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tbh something that annoys me a lot about how Batman is portrayed is that you can do so many interesting things with him visullay, with how he moves with his cape, hides with it and behind it and uses it to glide through the night, and what would work best for that would be a lean physique yet most of the time he’s envisioned as this bulky af dude who just happens to be wearing a cape

this works really well visually 

and yet most of the time we get this

like why is he as bulky as Superman?? how is that interesting??? how does that tell us anything about the characters???? it doesn’t, it’s just strict adherence to hypermasculinity and it frustrates me 

Batman is fucking sneaky, he hides, he’s quiet, he makes damn sure he has the jump on someone before he attacks - he’s not a bruiser he’s a fucking rogue okay. leaving him behind his cape tells us that much better than giving him an eight pack

like take these pictures

they’re doing something interesting with the cape, but to me the emphasis on his muscles really distracts from what could be something that worked quite well if rendered more simply. the constant emphasis on him being big and muscular detracts from an otherwise interesting visual design. 

this isn’t about any one installment being better than another, i’m still not a fan of the body type they chose for him in B:TAS and I do think the Arkham games portrays the cape gliding well, my only point is that I’m so tired of seeing him drawn with hypermasculinity as the main goal instead of with visual storytelling in mind. 

Look, I live for young!McCree pinning after his superiors, but what I really want is a Jack Morrison pinning after Jesse AU!

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ZK Week ‘16 Day 2(4 & 5) - Reincarnation (Lilac & Fever)

So I combined quite a few prompts into one comic. A little backstory: Zuko contracts a fever so his childhood friend, Katara, helps nurse him back to health by making him lilac tea. During his fever, though, Zuko starts hallucinating that he knew Katara long before their current lives.

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New fic reader here. It's so great so many of you are writers. If you were on a deserted island and could only bring one fic what would it be? I This season is killing me.

Ashley (@ascloseasthis): The Quality or State of Being Domestic or Domesticated by the crazy-talented ideal_flower, because she still has ten chapters to go in the amazing Galway Bay/Cold Wind Blows on the Soles of my Feet universe, which you already know is my favorite fic in the whole entire world. I’m obsessed.

Frangi (@frangipaniflower001): Laure’s Every Tuesday and Thursday/Monday and Wednesday in Islamabad. Because it has it all: Banter, sexy scenes, spy plot and Laure’s dry wit humour.

Zeffy (@zeffy001): What can be better at the deserted island than naked Quinn? Two naked Quinns! The One with Naked Quinn by @laure00001 and The Hedge by @frangipaniflower001, both written for my fic prompt, hold special place in my heart and will make any of your days better, promise! 

Sara (@carriemathison): I am going to cheat and recommend all of Jacob Clifton’s season two and three recaps on TWoP. His recap style is actually to sub in dialogue for what is actually said… so in a way fiction. But his insights are incredible and he is truly hilarious. 

Cynthia (@lange-c): My all time favorite is we tried the world, it wasn’t for us but it’s rather short and all those long hours on the island… Frangi’s In For A Marathon came to mind because it’s 52 bloody chapters but, if I’m honest, I’d want to forget CQ angst completely and give them a totally new life. Hence, teen CQ is my other Frangi choice: After Hong Kong

Sydney (@snqa303): Picking only one fic is like making me choose between my two children — it’s not possible.  So I’m going to cheat a little and recommend Laure’s Variations. It’s 4 separate stories, all very romantic and beautifully written. And for a bonus, chapter 2, Frozen, has a super hot (wall sex) sequel written by Cynthia, titled Unfrozen.

“Bad Wolf Bay” - Digital Oil Painting

I can’t properly express how happy I am at how this turned out, you guys. It was so much work, but so worth it. Here’s Rose, a curious mermaid who lives at the bottom of Bad Wolf Bay. She’s seen divers before, but never one who had a pinstriped wetsuit! Perhaps she needs a closer look?

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair.

It’s time for the Utena liveblog.  Work today was a comet-ride through a particularly bumpy troposphere and so this seems like the way to go.

We start with a play.  There are cardboard roses spinning.  Puppets are dancing.  They cast shadows against the sky-

Because the sky is a painted background, only a few inches away.  

The prince approaches the princess and turns brambles into flowers.  His shadow precedes him.

The play is interspersed with moments of live action, or something like it.  The living actors, though, also seem to be cut from paper – all sharp angles and improbable silhouettes.

In the end the prince seems to depart, but if you see his shadow, and the shadow of the princess, you can see that he hasn’t left at all.  He’s just grown smaller.

In the “absence” of the prince – and he’s not absent, of course, his presence shapes everything in this world – the princess decides to become a prince herself.  The narrator asks, “but is that really good enough?”

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— Swimming? In the storm? She laughed at the notion. Is this a trick t’ get the clothes off me, Jon Snow?“
— Do I need a trick for that now? he teased. Or is that you can’t swim a stroke? Ygritte punched his arm. 
—You know nothing, Jon Snow. I’m half a fish, I’ll have you know.

when I was sixteen, only one boy stole my heart and he used to whisper whispered honey soaked things while high at four o'clock in the morning like “I know you’re sleeping and I want to tell you I love you, so you couldn’t run away, or at least only in your dreams”. I promised myself never to repeat those words to another living soul, so I guess that’s why I told you three months later when I was too sober for my own thoughts. Because when I was sixteen, I almost always felt my bed swallowing me whole under my basement roof following the silence of my teachers after every swollen absence.
when I was sixteen I closed myself up and tried to fall in love with who I was, not knowing whom i was after my best friend told me she was tired of being ashamed when people mentioned my name. I swore I would keep to myself cause my sister said “stick to what you’re good at” when I painted the light in her eyes the night she left kicking and pleading against the voices she heard in her head because she believed they were real. because they were. they are. because those voices were the reason I wept in my closet for three hours on my thirteenth and why my mother forgot me at seven goal scoring soccer games. but I took pride in getting home by myself although that almost always meant walking an hour and a half in my bruised bones.
when I turn seventeen, only one boy will still be here, and this time he waits till I wake up to tell me he loves me and I try to smile and hopefully he knows I appreciate him past my deepest cracks. and this time he waits for me after rugby practise because soccer broke to many bones and I think my mothers excuse now is that she doesn’t want to see me break my neck, but all I get from that is she doesn’t want to see me period.
—  “when I was sixteen I thought I didn’t matter, maybe I was wrong”- //edited by cynicallys//

It’s been announced that Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman will visit Germany for a one-time-only fan event, live in Berlin on Friday, 17th July.

Commenting on the event, Peter Capaldi said, ‘So many German fans have already reached out to me about the show and I’m delighted to be traveling to their country to find out first hand why they love Doctor Who.’

The forthcoming trip will offer fans the opportunity to see the stars of the world’s longest running television sci-fi series, for the first time in Germany. It follows on from last year’s successful fan events across the globe during the Doctor Who: The World Tour where Capaldi and Coleman visited seven cities in 12 days including Cardiff, Seoul and Rio de Janeiro.

Doctor Who returns to our screens later this year and details of the Germany trip will be available on in due course.


dear taylorswift

i just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve done for us, your Swifties! there is no one else in this world i would replace you with. you’re golden, kind heart makes our world one so much happier to live in! you’ve gone beyond making us feel comfortable with you, so so much further. there are so many things i’d say to you if i met you in person like i actually think your ears would hurt from that! hahaha, i just want you to how proud i am of you and for everything you’ve accomplished especially with 1989! you’re just slaying the word, one honest word at a time. i love you Tay! you’re such a wonderful person, inside and out. you make me better every single day. thank you for being there for me when no one else was. you’re my best friend.

so i’ve been listening to this complilation of all the da: inquisition party banter and one of the banters between Vivienne and Solas caught my attention.

Vivienne: You must be disappointed, apostate. Your rebels have not found the freedom they hoped for.
Solas: I planted no seeds in your garden, Enchanter. You grew that fruit yourself.
Vivienne: And I will once again ensure they are protected from a world that hates and fear them.
Solas: While mages live in depravation you do not share? You lord their mystique over those not so gifted! Well played, Enchanter. In another age, you might have ruled an empire.
Vivienne: You are too kind, my dear. But this age is still young.

Which, given what we know about the rise and fall of the Arlathan after Trespasser, means that Solas was telling Vivienne she was such a good political player she could have been an Evanuris.

And I would just like us all to take a moment to appreciate that even though no one else understood it, Solas just delivered the most spectacularly backhanded compliment of the entire DA series (ง ಠ益ಠ )ง 


                 WWE Superstars & Divas As Street Racers;


If there was one thing Nicole and Brianna lived to do, it was to prove people wrong (Nicole more so than Brianna, in all honesty). They never wanted to be seen as “just a pretty face” and in their minds, if they were just as good as the guys, they should be treated like the guys. Looking the way they did, it was easy to cast them off and not take them seriously. Nicole especially loved when people did that —- it meant she got to show them just how wrong they were.

Falling into the street racing scene, had never been their dream growing up. Sure, they had been around cars from a young age, but neither twin had taken a huge interest in them. They just liked to go fast. What started out as a bet between Nicole and one of her brother’s friends, turned into her being invited to race against three other people for cold, hard cash. 

Nicole wasn’t stupid, and knew that there was no way she’d beat all of them, so she enrolled her sister to help her. They called it Twin Magic, and although it was cheating, it never went noticed by anyone — they were simply that good at it. (Although there were those few who had caught on). Nikki would often start the race, while Brie waited at a spot that was pre-determined, when Nikki tapped out, Brie would take her place and cross the finish line in her identical car.

They were a force to be reckoned with.


“These people who want enough money to eat food, pay rent AND be warm…..they never think of the REAL victims of their selfishness, do they?”

(this letter was originally posted up on Twitter by paul__johnson and then tweeted to Pointless Letters by RNWPayne, so thanks all round for this one!)