so what if we're drunk

BTS during the party
  • Jin: loud laughter at everything
  • Suga: passed out from drinking, with his arms spread and slumped, snores like a grandpa
  • J-Hope: dances while someone is singing at the karaoke
  • Rap Monster: sings drunkenly at the karaoke, doesn't let anyone "borrow" the mic
  • Jimin: tries to "borrow" the mic, ends up getting hit with a mic
  • V: takes funny and awkward selcas and pictures of them
  • Jungkook: sober in the corner, probably scarred for life because of his hyungs
Drunk Nordics as Things My Friends and I Have Said
  • Sweden: Tell us about the girl who barfed up whole french fries!
  • Finland: We're like this cat. Trapped in a hellish black hole of misery called life.
  • Iceland: Okay I'm going to be a turtle for the rest of the night.

i fucking love my supervisor.

she asked me yesterday what i was doing for my birthday and i told her about how i was throwing a kids book themed arts and crafts party and how i was gonna get super drunk. i thought i made it pretty clear that i was doing it last night, but apparently i didn’t because she asked about it again today assuming it was tonight and when i told her it was last night, she turned around in her chair and dead ass seriously asked, and i quote, if i got shitface. 

then about an hour before i left, she was just like, are you miserable? you look like you’re miserable. the entire day she kept asking me if i felt like shit lol. we also shared a box of thin mints. me being on my period was also brought up because she asked me how my birthday was so far and i told her i had really bad cramps and we started talking about periods.

this woman is like 50 years old.