so we don't fight over them


Can we please talk about how much this hurt’s me please because *internally screams AHRGH* Look at the way he looks at his wings and realises that he’s no longer able to fight so they’ll most likely kill him because he’s not their star fighter anymore, he’s useless to them// The wings thats kept him alive and is probably the only reason he’s alive right now, that he’s learnt to love so much after his childhood, the thing that probably makes him happy?? The realisation on his face just kills me// It was right on where the wing connects to his back an you know he’s not going do anything about it apart from sit there even though he’s in so much pain mentally and physically. i havE SO MANY EMOTIONS 

excuse me the markbum got2day one of the first things mark decides to do is rub the fact that he’s ‘rooming well with youngjae’ in jaebum’s face i HATE THIS GROUUUP


meatgate 2.0 really but instead of being a petty grudge it’s just really really gay

I miss the days of being a little kid. You could just walk up to someone and instantly become their best friend. There would be this instant click of trust and friendship, and you were playing like you’d known each other your whole five-year-long life. 

There were no fights over boys or worries about how much you weighed and you didn’t worry about which friends you could trust; you trusted all of them and they all trusted you. Everything was black and white; no moral dilemmas over a situation, no real issues. 

Now? It’s all a blurry myriad of colors, so much that I can’t decide if the resulting mess is beautiful or tragic. Sometimes, all the available choices are the wrong ones, and we can’t always fix everything with a hug or an “I’m sorry” anymore. People change and come and go, yet we all stay the same and wish that everything around us would, too. We learn to hate food and ourselves and each other because society says so. We fight over boys like the world would stop turning if we stopped fighting, and sometimes we don’t know who we can trust.

I guess this is just one of those days where I really want nothing more than to be five years old again.

—  let’s build a blanket fort and watch disney movies and drink hot chocolate with too many marshmallows, just like the old days // an excerpt from a book i’ll never write #22

The scene in the car where Lauren falls over trying to get in, and Tamsin asks her how many fingers she’s holding up (as she holds up her middle fingers), is perfect.
That interaction between Tamsin and Lauren was so natural and true to their characters (unlike the rest of this season). Tamsin would be her bitchy self and Lauren would be annoyed at Tamsin’s immaturity. Can we have more of that, and less of those two fighting over Bo please?

Something I don't think OUAT gets enough credit for

Is what it does SO WELL with its couples.  Yeah, they have their differences, and they fight, but unlike SO MANY OTHER SHOWS out there, one fight doesn’t mean OH WE’RE OVER LET’S HAVE SOME UNNECESSARY SEPARATION ANGST.

No. CS has a long road ahead of them. It’s not going to be easy, they both have their demons and bad shit is going to happen.  I don’t know about you, but I’m FAR more interested in seeing them deal with these things, as they come, TOGETHER.  You don’t have to play on-again, off-again with your ships to make them interesting.  If it works, in the case of Belle and Rumple, and it’s NECESSARY, then they do it, and they do it RIGHT.

But I so appreciate that on this show, if people are together, they’re built to last.  I get tired of seeing the back and forth, the nonsense drama that comes when you break a couple apart for the pure SAKE of drama.

I’m way more invested in ships like Snowing and Captain Swan. I’d rather see two equal partners, fighting the world together, than fighting EACH OTHER, any day of the week.