so we'll live with this one

Psychic: *reads my mind*

My mind: take the bullets out your gun WHAT the bullets out your gun WHAT we move undercover and we move as one through the NIGHT we ONE SHOT to LIVE ANOTHER DAY we cannOT let a stray gunsHOT GIVE US AWAY we will fight up close seize the moment and stay in it it’s either that or meet the business END of a bayonET the code word is rochambeau dig me R O C H A M B E A U you have your orders now go man go and SO THE AMerican experiment beGINS with my FRIENDS all scattered to the WINDS laurens is in SOUTH CAROLINA redefining bravery WE'LL👏NEVER👏BE👏FREE👏UNTIL👏WE👏END👏SLAVERY👏 when we finally Drive the British away LAFAYETTE is there waiting in CHESAPEAKE BAY how did we know that this plan would work? we had a spy on the inside that’s right H E R C U L E S M U L L I G A N a tailor spyin on the British government I take their MEASUREMENTS, INFORMATION and then I smuggle it UP to my brother’s revolutionary covenant I’m running with the sons of libERTY and I am LOVIN IT oOh-OOOH!

Psychic: what the fuck

anonymous asked:

*curtsies* One of the things I really admire about you is your independence and I really need some advice about moving out for the first time. My best friend and I both got into the same MA program so we'll be roommates but it's the first time we're going to be living away from our parents. We're both quite introverted people and I'm the type of person that hates change. However, the reason I decided to move away was so I could experience adulthood. Do you have any advice for a starter adult??

*curtsies* Right, this started as a normal paragraph post but then it got too long so here’s a list.

Advice for Starter Adults

  1. Budget. Everything is more expensive than you think it is. Figure out what your monthly spending cap is, figure out what the necessities are going to be each month and how much you’ll have left over for pocket money. Then STICK TO YOUR BUDGET. There is nothing worse than your card getting declined because there’s no money in your account or not being able to pay your rent at the end of the month. Most importantly: (1) Leave yourself a cushion and a backup plan for emergencies. Things come up unexpectedly. You don’t want to be down to your last five dollars when your car breaks down on the side of the road. My advice is to put a chunk of money in a savings account and just pretend it’s not there until you’re in a tight spot and you need it. (2) Keep track of what you’re spending on what. Ask for receipts. This is a really good habit to get into and trust me, you will be much better off when you start doing your own taxes if you have an exact record of all your spending. (Also: Don’t use a credit card at the bar. Take cash out at the beginning of the night and when that runs out, stop. This is a great way to avoid the unpleasant surprise of an $80 bar tab in the morning and also keeps you from getting embarrassingly drunk.)
  2. Talk to your roommates. Turning from ‘friends’ to ‘roommates’ has wrecked a lot of friendships. It might sound ideal to live with your best friend but it’s actually a lot harder than it sounds. The best way to avoid hating your best friend is to communicate. If they do something you’re not okay with, tell them instead of stewing about it. Encourage them to do the same. Talk to each other and establish ground rules even if you think you’ll never need them. Because you will. 
  3. Talk to people besides your roommates. When you go off to college with a good friend it can be really tempting to use that person as a security blanket and only hang out with them. Don’t do that. The first risk you run is that you’ll get sick of each other and it will have a seriously negative impact on your friendship. The second is that you won’t meet anyone new and you’ll regret that down the road. A friendship is like any other relationship in that being conjoined at the hip isn’t healthy. Have other friends, pursue your own interests, and get back together to talk about it at the end of the day.
  4. Clean up after yourself. Especially in shared space, and don’t wait until three days later to do it. This goes not just for your house or dorm but for classrooms, libraries, etc. Nothing says “I’m still a child” like not cleaning up your own mess. But this goes for your own space, too. You will have a much easier time functioning if your room isn’t a wreck, so just keep it clean. It will do wonders for your mental health. 
  5. Budget time for housework and errands. If you don’t make time to do laundry and go to the grocery store you’re going to be naked and hungry a lot. These things take time. So book hours into your schedule on days you don’t have class to get shit done. 
  6. Budget time for work AND relaxation. A lot of people crash and burn in college and grad school because they don’t understand how to divide their time. Yes, schoolwork should be your priority, but you also need to make sure you’re spending time relaxing because if you don’t, you will wreck your mental health. Take your playtime seriously.
  7. Make lists. Make lists of what groceries you need to buy, what you need to get done before Monday, emails you need to send, whatever. Write shit down and cross it off as you get through it. This will greatly reduce stress because you know exactly what you need to get done in a given day and you’re not going to forget anything. 
  8. Eat as healthy as you can. Trust me, I understand exactly how expensive produce is and how tempting it is to live on coffee and Cheerios because it’s cheap. But that kind of diet (or worse, a diet of Doritos and Aristocrat) will take a toll, believe me. Find a place to shop where you can get some reasonably healthy stuff at reasonable prices. Buy store-brand versions of name-brand stuff. (It’s a lot cheaper and it tastes exactly the same.) If your diet sucks it’s going to cause all kind of other problems: breakouts, weight gain, lethargy, etc. Learn how to feed yourself. Make lists for the store so you have the stuff to make actual meals at home. And if you have problems with junk food or overeating, here’s the most important tip: Just don’t buy that shit. Don’t keep beer or potato chips or chocolate in the house if you know you’ll end up eating it while you binge-watch The Crown at three in the morning. Buy healthy snacks instead and you’ll have no choice but to eat those when you have a craving, and save the chocolate for special occasions.
  9. Get more sleep than you think you need. The older you get, the more you will start to feel it when you don’t get enough sleep, so guess what? BUDGET YOUR SLEEP TIME INTO YOUR SCHEDULE. There are only 24 hours in a day and you need to use like at least seven of them for sleeping. 
  10. Exercise. Look, being a teenager is great because you have an elastic metabolism, hangovers don’t exist, and you’re going to bounce back pretty quickly from eating a cheeseburger every day for a week. Once you hit about 23, the glory days are over and before you know it you’ll have gained fifteen pounds and be feeling pretty crappy. So nip that in the bud. Most universities have student health centers, and even if they don’t you can always exercise in the great outdoors for free. Find some kind of exercise you like and guess what? Budget it into your schedule. If you’re a person who’s never exercised in the past, don’t get me wrong, it will suck the first few weeks you do it. But after that it will start to feel really good and you will be much happier and healthier. (Not to mention, you will look better, and that’s always a plus.)
  11. Don’t put off doctor’s appointments. Dude, I am SO bad at this. It takes forever and it’s always awkward and it’s just easier not to think about it. But you know what? It’s even easier to plan it in advance instead of trying to shoehorn it in at the last moment because you need a prescription refilled. 
  12. Don’t do dumb stuff just because you can. Getting out from under the parental eye can be exciting and very liberating. However. Most of the rules your parents have are to keep you from accidentally maiming or mortally embarrassing yourself. So take careful stock of decisions that seem reckless. Like, don’t go out and adopt an 80-pound dog because your parents never let you have a puppy. Don’t get wasted on a Tuesday and hook up with a random stranger twice your age just because nobody’s going to stop you. Being an adult is about having the freedom to make your own decisions but not being a dumbass about it. 
  13. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Start small. Under-commit yourself at first because I promise things are going to come up that you didn’t expect. So don’t sign up for twice the recommended number of classes and three intramural teams at the same time. Start small and add to your workload if you find you have the time and energy to do more. You have much greater odds of success that way.
  14. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Adulting is hard. There is no instruction manual. If you need help, ask. Professional Adults understand that being an Amateur Adult is hard, because they had to do it once, too. Chances are they will be happy to help so long as you ask politely. So. No idea how to balance a checkbook? Ask your mom. No idea how to get grass stains out of your jeans? Ask your dad. No idea how to navigate the library? Ask. No idea how to format a college paper? Ask. Admitting you don’t know how to do stuff and then doing what you have to to learn is part of being an adult. Pretending you know how to do stuff you don’t and accidentally breaking your dishwasher is not.
  15. Don’t beat yourself up if you screw up. Look. Inevitably, it’s going to happen. You’re going to lock yourself out of the house or overdraw your bank account or hit a mailbox backing out of your parking lot. Shit like that is going to happen for the rest of your life regardless of how good at adulting you are. The most adult thing you can learn to do is deal with it reasonably. Melting down because you made a mistake is childish, so don’t do that. When you screw up, laugh it off if that’s appropriate, fix it if you can, and get on with your life. 

Anyway, those are the basics. Good luck!

Drarry in the kitchen
  • Harry: so i think we need to talk about groceries
  • Draco: no
  • Harry: i'm thinking we should switch to whole wheat pasta
  • Draco: *indignantly* why the fuck would we do that
  • Harry: because we'll live longer, that's why
  • Draco: i'm not playing a long game here, potter - i'm trying to enjoy my terrible life choices, not improve them. and if you think for one moment that I won't spend the entire duration of my elongated lifespan complaining about the substandard quality of my food -
  • Harry: *sighs* who could have predicted you were going to be difficult?
Hog the washers? We'll see about that

So I live in an apartment building that has a shared laundry in the basement. There are 10 washers and 10 dryers. I had a single load of laundry to do before a flight tomorrow morning. So I headed downstairs with my basket.

Two machines are running when I get down there. There’s also a single couple taking up EIGHT washers to sort their laundry.

I asked politely if they could divide one of them up into 1/7ths and put it in with their others so I can use a machine. They decline (apparently they have a system…) and tell me to wait however long it takes for the next person to claim their stuff to get the next machine.

At this point I realize it’s time to get petty.

I wait until they leave and then go hit the pause button on all of their machines. I need to stall. Then I wait for the next washer to free up. I transfer this innocent bystanders ratty old towels immediately, pay for their dryer and leave a note to which dryer it’s in. Then I start my washer, and I hit “run” on my machine. I wait a few more minutes, and then resume all of their washers.

They come back down in the 40mins it takes to run and are mildly confused by why their machines are taking longer than usual. They suspect no foul play. By this point my washer is finishing up, so I grab a laundry cart and empty it out. I then proceed to take my laundry and divide it into 8 different dryers (like 2 shirts and a couple socks per dryer lol) and set them all running, one by one, as they watch in bitter disbelief.

And then I settle down in a chair to watch my $12.50 of petty revenge spin.

Tl;dr person took up all the washers in the laundry room, so I made them watch as I took all the dryers.

EDIT: y'all are real hung up on the towels I put in the dryer, so:

No, the towels did not belong to the jerks. Yes, I moved someone else’s stuff. The towels were sitting, damp, in the washer and I needed to use it. Yes, I could have just waited, but I didn’t. I tossed them in the dryer instead, because if someone took my towels out and left them to get musty, I would be pissed. In any case, I feel like it worked out, because no one ever came to claim them in the time that I was down there, so the owner clearly either forgot or didn’t give a fuck. They got free dry towels out of the deal, and I got petty revenge ¯_(ツ)_/¯

i saw wonder woman tonight and i cried everybody!!!

Boyfriend Minhyuk
  • watching him dance in the studio then pulling you to the middle of the floor and making you dance with him
  • him grumbling but secretly liking it when you interrupt him dancing
  • “oo y/n, what are you doing here?”
  • “i missed you”
  • *pretends to be all huffy and puffy but smiles when his back is turned to you*
  • sleeping at the studio with him
  • ^ including cuddling for warmth
  • just smiling and observing him dance
  • carries things for you into the apartment like groceries and bags and stuff bc he doesn’t want you to get hurt
  • gets butterflies when he sees you walk into the room
  • “how are you?”
  • “g-good..!”
  • dongmin ends up doing it for him
  • “hey.. minhyuk wants to know if you want to go out with him”
  • “wha-”
  • his natural hands are  either always placed around your shoulder or your waist, there is no other place
  • when he warms up to you, he’ll start to randomly visit you and randomly surprise you with coffee and wRAP HIS ARMS AROUND YOUR TORSO AND CLASP HIS HANDS TOGETHER AND KISS YOUR NECK WHILE TELLING HIM HOW MUCH HE LOVES YOU
  • standing over your shoulder and watching your nimble fingers text him while he’s standing right there without your knowledge
  • likes to kiss your hand then your jawline
  • cleaning WITHOUT you having to ask
  • coming home to food already on the table
  • “you cooked?!”
  • “mmm” just as he slides out your chair for you
  • chivalry is absolutely not dead while dating minhyuk if you haven’t noticed
  • minhyuk always trying to pay for food when you two dine out
  • buying you balloons, stuffed animals, and toys when you two are at a carnival
  • “y/n, here!”
  • “hm?”
  • *he kisses you on the cheek*
  • he’ll always keep an eye on you even when you’re not together like texting your parents and your friends just to make sure you’re safe
  • him watching you sleep and thinking about how much he loves you
  • never taking it to the next step without your full understanding and permission
  • him messing with your hair like dragging it across your face randomly and playing with it
  • helping him style his own hair
  • minhyuk flipping through channels on the tv as you fall asleep laying on his chest
  • him then carrying you to bed and laying you down as softly as he can so he makes sure to not wake you up
  • waking up to him dancing in the living room
  • “good morning y/n!”
  • you just leaning against the doorframe of your bedroom in his oversized clothes and just smiling at how lucky you are to be with someone that cares as much as he does about you
Hoshido Confession Quotes
  • Ryouma: "Our past may be broken, but our future is stronger than iron. Take my hand..."
  • Hinoka: "You've never left my mind since the day you've been gone. Never leave me again."
  • Takumi: "If you were aiming for my heart, you've struck true. This was meant to be..."
  • Sakura: "I've never felt this way before. My heart is beating so fast! I'm yours forever."
  • Saizo: "I guess I can't be shy around you anymore, huh. I promise to tell you everything..."
  • Kagero: "To tell you the truth... I love you too... I'll never be a traditional wife... but I'll keep you safe for the rest of our lives."
  • Azama: "I am so happy to have found you on this plane of existence! Nirvana awaits..."
  • Setsuna: "We will always be happy, so long as we're together... How should I report this to Lady Hinoka?"
  • Hinata: "Please don't ever go away! I really love you, you know? I will make sure to keep you safe! My one and only princess!"
  • Oboro: "I hope someday I can love the world as much as you do. Please stay with me 'til then."
  • Hana: "I'm so glad you told me so, I love you too! We'll be the best couple in the world!"
  • Subaki: "Darling, you're the very picture of perfection. And we're so perfect together..."
  • Hayato: "Let's write the next chapter of our lives together. I love you..."
  • Kaden: "My love is as pretty as a diamond and twice as eternal. Even if you get sick of me, I'll always love you. I mean it... always and forever."
  • Orochi: "I knew we'd wind up together. Even before I met you. I read it in the cards... and the cards are never wrong."
  • Rinkah: "... I love you. The flame in my heart will never die. Thanks to you... I now know what true love is..."
  • Reina: "It's wonderful to know that you love me, too. It feels like a dream... We must go tell everyone at once."
  • Scarlet: "I love you and I'll spend the rest of my life with you... even if your proposal was pretty weak."
  • Yukimura: "We will make new memories together every day, my love."
  • April 1, 2017
  • I don't always love you, you know?
  • Sometimes I come to the conclusion that you're just a boy. Granted, the most beautiful boy I ever met. But so what? It's over now. I should be thankful for the good... and for the bad because I learned from them. You were a chapter in my life, and it's done. On to the next.
  • But other times I come to the conclusion that Fate made us for each other. That no one can replace me in your heart as no one can replace you in mine. That I'm not with you because we still have lessons to learn... grow on our own. But someday, we'll be together again, and this time, forever.
  • Whichever one is true, here I am, living. I have just one life, as far as I know. So I'm gonna see as much of the world as I can, laugh as hard and as often as possible, take really good care of myself, and just carpe the hell out of this diem.
  • Maybe one day we'll find ourselves back in and at the center of each other's lives. Or maybe you've already found your actual true love, and mine is on his way to me.
  • Either way, I'm glad that at some point in my life, I kissed the most beautiful boy in the world, and he kissed me back.

so-many-bloody-ships  asked:

"she is a mother of five and her husband(s?)" I suddenly remember that there is a polyamory mod. They can all be together, the purest of children and the horrible cat son. The sun is breaking through the clouds and my skin is clear. (Also Im LIVING for lesbian Luna currently please keep it coming)

actually… im still working on finding a functional polyam mod. the popular one (inTeen) is way out of date and has been known to corrupt saves, so I dont want to risk it. if felix/dom/bri becomes a thing, we might just have to find another workaround for the whole jealousy and no multiple marriages thing


to be fair so far anyone whos managed to kill robyn has gotten her eternal grudging respect. she would do anything for temerity, for example,

ghostllee she recognizes them as an equal to be feared

ghostllee fucking rip, robyn


because everybody needs to remember how bluesey started
  • Blue: Can. I. Help. You?
  • Gansey: I certainly hope so. My socially inhibited friend Adam thinks you're cute, but he's unwilling to make a move. Over there. Not the smudgy one. Not the sulky one.
  • B: So?
  • G: So would you do me a favour and come over and talk to him?
  • B: What exactly is it you think I'm going to talk to him about?
  • G: We'll think of something. We're interesting people.
  • B: Do you see how I'm wearing this apron? It means I'm working. For a living.
  • G: I'll take care of it.
  • B: Take care of it?
  • *raise your hand if you knew Gansey was a dead man at this point*
  • G: Yeah. How much do you make in an hour? I'll take care of it. And I'll talk to your manager.
  • *I used a desk to face-palm myself*
  • B: I am not a prostitute.
  • G: Oh, that was not how I meant it. That is not what I said.
  • B: That is what you said! You think you can just pay me to talk to your friend? Clearly you pay most of your female companions by the hour and don't know how it works with the real world, but... but... Most girls, when they're interested in a guy, will sit with them for free.
  • *more conversation that could be summarised by Ronan and Noah's reactions - Ronan, miming a plane crash, Noah, trying not to laugh*
  • G: Dear God. I don't know what else to say.
  • B: "Sorry."
  • G: I said that already.
  • B: Then, "bye".
The Sound of Music Lyric Meme
  • "My day in the hills has come to an end."
  • "There are voices that urge me to stay."
  • "The hills are alive with the sound of music, with the songs they have sung for a thousand years."
  • "The hills fill my heart with the sound of music."
  • "My heart wants to sing every song it hears."
  • "I go to the hills when my heart is lonely."
  • "How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?"
  • "How do you make her stay and listen to all you say?"
  • "How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?"
  • "These are a few of my favorite things."
  • "When I'm feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel so bad."
  • "Let's start at the beginning, a very good place to start."
  • "The first three notes just happen to be do-re-mi."
  • "When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most everything."
  • "You wait on an empty stage for fate to turn the light on."
  • "You are sixteen going on seventeen. Baby, it's time to think."
  • "Totally unprepared are you to face a world of men."
  • "You need someone older and wiser telling you what to do."
  • "I am seventeen going on eighteen, I'll take care of you."
  • "I know that I'm naive."
  • "Fellows I meet may tell me I'm sweet."
  • "How can love survive?"
  • "How can I show what I feel for you?"
  • "Lost in our wealthy domains are we."
  • "We'll make our love survive!"
  • "Perhaps I had a wicked childhood."
  • "Somewhere in my wicked, miserable past there must have been a moment of truth."
  • "I must have done something good."
  • "So long, farewell, aufwiedersehn, goodnight."
  • "I hate to go and leave this pretty sight."
  • "I'd like to stay and taste my first champagne."
  • "The sun has gone to bed and so must I."
  • "Climb every mountain."
  • "A dream that will need all the love you can give."
  • "Today you have to learn to be a realist."
  • "I will not bow my head to the men I despise!"
  • "You can't stop it even if you tried."
  • "You're a fool if you worry over everything but little number one."
  • "An ordinary couple is all we'll ever be."
  • "All I want of living is to keep you close to me."
  • "You are sixteen going on seventeen, waiting for life to start."
  • "Somebody kind who touches your mind will suddenly touch your heart."
  • "Gone are your old ideas of life."
  • "You may think this kind of adventure may never come to you."
  • "You look happy to meet me."
The Road to El Dorado Starter Sentences (Part 1)
  • "Today, we sail to conquer the new world!"
  • "This could be our destiny, our fate."
  • "If I believed in fate, I wouldn't be playing with loaded dice."
  • "Come on baby. Papa needs that crappy map..."
  • "You dare to impugn my honor?"
  • "He was the one that was cheating!"
  • "Oh, now I'm the thief? Take a look in the mirror, pal!"
  • "I will give you the honor of a quick and painless death."
  • "You fight like my sister."
  • "I've fought your sister, that's a compliment."
  • "We're both in barrels, that's the extent of my knowledge."
  • "My crew was as carefully chosen as the disciples of Christ, and I will not tolerate stowaways."
  • "You will be flogged. And when we port into Cuba to resupply, God willing, you will be flogged some more...and then enslaved on the sugar plantations for the rest of you miserable life."
  • "That's your plan, is it? ...well I like it!"
  • "Okay, what's your idea, smart guy?"
  • "Don't ask me that! You're the one with the plans."
  • "For pete's sake, he's a ruthless warhorse, not a poodle."
  • "Look on the positive side. At least things can't get--"
  • "Excuse me. Were you going to say 'worse'?"
  • "Did you ever imagine it would end like this?"
  • "The horse is a surprise."
  • "My regret, besides dying, is our greatest adventure is over before it even began, and no one will even remember us."
  • "Well if it's any consolation... you... made my life... an adventure."
  • "And if it's any consolation, you made my life... rich."
  • "What's that? The map? ... You still have the map? You kept the map but you couldn't grab a little more food?!"
  • "It's the map to El Dorado!"
  • "You drank the sea water didn't you?"
  • "Wait a minute. New plan. We find the city of gold. We take the gold, and then we go back to Spain."
  • "And buy Spain!"
  • "That's the spirit!"
  • "Your horse bit me in the butt!"
  • "Apparently, 'El Dorado' is native for... 'great, Big, ... ROCK'!"
  • "You don't think Cortes could've gotten here before us?"
  • "And what? Took all the /really/ big rocks? The scoundrel!"
  • "As the prophesies foretold, the time of judgment is now!"
  • "Did I not predict that the gods would come to us?"
  • "My lord, I am not a thief."
  • "My only wish is to serve the gods."
  • "You do not question the gods!"
  • "Do not question me/us, or I/we shall have to unleash our awesome and terrible power!"
  • "Visit your wrath upon this nonbeliever!"
  • "Show us the truth of your divinity!"
  • "You know that little voice that people have that tells them to quick when they're ahead? ... You don't have one!"
  • "Well, I'm sorry I got carried away!"
  • "Maybe we should tell the truth and beg for mercy."
  • "Both. Both is good."
  • "They actually think we're gods."
  • "We just have to keep this up long enough to load up on the gold and get the hell out of here!"
  • "We'll be living like kings!"
  • "(Person A) and (Person B)! (Person B) and (Person A)! Mighty and powerful gods!"
  • "Depart mortal! Before we/I strike you with a lightning bolt!"
  • "Beware the wrath of the gods!"
  • "Save it for the high priest, honey. You're gonna need it."
  • "What makes you think that I need your help?"
  • "Are you serious?"
  • "I want in on the scam."
  • "Scam? There's not a scam. Why would think there's a scam?"
  • "She wants in so she can get out."
  • "Think you're the only one who dreams of better things?"
  • "You've got your reasons, and I've got mine."
  • "Do you mind?"
  • "The little voice-- remember the little voice? Just for a second imagine that you have one."
  • "And we're pretending to be Gods."
  • "We must avoid giving in to temptation."
  • "Relax! All you have to do is smile, act godly, and follow my lead."
BTS' reaction to Gf being abused by Sasaeng 'fans'.
  • When our boys do start dating please be respectful of their girlfriends. They deserve to do what they want with their lives without them worrying about how we'll react. So please respect their love life. We're better than that.
  • ~~~~~~~~
  • Jin/Kim Seokjin:
  • If it's through the internet kind of Abuse, he would remind you just how gorgeous you are and that their comments really don't matter.
  • For physical abuse he would immediately report it, hardly let you go out without him. One time you had left alone because he wasn't there.
  • Jin: -Sees you come back-
  • Jin: Where'd you go? Are you okay? Were you hurt? Why'd you leave?
  • You: The store, I'm fine, and you were busy, I didn't want to bother you.
  • Jin: If it's for your safety you can bother me anytime you want.
  • Worried man. Like all of them would be. Stressed and annoyed.
  • Suga/Min Yoongi:
  • Internet abuse- He'd tell you to ignore it because it isn't that big of a deal.. But once it gets physical he'd also keep you home more and if you want to leave take someone with you.
  • Yoongi: Never go alone okay? God why are some people like this?
  • You: I won't. It's okay, you told me it'd be complicated to date you and I still decided too.
  • Yoongi: Don't make it sound like it's your fault. It's not.
  • Yoongi: Just be safe.
  • Mad that he has to keep you at home, mad that these kinds things have to be talked about.
  • J-Hope/Jung Hoseok:
  • Hobi is so kind, sweet, and he gives you so many compliments.. The internet comments almost don't exist.
  • You would also be quite safe, considering that you and Hobi only love doing stuff together. But the one time you went alone you came home tired.
  • Hoseok: What's wrong?
  • You: Just.. Tired.
  • Hoseok: You look like you ran. What happened?
  • You: It's nothing.
  • Hoseok: Y/N.
  • You: ...
  • You: Got chased by some odd fans.
  • Hoseok: —Sigh— Make sure to call me next time this happens OK?
  • Forces you to have his number and the other members on speed dial. Annoyed at this abuse.
  • Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:
  • You both never minded Internet comments, well at least not too much. Most of it is just feedback and that's really appreciated.
  • Once it got physical, you didn't even need to be told by Joonie to stay inside you would stay inside on your own accord.
  • Namjoon: Baby, let's go eat. I need to try this new restaurant.
  • You: I'm sorry, I don't want too. What if they try to come at me again?
  • Namjoon: They wouldn't attack you if I'm there. C'mon.
  • Namjoon would also be mad they managed to get you afraid just to go to a restaurant.
  • Jimin/Park Jimin:
  • If you ever needed to let out frustrations about these comments he'd listen to every word you'd have to say. You might be very affected by what they say, and if it got physical that would so much more annoying.
  • Jimin: Honey, are you doing ok? —Rubbing your shoulders—
  • You: I don't know what to do about this anymore.. Jimin it's getting physical and I don't think I can handle that.
  • Jimin: I promise I will somehow get this fixed. Try to stay inside more often and leave only if someone goes with you.
  • Jimin, super annoyed and damn stressed about you getting abused like this. You don't deserve it.
  • V/Kim Taehyung:
  • Tae and you are a really fluffy couple so abuse over the Internet wouldn't be such a big issue. Especially since Tae is always making you feel special.
  • When it starts getting physical he would probably have a talk with the 'fans'. He would immediately attempt to fix it. Stop this from happening.
  • Tae: I'm sorry this is happening.
  • You: It's not your fault.
  • Tae: But it almost is.. I really want you to be happy and feel safe with me but this is the opposite.
  • You: We'll get this fixed Taehyung. I'm always happy with you ok?
  • Tae would be sad and pissed as well because he didn't want that dating him would mean being in danger.
  • Jungkook/Jeon Jungkook:
  • Kookie and you would read the good comments, ignoring the negative ones while scrolling.
  • If it got physical he would report it and keep you home, call to check if you're safe when he can, and would make sure he can see you as soon as possible.
  • -You both cuddling-
  • You: When do you think they'll stop?
  • Jungkook: I don't know but I hope it's soon. I never wanted you to get hurt.
  • You: I hope it's soon too. Good thing have the golden maknae to defend me.
  • Jungkook: You're dramatic. But of course I'll always try to protect you.
  • Stressed boy and very tired boy that this is happening to you but loves you and will fix it.
Because Caaaaaaas

So the reason I actually started processing the loss of our angel is that I help out at this school on Saturday mornings and one of the kids in the group I teach is named Cas and so I spent the whole morning asking “How’s it going, Cas?” and “You okay there, Cas?” and “Need any help, Cas?” and I just cannot even.

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hey uh i see a lot of hate in the tag and i’m just gonna drop a few head canons/plot bunnies that have been living in my drafts to help cleanse all that

mafia au - based off this writing prompt
hinata plays w sasuke in the park and he’s really taken w her (they’re like 5)
sasuke doesn’t play well w the other kids because he doesn’t like them so he’s really upset when he has to part with his new friend
so what does fugaku do? oh he just kidnaps little hinata so she could hang out with his son. no big deal. he is the head of the mafia.

another crime au, but w spies! - based off this post & my tags
team 8 is a private spy organization, known for their tracking abilities. shino “bugs” anything - vehicles, houses, offices; you name it, he can do it. kiba collects information. sometimes he roughs people up, but it’s all in the name of work. hinata follows people. covertly, of course. blending seamlessly into the background, she’s always watching. kurenai is the big boss, with years and years of experience. since she has mirai to care for, she mostly runs the operations now - planning, management, etc.
they’re hired to gather intel on sasuke, the leader of a notorious crime organization. he’s elusive and the group that hired team 8 did so as a last resort, because their own people couldn’t get very far in their efforts. so hinata is sent to do her part and pursues him daily. she’s good but he catches on and decides to mess w the cute spy sent to unravel his secrets.

life/death au
she is the embodiment of life and he, death
flowers bloomed in her wake
creatures took their last breaths in his
this will follow their genesis up until the end.

motorcycle au - the one i wrote instead of completing actual schoolwork
basically hinata is disowned from the family and has a crap ton of loans after graduation, so she participates in underground motorcycle competitions under a secret persona to pay them back. known only as ghost, she climbs her way up to the top and eventually finds herself neck and neck w sasuke, who’s renowned in the motorcycle community for his speed and winning streak. he’s peeved by the silent newbie that made their way up the ranks so quickly, but he’s also immensely curious. ghost never took off their helmet nor spoke to anyone, only communicating through texts. why were they hiding their identity so fiercely? sasuke itched to find out.

(sort of) witch au
they called her the poison woman.
she lives alone in the woods and spends all of her time brewing elixirs and potions. considered a spinster and a witch, she’s ostracized from the kingdom for old, vicious rumors. in the middle of gathering herbs, she stumbles upon an injured rogue and tends to his wounds. little did she know, this would be one of the worst decisions she had made in a while.

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This is so corny and cliché but I hope we'll see a universe in S13 where Dean and Cas have settled down, have two kids (it'll be better if it's twins that are a lot like their dads) and living in a cute little apartment while Sam finally got a degree and is in a relationship with a woman that won't end up burning in the ceiling, shot, stabbed by a demon knife or murdered by a hellhound. But it will never ever happen.. :(

Never say never! And hey all these alternate worlds…there’s one where it’s happened!
even while being lost myself, i found you - Chapter 2 - BobaAddict, jyushimatsu-falls-in-love (NatureTheZafara) - おそ松さん | Osomatsu-san (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter 2 of @bobaaddict and I’s collab fic even while being lost myself, i found you is now live!!

Thank you for everyone’s nice comments and responses with the first chapter! We hope you enjoy the second chapter just as much as the first! ;v; And we hope you’d stick around for the rest of the story too!

Special thanks too to @risusgarbage for beta reading for us again!! We owe you one ♥♥♥

Please do tell us what you think! :’D

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Me every day this week: Maybe today we'll have a sweet scene between Sana and Elias where they open up about their problems. Needless to say it's been a very disappointing week so far. Ah well, there's always tonight to hope for!

Hi, Anon!!

I’m a bit …. upset about that. Why has there not been a focus on Elias and Sana? Is Sana not worried or concerned about the state she found Elias in last Friday? Does she not have questions? Like … this is Sana, of course she’d be 👀👀👀 about this all. It seems so … unrealistic that Elias and Sana both live in the same house, yet haven’t had one scene yet that just featured them 2 only.