so well written; and their relationship makes me wanna throw up


As it’s coming up to Valentine’s day I thought I would put a rec together of all my favourite Valentine’s themed fics!

Hope you enjoy, and remember as always, make sure you check rating, tags and warnings on all fics!

Always (1/1 | 1,066 | Not Rated)

Derek’s in love with Stiles but thinks he’s about to lose him. Stiles was never going to let Derek go in the first place. Fluff ensues.

Sometimes love is an obligation to your grandmother (1/1 | 6,982 | Rated M)

Dearest Derek,

Welcome to your 21st year! As per the wonderful tradition of the house of Hale, you will be attending some of the best places to be single that Beacon Hills has to offer today. First, it’s to the Coffee Shop on Main where you will get two lemon zest chocolate chip muffins. Listen to me very carefully, I’m going to ease you into the way this works. Buy two muffins, but you’re only going to eat one. Find someone cute to give the second one to…

The letter went on, but Derek was staring at it in horror, unable to process how terrible that sounded in just the first paragraph. Today was going to suck.


Or: Derek’s grandmother relishes setting her single grandchildren up on Valentine’s Day. Only, less ‘setting up’ and more ‘forcing them to run a singles-only scavenger hunt where the prize is love or at least sex’.

Derek never wins. Derek never WANTS TO win.

Kiss Me Under the Light of a Thousand Stars (1/1 | 5,631 | Not Rated)

“It was a true love spell,” he admits quietly. “It was supposed to help me find my true love. And apparently I suck at magic as much as I suck at dating because I screwed this up too.”


In which Stiles’ Valentine’s Day love spell goes very wrong.

Or perhaps very right.

Valentine’s strike (2/2 | 6,015 | PG-13)

Stiles hates Valentines Day. It was the bane of his existance. But he’s home for the 'holiday’ and has nothing to do since everyone he knows is busy. Except Derek, Derek is the only one alone as him.


The five times Derek and Stiles date by accident and the one time one of them actually ask.

Thank Jackson for me (1/1 | 3,187 | PG-13)

Derek keeps asking the wrong kind of questions.

Hot for Teacher(’s Aide) (1/1 | 8,050 | PG-13)

“He invited you to his apartment.”

“To do a lesson plan.”

“Yeah and to probably lesson your plan while you’re there,” Scott said, waggling his eyebrows.

“That made no sense, but you still managed to make it sound dirty,” Stiles said. “I’m impressed.”

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this is the only photo where there’s nothing drawn on it. the rest’s gonna be in the post

*tries to stay awake* I can finally say…My last prompt for the Lapidot Anniversary week is DONE ! It’s 2 AM, but …IT WAS WORTH IT. NOW LET’S BEGIN.

Now you’re probably wondering…

What the heck is this.

 I had another idea involving a selfie, but it was also involving asking my ex-roommate. Since I’m blue and he’s green it would have been easy…But he would have probably refused  and…well he doesn’t live here anymore. So I gave up huehue

Now lemme explain. I have a HUGE mineral collection and an awful lot of pets.

As you can see, i have several peridots and lapises (and it’s not even all of them- you’ll see later). And I…also have a small cinnamon rat called Steven - well, actually, Mordecai, but Steven is his other name cause I didn’t wanna choose-

“I think he saw me !!!”

He LOVES stealing my gemstones, especially my bracelets. I often takes photos of him with them (I also have a Sans with a aquamarine on his head buuut not for today). So I decided, for the Photo prompt, to take photos of him and make our favorite nerds interact with him.


I think Lapis is taking some…advantage of the situation…

And yes. Yes. He legit tried to eat the peridot. I had to take it because he wanted to flee with it.

Seems Peridot actually trust Rat Steven…

I first wanted to make stuff as detailed as this one but I had no time. So some of them are totally sketchy.

…Wait. I didn’t finish. I…didn’t introduce my mice !! 8D

Out of 5 mice. I have three females.

One day, I just showed the biggest one to my friends. A big, orange mouse, with a mark across her face. Since I showed her, all my friends calls her Jasper (she’s also a brute…so it’s actually perfect haha). Aaand.

The same hapenned to the two other mice.


I have two mice nicknamed “Lapis” (brown one) and “Peridot” (well..the one on the candle, also the smallest of the group). When I remembered this I immediatly took them out to take photos.

They’re extremely bonded (and I talk about all of them) but fun fact is that when I take one of these two out the other starts to follow hahaha.


actually she’s just trying to steal food but it’s still fun and cute

Yes, food because it took me a lot of time to take these photos but also a lot of mozarella so they’d stop randomly walking around on my desk.

yes Lap also tried to eat this bracelet…like wow i know it kinda looks like candy but wtf

“wth are you looking at you clod”

“spotted lmao”

And that’s. All. I could have put more picture and more detailed stuff but as I said before, I had no time.

In case you were wondering, the small rock are gifts from someone who found them near a volcano. There’s olivine on them~

And I didn’t buy the candles on purpose. I bought the blue one last year (there’s also some yellow on it :3) and I received the lime green one for my birthday (like the small bracelet, the olivines and the small lapis) last april and weeell seems it was the perfect moment <3 The decoration stayed like this since the day I took the photo, I…just find it beautiful like this. I just wear the bracelets but the rest never changed :’)

Well. I’m glad I’ve been part of this awesome event ! This relationship needed to be celebrated, these dorks are amazing and this ship doesn’t deserve all the stupid hate (which is weird because it’s also the most popular ?…). You can try and convince me but I will never change my mind about them. Peridot always looked to have a huge crush on Lapis to me, she just…looks like me when I like someone too much like it’s so obvious it looks like it’s written on the face XD

Now, I just need to add something to this huuuuuuge post: I talked about a cross over I made before the event. I will post it tomorrow ! Cuz I don’t know where it is and now I’m just gonna faint. I just wanted to post the last prompt before throwing myself in my bed.

Also Lapidot rules /o/ (and boop @lapidot-anniversary-week and @jenhedgehog …or @luclipse85 ? idk - hope it’s still ok to post now)

Peter Parker Imagine

Requested: hi! can u write  peter parker imagine where ur tony’s daughter and you always go to visit peter. but you two haven’t told anybody about your relationship. and so you two got shopping one day and he decides to take you out on a date instead and Tony’s at the same restaurant that he took you to. and so ur trying to hide from him and stuff. and then on the same day tony shows up at his apartment and peter gets really nervous and scared that he might find out that you two are together.

A/N: it’s long ;3

Warning: None

You knocked on the window of Peter’s apartment. Peter’s back was turned towards you and he had his earbuds in. You sighed in annoyance and knocked again. It seemed that Peter couldn’t hear you because of the music.

‘‘Peter!’‘ you yell through the window.

Peter couldn’t hear you again which made you angrier. You started slamming the window with your first, yelling for Peter’s attention. Of course, Peter’s music was still blaring into his ears. His focus was on his phone, which gave you an idea.

‘‘You’re so deaf sometimes, Parker.’‘ you sigh, rolling your eyes.

You reach into your back pocket and fished out your phone. When you got it out, you pulled up Peter’s messages and saw that he was typing something. You waited as he typed, when he sent the message, you wanted to throw your phone at the ground.

‘‘Where are you Y/N?’‘ peter texted.

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The Arrangement (Part 14)

Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

Summary: Dean tries to cope with your breakup, and then gets a surprise visit from Crowley. Your friends take you out to try and cheer you up, but eventually you head home alone, only to find someone waiting for you.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,500

Warnings: Language, alcohol consumption (like a lot) (this is not how to cope with feelings, friends), heartbreak, sadness, loneliness, desperation, suspense, cliff-hanger

A/N: Reminder… I love you guys a lot. Like so much. Don’t hate me, it’ll be okay!

Check out the series masterlist HERE

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Written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing’s favourite things challenge.

Prompt: leather jacket

Dean x reader (established relationship)

Words: about 1300

Warnings: smut, sorta rough oral (male receiving), unprotected sex.

Beta: the ever lovely @mamapeterson

You loved everything about it; the rich smell, the way it felt between your fingertips, the way it hung over his broad shoulders. It was a bit old, you’d agree to that, but Dean was born to wear it. That was why you were so stunned when he came home with another. It was nice, black and soft, with a rock n’ roll edge to it. That being said, it could be as nice as it wanted to, it wasn’t Dean’s leather jacket.

“You got a new one?” you eyed him curiously and walked over to him. You let your fingers glide over the new, black leather. “Aren’t leather jackets sorta expensive?”

“Let’s just say I got a bit of a discount, sweetheart,” he said, winking at you, the green of his eyes twinkling in the light seeping into the motel room from the window. “You like it?” Dean puffed his chest out, trying to give you the full effect of his new purchase.

“Sure,” you said and tried your best at a convincing smile, “but you didn’t throw the old one out, did you?”

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“I have come to make you better,
I have come to take you away.”

Anon request: Stevie talking about her fans.

“For your own knowledge, if you ever think that you don’t matter, I want to tell you something. To me, you’re the only thing in the whole world that matters.” - US Festival, 1983.

“So this is like for me a very special time, because I feel wild, I’m very wild and so is my audience and there is that incredible … We are all in love, everybody’s in love and I feel it when I walk out on stage and they feel it… And its like, you know, it’s really deep and very much all consuming for me. I said a long time ago, I would not hedge. If I was going to be a writer I was going to write down the truth. I wasn’t going to name names and be unkind, but I was going to tell the truth. I don’t have any reason to not, and if I am going to write and I going to make these songs experiences that I know everyone of you have had, that when you have that experience and you hear that song, you’ll click into it and you will know exactly what I am talking about. And, those are the only people I care about, the people that understand that, if you read between my lines. No one knows unless you really look. That’s the people I write for, because someone needs to write about what is happening to all of us.” - MTV Interview, 1983.

“I would just like them to know how much I care about them. And to know that it’s not hard to give up the rest of my life for them because it’s what I want and I just want them to be happy and feel good. And I wanna enhance their life a little bit..” - MTV Interview, 1983.   

“I am in love with the people that I write songs for. My love is donated and dedicated completely to my audience. It’s very difficult for me to give. You know when I walk out on the stage it’s like that’s when I’m really me. When I walk home and go back into my hotel room, I don’t even want to talk about anything else, you know. In my heart, the love that I have for the people that I play for and write songs for, those kids that I jump off the stage and attack security… That they matter so much to me that’s it’s difficult for anything else to matter to me. I’m not willing to compromise. Anything that comes into my life is a compromise to me. I don’t even, I can’t go to the dentist or the doctor or anything because I have no time. So anything that comes into my life is a compromise, except my singing and my being there for rehearsal and my being there on Monday morning for that airplane and I am into the sea Tuesday night. You know that’s that Jim. That’s it. That’s the end. - Jim Ladd Interview, 1983.

“The people who listen to me sing, the kids in Australia, the kids in the United States, the kids in Europe, anybody… My friends, you, anybody who wants me to sit down and sing for them. That makes it worth it.” - The Meldrum Tapes Interview, 1986.

“When I look at the audience out there, it’s like I’m looking at my children.” - Record Mirror, May, 1989.

“Sometimes I’ll be sitting in an airport or someplace, waiting, absolutely exhausted, maybe I’m late for a rehearsal or something, and all I really want to do is be alone at home reading in a bubble bath. I’ll be just about to completely lose it when some shy person will carefully approach me and tell me about how much a certain song of mine helped them though a crisis or a time in their own life… That’s exactly what makes it all worth it. It’s all about love, and trust, and acceptance, and it is completely priceless.” 1994

“Well, you know, let’s see what is my relationship the fans? It’s everything, it is everything for me you know to know that people love my music, is like you know… It completes my life, it gives my life closure and makes me understand what all this has been for.“ - WMGK Radio, July, 1998

"Once I write a song that connects with people, they don’t ever forget that connection. So I think a lot of connections were made in the very, very beginning that made it last through now. Because those were such strong ties that were made then, that they just were never broken.” - VH1 Behind The Music, 1998.

“I just want to affect people, I just wanna get… And I get little notes and they’re all in my journals, you know, just like what you just said, a little note written on a paper that’s just signed “love, Amber”, and I never get to see Amber or talk with her in person but I have that little note that says “there were times in my life where I just thought I wasn’t gonna make it. It was dark; it was a dark place…” I think I get the things I’m supposed to get, of course I don’t get everything but I’ll go into my room and my assistant will have laid out like five or six things on my bed and I’ll sit there when I’m gone to bed, and I’ll sit there cross-legged and I’ll read these things. And then I’ll stick them into my journal so my journals are big anyway, but then they are like full because I have lots of things that I want to leave right where they were when I got them. I want them to be on September 19th, 2012. I wanna have them there always. I get the things I’m supposed to get and I talk to the people I’m supposed to talk to. That’s how I look at it. We are the chess pieces and somebody up there, the spirits are moving us all around and moving us together. And I’m not going away, I’m going to continue to write these poems for you as long as I can.” - Mill Valey Film Festival, October, 2012.

“I’m not married, I don’t have kids, I have a tiny little crazy dog who’s 14. I have my music that I love and what I do is I write stuff for you, that’s what I do.“ - Mill Valey Film Festival, October, 2012.

“We are not making this (In Your Dreams documentary) for us, we’re making this for you. (…) We are very, very aware as writers that you are going through the relationships that we are talking about, right along with us. It’s happening at this very moment to all of you here also, we understand that. You’re not a songwriter, we’ll write the songs for you. And we’re making you into songwriters and we’re making you experience your life also (through the songs) and that’s what a writer does. If this little movie does just a little bit of that, just reaches out and makes each one of you you sit at the desk with a pen, hopefully a pen and a piece of paper, this beautiful stationary, and writes down what happens to you and you’re doing what we are trying to do to make you do that.” - Hamptons Film Festival, October, 2012.

"We just bounce off of each other. I throw the dreams out there and you throw them back at me and that’s how we make this together. This is not anything that’s done by one person. It happens because we’re a team. And you are my team. You are. And I mean it.” - Canadian Premiere of In Your Dreams, April, 2013.

“You guys need music as much as I need to make music for you. I’m tired, but I’ll never be tired of this or of you.” - 24 Karat Gold Tour, 2016.

That's My Spot

(Jughead x Reader)

Summary: You and Jughead constantly bicker. Everyone knows the two of you don’t mix. What will happen when your friends find out you’ve been crushing on your rival?

Word Count: 1,539

Warnings: Swearing (I mean, what did you expect?), Beronica(?)

A/N: I finally wrote something! I’m so sorry it took so long, writers block has been kicking my ass. But I’m back! There’s obviously going to be a second part to this, but it’s almost 2am and this is getting really long so I didn’t want to add too much. Sorry for the crappy ending. (Also i know this seems really similar to What Just Happened but it won’t be I promise!) PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF I MADE ANY MISTAKES, IT’S LATE AND I’M WAY TOO TIRED TO PROOF READ.

Part Two

Originally posted by jenzig

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Less Than 100 Kudos Fic Reclist

I’m getting real salty and tired of seeing reclists always, and I mean ALWAYS, showcasing fics that already get plenty of attention. Do these writers deserve it? Yes, of course, their fics are on a reclist for a reason to begin with, but what about the peeps that are already sifting through the crumbs? The ones that always get left out?

So, I decided: how about a reclist that only has fics with lower kudos counts that are also really good? How about making people that don’t normally get to feel special, special?

Thus from the fires of spite and salt, this was created! I’ll be updating it every once in awhile, and recs from other peeps are always wanted. For now, here’s a few.

(And for people that have been keeping up with my whinging today, I won’t be putting up any of my fic. GASP. Here she was, bitching about not getting put on reclists and she won’t even put herself on a reclist? Yep. Deal with it, I guess? I may bitch about not being noticed as much as my validation-starved ass wants to be, but most of my fic are over 100 kudos. I won’t throw myself where I don’t belong. Well… okay, maybe one or two, but just so I can include a middle finger emoji directed at certain fic rec list creators for making me feel unwanted and unnecessary and unskilled because of their fucking reclists. What can I say! I’m salty!)*


*I will be including a few fics over 100 kudos that I think deserve more recognition as well, because fuck you I can break my own rules

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To all the new followers and people who liked/read my superbat drabble: You are awesome <3

Anyway, have a continuation? I’m a sucker for reactions

Clark Joseph Kent, I cannot believe you bothered to show up to work!!

“Um. H-Hi, Lois.”

Gah!! I could just-!” While Lois pantomimed strangling the soul right out of his body, Clark adjusted his glasses and tried to not listen too much to the whispering.

Who was he kidding, he was both ‘curious and obscenely nosy’, as Bruce liked to put it.

“Braver than he looks, if that’s real-

Actually sleeping with Batman, holy shit-

“How did Batman pick that up? I’m surprised Clark didn’t faint at the sight of the Bat.

“-cannot believe we spent all these years one cubicle from each other, and you have the audacity to keep something like this from me- hello? Clark?!” Lois snapped her fingers impatiently, and Clark blinked several times.

“Sorry. Spaced out.” Lois pinched the bridge of her nose. She breathed very slowly.

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Who’s this?

A/N: This is the first backstory to my series imagine rewrite (I really gotta think of a better name for this). It could also just be taken as a one-shot, whichever floats your boat.

Dean’s age-12

Sam’s age-8

Reader’s age-newborn baby

Middle & bottom gif is from google search

Originally posted by campbellsaunders

“Boys stay in the car for another minute, there’s something I need to talk about with you.” John says to the boys while putting the impala in park next to Bobby’s truck. He was beginning to regret waiting until the last minute to tell the boys about the newest edition to the family.

“Everything okay Dad?” Dean asked from the passenger seat.

“Yeah Dean, everything’s fine, it’s just…do you boys remember Meredith Porter? I went on a few hunts with her in the past.” John asked his boys.

“Yeah Dad of course we remember her. She always cooks real food whenever she’s around; she’s the one who taught Dean how to grill at that one motel that had the outdoor rec. area.” Sam smiled at the memory of acting like a normal family.

“Why do you ask Dad? Did something happen to her?” Dean asked his father with concern written all over his face.

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Everything (Murphy & Bellamy Smut)

“We know you want us.” Bellamy pushes you against the wall of the dropship. Murphy stands to your right, smirking at you.

“W-what a-are you talking about?” You pretend to be confused.

“Princess, don’t lie, we know you want us. It took a few bottles of vodka, but Octavia told us. Everything.” Murphy puts his hand on your cheek.

“E-everything?” Bellamy smirks as well, leaning down to whisper in your ear.

“Everything.” You blush at his words and how close he is as he says them, his lips brushing your neck slightly.

“She told us about how you wanted the two of us, together. A threesome. She told us about how you didn’t just want sex though, how you wanted a relationship. With both of us. We’re both bi, so I guess it would work with the two of us for that part.” Murphy gets closer.

“But, as probably know, neither of us are good at sharing. But the idea of you, letting us have you, sexually and otherwise. Well that sounds like a good plan.” Bellamy whispers the last sentence in your ear, before pulling you toward him, his arms around your waist and his lips on yours. Murphy watches for a bit. Then he decides that he wants to touch you too. He comes up behind you and puts his arms around you, in between yours and Bellamy’s bodies.

Murphy attacks your neck, leaving marks all over the exposed skin making you let out a small moan into your quickly-heating up kiss with Bellamy. You feel their smirks widen and Bellamy kisses you harder for a second, before pulling away. “What do you say we get these clothes off and get started?” Bellamy asks, lust written all over his face. You nod embarrassingly quick. Murphy reluctantly pulls off your neck, sucking hard on one more spot before pulling himself off of you. Murphy pulls your shirt off of you, and the two boys do the same.

Bellamy unbuttons your pants and before he has them off, Murphy shoves his hand down them, his fingers tracing your clit. His other hand is finds your breast, grabbing it roughly and you moan at all of the stimulation, throwing your head back against his chest as he circles your clit. Both boys chuckle, and then his hands are gone and you whine at the loss.

“Let’s take this to the bed, shall we?” Bellamy pushes you toward the bed in a corner of the room that you were sure hadn’t been there when you had arrived. You sit down on it and the boys undress eachother, their lips connecting. You take off your socks and shoes, sitting on the edge of the bed, watching your crushes make out. Both of them in notheing but their boxers.

Murphy tries to pin Bellamy to a wall, but Bellamy just flips them. Bellamy grinds onto Murphy, and they both moan. Murphy pushes at the others boxers, wanting them off. Bellamy gets the idea and starts to take them off. “Yours too. Both of you.” You hesitate, but do as you’re told, almost whining at not being able to see him, all of him. When you get them off, you look up. They were both big.“Take your bra off too.” You rush to take the material off, before going to cover yourself up, your arms crossed and your legs pressed together tightly.

“Don’t do that. We want to see you.” Murphy walks over, pushing your arms away as his leg comes between yours, pushing them apart.

“Lay down on the bed. You too, Murphy.” Bellamy orders, making you get even more wet, your core dripping.

“Well someone likes to be in charge.” Murphy looks up at Bellamy as the two of you do what was asked, well, ordered. Bellamy just smiles, walking closer.

“Didn’t think you would be, did you Murphy? Hate to break it to you, but I’m in charge. So stop talking, and do what I tell you to do.” You almost whimper as your heat aches at his words. You imagine him telling you what to do, giving him complete control.

“Or what?”

Bellamy’s hand collides with Murphy’s ass and he jolts above you, moaning, and his leg brushes your clit. You moan. “P-Please.” You whine, wanting someone to touch you already. You love the foreplay, but you’ve been wet since Bellamy had you up against that wall. Murphy looks down at you, then his fingers are on your clit, rubbing hard and fast, and moans practically pour out of you.

“Stop.” Bellamy commands. Murphy doesn’t though, a smirk on his face as he slips two fingers in you, curling them and managing to hit your g-spot on the first try.

“That feel good, princess?” He drawls, “You’re so wet.” You moan again. “Oh, I know what’s got you so hot, that’s your spot, isn’t it?” He strokes at it cruelly. Bellamy spanks him again.

“I said, ‘stop’. Listen to me, or I’ll have to take you over my knee.” Murphy moans loud at that, his fingers stopping, but not leaving you. Bellamy looks Murphy in the eyes. He relents and pulls them out and you whimper, squirming. You were so close.
“Y/N, on your hands and knees. Murphy get in front of her.” You get into the position he told you to get into, knowing what was going to happen. Bellamy gets on the bed behind you and Murphy gets off the bed and in front of you.

Two fingers are pushed into you, thrusting at a fast pace and you almost scream. Then you take Murphy’s hard cock into your mouth, going all the way down in one go and he groans loudly. Bellamy’s adds another finger. After a bit his cock is pushing in you and you moan around Murphy.

All any of you can hear are moans. “Fuck, Bellamy, you gotta try her mouth. So good, Y/N. Just like that. Fuck. Just like that.” You lick faster and suck harder in response. He moans again. “I-I-I’m go-gonna c-cum!” He shoots down your throat and you swallow, sucking hard and he whines at oversensitivity before you pull away. Bellamy picks up speed, finding an impossible speed and going in deep. You bit your lip, muffling your moan. He pulls out.

“Get on your back, wanna see you.” You turn over and Bellamy pushes into you hard again, going back to his fast pace. Murphy’s hands go to your nipples, pinching and twisting. You cum hard after that and Bellamy quickly follows with a low groan as his load fills you. They pull away from you and you sit up, breathing heavily as you sit up against the wall.

“That was fun.” You say with a smile and the boys join you, smiling and sitting on either side of you.

Then Murphy gets an idea. He moves over, putting his head between your legs. “What are you doing?” You go to sit up, but Bellamy wraps his arms around you pulling you back, pushing your face into his strong chest.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” You gasp when you feel Murphy’s tongue running up and down your slit. His tongue circles your clit, but avoids it, and you feel him smile at your whine. He puts his fingers in you again and you scream into Bellamy’s chest. Hands are on your nipples. You moan. Bellamy’s lips find your neck, leaving marks where Murphy didn’t and kissing over all of them.

“So beautiful.” Bellamy says before kissing you. Murphy’s lips wrap around your clit and you scream again. His tongue licks at you harshly and his fingers speed up as he adds another one. You moan into the kiss, and reach for Bellamy’s cock, wrapping your hand around it and stoking fast. He moans and you pull away, pushing him a little bit from you and putting your mouth on his hard length. You suck on his lip for a bit, tongue lapping at his slit. “Don’t tease me.” You don’t go down though, you just pull your mouth away and lick him up and down before taking the tip back in your mouth. His hand smacks your thigh and you jump, causing Murphy’s teeth to brush your clit and you cum. You feel Murphy smirk, but he doesn’t stop. You try to push him off, but he just latches on and looks up at you.

“S-stop. T-too s-sensitive.” He doesn’t listen, he pulls his fingers out though, and your sigh in relief as his mouth leaves your clit. Then his tongue is in you, licking your walls and you scream around Bellamy. You take his cock all the way in your mouth, the tip hitting the back of your throat. Murphy puts his fingers in you and his mouth goes back to your clit, sucking even harder than before and adding another finger.

“You, were right, Murph. Her mouth is great.” Bellamy moans. “Y/N, I-I’m close.” You moan around him and he cums. You swallow around him and pull off.

Murphy pulls off of your clit and sits up. “I think I wanna fuck you. You want that doll?” His fingers stay in you and find your g-spot as he asks that. They rub at it as you try to answer and he grins evilly. “Gonna need an answer, doll.” He rubs harder. You try to answer again but nothing comes out of your mouth other than a scream as Bellamy’s thumb finds your clit.

“Answer him, Y/N.” Bellamy looks down at you.

“P-please?” You look at Murphy. His fingers curl harder and rub even faster.

“Please, what?” Bellamy asks, kissing your neck again, leaving yet another mark.

“P-please f-fuck me!” You scream as you cum again. Murphy’s fingers leave you, but his cock finds your entrance and he pushes into you, not giving you any time before he starts pumping in and out of you. You moan again, through the sensitivity is a blinding hot pleasure. Bellamy’s grins into your neck and Murphy’s fingers are on your clit. It isn’t long before you both cum. The three of you lay there in eachother’s arms. “So, are we all dating eachother now?”

“Yep.” Murphy kisses your cheek. Bellamy just grins and puts his fingers on your clit.

“Wha-what are you doing?” You ask tiredly, trying to get your hand off. It doesn’t move. He starts to rub tight circles on your clit and you whimper.

“He made you cum twice. You only came once for me.“

“It’s true. I did. That’s not fair to Bellamy, doll. Two boyfriends means sharing. Everything.” Murphy nods and they share a smirk while you whine.

[Shoutout to @dxsturbxa, thanks for all the feedback and help!]

[Don’t Wanna Cry series] Wonwoo ver.

Prompt: Don’t wanna cry - Wonwoo
Genre: Angst 
Word Count: 790

A/N: New drabble up! This drabble was inspired by the short skit he did with Sohye during Star Show 360 (once again), someone needs to stop me from watching that show over and over. Okay and also mini disclaimer, Wonwoo is 100% not like this in reality life and honestly I felt so guilty for portraying him this way so please do not that his character here so seriously (we all know he radiates nothing but sunshine and butterflies)

-jihooned 😶

S.Coups | Jeonghan | Joshua | Jun | Hoshi | Wonwoo | Woozi | DK | Mingyu | The8 | Seungkwan | Vernon | Dino |

Originally posted by livelovelunch

“Wonwoo, who am I to you?”

“You? You’re my partner.”

“Then who is this person?”

“Oh Eunjae? Also my partner.” Wonwoo curtly replied.

“Are you kidding me?”

“Do I look like I’m kidding to you?”

This had to be some sick joke. You thought.

But from the look on Wonwoo’s face and the way he linked arms with Eunjae, you knew very well that this was no laughing matter.

“If you don’t like it then leave.” The male replied, still wearing the unsympathetic face.

Wonwoo’s attitude made you want to throw up. It was as if he was acting out some breakup from a drama that had a well written script.

“In this situation,” you began, trying your best to curb your anger, “you should apologise.”

“But I’ve never said sorry in my entire life before.”


“Jeon Wonwoo, you’ll regret this.”

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anonymous asked:

i don't wanna let the dean-banging-random-chicks thing bother me but yet it does /sigh/

Hey there! :)

In all honesty, I haven’t consistently watched the show since the end of season 9, so at this point I’m detached from canon to the point where I’m just like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ whenever something like that happens. I guess it’s like that when you’ve been living in fanon world for this long. :p

However I do remember a time when this was upsetting to me as well, so I’d say that an earlier version of me can definitely relate.

But when taking a step back and really looking at it: Dean/random woman number 23 don’t have 64.208 stories written about them on a popular online platform. Dean/random woman number 17 never won an award for best chemistry because fans cared so much that they were determined to make it happen. Dean/random woman number 9 didn’t inspire tons of fanart, or cosplays, or friendships formed between fans from all across the globe over the story of them. Dean/random woman number 18 didn’t have a slow burn love story (including all of the classical tropes of romance) developing between them that’s been 8 years in the making, to the point where people love to speculate about it in what little spare time they have when not going to classes or picking up the kids from kindergarten or working that boring office job.

Don’t get me wrong, character development is very important to me, and even if I’m looking at it from the point of view of someone who is not a shipper (which I can, after not actively watching the show for 3 years) I get why it’s frustrating that they keep playing this card with Dean, always one step forward, two steps back. He’s still where he was at 10 years ago, using alcohol and meaningless sex as a coping mechanism instead of finding healthier ways. But at the same time, that’s all it is; a coping mechanism.

I haven’t watched this week’s episode, but from what I’ve been told Dean’s hookup doesn’t even have any real lines except for introducing herself, and she’s completely irrelevant to the plot because that is how little even the writers care about the random fling that they’re throwing in there, they don’t even care enough to make it a one/two episode arc that at least still makes you feel something, like for example with Sam/Sarah.

And in that you have your answer; Whenever a random hookup pops up, everyone in the Destiel corner of the fandom deals with it differently; some get angry, some are (like me) numb to it after 12 seasons of the same nonsense, some come up with great meta to turn it into something less aggravating. But at the end of the day, I can only say this: There is nothing to get angry about. There isn’t even a pressing need to meta anything away, per se.

In the end, the stories that matter, they matter because we care enough about them to ensure that they’ll be spread and remembered for years to come. As fans we decide which ones remain relevant and which ones will be forgotten within a matter of weeks. 

The relationships we’ll remember (and that the show will be remembered for) are the ones fleshed out, the ones that actually mean something. And that’s what counts, so don’t let something like this get you down. ♡


And now it is time for the third member of the hyung line, our hope, our angel who is so fucking sweet like he’s so caring and kind and warm and all he wants to do is make people happy how is he real I wanna hug him and tell him thank you bc he’s so amazing, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi

  • This post is written in the college AU, it’s just to help set the scene a bit so college!Hoseok is right here
  • Visuals are first bc I gotta
  • Hobi always looks so good but I gotta go with the black hair, it’s always such a l o o k, especially when it’s up and the forehead is showing bc then you can see all of his face
  • Black is one of my favorite hair colors for him but the look he had for Spring Day/Not Today was so fucking cute too and so was the red hair and the blonde, moral of the story, hobi is just always cute
  • Okay but hobi’s airport style is 10/10 I always love seeing the boys’ airport outfits bc they always look so good but I love hobi’s airport looks, they’re always so coordinated and he wears a lot of black and I’m a sucker for black clothing
  • But he can also pull off different patterns, he can do the camouflage look, he can do stripes, he can do sweaters, t-shirts, anything you throw at hobi, he’s got it covered, I mean the man pulled off a bright green sweater and made it look boyfriend how the hell does someone do that plz explain
  • The looks that fits player!hobi is the all black look he did, with the black jeans, black sneakers, black t-shirt, black bag, even his hair was black and that is my s h i t all black instantly
  • But there’s another all black outfit where he had a black t-shirt but then  a red beanie and the strap of his bag was red and that is just wow idk why I love it so much but I kinda keep looking at it bc I would like a round of applause for Mr. Jung bc that look officially has me heart eyes
  • He can pull off so many different hats it’s so hard to choose just one, he can pull off bucket hats, he can do the snapback look !!! beanies, goofy hats, all the hats so I’m just gonna choose them all for player!hobi 
  • Hobi is another dater, he is a really sensitive person when it comes to emotions so just like Yoongi, one night stands aren’t really a thing
  • It’s rare for him to go that far but when he does, it’s someone he knows really well, he’s just more a lover, he prefers feeling that connection of love and it being something really meaningful to both parties involved
  • But he does love a good date, he actually lasts pretty long with his dates, he doesn’t ever confirm or deny the relationship, that’s his thing
  • He’s a carefree kid who’s just focusing on having fun and he’s not looking to get into any relationships yet, especially when he’s so busy being a TA and a dance major
  • He never stops them from calling him their boyfriend but he also calls them his friend or his date so they get a bit confused bc wait it’s been like a month how are we not together yet
  • He always dances (pun intended) around the subject and changes it super quickly bc he doesn’t wanna let them down and tell them that he’s not interested in a relationship but it’s really nothing personal, it’s not their fault, he’s just having fun and chilling out with fun people
  • He has a very approachable vibe to him like he’s not a scary person, he’s so friendly and open and he’s always smiling so people aren’t afraid to come up to him and talk to him and maybe throw in a few flirty lines
  • He would be such a cute date oh my lord, he loves going to a festival or a cute lil diner or maybe feeding ducks at the park and eating some ice cream
  • Always always always holding his date’s hand, sometimes he’ll have his arm around them but even then, he wants them to be holding his hand bc he just loves that shit
  • He’s another player that you don’t expect to be a player based on his personality
  • He’s just so bubbly and caring and he’s really doting towards his dates, he’s always asking if they’re having fun, if they’re comfortable, if they wanna go somewhere else and he makes sure they get home safe so when they find out about it, they’re just oH
  • He h a t e s the “breaking up” part bc hobi loves making people happy and he does so much to get them to smile and he’s always so energetic and cheerful so the thought of ruining someone’s entire week bc of this is heartbreaking to him
  • But he’s also not a cheater and even if he’s not in a relationship with them, he doesn’t wanna be taking them on dates and spending so much time with them and then turning around and doing the same thing with someone else so he’s gotta break it off eventually
  • But he does it very gently, he makes sure they aren’t too down about it and he always promises to stay friends
  • You always see hobi around campus
  • Here’s the thing about hobi, pretty much everyone on campus either knows hobi, knows of him or knows someone that knows him, he’s a social butterfly
  • You know all about his reputation of having someone new every month and never committing but you also know about his dance reputation and that he’s supposedly am az in g
  • So when your friend tells you he’s performing in an underground freestyle competition thing and that they’re going, you figure you’ll go and see what all the talk is about bc when people talk about his dance skills they make him out to be this incredible, breathtaking dancer that’ll make you wanna dance too
  • You had never spoken to him so it was a bit ?? when he walked up to you and greeted you like you were his best friend but then you realize he’s being flirty and while it’s flattering, you also know what the end result typically is so you politely decline his offer to get a late night snack afterwards
  • He is a bit confused bc normally people don’t reject him but it’s his turn so he doesn’t have time to keep talking to you
  • You’re blown away by how talented he is bc have you ever seen hobi dance that shit is magical, it’s so captivating and just I could go on for hours about how talented hobi is
  • You leave shortly after his turn is up bc you have a class early the next morning and you gotta sleep so hobi doesn’t get another chance to talk to until he sees you on campus two days later
  • He keeps talking to you, every time he sees you and you realize that it’s been a while since you’ve heard about him dating someone and pretty soon, he’s spent the entire term single with no dating or even flirting with other people
  • “I wanna get to know you”
  • You’re trying really hard not to fall for his charming lil smile or the way his entire face lights up whenever he sees you or the way his voice sounds when he’s tired and his words are a bit slurred together bc he’s too exhausted to put in the effort to be coherent
  • You agree to go out on a date with him during the summer bc you figure you might as well get it over with, you’re already crushing on him so it’s better to see him from the player point of view so you can move on with your lives
  • It’s so much fun, he takes you down to the beach and you walk all around the pier together and play in the sand and run from the waves and it’s just a really stress free date where you two genuinely enjoy every moment and there aren’t any awkward moments
  • You get a bit nervous around the one month mark bc you know that’s when his relationships stop but then everything stays normal, he actually takes you out to dinner for your first month anniversary and then the next thing you know, you’ve spent the entire summer and the following term with him openly calling himself your boyfriend
  • “I like being in a relationship with you, it’s funner than having to stress over breakups”
  • “I like you as a boyfriend a lot more”
  • “Maybe one day, I’ll be upgraded to husband”
  • “Ch iLL”
BunnyRibbit: Facetime

[You got it, my dude. Though…it turned out a little long for a flash piece.]

           I’m here now, okay? Don’t leave yet! Hana was hastily texting as she got into her apartment, throwing her keys aside. Her computer was already on—naturally—so it just took a quick shake of her mouse to wake it up. Drills had gone on way longer than they should’ve, which meant that rather than having plenty of time to get home and clean up a little, she was already late for her planned Skype call with Lúcio. Their time zones were exactly twelve hours apart, so mid- afternoon for her was three in the morning for him. Still, he had answered her last few texts saying he would wait, so she figured this was better than nothing.

           Are you still up? she typed quickly as she got her webcam working.

           I’m here, don’t worry, Lúcio responded. He video called her, and she answered with a wide smile. Of course she knew he wouldn’t care that she was still in work mode, but she couldn’t help feeling bad regardless. When he saw her, he smiled back, and her stomach filled with warmth. “They’re really working you out there, huh?”

           “No kidding,” she said. “It wasn’t even a MEKA day. I’m exhausted—but I’m glad to see you! I’m sorry for making you stay up so late.”

           “It’s cool. I’ve had concerts keep me up later,” he assured her. When her eyes fell on his shirt, her smile widened.

           “Nice PJs, nerd,” she mumbled, though she was honestly pleased to see him sporting her B.Ny logo. It was one of her favorite designs, too! Had she told him that? Or did they just have similar tastes? 

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The Irrelevance of Napoli: Eight (Clay Apuzzo)

Warnings: Sex jokes, SMUT, a deep conversation about Clay and irrelevancy, swearing. NOT FOR UNDER EIGHTEENS. 

Word Count: 2234

A/N: The jokes at the beginning are from “An Evening with Robin Williams” (1982)

A/N: The Shakespeare line is from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Act 5, Scene 1

A/N: TAG LIST IS OPEN. Please let me know if you want to be added/removed


Well, I’m gonna start out walkin’,

Just you wait and see

Uh, uh, guitar picker, you ain’t leavin’ without me!

Well, you big-mouth woman,

You long-legged guitar-pickin’ man!

Well, we can work this out, uh huh, yes ma’am, I think we can…

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Happy Accident pt. 2 - Bucky Barnes x Reader

A/N: Part twooooo! Ahhhh I’m so excited for this one.

Request: “Part two for happy accident please!!”, courtesy of a fanbloodytabulous anon.

Summary: You met on the subway, when the train stopped and you accidentally grabbed something other than the pole. Now your friend has decided it’s time for some frientervention.

Warnings: I think there’s a bit of language in this chapter? But yeah, hopefully it shall be pretty mild.

Other Notes: Gender neutral reader! Oh boy, do I love this fandom. Your friend reappears. Part 1 | Part 3

“Siri, open Facebook.”

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Jared x Reader: Part II

(Part I and Part III)

Pairing: Jared Padalecki x reader, lots of bromance with rest of cast

Word count: 1561

Summary: After a crazy end to a convention, you and Jared go out for coffee.

Warnings: reaaalllyyyy slowwwww burnnnn (sorry guys. *hides behind laptop screen*), it’s late and i’m tired (so this could likely be bleh, especially towards the end)

A/N: Okay… So this ended up being more crazy end to convention than out to coffee, but I had so much fun writing it. lol I got a lot of inspiration from the JIB8 closing ceremony. (If you haven’t watched it, you should seriously go watch it. It’s incredible.) 
Photo credit to @jmaclean (and here’s her twitter, which has even more amazing pictures.)

I’d barely seen Jared since Friday evening when we talked. It was Sunday now, the last day of the convention, and we’d all been pretty busy. But from what I’d seen, he seemed to be doing okay.

Right now, Misha and I were finishing our last panel, waiting for the rest of the cast to show up to say goodbye. Mish Mish was telling a story about something that happened during filming a couple weeks ago. “-ong story short, we all almost died because Jensen accidentally left the gas turned on in the stove at the house we were shooting in.”

“Hey, hey!” Jensen yelled, coming in from the side of the room, sending the audience into cheering and screaming. He climbed the stage and picked up a mic from the ground. “You kept messing with that stove too. It was probably you.” Jensen gave me a hurt look. “Why aren’t you defending my honor here, y/n/n?” 

I raised my eyebrow as Briana, Ruth, and Kim made it to the stage. “Honor? What honor?”

Ha!” He looked out at the crowd with a can you believe this person look. “I have honor.”

I rolled my eyes, shoving him slightly. At this point, most of the cast at this convention were standing up on the stage. Jared and Osric were the last two to get up there. Jared was about to pick up an extra mic from one of the tables, which sent Misha scrambling across the stage to grab it first. “No!” Jared froze, giving Misha a confused look. “You broke your last microphone for now, Jared. Rob can get this one.”

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He Needs The Attitude Adjustment

In hopes of making up for the long wait of that last one, I managed to get my next prompt written already! This one was actually difficult when it came to deciding the ending, but I decided to leave it a little open-ended in case I wanted to come back to it. ALL feedback always appreciated. Thanks for reading! xx

Prompt: May I request a fic where the OC is an SVU detective but she and Barba are in a secret relationship but one day someone (is in you hands who) starts flirting with her and Barba is really jealous but tries to hide it because the squad is already suspecting about them? Please 🙏🏼🙏🏼. You’re amazing and I LOVE everything you write. Seriously, you’re incredible ❤️❤️.

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virulentbunny  asked:

i'd love to hear ur analysis of romsemary's flaws tbh, if ur willing

well, my friend @shut-in-princess summed it up pretty well in reply to the original ask:

Of course the VrisKan part is probably just mine and her’s subjective preference.  I’m also gonna have to put this under a read more because it got way wordier than I was expecting.

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