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top 10 gay coded 1d songs?

ive waited like three years for an excuse to make this post i love you…. imma be real more than half of this is just wlw-coded but like its gay if you change the pronouns too so take it however u like tbh!

1. happily

i don’t care what people say when we’re together
you know i wanna be the one who holds you when you sleep
i just want it to be you and i forever
i know you wanna leave so come on baby, be with me, so happily

2. they don’t know about us

people say we shouldn’t be together
we’re too young to know about forever
they can say anything they want cause they don’t know us
they don’t know what we do best
its between me and you, our little secret
but i wanna tell them

3. end of the day 

my priest thinks its the devil
my mom thinks its the flu
but girl its only you

4. alive

my mother told me i should go and get some therapy
i asked the doctor can you find out what is wrong with me?
she said hey! its alright
does it make you feel alive?

5. strong

but i don’t care, i’m not scared of love
cause when i’m not with you im weaker
is that so wrong? is it so wrong?
that you make me strong

6. does he know

does he know that you’ll never go back?
he’ll never know the way you lie when you look at me
so keep trying but you know i see
all the little things who make you who you are

7. she’s not afraid

she walks in and the room just lights up
but she don’t want anyone to know
that I’m the only one who gets to take her home

8. best song ever

which is only on this list bc of that time harry changed the pronouns mid song to make it literally a gay song

9. i would

also only on this list bc the lyrics got changed again and now its literally! a gay song

10. more than this

i don’t even know what they were up to in their early days but apparently they used to do really wild out there lyric changes and one of them was more than this where harry sang his solo as “i can love you more than stan” ?? listen whatever dude im interpreting this exactly how it sounds

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oh wow! the anon is back! means i can give you ANON COMPLIMENTS without you knowing who i am!!! you're friggin great and amazing, extremely talented, and you can do anything you dream of! and at the moment im to smol to have my own money on the internet but guess what happens when i stop being too smol? that's right, im gonna support the heck out of you. so wait till i grow up and give small amounts of money because i seriously doubt i'll be able to earn a lot of money soz if this sounds creepy

(ノ∀`♥)  aw thanks..!!!! i really appreciate that!!  [but u dont have to, save your mones so u can buy burgers and milk]

You say too late to start
Got your heart in a headlock
I don’t believe any of it
You say too late to start
With your heart in a headlock
You know you’re better than this


When yesterday @pandirpus told me how much this song fits these two, I finally had an idea what to draw for their birthday! It’s still two days till the 14th but I just couldn’t wait to draw or post this, cuz Symbra is love, Symbra is life!


170603 Dream Concert

We got some moments y’all

Well this hi-five i better than that other one, not hesitant not really moody, so hopefully they got over whatever caused that strange hi-five


A preview for the gifs to come~

Oho look at this innocent and sweet smi- wait..

When I saw this I felt a mixture of horror and joy because look at how much fun they were having and I’m horrified because they’re having fun terrorizing a small tiger


And then they take hold of the tiger’s hand as if what had just happened..had never happened.


This is prob my fav


Lol Baekhyun can’t resist the ChanBooty. I don’t blame him

And then he sticks close to the hubby

HetaTube: The Awesome and the Piano Pansy
  • Prussia: *strumming with a broom* Gacha-gacha-geng-gen-gancha- OW! Why did you throw my flute at me!
  • Austria: So that you can regain whatever senses you lost. I'm going to start the video soon, so you better hurry up and-
  • Prussia: uh, idiot, the camera's already on... we're on live...
  • Austria: u-uh...
  • Prussia: okay, let's get started with our music video! I'm the lead so I'm going to go first! *plays the flute*
  • Austria: u-uh right! *plays the piano* *both play a wonderful melody of a symphony orchestra*
  • Prussia: wait, you did that part wrong.
  • Austria: what? That can't be right.
  • Prussia: yeah, I changed that part so then it'll match with mine.
  • Austria: why would you do that? I told you I liked that part the most!
  • Prussia: but it's stupid.
  • Austria: *gasps* how dare you! I'm going to show my anger by playing loud and deafening version of my favourite piano piece! *plays the song*
  • Prussia: oh yeah, you can't out beat me with loud music! *grabs harmonica and an electronic guitar* *starts playing extremely loud music*
  • Austria: ugh, your horrible playing is not close to my loudness, just annoyance!
  • Prussia: nuh-uh! I'm better! No one can be louder than this combo!
  • Germany: *charges into the room* WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP MEIN GOTT!!!
  • Austria and Prussia: ... Germany's louder...
  • Finland: no wait, please continue, I love your band and music~~
  • All of Europe: don't you dare.
long distance bf! donghyuk

mHMhmHm leggo

- lets b real here

- donghyuk would be a great bf

- no matter the distance

- like he makes sure to skype u errday

- nd they always last like 83982 hours

- “babe,,,its been 6 hours,,,,its 3am and i have school,,”

- “shhh babe you know u don’t wanna leave me”

- “,,,,,,im not gonna deny that”

- and u were late 4 school that day

- pretty much everyday

- you always get texts throughout the day from him but sometimes the are like “good morning!” but its 2pm (time difference)

- u guys haven’t rly planned on meeting up

- i mean yes y'all miss each other sm but

- its not really ur first priority

- its not donghyuks either


- so once u were skyping rite

- but his 6 OTHER ROOMATES





- u were blushin but donghyuk wasn’t

- he looked so pissed off

- he was about to say something but-

- “hey!!!! have u seen donghyuk naked???” 



- literally for the next 10 minutes all u heard was chenles dolphin screech n mark trying to calm donghyuk down

- and every 4 second or so someone would run across ur screen

- fun fact : this was ur first time meeting them ever 

- and probs ur only time tbh

- sometimes when ur studying 4 skool or smth

- donghyuk randomly texts u and u get carried away so fast and end up like never finishing whatever u doing but its gucci cause u have donghyuk

- once donghyuk was really sad

- like really sad

- and when u Skyped he would be super quiet


- so ou were asking him what was wrong

- nd then he finally exploded

- and let out all his feelings

- “i really wish you were with me right now. here, in my room”

- your heart shattered 

u know donghyuk is loyal so you have no worries of him cheating on u

- but sometimes when u look t his social media, all deez girls start commenting about how good looking he is and how he should date them

- no!!way!!honey!!

- he shut them down so quickly 

- it was cute bOI

- oH bUt whEn yAALL mET uP agAinnN


- so like

- u secretly flew to korea

- and decided to call him (not Skype)

- and he was like “agh i rly miss u”

- and you were like me 2 but atlas we’ll see each other soon


- he didn’t know what u meant but its ok cause

- literally like 3 seconds later he heres a knock at his door and



- omgomgo he was so happy words cannot express

- he gave u this bone crushing hug and it was all fluffy n cute

- it was such a sweet moment 

- “wait- ew u look terrible whats up with those bags under your eyes and-”


- so den y'all cuddle for a long ass time



- “jiSung lanGUAGE!!!” - taeyong lets b real

- there goes ur alone time wh00pz

- anyway

- any relationship with donghyuk is gr9

- donghyuk is gr9


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Pleeeeeeease could u write something about QuakeRider interactions during the finale 😍 I need SO MUCH MOAR than what we got, even if it was already amazing. Like robbie being concerned about daisy's shiner/split lip/knife wound ahhhhhhhh *i can't handle it*

This is like a million days late but here have concerned boyfriend! Robbie Reyes…

“Don’t know if I’ve ever seen you without a bruise of some kind,” Robbie says. They’re sitting side by side in an abandoned room in the base, waiting for whatever comes next, and his eyes keep on flickering over to her.  

“It comes along with the job.” Daisy shrugs and tries not to touch the split lip she acquired somewhere along the way.  It’s funny, having Robbie back. It makes her realize how much she missed him while he was gone.  How much she might miss him when he goes again.

“And are you treating them?  That cut needs a bandage or it’ll get infected. I used to get banged up all the time racing,” he adds when she raises an eyebrow at him. “Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.  And you need to take care of that.”

She ends up letting him bandage her up in the aftermath, when she’s acquired even more cuts and bruises and scrapes. His hands are light and careful on her skin and just warm enough to send a faint echo of their heat radiating through her.

“You don’t always take care of yourself,” Robbie says softly after he presses a bandage on to her cheek bone. His hand stays there after it should be gone, sliding down to cup the line of her jaw and she leans in to his touch in spite of herself.

“You don’t either.” Her eyes meet his and there’s something there–an agreement, an understanding of this delicate thing that they hold balanced between them. That someday maybe she’ll let him take care of her and he’ll let her take care of him.  

She leans forward a little more, close enough to spot the hint of a smile on his mouth.  She doesn’t quite breathe.  He doesn’t either. 

Daisy Johnson’s seen a lot of people walk away in her life. But Robbie Reyes is the first one she’s ever known is going to come back. 

(( hey hey what’s up guys !! a little odd and impromptu I know but I wanted to give a quick shoutout to @ponderingduo !!! if you like animaniacs/patb you’ll Absolutely love their stuff so go check them out if you’re into those cartoons (or even if u aren’t)!!

ALSO in other news school is finally out for me and finals are over so I’ll be able to get back to regular asks very soon!! thank u all for being so patient! ))

Interview with Domen

I: Hello again, welcome. Do you feel like you’re at home?

D: Yes, but in my second home.

I: So salon is your second home. When you walked past the salon, down is Mini Planica. What was the first thought you had? Are you waiting for winter? For the beginning of new season? Or were you bringing back the memories?

D: I weren’t bringing back the memories, because right now my first concern is school, when I’ll finish school then I’ll think of ski jumping, because you have to have calm head, because then jumps go normally. If there’s something else going on you can’t really think about jumps. So yeah first concern is school and then I’ll continue.

I: Have you ‘jumped’ back to school right after the end of season? You are 3rd year of high school in Kranj’s gymnasium of France Prešeren. Is it already ‘under the roof’?

D: Of course I went back to school imidiatley, what else should I do, but it’s not ‘under the roof’ yet. I have a lot to catch up and a lot to learn. But any knowledge is welcome.

I: What about graduation trip? I heard that it’s going to be really exotic.

D: The trip is going to be the way we are going to make it, how we are going to take it and that’s it.

I: Do you have any plan in the class? I mean are you going to be able to go on the trip?

D: The trip is for those students who make the 3rd class of high school. The fist plan is to pass the 3rd year and than the we’ll do the plan for the trip.

I: How’ s the progress of learning Norwegian? I think that you started that project not so long ago.

D: I started and gave it up soon.

I: Is there any preticular reason?

D: No, it’s easy language and you can learn it quickly, but there were too many things that makes me happy, so I had to put that aside.  

I: Can you say anything easy, maybe how do you say hello in Norwegian?

D: No, because I gave up too soon.

I: Then what are the other things that you give advantage to? Besides ski jumping and school.

D: For now, there are mostly ski jumping and school, so there’s no time for anything else. Maybe there’s time for trip to the nature, so you can calm down like this or hanging out with friends.

I: Of course we can’t go by the last season. After what are do you remember it the most?

D: I don’t know, maybe Lillehammer remained at my heart and of course Vikersund.

I: What about Oberstdorf, before we talk about Vikersund?

D: There was something special of course. I don’t know. For now I have every hill in my memory. How everything went, how I warmed up. I remembered Oberstdorf mostly, because I started a new chapter in my life, when I started ski flying. I expected more from ski flying hill but it still exceeded my wishes.

I: What did you expect from Vikersund? Who knows the record? How far did he fly?… Who’s the most loyal fan?… Say it loud! It’s 243,5 m. How was it in those moments?

D: It was fine. I was happy to achieve something new, happy to achieve a new goal and you set a new limit in your life. I don’t know how a person was supposed to feel.

I: Well, also here your special extreme ski flying was expressed. Tell me how can you put skis behind your ears while you’re flying?  It’s a real attraction.

D: Honestly, even I don’t know, I don’t really even want that, maybe it sounds weird, it’s not on me to have skis so high, because I’m stopping myself by this, it takes a few meters away from me. We’re going to try to fix that and then we will go to the next season.

I: How does a start into new season looks like? How will you try to fix that?

D: Of course, step by step, with jumps, with training. Slowly so that body gets used to new moves, that it wasn’t used to. It goes much easier if it’s all spontaneously.

I: One more question for the fans. Do you know when does Domen has birthday?

FAN: 4th of June!

I: Yes, yes. And that is soon, right? How old is he going to be now? Yes, 18, he’s going to be an adult now. Is anything gonna change?

D: Maybe someone looks on this like now he’s going to be careless, but I think that the person has a lot more worries, because he takes all responsibility.

I: Do you like surprises?

D: It depends on what kind of surprise it is, on one hand I like it, but if they are negative I don’t like them.

I: We made sure that our gift is not negative. The gift is coming in the name of team of Saloni Pohištva Prevc. A bouquet and a special book, you’ll check it out alone….

 Tagging @d0menp and @sophieskijumping because they asked for it :D

I hope it’s unerstandable!

I’m not saying that I designed an entirely new oc specifically for genderqueer pride day but wait yes that is exactly what I’m saying

idk who this cool cat is but they’re cool and I love them

(and they need a name)

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Can I have headcannons of how Todoroki would ask his crush out. Such as what would convince him to finally ask them out and stuff. I love your blog btw!!!!!

omg thank u i lo ve u

  • he’d look into his crush’s eyes sincerely and would straight out tell them how he feels when they’re around him or just on his mind 
  • it was only a matter of time that he would convince himself to ask his crush out, he was just waiting for the right moment and for himself to warm up to the idea 
  • also he didn’t like when others tried to hit on them but he wouldn’t say that until they’re together 
  • he might be lost in what to say because his crush is so indescribable and he can’t say the right words to fully get his point across on what they actually do to him. He might stutter or rephrase his sentences a couple of times but he would get the right groove eventually
  • he would also give his crush a lot of space, he’d be very patient with his crush and would wait for their answer. Though, he would be very nervous and somewhat fearful of rejection
  • he might also bring someone that his crush likes, favorite flowers, chocolate, book, etc to physically show his love

Hi um !!! I’ve recently hit 7200 followers on this blog (thank you sm guys!!!!!) and i’ve been feeling weirdly down about it… the same thing that happened with my old tumblr is happenin again: too many ghost followers. ….

I’ve gained a lot of followers after my art of Yuri on Ice, and im really thankful for that because i got to meet many awesole peeps, but im not doing any YOI content anymore, and so those 5000 followers i gained thanks to YOI feel like they re just floating above me, uninterested about what i post now…

I hate sounding so ungrateful. Its thanks to you guys, many who arent even active anymore, that i got to share my ocs around like this!!!! When i get asks about my ocs i always feel really happy inside, and i want to give you back by drawing things in exchange !!!

But i feel like an usine.. i dont wanna make you guys wait too long to reply to your ask, and i end up posting things im not happy with or feel like they re uncomplete !!! And it sucks!!! Because it usually shows and ends up not being very popular anyway!

So i dont really know what to do honestly because if i dont post regularly i’ll feel like you guys forgot about me&my art (its !!! Probably just me!!! Im not trying to guilt trip here i promise)

ARGH…. IM SORRY FOR THE RANT….i cznt even put a read more im on mobile ?!?!?! But anyway i hope u guys have a great day/night (its 3:24am here ahahahahaah does that explain things i think it do)

PS: this is rly freakig stupid i dont even know what the message of this post is !!!! Putain de merde i dont even know if what i wrote is understandable i dknt even know if understandable is a word thank you for reading im tired

  • Twice: Happy birthday Tzuyuuu
  • Tzuyu: thank you😊
  • Jeongyeon: So what do you want for your birthday
  • Tzuyu: *brings out list*
  • Tzuyu: I want Nayeon eonnie, Jeongyeon eonnie, Momo eonnie, Jihyo eonnie, Mina eonnie, Dahyun eonnie and Chaeng.... oh and bread (and maybe see my baby gucci)
  • Dahyun: woah
  • Nayeon: thats so bold
  • Jihyo: ahhh our lil Tzu Tzu is growing up
  • Jihyo: and finally someone notices my gayness
  • Twice: what?
  • Jihyo: what
  • Chaeyoung: um... anyways...
  • Sana: Hey what about me? *cries*
  • Tzuyu: *looks at sana*
  • Tzuyu: but you're already mine
  • Twice: ...
  • Once: ...
  • Satzu shippers: Its caNON--
  • Jyp: ...
  • Whole world: ...
  • Mina: Omo
  • Momo: wait doesnt that mean u want us to be your girlfriends too???
  • And thus is how Tzuyu became a snake
  • Jkjk happy birthday Tzuyu!!!!

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Do you know why shin where an eyepatch


shin is what we like to call a Rowdy Boy. rowdy boy shin got into a fight with the vibora clan (those cool snake people that we never get to actually see) and the vibora king was Pissed, and he was like “we’re gonna fuck you founders UP because this rowdy boy tried to fight us”

but carla was like “pleas e……..i apologize for what my rowdy boy brother has done. if i give you his eye then will u forgive us” and the vibora king was like “yea that’ll work” and shin was like “wait, what- OH JESUS FUCK MY EYE”

and thats why shin wears an eyepatch now. he said in an interview once that he thinks the eyepatch is pretty stylish tho. so hey, silver linings
New Owarimonogatari TV Anime is Two-Day Special
Adaptation of 3rd novel in NisiOisin's series premieres on August 12-13

Not sure what I think of this. My initial reaction is disappointment, but some of the people commenting on the article are saying that the amount of content in the third volume is more workable in a shorter format, whereas they may have ended up needing to stretch it out to fit in a standard cour. I guess I just hope that they at least separate each of the arcs, and don’t do something like putting two of them into a single special.

I am a bit worried for what this might mean for it getting licensed in the U.S., seeing as there’s still no word on Koyomimonogatari being licensed. Nekomonogatari: Kuro, Tsukimonogatari, and Hanamonogatari were all licensed just fine, but if MAL’s info is correct, they’re all classified as TV shows, not specials, so I don’t know if that will make things more complicated. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Cabaret (Cover)

I’ve been wanting to record something forever as a way to push through my perfectionism; it’s so hard for me to listen to something with flaws and consider it finished. @i-remember-there-was-mist and I have talked lots about accepting that imperfections are part of the process! If I re-recorded a song every time there was a moment I didn’t like, I’d never sing because I’d be so busy starting over.

This middle part of my voice has been my biggest obstacle, so I chose to record this song. 6 months ago, I couldn’t even sing about half of of this song outside of a weird mix, so I just have to own the progress I’ve made so far. I think in a few months, I’ll re-record this and see what improvements I’ve made! Although this is a difficult song, it’s lots and lots of fun to sing, so here ya go. And a big thank you to Christine for encouraging to put my voice out there, regardless of how scary it is to do so!

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what fics r u reading?

ahhh hello!!! okay so i really don’t read wip bc my patience level is about at 0, i usually wait until they’re finished to read them, so i just read a bunch of one shots or drabbles or finished works. here are a few longer fics i’ve recently read tho that i really really liked!!!!!

Acte de Foi - wonhui, dance fic, ended me i loved it so much, like over 100k words

In The Eye of the Beholder - verkwan, 34k, cute as hell demon!vernon fic check it out

I’ll Be Your Man - meanie, 21k, they bicker constantly and it’s my fave concept

You’ve got to wake up where your heart is - more meanie!!! 20k, dad!wonwoo

say something loving - soonwoo, 42k, this done murdered me i lost my life i read it once a day

astrophyllite - soonseok, 27k, they all gay and nerdy i love it

Yours, Mine and Ours - 18k, soonseok, cute as heck as well i just love woozifi she’s great  

Thornefield - wonhui, 92k, fuck i crie d

okay that’s all i got rn but if you ever want fanfic recs hit me up !!!!! i’ve read a lot lmaooooo and i read everything so here’s a good mix for you! 

Fluffy Headcanons

-Request: “Hi um, I really was super reluctant to send this but… Can you write either Stakticc, Angel or Alexx fluff headcanons? It’s okay if you’re busy, I was just wondering”
A/N: Ofc! I’m sorry if this sucks, I’m not really that energetic rn. BTW I wanna do all three because F L U F F. (Also I’m making them above 18 cause all of us are still adolescents)


-would probs really love cuddling but would wait for you to finish what you’re doing

-but when she’s had a bad day, she’s just drag you on the couch and just cuddle and probs watch a movie

-probs be the big spoon

-if you had a bad day, she’ll just pamper you cause she lOVES HER S/O SO MUCH THAT IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY

-when she’s busy doing art or other stuff, s/o would just play with her pony tail and it would be so cute like H ECK


-probs just dancing and singing around to the BMC soundtrack

-even if you’re dating, she’d still have a rlly huge soft spot for Rich Goranski


-”Angel no”



-you’d spend the whole day just rewatching musicals


-When you’re sick, he’ll just do everything

-”wHAT ARE YOU DOING” “I’m just getting the remote” “I GOT IT”

-It’s just really sweet cause like…. he’s such a sweetheart

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I could watch you for a lifetime, you're my favorite moviee❤ A thousand endings, you mean everything to meee. I never know what's coming, forever fascinated. Hope you don't stop running, to me 'cause I'll always be waiting. ¡Youuu aare my cinema, I could watch you foreveeer! Action, thriller, I could watch you foreveeer! You are my cinema💟 a Hollywood treasure. Love you just the way you aare~~ My cinemaaa, my cinemaaa~~~

OMFG BABE ////////

U make me so happy, ily2 \(;´□`)/❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Ok but actually think about it though:

They’re in the engine room of the ship, casually cruising through space with no real destination atm. Rocket is working on some extension that’s supposed to help them make speedier getaways and he has all his focus on the contraption and he has Quill with him to hand him tools when told and have his leg used for Rocket’s reclining needs (he’ll sometimes put his input in on the machine which makes rocket scoff in a dismissive manner). Rocket is so absorbed in his work, muttering under his breath and tinkering then re-tinkering while Peter just sits back and looks at this little fluff-ball in his lap who’s smart and funny and full of piss n’ vinegar and he ends up just saying it;
“I love you. ”
“Shut the hell up Quill.” Rocket snaps, distracted, and it takes another few minutes to actually register what Peter just said and when it does Rocket freezes up and looks wide- eyed at Peter who has a patient waiting-on-you-you-dumbie look.