so we now know around when this takes place in 10's timeline

Treadmill Chronicles

2.1 k of shitty teenager Nurseydex high school/gym AU 

!! thank you for asking because AUs are my bread and butter. tbh, my top pick was middle school math competition AU but tumblr deleted my draft of it like 5 times so i took it as a sign that today isn’t the day for that. have this instead!

They meet at the gym, because Treadmill Guy (TG) is always using Will’s favourite treadmill, and it pisses him off. He’s been the only person under 65 in the gym on Saturday mornings for like, at least 3 years, and he works out with a bunch of leering old ladies in the same room in order to use the equipment he wants to use, so he deserves that treadmill, goddammit.

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ALRIGHTY THEN! I’m starting this as a draft and as I continue to study the trailer in all it’s (tragic) glory I’ll keep adding on bits and pieces and by then end of this post it’ll probably be at least 48 hours before I’m completely done (It’s 9:37pm PST 12/14/16  right now).  Work and real life want to be in my way when I just want to lie back and enjoy The 100. 

In this post, I’ll be going through every clip and every piece of dialogue, giving you guys my theories and questions on what will be happening in S4 including what episodes I believe everything will be in (or at least TRY to).  This is in no particular order and things will get SUPER messy but please bare with me. I pray that it all makes sense in the end.  We have A LOT to cover so let’s just dive in now okay?

***FAIR WARNING*** This is my first time doing a full on analysis of ANYTHING so if you read this and have some constructive tips or pointers, PLEASE let me know so I can improve my writing skills!***FAIR WARNING OVER*** 

We kick off with “The end is coming.”  I feel like that quote COULD be in the season. The voice sounds kind of robotic and ALIE as we know her, doesn’t sound robotic. Is it a recording?  Something left behind in case she was ever destroyed? So yeah, robotic voice then we get the Earth’s nuclear plants melting.  I was trying to figure out which continents were which and I pulled up 3x7 to compare but with the narrative, I got confused. The Commander had said the ICBM’s were coming from China but I’m seeing missiles come from everywhere so….. yep, confused. I could guess part of what we see could be Africa because next, ALIE’s normal voice begins to reiterate the end of S3 and we see…

The Great Pyramids!!!!  I don’t know if this is “trailer only” content or if the pyramids will actually be in the season. IF they are in the show, then I’d probably say this would be somewhere before the acid rain comes. Maybe it’ll be in ep3? Going for ep 3 or 4. And who is that woman who just got incinerated? Do we know her or is she a random? More than anything, I’m just trying to figure out how Egypt ties into our story. I feel something biblical here. Vital information I must have. 

Black Rain/No Drinkable Water  You see Harper in the center and she’s screaming out, “Bellamy!”  It’s raining. This is obviously going to be the first experience of acid rain. They’re all panicked and running for cover.  Next, Bellamy comes out wearing a HAZMAT suit?!?!?!  

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joannalannister  asked:

If Rohanne Webber vanishes with D&E ... do you think that means she dies in that Dunk & Egg story? Do you have any speculation on why Gerold was so interested in marrying Rohanne (besides her being beautiful or s/t)? Most Lannister marriages are with Lannister bannermen, so Gerold/Rohanne strikes me as something very unusual.

I don’t know if Rohanne dies in that potential D&E story. I’m not sure why she would mysteriously vanish in the first place, especially less than a year after giving birth to her youngest son. I just know that the combination of the fact that Gerold Lannister’s wife is Rohanne Webber of The Sworn Sword, and the fact that her mysterious disappearance is mentioned in TWOIAF but not expanded upon, just screams “potential D&E story” to me. And the fact that Tion was Aegon’s squire, and Gerold was instrumental in the Great Council that chose Aegon as king, definitely suggests some connection there.

Although, timeline-wise… Rohanne disappeared in 230 AC, so 3 years before Maekar’s death and Aegon’s crowning, and Egg would have been 30 and already married for 10 years, with at least 4 children… and Dunk would have been about 38… hell, Rohanne would have been around 44… So this is not some rambunctious adventure story, whatever it is. It’s probably very sad.

(Now I’m really wondering when Dunk joined the Kingsguard. Was it when Aegon became king? Or some time well before that? He was Lord Commander by 259, but if he joined in 233 that’s plenty of time to rise that high. Did he have a family he gave up, or did something happen to them? Or was he unmarried until he joined? Dammit, GRRM…)

What we know of Gerold and Rohanne:

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But consider: Magnus Bane, an immortal, meeting the Doctor. The Doctor fascinated with this whole new world- and the young man…. or not so young…. man who opened it up to him, because they are so similar in so many ways. They live for hundreds of years, loving and losing, never really aging or dying. He finds Magnus after Camille and maybe takes him to another planet to lessen the pain (Ragnor nearly kills him when he goes missing for a year or ten without a word because we know the Doctor has the being-on-time-ability of Alice Kingsleigh).

Magnus going through Victorian London or whatever and finding a ladder into a cloud and his old friend, darkened and sad, and trying to help any way he can.

Magnus meeting Vastra and Jenny. Maybe they’re expecting homophobia or even just shock at the whole lizard thing from the handsome rich guy but he thinks maybe she’s at warlock and isn’t phased at all by her or Jenny and they become good friends (Strax declares war on him six times.)

Throughout the years, Magnus sort of just dropping in on random adventures and the Doctor doesn’t question it. Like him and Amy and Rory are running through Paris pursued by vampires or something and Magnus just joins them running like “Oh hi”
Amy’s like “why is this fashionable French guy running with us”
Rory’s like “wtf? I swear to God if either of dies again I will slap a bitch” (censored of course)
The Doctor’s like “Oh hi Magnus! So we have a slight vampire problem”
and later there are proper introductions and
Amy’s fascinated and Rory’s a lil jealous especially considering no one’s mentioned that they’re a couple…. until Magnus starts hitting on him because “wow the doctor always chooses cute ones, huh?”
And then another century he meets River and oh, the fun they have, sipping cocktails and laughing at the Doctor’s exploits (“I can’t believe you flirted with my dad,” she laughs.)

And omg, JACK HARKNESS. They become good friends, hooking up every century or so
(When he hears about camille, he shows up at Magnus’s place with a really old bottle of whiskey (he bought it at a store fresh a century ago or something) and they drink their troubles away together for a while)
(After the whole mess with children of earth Magnus returns the favor)

When Magnus shows up in Torchwood and the team is like “Wtf?! Red alert, some sparkly guy just-” and Jack’s like “MAGNUS!” and greets him with a kiss (of course)
Ianto’s like “not again”
But when Jack comes back from a quick weevil hunt or something they’re giggling together in the corner
Ianto is holding an expertly made cocktail
Magnus is holding wonderfully brewed coffee
Jack is slightly scared that they’ve been conspiring

Martha meeting Magnus and he tries to help her get over her crush (“he’s oblivious, isn’t he? Not gonna lie, I was the same way you are when I first met him. To be fair, I was a lot younger.”)
And eventually he shows up at her wedding (“Oh I just happened to be in the neighborhood…. I brought LAVISH GIFTS.”)
And they bond a lil bit over Shakespeare too (the main difference there is magnus actually got past the flirting part)

Magnus meeting Donna (she slaps him at least twice. Both pretty justified. “I like her,” he says.) And they get along pretty well
He occasionally visits her after she loses her memory but he never tells her the truth
Wilf and him share war stories after she’s gone to sleep (Wilf kind of likes this young man who reminds him of his old friend)

Magnus meets Rose and they actually don’t get along all too much after an argument about love between an immortal/mortal. He’d recently lost a mortal love (Etta, perhaps? Idk it’s a time machine) and she was in love with the Doctor
They were civil, but only for the Doctor
(Later when he has alec he tell her she was right. She smiles sadly because she thinks he was right. In the end she still lost the man she fell in love with. (Handy wasn’t the same, as much as she loved him. She would laugh and mention something they’d done and he would stare blankly, or look away, knowing she was thinking of him.))

He flirted with Mickey a lot. It’s possible they had a night together…. or maybe they didn’t. No one will ever know. (If you’re gonna say Mickey is completely straight, see Ricky and his boyfriend from the parallel dimension with the cybermen. Also I’m eighty percent sure he flirted back when Jack flirted with him)

Sarah Jane Smith thought he was rather fun and they (along with Jack, Martha, occasionally Ianto, and some other people) met up for tea a couple times a month. Sometimes they showed up in the wrong order, sometimes river popped in- and the memorable time where the Doctor fell through the roof in the middle of a meeting.

Magnus meets Clara and he actually helps her teach a class a couple times because he’s been at a lot of the things they teach about but unlike the Doctor, he’s actually likely to not get too distracted (plus the kids like his magic “tricks”) and he’s pretty good with kids (“Is that your boyfriend?” They ask when he brings Alec. “Why yes,” he grins. “Yes he is.”)

Then when Magnus meets Alec
(If you wanna go TV show universe, maybe the doctor shows up after alec has told him that yes getting married and they go for a quick trip. Or maybe he shows up at the wedding and when Alec kisses him he cheers (and whichever confused companion he brought is very confused and on the way out he explains very excitedly))
And there’s a whole new thing, because this wasn’t like Camille at all

And suddenly Alec is meeting all of these intergalactic possibly criminals like this professor with bouncy hair and a gun (river song) and the Doctor himself Jack, this handsome immortal and various companions and at first he’s a bit insecure because these people, like Camille, can give Magnus what he can’t
But the difference is they aren’t heartless
They aren’t like her at all
Which makes it simultaneously so much worse and so much better
But he stays (he’s not making the same mistake twice, no sir) and eventually they get married (the proposal was sappy and beautiful) and jack and river and amy and Martha and so on tease him a bit but they all show up to the wedding (much to izzy, clary, jace, simon, etc.’s surprise… “who are all of these people?”)

And speaking of them
Now that we’ve imagining alec meeting all of these people, Imagine everyone else doing the same
Simon and the Doctor bonding, Izzy and River, maybe Vastra and Jenny talk with Clary and Jace idk
Jack tries flirting Jace six times and Simon five times
(Simon, being a lil shit, flirts right back)

Later he goes to see Clara with his boyfriend (before the whole married thing, obviously) and she is sooooooo pleased

When they show up for the meeting together, Sarah Jane says she surprised he made such a sensible choice. Luke, Rani, and the others are nosy, and eventually, this leads to and whole other adventure (of course)

Not only that, but this takes him through multiple regenerations. They keep meeting in the wrong order. Magnus’s timeline is pretty linear but the doctor and his companions jump around

so maybe Amy first meets a flamboyant, happy Magnus in Paris then a sad, heartbroken Magnus in London and then a happily married Magnus in Nebraska of all places (“Why are we here?” She asks. “Demons,” alec says at the same time the Doctor says “ice cream!!!!”)

Or Magnus learning to spot the various doctors (him and 4 get along very well, 3 seems rather bewildered by him, 8 and him got along FABULOUSLY while 7 and him were vaguely disapproving of each other.

Magnus disapproved of 5’s celery and in fact stole it and ate it at every opportunity (much to his companion’s amusement)

Him and 9 got along surprisingly well

10 grated on him a bit (he didn’t like how he had abandoned jack at the station…. a story he had heard from jack one night when he’d drank too much and needed a shoulder to cry on) but they did get along quite well most of the time

11 and him got along extremely well

12 thought he dressed silly but still grudgingly enjoyed his company (it was 12 who first met a young Magnus- very young, having just escaped his stepfather- and made sure he was safe. Magnus had told him very little about his childhood (Jack knew) but he knew enough to know not to look for parents. He was kind and when he met Magnus again as 12, Magnus just said
he should have known)

Once he met the War Doctor, albeit unknowingly, and they talked a bit

When Magnus meets the Master… well. It’s doesn’t end well (even if he did flirt with Harold Saxon and Missy both)

The doctor or SOMEONE finding a way to make Magnus mortal. Because as much as they’ll miss their good friend, he deserves happiness. Or even Alec being made immortal (the doctor disapproves of this but Magnus can’t bring himself to care) and there are issues- oh, there are issues- but they make it. When Izzy and Jace and Clary and so on all die eventually, Magnus (with Jack’s help) acquires ascend spaceship or a vortex manipulator
And they start their own new adventure, their own legend
And maybe they’re not the Doctor or professor River Song, but they get into a hell of a lot of adventures and save people and make their own friends
The married life is great and they sail off into the stars with “immortals” by fall out boy playing or something
And maybe they won’t live forever…. but they’ll sure as hell die together

Alec learns how to pilot a ship
Magnus finds he’s pretty good at mechanics
They get a crew (When Jack leaves earth they offer him a spot. It takes a while, but eventually, he’s right there with them. (IN case you couldn’t tell, Jack and Magnus as bffs is one of my fave things. Also, I feel like he and Alec would be good friends. Especially once Alec used that dry, sarcastic humor of his.))
Maybe Alonso (the guy from the bar…. and y he titanic) is the one who helps them pilot

And this is a whole new thing Like this ship will show up And out steps a flamboyant, sparkly human-looking guy with strange powers and a tall strong guy with weird tattoos and inhuman speed/endurance etc. And a nervous pilot who can hold his own (bc Alonso rocks) and other assorted characters (jack, maybe a blue lady because let’s face it they’re gonna need medical attention a lot and maybe catarina wants to help people all over the universe, huh? And maybe a badass lady because come on guys we need more diversity. Maybe an original character, eh?)

Hey, what do you think that they’d name the ship? “The Immortal”? “Ragnor”? “Marauder”? “The Endurance”? “The Glitterball”? (That last one’s a joke. Mostly.)
I don’t know.

Anyway….. just imagine. Imagine.

Okay I let this get away from me big time I’m sorry. This is probably a post full of blasphemy but I don’t even care right now. I really let this get away from me. Like seriously, this evolved way past what idea originally meant it to. Damn.

Feel free to add anything or fic this of you want just like, message me so I’d make can read it or something, okay? ‘Cause I’m always down for this shit

If you actually read all of my bullshit, congratulations! You deserve an award. Hope you enjoyed it.

The Once Upon A Time(line) Theory

UPDATE (06/23/2015): I tweeted this to Adam Horowitz and he replied that it seemed “VERY accurate” at first glance. So thank you, Adam! (Picture at the end of the post!)

For years, fans of “Once Upon A Time” have been trying to figure out that tricky little present day timeline. Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis have roughly estimated us to be in early 2013 by season 4′s first half, and in-show evidence weakly hints that while only six weeks have passed between the two halves of season 4, mid 2013 in 4B is now early 2014 (the only evidence for that being a missing poster for the Blue Fairy dating her last known sighting as November 2013, which being only one piece of evidence and something that was meant to be background dressing and not an actual focal point, will be counted as inaccurate). Below the jump is a fairly accurate review of the timeline.

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bit more about Vax coz Fuck It™ tbh

yeah i thought of a few more things i wanted to say about vax coz godDAMN is he getting a fuckton of shit right now

  • on vax supporting perc’ahlia - i agree that it’s too early or not exactly warranted to call vax the “champion” of perc’ahlia, BUT let’s also not discount the fact that he supports it in as much as it is something that, as far as his character knows in the current timeline, is something that is upsetting his sister. and if he’s not on board with perc’ahlia, he has good reason. just because he’s her brother doesn’t mean he has to be completely okay or onboard with things, as long as he knows she’s not hurting herself and he’s supporting her happiness, in whatever form that may come in. and besides, heyyyyy, let’s not forget how long it took for vex to say out loud that she was cool with vax and keyleth being together. and let’s not forget how much shit people gave vex that time too.

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Peter and the Desert Wolf

Also known as: Peter’s Memory Loss, the Past and Visionary

So the season is almost over and there’s at least one big question on everyone’s mind. Who is the Desert Wolf? The infamous Coyote and missing assassin who had an affair with Peter Hale and is the mother of Malia Tate.

The general consensus among the meta group is that the Desert Wolf is likely to be someone we already know. Jeff doesn’t like to create brand new characters to fill the mystery without hinting at them first, so the Desert Wolf is likely to be someone we’ve already met before. There have been a ton of theories on this already with suspects ranging, from Kate, to Jennifer, Kali, Araya. The problem I have with these is that they seem too obvious, or they aren’t Coyotes. One theory that’s been buzzing around in my mind since season 3 that Peter’s past love and the Desert Wolf is Paige from ‘Visionary’.

Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘she’s talking nonsense,’ but here me out. In the show it is canon that Peter Hale has had his memories taken from him. His knowledge of the past has been tampered with. Even before we knew about the memory wipe trusting Peter’s version of the past was shaky at best. Now everything he tells you should be called into question. I’m not the only person to feel that season 3A episode Visionary was very strange, and didn’t match up to what the narrative has shown us about Derek. I believe it’s because Visionary isn’t Derek’s story at all but Peter’s. shipsanddip & uniwolfwerecorn have some good meta on the subject that I’ve read, but I want to go one step beyond that adding to it what we now know in season 4.

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