so we'll see where that goes

I kinda wanna do the thing where I write about things. Y'know, like in that poetic way? (reference one of the last posts I reblogged if you don’t know what I’m referring to)

Send me things to write about? People are more difficult if I don’t know them, but generally I get a vibe so there’s that. But things, times of day, places. Stuff like that. Idk, I’m in a type of mood today :)


A messy little comic where Yuri finds out he’s really dumb.

Part 1/Part 7/Part 9

Guys… I said this was the last part but i was so wrong… get ready for the gay in part 9 (aka the end)

todays science experiment: do tchallas eyes do the cat thing where his pupils get big when he sees a laser pointer dot???? only one way to find out

Right now I’m about a third of the way through Naomi Novik’s Uprooted and holy craaaaaap it’s so good. Ack. The magic system is spectacular. World building is great, very Eastern European in influence. And the protagonist went from wilting flower to kicking ass and halfway plotting to straight up murder a dude real quick. Super into it. Definitely recommended if anyone is looking for an excellent fairy tale fantasy.

  • Tracyn
    • One of the Cuy'val Dar
    • She smells bullshit when everything goes down with the Jedi Purge, so she grabs as many cadets as she can and gets the fuck out of Kamino before the Empire locks it down
    • Imagine an almost-six-foot-tall Twi'lek in full Mando armor with a bunch of tiny clones trotting after her
      • it’s fucking adorable

scottietrademark  asked:

Your planning a poly story?! I'm so excited. I recently found out I love the idea of poly bts and now I'm really excited with Yoongi and Hobi! There are too many options though because they all get along so well... but if you write more (if it goes well, which it probably will), I will read all of them! Your stories are awesome and poly bts is wonderful in general! :p

ahh yay! this makes me all the more excited to write it! :’) Though, I don’t think it will be an actual story. No real plot other than cutesy things between them, and some filthy smut. haha Kinda like a more mild pierced!jb with one shots or drabbles or whatever.


Okay, so I play dungeons and dragons with my friends, and during our last session our goal was to escort a bunch of defenseless civilians to a town because their home had gotten overrun with goblins. We had lost a bunch already and we were just trying to find a place for us to camp when the DM says “Ahead you see a gigantic horde of zombies. Hundreds.” My group was panicking about what we were going to do because we had fought zombies before and we weren’t strong enough to take on hundreds at the same time. I decided my character was going to spring into action (I happened to be intoxicated at the time) and had my character run as a diversion because all I could think about was “OH MY GOSH THIS IS LITERALLY A ZOMBIES RUN SCENARIO!” 

Long story short, thanks to ZR we managed to avoid a massive encounter AND keep all the villagers alive because I decided I was going to do a Runner Five. Everybody made it, including me. Thanks Six to Start! 

It’s been so long since my last Blog Of The Moth, so I thought it’d be a good idea to make one! So, here it is, my September BOTM!!!

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