so wearing these to work tomorrow

one of the greatest crimes of the harry potter movies was the absence of dobby wearing a million socks and hats. i have never seen a more relatable character and i am so offended 

also i finalized my designs for pidge in the magical girl pidge au that i’m currently working on lol (whispers @d0g-bless look)


Well it almost got cold in Houston, so I decided to take advantage and wear some longer sleeves. I wish this weather would just make up it’s mind.

I love prints, so when I saw this vintage dress at the thrift store I just had to get it! I already owned this awesome fabric for the head scarf and together I thought it was a great look. 

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and my family had made plans for dinner at my Grandad’s, but yesterday he fell and broke his hip, so now our plans have all been postponed. 

It was pretty scary to see him in so much pain. Thankfully I work as a caregiver to him, so I, as well as my mom and sister, were there only minutes after the fall.

This was the whole reason I moved back to Houston…to be with and help my Grandad. My Grandmother passed away this time last year, so it’s been a strange time being in this city without her and I can only imagine how that’s affected Granddaddy, after all they were married for over 60 years (unbelievable!). 

In my family, on both my mom and dad’s sides, every event pretty much revolves around the Grands, so this season is already proving to be pretty tough for me. My Grandad is the last of my Grands and I’m really struggling with this. However, I am so so grateful to be able to be spending so much time with him now. There are so many distractions in life, the only thing that really matters are the relationships you have with people and the memories you make with them. Time is precious, don’t let it slip away from you.

10 minute drabble, part 2

Surprisingly, I was able to sleep last night and am up early to head into work with the hope that I will be able to leave at a decent time (and start my vacation! - here’s hoping I don’t need to work tomorrow).

So…here’s another little 10 minute jaunt cause I miss Captain Swan and I miss having time to flail with you all.

Under the cut for angsty smut…

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Unconditional (Part 3)

Fandom: Celebrities
Pairing: Reader x Sebastian Stan
Words: 1,424
Warnings: none, you are all good in this neighborhood.
Request: yes or no
Inspired By:
Parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
A/N: here it is part 3! sorry it’s a little late. super busy with work it will be up at it’s usual time tomorrow for part 4! :D 

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Guys. That’s my crabby face today on the right. And the biggest reason I should not be crabby on the left. I’m wearing shorts in January. Thank you, Texas winter.

Here are other reasons I should not be crabby today:
1. I have a very promising job lead. One interview yesterday, and another one in the works.
2. I had a GREAT check in with Sab today. One of those where she sends me a photo from 8 weeks ago and I’m like - gah, I’ve made so much progress!
3. I bought edible glitter for the new cupcake recipe I’m making up tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what my taste testers think.
4. I’ve been running and I mostly feel good.
5. I’m going to Toronto next week for a few days, then meeting my parents, Tiff and Scott in Florida. Thanks to my current sabbatical from work for giving me time to see my long distance boyfriend and my friends/family all in one week and in two different places.
6. Yes, I did mention long distance relationship. More on that some time, maybe. He’s great, though.
7. Tacos. Because, always tacos.

Good things, y'all.

so i didn’t know that Neil casually/accidentally wearing a crop top was a kink of mine??

- neil stumbling out of the bedroom in the morning with bed hair and wearing an old dryer-shrunken exy shirt
- that’s tight around his broad shoulders and wayyyy too short neilhowdidyounotnotice
- and andrew’s eyes go directly to his toned, tan stomach
- and Neil smiles really affectionately and sleepily at him and keeps walking to the kitchen
- so andrew gets a perfect view as he walks away of his tapered waist and the dimples on his lower back
- andrew had stopped talking to Nicky mid-sentence (not that Nicky noticed, he’s too busy staring at that fine piece of- neil too), and now he looks back at Nicky and growls “get out”
- and then he’s throwing himself over the back of the couch and heading towards neil
- who is now leaning against the counter and watching andrew’s approach
- I can’t decide if he has a shitty face because he knows exactly what he’s doing by wearing that ‘shirt’ or if he has whydoesandrewlooklikehesgoingtokillme face because he actually has no idea what he’s doing
- Andrew takes the coffee mug out of Neil’s hands and puts it on the counter next to them, gets in real close and asks, deep and gravely, “yes or no”
- Neil’s eyes widen and he says “yes” (soft and mumbly ‘cause he’s still waking up)((friends sleepy neil kills me))
- andrew puts his hands on Neil’s waist, lets his fingers trail up under the hem of the shirt, feeling both the silky smooth (and warm, so warm) skin and the striations of Neil’s scars
- Neil doesn’t say anything, he just watches Andrew’s enraptured face
- There’s a minute or two of Andrew just touching Neil and running his hands (and maybe mouth once or twice) over Neil’s bared skin
- and then Andrew’s hands move back up Neil’s sides again but take the fabric with them and neil gets the hint
- then they do it in the kitchen
- Neil keeps the shirt and maybe ‘accidentally’ shrinks a few more

idk just forever give me Neil not knowing how stupidly attractive he is and Andrew having problems keeping his hands off because of it

161116 Dongwoo Instagram Update.
“Tomorrow..! The day of college entrance exam ~.~ The brain actively works two after getting up so sleep early and wake up a little early ~
Heuheu also wear warm clothes, even though the weather feels warm, exam day was always cold. Hope you finish the test without regrets! Hope this will cheer you even if it is small. Fighting! Solve it well. Ha.. like the tissue I am holding~.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Love you lovers ~.~”

I bought fake nails and false eyelashes for this cosplay, things I don’t typically wear tbh… so this will be fun.


So @autistic-tauriel is visiting me for a con this weekend, and we were working on the Luke wig I might wear tomorrow and then pure silliness happened.


Keeping Up With the Skywalkers Episode 1

Are you wearing my clothes?

Hello guys, so here is one of the slightly longer stories I promised you and tomorrow I will hopefully be able to write a bit more.
It´s plain old Dean smut but I enjoyed it and I even kinda found it funny. :D

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut

Length: 1622 Words

{Imagine grabbing Dean´s bag by accident and having to go over to his room just dressed in his boxers and flannel}

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It had all started five months ago, when you had met the Winchesters in the road house and Ellen had you convinced to work a case with them.
You usually worked alone and you honestly thought the boys, especially the older one, looked like trouble.
Yet you basically owed Ellen you life, given that she took you in when you had no one three years ago, and so you agreed.
It wasn´t a very difficult hunt, yet it took almost a week to put werewolf down and you had to spent all that time in company of the most annoying guy of all time: Dean Winchester.
But even though you two almost got in a fight everyday, you felt that weird attraction towards him, that wouldn´t go away.
Even after you had killed the Werewolf and the guys had driven off, you couldn´t stop thinking about him.
But you figured it would go away after you hadn´t seen them in a while.
That didn´t work out that well either though, mostly because Dean called you up four weeks later, asking you to join them on another hunt.
And even though you knew you shouldn´t, you said yes, and by now, you were hunting with them all the time. 

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remains 2.0

short angsty thing inspired by what aboutmikasa wrote for mikasa’s birthday. This is part of the Remains AU


Mikasa darts through the rain up the steps of her home before unlocking the door and dashing inside, safe from the downpour. She stands in the foyer dripping for a moment, catching her breath, before she calls out, “I’m home!”

Something creaks in the attic, but the empty house offers no other greeting.

Haphazardly, she kicks off her high heels, the stupid things she wears for work to perpetrate the façade of a put-together professional. Next, she sheds her blazer, leaving it on the coat rack so that she will remember to take in for dry cleaning tomorrow before heading to work. No one will mind if she’s a few minutes late tomorrow, not with the way she stayed late to pick up the extra slack of everyone else who left early to tend to their significant others for Valentine’s Day.

Mikasa does not do anything special. She heats up a frozen dinner in the microwave and makes two cups of tea– the same ritual that she has performed every night since he died. The extra cup of tea, she takes to the side of the table that was his before, and she sets it down with a somber, “Just the way you like it, my love.”


in the middle of editing clips for work, there was a particular scene where some guy was wearing a surgeon’s mask and the RiotKidz!AU happened. what are they rioting against? capitalists probably. and i’ve been thinking about Max in a pixie cut for a while so i just threw it in there.

Musings of a Pseudo-Writer

It’s 7:37 am where I am and it’s definitely a Monday.  I’m feeling a little better today so it’s back to the grind.  Class today and then a couple jobs and class tomorrow.  Hopefully it won’t wear me out too badly.

Today is the first day of Otayuri Week.and I’m just about finished with my first work which I’m calling ‘First Time for Everything’.  You know how much I love blending prompts so I’m going to try to do it again this time around.  Today’s prompts are Confessions and Firsts.  This oneshot is set six years ahead of canon.  But you’ll have to wait and see, it’s going to be cute.

I know there are a lot of people who are anti-Otayuri and I respect that.  To each their own.  I was completely won over until I actually thought about it.  While I don’t ship them at the age they are in the anime, I could see it in the future.  That’s what I’m going to be getting at with all the writings this week.  If it’s canon-compliant for age, it will strictly be platonic.  I do ask one thing of those who don’t like the idea of Otayuri.

Please keep it civil.  If I see hate, Pax is going to get really angry.  You don’t want to see Pax angry.  If you thought Satan was mean, you haven’t seen anything yet.

I’m also sorting out the flow of ‘Met by Accident: Permanence’ in my mind. I almost have it so I’ll probably start putting it on file after class and possibly have it up tonight, depends on how much homework I have and if I have to revise my thesis statement (cross your fingers that I don’t!).

I also have the initial thoughts of the next Agent Twelve Twenty-Five chapter.  I’m going to name it ‘Lull of Sanity’. It’s a bit of a play on words.  When you think of the word lull, most people think calm or relaxation. It’s a break.  But paired with sanity, what comes to mind? It won’t be action packed like the first two as Viktor and Yuuri have essentially gone into hiding, but it’s going to be mentally taxing…especially for Yuuri.

I also have another work that’s been making itself known the past few days.  Some of you know I have been writing a Tokyo Ghoul series called ‘Found, And Lost’.  It’s about my personal journey with PTSD as told through Kaneki’s eyes.  The next installment is begging to be told.  I base each chapter on a song that tells the story of that chapter.  This time around it’s ‘How To Disappear Completely’ by Radiohead.  This chapter will deal with hypervigilance and the problems a sufferer of PTSD has with going out in public.  It’s horrible.

I think that’s it for now.  I think I’m going to be busy even by my standards this week.  I just need to quit life and just write forever.  What do you guys think? lol

Have a happy Monday (or Day One of the hostage situation!)