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What I don't get is way people base the quality of ships on similarity?So what if sakura dosent have some tragic background,how does that make naruto,hinata,or karin "better" for him?If anything he needs someone who's never experienced that pain.

I know right? For some stupid reason so many extremists think that it’s somehow a requirement for Sasuke’s romantic partner to have gone through the same emotional pain that he did, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to “understand” him. That really is just so silly. There’s more to understanding someone than simply being able to empathise with their past.

  • Sasuke understood Sakura well enough to know that she wasn’t acting like herself prior to the written Chuunin exam.
  • Sakura understood Sasuke well enough to know that despite Naruto and Kakashi’s reassurances, Sasuke was still going to leave the village.
  • Sasuke understood Sakura well enough to be one of the few people unsurprised at her show of strength during the war.
  • Sakura understood Sasuke well enough to know that despite his outward words and actions, there was still good in Sasuke.
  • Sasuke understood Sakura well enough to know that despite being captured by Shin, she wasn’t some helpless damsel in distress.
  • Sakura understood Sasuke well enough to know that he was on that long mission for his family’s sake, and that their feelings were still connected regardless of the distance.

So those who spout that SS had an apparent lack of understanding are severely misinformed because it actually has plenty of it. It’s as if the extremists think that the pain of loneliness is all that there is to understand about people in this story. There’s so much more for Sakura to know and understand about Sasuke other than the slaughter of his clan or the loneliness that he went through. She knows about Sasuke’s likes, his dislikes, his techniques, his style of fighting, his ambitions, his mannerisms, his way of thinking - you know, his actual personality and character. That’s what actually makes you “know” and “understand” someone. Being privy to the specific truth about one aspect of someone’s past or the loneliness they suffered through, doesn’t mean you know or understand that person.

I LOVE the diversity in the casting in The Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix

There is absolutely no reason that Mr.Poe shouldn’t be Black, and Dr.Montgomery Middle Eastern. Even the fact the Powder faced Woman are elderly. Their casting fits so well.

I just re-read the books kinda in prep for this. This show is overall so freaking well done and true to the dark oddball bantering way the books were written and narrated. The plot IS altered..but everything they’ve done only improves the story in my opinion


If you’re afraid of losing your happy ending, that means you found it. 
What is it?

Okay so here’s a lot of reasons why you should consider reading the Unwind Dystology (please read the Unwind Dystology)
• The very concept is really unique, basically parents can choose to retroactively terminate their teens and send them into a divided state

• There is so much world building in the first book but it’s done so subtle that you won’t even realize you’re getting random new information

• Unwinding has actually had bad and good consequences and the books go over both the good and the bad

• teenagers actually act like teenagers in this YA series

• Every character is really well developed like wowie

• The character descriptions are usually ambiguous

• Really strong female characters

• There are some LGBTQA characters (first that pop into mind are Hayden and Bam for main-ish characters)

• The books are really well written

• If you have problems with reading then no worries, these books have pretty short chapters and there are page breaks in the form of “advertisements” (note there are no advertisements page breaks in the first book)

• Really nice poc representation (CyFi and Starkey are some of the best characters imo)

• There’s an autistic character and she’s really sweet and she’s so nice I love her

• Every character is relatable. Including dirtbag villains. Especially the dirtbag villains

• The motivations for characters are very believable

• It deals with subjects like religious sacrifice, terrorism, the gray morality of the world, if we really have souls, divorce, mental illnesses, wanting revenge on everything, and of course, abortion


We’re toxic together, you and me.

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guys this has happened literally every season…

Shut up this time. It isn’t your place.

I’m sorry man, like truly and legitimately you guys have all my sympathies… but it’s just like… no fandom in the history of fandom gets worked up like the Sherlock fandom which, with this series at least, has come to mean that no fandom gets let down a hard as you guys either.  It’s a good show, well shot, well acted, and at times well written so I totally get people enjoying it, but it just sucks to watch people continuousy put more into it than they ever get out of it, I can’t imagine how much it sucks to BE one of the people that’s happening to… and that’s what I don’t get…

Phantom of the Opera Fanfic’s I would recommend you read!

‘Seeing is Believing’ - by FantomPhan33 - I loved this, couldn’t wait for each chapter to be released. Great storyline, so easy to read as well.

‘Siren of the Sea’ - by FantomPhan33 - Again, another great read. Loved the pirate theme, so adventurous and fun.

Anything by the author ‘Filhound’…. it can take some time getting into the story but it is so worth it because it is so well written and rich with historical accuracy. 

‘Tightrope’ by Chapucera - This has just been published but so far is a great read, this author works closely with FantomPhan33 as well so I am looking forward for the story to develop. If it’s anything like FP33′s work then I’m it will be excellent. 

‘Volée’ by VeroniqueClaire - A modern twist to the tale, it is very gripping read and I love how fast paced and edgy it is. However, it is not a weekly update. Sometimes you have to wait months for the next chapter to be published but it is so worth it. 

‘Anathema’ & ‘Redemption’ by BrokenVow- Part 1 and 2 basically, easy to read and also takes place in modern times so I loved the atmosphere the author was able to create.

‘Beyond the Green Baize Door’ & ‘The Garish Light of Day’ by charleygirl- I loved these stories! BTGBD was the first story and TGLOD was it’s sequel but so so good. I loved her characterisation and it was expertly written. Very similar writing to FP33′s style, probably why I like it so much.

So check these guys out! If you want a good read, then I’d defo recommend these. Found on

i cant believe i mean wentworth has more than its fair share of lesbian and bi characters (and also a trans woman!) so its not anything new for them, but the story of a 40yo woman only just starting to discover her attraction to women after having spent a long time in an abusive relationship with a man and these two women coming together to help each other heal and just the actual main protag fyi coming to terms with the fact she likes women after burrying it her whole life and having it be thus far portrayed as a posotive and healing experience

i love wenworth. its such a fucking good show.

God LORD have my feelings about Bro changed from what they were 2 years ago.

And good lord, has the way Hussie has been treating the Dave/Bro dynamic changed since Act 3. I mean, it was played so much for laughs back then, with these elements being sort of undercurrents, but Jesus Fuck has it grown more serious since then, and God viewed in a less absurdist light that shit was fucked up and man

And now it’s all come to a head like this is so much RESOLUTION for Dave and Dirk’s respective character arcs and development there is so much DEPTH to this

And it really works well Hussie has done a good job here this was really well written

watching httyd2 again now, finally; the rewatchening will be complete soon!

there are so many good things about this movie; the subtle movements and expressions, the lighting, and how well they convey hiccup and astrid’s relationship at the beginning, and through the medium of a conversation that isn’t even about their relationship!  it’s so well-written and well-acted. ;v;

In that scene between Shandy at her office. Andy was worried that Sharon would get worried. So he wrote a list about what the doctor said and that’s not the only reason, he knows how Sharon is. She likes to have things planned, things in an orderly manner.
He knows she’d want to know in detail what the doctor said, so he wrote up all the important points because he understands Sharon so well. He KNOWS hers so well.

Sharon on the other hand has tears in her eyes because she knows that Andy himself must be pretty freaked out about what’s in store. About the surgery and how things can get messy for him, but she sees how he’s trying to act like it’s nothing, just to make sure she is fine and that warms her heart. She also sees how he’s written everything in a detailed manner because he knows she prefers that. He knows what she likes and understands her in a way no one has in recent times and that feeling is overwhelming.

For Sharon who has spent so many years taking care of herself and her kids, for not having anyone to depend on during those tiny moments, to have had a guy who just left her and went away and would pop in only when he needed something for himself. For her to see this guy here who puts her first before himself, something that hasn’t happened to her. To find someone she can trust her heart with. To find someone who just gets her and respects her. It means a lot.

You can just see it in their expressions!
These 2 people. Totally smitten and in love that it’s way to beautiful!! It’s way way too beautiful. The kiss though !! I know it was more like a peck than a kiss but you know what ? There’s just something so much more intimate and romantic in that. 

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Good reasons to listen to WTNV

[I’ll try to exclude anything that relates to pushing LGBTQ+ as if that’s the most interesting part of WTNV (it’s not) fan headcanons/theories or unconfirmed data, as the real reasons to listen are all in the canon, baby.]

- It’s fantasy/horror but also kind of funny and sweet and pretty much anything can happen BUT; 

- It has a complex story with interlocking plots and characters that are expertly threaded together as to seem like they come out of nowhere, so most things do happen for a reason and it will certainly play on your emotions.

- The main character’s VA has a very nice and soothing voice.

- Strong female characters of varying ages that do important things in the story and DON’T die or have an immediate love interest. 

- Talented voice acting cast and well written script/ Well written and complex characters of differing ages.

- All characters except maybe two or so have races and sexualities that you can decide for yourself until that info is given (for race it probably won’t be considering the show prompts you to come up with your own headcanon). In fact you can pretty much invent almost every factor about how a character looks because very little is said in canon.

- Both straight and gay couples exist in the show but for once the gay couple is in the limelight and yet both same sex and opposite sex couples are treated with equal respect.

- There’s a disabled character in the main cast and she is also treated with respect, and the one time she’s not many characters stay on her side against the one who was not.

- The main characters sister is most likely adopted but she is treated with respect also i.e. as though she were no different from a blood relation.

- The ‘weather’ segments are cool songs you’ve probably never heard but might like?

- Even the end credits add a weird little proverb on the end so you always end an episode with a good dose of weird.