so what it's spring


*pretends to be cool like I didn’t just throw a jacket over my PJs to go buy popping candy*

Me running away from responsibilities

Imagine your brotp sitting on the railing of a porch together, enjoying the evening air and each other’s company.

Some HayZiio

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[17/20] Lissa


Inspired by this post, I’m crossing fe:a girls in ulyana sergeenko’s S/S 2013 Dresses

Pidge Headcanons
  • The Gender Binary Is Bullshit
    • Uses she/her pronouns but honestly just wants gender to not be as much of a thing as people say it is.
  • Occasionally stands in front of a mirror and just… plays with her hair. Pushes it down and then lets go so that it springs back up on its own. Whispers “What the fuck.” Starts over.
  • Doesn’t like to admit it, but is really grateful to Lance for watching out for her in the Garrison and helping her out in the Space Mall and all that stuff.
    • Once asked Hunk for how to apologize for calling Lance’s intelligence into question so often when she’s frustrated and to say thank you for the above. Ended up just shoving like 80% of the music on her laptop into the castle’s systems and showing Lance how to use it so he could dance in the training room.
    • Ended up letting Lance teach her how to dance? She’s not entirely sure how it started, but he drags her down to the training deck for a few hours a week to show her how to ballroom dance or b-girl or whatever.
      • She’s not as good as he is, but when Allura says she needs an extra couple on the floor during one infiltration mission at a fancy ball, the two of them actually can pull it off without drawing suspicion, so… it certainly came in useful?
  • Got into a fight with Keith about Yetis and Bigfoot once. They wouldn’t talk to each other for a few days. (Then Shiro got on their case about it and they made up by talking about what kind of cover-up the Garrison might have run to hide the Trio’s disappearance.)
  • Had a staring contest with Allura that ended with crocodile tears and a small fire.
  • Utterly monotone: “Gee willikers, mister. I sure am sorry for blowing up your base and killing all your men.”
  • Held a funeral for Rover. Everyone was invited.
  • Basically does a cupie on Hunk or Coran whenever she needs to reach a thing that she’s too short for while doing repairs or upgrades on the castle or Green.
  • Once figured out a supposedly impossible science thing after not having slept for three days. Took a nap, then couldn’t figure out how she’d done the science thing after waking up. Sleep deprived Pidge just did a thing, but the thing makes no sense.
  • Knows ALL the lyrics to Hamilton, partly because of Lance, and partly because of Matt. 

your father always told you 
be careful of things that are too good.
the ones that burn too bright,
or taste too sweet, 
or sound too poetic.
he said they call it too good to be true for a reason.
he said you should learn from the old wisdoms
but he said you’d forget it all when you really need it.

your mother, she always said
not to trust the star-studded boys–
     (or heaven forbid, fall in love with them)
the ones with gold-spun hair and summer sky eyes.
she said everything looks like gold in the right light
and blue skies are always waiting for thunderstorms
and star-studded boys are always waiting for the plummet.

but here’s the thing they never told you:
knowing this won’t ever stop you.
it won’t even help you. 
sometimes you’ll even wish they’d never told you
so that you wouldn’t have to walk in with eyes wide open
looking three steps ahead at the shadows grasping for you
     whispering, watching, waiting, wanting.
sometimes you’ll wish you’d never known at all
so that you could pretend it was a fairytale for a little while
and forget that legends never end without a bloodbath
and no hero ever lived long, or died happy
and nothing this good can last for long.

and here’s the thing they didn’t know to teach you:
no one you love is truly dead and gone
until your name is carved in stone next to theirs
and your bones are clasped tight around theirs
     (like the wedding ring you never got to wear)
etched in the fossils of history

—  and the world has bled and burned for what it took from you ( j.p. )

thousand-springs  asked:

I know the ship already has a name, but please consider... Kit Kat. Or, well, I guess Kit Katt. I'm sure I have seen it more than once before. C'mon! It's kind of cute.

kit katt is a pretty cute name!

just-a-dumb-nerd  asked:

Hello, Spring Man! It's so nice to meet you!! What's it like being the newest member of the ARMS league? Is it ever intimidating to be the rookie of the group?

“Rookie!?? Skill doesn’t equal experience right!?! I’m not gonna give up until I’m the number one fighter! What does that mean you might ask!? I have no clue but my resolve is unshakable! It’ll just be that more satisfying when I come out on top”

“And it’s a pleasure to meet you, too! Heheh!”


martha bessell + flower meanings

Alanna couldn’t fully bring herself to hate winter anymore. She couldn’t bring herself to like it either, but that’s a different thing entirely.

Winter was still a season of inactivity, a season of restlessness and irritability. It was still the season of breath taking cold, of weather that made her miserable. But now, it was also the season of home.

Winter was the season she was least called upon by her king, and subsequently when she spent the most time at the Swoop. It was the season George was the least busy as well. Winter meant long evenings in their study, laughing and talking in leisure. It meant knowing she would both go to sleep and wake up by his side for weeks at a time, something that was a luxury in sweeter weather. Winter was the only season that her children became used to her presence, enough that they would forget she was there and just be themselves. Most frozen nights she slept warmed by them, their hot little bodies pressed close to hers, keeping cold air at bay. Sometimes (ofttimes) she would lean over and bury her nose in each child’s hair, reveling in how perfect they smelled. She could look at George in those moments, and know he was thinking exactly the same.

Alanna was never quite certain whether she had made a truce with winter or it had made one with her, but either way, it had became a season that she couldn’t hate any more.

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Winter 2015.

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I was going to procrastinate on my uni work by doing some sewing but I came to my computer to check which colours I’d need to fill in the gaps of my stuffed dice sets and accidentally opened tumblr and procrastinated my procrastination for a while but I’m going to try again now so wish me luck!