so we'll see where this goes

IDK I’m bored and kinda “bleh” tonight SO until 10:30-11:00PM-ish Central time tonight, I will be doodling replies to RWBY-related questions/jokes/etc.

RULES: No rwdes allowed, no requests for OCs or anything (sry) if I need to amend with more rules, I will.

NOTE: I won’t get to everything, sorry! And I probs won’t do too many more multi-character doodles

||Might be on later tonight if I’m not walking around Saratoga Park looking for pokemon and training them along with xp/stardust farming. I think I’m gonna start to walk more, not for the pokemon, but more or less for my own health. Last night my friend and I walked for four hours just searching, hitting poke-stops, and farming. It was really fun too!! So I might do that tonight too. A lot of trainers were out last night sitting and making poke-stops lures; it’s nice to meet people who have the same interest as you. Different teams, but who says Valors, Mystics, and Instincts can’t be friends? Met a few Valors last night that were extremely chill and nice. We just sat and talked for like an hour. I like this, I wanna do it more; hopefully we get rid of this bullshit hating bergade others have brought onto teams. All it takes is one asshole to make the entire team look like the worst fucking people around. I’m ready for this fun bruh~||