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I don’t wanna wait too long to post something for the mom3 anni,, so here’s the first pic for a thing I’m workin on!!🌻


A messy little comic where Yuri finds out he’s really dumb.

Part 1/Part 7/Part 9

Guys… I said this was the last part but i was so wrong… get ready for the gay in part 9 (aka the end)

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How are you planning on doing grandbabies? Adoption or weird magic/messing with the gender options?

I am glad you asked! Neither Emma nor Lotte are canonically trans so I dont really feel like messing with their gender. Adoption is most defiantly an option they would both be on board for, but @mirthalia and I were discussing the possibility of Hugo being a sperm donor! With the way his life is going, I dont see him settling down with anyone soon, and this way the baby would have both Emma and Lotte’s genes just in a sort of roundabout way.

(Plus it’s extra ironic when you remember @toriitorii said Lotte originally had a crush on Hugo)

todays science experiment: do tchallas eyes do the cat thing where his pupils get big when he sees a laser pointer dot???? only one way to find out
Unlucky: Chapter 2

Another ML reveal fic 

(Chapter 1)

Adrien agonized over the new knowledge. He wasn’t keen on Nino knowing either, but it was far too late to close those barn doors.

He didn’t say a word for three hours. He was restless, pacing around one minute, and groaning facedown on his bed the next.

“Plagg,” he finally said, “I am so screwed.”

The tiny black kwami replied, “Just don’t tell her you know. She can’t find out you know if you don’t tell her.”

“That might work for Adrien,” the teen moaned, “but how is Chat Noir going to focus on fighting akumas?”

Plagg shrugged. “You never had any problems fighting akumas while keeping your own identity a secret.”

“That’s because my own identity isn’t a surprise to me,” Adrien deadpanned. “Plus, I’m pretty sure Ladybug has a kind of sixth sense. Like, she’ll know I know her identity the second she sees me.”

The kwami laughed. “That is not one of Ladybug’s powers,” he said.

Adrien threw his arms in the air. “Then maybe it’s a Marinette thing! All I know is that she’s going to take one look at me and know.” Dragging his hands down his face, he muttered, “No one ever told me that being a black cat was so unlucky.”


Three days had passed before another akuma had attacked.

Adrien had managed that long to “play it cool” at school. It was easy when Marinette was behind him, but he had to fight a blush every time she waved or smiled at him. Marinette is Ladybug. The thought returned to him repeatedly, threatening to spill a confession out of his mouth. I know who Ladybug is.

His discomfort turned to panic the moment he realized the city was again under attack.

“Oh, no. No, no, no, not yet!” he hissed under his breath. “I can’t do this right now!”

“Too bad, kid, it’s go time,” Plagg replied. Then he gleefully added, “Your Lady needs you.”

“Keep that up and see if I buy you camembert in the next week.” Adrien took a deep breath. “But you’re right. Transform me, Plagg.”


Essentially, Chat Noir was the same as always. But he and Ladybug both knew that something was off.

Ladybug chastised him when they had a moment. “Chat, I don’t know what’s going on with you, but you need to get it together.”

He looked away from her, running a hand through his hair. “Sorry, Ladybug, I… I’ve just been a little distracted.”

She sighed, more than a little worried about Chat Noir. He’d all but ditched the silly nicknames, missed at least two perfect pun opportunities, and he was just… not keeping up. “When this is over, if you want to talk about whatever’s bothering you, we can meet on the Eiffel Tower. But for now, I need you to focus, Chaton. I can’t do this by myself.”

Ladybug’s real identity was obvious, now that he knew. Only Marinette could be so encouraging and so kind under pressure. Hindsight is twenty-twenty after all. “Okay,” he said, nodding resolutely. “Let’s go.”

Chat Noir quickly got back into his usual rhythm, following and matching Ladybug’s every move. Within a few minutes, they were finally able to take down the akuma and free the person under Hawkmoth’s influence.

With the time it took to feed Plagg, Adrien contemplated what he was going to tell Ladybug when they met up. “Should I tell her who I am?” he asked Plagg. “I mean, it would only be fair.”

Plagg shrugged as he finished his favorite snack.

“Thanks for the input,” Adrien said flatly. He took a deep breath, trying vainly to quell the butterflies in his stomach. “Alright, Plagg. Claws out.”


When he caught up with Ladybug on the Eiffel Tower, she was perched in the latticework, her legs dangling in open air. He sat beside her, biting his lip. “Ladybug,” he said quietly, “you need to know why I was so distracted.”

“I need to know? Or you need to tell me?” she asked, adjusting to face him slightly.

“Both. You should know… I know you’re Marinette.” Adrien’s heart leapt into his throat as he tried to gauge her reaction.

She shuffled away from him, panic in her voice. “What? How? I told you we shouldn’t—”

“I know, I didn’t!” he replied quickly. “Someone else told me. I tried to tell him not to—he just—”

Her face went from slightly pink to ashy white. “Someone else? Who? How?”

Adrien swallowed. This was it. The point of no return. “Nino was hiding under a desk, and he saw you.”

Ladybug was voiceless for a minute before she let out a strangled, “Nino?” A pause. “Wait, how do you know Nino?”

“Um…” He let out a shaky laugh. “We’re friends. I… sit next to him in class.”

With a panicked squeak, and a muttered, “No, no, no!” Ladybug threw her yo-yo and launched herself off the tower.

“Ladybug, wait!” Chat Noir called. It was pointless though; she was already gone. He attempted to swallow his anxiety along with the lump in his throat before he made his way back home.

I’ve been working on the No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Pine prequel where just barely post-Hydra Bucky meets Pietro and Wanda, and it somehow ballooned beyond 10,000 words and acquired multiple action scenes and I’ve had to rewrite some scenes three freaking times, so it’s been slow going, BUT! It’s getting close to done! My pretend goal is to post it by the end of the month, but I think I’m going to blow past that deadline, so my real goal is to post it by the end of May. FINGERS CROSSED, Y’ALL.

Sharing snippets helps keep my motivation up, so here’s a sneak preview:

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Chicago Fire - All Hard Parts (4.14)



Part 1 of many! Billi gets lost in the forest like a dummy.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

I’m going to be sort of following the episodes with this, but not every one, just highlights until I get to the part that everyone really wants. 8) And some might just be a page or two while others, like this one, will be broken into parts with a few pages each.

I figured the very beginning would be a good way to start this, then we’ll see where to go from there!

Style of comic is subject to change but I wanted to give my background skills a run because it’s been a while since I’ve scribbled anything bg-like in almost a year.


colt: thanks again, have a great day at work.

maya: it’s no problem honey, thanks. text me if you need anything.

darling: oh, good morning maya.

maya: darling! what brings ya to oasis springs so early?

darling: best neighborhood to my jog on, headed to work?

maya: sure am, wanna carpool? i don’t mind, i can drop ya off.

darling: that’d be ace. :)

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gosh your pearl drawings are so effing good and this may be a hella random comment but i have been drawing consecutively for the past couple of days to try to better my skills and craft and you have given me inspiration so thank you for staying true to your art and creating unique art! but the point of me asking you this ask was to see if you could draw a black woman of color pearl. i know you're drowning in asks but it would be so awesome to see it created. have a rockin day and hydrate :3

ok no more black pearls, it’s starting to hurt my eyes

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Older dude Cloud mechanic getting hit on by the poly supersolider boys!

Elbow Grease and Enthusiasm - part 1 - more to come when genesis decides to cooperate.  also featuring: crabby mechanic uncle Cid from a recent headcanon post. 

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