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    basically, i’ve had this blog for about 9 months now ?  which is pretty good for me  ( considering most of my blogs have only lasted a month or so )  and though i have already made a couple of these things in the past, my activity / what i’ve written / who i’ve spoken & written with, etc  ——  has all continued to change and grow, with a few important exceptions. since having started out here,  i’ve mustered the courage to reach out to people who i admired greatly, & even had people telling me that i inspired THEM somehow. it’s no surprise to anyone at this point that i adore cloud, and the  ffvii  compilation as a whole  ( namely the original game, but i digress )  and that even if i make new blogs, i always gravitate back here;  be it for my love of my boy, the fondness for the people i’ve met, or my instinctive preference for anything final fantasy. this is basically just an excuse to ramble about  some  of the people i’ve grown to admire even more, & list some of the many people who inspire me. i won’t get many people in respectively, if only because i’ve got ??  way more followers than i feel i could ever deserve. but i wanted to say that really, wholeheartedly   even if i’m not good at conveying it, i appreciate EVERYONE who’s taken the time to follow & stick around. 

gross rambling ensues beneath the read more.

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After extensive research I’ve finally finished him.
I know posting this here has no real relevance, but I enjoy to share anyways.
I’m excited to play!

I’ve formatted it so that I can bring a tablet with me and use that as my character sheet.
It’s going to be so convenient. I know where all my things are.
As he levels up I can modify the page, add new formulas.

I want to follow a sort of character development arc where Atticus realizes he’s being self destructive.
Starts to clean up his act and use his passion for what he really loves.

Frequently Asked Questions on Twitter.
Is Atticus gay?
Yes, obviously.

Top or bottom?
Submissive top for the +1 Attack Roll bonus.

Will he kiss me?
Not before he’s had his coffee.

ahjummalala  asked:

i'm still so thrilled about #gruvia ending in the last chapter of fairy tail, but i can't get enough of that moment. so i have a request. can you like write a drabble about what happened after? 🙏🏻you can take your time if you want, i don't think i'll get over that moment anytime soon 😍and i really like how you make your stories, it feels like it really happened in Fairy Tail or I wish it did happen. 😉😉

With Fairy Tail ending last week, I’ve received many asks and requests to write a follow-up on what happened to Gray and Juvia. This is probably not what you guys had in mind, this was something @chsabina and I talked about and it was almost crack HAHA I tried to change it from crack to a bit closer to canon and make it sweet. I hope it is a nice read!

Made For Each Other

Summary: [Set after 545] He pushed the answer button and put the Lachryma next to his hear. “You know, I’ve been gone for less than a day.”
“Gray-sama! You said Juvia could call you until you tell her you needed to focus on the job.”
“I did say that, but then I thought you would at least wait two days to call.” Gray smiled when he heard her huff in frustration.

*sings to herself: we are canon, we are canon, we are canon*


Ok guys so the video is finally here. I had so many interruptions and things go wrong when filming and editing this so please be kind, I’m doing the best I can with what little I’ve got.

Please subscribe to my channel as I am going to start making more videos and hopefully they get better, also please follow me on instagram as thats the app I’m on most, thank you :)

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Midnight Confession

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: Fluff

Request: hey :) I love your imagines so can i request a peter parker one where he comes to your window late at night bc he’s hurt and you treat his injuries and stuff and you confess accidentally when you’re rambling abt how worried you are abt him? lol it’s lowkey super detailed but tysm,, have a nice day bb

I did not totally follow this oops

Tags: @captainswriting @caitsymichelle13 @384-chubby-dumpling

  You’re worried to the point of almost throwing up. Every night Peter comes by to tell you what he’d done that day and sometimes for you to patch him up. When that had first happened, he’d stripped to his underwear and you felt like you saw more than a friend should. Didn’t seem to bother him, though, since he launched into the origin story of his powers and how Tony Stark gave him the suit.

  That’s how your crush started.

  You’ve come to count on the nightly. Ever since learning his secret, they helped you not worry so much.

  Unless he was later than usual. Like now.

  What if he got hurt? Did he need help? How could you help? What if he got captured? Or worse?

  A tap on your window brings you out of your thought. There’s Peter, mask already off, so you can see him wince whenever he moves to keep from falling off your building. You quickly throw the window open and help pull him in as he just flops onto his back on the floor. There’s a small rip in his suit along his torso where there’s a bit of blood dripping from him and you wince yourself, helping him lean against your wall.

  “Sorry I’m late,” his voice is strained as he talks. “I kinda didn’t refill my web containers.”

  “So, you’re out of webs?”

  He nods slowly. “Yeah…oops?”

  You roll your eyes and get up to grab the medical supplies to clean him up. “You seriously need to start being more careful.”

  He chuckles softly, hitting the button on his chest to loosen his suit, letting it pool around his hips. “Hey, none of the other heroes are that careful, they destroy NYC all the time!”

  You sit between his legs, putting a rag against the wound to clean it. “Those heroes are adults, you’re still a teenager. There’s a massive difference.”

  “Yeah, several years, duh,” he jokes through gritted teeth.

  You roll your eyes again, shaking your head. “I think you hit your head. There’s people who care about you, you know? Like, your aunt, Ned, me, even Michelle, but we all know she won’t admit it, then ther-“

  “You care, huh?” He smirks slightly at you, teasing you.

  Obviously, you care, he’s both your friend and your crush, though no one knows about that one.

  “Duh, you dummy.” You reach up and flick his head. “You’re important to me.”

  “How important?” he presses.

  You give him a look as you lean down to start wrapping bandages around his torso. “Too important for you to be pulling this kind of shit,” you mutter.

  He smiles softly. “What does that mean?”

  “What do you think it means?” You challenge, sitting up to look at him.

  You two lock eyes for a moment before both breaking out into giggles. You love his laugh, you could listen to it all day. After seeing if he has more injuries, you settle down beside him, leaning against the wall. You both are close, shoulders almost touching, but you’ve never felt uncomfortable around Peter. If anything, being closer made you feel safer.

  “It’s hard, you know?” he says quietly. “Being a hero is really not at all a safe job for anyone to be doing, let alone a kid.”

  You stay quiet, leaning your head onto his shoulder.

  “And I don’t mean to worry any of you guys, just…it’s like when you’re on one of those huge roller coasters and you’re so full of adrenaline that you don’t think about the hundreds of ways you could die every second until it’s over and you’re walking away.”

  “Quite the detailed expression,” you chuckle.

  He smiles softly. “Yeah, well…don’t expect any more than that unless it’s about science puns.”

  You laugh, shaking your head. “Oh, yeah! All your shirts. Didn’t I get you one of those for Christmas?”

  “I’m pretty sure you and Aunt May have gotten me all of them.”

  You shrug. “Guilty as charged.”

  You both fall into a comfortable silence again until you decide that you need to tell him. He deserves to know.

  “Peter, can I tell you something that’s probably super stupid sounding?”

  He chuckles softly, nodding. “Yeah, but nothing you say is stupid, by the way. You’re one of the smartest girls I know.”

  You blush and move to face him better. “Okay, so…um…IreallylikeyouandIknowyouprobablydon’tlikemebackbutIneededtotellyouanyway!”

  He blinks a couple times. “S-say that again, but slower.”

  You take a deep breath before groaning to yourself. “Ugh, okay…I really like and I know you probably don’t like me back but I needed to tell you anyway.”

  You close your eyes and duck you head, not daring to look at the boy in front of you. You feel your face burning in embarrassment and it only becomes worse the longer he’s quiet for.

  Finally, his index finger tips your chin up to look at him. You see him with his own little blush and a goofy smile on his face.

  “I really like you, too.”

  Your face burns more before you lunge forward, crashing your lips against his.

  You have a feeling this is the start of a wonderful new relationship.

Never Stop1

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Warning: Swearing, Angsty, Faking Death, Murder, and Fluff.

A/N: This was for one of my good followers, who sent in a request for our mutual love Eggsy @roobierubyroobieruby So I got carried away, it ended up being three pieces long. My bad. But I’m not sorry, I had so much fun writing this!!

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lilytoons  asked:

Hey, so uhm...I just started Tumblr around this week and you were the first one I saw in the recommended section. I really like your style and ideas. I am really curious about how you started working on your comics. So here's the question (sorry took long enough haha). Do you have some kind of inspiration as a digital artist? What is it/are they? Dont worry, if your not comfortable with this quetion, you can just say yes and nevermind the follow up. BTW I ❤️ your GIFS they are so funny.

Hi there! Thank you so much! I love hearing that you like my ideas and drawing style! I started drawing my four eyes guy comics just out of boredom and wanted to make something funny. Making my own comic strip has been in the back of my mind for awhile, but I always got stuck on making a title for my series! I had a list of ideas and finally forced myself to choose one and four eyes guy comix was it.

A lot of things inspire me! Currently I’m inspired by Jaiden Animations, Icecreamsandwich Comics, Owlturd, Domics and TheOdd1sout. I love seeing their works and hope I’ll get to their level one day. I need a lot more experience points.

anonymous asked:

You know, I think I'm going to be bitter about Fairy Tail for the rest of my life. It had so much potential! And then we got into "save the world!" arc after arc after arc, and by chapter 100 Natsu was still the exact same guy he was in chapter 1, suddenly all the dragonslayers get motion sickness just so Natsu can win a game... Bitter forever.

Fairy Tail has a boatload of wasted potential. Imo, it would’ve worked better as an adventure manga than the stagnant reactionary slog we got. Go looking for your next plot, guys! Don’t just sit around! 

There’s so many interesting plots that could stem from quests alone. An arc about a 100 year quest? What about like… underwater ruins? Or floating islands? Or treasure hunting in caverns and curse-breaking and dealing with Zeref’s demons? So much potential, here.

(ughhh don’t even get me started about dragon slayer magic. seriously? OP wonder magic and it’s only drawback is motion sickness? are you kidding me?!)

anonymous asked:

Hey I just wanted to say I love love love your blog and I need to follow more people so I was wondering if you had any blog recs. Either just blogs you like (or Wynonna/Supergirl blogs too?) Thanks!

fhdsjgfs thank you 😊and tbh I need to follow more people but here’s just a few random mutuals I see on my dash that post about wearp/sg:

@lucyllawless @lesbianadenaa @amazoniankryptonian @haughtest @waverlyevrps @lenacorp @alexdanveers @supahgays but also @jscoexist @wonderwomanmademegay @thedeadflag @destroyrofnations and also shameless promo @sapphicliterature

anonymousnerdstuff  asked:

I had a quick question, i follow a lot of blog with 'muses' but what makes a character your 'muse'? i've made dozens if not hundreds of characters in my life, but to me they all feel more like children, so which if any, would be my 'muse'?

Whichever one you slap onto a roleplay blog and torture, I guess?

uniquetrashgarden  asked:

How does it feel to run a successful Tumblr blog?

this feels like an interview lol

honestly i feel the same way that i did when i had 5k and when i had 1k and 500 followers.. at the beginning i wasn’t expecting to even get back to 1.4k because i’d been deleted and now i’m like ?? how tf :’) i have the same mutuals that i did in the beginning but it’s just cool to see that people actually like what i make and thinks it’s super cool when i follow them and i used to be the same way with bigger blogs and now i’m mutuals with them so that’s p cool..! it’s just nice that people appreciate what i do on this blog :-)

Hi, everybody! Mod here!
I’m not going to pull any lame excuses when I say that I’ve been painfully negligent towards this blog lately due to my on faults in extreme levels of laziness and procrastination. However, I’m not here solely for my endless apologies although I do feel sincerely awful for the lack in content; I really do.

There’s good news to be had, after all! We’re at 450 followers! Which means, 50 away from the 500 “milestone”! I’m really excited! This means a lot to me, despite said negligence, and I want to give back for your support. So I thought about it, and thought about it, about what I could possibly do in celebration for it.
Then it hit me.
Pinkie is a cosplayer/gamer in SSD. Outside of her party organizing and the part-time at the Cakes’, she goes to cons and does things like that when she has the time. So! I’d like to try making this a bit fun for all of us, hopefully, by giving back to you all while also giving me a little bit of a challenge/push to practice drawing (which I desperately need). 

Let’s try something! Drop your favorite video game/anime/cartoon/show/whatever character you’d like to see Pinkie cosplay as! Male or female, or anything in between. In the ask box, or replies to this post. I’ll count them all by time we reach 500 and pick 5 (for 500). Should I use a random number generator? Or pick myself using my own bias? That might be wrong to do, though. I’ll figure it out!
Don’t worry if you don’t make it in, I’m not planning on deleting any of the unused asks without writing them down/screenshots; and should I delete this post in the future, I’m going to write down all in the replies that weren’t chosen for possible future ideas!
I hope this is as fun as it seems in my head. I also hope this is a good idea, one you all enjoy and want to participate in. If not, I’m sorry, but I am so thankful you’re here if you’re staying! I really wanted to give back for all your support and your patience in waiting for my lazy bum to create things for this blog. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do, so I hope this is okay!
Regardless of it all, I can’t thank you enough for simply being here. You’re all fantastic. Please enjoy the rest of your week, and your upcoming weekend!
-Umbra <3

anonymous asked:

How long have you had your blog? I'm trying to grow my thinspo acct and I only have like 150 followers :/

I actually have no idea tbh…half a year? A year? I’ve had tumblr since 2011 tbh, but i delete and create new accounts so often haha.
But anyways, I think I had a post that got popular and people started following me coz of that, I guess just keep reblogging, following, and write bout your life ?? THAT’S WHAT I DO I FEEL STUPID TELLING U THIS COZ U PROLLY DO THAT ALREADY IM SORRY

anonymous asked:

hello it is me personal post anon. i would like to apologize for my request. you are in the right with regards to it not being a personal post, but a topic concerning your customer base. i didn't think, i just saw complaining and thought "how do i not see this". i hope my selfishness and shortsightedness didn't cause too much unnecessary stress for you. also i would like to say that i personally find your jewellery exquisite, and i would follow your shop anywhere. i am sorry for my behavior.

It’s perfectly alright anon, truthfully I had already pretty much forgotten about it so you didn’t cause me any undue stress. If it’s conflict/negativity you don’t want to see on your dashboard, that’s fine and understandable, and I would be happy to tag that for you. I figured that’s what you were upset about anyway. It’s just that asking to tag personal posts can, if you’re interpreting things in the worst possible way, be interpreted as “I don’t like your personality, full stop” or even “I don’t want to think of this jewelry/images connected to a real human person”. But, honestly, whenever I make even lighthearted personal posts, I expect to lose about 5 followers at a time, so it’s long past the point where anything like that bothers me. I understand people use Tumblr for a plethora of different reasons, and some people like to use it ostensibly as a curated art feed and nothing more.

But anyway, thank you so much for the compliment, it means a lot, and please let me know if there’s anything else you’d like me to tag in the future.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your blog and I was wondering if you had any advice on how to get noticed in the simblr community? I started mine a little while ago and update daily but so far the only people who follow me are non-simblr friends. Are there good tags to use or anything else that could help me? Thank you in advance <3

i’ve been trying to figure out how to answer this because i am definitely not an expert on the matter. first of all, thank you for your kind words and as for getting noticed, i have no idea. i am still a very small fish in a large pond. i can tell you what makes tumblr an enjoyable place for me though in the fourish months i’ve had this blog. i started out like crap, like most of us, i assume. i learned so much from following other blogs that i really enjoy and i found stories that kept me interested in the game for my own sake and have learned what works for me and what doesn’t as far as storytelling, editing, etc. it’s insane how much i have learned about photoshop from 16 year olds on tumblr. but i digress. 

i was looking back on old posts and it was only about a month ago that i was still getting only 5-7 notes per post. but here’s the thing: i think it’s about connection. i try to be a good follower. i don’t follow hundreds and hundreds of blogs because i want to be able to keep up with my dash and invest in the people i follow. i’ve noticed that if i’m invested in them, they will often return the feeling and invest in me. it is a community, after all. it’s not about notes, but i understand wanting people to see what you post and care about it. so i suggest following blogs you enjoy, like their posts and even leave a comment from time to time, enjoy your own gameplay, try to be consistent, and keep posting. some of us are a slow burn; i know i am.

and feel free to send me a message off anon any time you want to talk more! if i’m not following you, let me know. i’d love to support you and invest in you. ;)

Tumblr at it again at destroying the things other people like and calling it horrible. Killing Stalking is a horror and psychological thriller comic, can I just enjoy the themes I like in peace? Just because their two men doesn’t mean I’m shipping them, or only in it because their two men. I like it because I like horror and thrillers, like ??? Can the KS tag go back to the way it was please, I miss it. I miss the theories and everyone having fun posting their reactions. I was happy when I found out that a horror comic on here had a huge following, but Tumblr is too childish to handle it.

You can’t ever like anything that’s different with them around but so what? Why are we leaving our own tags and forgoing our own enjoyment because a few people disagree. Not only that, but why betray people who DO enjoy the comic and talk shit about a comic that you know you like as well. Liking horror and psychological thrillers isn’t some type of kink, it’s the same thing as like fantasy and mecha. Stop treating us like monsters when you guys are being the ignorant, intolerant and bigots here for judging people.

Also it isn’t fair when on this damn site, Tokyo Ghoul was extremely popular and THAT’S a horror fucking comic. Like what the fuck? Go talk to the people who like cannibals! Also there was fucking When the Seagulls Cried, another horror/psychological theme anime and novel that grew to popularity. That was made by the people who made Higurashi: A show that rolled in child abuse, hints of the creepiest fucking pedophilia (Dr. Irie and his feelings to Satoko), murdering of children (Rika and Satoko, Rena taking a group of children hostages to gas), and mindless torturing.

This is just an unfair fucking witch hunt and you guys know it. You guys have supported and been apart of this type of genre. You just hate it because you guys like to destroy things that are “different”. Even something that was specifically MADE for you like DDADDS you guys managed to turn around and tried to desecrate it. You guys don’t want anything catered to you. You guys just want to destroy and take pleasure in it.

seavegetableconspiracies  asked:

"GRATEFUL"! that's exactly it. i think we forget sometimes that s1 was a rocky not-flawless thing that got put on a pedestal somewhere during hiatus. and there was drama too with it still finding its audience and footing. but we all watched it grow and get better each episode. it was a bit more about support of the show in general. we are still an extremely lucky bunch blessed with an amazing cast, but people sometimes take it for granted now and that's just plain sad. we should try that again.

true!!! yes this is exactly what i mean, season 1 was a show that was just starting out and it had cheesy writing and bad special effects and weak acting sometimes but everyone was understanding of how this is okay!!! the show was so far from perfect but there was much more love for it because people were actually understanding of all the difficulties the writers must have had with just beginning making this show that had soooo much pressure on it to follow the plot of the books. everyone was so happy with the changes and we were all just so grateful for how well they handled this adaptation and how big of an improvement it was from the books. it was a time when everyone was celebrating lydia’s original new character and clizzy’s instant friendship and even clary’s unrealistically bright hair color and all those little things that were not in the books but that are still making this show what it is!! and yes, during the hiatus it really was put on this ridiculous pedestal that it tragically fell down from during 2A. and now everyone’s taking for granted all those things we were so grateful for in season 1. and everyone seems to have forgotten that the writers of the show are still under pressure to follow the books’ plot points. and so now people blame them for the mistakes that cc made and are trashing the show for the things we all knew would happen. on top of that people are now demanding more and more of those kind of changes that made us fall in love with this show in the first place. and that’s just not okay. yes the show does have its faults and it’s made some mistakes but it’s still one of the best things the show creators could have made with what they had in the very beginning. and this fandom is too often taking it for granted.