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how r u so sure kaisoo is real? dont get me wrong i like kaisoo too but like how do u know for sure sure? is it cause ****_**** confirmed it? but even then is that source reliable? im a skeptical person... also keep this private unless you know what im talking about

Hi anon ! I’m sorry i answered late. Mmmmmm if i explain why i think they are real and how i’m sure they are in a relationship, it will be so long because there are too many evidences :/ . Bu i can show u a sneak peak hihihi ;) Here anon :

Let’s begin with this ^^.This pic is so sweet and i love it <3 :

Predebut Kaisoo :

I don’t know u but i don’t give a pose like this even with my close friend.Because i feel awkward and this looks so intimate(i think they are in bed and jingo touches soo’s face???) :

Their predebut selcas :

Their date :

Jongin’s Stares !! :

Uhhh i can feel the sexual tension !! :

One of my favourite moments anon here : 

Soo gives a massage to Jongin’s finger :

Jongin’s reaction ( Is he aroused or sth? Ooopsss!!!(Sorry for minor kadi fam hahaha) ) :

(Come on! There is no hetero explanation for this :D)

Just kiss already !! :

Jingo loves what he sees ;) :

Mmm he loves Soobooty ;) :

One of my faves again.I don’t generally look at my friend’s lips like i wanna devour in them :/ :

Jagi moment :

Wo Ai Ni moment :

Oh i love this, too :

mmmmmm ??!! :

I see u Soo :

We know he is pretty Soo :)))))) :

Are u jealous Jongin ? :

Soo is hugging to Vixx’s Hongbin :

Someone is not happy :

Mmmmmmmmmm ( Gay-Gay-Gay-Gay !!! ) ;)))) :

Jongin is biting his lips. I wonder what Soo says to him :

I will end it here anon. There are so many moments and evidences that u can be 100% sure they are a real couple. If u are still not sure about Kaisoo, I can recommend u some well known kaisoo blogs like : @cckaisoo , @soofection@jongsooyah, @toomanyfeelsexogdi, @faakeid, @kadiseuldy, @chinashio16, @1kadi, @kaisoo-is4walls etc. These friends have good analysis and evidences about kaisoo ^_^ And also they give good answers to anons :) There are another Kaisoo blogs too, u can find them on tumblr.

And also i can add some ig pages:

cuddlekaisoo, kaiso.o, kaisoo_latte, alvabear94 etc. They also make analysis and posts about Kaisoo.

That’s it anon. And i wanna give u an advice : Don’t be suspicious anymore and please look at the pages i’ve shared ^^. And also, of course please love and support real couple aka Kaisoo. Bye bye ^^

So I worked at a seafood market/restaurant for a few summers and being the only girl who worked at the market part i got a lot of sexist comments. The standard “dont you hate this man’s work” kinda stuff. It was a fairly gross and physical job so people thought a girl couldnt do it.

But anyway One day this guy comes in with his wife and like 4 daughters and he walks up to me and before he even orders he tells me to smile and such and he tells me what fish he wants and i start to weigh it and wrap it. So then he starts telling me that im going to slow and i should have let one of the guys help him so im just ignoring it and doing my job. So after i get his fish i start ringing him up and he is just standing in the store harassing me telling me how im terrible at my job and girls shouldnt be ringing him up etc. At this point his family is listening so i send them kinda a help me glance and they laugh and say “oh just ignore him he is terrible” They then continued to gigle and encourage him.

After he left all the other customers in the store all the other customers and my co workers apoligized on his behalf. None of them knew him they just felt bad. I feel so bad for all those women in his life.

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for some reason, you don't really remind me of those warm colors, like yellow and red. you're more of a purple, blue shade, those colors people use to draw city landscapes. maybe those silent mid-night snacks places, a park at one am when nobody's there and the lights are off, an empty parking lot, walking down the streets staring at the sky, as if you were looking for aliens. that's just what you remind me off :v

oh honestly i really love this one bc i favor cool aesthetics/colors as opposed to warm ones

makoto: hey guys do u dare me to help you meet kaneshiro
the phantom thieves: no
makoto: *shaking her head* i can’t believe you guys are making me do this
the phantom thieves: we’re not
makoto: *gets taken to kaneshiro’s place* this is so wild you guys, you’re so fucked up for making me do this

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waawait please dont post it if it might ,like, incriminate you???

incriminate me in what? i posted my whole entire email and didn’t commit any crimes in doing so. It’s not incriminating because I didn’t commit a crime and mel’s publicist saying I’m defaming her client doesn’t scare me. Take a young black non hetero woman to court over this I literally DARE you

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hey pit. I just wanted to ask what you do if you feel your writing starts to get stale? I've been struggling with this feeling for a while, and it kinda feels like there's a weird detachment from what I write. its making me very distressed and over emotional, and I dont know what to do as I really should update my work soon. any advice would be greatly appreciated. ty. ♡

First off I’m really sorry for taking so long to answer this. It’s been sitting in my inbox for a while and I’ve been trying to figure out how to answer it.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I can offer a really solid and satisfying solution, mainly because this is a problem that I’ve encountered before, and honestly? I haven’t always overcome it. I am absolutely guilty of gradually losing interest in projects, and leaving them permanently unfinished. I’ve done it before, and I’ll probably do it again in the future.

But I do have methods for countering this feeling. It helps to have people you can talk to about your writing, people who might be interested enough to get excited with you, and if you’re lucky you might be able to catch some of that excitement and internalize it yourself. Another method is to jump ahead in what you’re writing. A lot of times the reason it feels stales is that you’re slogging through a transition to a part that you really want to write, and you spend so much time in that slog that you lose interest in the part that you’re actually excited to work on. Try and preempt that by skipping to the cool parts. The transition can come later, and you can get the fun parts out while they’re still fresh and exciting in your mind.

But strategies like that don’t always work, and sometimes when you lose your passion for something you’re writing, it’s just gone and you can’t get it back. In that case, I think there’s a point where you have to let yourself be okay with giving up on something. It could be that it just isn’t meant to be. Maybe you’re moving on to a different fandom, maybe there’s another project that’s caught your attention that might spark your passion again. It’s good to be strict with yourself, to stick to your guns and to make your own motivation by making yourself write, but there is a limit. If you truly aren’t drawing enjoyment from something you’re working on, if you’re no longer excited about what you’re writing or even what you might write for it in the future, then that kind of defeats the purpose of writing in the first place. You have to love what you’re making, and if you don’t, then sometimes it’s okay to throw in the towel and stop forcing yourself to draw blood from a stone.

I know it’s hard to give yourself a break sometimes, but you deserve one. Be patient with your writing, and with yourself. Write what you love. If you don’t love it anymore, then it’s okay to move on.

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Not that I like Damon but elena takes advantage of him, uses him either for information, or plan, or to "save" her or someone from a villain, or kill a villain for her. Not to mention she knows that he like her "I'm not surprised that you would kiss me I'm surprised you think I'd kiss you back." She doesn't ask what he likes about her, she asks "why dont you let people see the "good" in you?" WHAT "GOOD" ELENA?! She dont say that her only feeling for him is pitty. And she leads him on ALWAYS!

There’s so much here to unravel that I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve started and stopped answering this so many times.

I think the first thing that jumps out is this: “Not to mention she knows that he like her” … so what? I don’t understand the point here. It’s not her fault that he likes her, it’s not her fault that he chooses to express his feelings by trying to force himself on her and then killing Jeremy when she sets up a hard boundary telling him that she cares about him but she will always love Stefan, that directly contradicts the claim that she leads him on.

This doesn’t look like the face of someone enjoying the attention she’s getting and leading him on, she looks genuinely concerned and scared.

Not to mention her not being surprised that he would kiss her keeps in line with the fact that he had already tried to kiss her in 1x03 and she slapped him in response,

which is once again setting up a hard boundary.

Elena consistently set up boundaries

that Damon consistently chose to ignore. She shouldn’t have to say “I only feel pity for you” when clearly she’s all about Stefan:

But she does make the distinction between caring about Damon and loving Stefan to both Stefan and Damon first in 1x22 and then in 2x01.

Even in season 3, the season DErs claim, it was all about Stefan and Damon knew

and she throws things back in his face:

Elena using Damon for information is only fair considering the things that Damon does.

In 2x03 she uses him for information about Katherine — except she doesn’t really. Like I said in my review, she doesn’t friend him up, she’s actually quite distant, I still think grouchiness is a gross understatement considering that he murdered her brother but she wasn’t warm or manipulative:

Damon tries to extort her friendship by telling her he knows about Katherine and all Elena does is go, OK tell me or don’t tell me, I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t tell me because you’re a psychopath and Damon gives her the Petrova book. Am I really meant to feel sorry for Damon that his extortion for friendship didn’t work after he killed her brother because she refused to kiss him? Am I really supposed to believe that’s Elena taking “advantage” of him, the man who murdered her brother?

In 1x13 she tells him that he can trust Stefan when Stefan was planning on getting the grimoire himself, am I supposed to feel sorry for Damon that Elena did this when Damon had already tried to kill two of her best friends, raped one of them, was responsible for Vicki’s death, for Tanner’s death, and was planning on letting loose vampires whose sole mission would be to destroy her town? Elena “taking advantage” of Damon is Elena trying to protect her town and friends from a man who will turn a girl because he’s sad and bored and then send her to a house full of humans when she’s in mid-transition to prove a point.

If Elena hadn’t tried to appeal to whatever it is that Damon felt about her, Caroline would’ve been dead in 2x02 and that innocent TA would’ve been dead in 2x03. That’s simply being pragmatic and using whatever tools you can to protect the innocent from a single wrecking ball of a person. 

I also don’t understand why Elena not asking Damon what he likes about her is a stain on her character. I don’t get it.

Contest time!!

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I am doing a YCH give away!

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Hi, just for future reference, are we able to ask you for advice when we don't really have anyone else? Its about asexuality and sexuality kinda?I remember a year ago or so you said we could ask for anything. But its okay if things changed?What i mean is dont reply if i need personal advice in the future

I mean, I can try my best! but the only things I may have a semi okay experience with is being gay/ace! Like if it is for like, ‘coming out’ anxiety’ all i can offer is the basic stuff because my parents were really accepting and such

but I can try my best and I can post the question so that others can reblog and put their own thoughts on it if they have better experience with the situation! That is if you want me to post the question, its totally fine if you dont want me to!

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I just came across you're blog why so much hate ??? Like it's so toxic, why do you have to hate on people for being themselves ???

what is it like to date the literal human version of neo nazi char the butcher and that coconut head idiot? go tell your ugly ass dylann roof looking boyfriend to not play the white knight on here while sending his boyfriend to ask me why im so hateful lmao your alien boyfriend told me to choke so he literally brought himself into all of this and i dont care unless he goes and finds the other half of his messed up brows 

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Hey ang Im 14 going on 15 this year. I've been drawing seriously since 2014 and recently I feel like my artwork isn't going anywhere. Everything I draw is becoming unsatisfactory and I don't find it fun anymore, it feels like a chore. I look back at my older drawings from a year ago and like them better. I really look up to you ang and I want to know if you've ever gone through what I'm going through. It's really bringing me down. Love ya ang <3

You’re still young so like.. trust me these spells will be frequent. Just explore new things, buy new supplies even if its just a pencil it can fuel u so much. Explore old masters (i always say this because it’s the best advice ive ever gotten but u dont have to follow it, or any of this if u feel it wont help u), Figure out really what direction you want your art to go and if U cant decide then just do what feels good. I dont know it’s so different for everyone But these are the things that have helped me the most in the past.

you can tell a lot about people by who they stan in 1d (may she rest in peace), like how harries are the most sensitive 

ain’t nobody ask me but ya kno when ppl be making those “like this so I won’t unfollow you” posts uhhhhh i think that’s 🅱️RAZY cos if u want to unfollow someone you would I don’t need to BEGGING YOU TO NOT UNFOLLOW ME


what am i not doing enough of what am i doing wrong i feel like you dont care about anything i do for you you basically ignore me and give me one wor d answers its been an hour and a half since i sent an ask u havent answered it but uve answered like everyone elses when i got that for you you fogot to even mentioned to me that you used it let alone say thank you to me or for any of this at all you just act like youre so bored of me im giving you everything i have what more can i do what more can i do

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Can u pls write a scenario for mafia Dazai where his s/o is from a rich family and they disapprove of her realtionship with Dazai so they r forcing her to this arranged marriage with a random rich dude >:D ily pls dont kill me <3

ofc i can bby ilym and if im gonna kill anyone it’ll be myself so dw (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

thank you for requesting and i hope you like this!

If anyone knew Dazai then they know he would stop at nothing to get what he wants and in this case it’s you.

It wasn’t a secret that the two of you were together, in fact everyone knew about the two of you and he always made sure of that. Why wouldn’t he show you off every chance he got?

Wether it’s to grab you and get into a full on 10 minute heated make out session to whoever was up for a show or slide his arm to your waist whenever the two of you stood next to each other. 

You were his and he was yours. He was not gonna let anyone ruin that, not even your parents. 

The minute you told him about everything, about how they want to keep you apart and send you off with a random person who would probably be nothing next to him, he could feel the anger running through his body. 

He always knew your parents weren’t his biggest fans but he never really said anything nor let it bother him. If it was up to him, he would have provoked them long ago and made them hate him even more just for fun, but he knew how much they meant to you so he never did.

That was before all of this though. Now that they’re actually forcing someone else onto you and making him look like nothing but a mere nuisance, now that was something he could not tolerate.

He was alright with them giving him a hard time, but now that they’re making you have a hard time too, that was something he could not and will not tolerate. 

Seeing you happy is his number 1 priority and if that meant your parents out of the picture then so be it.

“Do you want me to kill him?” he asked you.

The two of you were sitting on the floor with your glasses of Champagne at each side. The television was turned on playing God knows what and he was laying his back on the sofa’s frame with his long legs lazily spread straight in front of him. 

You were sitting on his lap with your legs wrapped around him and his hands were on your waist. Your arms were wrapped around his neck as you let your hands move to explore his neck and hair from time to time.

This was your absolute favorite position. The both of you loved it quite a lot. It kept you close, with a good view of each other and he could always have you pinned down and spread with only one move. 

“It’s not his fault though. If anything, I think he was forced too.” you said.

You actually had talked to the guy your parents wanted you to marry a few times and he seemed like a nice guy, but right now the one with your heart is none other than Dazai and you intend to keep it that way. You also never liked being forced upon anything let alone a marriage. 

You always loved and respected your parents, even when they could’ve treated your boyfriend a little better. Although this time they really overdid it. It didn’t even seem to matter to them that they’re hurting you a lot more than doing you good.

“Hmmm, how about your par-?” he was about to finish the last word and say parents but your index finger was quick to gently shush him on the lips.

“How about we don’t kill anyone, huh? At least not today.” you chuckled.

He didn’t say anything for a while but took a strand of your hair and pushed it behind your ear. He caressed your cheek with his thumb and then kissed the top of your forehead. 

It wasn’t usual for Dazai to show that much affection but once he does, you love it so much you can’t help but close your eyes and smile. 

“Since you don’t wanna hurt anyone in the process, then I guess we’ll have to do the most clichéd thing.” he sighed. 

“Wanna run away with me?” he smiled.

possible chapter cover for phase shift! (i’ll probably edit the text, it was an afterthought) if u haven’t been following me long or just aren’t really following what i’m up to, phase shift is my in-progress comic that should be launching this fall! it’s a 1950s-era (mainly!) horror/adventure story about two ghost hunters in the american mid- and southwest learning the hard way that the universe really doesn’t make any sense, and our ties to reality are a lot looser than we think.

characters pictured include jack quezada, owner of the moonflower diner, which shows up anywhere in the country if you need to find it, and a fuckin huge saguaro cactus that jack spends a good percent of their time yelling at. both of them are probably more than they seem

why the fuck is it some law that you can only digitally withdraw from savings like 6 times a month anyway

my savings is where i put shit so i dont touch it with my card, i literally use it for rent, emergencies, and the rare times i overdraft. so USUALLY, only once or twice a month. granted, i should be more careful not to overdraft but like….im fucking broke, i need to eat. i tend to accidentally go $2 over what i have because i havent eaten that day and wanted a slice of pizza after work

and then they fucking charge me for not having money, like that will somehow help the issue

not to mention, its ONLY digital transfers, i can transfer from atms all i want but god forbid i use convenient technology to manage my fucking money

heeeey cooooonnor

not like I, totally read any of your secret post crap but

I just like, kiiiinda want you to uh, know

we dont actually have to get “married” or some shit like that

evan just ,sorry

WE just want you to feel um

comfortable? and its fucking obvious you dont

engagement isnt some kind of fucking ball and chain punishment you have to wade through and leave all your differences and problems out of??? like?? at all?? thats sitcom bullshit?,

you tell us how you feel, and no matter what

you keep the ring

and you keep evan

and you keep me (for some reason)

so fucking speak up or forever hold your peace babe

-the insanely real jared kleinman♡

dream x-daddy

im making this a fun voting thing bcs we all know i love those. there will b 2 daddies. one of my own choosing based on which i think will be the most fun, and one you lot get to decide bcs i am so nice.

you have until uuuuhhhh lets say midnight, it is currently 10:52pm, to send me dad descriptions. dont know what to write? dad type / likes / dislikes, thts all im asking for. 

dads who are already in the running for sure and u dont need to worry about unless u want to add something

- scott
- logan
- gambit
- fantomex 
- dr. nemesis
- cable

happy dad thoughts! you can send me an ask about it or reply to this post.