so what im getting older

u know that feeling where you’re just preparing for the worst and shit keeps happening and things keep trying you and it’s like… rlly hard to think there’s ever gonna be a positive side at the end of it bc fucking god yh man mood

“Your screams… I want to hear them…”

In this episode of ‘started doodling something and this happened’: the zexal warfare AU strikes back. This time, what if Haruto’s Barian “illness” returns whenever he is put into a stressful situation? (like near losing a duel that would cost a life or even seeing everything around burn ahaha)

Welcome back winter once again.

My issues as a desi girl...

Yo aunties, I’m on my damn summer break, kindly refrain from coming over with your stupid rishtas for your sons and nephews.  Bruh I’m tryna be lazy for the last 10 days before classes start, not dress up every day in a sari and bring cha out to you.  I understand and appreciate the compliment of you thinking I would be a good daughter-in-law but bruh, this is the wrong time.  

I hope the daggers my eyes were sending to you expressed the above.  Shukhriya.