so we're still using this word i see

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"So vote if you want and don’t vote if you don’t want, but personally I always love to see Sterek win." Me too! Especially after how we were treated by TPTB/TW PR/Jeff/the show itself, I want Sterek to win in anything they can. Not only because they deserve it, but also as a message to MTV/TW/Jeff/the antis and haters that we're STILL here, we're still growing and thriving and we're NOT going away despite their best effort to shut us down.

This, though. I feel this so deeply.

And I 100% understand why people might be tired of polls and competitions at this point, after the way our fandom’s been beaten down over the years. I completely get why people would want to stay cocooned happily in Sterek fandom and ignore the rest of the word. But for me honestly there is nothing like seeing fandom rally on a poll or event, to prove to ourselves and to all the haters that we’re still here and as passionate as ever.


Alright guys, here’s the deal. I’m a college student about to start my senior year (and I am equal parts excited and terrified!). I’ve been working the same job every summer for the past four years, but I found out a few weeks ago that he isn’t able to hire me back this summer, and I am completely broke.

I’m going to need at least $1500 to pay for all my school expenses, about $300 every other month for insulin and syringes for my cat (and vet bills), plus enough money to buy food, litter, uv bulbs, and all the other basic necessities for myself and my animals.

I’ve just opened up an etsy shop here where I’ll be selling primarily bookmarks like the ones pictured above, and I could really use as much help as I can get. There are only a few designs now, but I’ll be adding more as quickly as I can make them, and I already have a few ideas in mind.

So please, buy some bookmarks if you can (you can never have too many bookmarks, right?), pass this around, spread the word. I’d really appreciate the help.