so well acted and so well written


30 Days of Castle Season 5 - 17/30 Most Heartbreaking Scene(s)

Beckett and Lanie talk - “Probable Cause”

Castle watches Alexis’ vlog - “Target”

I find it odd that Swen gets every detail about regina right in meta...

We always get thing we’ve always assumed confirmed in canon, like tonight, for at least since the Snow White infertile episode, we all figured regina took a similar potion.

So how are we right about everything but who regina is actually in love with? We picked up her infertility simply by lanas acting and the writing. So why is everything but Robin translating so well?

Can this be counted as proof that Robin is being written as not her real TL? It just seems odd to me how everything is written well enough for us to get it seasons before its confirmed…. Yet they cant get us to buy into the robin hood shit? I just don’t get the disconnect.

Last to know

Last to know by Never_Says_Die (Words:55874)

Kink meme fill in which every werewolf and shapeshifter in Beacon Hills is aware that Stiles is pregnant before he is. And apparently the first baby!werewolf being born into the pack (their Alpha’s, no less) is a big freakin’ deal and excuse enough for everyone to lose their damn minds. When Stiles figures out why everyone’s been acting so weird around him, he’s not amused.


If well written, mpreg can be my favourite thing in the world and damn this is well done. Seriously, i love the dynamic and interaction within the pack as well as between Derek and Stiles so much, that i have already read this fic 3 times. Normally i’m not even very into fics about kids or babies but this is the exception, making me actually happy and excited and not just annoyed. There also some bamf!Stiles and Buffy References and it’s an everybody lives AU, soo WHY ARE YOU NOT READING THIS ALREADY??

Hey peeps! So some of you folks might have been wondering where we’ve gone, well fear not! as we’ve been working hard getting a live act together as we were only a recording project before! We plan on putting on some shows here in Glasgow in the not too distant future (and hopefully further afield if all goes well).

We also have written a new batch of songs ready to record and blow your precious minds. The plan now being to record and release a single every couple of months or so! with this we will have a quicker and more direct contact to you our fans as we’ve recently had some problems with Labels taking their sweet-ass time releasing songs that we wrote up to 2 years ago! We will now cut out the middle man and directly give you the music as soon as its written.

We will keep you all updated
Peace and Love Kris & Pete

P.S Also check out this awesome artist who created our artwork Benjamin Parslow big props!

okay so i’ve recently watched The 100, and in my usual obsessive phase i’ve been trawling through the tumblr tag. On my slow progression through the posts and blogs I’ve noticed a lot of hate for the show and it’s kind of pissing me off. Like i get it, the show can be problematic, the writers make bad decisions sometimes, but can we stop pretending that watching a problematic show makes you a bad person? can we stop saying that just because the show has some problems it should be completely disregarded, even in it’s strong points? (canon bisexual main character, people!!!) 

Idk it just seems childish and backwards to hate so much on a show that has so many good points and, despite some faults, actually is quite a good, well written, well acted show. 

emily blunt was so good (imo) in Edge of Tomorrow (i watched it today) she was mostly the only redeeming part of the movie considering the professor of scientology was the protagonist and the plot was kind of ~ alot

i felt her character was well written and she portrayed her well.

she (the character) was cool and was pretty consistent through out the whole movie she also looked so pretty which random but she did so  

overall thomas and his acting unsurprisingly ruined it for me and i felt the plot was too ~big~ to be properly covered in the time slot. i just thought certain things were left out or not totally explained. also the cinematography was another redeemable part. 

Finally figured out where I was in this manga…really wish the anime was as well written and went as far as the manga… 

like come on it is practically made for a dramatic anime version! and it kept me reading and even the kiss at 212 chapters was so rewarding ughhh. Need to buy the actual books and do a full analysis of it. So happy to be back reading that is forsure.

the charctor developments are just so wonderful and the manic and down moments just flow so well because of how the characters act

*gushes* ahhhh miss this giddy feeling

Favorite Movie #2

And the runner up to the number 1 spot is, Saving Private Ryan, yeah the opening beach scene easily put it on my list. Have you fucking seen it? its one of these best action scenes put on screen, its gritty, its has tons of shock and gore moments, and just straight up people being killed for the sake of being killed, but its not done just to look great, it was done because that was the way it happened. This movie was praised for the beach scene because of how real it looked, WW2 veterans could not watch it because it seemed too real. We needed this film to show how WW2 went down so no one would forget.

But this movie is so much more then just action scenes and blood, the characters are well written and well acted, we don’t appreciate good writing anymore. Most action movies just go with just action and give us dull characters that are only there for the action, don’t just make them kill bots with boring lines, make them more human, or believable, I know its kind of stupid when you watch a action movie, but be something more then “a guy with a gun” for most of the movie. But in this, they all have there own personalities, have fears and worry, they talk about things other then the war, and even mention things that go on in there own lives before the war. Its hard for me to explain but just listen to how each of them talks but there not dodging bullets or killing Germans.

So the number 2 spot goes to one of the very best WW2 movies, up next the big one, but before that, a quick mention to one of my fallen idols and some honorable mentions

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Lol and today is his bday! I forgot mine and his birthdays are so close together. It was a treat to see the movie today. I agree that he does well when the script is well written, sometimes I think he does just any job though and it lessens his credibility imo.

The movie was good! He and Jonah hill are great together. I think James loves acting/directing/writing so much he can’t say no to anything.