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“There’s no way I’m ever going to end a movie on a negative note.” 

ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ — John Hughes (1950 - 2009)

Valentines day

*slytherin brought roses for all her classmates and is handing them out*
Hufflepuff: woah you are being so nice!!!
Gryffindor: yea it’s kinda weird. Why are you being so sweet?
Slytherin: Because I’m a fucking nice person? Why is everyone so surprised??

The Most Highly Anticipated Battle of Determining Monsta X’s Strongest Thighs

My beautiful babies ❤️

(Georgiana is the white one, Daisy is brown and black, Mabel is the cream one you see briefly, Daphne is the black one, and Phoebe is the tan one)

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This was supposed to be really cute, but it just turned really weird in the end…I had less than five hours of sleep. Honestly, I wanted to draw more Baseball player!Yoosung bc of @pwoo so blame/thank her for this mess LMAO.

  • Me: *is obsessed with being gay, loves being gay, solely talks about gay topics, not gay? no care, LGBTQuit bothering me with this cis-het bullshit*
  • Straight person: This gay thing reminded me of you!
  • Me: Wow, why do you need to define me by my sexuality?

Okay so I’m a huge fan of MCL i love the characters, and overall I’m a happy camper with the game. But, I feel like the game has gotten too…overly dramatic? I don’t know if that makes any sense but it’s like, the drama has to be bigger and badder than the last and it’s getting to be so extra to me? I mean i’ll still play the game don’t get me wrong, I just kinda want some calm episodes? Like everyone goes on a picnic and fun shenanigans ensue, or like rollerblading or a halloween party. (i’m not good with ideas but like you get the gist), like it’s highschool let them have high school fun!

anonymous asked:

could you recommend me some neat blogs please?

Hey, friend! First of all, thank you so much for your patience. I really hope you’ll be able to see my response to this message after so many days of sending it. Finals were just coming to a close when I received this.

Anyways, there are a lot of neat blogs I can recommend you, friend! It’ll be hard since I’m not familiar with what fandoms you’re into or what kind of blogs you normally like, but I’ll still give you the names of cool people I like following (and try not to forget anyone). In (sort-of) alphabetical order:

@afoolofhope, @aforeffortenjolras@as-tall-as-these-buildings, @astralspock, @avery-sparks, @beallofthem, @blcmkvists@butterfly-magoon@chainedtocomets, @charlaimoo, @confusedantswithstolenjewelry, @donhumes@elemesy, @elven-flower@evocatrice, @geekalogian, @gingerscotty@happyshappey, @heartbeatofanewlywed, @hummingbirdsaltimolockia @imstilladreamer31 @interstelllers, @kingofattolia, @lindensea, @lifeinlavender, @mirkwouldnt, @modmerseygirl@noticetheworld @oakenpancake, @onabedoflace, @owlbats, @paigeofpaper, @pkducklett, @quinnyandco@rithmeres, @softlyslippingpearls, @stonethecrowss, @shakespeareandsprinkles, @shesreadingagain, @travelingtrickster, @turianosauruswrex, @thisbibliomaniac, @thisbrilliantsky, @theybecameanimagi, @therenegadegabbai, @waltermeadows@wewerethebestrichard, @wideningyre, @221bea1895


- I love you. Why shouldn’t that be something g o o d