so weeeird

These kids need way more attention!!!


Mads: — “listen Caleb… uh please. stop crying. i dont want to see you so sad. after all its just your eyes and teeth. its ok. you will be fine!!!!”

Caleb: — “my eyes not a problem. i just dont care about it. i dont want to die… because i love you.”

Mads: — ‘”come here..”

Caleb: — “ok ヽ(´ ω ` )ノ”

Caleb: — “i think.. maybe should i wear glasses. your glasses for example. *boop* by the way i see everything so weeeird. and exactly i am blind.”

Mads: — “maybe. sunglasses. like that youre wearing right now. but more shades or dark. because of your sister - she can said something??”

Caleb: — “uhm she… Lily… can i stay at home?”

Mads: — “yas (´• ω •`) but you cant hide in here forever you know??? because of your sun resistance!”

Caleb: — “im sick!! forever!!! by you!”

btvsladies  asked:

23, 35 and 36 xD

#23. Have you ever met any celebrities?
yes, a chilean singer/actress from my childhood lol

35. Have you ever tried archery?
no buuuut i woud love to! i’ve even thought about asking my cousin to teach me next time i go to the country side :D

36. Favorite clean word?
WHAT IS THAT!? kajhfak Is that even a thing!? (no offence) i googled it and it has just weeeird stuff, so explain it to me! PLEASE!!

the last one tho akjfhask THANK YOU!!!  :D

sophtt  asked:

do you intend on continue your tranquil inquisitor comic?

i’ll be straight with all ya’ll. The next part is storyboarded and everything else is already outlined. I do intend to eventually finish it but it gets sidelined a lot esp when i do commissions. that’s the good news 👍

the less good news is that I feel weird writing it since Haylan is the Inquisitor and Haylan/Cullen happens and I’ve since developed her outside of that scenario so it’s weeeird right? It’s weird. Im like ‘nooo….this should be maeve…….’

tl;dr yeah i plan to finish it uvu

Long Live the Queen might get another sequel though if that is at all interesting to anyone other than myself :))

I am officially an aunt now! Oh my gosh, such a surreal moment. I still can't believe that my sister, the one I joked with, ate food with and basically slept in the room with, is now a mother. Oh my gosh, so weird! But the baby is absolutely adorable and so tiny! :OOO <3 So I wasn't able to update. I've been in the hospital all day! Take care for now, guys! :D