?? how much good stuff Noah says?? I wasn't enthusiastic about rereading it but now I think I have to bc Noah does things like quote Ronan's bad language and blow leaves on his friends and say "whoopsie" and I LOVE HIM!!! He's so precious what a good egg

noah is an ANGEL!!! i think we’re sometimes so preoccupied making him a Sad Ghost Boy that we forget about precious gems like this:

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So you leave, but what if in the deepest of your heart you feel so fucking in love with him?

sometimes that just isnt a good enough reason to stay, sometimes ur constantly waiting for them to come home and they’re forgetting to even call u back & sometimes it’s not all bad but the bad outweighs what is good and idk man sometimes ur just better off finding someone who won’t break your heart 

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What're your headcanons for 2p!Austria?

-Def smokes

-Went into punk phase, never left. 

-Guy who collects vinyl records


-wait u know murdoc from gorillaz

-bc murdoc from gorillaz

-pointy teeth, he likes to use them wink wonk

-Has so many old fashioned aviator boots and clothes that require buckles or lacing up

-Trench coats, lots of trench coat gel?