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Harvey Weinsten sexually Harassed Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita: “I have been following the news and reading the accounts of women coming forward to talk about being assaulted by Harvey Weinstein and others. I had shelved my experience with Harvey far in the recesses of my mind, joining in the conspiracy of silence that has allowed this predator to prowl for so many years. I had felt very much alone when these things happened, and I had blamed myself for a lot of it, quite like many of the other women who have shared their stories.

But now that this is being discussed openly, I have not been able to avoid the memories resurfacing. I have felt sick in the pit of my stomach. I have felt such a flare of rage that the experience I recount below was not a unique incident with me, but rather part of a sinister pattern of behavior.

I met Harvey Weinstein in 2011 at an awards ceremony in Berlin, while I was still a student at the Yale School of Drama. An intermediary introduced him to me as “the most powerful producer in Hollywood.” As an aspiring actress, I was of course eager to meet people in the industry but cautious about strangers, and the intentions of men in general. So I tried to vet this famous producer by asking my dinner-table companions what they knew of him. A woman who was a producer herself cautiously advised me to “keep Harvey in your corner.” She said: “He is a good man to know in the business, but just be careful around him. He can be a bully.” And so I exchanged contacts with him in the hopes that I would be of consideration for one of his projects. I wanted to keep things professional, so I made a point of referring to him as “Mr. Weinstein.” But he insisted that I call him by his first name. In this first encounter, I found him to be very direct and authoritative, but also charming. He didn’t quite put me at ease, but he didn’t alarm me, either.

Not long after we met in Berlin, Harvey wrote to me inviting me to attend a screening of a film — a competitor’s film similar to one he had produced. He said we would be watching it with his family at his home in Westport, Conn., which was not far away from New Haven, where I was living at the time. He would send a car to pick me up. I accepted the invitation.

The driver and I met Harvey in the little town of Westport, where he informed me that we would be having lunch at a restaurant before getting to his home. I did not think much of this. It was a busy restaurant, and as soon as we sat down he ordered a vodka and diet soda for himself. I asked for a juice. Harvey was unimpressed with my choice and told the waiter to bring me a vodka and diet soda instead. I declined and said I wanted the juice. We went back and forth until finally he turned to the waiter and said, “Get her what I tell you to get her. I’m the one paying the bill.” I smiled and remained silent. The waiter left and returned with a vodka and diet soda for me. He placed it on the table beside my water. I drank the water. Harvey told me that I needed to drink the vodka and diet soda. I informed him that I would not.

“Why not?” I remember him asking. “Because I don’t like vodka, and I don’t like diet soda, and I don’t like them together,” I said. “You are going to drink that,” he insisted. I smiled again and said that I wouldn’t. He gave up and called me stubborn. I said, “I know.” And the meal proceeded without much further ado. In this second encounter with Harvey, I found him to be pushy and idiosyncratic more than anything.

We got to his home after lunch and I met his domestic staff and his young children. He took me on a brief tour of the house before he rounded us all up in the screening room to watch the film. He had just produced a similar film of his own, but everyone was raving about this rival version.

I settled in for the film, but about 15 minutes in, Harvey came for me, saying he wanted to show me something. I protested that I wanted to finish the film first, but he insisted I go with him, laying down the law as though I too was one of his children. I did not want another back-and-forth in front of his kids, so I complied and left the room with him. I explained that I really wanted to see the film. He said we’d go back shortly.

Harvey led me into a bedroom — his bedroom — and announced that he wanted to give me a massage. I thought he was joking at first. He was not. For the first time since I met him, I felt unsafe. I panicked a little and thought quickly to offer to give him one instead: It would allow me to be in control physically, to know exactly where his hands were at all times.

Part of our drama school curriculum at Yale included body work, using massage techniques on one another to understand the connection between body, mind and emotion, and so I felt I could rationalize giving him one and keep a semblance of professionalism in spite of the bizarre circumstance. He agreed to this and lay on the bed. I began to massage his back to buy myself time to figure out how to extricate myself from this undesirable situation. Before long he said he wanted to take off his pants. I told him not to do that and informed him that it would make me extremely uncomfortable. He got up anyway to do so and I headed for the door, saying that I was not at all comfortable with that. “If we’re not going to watch the film, I really should head back to school,” I said.

I opened the door and stood by the frame. He put his shirt on and again mentioned how stubborn I was. I agreed with an easy laugh, trying to get myself out of the situation safely. I was after all on his premises, and the members of his household, the potential witnesses, were all (strategically, it seems to me now) in a soundproof room.

Earlier Harvey had sent the driver to the store to buy a boxed collection of “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency,” an HBO show that he had produced. This was the project he thought I would be right for, he said. (I later found out that the show had not been on the air for some time.) As I prepared to leave his home, he presented it to me. He wanted me to check it out and let him know what I thought. He would be in touch about it. I left for New Haven with his driver.

I didn’t quite know how to process the massage incident. I reasoned that it had been inappropriate and uncalled-for, but not overtly sexual. I was entering into a business where the intimate is often professional and so the lines are blurred. I was in an educational program where I was giving massages to my classmates and colleagues every day. Though the incident with Harvey had made me uncomfortable, I was able to explain and justify it to myself, and shelve it as an awkward moment. His offer to me to be a part of the HBO show was a very attractive one and I was excited about it, especially as I would be graduating in another year. I didn’t know how to proceed without jeopardizing my future. But I knew I would not be accepting any more visits to private spaces with Harvey Weinstein.

I decided to invite Harvey to come to a production I was in at school. Perhaps that way he would really see what I had to offer, and he would see my colleagues, too. He accepted the invitation, but the night of the production, he sent a message saying he had been caught up in New York and would be unable to attend. He would make it up to me. So when I received an official invitation to a staged reading of his new Broadway show, “Finding Neverland,” I was not surprised. I was still debating whether I should accept his invitation, and so I responded saying I was not certain that I could make it because of my school schedule. He responded with exactly the words I needed to hear: Come with whomever you want to come with. And so I invited two of my trusted male friends.

We attended the reading, and afterward Harvey invited us all to a restaurant for dinner with his comrades and collaborators. He sat me next to him, and another actress sat across from me. He had my friends sit at a different table. The talk was shop the whole time and Harvey held court with ease. He was charming and funny once more, and I felt confused about the discomfort I had previously experienced. I looked at the actress who I was informed had just worked with him on a project, searching her face for any sort of indication that she too had been made to feel uncomfortable by this powerful man, but of course I saw nothing. We did not stay very long because we had to catch a train back to New Haven. My friends had been equally charmed by Harvey. He knew when to turn it on if he wanted something. He was definitely a bully, but he could be really charming, which was disarming and confusing. I left feeling that perhaps he had learned my boundaries and was going to respect them.

A couple of months later, I received an email from Harvey, inviting me again to New York for a screening of “W.E.” After the screening, we would have drinks in TriBeCa. I then received a phone call from one of his male assistants to arrange my transportation. Feeling more confident about the new sense of boundaries that we had established in our last meeting, I attended the screening on my own this time. Afterward, as planned, his male assistant arranged for me to get to the Tribeca Grill, where Harvey would be joining us. I met a female assistant when I arrived there. I was expecting that it would be a group of us, as it had been for the reading, but she informed me it would just be Mr. Weinstein. She would sit with me until he arrived. She seemed on edge, but I could only imagine how stressful it was to work for a man who had so much going on.

Harvey arrived and the assistant immediately disappeared. We ordered drinks and starters. Again he was offended by my nonalcoholic beverage choice but he didn’t fight me on it as hard. Before the starters arrived, he announced: “Let’s cut to the chase. I have a private room upstairs where we can have the rest of our meal.” I was stunned. I told him I preferred to eat in the restaurant. He told me not to be so naïve. If I wanted to be an actress, then I had to be willing to do this sort of thing. He said he had dated Famous Actress X and Y and look where that had gotten them.

I was silent for a while before I mustered up the courage to politely decline his offer. “You have no idea what you are passing up,” he said. “With all due respect, I would not be able to sleep at night if I did what you are asking, so I must pass,” I replied.

His whole demeanor changed at that point. “Then I guess we are two ships passing in the night.” I had never heard that saying before, so I remember asking him what it meant. “It means just that,” he said. “We are two ships going in two different directions.”

“Yes, I guess we are.”

“So we are done here,” he said. “You can leave.”

We got up, having not eaten anything, and he led me out of the restaurant. My heart was beating very fast. A cab was hailed for me. I said I would take the subway (I could not afford a cab at the time), but he handed me some money and told me not to be silly, take the cab. Before I got in, I needed to make sure that I had not awakened a beast that would go on to ruin my name and destroy my chances in the business even before I got there.

“I just want to know that we are good,” I said.

“I don’t know about your career, but you’ll be fine,” he said. It felt like both a threat and a reassurance at the same time; of what, I couldn’t be sure.

I did not see Harvey again until September 2013 when I was in Toronto for the premiere of “12 Years a Slave,” the first feature film I was in. At an after-party, he found me and evicted whoever was sitting next to me to sit beside me. He said he couldn’t believe how fast I had gotten to where I was, and that he had treated me so badly in the past. He was ashamed of his actions and he promised to respect me moving forward. I said thank you and left it at that. But I made a quiet promise to myself to never ever work with Harvey Weinstein.

Not long after I won the Academy Award in 2014, I received an offer to play a role in one of the Weinstein Company’s forthcoming films. I knew I would not do it simply because it was the Weinstein Company, but I did not feel comfortable telling this to anybody. I turned down the role, but Harvey would not take no for an answer. While at Cannes, he insisted on meeting with me in person. I agreed to do it only because my agent would be present. In the meeting, he was honest about intending to persuade me to do his movie. I told him I simply did not feel it was a role I needed to play. He said he was open to making it bigger, more significant, maybe they could add a love scene. He said if I did this one for him, he would do another one for me — basically guaranteeing backing a star-vehicle film for me. I ran out of ways of politely saying no and so did my agent. I was so exasperated by the end that I just kept quiet. Harvey finally accepted my position and expressed that he still wanted to work with me at some point. “Thank you, I hope so,” I lied.

And that was the last of my personal encounters with Harvey Weinstein. I share all of this now because I know now what I did not know then. I was part of a growing community of women who were secretly dealing with harassment by Harvey Weinstein. But I also did not know that there was a world in which anybody would care about my experience with him. You see, I was entering into a community that Harvey Weinstein had been in, and even shaped, long before I got there. He was one of the first people I met in the industry, and he told me, “This is the way it is.” And wherever I looked, everyone seemed to be bracing themselves and dealing with him, unchallenged. I did not know that things could change. I did not know that anybody wanted things to change. So my survival plan was to avoid Harvey and men like him at all costs, and I did not know that I had allies in this.

Fortunately for me, I have not dealt with any such incidents in the business since. And I think it is because all the projects I have been a part of have had women in positions of power, along with men who are feminists in their own right who have not abused their power. What I am most interested in now is combating the shame we go through that keeps us isolated and allows for harm to continue to be done. I wish I had known that there were women in the business I could have talked to. I wish I had known that there were ears to hear me. That justice could be served. There is clearly power in numbers. I thank the women who have spoken up and given me the strength to revisit this unfortunate moment in my past.

Our business is complicated because intimacy is part and parcel of our profession; as actors we are paid to do very intimate things in public. That’s why someone can have the audacity to invite you to their home or hotel and you show up. Precisely because of this we must stay vigilant and ensure that the professional intimacy is not abused. I hope we are in a pivotal moment where a sisterhood — and brotherhood of allies — is being formed in our industry. I hope we can form a community where a woman can speak up about abuse and not suffer another abuse by not being believed and instead being ridiculed. That’s why we don’t speak up — for fear of suffering twice, and for fear of being labeled and characterized by our moment of powerlessness. Though we may have endured powerlessness at the hands of Harvey Weinstein, by speaking up, speaking out and speaking together, we regain that power. And we hopefully ensure that this kind of rampant predatory behavior as an accepted feature of our industry dies here and now.

Now that we are speaking, let us never shut up about this kind of thing. I speak up to make certain that this is not the kind of misconduct that deserves a second chance. I speak up to contribute to the end of the conspiracy of silence.”

I’m so happy Lupita shared her story and I have so much more respect for her and commend her for sticking by her morals. It’s disgusting that Harvey would even try something with her while his kids were in the other room, what a sick bastard

15 things about Ishval that Brotherhood cut out

After rewatching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood recently, I was once again extremely disappointed at the amount of content the anime cut out when it covered the Ishval war in episode 30. Volume 15 of the manga (which was entirely dedicated to showing the war in detail across four chapters) still remains my favourite volume of the whole series, so I wanted to talk about 15 things that Brotherhood cut out. Some of them are minor scenes and some are more major plot points.

The images I’ve included in this post have been taken directly from the Viz Media manga, as I really dislike the poor quality scanlations of FMA that are out there. I would highly recommend buying Volume 15 for yourself, even if it’s the only volume of FMA you ever own.

The things I’ll be covering are:

  1. Neighbouring country Aerugo’s role in the war
  2. The Ishvalans as people - their lives and strengths
  3. The Rockbells’ extra scenes
  4. The military’s order to kill the Rockbells
  5. Roy, Hughes, and Hawkeye’s extra scenes
  6. Hughes’ extended scenes as a squad captain
  7. Corruption of high-ranking officers and internal assassination
  8. Armstrong’s extra scene
  9. Torture & human experimentation of Ishvalans
  10. Doctor Marcoh & Doctor Knox’s extra scene
  11. Roy’s role as the Hero of Ishval
  12. Scar’s brother’s scenes
  13. Roy’s squad
  14. Children as the victims of the war
  15. The overall portrayal of the war, and how Volume 15 was written/illustrated


Let’s begin!

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Oh, it’s not your job? It is now.

This is a long story.

Intro and Backstory

My dad was a mechanic for 20+ years, and for as long as I can remember, I drove him nuts because I would go around the house with a screw driver he left out and take everything apart because I wanted to see how it work. As I grew older I developed an affinity towards computers and electronics, which led me to be “that kid” in High School who changed his grades, crashed the school districts servers, and used the NETSEND command with great success. I would spend my weekends either with my grandparents and uncle working on science projects or dragging my dad outside to help me fix my car (which consisted of him telling me that he would help once I got it taken apart). Those “figure it out” lessons were the probably the greatest gift he could’ve given me growing up.

I joined the US Army in 2004 and went into communications or “commo” for short (25U) where I managed to go from PVT (E1) when I joined to SGT (E5) by the time I returned from my deployment in 2006. After returning home, I was subsequently transferred from a Light Infantry Unit (walking everywhere) to a Mechanized Infantry Unit (Riding in an armored vehicle everywhere) and placed in charge of the Battalion Commo Shop as the current person running the commo shop was scheduled to retire in a few months and I was the only other NCO. This is where things got interesting and my Commo vs. Mechanics ProRevenge story starts…

Commo vs. Mechanics

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anonymous asked:

What do you think about an “i picked up your bag at the airport but i can’t find your number so i’m about to embark on the largest scavenger hunt of all time by using your strange belongings to track you down” au with charmer or nurseydex or zimbits or something??

Well, I don’t know if you expected three mini fics, and I didn’t fully follow the prompt, but here we are.

1. Charmer

Look, Chris knew it was dumb. He knew that everyone on earth had a plain black suitcase, he knew he should have double-checked the luggage tag, he knew it was important to be sure abut these things. But knowing what he should have done couldn’t help him when he finally got his suitcase home and opened it up to find mostly yoga pants and sundresses. 


He zipped the bag back up and flipped open the luggage tag. It was cute, pink with some metallic lettering saying “I’m outta here!” in a handwritten font. Chris blamed jetlag and the redeye flight for making him miss the fact that it wasn’t his Sharks tag. He blamed the bag’s owner for not filling out any of the information on the tag.


Well, sorry random girl, he thought. He opened the suitcase up again to try to see if he could find anything that would give him a clue as to who the suitcase owner was. He moved a makeup bag aside, and hit gold immediately. Well, Samwell red. A Women’s Volleyball tshirt– mystery suitcase girl had to be on the volleyball team.

“Hey Ransom!” he yelled. “You’re facebook friends with all the volleyball team right?”

“He’s friends with everyone on campus!” Holster yelled back.

“Ask their captain if anyone flew in from the Bay Area and lost their luggage!”


“Is Justin here? My captain said he’s got my suitcase.” Chris overheard her at the door. He grabbed the bag and started hauling it downstairs. As he set it down at the bottom and caught sight of the girl in the doorway, he froze. She was pretty. Like, really pretty. 

“Um, hi,” he said.

“So you’re Justin? Oh my god, I’m so glad it wasn’t some total rando who got my bag.” 

“I’m actually Chris, Justin was just the one who was friends with your captain. Um, I’m sorry, but I kind of had to look through your stuff? Your luggage tag wasn’t filled out.” The girl laughed.

“Yours wasn’t either! Me and my teammates were like one minute away from googling the record holder for most San Jose Sharks merch, but it totally makes sense that you’re on the hockey team.” 

“Since we both forgot to write our numbers down, maybe we should do that now?” Chris suggested. The girl grinned, grabbed his phone out of his hand, and opened up a new contact. She punched in a number, and when she handed it back he saw a text of several random emojis addressed to the new contact of “Caitlin Farmer” with a girl farmer emoji and a volleyball emoji.

“Text me sometime, and maybe we can get dinner?” she said, and she was gone with her suitcase. 

Chris collapsed on the couch, a dreamy look in his eyes.

“Chowder? You get your suitcase back?” Bitty called out from the kitchen.

“Yeah! and I think I’m in love now!”

2. Nurseydex

“Cheryl, I’m telling you, I had a ton of inspiration on the plane and I wrote some great stuff for act three. No. No, it wasn’t just me thinking it’s great because I popped some melatonin and got really sleepy. It’s like, legit. Yeah, I’ll send it over as soon as I get home and–”

Derek slammed into something. If he’d been holding his phone in his hand (bluetooth is a blessing when you drop stuff easily) it would have launched across the airport. As it was, his post-flight latte was soaking through the nice white shirt of the handsome stranger in front of him.

“Shit,” the stranger said, looking down to survey the damage.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have trusted myself to make a phone call and not be clumsy after such a long flight,” Derek said. He set his briefcase down and pulled a wad of napkins out of the outside pocket. The guy took a deep breath, going from murderous to calm in a few seconds. 

“I wasn’t looking where I was going either, it’s not your fault,” the guy said, setting down his own briefcase and accepting the napkins. He blotted at his shirt.

“Let me pay for the dry cleaning. Or a replacement,” Derek offered. The man shook his head.

“It’s fine, it probably needed to go to the cleaners anyways.” He checked his watch. “If I run, I can probably get a new one before my meeting.” He wadded the napkins into one big ball, picked up his briefcase, and walked towards the exit with a terse nod. Derek, feeling terrible about the whole thing, picked up his own briefcase and walked to baggage claim.

By the time he was reunited with his home office, a cozy bookshelf-lined room in his brownstone, he had almost forgotten about the coffee incident. He was focused on sending the manuscript to Cheryl. Unfortunately, that was going to be difficult, considering he pulled a PC laptop out of the bag instead of his Mac.

Derek stared at the computer for a full minute. He almost couldn’t believe that this was happening to him. Hesitantly, he opened the laptop. On one side of the keyboard there was a weird thing that a few seconds of phone googling told him was a fingerprint scanner. Shit. He hit the space bar experimentally. Something flashed on the screen, and then was replaced with just a plain black screen with red text: ACCESS DENIED

Derek swore. He started to look through the rest of what was in the briefcase, but was disappointed to find it empty except for the laptop’s charger, three packs of gum, and receipts from a lobster shack in Maine. Shit. Nothing in here would tell him anything about the redhead he’d launched a latte at. 

He closed the laptop dejectedly, ignored his editor’s text messages, and went into the kitchen to make himself lunch and feel sorry for himself. This was the universe punishing him for covering a cute guy with coffee. If he had just kept his focus and waited to call his editor later, he could have sent the draft along and saved it and not be desperately trying to remember his inspiration.

Just as the self-pity spiral was really taking off, the doorbell rang. Derek sighed, put down his tea, and walked to the door. When he opened it, it wasn’t Girl Scouts or Jehovah’s Witnesses, but the guy from the airport.

“Cancel whatever you’re doing today, I need to teach you the most basic principles of digital security,” the guy said, pushing past Derek into the dining room. He shoved a stack of papers onto a chair and pulled Derek’s laptop out.

“I’m Will, by the way, I make software that’s hopefully a step ahead of viruses.”

“Is the draft still there?”

“The draft of what?” The guy looked confused.

“My third act breakthrough. I’m a novelist, I need to get it to my editor and I couldn’t remember if I saved it,” Derek explained.

“You know you can set up an auto-save every five minutes or so, right?” Will asked.

“This might be surprising to you, but I’ve never had a cute guy storm into my house and yell at me about computers before.” Will looked up from Derek’s computer, blushing.

“I haven’t had a cute guy dump a gallon of coffee all over me and steal my laptop before, either, but here we are.”

“Maybe you can yell about computers over lunch with me?”

3. Zimbits

Button downs. Tank tops. Slacks. Shorts. Three rolling pins. A pie tin. A half-emptied multipack of sharpies.

No lucky puck. No clothes in his size. No jerseys.

Jack sighed. It would just be too much to ask for anything to go well today. He picked up his phone to call someone with the Falconers, in the hope that they could talk to the airline and sort all this out. At the same time, his phone lit up with Tater’s face.

“Zimmboni! Look on twitter. Small internet baker has your suitcase!” Tater hung up before he could reply, so Jack just opened twitter instead. 

omgcheckplease: A bunch of pucks, some dirty jerseys, and a history textbook. Either I’m back in college or this isn’t my suitcase.

omgcheckplease: .@falcsofficial please tell your #1 player to DM me and come get his shit

omgcheckplease: and @falcsofficial tell him to give me my shit back. my hockey days are in the past, I need rolling pins, not a mouthguard

Jack smiled and laughed in the way a person laughs when they’re alone, just blowing more air than normal out of his nose. He looked through the twitter for a minute– the guy, Eric Bittle, was a Providence-based chef, whose latest tweets were mostly greetings to the various cities he’d been visiting on tour. Jack clicked the media tab on the account, and looked through the pictures. Bittle was cute. He wrote a reply.

zimmboni: .@omgcheckplease how do I send u a DM

omgcheckplease: .@zimmboni you don’t deserve to be verified, oh my god #verifybittle2k17

A few seconds later another notification popped up, and he tapped it to be brought to a DM window.

omgcheckplease: hey! sorry about the mixup. I can only imagine how confused you were to find all my book tour stuff.

zimmboni: Probably as confused as you were finding hockey stuff?

omgcheckplease: I wasn’t joking in my tweets, I did play hockey before I got into the whole cookbook/food show thing

zimmboni: Exactly, I did a book tour last year in the off-season :-)

omgcheckplease: oh my gosh, isn’t it the best and the worst?

zimmboni: I know. It’s great to meet people and talk about your work, but it’s exhausting.

omgcheckplease: that’s why I’m so excited to be back in Providence! at least until the next cookbook.

zimmboni: Well we should probably meet up to trade suitcases. Want to meet somewhere for dinner?

omgcheckplease: don’t trust me to learn where your house is?

zimmboni: I mean, if dinner goes well enough…

omgcheckplease: OH. okay, then, Mr. Zimmermann, it’s a date.

Jack smiled to himself, and got ready for his date.

Imagine Chris and the Avengers cast talking about you on Jimmy Kimmel.

You settled in your hotel room bed and turned on the television just in time to catch your husband, Chris Evans, and fellow cast members; Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner live on Jimmy Kimmel. You were meant to be at the interview with them but your commitment with your new movie sent you to London instead, and so there you were watching them answer the questions you were suppose to as well about the movie you all had acted in six months ago.

The interview started and the cast took their seats. You smiled at how handsome Chris looked in the outfit you had told him to take with him; everyone else looked great too. Seeing them made you miss their company and you wished you had been able to join them on the couch.

“It is so great to have you guys here tonight,” Jimmy addressed them with a wide grin. “The movie isn’t even out yet and everyone’s already excited to see part two.” The audience cheered their agreements. “Thank you all for coming out. I know all of you are very busy which is why we’re missing a few cast members tonight.”

The cast nodded in acknowledgement of your absence as well as a few others.

“Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, as well as your wife, Y/N,” Jimmy said to Chris and Chris nodded again, this time with a cute pout. “I heard she’s currently in London filming her next movie.”

“Yeah,” Chris chuckled. “She actually left for London like- a week after we wrapped up Infinity War. I headed home to relax and she went on to her next job, it definitely says a lot about our level of demand in the industry.” He joked and you chuckled softly. “No, I’m extremely proud of her. She’s up for an Oscar, did you guys know that?”

“How can we not? You talk about it all day every day,” Robert rolled his eyes as he pretended to be annoyed with Chris. “Even Y/N doesn’t talk about it as much as you do.” The room laughed. “No, seriously though- he talks about it all the time. Doesn’t he, guys?” He asked the cast for confirmation.

“All the time,” Scarlett and Jeremy nodded.

“Even Y/N tells him to shut up about it,” Mark chuckled.

“You’d think he was the one getting nominated,” Chris H added.

“He’s a proud husband,” Jimmy defended Chris.

“Yeah,” Chris laughed, “just leave me be.”

“He’s a lovesick puppy, that’s what he is.” Robert teased, glancing back at Chris. “Ever since the second he laid eyes on Y/N, he’s been head over heels for her.” The cast nodded and Chris blushed deeply, dropping his head. “You should have seen him the first time she walked on to the set, his eyes popped out of his skull and he became a huge blubbering mess.”

You giggled to yourself, remembering the day Robert was talking about. You’d been friends with Robert for quite a while now, having met on the set of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ in 2009. He was the one who took you around on your first day at the Marvel Studios and introduced you to everyone, including your husband. Chris was a huge mess the first time he met you, mainly because he was already a fan of your work and you were drop dead gorgeous in a black lace dress; he was a bit of a sucker when it came to lace.

“Yeah, okay,” Chris chuckled, “I’ll admit I was a bit of a mess when I met Y/N.”

“A bit?” Chris H scoffed then chuckled. “We were all embarrassed for you, dude. You’re lucky she’s ridiculously nice and ignored your rambling otherwise you wouldn’t be here with that ring on your finger. You lucked out with her, my man.”

“Oh trust me, I know.” Chris chuckled. “She reminds me everyday.”

He was joking- while you did remind him occasionally, mostly as a joke, sometimes when you were fighting- he didn’t need a reminder when it came to you. He knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you even before the first date.

The two of you clicked pretty much immediately and every day on set became like a scene out of a romantic comedy. It got to a point where Joss had to keep you two apart because you and Chris couldn’t be in the same room without flirting and/or ending up in a fit of giggles.

Your relationship with him progressed with MCU film franchise. You met and started dating on the set of ‘The Avengers’, by 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier’, you’d moved in with him, he’d proposed during 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron’, and by the time 'Captain America: Civil War’ came around you’d been happily married for almost a year. The end of 'Infinity War: Part 1’ called for your first pregnancy- which the two of you were planning on keeping a secret until the three month mark. And by the end of 'Infinity War: Part 2’, your little miracle would have been born and introduced to the world.

“I know we’re here to talk about the movie but can we just discuss your personal life for a moment?” Jimmy asked Chris. “You and Y/N have been married for a while now, do you think we’re going to see little Captain Americas and little Agent 25s running around anytime soon?”

You pressed your lips together when you saw Chris’ reaction. He looked like he was definitely dying to tell someone but the two of you made a promise and neither of your families knew yet so he kept his mouth shut and let Jeremy made the first comment.

“He’s enough of a child for the both of them,” Jeremy joked. “You should see them out and about, they paint the town red till the break of dawn. It’s no wonder they work together 'cause I don’t think anyone else can keep up with them.”

You laughed, suddenly glad you weren’t there to be teased.

“You two like to party?” Jimmy asked, chuckling.

“Why do you think they don’t have kids yet?” Mark chuckled.

“So they’re the ones you guys call to have fun, Chris and Y/N?”

“Definitely.” Robert nodded. “Those two are absolutely hectic.”

“Mm hm,” the entire cast nodded with all their thumbs pointed at Chris.

“Nooooo, we’re not going to do that!” Chris held his hands up in surrender. “We’re on TV, guys! Our parents are watching this. C'mon, if Y/N sees this she’s going to lose her mind. We promised her no embarrassing stories, so c'mon!”

“If she doesn’t want any embarrassing stories about her then she should settle down,” Robert said. “Hear that, kid?” He addressed you through the camera. “Become a mom and everything embarrassing you’ve ever done is wiped clean off the slate.”

You chuckled and picked up your phone, texting Chris the following words.

Just break the news, babe. We’ll call our families after the interview. I know we said we’d wait but it’s happening so we might as well tell people. I know you’ve been dying to tell them anyway so go ahead, you’ve got my full support. ❤️️

After sending the text, you turned your attention back onto the TV screen. Chris flinched and you knew it was from the buzzing in his pocket. He subtly pulled his attention away from Jimmy and the rest and took his phone out of his pocket to read the text. You saw his smile and you couldn’t help but smile back. He looked up at the screen and winked, knowing you were watching.

“Hey guys, um-” Chris cleared his throat and drew the attention onto himself. “I’ve got something to announce. Y/N and I have been keeping this a secret for a while now and um- she actually just decided it was time we break the news. She just texted me telling me to announce it right here on Jimmy Kimmel.”

“No my God,” Scarlett gasped and turned to Chris a knowing smile. “Is she-”

The rest of the cast turned to Chris with widened eyes and excited smiles, waiting for confirmation.

“Yup,” Chris nodded, smiling. “We’re expecting our first child.” He said and the whole room gasped.

“Wow!” Jimmy clapped. “That is- congratulations, you guys. Y/N,” he looked into the camera. “We wish you could be here with us. Congratulations, you two are going to make wonderful parents.” He said and you smiled.

“No way!” Robert’s jaw dropped, his excited grin visible as he turned from Chris to the camera. “I knew it,” he pointed to the camera and you chuckled. “I’m so proud of you, kid. I can’t wait to meet your little one.”

“Congratulations, man!” Jeremy slapped Chris on the back excitedly.

“Yeah, welcome to the dad clan. You’re one of us now,” Chris H shook his hand, grinning.

“I’m so happy for you guys,” Mark told him, smiling. “You’re both going to make amazing parents.”

“Thanks guys,” Chris grinned. “I’m very excited as well.” He turned his attention back onto the camera, speaking directly to you. “I couldn’t have asked for a better person to experience parenthood with and- I’m ready as long as I’ve got you by my side, sweetheart. I love you and I can’t wait to see you.”

You smiled, feeling your eyes water as you picked up your phone and texted him your response.

I love you and I can’t wait to see you too.

The Shy One // Stanley Uris

Word Count- 1255

Summary- You’re a shy loser, and you surprise the group after Richie makes a few comments

Warnings; N/A

A/n; WOW I’M ACTUALLY POSTING AN IMAGINE?! WOW! (catch is I didn’t proofread so it’s probably terrible but hey its a post!!)

Requested; Yes!

req;  hi! can i request Stan Uris x fem! reader where the reader is really shy and one day richie is making inappropriate comments about her and stan and she totally goes off on richie and stan thinks it’s the cutest thing ever? lmao i just thought this would be cute idkk


Today, the Losers’ club had decided to go swimming at the Quarry. This wasn’t a one-time occurrence; in fact, they went quite often. Only typically, you didn’t like going swimming with the boys because of how shy you were. Being the only girl in the club didn’t help, because, well, I think you get the idea. But today, the boys had invited Beverly Marsh, who happened to be one of your close friends, so you’d agreed to come.

You bid your parents goodbye, telling them you’d be home later. You skipped out of the house, jumping on your bike, and riding to Beverly’s house. The two of you had made plans to bike down together, because her dad likely wouldn’t have let her go out to meet boys alone. He actually liked you, probably only because you were a girl. “Hey, Bev!” You greeted, and you two shared a quick hug before biking up to the Quarry. Upon arriving, you saw all the boys were there, in their underwear. Including him. You blushed, looking away.

Beverly sent you a knowing look. She was the only one who knew of your feelings towards a certain tall, lanky, curly haired brunette. That’s right. You liked the one and only, Stan ‘The Man’ Uris. You had for years; but you were much too shy to even think about saying anything. You struggled to actually have a normal conversation with him, let alone confess the feelings you’d bottled up for so long. Besides, he wouldn’t like you back. He probably liked someone like Beverly.

Nonetheless, you snapped out of your thoughts when Beverly began to undress. Then it hit you. You were going to be almost naked in front of Stan. The thought alone made you turn red and cross your arms over your chest subconsciously. “Come on, Y/N!” Beverly whispered, excitedly. “Let’s show these boys who’s boss!” You laughed at her attitude, but hesitantly did as told. You dropped your clothes, and were now standing in your underwear. You took in a shaky breath, and Beverly looked at you concerned.

“Are you okay, Y/N?” She asked, worriedly. “Just a bit nervous..” you said, glancing at stan, quickly returning your gaze to the ground, hoping Beverly didn’t see. She did. “Hey, it’s okay. Well go together, okay? Here, take my hand.” She said, offering her hand. You gladly took it, smiling thankfully at her. “3..” Beverly started, and you got ready to run. “2..” She looked at you, and you nodded. “1!” she screamed, and you both took off towards the edge.

“Look out, losers!” Beverly called, and all the boys looked at the two of you, eyes wide when they saw your undergarments. They didn’t have long to process it, though, because you took off, jumping right off the edge. “What the fuck?!” Richie exclaimed, making you giggle, and you hit the water with a huge splash. You laughed as you surfaced for air, high-fiving Beverly. “That was awesome!” You exclaimed, adrenaline rushing through you.

Richie looked to Stan, whose cheeks had flushed and his eyes were glued to you, blown wide and his jaw slack. “Hey bird boy, close your mouth. You’ll catch flies!” Richie called, laughing along with the other losers, while stan broke out of his stupor. “Wouldn’t want Y/N to think you’re stalking her!” “Shut up, Richie.” Stan said, rolling his eyes, and acting as if he didn’t care. He did. “So, um, do we have to do that?” Stan asked, changing the subject and looking down at the water nervously.

You glanced up and giggled at the awestruck expressions of the group of boys, pointing it out to Bev. She looked up, rolling her eyes at the hesitant looks on their faces. “Come on, sissies!” She yelled, and you could see (even from so far down) the boys gulp and take a leap off. You cheered as they came down, particularly loud as Stan landed with a splash.

The seven of you splashed around happily, having the time of your lives. Richie, Beverly, Bill and Ben were began wrestling in the water, while Eddie watched from a safe distance, making sure no one got hurt. Typical Eddie. You and Stan were chatting quietly amongst yourselves, and you were enjoying every bit of it. It was hard for you usually to find conversations with your shy nature, even with Beverly sometimes. Though right in this moment, you felt fine. Everything was perfect.

You all climbed out of the water, smiling and laughing as you all made your way up the large hill once again. As you reached the top, the group decided to stay and hang out for a bit longer while the seven of you dried off. you and Bev laying down on the ground to tan while the boys opted for sitting on the big rocks to dry off.

“You know, Stan, if you’re gonna keep staring at Y/N, at least do it subtly!” Richie whispered, though everyone heard the comment. You and Stan turned bright red, you immediately covering your chest with your arms, suddenly wanting to disappear. “Shut up, Richie.” Stan mumbled, mortified and angered.  “What? I’m just saying! You’re practically undressing her with your eyes; even though she’s basically naked right in front of us!”

A sudden anger flared within you, and you weren’t sure where it came from, but the thought wasn’t really that important as your anger bubbled over. “First of all, Mr Richard Tozier, I’m right here, and I’m not some object you can talk right over and toss around like a toy. I’m a person, a human being, and if you have a problem with me or have something to say to me, say it to my face, trashmouth. Just because I’m shy, doesn’t mean I’m incapable. Oh, and by the way, I didn’t see you looking away from Beverly and I either, so I wouldn’t be talking. Just so you know, Sunglasses are see-through.”

Everyone was silent. The shy girl they all knew, the one that never quite fit in, yet was their missing puzzle piece, was not the girl they’d just seen. “Well, shit.” Eddie whispered, astonished. Richie, for once, was speechless. “Damn, girl.” Beverly said, clapping her best friend on the back proudly. Stan, who knew what was going through his mind. His expression blank, but if you looked close enough into his eyes, you could practically see the rush of thoughts flying through. He was stunned.

Stan always knew he liked you; that much was obvious. Your quiet, adorably shy nature always appealed to him. Seeing this side to you, however, sparked something in him. He’d never seen, or even imagined, that you could’ve done something as amazing as shutting up THE trashmouth Tozier. He was proud. In a spur of the moment, Stan stood up, walking over to where you stood face to face with Richie, grabbing your waist and spinning you around, smashing his lips to yours.

Again, Silence. As it sunk it, you quickly kissed back, closing your eyes and enjoying the moment. All the previous anger you’d felt against Richie melted away within the few seconds your lips were pressed gently against Stan’s amazingly soft ones. “Holy shit, he actually did it! He kissed her!” Richie exclaimed, astonished. A chorus of cheers and whoops followed suit, and as you and Stan pulled away, looking at each other with a soft smile, you both turned to Richie, yelling in perfect sync. “Shut up, Richie!”

Count Your Lucky Stars

So this is a short Langst idea that came to me in a dream. It is very loosely based on and inspired by this post. There’s going to be two alternative endings to go with it. Both up by Monday (hopefully). Anyways hope you enjoy :D

What. The. Hell. That’s all they could seem to think as they realized they left Lance behind. How could they be so stupid? The Blue Lion had returned with a cockpit full of prisoners, so why wasn’t her paladin flying her. When they questioned the prisoners to find out his location all it did was increase their worries. He was still stuck on the Galra ship. You know, the one they had already wormhole away from.

“Oh, this is bad. This is really, really bad,” Hunk said as he begun pacing the infirmary after they delivered the rescued prisoners to the healing pods.

“Calm down buddy. We’re all worried about Lance right now. He’ll be fine.” Shiro was trying to soothe Hunk, but his words weren’t even working on himself. He of all people knew the horrors of being a captive of the Galra. He could only hope they wouldn’t put Lance to fight in the rings, not that their interrogation methods were much better.

“Lance is a quick thinker; he’ll find a way to keep himself safe until we find him. We just need to have faith.” Coran’s words were a little more encouraging, but there was still a problem.

“Exactly how long will that be exactly? None of us are in the condition to go back and fight, and who’s to say they’ll even be in the same system or have him on the same ship when we’re finally ready. I’ve already lost one brother to the Galra, I’m not about to lose another,” Pidge declared.

“I say we go back whether we’re physically ready or not. Pidge is right if we don’t go back now who knows when we’ll find him again. Not only does staying here extends the time he’s with the Galra, but it also leaves us down one paladin and unable to form Voltron.“ Keith was so mad at himself right now. He shouldn’t have listened when Lance told him to go on without him. That idiot was always sacrificing himself for others. He should’ve told Lance no, and stay to fight with him. 

“Paladins I know you’re all worried, as am I. But we should consider the passengers we have on board. What if we go back and something goes wrong? We’ll be essentially handing them back over to the Galra after they just got a taste of freedom. Keith, I understand your point about Voltron, but like Pidge said, none of you are in the condition to fight right now. It’s better one Paladin than all five of you.”

Allura knew she must’ve sounded heartless now, but she felt she was making the right choice. As the leader, she must make the correct decisions, even if it’s not the popular one. The looks her crew was giving her proved that her choice was not the popular one indeed. Allura was only considering what was best for everyone that was here at the time. She wasn’t going to send them into another heavy battle injured and tired.

“You know princess, I understand what you’re saying, but when you were captured by the Galra a while back, Lance was ready to go get you, guns blazing. I guess I just supposed you’d do the same for him,” Hunk stated dejectedly. He turned to head out of the room, Pidge, and Keith on his heels. 

None of them wanted to play the waiting game right now, but it’s all they can do. She doesn’t take Hunk’s words too personally because she understands he’s coming from a place of hurt. She wants nothing more than to go in “guns blazing”, as Hunk called it, to go rescue Lance. But that would be thinking like a friend, not a leader and certainly not a princess. With Coran on their side, it should take too long for the castle and everyone on it to be battle ready once more. 

It took a week. And with every day that passed, the more tensed and worried everyone got. The prisoners the rescued were fully healed and sent back to their home planets or somewhere safer, and the castle was back at full operating power. Unfortunately, like most of them feared they had lost track of Lance. Pidge had her tech set to alert her to any transmissions that even slightly mentioned the blue paladin. Allura had sent word to their allies to keep an eye out, and the Blade of Marmora had their inside people looking out. They just have to play the waiting game a little longer.

Lance’s absence seemed to affect Hunk the most until eventually, he started spending time in Lance’s room. No one thought anything about it until one day he came to the common room crying. 

“Guys, what if we find Lance and he doesn’t want to come back? What if they took him to Prince Lotor and he chooses to stay with him?”

“Hunk what are you talking about? Why would Lance want to stay with the Galra of all people,” Keith asked.

They didn’t receive an answer. Hunk just motioned for them to follow him as he leads them to Lance’s room. It was cleaner than they expected, but they suppose Hunk may have had something to do with that. The bed was unmade as evidence that Hunk was more than likely sleeping in here too. He stopped right in front of Lance’s desks where there were some scraps of papers as well as two jars. One was labeled “The Good” and had about two handfuls of colorful stars. The other was labeled “The Bad” and was nearly overflowing with black stars.

Shiro remembered this tradition from his childhood, but it appeared that Lance had a different way of doing things. He doesn’t understand why this would make Hunk think Lance doesn’t want to come back. Shiro picked up a purple star from the good jar and started to unfold it. And that’s why we bring our sharpshooter. -S

He remembered that moment. Lance had made an incredible, almost impossible, shot, and Shiro felt so proud at that moment. Not thinking anything much of it, he picked a star from “the bad” jar and unfold it. You are the worst pilot ever! -K

It was then Shiro got an idea where this was heading. He kept opening more of the black star and some of the things on them shocked him.

I hope I don’t need to remind you that the only reason you’re here is that the best pilot in your class had a discipline issue and flunked out. Don’t follow in his footsteps. -I

Aw, Lance, you just ruined it. -H

He’d be Sendak’s prisoner right now, if not for Pidge. -A

Well, you wouldn’t have survived the explosion if Hunk and Coran hadn’t gotten a new Crystal. -P

I’m taking Keith with me. -S

Shiro realized that these were all things they said that hurt Lance in some way. It also suddenly came back that none of them had told Lance thank you for that time Sendak almost took the castle. He’s sure at some point Coran did, but no one else. Not for waking up and shooting Sendak’s arm off, or anything else he did for them for that matter. They were always just distracted by Lance’s boisterous personality, they never considered how they spoke to him. And the jar was so full, who knew what other things were said that affected him negatively.

At this point, the others began reading the unfolded stars and were probably reaching the same conclusion as Shiro did. Hunk’s concern made sense as he unwrapped the colorful stars and realized most of them were things Lotor said. He probably realized the Blue Paladin’s insecurities and used them to his advantage. When were the two even alone enough for these things to be said?

If Lance didn’t come back they’d have no one to blame but themselves. They pushed him away with their words. They basically handed Lance over to the Galra.

Main Story/ Ending 1/ Ending 2

You’re Special

Johnny Seo x Reader and Lee Taeyong x Reader

Word Count: 9k (WWHAATTTT)

Warnings: Stalker!AU, Sexual Content (Dirty Talk, Masturbation), Some triggering acts forced due to blackmail

A/N. There’s a lot of background info, sorry lol but YES. IT’S BEEN WEEKS BUT IT’S DONE! I’m so proud;-; I love Johhny so much you guys have no idea but this idea was just too good to pass up. Hope you enjoy it and please, please, please, make sure to provide feedback.

This photo does not belong to me. Credit is given here

Another night, another sob story. Tonight, your reclusive tendencies returned once again. Your roommate invited you to a party in one of the frat houses of the campus. As per usual, you shut her down, wanting nothing to do with loud music, skimpy clothing and strange looks from girls you barely knew, and random men standing abreast to you in uncomfortably close proximity.

Once again, you were seated in your room, unwillingly sulking about a subject all the people you knew found trivial. Throughout all of your years, you had not been in a relationship. None that you would have claimed, that is. Your only mistake was Jaehyun yet after him, there was no one else. At least that’s what you tried to tell yourself.

In junior year of high school, he approached you randomly and asked for your number. You oddly gave him your information and began talking to him. From what you could collect, there was nothing bad about him. No venomous comments came out of others mouths about him. With all of your friends in relationships, you had been speculating as to why no one had been interested in you as of yet. His presence soothed many insecurities you held. He would reassure you with the simplest words but it turned out that his comforting words about not worrying when you gave yourself to him were merely pleasantries to get in your pants sooner. He succeeded which earned you your first heartbreak.

He tried to pull the “We can still be friends” card which only made you burrow your feelings further until a close male friend named Johnny managed to coax you into telling him what was wrong. As you told him your side of the story, his face slowly contorted in anger. His face became more sanguine as you poured the feelings you had been storing for the past two months. He comforted you and reassured you that you could do better and you would be able to find better. He allowed you to rest on his lap as his hand patted your hair gently. 

Johnny had always been there through your fits of anger, sad moments, and then, your first heartbreak. You could not have asked for a better male to associate with. You used to be the one who would watch him be confessed to as often as three times in a single month. It amazed you as to how he attracted so many people but you soon found the answer afterward. Of course, Johnny had shown no interest in you as other than a friend but after your break-up, you could not help but see him in a different, if not brighter light. Who knew if you just wanted a rebound or if you wanted Johnny for the guy he was. When you spoke to him, your stomach would act strangely. It was not exactly butterflies but the feeling certainly alerted you further of your feelings for the guy you often ranted to. You trusted him with details that you couldn’t even tell your mother at times.

All through the metastasis of becoming a junior to a senior, your feelings did not subside. If anything, they grew to the extent where you would embarrass yourself in front of him. Although you had often embarrassed yourself in front of him previously, you were new conscious of how much it affected your chances with him. You knew he wouldn’t go for a clumsy girl. His girlfriends had always been the graceful type even when doing the most menial tasks. He had only gotten even better looking which prompted further interest in your best friend. You, however, looked the same if not with deeper bags under your eyes. The only thing that really changed was that you wore your glasses less and contacts more. You had also learned a bit about makeup but found little time to do it before leaving the house.

Time was running out and Johnny was not going to be around forever. If you had something to say, you would have to say it soon. The soonest you could think of at the time was prom but you chose not to go to prom, thinking it to be both a waste of time and money. Instead, you went from museum to museum and ate at two restaurants, trying food you never thought you’d ever consume. You even met some people along the way and made a “friend”. By the time you got home at around one in the morning, you were content with what you had done and were smiling blithely to yourself as you approached the steps to your home.

It wasn’t until the next morning that you noticed the swarm of messages that you received from your friends that went to prom. You smiled at the videos, photos, and messages sent, happy that they all had fun. You were finally at the last set of messages and found them to be not what you expected.

JohnnyBoy [10:46am]: I didn’t think you would actually stay home on prom??

JohnnyBoy [11:20am]: Why didn’t you come?

JohnnyBoy [11:54am]: Bet you would of looked gorgeous…

JohnnyBoy [12:48am]: Is it because you had no date? Not everyone needs a date Y/N

JohnnyBoy [12:59am]: I woulda dropped my date for you y’know

JohnnyBoy [1:02am]: What good what I be if I didn’t for my best friend;)

His needy tone had you staring at your phone for much longer than needed. Some of the texts had actually gotten your hopes up as to the confession you were planning. That was until you read the last message. 

Best friend.

The phrase resonated in your mind as you sighed in disappointment. Of course, it lessened your prospects for a deeper relationship in future. How could it not when it literally put you in a box as to what Johnny thought of you? 

You [10:21]: I had fun. I hope you did too last night

You [10:22]: It wasn’t because I didn’t have a date. It just didn’t seem fun 

You [10:23]: Thanks for the offer though

You sat your phone down on your nightstand before returning to bed. You had to lug the covers over your head because of the bright rays of the sun. You had no school and you were planning on milking the situation the best you could. Even on regular weekends, your mother would wake you up earlier than preferred to make you complete chores before allowing you go back to bed. Knowing that you were almost done with the hell that was high school, she allowed you to sleep in as long as you wanted those days. It was the best feeling to not wake up unwillingly and so you stayed for as long as wanted in the warm blankets that contrasted from the tepid room. 

It was already two in the afternoon when you woke up and it took a while before you realized your parents had gone out. The only thing on your mind was to find food. Any other thought would have to come after. As you shuffled around the kitchen, you prepared the ingredients needed for a sandwich. As you toasted the bread, the front door rang and you briskly walked to open it. Upon its opening, you found Johnny with a broad grin on his face. Your eyes had probably widened to the extent where one would describe it as barmy.

“Hungry?” he asked as he lifted a bag with a picture of a bowl of rice on it.

You only nodded and invited him in before asking why he had visited.

“I’ve been texting you since morning but someone didn’t think it’d be right to respond, apparently.” he quipped.

“I went back to bed and just woke up. I didn’t think about my phone.”

“So, what did you do last night?” he queried as he began to empty the bag set on the kitchen island.

“I went museum hopping and ate out. Much more fun than prom and I spent about the same amount.” 

You smiled to yourself as you remembered the gallivanting of last night. What you hadn’t realized, however, was the way Johnny had looked at you when you smiled. It prompted him to do the same albeit unknowingly.

When he finally set out the food, you were not shy about digging in. No matter how much of a crush you had, that did not prevent you from being the fat ass you usually were. Johnny only continued to smile as you scarfed down as you pleased. You realized a bit too late how you may have looked considering you had woken up not too long ago and then started cramming food down your throat like you had been starving.

“ I’m sorry for eating like that Johnny. Must be the reason why you haven’t touched your food yet.” you apologized as you shied away from his gaze and started eating slower.

“Don’t be sorry. You eat well and I love watching you eat”, he smiled. “It’s very entertaining.”

“Well, I know you didn’t come here to watch me eat. Why’d you come over?”

“Well for one, you weren’t answering my texts.” he began.

“Yeah, sorry. I knocked out right after answering.”

“Can’t blame you. But anyway, second is that I had a question.” he said slight hesitation.

You had set down your food before giving him the go ahead. “Shoot.”

“Do you have a crush on me?” he queried which automatically made you choke on your saliva.

“Excuse me?” you asked as you got yourself a glass of water and coughed.

“Do you have a crush on me?” he reiterated.

You sat back down slowly, chugging the entire glass of water before you looked at the man in front of you. You held his quizzical gaze before taking a deep breath.

“Yes.” you breathed out. “Why do you ask?”

He only let a small, sad smile grace his features before he began to answer you with confidence.

“People have been telling me that they thought you liked me. I didn’t believe it at first but then I started noticing some things.” he answered.

“Guess I suck at hiding things, huh?” you awkwardly chuckled to which he nodded.

“Kind of.” he acknowledged.

“So? Is that it? Are you going to do anything about it?” you asked hopefully although your mind was filled with one answer.

“Y/N, I like you too. Hell, I love you. Just… not like that.”

Although you were expecting it, your heart still sank. You fought back tears as you acquiesced with his decision. 

“But you shouldn’t be hung up on me. You could get any guy you wanted. You just need to put some more effort-” he cajoled before you stopped him.

“It’s fine. I was expecting it. That’s why I wasn’t planning on telling you.” you admitted. “Was that your only question? Is that why you came over?” 

“Well, yeah. I thought it’d be better for you to get it off your chest face to face.”

“And what if I had said no?” 

“I would’ve known you were lying but I would’ve let it go. You would’ve gotten over me.”

“Johnny, you’re usually the smart one. The one that’s always right. So why would you think letting you see me on the brink of tears would be better?” you asked as tears began to emerge in your eyes. You tried to blink them away but that only allowed a few to escape.


“I’d like to be alone right now.” you said coldly as a means to tell him to leave.

Johnny suddenly realized that he hadn’t thought everything about this through. He thought that it was a little crush that had been on and off for a few weeks now. When you were rubbing away tears, however, he realized that this crush meant a great deal more than what he assumed. He got up from his seat on the other side of the island and made his way to the front door. You followed him on his way out but moved back a bit when he tried to hug you goodbye. At your apprehensiveness to his hug, Johnny really noticed how he had hurt you more than intended although none was ever intended.

“Call me when you feel better?” he asked as he stepped outside.

“I’ll try.” you sniffed as you wiped your face with your sweater sleeve and closed the door.

You cried nice and hard that day. Instead of binge eating, you refused to consume anything. The day that you were to go back to school was one you dreaded. It was not you to skip school for bad reasons and you did not want to end the year that way. You had avoided all contact with Johnny. At school, however, you shared half of your classes with him. There was no getting away from his acquisitive nature.

You flipped your hood over your head as you walked in the classroom. Although you were lucky you did not have to see him until third period, you did not want anyone to see how terrible you probably looked.

As the day went by, you could not help but dread the moment you would have to face him. Not only had he tried to reject you in the nicest way but you also ignored his concern after the fact. Johnny was indeed one of the most caring people you knew yet you were acting like this.

All day, you had done nothing and the same went for third period. It was so close to graduation that your professors let you do as you pleased, seeing as though there were still a few of you who came. When you walked in, you were met with Johnny. More specifically, Johnny smiling at a girl he had been talking to for a while. He had confided in you that he liked her and thought that she reciprocated his feelings. The memory only made your stomach churn even worse than before you stepped foot in the classroom. You kept your head low, wanting nothing more than to sit on your phone like you had done the past few hours and waste time instead of confronting the problem. The problem would solve itself. It would go away if you ignored it.

For the first thirty minutes of the period, it actually seemed as though your plan was working. Your earbuds were in and you were trying to take a nap when your phone vibrated in your lap. You took the phone out and looked at your screen, thinking it was a notification from social media.

Johnny [12:54pm]: Hey, do you want to meet up after school?

Johnny [12:54pm]: I’ll treat you to whatever you want

The message made your heart pound solid against your chest. You looked behind you to see Johnny looking back with an unreadable expression on his face which made you both embarrassed and confused.

You [1:00pm]: I’m not hungry. Just meet me at the park by my house

You set your phone on do not disturb and laid your head back down on your desk, not daring to look back at whatever face he was making. You just needed to get through the rest of the day. And hey, maybe talking about it would give you closure.

You sat at the park, waiting for him. As soon as school was let out, you raced for the park. Johnny probably had something to do so you thought it best to leave without him and wait. Wait for the further heartbreak and possibly a portend of closure. You waited and waited.

He never came.

You waited three hours for someone who did not plan to come.

Why not? He was the one who wanted to talk. He was the one who had been contacting you the entire weekend. He was the one who made you feel as if for once you had a chance even with someone seemingly out of your league. He was the one who gave you false hope when you thought there was still a chance for you to finish strong! To finally move on! So why didn’t he want to talk then?

You trudged home, limp. At the very least, it wasn’t raining. It wasn’t dark. I wasn’t terribly cold. Just a slight, mocking breeze. Birds chirped, children played, people happily walked. All was happy. All was normal. Except you. 

Whatever mess of feelings you felt at the time were something worse than your first breakup. Something you couldn’t compare. Yet instead of blaming him as you should have, you stuck with questioning his actions which came back to you. What had you done? Had he been fed up with asking how you were? Was he ready to move on from you? The questions hung with you until you got home. Until you sat in your bed and stared at your phone, hoping he would explain why he had done as he had.

Nothing came. No one called. Not even one text.

He ignored you. As if you had not existed. As if the two of you had not been friends. You watched as he got another girlfriend. Another stunning, picture-perfect student. Volunteer work, great grades, even a bit of commercial modeling on the side. One you would expect for him. You sat through graduation with a heavy heart as each of you were called. Instead of a graduation party, you secluded yourself in your room for a week. You came in and out of the house. You still had your fun. You heard that Johnny’s graduation party was fun. You weren’t invited though so you couldn’t have known.

Your mom had been asking about him yet all you could answer was “I’m not sure”, or “I don’t know”. You didn’t know anymore. You just breezed through the time. Your summer break was over and it was almost time for university. In freshman year, you were excited. Higher knowledge was always an exciting subject for you. By sophomore year, you were tired. You went out with your friends when you could but it was not as often. Now in your junior year once again, you barely went to those stupid parties. You missed having fun though. You had the first of a few one night stand in sophomore year and you could’ve sworn that it was one of the most exhilarating things to ever happen to you.

Now, here you were, grumbling about not having a boyfriend and remembering the hurt of the past. It was time stop being pathetic.

You took a shower and put on black, leather skirt that was a bit higher than mid-thigh. A black turtleneck bodysuit was under it. Matched with a pair of black thigh high heels, you wondered why you didn’t dress like this more often. It was certainly something that took away your insecurities. After some dark makeup, wanting to be bolder than usual, you left your shared apartment with the idea that you would definitely get someone’s attention.

You skipped the idea of the frat house party house party and automatically went to a club. You hadn’t been to one for so long that it was hard to believe you were in one at the moment. A drink or two in and you were still seated at the bar, watching people dance and have fun. Maybe you should have invited someone to come with you. You were contemplating on dancing when a cute stranger sat next to you at the bar. Under the neon lights, it was hard to inspect him thoroughly but from the big eyes to the sharp jawline, you could tell you already liked this guy.

“Can I buy you a drink?” he asked as he looked you up and down, unabashedly.

“Sure.” you nodded before ordering an Old-Fashioned to which he ordered the same.

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing, sitting alone?” he questioned.

“Looking for fun, I guess.” you answered before grabbing a hold of your drink.

“I could show you a fun time if you’re up for it?” he sipped as he raised an eyebrow in challenge.

“What did you have in mind?” you asked as a handsome smirk graced his features

He only chugged the rest of his whiskey before holding out his hand to you. You did the same before delicately placing your hand in his. He led you to the dance floor and moved along with you under the flashes of red and green in the club. Close bodies became sweatier as you had a good time dancing with him. Eventually, a time came when he wanted to change up the tempo. Grabbing your hips, he slowly ground into you which prompted you to wrap your arms around his neck.

“I don’t even know your name yet, handsome.” you addressed.

“Taeyong. I would’ve thought you’d recognized me, Y/N. I’m disappointed.” he pouted a bit.

Taeyong? The name sounded familiar but you could not pinpoint where you remembered it from. You furrowed your eyebrows, trying to remember seeing the gorgeous specimen in front of you somewhere previously. Taeyong made it harder, though, when he managed to wedge his thigh in between your legs as you danced. You bit your lip, continuing to wonder where you had heard the name.

“I bet all you can remember is braces and bad hair. As you can see, however, I’ve grown.” he added when you started to tug at the hair at the nape of his neck.

“In more ways than one.” 

That was it. Taeyong from last year. During sophomore year you had a project with Taeyong. He did more than his share of work even though you told him you had everything under control. He was what you would’ve described as the cutest nerd you had ever seen. His smile showed off his braces and it always prompted you to do the same when you saw him. He wore the same style as you for the most part which consisted of hoodies and jeans. He was such a kind guy which made you feel bad when you allowed him to do more work than he needed to. You were fine with the workload and felt as if you were burdening him but he was unyielding. On the last day that you spent together, celebrating the completion of the project, you bought him coffee and sent him off with a friendly kiss on the cheek. His red face made you giggle as you said goodbye but you never got a speak afterward.

He had been working out. He got his braces taken off. He was definitely more confident which revamped him from a cutie to one of the hottest guys you had seen in your three years as of yet.

“You really did change.” you breathed out as he pulled your head back a bit by your hair and started kissing your neck.

There, on the dance floor, you were practically fucking with your clothes on. His hum reverberated in your neck which made you moan lowly at the feeling.

“You want to show me how much?” you challenged.

The man only smirked at you again before he had led you to a booth. Here, the music of the open floor was muffled, although the vibrations of the beat could still be felt. The room had an intense red light that shone all over the room. His eyes inspected your body as you stood there almost awkwardly. Were you going to have to make the first move this time? Taeyong had obviously started this interaction with the intent of claiming you for the night. Now, he sat in front of you, anticipating what you would say or do next with that cocksure smirk on his face.

Taking the chance to be more assertive, you sauntered towards his seated figure and turned around before sitting down on his lap. This surprised Taeyong a bit but he showed no signs of helping you. You took his hands and let them stay on your hips before you started slowly grinding forwards and backward. Taeyong enjoyed your teasing before he chose to move a well. His hands slowly made your way to your exposed thighs, parting them enthusiastically as you continued. You smiled to yourself as his hands moved again- one towards your chest while the other went underneath your skirt. You only allowed him one soft squeeze before closing your legs and standing up again to straddle him instead.

“Impressive so far.” you sassed as he grasped your thighs.

“Had to become impressive to earn this privilege, didn’t I?” he asked as he found the zipper on the side of your skirt and unzipped it completely. “To be able to fuck you like I’ve wanted to.” he grunted as he unsnapped the opening of your bodysuit.

“You wanted to fuck me?” you raised your eyebrows at the confession.

“And have those pretty lips on mine? Damn right.” he laughed.

“Where else did you want these lips?” you bit your lip as his hands squeezed your ass.

“Second place would have to be on my cock.” he whispered low and dangerously to which you moaned. “Maybe even while mine were tasting that pretty pussy. But we have to be quick so I can’t- not tonight.”

You nodded and complied as he pushed your panties to the side and moved his fingers up and down your slit.

“Looks like you’re ready for me, baby.” he smiled as you started pushing down his pants and boxers. You pulled his cock out and reveled in it. The head was incarnadine, making you almost salivate at the sight while each vein in it pulsated.

You licked your lips before standing up and lowering yourself on him. You basked in the feeling of being full since it had been so long. Taeyong’s groans only spurned you into moving. You looked at his expression and could not help but indulge in the sexy expression. His head was thrown back as he bit his lip in bliss. Your gaze shifted down towards his impressive jawline until it came to his strong, pristine neck. You made it a point to tarnish the untouched skin.

You began to bounce up and down, eliciting a hiss from the male under you. The rhythm started to pick up as Taeyong found purchase on your hips and helped pull you up and down. You nipped constantly at his neck before the two of you shared an ardent kiss which involved a clash of tongue and teeth. Your lipstick was probably all over him as you pulled him closer by the back of his head. You could tell that you were close. Apart from the panting in between the clashing of mouths, high whines began to recur more frequently.

Taeyong was whispering the most enticing expletives to you which only brought you closer with each new fantasy. The release of pressure was only that much greater with the descent of your orgasm. You allowed Taeyong to continue to move you, making sure that he got his as well. He pulled you off of him right before he was about to finish and you watched with heavy, lidded eyes as he pumped his cock.

His cum landed on your black body suit but you couldn’t have cared less. As he slowly finished riding out his orgasm, you giggled at his fucked out face. A smile slowly made its way onto his face as you hooked your index finger under his chin and kissed him again. This time, slower but there was still passion nonetheless. As you pulled away, you saw the slightest movement of his head following your lips.

“Better than I could have ever imagined.” he concluded in a breathy voice.

It only made me you smile like a fool as you stood up and began to fix yourself.

“Much better than I would’ve thought.” you mused. “Didn’t expect to get cum on my shirt though.” you joked.

“Oh! Sorry! I’ll get something to clean it up. Don’t move.” he said before tucking himself back into his pants and walking out of the compact room. You left your skirt off because the stain and sticky feeling was lower than the waistline of it. You looked at yourself using your phone camera and tried to wipe away the smudged parts of your lipstick. Waiting patiently, you looked around the room, now sober enough and not clouded with lust to think about your surroundings. The door finally opened, making you light up, thinking Taeyong had come back. Your smile automatically dropped when you saw another couple, stumbling in with their lips locked. They hadn’t noticed you as they staggered about, desperately devouring each other. You thought it would be better to gather your things before alerting them of your presence.

As you were about to say something, the door swung open and Taeyong came rushing in a handful of napkins.

“They only had-” Both him and the couple stared at each other before resting their eyes on you.

“Sorry. I- I was just leaving.” you stuttered.

“You were so busy, that you couldn’t tell that someone else was already in the room?” Taeyong directed towards the guy on the edge of the couch you were seated on just a few minutes ago.

“Sorry. I was too busy. She didn’t seem to mind watching though.” he sneered but you were too embarrassed to look in his direction. “Did you, sweetheart?”

“I wasn’t watching. I just wanted to get dressed and get out as soon as possible, thanks.” you muttered before moving towards Taeyong’s side.

“Don’t be a dick, Johnny.” he spat before pulling you closer by the small of your back.

You paid no mind to the name and glanced over to where a tall male with honey brown hair stood with a mischievous smile. When your eyes rested upon the male, they must have blown out of proportion at which his expression mirrored yours. There stood the guy who walked past you and paid no mind to how you felt about it. The man who allowed you to believe that you meant less than nothing after he made you feel as if you were on top of the world. Correction; the spineless, brainless, idiot that taught you not to put yourself in the same situation.

“Y/N?” he asked in disbelief, forgetting about both his date and his friend.

“Taeyong, can we go?” you asked almost desperately, tugging on his shirt.

“Sure, let’s go.” he said as he pulled you closer to him.

“Y/N.” Johnny said more firmly this time.

You only ignored him but it prompted Taeyong’s interest. He could obviously see how uncomfortable you were, however, so he just walked quicker with you in hand.

“Y/N! I know you can hear me!” he yelled as he tugged on your arm.

You only jerked it away to finally face the man right in front of the entrance of the club.

“You. I don’t want to talk to you. I certainly don’t want to see your face. Just… just leave me alone.” you firmly said as you dragged Taeyong off with you.  In the parking lot, you stood still, trying to calm your pounding heart.

“Want me to take you home?” Taeyong asked assuredly.

“That would be wonderful, yes.” you said as he led you to his car.

Once you began driving, Taeyong couldn’t help but begin the myriad amount of questions.

“So… how do you know Johnny? Ex-friend? Ex-boyfriend?”

“I guess,” you chuckled. “We just know each other from high school. It’s been a few years. Friendship kind of died off.”

“Oh. Sorry for that.” he mumbled as his eyes stayed on the road. “For both Johnny and your shirt.” he elaborated which made you laugh.

“It’s cool. I could always send you my dry-cleaning bill.”

“How about you leave it with your number of course, and I’ll call when it’s ready to pick up?”

“Sounds like a plan.” you happily complied with his flirting.

He dropped you off at your home but not before getting both your number and a good night kiss. You smiled to yourself as you walked up the stairs to your apartment complex. You were in such a stupor that you hadn’t noticed the car that had followed behind you since the club. The sleek black vehicle only drove away after ten minutes after you entered the building. You had no idea that it would be back again.

Taeyong had texted you the following morning. You hadn’t slept during the night but talking to him actually took your mind off of Johnny. You didn’t realize that he had become such an ass. His attitude was obviously a confident one. Much more so than when you knew him. People change. You knew that. You just never expected him to change so much. He wasn’t worth your time. You had to stop thinking about him and the asshat he had become.

Unknown [11:54am]: Hey, guess who?

You [11:55am]: I’m not sure. Who is this?

Unknown [11:56am]: Oh um it’s Taeyong

Taeyong [11:56am]: You gave me your number last night?

You [11:57am]: I know lol

You [11:57am]: I’m sorry for playing with you like that

Taeyong [11:57am]: You really scared me! I deserve a better apology than that!

You [11:58am]: How about coffee today? At 3?

Taeyong [11:59am]: It’s a date. I’ll pick you up:)

It surprised you to no end that Taeyong could still manage to be so sweet when just last night, his assertiveness got you wet in little to no time. Just the thought of what went down last night had you biting your lip and wondering what else he had in store for you.

As you left the confine of your room, you were met with your roommate already using the shower.

“Hey, where’d you go last night? You came home later than me,” she whined. “If you were at another party, why didn’t you invite me?”

“I just went out for a bit. Don’t worry about it.” you chuckled before beginning to brush your teeth.

You had to look decent today. In fact, you had to look great today. Seeing as how Taeyong looked, you had to raise your usual standard. Maybe it was a sign. A sign that you needed to get off your ass and start pursuing people with a positive attitude and more effort. After last night’s effort’s you were finally engaging with someone and that was what mattered. Johnny was no one to cogitate about. You didn’t have time to be hung up on him again. Taeyong would be the main priority. He would be the harbinger of good news.

It was all going well. In fact, it had gone much better than you thought it would have so far. Although you were the one who offered to buy coffee, Taeyong kept insisting that he be the one to pay for it. You talked, caught up, and laughed. There was still something that you itched to say but found it hard to bring up. Finally, you found the courage to tell him.

“Taeyong, you look… great.” you started which made his smile broaden.

“Thanks. So do you.”

“But I just want you to know that it’s not why we’re on a date today,” you continued. “I always thought you were cute it’s just… last night, you were assertive and we clicked. I really don’t want you to think I’m here for shallow reasons.” you admitted.

“Oh, I know.” he laughed.

“And how would you know?” you inquired while you took a sip of your coffee.

“You remember what I said last night, don’t you? I knew I didn’t have a chance and at first, I thought it was because I was the stereotypical nerd but I realized that you just didn’t seem to like anyone. Surprising, seeing as how many guys were after you but-”

You almost spit your coffee out at that line. “There were guys after me?”

“Well, of course…”

You began to burst into laughter.

“Wow, that’s hilarious.” you chuckled as the laughter died down and you wiped a tear from your eye.

Taeyong’s expression, however, told you that he wasn’t joking.

“Oh? You’re serious.” you frowned.

“Do you think that lowly of yourself?” he asked in true curiosity and a hint of pity.

“No… It’s just hard to believe some things. I haven’t ever really been sought after.” you sighed.

“Well I went after you last night, didn’t I?”

“Yeah. Says a lot, considering you could do better.” you sadly smiled.

“Do I have to fuck the idea that you’re sexy back into you?” he asked in a low voice that made you straighten up.

“I wouldn’t mind.” you mumbled making him playfully growl at you.

“Sexual acts and jokes aside; you’re beautiful. It’s true. If you want another opinion, I can call up a friend.” he said, while pulling his phone out.

“You’re joking,” you snickered as you watched him shake his head. “It’s ringing.”

Taeyong put the phone on speaker and it rung a few times before a deep voice on the other line picked up.

“What do you want?” he asked irritably.

“I need your opinion on something and don’t hold anything back. Do you think Y/N is hot?” he inquired casually as he grinned at you.

“What kind of question was that? Yeah, she’s hot. Aren’t going on a date with her? Why would you if she’s not hot?”

“What about her is so attractive?”

“Her legs, her eyes, her ass, wow, I could go on. She even has this tiny mole near her left collarbone and it drives me crazy.” his friend said.

Your cheeks heated up at his analysis of your body. It boosted your confidence yet also gave you a gross feeling to be spoken about in that manner. It surprised you that he knew about your mole, though. You didn’t think many of the clothes you wore would allow anyone to see such a small detail about you. You didn’t even think you allowed people to come close enough too see it. It was strange the stranger had checked you out enough to remember it’s location, much less its existence.

“A mole? Hm, didn’t notice.” Taeyong commented as he bent over the table for a closer inspection.

“How was last night, by the way? How did you fuck her? How wet was she? Did you take control?” he bombarded him with questions that only made him blush, thankful that there were no passersby who would hear this.

“None of your business.” he grunted.

“Wish it could’ve been. I’ve always wanted to do the nastiest things to her. She seems so pure, doesn’t she?”

“Hey, I don’t think you should be talking about her like that.” Taeyong firmly said, putting an end to his friend’s tirade.

“Anyway, where are you guys meeting for your date?” the stranger asked queerly.

“I’ll tell you later, bye.” he promised before hanging up. “Sorry about him. He’s very blunt.” he tried to explain which only made him even more flustered. “I’ve never spoken about you that way, don’t worry.”

“I know. You’re too sweet to.” you replied.

The date went without a hitch and so did the next one as well as the one after that. After a few more dates and great amount of your time spent texting each other, Taeyong asked you to be his girlfriend. Although your exterior was as cool, inside, you were screaming like a school girl. Taeyong brought the best out of you. He made you want to dress better and become more social. The two of you still didn’t go to parties much, knowing it wasn’t your thing.

One night, Taeyong had gone to a party that you weren’t feeling up to. You sat in your room, wondering what you should do. Boredom overtook you and you ended up doing what every bored adult does. Masturbating. Taeyong wold probably rush over as fast as he could if you had texted him and let know that you were horny but it had been a while since you were left to your thoughts with no one else to satisfy you. It was a nice change of pace, to be honest.

As you slipped out of Taeyong’s borrowed joggers, you thought back to the man you were lucky to call your own now. The idea of his warm nature quickly transformed just like he seemed to do at intimate times. His bright smile that shone at you during the day soon became the sexy smirk he wore at night. The way his brown eyes tinted black when he became lustful. Everything about him was a turn-on, especially how much of a gentleman he became once his rough, dominant nature subsided. It was wonderful. Taeyong was a beautiful mix.

You thought about your gorgeous boyfriend as you let your hand glide down your body and into your panties. You sat propped against the wall on the side of your bed as you let two of your fingers roll your clit gently. As you continued however, the feeling of your panties were too sticky against your sweaty skin. You took them off and went back to work, playing with yourself with your legs spread wide. By the time you finished, the room was entirely too hot for you. You stood up and took off your shirt, thinking that a shower was in order. Once you came back, you went to open your window and let in some fresh air but as you approached your window you were frightened when you caught a glimmer of something outside. If you moved too quick, it could have been missed completely. It took effort to even maintain sight of the position it was in. When you opened the window and reached for the object, you came to realize it was a camera.

A camera.

Someone had been filming you. In your room as you slept, changed your clothes, studied, hung out, and now, as you got off. The thought made you wretch, wondering who would have planted it by your window? The fire escape was not something you would have wanted to be on unless it was an emergency. You wanted to destroy the infernal device but could not, thinking that if you brought it to the police, it might lead you to the pervert who planted the microscopic object.

Thoughts of what the footage could be used for were running through your mind. What if someone was selling it- selling you off? What if it was a pervert who planted multiple and was using girls as porn? What if it was a stalker? Fear of whatever was going on took over and you ran out of your room while yelling your roommate’s name.

“Y/N? What is it?” she asked when you stormed in her room and alerted her of what you had found.

“Okay, first, we should call the police. I’ve heard of these things. They can send footage wirelessly or the culprit has to come back and get it. If he does, we’ll catch the bastard.” she instructed. 

You nodded frantically and called the police, frightened to no extent. You even called Taeyong after the police had come and confiscated the camera. He rushed over and comforted you the best he could as your ceaseless tears continued to flow. Of course, you were too frightened to sleep in your room so he brought blankets and pillows for you two to sleep in the living room.

“It’s okay. We’ll find who did this and when we do, I’ll make sure to kick his ass.” he promised as your tears slowly diminished into hiccups.

If Taeyong kept true to his promise, you were going to make sure to be there along side him, serving the justice you knew you deserved.

Days went by and campus police had warned of the suspected pervert. Many other females took precautionary measures including you. Covering your window and locking everything was just the minimum. It had all calmed down as two weeks went by yet the fear of being watched still stuck with you.

One night as you walked home from a gathering of friends, you could have sworn there were footsteps behind you. When you turned around, you saw a lanky man walking as well. As it was winter, their scarf covered their face as they continued walking while looking at their phone. Paying no mind to it, you continued your trek back to the apartment. As time progressed however, it seemed as though he was going in the exact same direction as you. Being a little paranoid, you took a detour. Instead of going straight, you took a left and entered a neighborhood you were not very familiar with. The stranger followed tout suite. His head was no longer staring at his phone when you turned back but was instead staring back at you. His eyes held a mischievous glimmer which only made you fearful of what he was capable of.

As you continued through the twists and turns of the neighborhood, you eventually ended in a dead end and began to panic as you saw the man slowly approaching. You contemplated Scaling the fence behind you but you were in heeled boots which seemed too large to climb with. Surprisingly, the last thought you had was to call Taeyong. He knew of all the places on and near campus. Hopefully, he would find you. As you turned and called the memorized number, you could hear the shuffling of gravel. You turned to look the stranger in the face and see his eyes turn up as if he was smiling underneath the large scarf.

Taeyong did not pick up and your frenzy only grew. You tried calling the police next but the stranger snatched your phone as you tried to make some space between you.

“You only get one call, princess. Should’ve called the cops first.”

“What do you want? Money? I don’t have any on me.” you nervously said.

“Oh, I don’t want money. I want you.” he cooed.

“I have a boyfriend. And you’e going to be sorry when he hears about this.”

“Thing is, he won’t hear about it. Not if you want me to keep that video of you from going viral.”

“What video?”

“Oh, don’t be stupid. When I went back to get my camera, you already found it. Good thing the footage was already saved. And believe me, there’s still more you don’t know about.” he hummed.

“Now,” he said as he took a step closer to which you moved back. “We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Which would you prefer?”

“Neither.” you finally said before kicking the man in the shin. He dropped your phone and hissed in pain. You were able to grab the device to find a small crack in it. It still worked, nonetheless.

You ran around him and out of the alley, screaming for help as you bounded. It didn’t seem as though he was following you anymore but that only made your heart race faster, not knowing where he was. No one came out to help, seeing as though it was nearly one in the morning already but you managed to make it out of the neighborhood and sprinted the best you could in your boots. You managed to make it to your apartment and ran into your room, already tearing everything up to find where he may have placed more cameras.

You found one on the lamp at your desk, another by the mirror next your closet, and one more by the window. You crushed them all under your heel then breathed deeply, looking at the mess you had made and cried hysterically. Was that it? Please, say that was it.

As you sank on your bed and continued to look around, a call came on your phone from an unknown number. You automatically declined. It called again but you declined. When the same number called a third time, you finally picked up, yelling “Yes?!”

“You missed one.” the raspy voice said on the other side as you looked witlessly around the room.

“What do you want?” you began to sob as the voice chuckled.

“Told you, princess. I want you.”

“What does that even mean?” you cried into the phone, covering your face.

“I’ve always wanted you to be mine. But then Taeyong came along. So we’re going to show him who you belong to.” he said bitterly.

“I’m not yours!” you yelled into the phone.

“Oh, but you are. Now, we’re going to have a little fun if you don’t want Taeyong to get hurt or your fellow classmates to see you having fun with yourself, okay?”

You nodded reluctantly before listening to what he had to say.

“You’re going to do a strip-tease for me. Get to it, princess.”

“I’m not getting naked for you.” you warily muttered.

“What was that? Send the video?”

You sniffed as you stood up and took off your jacket and the sweater underneath.

“Now we both know you can do better than that.” he growled, making you flinch.

You reluctantly took off your shirt and jeans after a while, leaving you in your underwear. You tried to cover yourself as much as possible with your hands.

“Now isn’t that a pretty sight? Why don’t you give me a spin?” he smugly said to which you turned in a robotical way, in place. “There’s that beautiful mole. that I love. You should show it off more. It’s one of my favorite things about you.” he complimented and you felt as if you were going to throw up.

“I guess that’s it for tonight. Not the worst thing that have happened, was it, Y/N?”

You only tried to put on your pajamas as quickly as you could before exiting the room.

“Sweet dreams.” he wished before hanging up. You sunk onto the couch, crying your eyes out at what you just been forced to do. You could have refused but he threatened to hurt Taeyong. He threatened to expose your intimate time and now he had even more for the spank bank. Your head was light and you felt weary as a strange detail of his commentary came to mind. You couldn’t sleep, knowing that someone had broken into your room to commit such horrible acts. You had been violated and no one else knew. Your roommate was gone, spending the night with her boyfriend while you still wondered about where yours was.

Ten in the morning rolled around when you chose to arise from your spot on the couch. You had slept none, wanting to nullify or finalize your suspicion against something that happened before.

You called Taeyong, hoping he would be up and you sighed in relief when it turned out that he was.

“Taeyong, I have a very important question.”

“Go ahead.” he spurned in a groggy voice.

“On our first date, who did you call to say I was hot?”

“It was… Johnny.” he replied after some thought. “Why?”

“Sorry for disturbing you. Go back to sleep.” you quickly said before hanging up and making a call to the unknown number.

“Good morning princess. Hope you slept well.” he yawned.

“Cut the shit, Johnny. You’re going to jail and then I’m going to make sure hell is next.” you threatened.

“Wow. Impressive deductive skills. How’d you find me out?”

“Why does it matter? All that matters is that I know who to get a restraining order against and who to file a police report against.”

“I still have your videos. You want them exposed?”

“Do what you want. All I care about is you being locked up now.” you iterated before hanging up.

You immediately set out for the police station, paying no mind to your disheveled appearance. As you spoke about your current case, the officer warned that they could not trace the camera back to determined IP code. You told him about the disturbing experience you had the night before and suggested that they acquire a warrant before checking it out. You allowed them to take your phone to try to trace back the phone number as well but the number was led to some old phone that seemingly had no determined names attached to the phone company.

After a while of waiting in fear and avoiding all contact with those outside of your apartment, they finally caught him. With the help of the warrant, the police were able to check out Johnny’s dorm and although he did a good job at hiding everything, he wasn’t immaculate in a clean up. When his laptop had been taken to the station, it took a while of trying to get rid of the encryption he had on a file but they finally found it. A video of you uncomfortably in your underwear, playing his game. His arrest was no small matter but it finally allowed you freedom to come out with what he had done and tried to do to you.

Taeyong blamed himself when he found out about his former friend’s horrible deeds but it was not his fault. He didn’t know what had been going on but had gotten a weird feeling when you obviously did not want to see Johnny as time went on but he constantly asked about you.

“It isn’t fair!” he yelled in court. “I had her first! She was wrapped around my little finger. I don’t know where he came in the picture but it was ridiculous that she ended up with him!”

You didn’t want to even look at him so you didn’t go to the court hearing. Your room mate had gone and told you what he had been ranting about in court.

“Thank goodness he never came.” you muttered to yourself as you reminisced about the moment he did not give you the time of day.

“Who never came?” Taeyong asked as he pulled you closer with his arm around you.

“I don’t want to even think about it,” you shivered. “I get chills. The bad kind.”

“I’ll be here to warm you up.” he whispered into your hair.

“I know.” you smiled.

He would keep you from remembering the chill of that winter. Spring was already underway and all you wanted to do was bury the past under that winter weather. The cold, the cameras, the memory; gone.

Begin Again - Part 1 - Dylan O’Brien

Title: Christmas Cheer & Dylan is Here

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 6,178

Warnings: sadness for a bit?

Song: Bad At Love by Halsey

Notes: Happy Holi-Dyl’s! Day 1 is a go, y’all. I owe everything to @minhosmeanhoe because she is the one that encouraged me to write this. She is a saint, alright? Send me lots of feedback! PS Please listen to the song as you read?

Part 1 | Part 2

“Why did I agree to come again?” I asked myself lowly, my fingers running along the glistening red ornaments attached to the tree perched on the corner of the bar. My half-drank Tokyo Tea sat forgotten on the bar top, my desire to be out in public waning by the second. The last thing I wanted today of all days was to be out with my friends at OMNIA Nightclub, and they knew that. Did they care?

Not really.

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I’ve loved you from the start (Steve Harrington Imagine ) PART 3

Characters: Steve Harrington x Reader, Dustin x Reader (siblings)


Months had passed from the day of the party. Nancy and Steve had what Y/N believed to be broken up. Y/N was still hopelessly in love with Steve, but he never knew. Once again Nancy and Y/N were at their lockers talking before their next class started.

“Nancy, listen, do what your heart tells you to do. If you love Jonathan you can’t change that. You know he loves you, hell anyone can see that. Steve also loves you, he loves you more than anything, he just has a different way to show it compared to Jonathan. Jonathan understands what you’re going through, Steve is just trying to make you forget the pain so that you can be happy and live again.” Y/N told Nancy, trying her best to give her advice. She sighed.

“It’s up to you to decide, just don’t drag them both along with you Nancy. It’s best for both you and them. You’re going to be emotionally drained if you don’t pick one soon.” Nancy and Jonathan had been spending more time together and Y/N noticed this. Although she was upset that Nancy left things with Steve the way they were she needed to support her best friend.

“We slept together” She admitted and Y/N’s eyes widened.

“Steve?” She questioned. A smile played upon her lips as she thought that her friends were back together. Nancy lowered her head, shaking it.

“Jonathan?” Nancy nodded, as Y/N’s smile disappeared. Yes she did love Steve, but if his happiness lied within Nancy, she would not be so selfish as to stop him.

“So are you two a thing now?” She questioned again. Nancy shrugged.

“Nance, say something”

“I don’t know what to do. Listen I’m going to skip the rest of the day. If anyone asks just say I felt sick and went home.”

“You’re going with Jonathan” Y/N sighed. Nancy mumbled a yes.

“Stay safe. Remember that I love you and if you ever need me, don’t forget to ask for help” Y/N comforted as she hugged Nancy.

“I love you too. I’ll see you soon” Nancy walked off as Y/N spotted Steve.

“Harrington” she greeted happily.

“Henderson” he mocked back playfully.

“How’s your Othello essay coming along?” Y/N questioned.

“Actually I think it’s pretty good.” Steve admitted. Ever since Nancy and Steve broke up, Y/N began to tutor Steve for English. She didn’t mind because she loved literature.

“Huh realllllly now?” She questioned mocking him slightly. Steve never wanted to admit it but Y/N’s tutor lessons were one of the things keeping him going. The way she was so passionate about learning and writing made him want to work hard and study for what became his favourite subject too, thanks to Y/N. The breakup took a toll on him and Y/N was the only one there for him. Y/N didn’t stay to make him fall in love with her, she only wanted the pair to be happy, to get back together if that is what they both wanted. She was so selfless and tried to convince Steve to get Nancy back. But he had lost all hope. Something told her that he knew Nancy was in love with someone else but she never brought it up.

“Yes actually. Thanks to the worlds most intelligent writer in the world!” Steve exclaimed praising Y/N. He linked arms with her as they walked off to drop each other to their seperate classes. As they linked hands Y/N felt a small spark sending electricity through her body. She looked down embarrassed at the way she felt as it all felt too cheesy. She never thought she would have felt something like that and only thought it existed in movies. Steve must have felt something too as he let go of Y/N’s arm rummaging through his bag to pull out the essay as an excuse of letting go of her arm.

“Here.” He said sternly, being careful not to touch her soft skin again for fear of the feeling he didn’t want to feel.

“Bitch I ain’t reading that. I’m already tutoring you isn’t that enough?” Y/N said jokingly. Steve groaned.

“Hendersonnnnnnnn” he dragged out whining.

“I’m kidding. Meet me after school and I’ll be happy to read it” She informed ruffling his locks which was something she wanted to do for so long. She dropped him to his next class and walked off. Steve scratched the back of his neck nervously wondering what was happening to him whenever he was around Y/N.

*A few hours later*

The tutor session went well. Y/N read over Steve’s essay and edited it. She was proud of him as he had improved his writing so much. However the session quickly turned into talking about Nancy with Y/N convincing Steve to apologise to Nancy. They made their way to Nancy’s driveway and Steve looked nervous.

“Are you sure about this?” Y/N questioned. Steve simply nodded and made his way out of the car. Y/N waited in the car as Steve talked to himself, approaching the porch. Instead of going all the way he walked back. A questioning look was sent his way by Y/N. She got out of the car but instead of questioning him, she noticed her little brother calling out for Steve.

“Dustin what are you up to?” She questioned.

“Could ask you the same question” He replied back sassily.

“Nancy’s not home. We’ve got more important things to sort out than your love life” Dustin said. Steve looked at me with a look that said ‘what the fuck?’

“Steve, do you still have your nailed bat?” Dustin asked.

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“Ill explain later, lets go.” Dustin demanded. We all hopped into the car and Dustin explained everything, how he was hiding a baby demogorgon in our house (so going to get into so much trouble for this), how Will was practically possessed by the Shadow Monster and how Dart ate Mews (again so getting into trouble for this).

“Honestly what do you and your friends get up to?” Y/N joked as Steve pulled up into the Henderson driveway. The trio made their way into the backyard as Dustin explained how Dart was shedding his skin and continued to grow larger. He told us how he lured him into the little compartment in our backyard.

“He’s in there” Dustin mentioned. Steve banged on the compartment opening, wondering whether or not Dustin was lying as he heard no noise coming from below him.

“This better not be some kind of prank” Steve stated. Y/N rolled her eyes.

“I’m opening it” Y/N stated opening up the door.

“I’ll stay up here to keep a watch.” Dustin said as Y/N laughed.

“Stay here with Dustin, I’ll go in.” Steve said stopping Y/N. She rolled her eyes at him.

“Steve shut up. I’m coming with you”

“Henderson, No”

“Harrington, Yes”

“Ugh get a room you two” Dustin joked. The pair forgot that Dustin was there and quickly snapped out of their bickering.

“No, it’s not like that” Both Steve and Y/N said at the same time, shaking their heads. The pair began laughing at their inside joke, at their repetition and similarity of the way they talked. Their laughter died down as Y/N heard a faint ‘yeah right’ from Dustin. Y/N signalled for Steve to go inside. He made his way inside as Y/N followed close behind him. The pair noticed that there was no noise, which made the process even more terrifying. She screamed as she walked straight into a cobweb. Y/N’s biggest fear was of spiders. Yes it was lame, but the fear was so strong.

“S-sorry, just a c-cobweb” She assured that she was fine. Steve knew that Y/N was really afraid of spiders and reached out for Y/N from the back.

“Grab onto my hand” he stated. She looked at him in shock. He simply turned around and gave her a look to do as he told her. She did as he said and instantly felt safe by locking her hand into his. They walked further down into the compartment until Y/N found the light, turning it on. They came face to face to an enormous hole opening up to the soil creating a pathway for the demogorgon to escape. Dustin came running down to find the shedded skin of the demogorgon.

“Son of a bitch”



Dustin, Steve and Y/N were now walking through the forest. Y/N was in front of the boys who were talking about Max. Y/N knew Dustin had a little crush on Max and left the pair to talk, finding Dustin would be more comfortable talking to a guy rather than his sister about these things, especially Steve.

“Steve listen, I don’t say this very often but my sister is very special.” Dustin started, beginning to walk slower so he could confirm that his sister would not be able to listen. Y/N turned around to smile at the pair of them, her hair bouncing with her happiness. She loved the atmosphere of the woods. It made her soul happy.

“She’s special yeah, why do I need to know this?” Steve questioned, their focus remaining on Y/N who was walking back faced to them now.

“You know the answer to that Steve. Listen ever since I can remember Y/N has taken care of you when you were black out drunk or even upset over Nancy. She’s even helped you become the third best student in your English class. You either tell her how you feel and stop dragging her along or leave her to live her life not being your babysitter because you’re only going to end up hurting her more.” Dustin informed him, getting over protective of his big sister. Steve gave him a questioned look as to how he knew all this. He always thought it was Nancy or Tommy who brought him home while he was drunk, but it had been Y/N all this time. How stupid could he have been?

“Believe me when I tell you she’d do anything for you. You just have to be able to do the same thing because it’s always her who’s there for you. Not Nancy, not Carol, not Tommy, Y/N” Dustin told him. He then rushed up to Y/N bringing her into a side hug as they continued to walk. Y/N looked down surprised and wrapped her arm around her precious brother. She turned around to Steve who was lost in his thoughts.

“You okay?” She mouthed. Steve only smiled a half hearted smile and nodded as he realised Dustin was right. It always was Henderson.

“Don’t Go” (Trust Issues part 2)

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word count: 2,908

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Part 1

Originally posted by theharrydaily

“H”, she started, carefully nudging his feet, making him look up at her and reply with a low “hmm?”

“You don’t seem oka-“

“For God’s sake, Y/N!”, he spat at her, immediately getting up from his lying position. “I told you I’m fine! Didn’t I?!”

“Yes, bu-“, she didn’t know what to do. The change of the mood around the room and his now loud voice were way too sudden for her liking.

“But what?! Huh?!”, Harry was fuming.

“I just want to help! And you know it! Just let me in! Please! Will you ever do that?” She was desperate by now and if she weren’t as invested on Harry’s every movement, she would’ve noticed the tears pricking at her eyes.

“Just get off my case, would you?! God, you’re so annoying…”, he finished, and even though he murmured the last part more to himself than to her, Y/N still heard it.

“No! Harry!”, she was exasperated, standing up from the couch as well and trying to ignore his last few words. “You’re not fine! You’re not okay either! Just cut the crap, already, yeah? I just want you to talk to me, is that too much to ask for?!”

Harry could literally hear the despair in her voice but he couldn’t stop now.

She was hurt. Hell, she was breaking. The one person she looks out for the most is shutting her out in a much harsher way than usual. He had never yelled at her. Never said those rude things to her either. She felt so small in front of him that she didn’t know what to do. She felt as though all of her effort and attempts were going down the drain, as if they meant nothing.

“Yes, it is! Just leave me the fuck alone for once, yeah?! Isn’t it clear yet that I don’t want you here?!”, Harry said and before she could say or do anything else, he walked out the door with a loud slam of the door, leaving her alone on the couch, crying her eyes out.

Deep down she knew he didn’t mean the words he said — God, she prayed he didn’t— but boy, did they sting in her heart. Y/N’s mind was divided. Did he mean all of that? Does he really want her out of his life and gone? She really didn’t know but she wasn’t ready to give up on him just yet. She could tell that behind all of that strong facade he had built up in front of him, he was asking for help. Hell, he needed help.

On the other hand, she loves Harry so dearly. Y/N often finds herself thinking and considering his feelings more than her own. She wanted to see him happy and if she needed to walk away from his life in order for that to be happen, that’s what she was going to do.

She was torn between the two options she had. Did he really mean all of it and does he really want Y/N out of the picture? Or did he say all of it simply because he couldn’t handle the pressure and didn’t know how to react?

Y/N didn’t want to make any mistakes either. She didn’t want to leave if he really didn’t want her gone and she didn’t want to stay if he did not cherish her company anymore. So she decided to wait—wait until he got back from whatever place he went to. They were going to talk.


After what felt like days since he was gone, although it was merely 2 hours, Harry was back home — his house, though.

Y/N had gone to his apartment to gather some of her belonging scattered around his place. She never moved in with him — he never asked her to and neither did she — but she still had some stuff left at his house — some t-shirts and sweatpants, for when she’d spend the night, as well as a toothbrush and other belongings like that.

All in the while he was gone, he never gave her a call nor sent her any texts. Harry didn’t answer her calls either and that was all the confirmation she needed. At this point, Y/N was just plain insecure. The heat of the fight they just had, the harsh words thrown at her and the fact he only ignored her attempts of reaching out to him only added up to that pile. She figured he really wanted her gone, so she decided to drop by his flat to get some of her things and wait until he got home — that is, if he got home; she really didn’t know.

Her heart jumped as she heard the door close softly behind his heavy footsteps. Her heart was racing so fast and her head was on the brink of spinning like crazy. Y/N’s heart shrunk with the anticipation of the moment yet to come. She was certain this would be one of her last minutes spent with him and although she didn’t want to be thinking about it now, she couldn’t help it. Her happiest memories were made with him by her side. She wouldn’t bare the pain to see him go.

Had he acknowledged her presence yet? Would Harry even want to talk to her at all?

Her trace of thoughts was interrupted as soon as Harry entered his kitchen. His face held a very stern expression and she knew what was to come. At the sight of him, Y/N’s heart felt even heavier than before and, in attempts to ease up the situation, even if just slightly, she pulled a chair out and motioned for him to sit.

At that, he indifferently glanced at the chair and turned his gaze back to her, pretty much ignoring her invitation for him to sit down with her.

“We need to talk.”

Y/N took the deepest, yet shakiest breath she could as to prepare herself for the moment that was to come — although no deep breath would ever manage to make her feel ready for this. In response, she only gave him a shy nod — she couldn’t find the strength in her to actually speak.

Harry lead them out the kitchen and headed to the living room, where both of them sat on different couches, opposite to each other so they could still look at the other.


“I was thinki-“

They immediately shut their voices when they heard the other speak and, Harry sensing Y/N was slightly embarrassed, let her go first.

“Um… Well, I was-… How can I say it..?”, she was lost in her own words. How was she supposed to tell him that she’d leave if that’s what he wanted even though that was the last thing she ever wanted to do? How was she supposed to just walk out the door and never turn back? “I thought about um, what you said and I- well, I figured that I’ll leave if that’s what you want. I also wanted to apologize for making you feel pressured. It’s obvious that you don’t want to-… be open with me and I have to respect that.”

She gulped hard when she finished, surprised with the fact she hasn’t cried yet. However, it was still noticeable — at least to Harry — that she was way more than just nervous. She kept her gaze down to her fidgeting hands most of the time she spoke and he could also hear her voice shake. She also stammered as she spoke — something he noticed she did when she was anxious and scared. Y/N, though, thought she was doing a great job at hiding how affected she had been with this whole situation.

Feeling the silence around them eat up at her, she immediately looked up to Harry, who was silently starring at her. Y/N felt so small in front of him, specially when his gaze was starring right through her and with that frown upon his forehead. If she had the strength to run away right here and right now, she’s sure she would have run off already.

Once again, the silence — the lack of response, to be exact — was all she needed to confirm her thoughts. She had to leave. Harry wanted her to leave.

But how? No- I mean, how? Should she give him a hug? Thank him for her best and favorite memories and 9 months she’s ever lived? Or straight up just walk out? How does one even say goodbye to a loved one like that? She didn’t know what he wanted. There was no way she could — she wasn’t exactly a mindreader.

“Um… I should probably go then…”, as soon as she got nothing but silence in return, she stood up and reached for her bag. Y/N was on full silent-sobbing right now and she didn’t even try to cover it up. She didn’t find the strength in her to do so.

Truth be told, she’s never felt weaker than she does now. Y/N feels as though her heart is being stomped on repeatedly, over and over again. She feels her brain begging, screaming at her for her to stop crying, for the pain is too much. She feels her eyes sting with all of the tears she’s let out and her stomach twisting. She can’t stop though, and she knows she won’t any time soon. So she just lets it go — all of it.

What she doesn’t know, however, is that Harry was silent not because he wanted her gone. Harry was silent because he didn’t find the words in him. His brain was at a thousand miles per second, where every possibility and outcome ran through his mind — including every worst case scenario. What was he supposed to do?

He wanted to apologize. For everything. Looking back now, bow did he even find in himself to call her annoying? Or ask her to leave him alone? Y/N had mentioned to Harry once or twice that being called annoying is probably one of the worst things someone could call another. Perhaps it is because of the fact that ‘annoying’ can cover a lot of things — from the way one speaks to the way they act and their personality or character. Y/N had never liked the term itself either. It just sounds aggressive to her.

He knew all of it, then why did he do it? Harry admits he didn’t think through his words, or else, they wouldn’t be on the spot they are now. But still, why did he say such harsh things to his Y/N? Nothing would ever justify those words.

When he told her he wanted to talk, he meant that he wanted to apologize, to try and make her understand why he has real bad trust issues. He wanted her to know that it was nothing personal and that he wanted to try talking about his feelings and emotions — his pain, specially — with her — that is, if she still wanted him around, of course. But now, he sees that all she has in her mind right now is how personal it is that he doesn’t want to talk to her and how much he doesn’t want her presence. Hell, if it were him on her spot he’d think the same too. He’s literally been silent since she began speaking.

However, as soon as he heard the front door click open, he immediately shot up from his sitting position on the couch. He absolutely hated how his perception of time was much slower than reality sometimes. Who knows? He could’ve been too late and lost her for good.

He got to the front door just seconds before she stepped out. Fearing she’d magically disappear, he stuck his hands out and held her upper arm tightly — not enough to hurt her —, stopping her from leaving his house — from leaving him. As soon as she turned back around, behind the puffy eyes and red spots on her beautiful face, he still saw how surprised she was at his actions. Hadn’t he just indirectly said he didn’t want her anymore?

“Wait! Don’t go…”, Harry said.

But what got to her was that he didn’t just say it. He meant it. Y/N swore on her life her knees almost collapsed at the tone of his voice and the expression on his face. Could she be wrong, after all?

“What? Why not?”, she blurted out.

Harry’s heart broke at how she sounded: so hopeless and broken. And unfortunately, he was the one who did that. He was so caught up onto his own pain that he ended up causing it to someone else; not just someone else, but his Y/N. He was so focused on shielding himself from any harm that he ended up harming her delicate, loving heart instead. And that’s why he promised himself and to everything that’s most precious in this world that he wouldn’t do it again. Only he knows how much it hurts to see her like that.

And to make matters even worse for him? Y/N wasn’t even mad. There was no hint of anger or irritation upon her delicate features. She was just… sad. And heartbroken.

Harry realized that she must’ve had so much respect for him that she took him into consideration way more than she took herself. Not only that, but she was also willing to prioritize his happiness over hers. After all, she was leaving because she thought that was what would make him happy and whole again; even if that wasn’t what was right for her.

“I’m sorry. God, I’m such an idiot, I’m so sorry, Y/N”, he let go of her arm and took her hands into his, instead. “I never meant any of those words. Never did and never will. And specially, I don’t want you to leave. Please, don’t leave me. Stay, please, love. Stay…”. At this exact moment, all he could think about was trying to make her stay. He wanted her to see his part of the story too.

With a silent nod, she re-entered the house. As soon as the door was locked, Harry immediately wrapped his arms around her frame and hugged her as tightly as ever.

“I love you. I love you. So much, love. Please, let me explain. Hear me out.”

She teared up at his words even harder. They had never exchanged those words before and now that he said them, she didn’t know what to do. What if he brought her back inside so they could talk like proper adults and later he actually asks her to leave? Her mind was racing and she couldn’t stop herself from thinking all of this was over — that they were over. Also, should she repeat those words at this moment? She knows she loves him too. A lot. But is this the right time? Tired of debating with and against herself, she decides to save them for another hour. They needed to talk.

Leading both of them to the couch—the same one, now—, he sat as closely to her as he could. He wanted her to know how serious he was about those three little words and how much he meant every single word he was about to speak.

So he began. And he told her everything. From what made him so closed off to people, to what had recently made him upset and act the way he did. He had shared with her every piece of his that he hadn’t shared with anyone else in a very long time. And Y/N had been even more understanding and loving in response than he thought she would. Not that Harry thought she wouldn’t give it importance or would just brush it off, no. But she never ceased to surprise and amaze him.

She is too kind for this world he often finds it hard to understand. But that is just the way she is. And he loves every bit of her.

Their talk was rather emotional and she still managed to make him cry even a bit harder. With words of assurance, she told him she’d be there for him through everything and all, through the bad and the worst and through the good and the best. Harry also made a promise to himself and to her to never let it get that bad again. He was going to try to open up more to her.

And just from what he had shared with her tonight was enough to make him feel as though a whole building was lifted off from his shoulders. He felt as light as a feather and relief wouldn’t even begin to describe the feeling in his heart. Harry was forever thankful for Y/N and he was going to make sure she feels as appreciated and loved as she deserves on every day ahead of them.


Their talk had ended just a couple minutes ago and they were now just intently looking at each other with a small smile tugging at each of their lips. Pulling her closer to him, the both of them closed their eyes and breathed each other in, mostly enjoying their presence and company.

“Harry?”, she lowly said, interrupting the silence.

“Yeah, love?”

“I love you too.”

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Night School

I started taking some night classes at the local college. Well it didn’t take long for me to realized that I could get more out of it then just a few credits and some knowledge. Instantly I developed a crush on the teacher and there was at least 2 or 3 guys in the class that caught my eye. I figured if I was lucky I’d get at least 1 of these hunks to stuff my married pussy before the end of the semester. A few weeks into the class and we were assigned a project to do as a group project. We had to pick our own groups, well 2 of the hotter guys from the class had become friends and I asked them if they had a third yet. They said they did not and were very happy to have me work with them on the project. We agreed on a day and time to meet the next week in the library to get started. The only problem I could see was that I didn’t know which of the two I liked more but I figured after a bit of flirting I’d have a better idea which 1 I’d let get into my pants. The day came and we met at the schools library and we got to talking about our project and it didn’t take long for the flirting to start. Soon we were talking more about sex then we were our project but I didn’t mind. We were all telling stories of past accomplishments and the wild things we had all done. I mentioned I had been in a few threesomes and both the guys loved this and wanted details. Then one of them asked if I had even been with 2 guys at the same time and I said not yet and winked. They were a bit surprised by my statement and said but aren’t you married. I told them I was but that I hoped one day to enjoy getting tag teamed by two hot guys. We worked for another hour on our project and continued to flirt. We made plans to meet the next week to continue working on the project but this time we choose to meet at one of the guys places as he was not far from the school and we could have some drinks while we worked. The night came and I arrived with a few wine coolers and a freshly shaved pussy.
I didn’t know if anything would happen but I wanted to be ready if it did. Plus it always feels good to be sitting around with some hot guys with a nice clean smooth pussy, it makes me feel sexy. So after a little bit of working on the project and some light flirting the hunky blonde of the two asked me flat out if I had ever cheated on my husband. I answered honestly saying that yes I had. Well of course this lead to more questions which lead to both guys saying things like they would bang the shit out of me etc etc so finally I just said fuck it “I want you both to fuck me like a cheap slut right now.” Then pulled the blonde to me and started kissing him. After a few moments I turned to the other guy and motioned for him to come closer and we kissed. Soon clothes were coming off and both guys had their dicks out and I was taking turns sucking on both their hard cocks. The blonde guy was cut but his friend was not, it was my first uncut cock but both were equally nice. I told the blonde guy to fuck me while I sucked his friends cock. He got in behind me and thrust his hard cock in my tight wet pussy, causing me to gag on his friends big dick. It was hot and made me even wetter. This was my first time being spit roasted and I loved it. Something told me I would be doing this again that’s for sure. The blonde guy fucked my pussy hard and fast and pulled my hair while his friend fucked my face and made me choke on his fat cock. At one point while getting double teamed by these hot studs my phone went off. The blonde guy said something about it probably being my husband and how I should send him a sweet innocent text back about how we were cramming in lots of hard work. I laughed and said sure so he passed me my phone. I sent my hubby a text and told him I loved him, all while blonde guys cock was pounding my married cheating pussy then went back to sucking the other guy. Then the two guys switched holes and continued to abuse me like a dirty whore. Blonde guy was really into the fact that I was married and kept saying shit like we are going to stretch you out and send you home to your clueless husband. I bet he thinks your such a good little wife, if only he could see what a cheating slut you really are. Well his words were making me so hot. I was practically cumming in 1 continuous orgasm the whole time. The two guys took turns abusing my pussy and fucking my face while calling me a dirty slut and a cheating whore. The whole time I begged for more. Since cheating on my husband the first something in me had changed I wanted to be used to be the biggest slut I had ever been. These 2 college guys where doing just that and my pussy was dripping wet for them. Call me a whore I begged. fuck me hard I moaned. cum on my married face I demanded and that’s exactly what they did. By the time the were done and both had shot their hot sticky cum on my face and tits I was 2 hours late from when I had told my hubby I’d likely be home. I cleaned up got dressed told the boys they should fuck the shit out of me again soon and went home to my loving husband. I stopped and picked up some junk food on the way so as to distract my man from my being late. I suggested we put on some Netflix and snuggle. He picked the movie and we got cozy. Part way through the movie my pussy started getting wet cause all I could think about was the way the 2 guys fucked me like a dirty slut so I took my hubby’s dick out and started sucking him like a slut in heat. It didn’t take long for him to fill my mouth and I happily swallowed his sweat load before kissing him on the mouth, snuggling up to him again then passing out before the movie finished.

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Can we hear more stories? Because your stories are the best.


So first things first if you want to know how to say “SACABAH” out loud, go out and find a Culver’s, get a triple bacon deluxe, eat a full tray of pot brownies, wait half an hour, try to shove that entire goddamn burger in your mouth at once, then try to scream “SOCK COMBAT” at the top of your lungs with your mouth full. This is how Josh came up with the idea of SACABAH and it was our last resort for settling roommate disputes.

Basically in the hell pit that was our apartment, we would sprint through a short list of solutions and discussions to solve any problems between us before we arrived at SACABAH.

  1. If one of the disputers was that week’s King of the Cock (determined by a weekly tournament in a randomly selected EA Sports game and designated by the possession of a giant pink dildo glued to the end of a walking stick), they were automatically right
  2. Talk it out like the adults we regularly told our parents we were.
  3. Compromise.
  4. Roommate vote, incredibly ineffective because there was an even number of us

If none of these steps led to a solution we moved on to SACABAH which also had a lot of rules, mainly because of previous instances of SACABAH where we didn’t have some of these rules.

  1. Combat was held in the living room. If you left the living room you forfeit.
  2. Combatants must wear protective headgear, a mouth guard, and a cup. Gloves are optional, but recommended, and additional protective gear will be allowed on the basis of how cool it looks.
  3. Combatants are allowed one sock of their choosing, filled with a substance of their choosing.
  4. The sock can be attached to the end of a pole or stick to increase range, but each time you strike your opponent with your pole it is a foul. 4 fouls and you forfeit.
  5. You may bring 2 items from your room to place strategically in the living room as either cover or as a hazard.
  6. No using noncombatants as shields.
  7. No condoms. This was instituted after Josh put on a condom and tried to cock slap Paul for 25 minutes. Fun fact, it’s pretty hard to stay hard when you’re trying to cock slap someone as they swing a sock full of marbles at you, so Josh was also furiously masturbating for those 25 minutes.
  8. No putting the socks over your own body. This was made surprisingly not after the cock slap incident but after Josh bought thigh highs so that he could literally kick the shit out of Eric.
  9. All weapons have to be approved by at least 2 of the noncombatant roommates. This was because of the cock slap incident as well.
  10. No going full Canadian. This was instituted after I filled a hockey sock with pucks and tied it to the end of a hockey stick and became unstoppable for two weeks. Every time I participated in SACABAH I tried to go full Canadian again but I was shot down, except for one time, and that’s what this story is about.
  11. One song played on loop until the fight ended. This was our original song choice until THIS came out and we decided to alternate between the two match by match, technically three if you include the Gaeilge version.
  12. No grabbing your opponent by the balls. That’s an automatic forfeit.
  13. Fights go until someone forfeits, someone surrenders, or 3 of 4 judges declare a combatant unable to continue.

So in like March, Eric and I had a pretty significant issue with each other because of some incorrect relationship decisions he had made. He was dating one of my exes, which normally for us wasn’t a big deal, but she had cheated on me twice and then dumped me when I called her on it, so there was pretty significant animosity between the two of us. The issue between Eric and I wasn’t about if he should date her or not; he’s a grown ass adult and is allowed to make his own terrible decisions. The issue was that I declared that she wasn’t allowed over ever because I never wanted to see her again and I didn’t trust her in my house, even with other people there. He thought I was overreacting, and I thought he was being an inconsiderate fuck. This led to the initiation of our dispute system which didn’t go well. Paul won our Madden tournament that week, so we had to actually compromise, which neither of us were willing to do, so we moved on to the vote. Kyle and Paul sided with me in the vote, but Brad thought this girl was nice, and Josh just wanted to watch us fight so we split the vote.

So two days after the vote, Eric and I gear up and meet in the living room where we all discover that he is literally the smartest one of all of us because he has two pool balls in a pair of stockings. He had made SACABAH nunchucks and it was fucking awesome.

So I had attempted to go full Canadian again, because obviously why not and Josh and Kyle argued that if we were to allow fucking nunchucks I should be allowed to use my favorite. Plus, Josh pointed out that if Eric got within 3 feet of me I was basically fucked because I wasn’t allowed to hit him with the stick, which was something that literally none of the guys had thought of before that moment.

I lived with geniuses.

So we go to our corners in the living room and Brad reminds us of the rules and we begin our fight. We both come out of our corners and immediately I wind up and swing as hard as I possibly can at Eric’s knees, because 1 I am an asshole and 2 I genuinely wanted to hurt him.

I catch him on the inside of his left knee and his leg literally snaps out from underneath him. I took him out in one swing, and he had been talking for three days about how he was going to fuck me up.

Anyways, Eric is on the ground crying because I just destroyed his leg with a sock full of pucks and I’m parading around the apartment roaring at the top of my lungs because I won and that means I needed to celly and after like 20 minutes of me gloating like a fuck we load him into Paul’s truck and drive him to the hospital and he gets a big ass cast on his leg because I broke his femur and we get back home at like 12:45 and he left his phone in the apartment and he has like a dozen texts from this girl.

She was talking about how he was a great guy and she was having fun but she didn’t like his friends (read: me) and she knew that if she told him to choose between her and us that he would always pick us so she was “making the decision for him” and breaking up with him and she sent him all of this literally an hour after we got to the hospital.

That was literally 4 years ago and Josh and I still to this day regularly ask him if he remembers the time I broke his leg over a girl that dumped him two hours later.

We’re a bunch of fucking savages.

3 acts of malicious compliance in one project rewarded with 4 days of leave fully paid.

This is quite long sorry but I feel it needs the back story to understand the whole thing.

tl;dr - General manager makes requests, I try to get him to see the downsides. He insists, I comply and get a nice few days off.

I used to work for a mining company as a Geologist. I left and a few years later was employed by them again but in a very different role dealing mostly with compliance based stuff.

We had a new project coming up which meant a lot of data would be coming in daily and at some point we would be required to process all that data. The data was being logged into an excel spreadsheet which was probably the quickest and easiest way to do it for the data we needed to capture. It did however introduce a larger margin of human error. The benefit was that errors could be checked later in the corporate office rather than taking up time in the field when people were already working 12 hour shifts and we were paying contractors by the hour. In addition to this they updated my contract to a fieldwork based employee rather than office based, this allowed them to send me out into the field for several weeks at a time without any change in pay. It also had a few other conditions which come into play later.

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The definitive* guide of Robert spending money on Aaron

Here it is, a definitive list of things Robert has spent money on for Aaron, on Aaron or to be with Aaron. 

Some of the things in these categories are questionable (cough hitman cough) BUT on the positive side the most amount of money Rob’s spent was for good not evil. 😅 

This post got longer than i expected, it was fun so i hope you enjoy.

How can I spend more time with bae AKA the beginning

Scrapyard Investment -  The best money Robert has ever spent.  He was so smitten with Aaron after 2 fucks he was already breaking all his rules and handing over 10k to invest in whatever Adam & Aaron wanted, he didn’t even care what the business was £10,000

Hotel 1 - Let’s be honest this hotel was nothing special and Robert probably expensed it back to Home Farm Estates like the trash he is. But waking up together for the first time. The heart eyes. Robert in those tight black underpants. Money very well spent. £60

Hotel 2 - Robert just wanted to spoil Aaron, rip his suit off and fuck him in a fancy hotel…if that’s not love i don’t know what is? Damn you Katie for ruining this night.  £250

Oh shit, I don’t want people to find out about bae AKA the affair continues

The Hitman - If you think I googled “how much does a hitman cost” you’d be right? Are the police going to break down my door in the middle of the night and arrest me? Probably. This plot is ridiculous let’s not dwell on it. £20,000 I guess

Cain’s blackmail - What started as Robert using the ridiculously random Cain & Chrissie kiss to blackmail Cain completely backfired, no thanks to Aaron who outed him and their affair. Not cool Aaron, not cool. So now the blackmailer is being blackmailed. But the lesson is never cross Cain Dingle or you’ll be paying for Vadam’s honeymoon £5000, The grain pit at Butlers  £15,000 and a holiday for Coira £2000.

Trying to do right by bae AKA the abuse sl

Sandra’s address - One day we’ll find out how Robert got all these dodgy contacts but for now I’ll just assume he used a PI. By finding Sandra’s address we got rejected park bench kiss, lake side declarations and Rob reunited Aaron with his long lost sister and gave us all Roblivion….Also my search history is getting interesting right now. £300

Bribing Ryan - What to do if you want to see justice done, Gordon locked up for his horrific crimes & your future mum in law is pestering you to make sure he gets sent down. If you’re Robert Sugden you bribe a local teen to lie about also being abused. Oh Robert, your heart was in the right place. The only hint at how much he paid Ryan was that it was the same amount as a fancy watch, so £5000

Bonus Bribing Ryan again - Leave my family alone, we never hear from you again + here have a delicious hummus and coriander sandwich. Mwahaha I’m an evil genius.  Never change Rob. £104.50

How can I prove to bae I love him AKA no one else comes close

Barcelona -  The first cancelled holiday and the the start of the Robron chill *cries*. Rob just wanted to celebrate his 30th birthday and spend some time with Aaron & be proper boyfriends and it’s beautiful. Flights + 2 nights in Barcelona £1000

France - The second cancelled holiday.  Robert being playful murmuring into his kiss with Aaron was the stuff of dreams. God bless you Maxine. Also i can kinda forgive Liv for ruining this holiday cause it gave us the quality content of Rob dangling from a tree. 2.5 weeks in Calais, hotel only £1400

Engagement ring - I would’ve paid money to to see the scene of Robert at the jewellers, being sassy to the sales assistant, demanding the best for the man he loves. I think I found a very similar platinum ring and as Vic days “it’s perfect” so can Aaron hurry up and put it back on his finger £2695

Las Vegas - The third cancelled holiday.  First class flights, limo from the airport, helicopter over the Grand Canyon, Cirque du Soleil tickets, the works. Do you know how expensive first class tickets are? But Aaron deserved this big romantic gesture. I’m assuming they were staying for 5 nights + I gave him a 25% discount courtesy of Rebecca’s mate £11,250

The wedding - So perfect, so them, but as far as weddings go this was done on the cheap. Free venue. Free Decorations. Only thing paid for would have been finger food and drinks and we know the Dingles love a free drink so let’s say £1000

Appealing Aaron’s sentence - Robs face when he found out Aaron got 12 months breaks my heart every time, he was so determined to free his husband. A decent barrister is £300 per hour and it took 3 weeks for the appeal to come through. If only you worked a little faster unseen barrister person we may not be stuck in this hell plot £10,000

The Mill renovations - This includes fixing the damn dry rot I had to listen to Rakesh moan on about for months, the fire damage, doors without handles & drawers pure white, posh appliances, the Vespa chair and all the questionable artwork. I didn’t include flat 2 cause we don’t now what the deal is with that.   Let’s be real though Robert has great taste and the Mill is the best house in the village. £80,000

5 week honeymoon to Mauritius - Seriously Emmerdale now you let them go on a holiday? After Rob has cheated and Rebecca is pregnant and nobody actually wants them to go because we all just want Aaron to learn the truth as soon as possible. Yeah, fuck you Emmerdale, fuck you.  Flights + airbnb accommodation £4200

I’ve been an idiot, please don’t tell bae AKA the hell plot

Full disclosure this is the part where i become bitter at the writing regarding Robert’s money. 

Ross’ blackmail -  Ugh, just ugh at this whole plot point. In the end Robert only gave Ross half of of what he was blackmailed for and then crushed his taxi and destroyed his weed as payback so at least there’s that £2500

Mill Chairs - So this was the ep Aaron listed all the things Robert didn’t spend his money on ignoring basically everything i have listed above that he did spend it on. I mean Aaron didn’t want the chairs at the time but he sure seems to enjoy them now (see, told you i was bitter).  Also who knew ugly leather reclining chairs would be so expensive? £3500

Burnt money- Holy shit Robert just threw the briefcase into a fire barrel because Aaron told him to! I think this is what the kids call EXTRA. So the lesson is Robert loves Aaron more than money? OF COURSE HE DOES HAVE YOU BEEN PAYING ATTENTION. Lucky it was all saved (thanks cute fire extinguisher scene) except a couple of hundred . £100,000 £200

Bribing Jason - TBH I love protective Rob, his heart was in the right place (again) and let’s be real no one wanted to see Aaron hurt.  But he didn’t bribe Jason because he didn’t believe in Aaron so thanks for making this clear, it’s just THEY ARE SO IN LOVE still. WHEN ARE THEY BACK TOGETHER THE STRUGGLE IS REAL?!? £5000

GRAND TOTAL - £180,459.50

And here it is in handy excel spreadsheet converted into multiple currencies because i’m cool like that. 

*not at all definitive 

How To Get A Girl Off 101 {Taekook || Kim Taehyung + Jeon Jungkook} ~Naughty November~

Requests Open || Smut Game 1 || Smut Game 2 || Smut Game 3 || Smut Game 4 || Smut Game 5 || BTS Masterlist || GOT7 Masterlist || Monsta X Masterlist

Prompt: Y/N decides to teach her boyfriend’s inexperienced friend the ropes of getting a girl off~

Pairing: Jungkook x reader x Taehyung

Word Count: 4.5k

Warning: dp, oral, anal play

**I was going to make Taehyung the inexperienced one but the thought of inexperience Jungkook is too much for me too handle and I need it in my life, if you do want me to make a vice versa smut with an inexperience Taehyung…make sure to let me know!**

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List of Unanswered Questions.

This show is famous for leaving fans with many unanswered questions so we thought we’d keep a list and update it regularly before the show ends. 

1. Who is Uber A/AD?

Alex Drake.

2. What is their motive?

Alex’s motive was find out who killed her half-sister, Charlotte. Whilst playing the game to find out who killed Charlotte, Alex became jealous of the life Spencer had. She saw how happy Spencer was and how her friends would do anything for her. Her jealousy led to her threats escalating in order to break up the girls.

The threats only made the girls closer, so, Alex came up with a new plan. She decided that because she couldn’t break them up, she could just become Spencer. She slowly started insinuating herself into Spencer’s life (see a list of the scenes where Alex pretended to be Spencer here). 

3. Who killed Charlotte?

Mona Vanderwaal.

4. Why was Charlotte killed?

Because Mona saw through Charlotte, she knew that over the five years Charlotte never got better. It was her plan to pretend to get better, get released and start playing the game again. Mona planned on scaring Charlotte so she couldn’t start playing the game again.

But, it was an accident. The two got into a physical fight and Mona threw Charlotte onto a steel pipe which accidentally killed her.

5. Who killed Jessica?

Mary Drake.

6. Why was Jessica killed?

Because of the lies and the way she treated her twin sister, Mary Drake. Jessica had taken Mary’s child from her, and when Mary pretended to be Jessica and was impregnated by Peter Hastings, Jessica organised for Mary to be sent to Radley Sanitarium, once again. 

To top everything off, Mary found out that Jessica lied when she told her that her son Charles had died at age 16, when really Charles transitioned into Charlotte DiLaurentis/Cece Drake. 

Peter and Jessica were also secretly working together, setting out on a plan to use Peter’s pills to kill Mary. This plan had backfired, with Mary learning of their plan. She intercepted, giving Jessica the pills which stopped her heart.

7. Who is the “he” the girls are running from in the 610 flash forward?

Archer Dunhill. Emily has a nightmare in 719 that plays out the flash forward scene, in which the “he” they are referring to is Archer who comes back from the dead to come after Ali. 

8. Who killed Sara?

Noel Kahn (not stated specifically in the show).

9. Why was Sara killed?

Because she was suspicious of Noel and his motives after being asked to help him go on a “treasure hunt” to help find Charlotte’s money. Noel planned on killing Sara and Jenna at the end of the hunt so he could have all the money to himself, but he killed Sara earlier then planned to help prevent the possibility of her telling everyone about what she knows. 

10. Who shot Spencer?

Alex Drake, her twin sister. 

11. Why was Noel helping with the dollhouse?

Noel had secrets and Charlotte had used them against Noel as blackmail to help with the dollhouse. 

12. What is Sara’s motive for helping Charlotte?


13. What really happened to Sara Harvey the night she “ran away” from home and what is Sara’s overall involvement with Charlotte? 

This was never really answered but it is most likely that she just ran away because of the life she was living and the way she treated her friends. She was exactly like Alison DiLaurentis. 

Sara and Charlotte meet after she starts playing the A game and Charlotte uses her as a decoy on the night of the Lodge Fire. Sara is also sent to Wilden’s funeral as the Black Widow to ensure that he is dead so he can no longer hurt Ali. Sara and Charlotte share some sort of bond, as Sara described they almost felt like sisters. This was most likely Charlotte using Sara as an Ali replacement. 

14. Who killed Garrett Reynolds?

Darren Wilden did. He killed Garrett because he found out about Wilden being a dirty cop and was going to expose him. 

15. Who killed Darren Wilden?

Charlotte did. He found out Ali was alive and wasn’t going to let her come home to tell her story. Charlotte killed him so that Ali could come home. 

16. What is Wren Kingston's involvement? 

He and Charlotte were friends whilst she was a patient in Radley. He was also in charge of helping Charlotte and Mona get in and out of Radley while they were playing the A game. 

Wren also helped his girlfriend, Alex Drake, meet with her long lost sister Charlotte in London. The three all become close friends along with Archer. 

17. Why was Wren colouring in a Red Coat?

18. Why did Wren give Cece a visitors pass to visit Mona in Radley when she was already a patient?

This was some sort of cover up in case the girls came close to figuring out that Cece Drake was actually a Radley patient by the name of Charlotte DiLaurentis. 

19. Is Wren really a Doctor?


20. How many children does Mary Drake have?

Two: Spencer Hastings and Charlotte DiLaurentis. 

21. Who is Spencer’s biological father?

Spencer’s biological father is Peter Hastings, who slept with Mary Drake thinking that she was her twin sister, Jessica DiLaurentis.

22. Who is Charlotte’s biological father?

Pastor Ted Wilson. 

23. Why was Mary Drake in Radley?

Mary was admitted into Radley on several occasions throughout her life. The first time was because she switched places with her sister to help babysit Teddy Carver, and when his parents arrived home, they found Teddy dead. Jessica was most likely responsible for this, but Mary was babysitting and was given the punishment of being sent to Radley.

The second time was due to Mary pretending to be Jessica so that she could get with Peter Hastings. After this, Jessica signs the papers for Mary’s readmission into Radley Sanitarium. 

24. Why did Jenna and Sara work together?

They were working together to find Charlotte’s killer, and according to Jenna they were working with Noel to find money that Charlotte had left for them. 

25. Why was Rollins making Ali fall for him even before Charlotte was killed?

He needed to win her over so that she would believe his treatment was helping Charlotte get better, which would ultimately lead to her release from Welby. Charlotte even said herself, “Archie needs to win her trust. Convince her that I’m doing better.” “Alison is the only chance I have of getting out of here.” 

26. When and how did Charlotte and Archer Dunhill (Rollins) meet? 

They met on a flight to Paris (after Ali had given her the Vivian Darkbloom passport to leave the country as she was about to go down for murder). 

27. Are Uber A and Amoji the same person?

Yes. They were both Alex Drake. 

28. Are Toby and Yvonne really dead?

Toby survived but Yvonne sadly didn’t.

29. How was Eddie Lamb connected to the plot and what happened to him?

He was a good nurse at Radley who’s main role was to warn Spencer that Wren was doing some shady activity with Visitors Passes and was helping inmates escape Radley when they wanted to. 

30. What is Bethany Young’s entire involvement in the overall storyline?

31. How did no one know about Mary Drake?

“Many families have secrets. Sometimes those secrets are actual people.”

She spent a lot of time in Radley Sanitarium and possibly impersonating her sister, Jessica DiLaurentis.

32. Mary Drake said she got a call from Rollins after Charlotte was killed which made her come back to avenge her daughter. Why did she lie, as we know she landed in Philly a week before Charlotte was killed? 

33. Who is Beach Hottie?

Detective Darren Wilden. 

34. Who gave Ali the bloody lip in Veronica Hasting’s flashback?

This wasn’t answered in the show but rather in an interview with Marlene on an ET Live chat. She said it was someone from the older group of college kids Ali was hanging around with.

35. Was Charlotte really in charge or was their someone higher calling all the shots?

Charlotte was in charge of the A game the entire time. 

36. Why did Jessica have a lair devoted to finding out if Ali was alive when she was the one who buried her that night?

We think we may have solved this one ourselves! We posted here about Charlotte finding out Ali was alive in 3x24 and then telling Jessica about it in order to redeem herself. Jessica then returned to Rosewood in 4x01 and set up a secret lair at Aunt Carol’s to try and track Ali to bring her home. She even got Ali’s bedroom set up for her ready for her return!

37. Why was Aria’s file taken from Jessica’s lair?

To blackmail Aria to turn on her friends and join the A team.

38. What was in Aria’s folder?

A report that she had written about Ezra, in which she basically called him out on being a sexual predator and taking advantage of a 16 year old high school student. 

39. What did Maya know? (Miss Aria You’re A Killer Not Ezra’s Wife)

Maya knew that her stalker from True North; Lyndon James, was in Rosewood.

40. Who hit Ali that night?

Charlotte, thinking she was Bethany. 

41. Who killed Bethany?

Mona Vanderwaal hit Bethany thinking she was Ali and left her there. Melissa Hastings then found Bethany’s body, and thinking that Spencer had hit her with the shovel, she buried Bethany in order to “protect” her sister.

The autopsy had shown that Bethany’s cause of death was from suffocation due to dirt being found in her lungs. 

42. Why was Mrs. D taking Bethany to the horse stables, and why did she give her a pony (Custard)? 

Because she was having an affair with Bethany’s father, so by giving her things, she thought this would hide the affair. 

43. Why did Eddie Lamb recognise Aria when he saw her at Radley?

Because he had seen her visiting Spencer when she was in Radley in S3.

44. Who was the mysterious fourth person who showed up at Jenna, Mona and Sydney’s meeting in 5x05?

Most likely Lucas, as they were all meeting up to plan the distraction on the other girls so Mona could get to Ali at the church. (Jenna distracted Aria, Sydney distracted Emily and Lucas distracted Hanna that night).

It could have also been Melissa, as she could have been the person who distracted Spencer. 

45. Who pulled the girls out of the Thornhill Lodge Fire?

Sara Harvey.

46. Who saved Hanna from the fire?


47. Who were the Queen of Hearts?

Melissa and Darren Wilden.  

48. Why was Jessica in Spencer’s room in 4x22?

That was actually Mary Drake. She wanted to see her daughter.

49. Why did Bethany push Marion? 

Because she had intermittent explosive disorder. This caused her to have aggressive outbursts. During one of these impulsive episodes Bethany pushed Marion off the roof. 

50. Who was was the girl Melissa was talking to wearing the yellow top? Was this real or Jason’s imagination? 

This was most likely Jason’s imagination, as he was on drugs that night. 

51. Why did Mona look “dead” in the trunk at the end of 5x12?

Charlotte injected her with a “freezing serum” that made her appear dead. 

52. What is the relevance of the “ghost girl” who appeared in 3x13? 

We believe she was a representation of Mary Drake (read our post here

53. How did Alison’s friendship bracelet end up on Bethany?

Charlotte had the exact same clothing and accessories as Alison. Bethany stole Charlotte’s clothing the night she escaped and must have taken liking to the friendship bracelet so she decided to wear it as well. 

54. Who did Aria stab on the Halloween Train? 

Jason DiLaurentis (who was being blackmailed to push the crate of the train).

55. Who was the Queen of Hearts on the Halloween Train?

Melissa Hastings and Darren Wilden.  

56. What is the significance of September 7th? (the password to Charlotte’s lair at Carrisimi).

It is the day that Alison (Charlotte’s cousin) went missing. 

57. Marlene said we had seen the twin (Mary Drake) once before. When was this? 

We had seen Mary in 4x22; after Spencer had returned from rehab, Mary snuck into the Hastings house dressed as Jessica to catch a glimpse of her daughter. 

58. Who turned Cece into the police at the end of 4x23?

59. Who is Arcturus and the little “Hero” boy in Lucas’ and Charles comic book?

Arcturus is Charles and the little boy is Lucas. 

60. Who is the undisclosed buyer of Toby’s house?

Alex Drake. 

61. Who kidnapped and tortured Hanna?

Alex Drake, who was trying to find out if Hanna really knew who killed her sister.

62. Who is the father of Ali and Emily’s baby?

Wren Kingston.

63. Who is Board Shorts?

Ezra Fitz.

64. Why was Ali’s car at the Church the night Charlotte was killed?

I don’t think they’ll answer this in the show so I’m going to attempt to answer it. Charlotte ran off from the DiLaurentis house and probably stole Ali’s car and drove to the church to meet Mona. Ali probably borrowed Rollins car to go after Charlotte and when the two fought and Ali didn’t succeed at bringing Charlotte back home, she probably just returned home in Rollins car, leaving her car with Charlotte at the church.

65. What is Mona’s motive for being Original A?

After Aria returned from Iceland, she saw the possibility of the four girls reuniting and becoming a group again, which meant her only friend Hanna would leave her for her old friends. Mona used the girls secrets to try and turn the girls against each other. This backfired, only making the girls closer. 

66. Does Spencer have a twin? 

Yes, Alex Drake. 

67. What is Melissa’s overall involvement?

She has been protecting her sister since day one. 

68. Did Charlotte truly get better? 

Charlotte never truly got better. She pretended to get better over the five years with the help of Archer Dunhill at Welby. Her ultimate endgame was to be released and start up the game again.

69. How are Sydney and Jenna involved with Uber A?

70. How does all the Patsy Cline songs tie into the mystery? 

Charlotte grew up taking a liking to vintage things, Patsy Cline most likely being one of them. She also gave her sister, Alex, a Patsy record as her going away gift, something to remember her by because it was her favourite. 

We’ll continue to add to this list as we can think of questions to add, and as the show goes on. We’ll also add the answers to these questions once they are revealed. 

Bts || Reaction || Preggo

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‘ Jin, sweetheart…you’ve been wondering why I’ve been acting so weird these past couple of weeks, and I thought that now would be a better time to tell you than any other…I’m pregnant. You’re going to be a father :) ’

After reading the text you sent him, Jin nearly choked on air. He felt many emotions at once - from shock, to relief, to joy, he was just the epitome of happiness. Seeing his shocked expression, his hair dresser stared at him in confusion through the mirror, asking him if everything was alright. In the heat of the moment, and without hesitation, he shouts: I’m having a baby! Not even caring about the weird looks he was now receiving. 


‘ Don’t know if you’re awake or not but…when you get this, the reason I’ve been distant lately was because I didn’t know how to tell you this. Min Yoongi…I’m pregnant, with your child…get back to me when you can, take as long as you need to process all of this. I love you. ’

He didn’t even need to comprehend the rest, his mind was purely focused on those five words that changed his whole world for the better. ‘I’m pregnant, with your child,’ this was all that he ever wanted, to be a father - granted that it happened earlier than he had planned. But, it didn’t make him any less excited. The studio was surprisingly going to have to wait for tonight, as he grabbed his coat and keys and practically sprinted out the door to come home to you. After all, his family came first. 


‘ So, got back from the doctors and it turns out I’m not coming down with the stomach flu haha…nope. Turns out - funny thing - I’m 3 weeks pregnant. ’ 

Namjoon laughed as well for only a few seconds, until it finally hit him that you weren’t joking. He nearly fell off of his chair, luckily Taehyung and Jin were there to catch him and sit him up right, while the others merely stared at him with ‘wtf’ expressions. At first, they thought this was just Namjoon being Namjoon, but seeing that his attention hadn’t left his phone yet, they knew something was up. 

“You know how Y/n calls me daddy sometimes?…well she’s not going to be the only one pretty soon.” 


‘ I understand if you don’t want to stick around, because of ARMY and how big you guys are becoming in America and your dream is coming true. I don’t want this to make you feel like you have to do anything, I’m so sorry - I should’ve been more careful…Hoseok, I’m pregnant…we haven’t even mentioned kids, I don’t even know if you even planned on having any with me but…this is happening and I want to keep it and…I will support you in any decision you make. I love you. ’ 

The fact that you even felt the need to apologize for something so amazing is what hurt him the most. You’re about to give him something that he didn’t want from anyone else but you, of course he was going to stay. It broke his heart to think that you thought that this was your fault or that you ruined something for him, because that was far from true. ARMY understood that he loved you very much, and just because BTS was growing popular everyday didn’t mean he wouldn’t forget what was most important to him. After crying to his hyungs, they, too, were happy for him and you; even encouraging him to get on the next flight back to where you were so you two could talk in person. Because, come on - you can’t get rid of Jung Hoseok that easily. 


’ Hey, ChimChim! Hope rehearsal is going smoothly, and that you’re hydrated and well! Can’t wait to video chat tonight - im pregnant - and tell the boys i said hi !! Love you !! ’ 

He almost didn’t even catch the bomb you just dropped on him. Almost. Choking on the water he had in his mouth, everyone around him had to pat him on the back to re-open his windpipe, all exclaiming in alarm at what on earth caused him to choke. Not answering a single question being thrown at him, Jimin stared at the phone with both bewilderment and affection. A baby, a mini him and you, a child of his own…he wanted to be pinched, because he was sure that he was dreaming. It wasn’t until you sent an ultra sound a few minutes later that he finally lost his shit and started running around, screaming his head off while waving his phone in the air. The elders eventually got him to calm down as they boxed him in, allowing him to take a few deep breaths, as he stares deeply at the ultra sound. Prepare for some intense aegyo when you chat tonight~


‘ You know how you’ve always told me you loved kids, right? Well how does having one of your own sound? ’ 

Knowing Tae, you probably should have been a little more blunt with your big news; he merely stared at the text in slight confusion. 1) because it was a random thing to ask him on a Thurday afternoon, 2) why were you asking him that on a Thursday afternoon? After a long few minutes of him just sitting there, in his thoughts, a light bulb thankfully went off when he realized that today you were supposed to be visiting the doctor, due to you throwing up a lot lately. Now, if he remembered correctly from high school, sex made babies; and you two have definitely been active in that very activity. Throwing his arms up in victory, he was proud of himself for solving your ‘riddle’, soon letting you know that you just made him the happiest man in world. 


‘ Kookie, don’t freak out. I’ve taken like five tests today and they’ve all come out the same…I’m pregnant, and you’re gonna be a father. Like I said before, don’t freak out, I know this is a lot to take in, and I completely understand if you need time…’

Now, some people say that because of his age, he would freak out - and sometimes I would agree. But, other times I think that honestly, he would be pretty chill about it. He’s not stupid; he knew the girl texting him was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and now was probably scared for his reply - pacing in the bathroom, but Jungkook wasn’t scared at all. In fact, he was happy. Excited, even. Call it unrealistic all you want, but Jungkook, even though being young, felt the role of being a dad was the ultimate masculine thing to accomplish. And he couldn’t wait to rub it in his hyungs’ faces. But first, a phone call home to reassure you that everything was going to be alright, and that he planned on staying for a long time.

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