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Not Langst today, my friends. Today I bring you ‘LaFluff’  :v 

Also, guess who hasn’t finish writing their other stories just to make a new one? That’s right, me. 

Part 2

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In the contrary of everyone thinks, Lance is really shy and doesn’t like to talk about feelings. Yes, he may talk about a lot and say lots jokes, but feelings are a hard subject for him. He loves his friends, a lot, and would do anything for them. Anything but telling them ‘i love you’.

They started telling ‘i love you’ to each other thanks to a bonding exercise that Allura gave them to help them realise they were something more than just a team. Shiro and Hunk were the first one to say the words. Pidge followed not long after them and to eveyones surprise, Keith did too. 

But Lance never did. 

Lance loves all of them! He truly does! But everytime he tries to tells them those three little words, he frezees. 

Shiro and Hunk are always telling him ‘I love you’ and looks a little bit hurt when Lance says nothing back and just smile. Pidge and Keith looks disheartened and hurt as well. 

To be honest, Lance feels guilty. 

They never complained or pressure him, but he could see how it was affecting them. Lance felt thankful for to them for being so kind and patient, but he needed to find a way to express them without words how much he cared. He needed to let them know he loves them as much as they love him. 

Lance has always being an affectionate person, so his hugs and cuddles didn’t surprise his friends anymore. If he wanted to make a point, he needed to do something really special. 

Hunk was cooking when Lance arrived. They started talking and joking like usual. The only different thing was that Lance was being more clingy than other days. Not that Hunk minds at all, he enjoys being the one Lance looks for when he needs a hug or some kind of affection. But there was something different… Hunk could tell. He wasn’t sure what was it, but Lance was acting a bit different. A little fidgety. 

“Are you ok, buddy?” 

“Me? I’m fine, dude. Don’t worry.”

Lance helped him around the kitchen. Hunk gave him ony the easy tasks not wanting to take any risks. Lance was a terrible cook both on Earth and space. He learnt that the bad way. 

“Well, i think we’re done. I’ll tell the others the food is ready!” Before Hunk could leave the kitchen, Lance took him by the wrist. 

“Hunk, wait! I need to… To tell you… Show you something… I think.” He murmured.The yellow paladin looked at him with some confusion before finally understanding what his friend was trying to do. 

“You don’t have to say it, Lance. I can say it enough for the both of us, ok? Until your ready to say the words. No need to rush.” Lance’s eyes widden at this. Hunk chuckles. “I love you, so you don’t have to worry–”

Suddenly, a pair of lips were over his, and Hunk mind goes completely blank. It takes him a few seconds to finally comprehend what’s happening. 

Lance Mcclain was kissing him. 

The kiss was slow, sweet and full of tenderness. When they broke apart Lance gave him a soft smile and without any explanation, he left the kitchen. 

Hunk’s heart was beating fast. 


“… Wait, Lance?! What was that? Buddy?!” But Lance was already gone. 

Hunk spends the next few days trying to talk about what happened with Lance with no success.

He doesn’t know how, but instead of talking, they always ends up kissing. 

Hunk stops caring after a while. 

Pidge likes to work at night alone. She enjoys how quiet the castle is when everyone else is sleeping. It gives her time to think and to concentrate in some of her projects. Sometimes, Shiro arrives to try to convince to go to bed early or just to give her some company. Sometimes, instead of Shiro, is Hunk. Bringing her some midnight snacks. 

Tonight, to her surprise, it was Lance. This wasn’t something new. It was weird when he joined her, but it usually happened when he was feeling homesick or just lonely. 

“Hello, Pidgeotto. Mind if i stay here with you for a while?” He asked in a sleepy voice. Before Pidge could say ‘Yes’, Lance was already sitting beside her like he always did, but much closer. 

She didn’t complain though, she only looked at her friend with curious eyes before smiling at him softly. 

“Do you want to know what i’m working on?” 

“Enlighten me, tell me what fantastic stuff have you been doing.” Pidge laughs. 

“Sure you want to know? You know once i get started i don’t stop.”

“We have all night darling. I’m all ears.” 

Lance could be very talktive during the day, but when it was only the two of them, he would often encourage Pidge to talk about whatever she was working at the moment. Pidge noticed that when Lance was feeling down, he prefered to listen to others insteat of talking. 

Hours passes. And they are now laughing about some stupid little joke Pidge made about space. Lance was now hugging her from behind and his chin was resting on her shoulder. Pidge doesn’t feel uncomfortable with this new position but everytime Lance’s whipers near to her ear or his breath hits her neck she feels… Funny. Everything is too intimate, it isn’t like anything they’ve done before. 

Lance tightens his grip on Pidge and she sighs as she leans more on him. “I love you, Lance.” Her voice is small, but Lance is capable of listening the words thanks to how close they were. 

There’s a shift. And suddenly Lance was pulling apart from her. Pidge panics, thinking she messed up the moment. She turns to him, trying to say an apology but Lance was alredy kissing her. 

Unlike Hunk, Pidge reacts fast, and clings to Lance joining the kiss with eagerness. She doesn’t know what came over her or the reason behind Lance’s actions, but she was going to accept his show of affection. 

There’s no need to say, that from that night on, they kiss every time they have a chance.

Shiro knows there’s something going between Lance and Hunk. Everyone with eyes could see it. Their bond was stronger than ever and Shiro couldn’t be happier for them. He also knows Lance and Pidge have become closer. They talked more and spent more time together.

Shiro was proud of Lance. He had been worried for him since the bonding excersice Allura gave them. Shiro is not stupid, he knows Lance have his reasons for never returning their feelings.Yes, it surprised him. He was expecting something like from Pidge or Keith, never him. But he was understanding, everyone was. They did not pressure him or criticized him for anything, they all agreed to wait for Lance to feel comfortable with the situation. 

Still, it didn’t mean they weren’t hurt by his silent. Shiro tried and told the others not to let it show a lot, since he didn’t want to make Lance feel guilty or anything like that. But as more time passed the team grow more insecure thinking it was them the problem and that Lance truly didn’t want to be a part of Voltron. 

Thankfully, that was not the case. Lance was finally feeling comfortable around them again and that was a huge relief them. 

Shiro finds Lance in the hangars and a big smile draws on his face.

“Lance!” Shiro calls his name and the paladin jumps in surprise. 

“Shiro, hey! You scared me, what are you doing here?” 

“I wanted to talk with you for a bit.” 

“Oh… Did i do something wrong?” Shiro frowned at this. 

“What? No, of course not! I came to tell you how proud i am of you!” Lance’s eyes widened. “ You have strengthen your bond with Pidge and Hunk on your own way and you’ve been great on the battlefield. You have improved a lot, Lance. Your aim is amazing and you hand-to-hand combact is much better now, have you been practicing?”  

“I ha-have, umm, yeah, i have… y-you notice?” There was a soft blush on his cheeks. 

“Of course i did. Sorry if i didn’t comment it before. I’m glad to see your commitment. Just don’t strain yourself too much, ok? I don’t want you to get hurt in training. We need our sharpshooter protecting our backs.” 

Shiro was happy, and meant every word. Lance was improving, and he needed to know his efforts didn’t go unnotice. But his smile drop when he saw a few tears rolling down Lance’s face.

“What’s wrong buddy?”

Lance shook his head and hugged Shiro. “It’s nothing… ”

“Lance… You’re crying.” There was a murmur. “What was that, buddy? I didn’t catch that.”

“I said i’m happy… I thought… I dunno. I wasn’t good enough for Voltron, you know?” 

Shiro looked at Lance with disbelief. "What?”

“But having you here… Telling me i’ve been doing a good job… It’s reassuring. Sometimes i just… Doubt my position in the team and… I don’t know. I’m glad to know i’m doing something right. ” And Lance looked truly happy. Shiro cupped his face.

“Lance… I want you to listen to me. You are a big part of this team, you were already good enough.. You may not be strong as Hunk, or fast as Keith, but you are a great sharpshooter and can create awesome plans! You don’t to doubt you position in the team, but if it truly helps to make you feel better I tell you everyday how much i love you and what an important part you are to this team, ok?” 

The boy nodded. "Ok… ” Lance’s eyes were shining and looking at him with so much wonder that Shiro couldn’t help but blush and smile with fondness. 

“I love you…” When those words left Shiro’s lips, Lance launched himself to the black paladin. To seal their lips together and wrapping his arms around him.

Shiro was so surprised he didn’t even move. Lance broke the kiss, and they both stared at each other in silence. The look in Lance’s eyes was enough to make Shiro understand the meaning behind the kiss.

The words he couldn’t say were they, tingling on his lips.

They kissed again, and again and again. Always sweet, always soft. And sometimes, with their grip in each other strong.

Shiro quickly figures out what Lance has been doing with the other paladins.

He can’t truly complain when he enjoys so much of Lance’s special way of telling them 'I love you’.




Ok, i know you are wondering, “Where’s Keith part?” Well, i didn’t like it. So i decided to write it later. (it was becoming harder and harder to write for some reason????) 

So, i hope you like this. Love you all.  

Domesticity Meme Tianshan (Future)

Who cooks normally?

Mo Guanshan, of course, that’s no secret. Even after years, He Tian is not allowed to touch a single pan in the kitchen.

How often do they fight?

Seriously? Mo Guanshan is the epitome of arguments and He Tian is Satan, there will be blood. ….fine, fine. Joke. They won’t fight that often because He Tian doesn’t want to. It’s simply unnecessary to show off his capability of brainfucking and physically overpowering someone he loves and whenever Mo Guanshan gets angry at him, He Tian manages to appease him by listening what the redhead has to say. He actually is a good listener. Mo Guanshan knows it and curses himself for forgiving the devil so easily.

What do they do when they’re away from each other?

Good question. Work? Or if they aren’t at their jobs, Mo Guanshan perhaps goes kickboxing or on a tour with his motorbike and also does the laundry and dishes and cleaning because He fucking Tian is 2 meters tall, also a male supermodel and his gorgeous smile is killing everyone who looks at him, “BUT. THAT BASTARD. CAN’T. DO. THE FUCKING HOUSEHOLD.”
He Tian is probably fucking everyone up. Don’t know how and we better not question it, Mo Guanshan asked one time and the dangerous, dirty smirk he got was enough to leave him shaking. Nope. Not doing that again.

Nicknames for each other?

Despite being cruel and evil and badass, He Tian loves the redhead more than anything else, he calls him so many cheesy nicknames, Mo Guanshan wants to constantly puke. Most of them are still from their time in middle school, it amuses He Tian to remind him of all the shit they did, although he now adds “my” to everything he says. Like “My little Mo”, “My beautiful, little redhead”, “My little Mountain…” whatever.
Mo Guanshan settles for bastard, idiot, fucker and every other insult what comes to mind. He doesn’t mean it and He Tian isn’t even going to complain because duh, he KNOWS. Always knew it.

Who is more likely to pay for dinner?

He Tian. Rich kid became rich adult. Everytime they go to the restaurant, Mo Guanshan wants to pay “for fucking once” but He Tian is not having any of that. He distracts the redhead or says that he is going to the toilet or even steals Mo Guanshan’s wallet out of his hands without the redhead even noticing and when they’re leaving, Mo Guanshan finally understands that he had been tricked. AGAIN.

Who steals the covers at night?

Mo Guanshan, He Tian is awake most of the night and when he sleeps, he is as cold as a corpse, laying on his back with crossed arms over his chest and he doesn’t move an inch. Well, after snatching away the warm blanket, one time the redhead’s guilty conscience makes him feel that traitorous that he sighs and spreads it over them both. Only to almost scream when he feels an arm pulling him to the broad, trained but freezing chest and hears the soft laughing at his ear.

“Couldn’t let me die, hm~?”
“You could warm me up properly, how about that…?”

He Tian only chuckles and buries his nose in the red hair. Mo Guanshan is glad that in the dark, Satan can’t see his bright red face.

What would they get each other for gifts?

He Tian gets the redhead everything he sets his eyes on. Really. Money doesn’t matter and Mo Guanshan tries to stop him. But since it’s He Tian we’re talking about, to no avail. A new pillow because the old one is worn off? No problem, darling, He Tian makes sure you’ll have a new one when you go to bed for the next time. One of Mo Guanshan’s favorite movies will be out in the store the next few days? He Tian will be the one who ordered it weeks ago to have it delivered before it even is officially released. One of his little Mountain’s earstuds has gone missing? Do not despair, your husband will buy you twenty new pairs.
Mo Guanshand tells him it’s ridiculous. (And secretly loves him for being such a dork, caring that much about his well-being.)
The redhead on the other hand gifts the blackhaired man preferably with cold glares, snorts and ignorance, but if he finds something that He Tian would like, he doesn’t hesitate to gather his savings to buy it for him. Rather difficult because this guy already has everything. He Tian tells him he doesn’t have to, but Mo Guanshan insists and “If you don’t accept this proof of my debatable love for you shithead, I’ll beat you up with it, just so you know. Now shut the fuck up and kiss me, damn it.”

Who remembers things?

Both. He Tian is by far more unforgiving than the devil himself if it’s something he really despises. Also he likes to bring up old stories and embarrass the living crap out of his Mountain. For doing house-related stuff, his brain is useless.
Mo Guanshan also has developed a sharp mind, but he rather does not talk about the past. Too annoying and if He Tian doesn’t stop telling everyone how they became a couple, he will go berserk. Otherwise, he never forgets a single thing when he’s out for grocery shopping.

Who cusses more?

Mo Guanshan, 100%. Still a foul mouth.

What would they do if the other one was hurt? (Scenario after a fight)

If it’s Mo Guanshan who is physically hurt and you are the cause for it, you better RUN. Or jump off a building. Because He Tian is going to hunt you down with fire and steel after he made sure that the redhead is safe. And he WILL find you, wherever you are. You would be well advised if you already dig your own grave.
He Tian is a person who is never physically hurt. Or pretends it. Mo Guanshan knows him well enough to know when he lies and after receiving a good verbal scolding, He Tian’s going to be treated like gold. Getting his wounds cleaned and bandaged with utmost care and after the redhead is done, Mo Guanshan would bed him on the mattress, tell him that he will be back in a while and is about to leave, when He Tian grabs his wrist.
“You will not search for him, Mountain. The matter is settled and I want you here. Stay.”

Who kissed who first?

He Tian kissed Mo Guanshan in middle school. (That’s canon.)
Mo Guanshan still hits his husband when he thinks about it.

Who made the first move?

Also He Tian, because if there’s something -or in this case, someone- he wants, he gets it/them.

Who started the relationship?

I’d like to imagine it’s Mo Guanshan. He Tian confesses his true feelings and Mo Guanshan first doesn’t believe shit he says, but after a night full of thinking and growling and hitting his bed sheets and realizations, he can’t deny anymore that he also loves this bastard and more, wants him by his side. Wants his presence all around him, wants him to hold him. The next day, he walks up to the blackhaired man, slams his palm against his chest and tells him straight-forward that he probably shouldn’t tell him, but he wants him by his side. Wants to be with him. Mo Guanshan is red as a lobster, and He Tian just stares at him in disbelief, after all, he didn’t dare to imagine in his wildest dreams that the redhead would ever like him enough to stay. Wordlessly, he grabs the redhaired man’s cheeks, very gently, and after a short moment and a deep gaze into his eyes, he kisses him. This time, he had seen it in his face that Mo Guanshan trusted him and his lips pull into a content, honest smile at the other’s warm, soft ones, when he feels him kissing back.
Nothing could ever ruin this moment and they both realize that that’s what they longed for all the time. Would live for, from now on and the thought makes Mo Guanshan smile, too.

You & Me

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“I guess that’s just part of loving people: You have to give things up. Sometimes you even have to give them up.”

Summary: The right words always seem to come too late. One set of words can stop you from getting what you want in the first place.. He was everything you wanted but what was stopping you? Oh that’s right… Your best friend was now his new girlfriend… What will happen when one mistake leads to trouble?

Previous Parts:

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Part 9 is here~

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Although you knew calling Yugyeom yours was wrong, it also felt right. Yugyeom and you cuddled with each other looking up at the night sky talking your mind out. Yugyeom was clearly preventing you from going back to the room and sleeping with Bambam which was quite cute. But eventually without even realizing it, you had your head again Yugyeom’s shoulder and you drifted off to sleep.

You wake up feeling the sun beaming right at your eyes. You opened your eyes and the first thing you noticed was, you weren’t even in bed. You looked around and you noticed that you were on the living room couch. You felt a hand holding on to yours and you looked down the floor and there he was, Yugyeom on the ground sound asleep still holding on to your hand. You couldn’t help but to smile. You couldn’t help but continue to admire Yugyeom as he was sound asleep till.. suddenly you began to hear a door open. Shit. You tried to let go of Yugyeom hand, but he had a strong grip.

“Yugyeom?” You could hear Lia call out and you looked up and could see her searching for him.

Your eyes widen and again, you continued to release yourself from Yugyeom grip. At last you were free and just as you sat up you sighed.

“Y/N?” You looked up and see Lia standing there looking at you and Yugyeom on the floor.

“Yugyeom?” Your eyes widen.

How were you possibly suppose to explain this?

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REQUESTED: Hey can u make a cute and fluffy imagine about how y/n is 15 and Justin is 23 and they are best friends and he gives her advice and they do cute things together? Thank u sm xx 😘

Warnings: None!

Hope you like it! Thanks for the request

The scraping and crunching of the pavement beneath me, as well as the blinding flashes from every which direction was the only thing surrounding my senses. It was as if no matter where we went, it was just bound to happen. But being with him - my best friend - was enough to make it all worth it. 

Other then the scrapling sound of the skateboard beneath me, the only other sound I heard was the echoing of Justin and I’s laughter as we raced each other down the streets of LA.People politely stood out of our ways, most with a phone or camera out recording us as we dashed past them, but it didn’t bother us at the moment, we were enjoying our time together. 

As I padded my right foot against the ground to regain speed, it was a startle to suddenly feel a tug on my right arm.My laughter began to succeed at the sight of Justin balancing on top of his purpose skateboard, gripping my arm with a smirk on his face. 

“That’s cheating!” I laughed. 

“Who says?” 

“Says me!” I replied.

“Well last time I checked, you don’t make the rules.” His voice was flat and almost serious but the joking smirk on his face said it all. And all it took was a split second to be distracted by his stupid gaze to suddenly stumble off the board, and thanks to Justin who already had a firm grip around my body, fell off with me.

Instinctively, I grabbed a hold of Justin as he did the same, holding me in his arms as we rolled off the boards and onto the pavement on the street. It would have hurt a lot more for me if it wasn’t for Justin who took the fall and landed on his back with me in his arms, but he almost seemed unphased by the scrapes we had received and honestly it wasn’t that bad. In fact, the whole time, we were laughing.

A few people who had been recording us earlier had packed around us, a few attempting to help us but we only shook it off, helping each other up. “Your so annoying.” I spat after a fit of giggles. 

“Thought you would have known that by now.” He answered. 

“You threw me off a skateboard!” I continued. 

“I didn’t throw you.” He stated with a guilty smile. “It was more of a friendly push.” 

“I’ll show you friendly push!” I yelled. As I dashed forward and grabbed a hold of Justin’s shirt, attempting to wrestle him to the ground. He just stood his ground laughing at my antics while shuffling around from all the pushing and tugging I was doing.

A sigh escaped my lips as I gave up, and bent over to dust myself off. A sweet observer who looked around my age, maybe 15 to 16 years old approached us with our boards which had previously rolled down the hill.

I smiled at the girl who seemed rather star struck as Justin threw her a loose smile and a sweet ‘thankyou’ while removing his board from her grip and tucking it under his arm.

Once we had calmed down, dusted ourselves off and collected all our belongings, Justin suggested we go grab something to eat before he had to drop me off back at my parents house. I was supposed to be at a wedding now, one that I was really not looking forward to going to. Thankful to Justin who had managed to pull me out of it for a little while, but my parents weren’t having it all and told me to at least show up for the reception.

After going for a small stroll around the area, in search of a nice restaurant we could settle at, it wasn’t long before Justin pointed out a delightful little cafe on the corner of a main road, right across from a beach.Once we stepped inside the cafe which was rather slow in business at the moment, we were immediately seated by a window overlooking the passing cars and calm waves of the beach. 

We quickly went through the process of scanning over the menu and ordering our food, which was a chicken burger for Justin - and a steak sandwich for myself. 

“So, how’s school been treating you?” Justin piped up after pouring us both glasses of water. 

After shoving one of Justin’s fries into my mouth, I shrugged my shoulders in an attempt to answer. “It’s alright. I mean, a bit hectic - you know, being known as Justin bieber’s 15 year old best friend.” Justin’s face fell, almost seeming guilty. He always does this, and I hate it. 

“I’m sorry.” He said. 

I sigh “Stop Justin. Stop apologizing, you do this everytime. If It wasn’t worth it I wouldnt do it. I love spending time with you so stop. Yes the pap and attention gets annoying but that’s just the price that comes with your friendship. It’s fine. Honestly.”

“I know, It just sucks to know that I’m the reason you have a hard time at school.” 

“It’s not hard Justin, it just becomes a little uncomfortable with all the stares. But a few stares from stupid amateurs aren’t going to kill me. So relax.” I added. “Besides, I’m hoping to drop out soon. I really want to pursue a singing career.” 

“Y/N.” He said warningly. 

‘What?” I shrugged. 

“You know I love the idea of pursuing your dreams, and I encourage and will help you every step of the way, but don’t you dare think about dropping out of school.” 

“Why not? You did it.” I stated.

“That’s different Y/N, I was home schooled. And I also didn’t get to do some of the things I really wanted to do.” 

“Like?…” I encouraged.

“College.” He stated. 

I sighed. But Justin decided to drop it for now. “We’ll talk about this later.”It was rather silent between us for a short while, not awkward but a small amount of tension. I always knew Justin was strong on me finishing school, so It was kind of expected.

But of course, being my best friend, he always knows how to lift the spirit.

“So….any boys?” Justin smiles, wiggling his eyebrows.

After taking a large gulp of my water, I place it down and blush slightly, knowing this conversation topic was to come up sooner or later. He always asks and I always answer with the same “Nope, still as unattractive as ever.’ but today was slightly different.

“Um yeah…actually.” I answer shyly.

“Really?” He smirks. “Boyfriend?”

“Kinda…” I answer. “Where a thing but were not official yet.”

“What about your parents?”

“They don’t know. they’d kill me if they knew.” I sighed.

“Well I’ll make sure to keep my mouth shut around them. He’s not a dick bag is he?  Cause if he is….” He trailed off.

“No no, hes fine. Really sweet.” But my voice did not sound convincing at all.

“Y/N….I don’t like that tone. Do I need to go down and beat someone?” 

“No, It’s not that it’s just…This guy - he’s kind of a bad boy. Don’t get me wrong, he treats me well but, I just feel that I’m not good enough. Or that I’m too good.” 

“Y/N.” Justin began. “Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like that. Your perfect, innocent and young! This guy, I guarantee you will last 5 months, 6 if your lucky. None of you are ready to settle any time soon and lets be real, the chances of you marrying your first love is like - zero to nothing.” 

I chuckled slightly.

“Your a beautiful girl. Let this be experience. Plus, I doubt you love him just yet. How long have you been a thing?” He asked. 

“Probably around a month.” I shrugged. 

“Then you have nothing to worry about. Because believe me, it’s not the relationship that will change you, It’s the breakup. Don’t change yourself for anyone because the right guy is waiting out there, and he’s gonna love you for the person you really are, not the person you dress up to be.” 

A small smile tugs at my lips at Justin’s words, he really knows how to make a person feel special.

“Thank’s Jay. You always know how to make me feel better.” 

“Don’t worry about it Y/nickname. That’s what I’m here for.” 

And after that it was silent. Comfortable silence. I guess that’s a pretty good note to end on.

“Oh, and no sex. Your too young.”

Okay, maybe not…

I’m sorry if its short and shit, and I really did not know how to end this…but I hope you like it! 

For the people that have requested, Yes i have seen them and yes I will start writing them soon.

Send requests my peeps.

You’re My Everything-Jimin Angst

Angst; Fluff 
Word Count: 2752

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“Minsun!! Come over!” I shouted into my phone. 

I hadn’t seen Jimin in 4 days, he said he was busy with practice. I understood since after 2 years of dating, it had happened a few times. 

“What? Isn’t Jimin there? Why do I need to come over?” She asked, concern in her tone.

“He is busy with practice. It’s been 4 days. I’ll tell you more when you come over, yeah?” I said, pulling at the plain black shorts that rested at my mid thigh. 

“Alright, alright. Coming.” She said, hanging up after. 

I sat on the couch, waiting. Thinking of Jimin, if he was okay, if he was eating enough, if he was rested enough. 


“Don’t worry, (Y/N). I’ll make sure that he eats.” Jungkook said, ruffling my hair. 

“You know I hate it when you do that.” I said, flattening my hair.

“But I can! We are the same age.” Jungkook said, winking. 

He gave me a tight hug, saying that we would go out to the mall soon. He walked out the door, his hands in the pocket of his hoodie. 


I was pulled back into reality when I heard a knock at the front door and faint yells from outside. 

“(Y/N)!!! I’m here!! Open open open!!” I heard an excited voice shout out. 

I opened the door and Minsun walked in. I looked at her with wide eyes. 

“Why are you so excited? You sounded pretty tired on the phone.” I said, closing the door and locking it. 

I walked to the small table near the living room by the window. We sat there and then she spoke. 

“I brought snacks.” She said, dumping out a pile of snacks onto the table. 

“You’re crazy.” I scoffed, taking the snack she offered me. 

We started talking as we munched on the snacks she had brought and sipped on the water bottles I took out from the fridge. I told her about how Jimin was gone for a few days, and I just felt lonely.

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Amor Vincit Omnia ( Yoongi/OC

Chapter 13

“If we’re doing this, I want to do it right.” I told Yoongi as he dressed for work the next morning. He didn’t say anything and I continued doggedly.

“I’ve asked, Seokjin and Hoseok and Jung Kook to send me the bills for all you’ve spent on the studio for me. I want to pay you back for it, including the building itself.” I said softly.

His fingers paused from where they were carefully knotting his tie. He stood in front of the mirror, white shirt pressed to perfection and hair styled neatly. His perfectly tailored slacks and pristine jacket made him look every bit the rich young man, successful, smart and entirely self-sufficient. I suddenly felt foolish for even considering that someone like him could need  someone like me.

“Whatever you want.” He said shortly.

I bit my lips in genuine distress. When I made to move away , he turned fully, and gave me an arresting look that made me freeze in my place.

“My offer still stands. You don’t have to leave me at all. think about it, my wife, my lover. I’ll treat you like a queen. Aren’t you even a little bit tempted?  Don’t be foolish, Ji Soo…” He said calmly.

I swallowed. 

“I don’t think you want this either…”

“what makes you think i don’t want this? Let me guess, you can read minds now?” He turned around and glared furiously at me.

And then his gaze softened and he let out a breathy groan. 

“i want you so fucking much, I ache. Fuck, the things I want to do to you…” 

I didn’t reply. Staring resolutely at the floor. 

“But, don’t flatter yourself. I’m not pathetic enough to pine after you just because you make me want to do unholy things to that perfect little body of yours.  And just because you don’t have the sense to see a good thing and hold on to it, i’m not going to compromise on my beliefs.  I could have given you the world. It’s not my fault you threw it away in search of something that isn’t even real.” He said bitterly.

 There was something in his gaze that spoke of hurt and I didn’t know if I was being delusional. Maybe I was just beginning to see things . Things that I wanted to see. And right now I wanted to see him hurt for losing me.

“I don’t want the world. I wanted you…” I said, genuinely distressed and he scoffed.

“Please spare me the melodrama. if you wanted me you wouldn’t be walking out of my life. This ….whatever it was between us… it’s over now. You said it yourself. So fine. If you’re going through with the divorce ,  just keep in mind that it was you who walked away. ”

He stalked out of the room and slammed the door on his way out.

And that was that.


Later that morning when I’d left the house I’d found the small frame with the rice that I’d had inscribed at the Charity event. I’d never got a chance to give it to him. I’d felt doubly guilty at the thought of taking it away with me  and I’d ended up leaving the thing on the kitchen counter. Yoongi could throw it away if he wanted. The phrase For better or worse had made me feel like a horrible person. I didn’t want to feel that way ever again.

It was time to cut my losses and move on.

For real.

I spent the rest of the day , cleaning out the spare room in the studio , while Mi Rae, one of the instructors helped with the kids. I’d mostly stored some extra supplies in the room which wasn’t precisely small but wasn’t outrageously big either.

I talked to Jimin about partitioning off a part of the room into a kitchen of sorts.

Jimin promised to talk to Jung kook and once he drew up the plans , maybe we could do something.

Jimin then stared at me rather forlornly.                          

“Do you really have to go through with the divorce . Is this about hyung being a bit aloof? He may seem that way but he really cares for you…” Jimin said hesitantly. For some reason, the usual chirpiness in his tone was down. I hoped it wasn’t because of me.

I bit my lips in genuine misery.

And then much to my embarrassment my jumbled, messy thoughts just fell out of me before I could stop myself.

“I… I don’t want to leave him. It kills me to leave him. But I… I feel very lonely . We don’t talk and I know he’s not a very talkative person to begin with . But then…He disappears for days on end. I don’t even have his number. I’ve never called him on his cellphone and he’s never told me where he’s going one when he’s coming back. Anytime I try to get a bit closer to him, he… withdraws and tells me I shouldn’t bother myself with what he does.

“Last week, he disappeared for three days and there was something on the news about some clash between BTS and EXO. I was so sure he was hurt or worse. I called all of you but no one knew where he was…. I didn’t eat or sleep for 48hours and when he came back home the first thing he said was, ‘ Why’d you keep bothering my friends about me. If I was dead you’d be the first to know.’ .”

I laughed bitterly and Jimin looked a little ashamed at that.

“It’s been four months since we got married. Trust me, I’ve never once demanded something he couldn’t offer. Just…Just a few words at the end of the day, so I feel less like a burden to him… Instead everytime he pushed me away, I could only remember him begging me to not marry him. To leave him alone.”

I shook my head as jimin made to move closer and I realized I was crying a bit. I held my hand

“When I was young….i had this image inside my head…on how my husband would treat me you know. My father….” I stopped . Swallowed nervously. I hadn’t thought of my father for a long time. “ My father had been… abusive. Violent. He was always telling me all the things I had that I didn’t deserve. He would buy me the most expensive gowns, the most exclusive jewelry, the rarest gemstones. And then…. And then he would drag me around and hit me, asking me what I’d ever done to deserve. I would have preferred not having anything . “ I laughed shaking my head.

“When Yoongi came into my life and for the first time… someone was protecting me. Not attacking me. Someone actually cared whether I was hurt or not. It seemed… It seemed like it was worth more than any expensive thing I’d ever owned. And all I could see inside my head was my father, yelling at me…hitting me… asking me what I’d done to deserve the handsome husband who actually gave a damn about what happened to me…. I wanted…wanted to deserve him. I wanted to pay him back for all the wonderful things he’d done for me. But what did I have? He had everything and all I had was what I’d been taught. To keep house, to cook for him and to fold napkins into origami when I served dinner ……”

“I did those things for him because every time I stayed up through the night while he was hurting , or cooked his favorite meal , it felt like I was repaying something….”

“And then he told me that…he told me that I shouldn’t cook for him anymore…” I choked out.

“It’s so stupid. I mean it’s just food. But to hear him say that… to hear him say that the things I’d done for him…the things that pretty much defined my existence…to hear him say they didn’t really matter to him. That it wouldn’t make a difference whether I did them or not….It broke my heart, Jimin.”

I stared at him and he looked a little green.

“I’m…I’m…I don’t know what to say…” He finished bleakly and I wiped away my face, aware that I probably looked like a mess.

“I don’t like myself right now. This girl I’ve become, I don’t recognize her. Yoongi makes me want things I don’t … things I’ve never wanted before. He makes me lose sleep over things that probably aren’t even real. He makes me crave things that probably don’t even exist. And I can’t… I can’t live like that. Not when he’s made it clear that he doesn’t want that from me.

“Maybe there’s no true love . Maybe I’ll never meet a guy who will … love me the way I love Yoongi. But I’d rather just be alone. Hoping. Because it hurts me so bad, you know dreaming it could happen, then to have it thrown in my face everytime I try to get near him, that It won’t happen. That it will never happen.” I said with a shake of my head.

“Yoongi is an idiot.” Jimin said finally and I smiled bitterly.

“No. He’s the smartest guy I know. He knows there’s no use in searching for something that isn’t…quantifiable. That has no value. He’s a businessman. He calculates probabilities and chances . The pros and cons of staying married to me. The negative press and all the stocks and shares that will fall when his divorce becomes public. And he arrives at the conclusion that it would be less bothersome to let me stick around. And honestly I envy him for it. I wish I were like that If I were like that too, I’d probably be back in his bed tonight. “ I shook my head.

“But I can’t think like that. I can’t. I’m not the CEO of the biggest conglomerate in South Asia and I can’t think of Yoongi as yet another business decision. He’s the guy I’ve fallen in love with and that’s why… that’s why I can’t be with him. Not when he doesn’t feel the same way.”

“Do you want me to talk to him….”

“No. No. Please. I just. I want to move on. Please help me move on.” I said desperately and he nodded.

“I’ll talk to the lawyers so we can speed this up.“


"That’s quite a lot of money. Are you sure you want to put all of it down? I mean, you know you don’t have to pay him back all at once. Maybe you could just pay him rent or something. The documents are in your name after all.” Seokjin said, eyes wide as i signed off the cheque. The entire day had been a bit hectic. Jimin had taken me to the bank so i could open an checking account and then I’d gone back to the penthouse to pack all my clothes. There were a bunch of clothes that I hadn’t even worn all that much, branded items more expensive than they ought to be. I’d sold all of them and set the money aside to buy some furniture for the studio.

My jewelry was all in a box and I planned to have it sold off as soon as possible It should cover almost all of the cost of the building. For the rest, I’d already drawn up a number of classes for adults as well. I should be able to pay it all of in a few months at the most. I signed off on the deposit for all the equipment we’d got for the studio as well and sighed in defeat when i realized that i still had to go to the furniture shop, stock up on groceries and hopefully manage to catch at least a few hours of sleep before getting up for classes.

“Can you help me out with the bed ? I looked up this moving van that can help me transport the thing after we pick it up but … I just It’s already quite late and I don’t know if I’d be comfortable with strangers in the studio that late.” I said nervously and Sekjin looked genuinely apologetic.

“i’m so sorry, Ji Soo. I really need to visit my grandparents at the hospital tonight. But I’ll head there now. Why don’t you give me a text when you’re done . I’ll come over to pick you up.?” He said with a bright smile.

i nodded and he dropped me off at the store.

Once I entered the furniture show room , I realized I was utterly lost. There were just so many different types of bed and I found some of them mind boggling expensive.

“Hello, can I help you?” A familiar voice said behind me and I turned in surprise.

“Young Jae?” I said, shocked and his eyes lit up in delighted shock.

“Ji Soo ssi? Shopping alone? Isn’t Min Yoongi here?” He looked surprised. I bowed in genuine happiness.

“No..I.. I’m getting a divorce.” I blurted out without thinking and his eyes went wide .

“Oh..oh, I’m so sorry… Are you alright? ” He whispered looking around . I nodded quickly. I told him I was fine and then he helped me pick out a nice bed, not too expensive and with a polished finish. He also told me the showroom did deliveries so he would drop the bed off at the studio with me. Relieved, I quickly shot Seokjin a message saying I’d be fine by myself.

We stopped on the way to the grocery shop and I quickly bought some basic stuff to whip up a simple meal .

Once the bed was fit down and the mattress was installed I quickly put on the bed covers and the pillows that I’d gotten as a complimentary gift. Young Jae helped me out, crawling to the corners and tucking the edges in . When the bed was fully done he sank to his knees near the foot of it , looking exhausted. He was dressed in torn jeans and a fitted black t-shirt.

“You’re sweating like you ran a triathlon…” I laughed. He gave me a look of long suffering.

“I had four classes today and a 3. Am shift at the bar. I’m running on three granola bars and five hours of sleep. ” He said piteously. Having no clue what college was like I just stared at him and then smiled.

“Would you like me to make dinner for you? For helping me out?” I said impulsively. There was just something about him looking so defeated.

“I wish I could. But i need to get back to the store. i get paid by the hour and I’m a few weeks behind on my rent.” He stood up and stretched.  

I smiled and then the bell to the studio rang. i glanced at the watch , it was almost ten in the night. Who was here at this time?

I moved to the front office , Young Jae at my heels and then went still.

My husband stood against the wall, hands in his pockets looking for lack of a better word, concerned. He pushed away from the wall when he saw me and his eyes automatically slipped to Young Jae.

“Aren’t you the guy from the bar? What the fuck are you doing here?” He said bluntly and Young Jae looked taken aback.

Meanwhile i wished the ground would open up and swallow me whole.

“Why ..Why are you here?” I said nervously and Yoongi rolled his eyes.

“Seokjin told me you were worried about going home alone. Did you get your furniture, in?” He didn’t look at me at all, eyes fixed unblinkingly on Young Jae, who began to shift nervously .

“I.. I was delivering the bed. I work at the furniture showroom.” He said finally, unnerved by the stare no doubt.

“Are you done?” Yoongi said casually.

Young Jae nodded.

“then why are you still here?” Yoongi raised an eyebrow and really what was it about this man that made the slightest gestures seem so terrifyingly threatening. Young Jae gave me a quick smile and left very fast.

There was a ringing silence after he left.

Yoongi stared at me for a few seconds.

“Didn’t know you had the guy on speed-dial.” He commented mildly. Then he turned around, ready to leave.

“I don’t… he worked at the furniture showroom.” I said defensively before remembering that I really didn’t have to defend myself, did I?

“Whatever. If you’ve got guys, left right and center fixing your bed for you ,you should have  at least had the decency to tell Seokjin you’re okay.Did you think we don’t have anything better to do than run around playing knight to your damsel-in-distress??”

I stared at him in disbelief.

“You didn’t have to come…You…”

“And answer to the press if you got killed ? Just because you walked out on our marriage doesn’t mean I’m going to walk out on my responsibilities. And one of those is making sure you’re still breathing and in one piece, at the end of the day.” He gave me a glare.

I sighed .

“Okay. I get your point. Good night.” I said stiltedly.

He didn’t reply and just walked out , but once he opened the door he turned.

“I’ll pick you up at twelve tomorrow for lunch. We need to finish signing the divorce papers and make a press statement as well. You needn’t worry about reporters or anything. I’ve told them we’ll offer a joint interview in exchange for them not bothering you again.” He said calmly.

I suddenly felt the exact same way I’d felt being married to him.


Without thinking i reached out and grabbed his wrist.

“Wait!!” I shouted.

He stopped, glancing down at where my hands circled his, and I let go quickly face flaming.

“I…there’s something I wanted to give you…” I said . He frowned and then craned his neck over my shoulder glancing at the bedroom.

“In there?” He pointed .

My brain went into standby and I opened and closed my mouth several times.

“Uh… What?” I blurted out.

His lips quirked a bit.

“Is whatever you’re going to give me in there…? in your office?” He said and I realized he’d been looking at the office and not the bedroom. What was wrong with me really?

“Oh. Yes. Hold on. ” I quickly ran into the office and pulled the envelope I’d left in the draw. I thrust it into his palm and he gave me a questioning class.

“This covers the cost of the studio and most of the supplies. I’ll.. pay you back the rest when i can.” I said .

He nodded and carefully slipped it into the pocket of his blazer.  

“Don’t be late tomorrow.” He said curtly and stalked out without a backward glance.


It’s very easy, getting a divorce and cutting someone out of your life, when you’re filthy rich. There’s little to no waiting.

We signed the papers quickly and considering all the drama we’d gone through the end was strangely anti climactic. Most of the details had been worked out in the pre-nup and I’d already refused to accept any of the money or shares I’d been offered. To his credit, Yoongi did not press.

“You can exchange your wedding rings if you want.” The lawyer said bored. I slipped the wedding ring off my hand easily. It had his initials inscribed . MYG.

I glanced at his hand , a little upset when I found he wasn’t wearing it.

He must’ve read my face because he smiled eerily.

Mianhe jagiya. I thought it would be more fitting to wear it closer to my heart, you know….” His voice practically dripped with sarcasm.

He unbuttoned his shirt, the first three buttons revealing pale smooth skin and I swallowed when he lightly pulled out a sterling silver chain, the ring and something else looped through it. He unfastened the chain behind his neck and pulled the ring off and I noticed the other pendant. It was the little case with the inscribed grain of rice.

why on earth is he wearing that around his neck….

My heart began pounding steadily against my rib cage. But I looked away and grabbed the ring with my name on it.

“I hope you don’t sell that too. Just because your bruised pride wants to pay me back. it’s still our wedding ring and no matter how much you hate it, we were married!! ” He said sharply and I flushed.

“I wasn’t planning to.” I said , offended. He looked unimpressed.

“Well, that’s that then. ”

We ended up doing the interview immediately afterwards. I pretty much stayed quiet while Min Yoongi fed them with some nonsense about us parting as friends and that I would continue to be a good friend and that we’d only split to concentrate on our respective careers. He sounded so convincing that by the end of the interview , even I believed that we’d had a rosy marriage and an even rosier break up.

Once he dropped me off , he hesitated a bit. and I watched him drive away, feeling none of the relief I’d thought the divorce would bring. instead there was an odd sort of heaviness. The kind that comes when you know exactly what you want and exactly why you’ll never have it.

“So, i guess this is it then.” I said awkwardly as he helped me out of the car.

He nodded and then to my surprise, he bent down and lightly kissed my cheeks.

“i’m sorry things had to be this way. Don’t do anything stupid. Take care of yourself. ” He said gruffly before turning around and walking back to the car.

That was it.

I spent the rest of the day moping around the studio, trying not to think about him wearing that inscription around his neck. When I settled for the night , i went through the day’s class records and noticed a blinking message in my mailbox.

Curious, i opened it and read through the mail .

Dear , Ms. Ji Soo. We were pleased to receive your contribution for our NGO…

I blinked trying to remember if I’d done anything of the sort when my eyes fell on the amount.

The exact same amount I’d given Yoongi the previous day.

He’d given it to charity. In my name.

Hands trembling I looked up the NGO and my entire body went limp with disbelief. Children who were victims of Domestic Abuse.

I couldn’t help it. I burst out into tears.

“Damn you, Min Yoongi why do you make it so hard for me to hate you. Damn you. Damn you to hell and back. ”

I curled myself into a ball on the bed that was both too big and too cold and way too lonely for just one person. I was supposed to feel better after getting a divorce not worse.  What on earth was I doing wrong?

And then I realized with a sudden crippling jolt that I’d been foolish to think things would get better after the divorce.

I had the  maddening epiphany that it hadn’t been the marriage at all that had ruined me .

It wasn’t the marriage that had made it impossible to exist without crumbling from the inside out.

It was Min Yoongi.

Min Yoongi with his gorgeous face and his sexy intelligence and his seductive way of turning up right when I needed him. Min Yoongi with his compliments that sounded like insults and his touches that were both too much and not enough.

And unless I could go back in time and actually listen  to him and refuse to marry him, I wasn’t going to stop hurting.



(A/N): This was supposed to be a part of a chapter in a fic I’m planning but I havent wrote anything of that yet so, i thought why not post it as an x reader oneshot for now. Also, reader is in college and is ‘majoring’ in Game and Entertainment design. i dont really know much about it but i did some research so i hope its accurate.

Kuya= older brother, Bunso= youngest in the family

Pairing: Markiplier x Filipino fem!reader (platonic)

Warnings: Mentions of Panic/Anxiety attack, and disownment. 

Word count: 1558

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First Kiss (h.s.)

Anon: Whenever you can, can you do one where you’re scared and hesitant to start a relationship with Harry?

Authors Note: So I put my own twist on this, focusing more on the first kiss. Also sorry I’ve been gone for forever. But I’m back. Send me requests, Like, & reblog. Tell me what you think. Enjoy.


You never really thought much of it. Well, you have thought about it a bit in high school. But now ever since Harry & You started to go out, You couldn’t stop thinking about it. Everytime he talks You always catch yourself glancing at his lips, wanting to connect his with yours. Since you just started going out there’s been a few pecks on the cheeks and on the forehead, but never a real kiss. You honestly thought it was your doing, everytime Harry attempts to do anything You find a way to get out of it. It’s not like You don’t want to kiss him. It’s just that It would be your first kiss, and it was nerve wracking.

You swiftly whip the cookie dough batter into the bowl as You wait for the oven to heat up. You and Harry are having a movie night, and You were making cookies. Well Harry was suppose to help, but got too distracted by the Football game on the tv. Your eyes lift up from baking to see Harry with his feet up on the table, as he shakes his head and says something under his breath about the game. You just watch him and giggle to yourself.

“Thanks so much for the hand Harry, really appreciate it.” You say sarcastically as you turn back around to finish the dough.

“Oh shoot, sorry love.” You heard him getting off the coach and heading towards the kitchen.

You suddenly feel him behind you and soon enough his arms were wrapped around your waist. “I got a wee bit distracted.” He says as he lays his head on your shoulder.

“Forgive me.” You felt a trail of kisses by your ear. “ Pretty please.” He repeats his actions as your heart began to pound in your chest, from how close he is.

“You are forgiven Harry.” You say, even though you weren’t even mad before.

Harry lets out a sigh of relief. “Are the cookies almost done?”

“No” you place the bowl down on the counter and finally face him. “The oven is almost done heating up.”

Harry smirks “well in the mean time.” He slowly traces his fingers up your arm. “We can pass the time.”

You knew what he was doing. His face was so close to yours you can feel his warm breath on your cheek. He looks up at your eyes before obviously Bring his attentions towards your lips. Your heart pounds in your chest as you feel yourself backing up slightly, but only to hit the table.

“Harry” you whisper trying to get his attention back to your eyes. He hums in response. “I think maybe the oven is ready now.”

You quickly get out of his hold as he sighs in frustration. You didn’t mean to make him upset. But you were just not sure how to go about this. It was a simple thing, but for you it was a huge step.

“Yeah, okay. I’ll just finish watching the game.” He doesn’t make eye contact and walks back to the living room.

You watch him slump back on the couch, and suddenly you felt guilty. He hasn’t asked you to be his girlfriend yet. But you guys have been in this in between stage where he would take you out. Surprise you with little pecks on the cheek and forehead. You knew you guys liked eachother but haven’t made it official.

“Crap” Your Finger became bright red, With all that thinking you weren’t paying attentio, and burned yourself on the cookie pan.

It shouldn’t be such a big thing. Kissing. Just do it. You told yourself, while placing the hot cookies on a plate. You didn’t really understand why you were so nervous. So what that it would be your first kiss? You have to start somewhere. But deep down you knew there was another reason.


“That movie was so amazing, but at the same time, I don’t even know what really happened.” You said as the credits rolled on the tv.

You could feel Harry laugh as you lay your head on his chest.

“I’ve watched Inceptions over 3 times, and I’m in the same boat as you , love.” Harry tells you.

You giggle and move closer into Harry’s warm chest, you turn over to see him looking down at you smiling.

“The cookies were really good, almost as good as my amazing baking.” He says as he plays with your hair.

“Are you a little scared that you might have some competition, with me now?” You wiggle your eyebrows and Harry just scoffs.

“Never, in a million years.” You just shake your head and relax, as He runs his fingers through your hair.

“I like it when you play with my hair.” You whisper into his chest.

You could feel his eyes looking down at you as you lay on him. He softy places a sweet kiss onto your forehead.

“Anything you want, love. I’ll do it.”

You smile and turn your head up towards him. “How can one boy be so damn charming.” You ask.

He shrugs his shoulders and focuses his attention on you, like he does time and time again. Your kitchen encounter early that night was still fresh in your mind. You knew what you wanted. Harry knew what he wanted. He gently places his hands on your cheek to bring you closer. You unconsciously stiff at his touch and quickly he lets go.

“Is there something wrong Y/N?” Harry breaks the silence.

“Harry no I-”

“Because if you don’t want to kiss me.” He interrupts you. “If this isn’t what you want-”

“No Harry.” You take his hand and intertwine them. “I do, I really do. I just… I”

“Hey Y/N, it’s ok you can tell me anything.” He says as Rubbed his thumb against your hand, as he brings you closer to your lap.

“It’s so embarrassing.” You place your hand over your face and bury your head in the couch. You knew Harry had been with other girls, who have been way more experienced then you. And you knew kissing him would make you fall in love with him even more.

“I won’t judge you, promise.” You gave him a small smile and sat back up.

“Itsjustthatihaveneverkissedanyone” you said very quickly while looking down and playing with your hands.

It was quiet for a few moments before Harry finally said something.

“So you don’t want to kiss me, because I would be your first kiss.” He said confusingly.

“No I don’t not want to kiss you Harry, I do. It’s just I don’t know, just a bit nervous. I’ve never really felt like this towards anyone and I don’t really know what we are. And if I kiss you in my world it would mean a next step, and i don’t know if you want that too.” You knew you were overthinking it too much, but that’s how you felt. You could tell Harry was thinking, since you were both sitting on top of eachother.

“I know it’s stupid, i just-” Before you could even finish your sentence Harry places his hands on the side of your cheek and kisses you.

Your first reaction was shock, a little anger, but then it all disappeared in a second. And you felt the sparks of Harry’s lips onto yours. You didn’t really know what to do so you just tangled your hands in his hair, as he gives a soft moan. You didn’t realize your eyes were closed, until you opened them when Harry pulled away.

Your breathing was uneven, and it dawned on you that Harry just kissed you. Harry was your first kiss.

“I do want to take this next step, with you. I always did.” Harry whispers into your ear.

You smile “I can’t believe you just did that.” You playfully slap his arm, and he just smirks.

“Me neither, but I’m glad I did. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” Your heart skips a beat hearing him say that.

“I can’t believe you sneak attacked kiss me.” You tried to get off the couch, pretending you were angry.

“Oh no you don’t, there’s more than that came from.” Harry grabs you and lays you on the couch and starts peppering you with kisses on your forehead, cheeks, and lips.“ As you burst out into uncontrollable Giggles.

Harry is hovering over you and stops what he’s doing and just stares down at you.

“So Y/N, would you do me the honor of being my beautiful girlfriend.” Your eyes become wide and your breathe hitches.

You nod your head eagerly. “Yes, I thought you would never ask.” Harry smiles but before he can do anything you quickly brought your lips to his.

Heartbreaker or heartbroken?

Prompt: Stefan was dating reader but he loses feelings for her once he realizes he never got over Elena or so he thought.

“I can’t do this anymore” Stefan says as he interrupts you yelling at him for spending so much time with Elena
“What do you mean?” You ask
“I’m sorry but I think we should break up, all we do is fight and I don’t want to keep toying you along” Stefan says as he looks down at his feet to hide his shame. When Elena dumped him for Damon, he used y/n as a way to get over her and eventually ended up actually liking her but now Elena wants him back and he’s been secretly seeing her.
“Have you been cheating on me?” You ask and when Stefan didn’t answer you knew
the answer. “I can’t believe you Stefan. I love you, we’re your feelings even real towards me?” You ask as you start crying.
“It was real, it was real to me y/n I promise!” Stefan says sincerely, “I never meant for any of this to happen, I’m sorry, I love y-”
“Don’t you dare say you love me cause you don’t. You never did Stefan” You say bitterly. Stefan just stares at you not knowing what to say, fearing that if he says something wrong, it’ll set you off.
“Does this even hurt you? Does it hurt you as much as it hurts me?” You ask through gritted teeth.
“Of course, I never meant to hurt you y/n! I really am sor-” Stefan starts but is cut off
“Stop saying you’re sorry!” You yell, “So are you out of my life now?” You finally ask
“I still want to be your friend y/n but if you don’t want me in your life then I can go” Stefan says and you can see the pain in his eyes as he says the last part.
“I can’t live without you Stefan, I can’t and I don’t want to.” You say as you start to cry again.
“I hate hurting you, I’m so sorry” Stefan says as he try’s to hug you but you push him away.
“This is why I don’t let anyone in. This is why I shouldn’t have let YOU in!” You say angrily
“This is hurting me as much as it’s hurting you right now y/n, can’t you see that?” Stefan asks getting angry that you keep thinking this isn’t affecting him.
“Stop with the bullshit Stefan, if it was really hurting you then you would turn off your emotions but I can’t ; I’m a human so I’m stuck with my emotions but I wish I wasn’t cause I don’t want to feel anything right now!” You yell at him, “Everytime I look at you right now, I die! You’re killing me and you don’t even realize it Stefan.” You say closing your eyes to regain your composer.
“Maybe it would be easier if you forget about this breakup and forget about us.” Stefan suggests.
“You want me to pretend this never happened? I can’t pretend we never happened Stefan because I’m still in love with you!” You say clearly not getting what he actually meant.
“Y/n I meant that maybe I should compel you to forget so you stop hurting. Then I can leave and it would be as if I never existed to you” Stefan says, wanting to stop your pain even though he was reluctant in leaving you cause you are his best friend to him.
“Is it that easy for you to leave? Before we were dating, we were best friends and now you want us to be strangers?” You ask obviously hurt by his suggesting.
“Maybe you should just think everything over, I can give you your space, and I am sorry y/n.” Stefan says and he turns around and starts to leave


“It’s been a month and you still haven’t left your room y/n” Damon says clearly worried about you.
“He was my person, I can’t just get over him right away” You say quietly, still heartbroken about the break up.
“Trust me I understand, when Elena said she still liked my little brother, I was so angry but it’s time to start moving on. You need to let go, there’s plenty of fish in the sea” Damon says trying to cheer you up. Even though he was a rude asshole most of the time, he actually had a big heart when it came to his friends.
“Maybe you’re right, but I can’t let go right away, I just want to be alone Damon, thank you though for everything you’ve done” You say sincerely. Damon takes that as his cue to leave and heads downstairs where he is greeted by Stefan.
“Hello Damon” Stefan says
“Baby bro” Damon responds, “What are you doing here?” Damon asks and right away, Stefan looks away cause he clearly doesn’t know what to say.
“I broke up with her Damon but it’s affecting me more than it should. Why does it hurt so much when I’m the one who ended things?” Stefan asks in a sad voice.
“Because Stefan, it was real between you two. She loved you and you loved her, and you made a mistake” Damon says obviously agitated that Stefan is finally realizing his mistake. Little did they know that you’ve been eavesdropping on their conversation.
“I want her back” Stefan says and at first your heart fluttered at his words but then you got angry. Why would he break your heart and say he wants you back all within a month. This made your blood boil.
“Are you kidding me Stefan?” You yell getting pissed that he said that.
“You broke up with me and you think that because you just now realized your mistake I would take you back? Well you’re wrong. Yes I love you but I can’t trust you anymore Stefan” You scream in his face. “not after what you did to me” you whisper the last part.
“I’m just gonna go now” Damon says obviously not wanting to be caught in the middle.
“I’m so sorry y/n, I realized my mistake and I’m sorry but I can’t do this without you.” Stefan says trying to win you back.
“You’re lying” was the only thing you could say.
“I still love you. I don’t know why I broke up with you but you are my best friend. Elena was my first love, she’ll always have a special place in my heart but it’s you that I want. I want you to be my last love.” Stefan says starting to cry. You know now that he is telling the truth but you couldn’t bring yourself to forgive him.
“I’m sorry Stefan. I still love you but I only want to love you as a friend” You say trying to let him down easy and you can’t help but feel guilty because he’s feeling the same pain you felt a month ago.
“I will forever love you y/n and I will spend eternity regretting my mistake.” Stefan says as he starts crying. You look away because you don’t like seeing anyone cry, not even the person who broke your heart.

...You're Home Part 5

(5/10) thats the farthest the series will go I’ve decided that it’s way to hard to not do it in 10 parts because theres a lot of backstory to your character about her & her family members. so here is Part 4: ( its fucking messy cause i copied and pasted it from my notes sorry for that but im not sure how to fix it )
Summary: you come home after a year and a half long mission and when you come home you find out a horrible surpise

(Warning: Cussing,Kissing, bucky action!!!!!!!!)
onwards with the story ÷

I went into Tony’s room and put asprin and a glass of water on his table i kissed his head “i wish you were my real father tony” i whispered under my breath and walked back into my room

I know im 26 years old and maybe i should get over the whole father thing but henry never treated me like his own tony does..

I gotten dressed and went into the living space waiting for steve to leave
I heard whispering humans i listened at the door because im a sneaky asshole

“Tony did you not know what happened last time she was here! complete chaos happened!” a loud whisper came from natasha

“She’ll enjoy it don’t fuck this up for me agent” tony did the same loud whisper

“I have to tell her she needs to be prepared” natasha said in a whisper of course

“Don’t, leave tony in his disaster” wanda said a little louder than a whisper i heard her foot steps getting closer to the door i ran full speed to the other side of the room

Steve finally coming down

“You’re out of breath?” steve said in a questioning voice

“Shut…up… lets go” i paused inbetween breaths

The day went on slowly four hours passed and we we’re bound to come home sometime so thats what we did

“Hey steve i have a question” the green light flickered red and we walked across the road “shoot”

“I heard tony nat and wanda talking about some girl coming over or something? Chaos happened last time?” steve made an o with his mouth

“You are a sneaky bastard that wasn’t suppose to hear that!” he pointed his finger at me walking back to the tower

“I hate when secrets are kept please tell me steve” i clucthed onto his arm
“Please please please -”
“Alright fine i’ll tell you just stop, tony invited malia”

“ HE DID WHAT” i stopped in my tracks in a side street of new york city something that wasn’t safe to do

“And there’s the reaction!” steve laughed pulling me into his side “act suprised when we get home”

“Steve she doesn’t know about me and bucky she’s gonna have a fucking shit fit oh my god” my mind spinned in circles

My sister malia y/l/n was a snobby rich asshole who thinks she’s the favorite which she is, amongst my father imagine having one daughter who lived up to all your expectations became the rich doctor with the laywer husband and the other a superhero agent that “saves the world”, mom knew i was special my strength and hearing enough but the way i could fight was just the right amount to send me to her best friend tony stark the man who is like a father to me instead of my real father, mom passed when i was 13 and henry who is my father apparently disowned me told me i’ll never be like the avengers i’ll never own up to what they stand for and malia took his side 99.9% one percent she felt guilty for leaving me so the day after i got finally recruited into the avengers steve came months later they threw me a party,

Malia came and told embarrassing stories about me and got drunk and broke tony’s iron suit with spilling some drink on it i threw her right out

And then years later another party brews she comes and im in a serious relationship with bucky and she flirts with him tries to feel him up buck get uncomfortable tells me what happens, she finds out its my boyfriend and starts a huge fight that bucky is to good for me and i don’t deserve him and punched me in the face and walked out that was last time i seen her

Everytime shes here nothing good happens

“Im not going home you have to drag me there because i promise im nOT GOING WILLINGLY PUT ME DOWN ROGERS” steve picked me up over his shoulder

“Well you said drag you?”

“ i hate you”
“You are a liar!”
“Fine i DONT hate you”


“Im nervous” i fight people who would literally blow up the earth if they felt like it and im nervous and shaking about my sister ruining a party again

“Don’t be i have you.” resuraing words helped we opened the door

“SUPRISE” was yelled loudly by the whole team i was suprised actually

“Oh my god”

Stood in front of me,

Tony in the middle nat on his left bucky and wanda on his right thor and bruce behind them malia and chelsea on the side of bruce

I hugged everyone even bucky his hands fit nicely on my waist his head in my neck it felt real, like he genuinely was glad to see me, i waited for this for the first arrvial when i came home i get it four days later with malia in the background and his girlfriend to my right, strange..

“You’re sister thinks we’re still together and chelsea still doesn’t know we we’re together at all..” he whispers into my ear “i don’t know what to do or how to fix this situation buck, malia’s here something horrible is going to happen regardless” we pulled awah from each other it was a good 10 second hug

I wish i could be in his arms, but he screwed me over! WHY DO I FEEL LIKE SHIT!!

“Fucking y/n! Can someone applauded my little sister a year and half long mission without a fucking scratch hell yeah” some cheered and clapped it was funny

“Thanks lia, how you been?”

“Fine are you gonna ask about dad?” she said with a steady voice

“I don’t care about your father.”

“He’s our father and you haven’t talked the guy in what 6 years?” she was getting angry

“When your father tells you he wants nothing to do with you and for you to lose his number thats what happens, and also its not my job to call him he told me to stay away thats what im doing” i took a shot of something i seen a jello shot and took that

“I get it, well he has a fiancé she works on wall street there getting married in two months”

“Fan fucking tastic” i was already mad tony threw this party and to top it off he invited her

“Can we talk?” bucky said trying to pull me aside

“Take her boyfriend, take her virginity like the first time again” she laughed and sipped on whatever she was drinking

“We broke up two years ago, also do me a favor shut up” i said taking another shot walking with bucky

“What? Ask for another favor? Because i told her we broke up two years ago” i was pissed off at this point i wanted the night to end it was only 7 p.m.

“Don’t let her tell chelsea we ever dated we’ve always been friends since the past 5 years that’s all we’ll ever be okay i don’t need your sister ruining this for me” bucky hated the words that spilled out of his mouth it was harash on his tongue he didn’t want those words coming out he just wanted a normal life

“Wow bucky you get lower and lower every single fucking day, do you not realize im a human fucking being with feelings?? We wasn’t a fucking quckie in a bathroom bucky we was together for 4 years bucky next month would’ve made 5 years and you except me to go out there and lie - you know what thats what am gonna do i’m gonna pretend you never existed im gonna pretend i dont know you, it officially 100% over after tonight i’ll tell you what my father told me 6 years ago lose my number”

I walked away angry as ever

“Malia do me a favor don’t mention to chelsea that me and bucky was evee together i want to be associated with the scum that is bucky barnes” malia was shocked at the words her sister said she wasn’t prepared but took what she said to heart and respected her

I stormed out my own party the loud the people everything was getting to me i ran to the roof top screaming my lungs out until it became hard to breathe, i came home to a bigger nightmare to when i was in russia i was tortured there but i feel worst coming home. I felt a hand on my back

“Whoever you are just kill me”

“Why would i kill my most prized possession?” i knew the voice like the back of my hand

“I thought the suit was your prized possession?”

“I don’t think the suit would eveerr come close to how special you are to me, what happened kid?” tony turned me around to face him

“All that my life is, is chaos the people am around the life i live i can never be normal, im moving out” her voice sank into herself as those last words left her mouth she regretted saying them to tony

“I’ll throw out bucky in one minute if thats the problem” he was getting mad that i wanted to leave because of him

“Its not” i lied

“Then what?”

“I want something normal, an apartment i pay rent on or a job that doesn’t involve breaking someones arm or killing someone to get something, i need time to figure my shit out” i sat on the rocky roof top

“whatever you need im here -” his voice was cut off by a door opening

“Leave now” tony yelled in whoevers direction

“Let me talk to h-” bucky said but was cut off by tony “no let me talk to you, you’ve done enough tonight you hurt my kid again barnes how many times are you gonna hurt her in four days she’s leaving because of you.” tony turned towards bucky “you’re a fool barnes” he left

“You’re leaving… Because of me” buckys voice cracked

“Its always you.. It’s never not about you” i bit my lip to stop the tears from falling i was looking into the sky bucky was looking at the ground

“Please go i need to be alone.”

I felt his foot steps get closer to me and he sat next to me

“I’ll move out, i cant let you leave your fanily because of me”

“Well it doesnt matter im leaving nobodys gonna stop me, be happy with the life you chose and leave me out of it im done” tears fell i wiped them quickly and in anger

“I dont want her i want you, its always been you, y/n i keep her because i know you hate me and im disgusting im horrible human being i don’t deserve you”

“Bucky i cant..-” i was in the worse possible state a person could be in anger mixed with sadness and regret and he pulls me into the most passionate kiss.. Ever you felt his love and sadness radiating off of him i pushed him gently

“You have a girlfriend and you’re cheating on her like you did me. Pretend this didn’t happen. Leave me alone bucky” sadness washed over me again as i pushed him away for the fourth time tonight i stood up firmly

“Goodbye Bucky.”


Hopeless love - Wonho scenario (Requested)

Originally posted by kihqun

Anon said:  wonho angst scenario please? you’re both friends and you’ve been working up the courage to ask him out, only to find out that he’s in love with your best friend

- Hope you enjoy my beautiful anon! ^^ 

Genre: angst
Members: Wonho x You
Word count: 1190

“It’s all fun and games, till someone falls in love“  you read the text on a photo on your phone.

You could relate to that picture a lot. But you’re the one who fell in love and he kept playing games with you, which lead you to what you are feeling right now for him.

Wonho made you feel special, he’s always joking around, teasing you. Every time you guys are together, you use every minute to talk, laugh, enjoy the day.
Both of you were really getting along, sometimes you just felt like he does like you back. The way he acts around you. Touches your hand, puts his arm around your shoulders, sometimes kisses your cheek.

As you two walk down the street, Wonho would playfully push you to the side, so you laugh looking at him, pushing him aside too.
You would catch him staring at you, so when he looks away he smiles. Get’s protective when you’re going out on a date with some guy. Keeps telling you that he’s nothing special, that he ain’t your type. Just so he can make you stay, with him.
Few times it would happen that you two just stare at each other, like a fire is building up in your bodies, like something is going to happen, but it never did.

When a guy tried so hard to flirt with you and get with you at a party. You were getting tired of the guy, he kept following you around until Wonho stepped up.
“If she doesn’t want to do anything with you, go.” He kept a straight face
“And who are you to her?” guy laughs
“Her boyfriend, dumbass” Wonho pushes him slightly

You look at Wonho, not believing he said what he said. You felt your heart racing, you were happy.
Wonho puts his arm over your shoulders, and you two walk outside.
Wonho let’s out a laugh.
“Damn that was good” he looks at you
“Good acting” you smiled
“Thanks, it was fun… I mean I will always protect you” he smiled and gave you a hug

Everything between you two just was filled with love, joy, feelings.

Until you met him with your best friend.
They seemed like they get along very well.

“Okay, so you just ask can you guys talk and just ask himmm” your best friend smiled at you
“But it Is not so simpleee” you sigh
“It is because you guys get along, and been friends for so long” she smiled putting her hand on your shoulder

Little by little, you start noticing a lot. Noticing the way Wonho looks at her, acts around her. It is way different than he acts around you.
“We are just great friends. I love Y/N as a friend a lot” Wonho smiled talking to your best friend.

You feel hurt everytime he says that you guys are just really good friends, just friends. Knowing that you will maybe not cross the friendship line over.

Days passed, yeah you still were preparing to ask Wonho out, trying to convince yourself that nothing is happening between them.
Until one night, while walking over to motel building, where your best friend was staying. Two of them alone, leaning against the fence, standing close next to each other, their front bodies facing towards the door.
You kept looking up at them, until you see Wonho slowly moving his hand to hers, they lock fingers and smile at each other.
You felt heart broken. Knowing what you feel is actually just a hopeless love.

Wonho gets closer to her, tilting his head, his lips touch hers.
You look away and feel your heart pounding so hard, you can hear it.

After walking back home, you shut your bedroom door. Sit on the edge of your bed, with your hands on your head.
Why would your best friend encourage you to ask him out, even thought she knew how he feels towards her.

Wonho and her walked inside of your room. Quickly you wiped your tears off, put on a fake smile, fake happiness as they walked inside.
“Y/N let’s go hang out” Wonho smiles letting go of your best friend’s hand
“I don’t feel like it” you shake your head
“What? Why?” Wonho sits next to you

As you keep looking at his face, all you can see is him kissing her.
“If she doesn’t want to goo Wonho, let’s just go, us two” she smiled

Wonho looks up at her then back at you. You were suspicious to him. He slowly stood up, still not sure if he should go or not.
“Go Wonho” you laugh
“I’ll see you tomorrow” he smiled and gave you a quick hug before leaving with her

Half through the way as they walked down the street.
“I don’t know what’s with her” Wonho said
“Nothing” she smiled and wrapped her hands around his arm
“Did she tell you something, that I may not know?” Wonho looks at her, she sighs and stops walking
“She likes you. She’s in love with you” she said

Wonho looked at her in surprise.
“But you don’t feel that way about her-“
“Maybe I don’t but that doesn’t mean I want to break her heart” Wonho cuts her off
“Are you now gonna go back to her house and-“
“Yeah I am… I guess I’ll see you soon” Wonho smiles kissing her forehead and runs back to your place

You were crying. Just felt really sad.
Wonho opens your bedroom door and spots you crying. You quickly were wiping off the tears.
“What are you doing here? Ain’t you on a “date with her?” you kept looking down
“Y/N I know how you feel about me” Wonho sits next to you and you look up at him
“It’s fine, I’ll get over you and the feelings” you shake your head
“Wonho, I see that you really like her… So be with her” you smiled and tapped his back
“I don’t feel like that is right thing-“
“You have feelings for her.” You smiled as one tear falls down your cheek
“Just please go to her” you added
Wonho started to shake his head. He felt guilty in a way, felt like he done something wrong. That he broke your heart.

“But Y/N, that doesn’t mean we will stop talking or hanging out”
You just nod your head
“I wish I could believe that”
Wonho looks at you then down as you said that.
“I think she is waiting for you.” You smiled
“Go” you smiled again and he just nodded his head, he wanted to say something, but he kept his mouth closed.
He hopes nothing will change.
“I will see you around” he said holding the door knob
“Mhmm” you nodded your head

As he closes the door you lay back, closing your eyes, but all you could see is him and her together. How could you be such an idiot. Thinking he would go out with you and then maybe you guys will end up together.

Everything before this happened, felt so real.

A Blush and a Smile 2 (Carl Grimes One-Shot)

Summary: Part 2 to A Blush and A Smile

Requested? Yes, anon and anon and @ly–canthrope

Word count: 1096

A/n: If anyone wants a part 3 to the ongoing tickle fight, you’re gonna have to give me a story line or a prompt.

This is two requests in one.

Prompt: 36. Come over here and make me

Warnings: F-bomb

Carl had been down all day since you saw him this morning, you had only seen him from afar since then and you had started to worry he was avoiding you. You racked your brain for an answer to why and you knew it had to have been something that happened after you went to bed but before you left him this morning. Then it hit you, you wondered how you could be so blind, he was happy after the humiliating moment that took place the night before. You both wanted to continue sharing each other’s company so you decided on weapons practice.

“You wanna shoot?”

“No, I’m not stupid, we need those bullets and the quiet.” He gave you a ‘are you kidding me?’ face. ”I’m gonna teach you how to throw knives.”

Carl raised his eyebrows and grabbed a blade, he turned to the target and you appreciated the enthusiasm. That was until he tossed it a foot in front of him, “Doesn’t seem too hard.” He joked.

You rolled your eyes and grabbed your own blade, you shut an eye, lined it up, and…

Flick! Bullseye!

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anonymous asked:

I hate these writers b/c now I dont trust Ian with Mickey. People say Ian tries to suppress his feelings towards Mickey b/c he is in jail and there is nothing he can do, but is it love? Love is when you care about your partner. +

+ Mickey is alone in jail, maybe he starts every day with a hope that TODAY Ian will come and visit him. Ian’s visits would’ve made him so much happy. He doesnt have this feeling that Ian misses him. Can we be sure Ian loves Mickey when he didnt even stop for a second to think: “What if something bad happened to Mickey? What if he needs me?” Its Mickey who loves b/c after that he will take Ian with him to be left again. And the writers’ll still make him look dirty. I hate them. 

Okay, okay, slow down. You put a lot of things together. I don’t know if I can calm you in any way, but I’ll try. 

First of all, I just want to say that Ian is a complex character and very few people I know on here understand him at all (but, to be honest, I think most of the people on here didn’t even try that much). What I see is infinite love for Mickey, which is a wonderful character whom I love deeply, with wonderful character development - and then a sort of contempt, or disdain, for Ian. Because Ian’s character didn’t develop towards sanity, towards emotional stability, towards health. Ian’s character went to hell and back. Ian is broken and vulnerable, and, very dangerously , he doesn’t realize it. And, most dangerous thing of all, I don’t think the writers realize it. I don’t think the writers understand him, and this is why yes, I agree with you, I don’t trust Ian in the hands of these writers because I don’t believe the writers want that’s best for Ian, and, since they don’t know and don’t wanna know, Ian doesn’t know what’s best for him. It’s complicated and kinda makes me sick, because, empathizing with Ian, I feel terrible everytime I think about it. Not only is Ian neglected by his family in the show, but he is neglected by the people who created him. And it’s awful. 

So, I hate the writers too. But now let’s talk about my idea of Ian, which may not be the same as canon (we’ll see), but I think (probably presumptuously) it’s the closest to the real Ian that the writers created. 

Firstly, I just want to say I accept Ian’s behavior in S6 and S7. It makes total sense to me, and I wouldn’t change it at all. Yes, I would cut Sammi out of the equation so that Mickey would have never had to go to jail, because I think that, in that way, Mickey and Ian would have made peace and would still be together as of now.

People complain a lot about Ian’s change with his bipolar disorder, but it’s stupid to talk a lot about it, for me. Everyone deals with their mental illness in various ways, much like being diagnosed with a scary, physical illness like cancer. You can become crazier, you can become suicidal, you can become a killer, you can change completely or you can stay the same.

Ian escaped from his diagnosis, and he’s still escaping from it, after two years. And you know why? Because he doesn’t aknowledge the change it made in his life, he doesn’t aknowledge how the medication affects his mood, he doesn’t aknowledge his losses. Basically, he doesn’t aknowledge his feelings. None of them. He completely deletes himself emotionally. (and, btw, this is why Caleb and Trevor succeed in manipulating him. It’s not Ian’s personality. It’s not how he is. It’s a symptom of his illness that is still there.)

Now that I’ve explained what I think about Ian’s relationship with his feelings, do you understand what I mean when I say that Ian deeply, desperatly, truly misses Mickey, but he’s not able to aknowledge it to himself or others?

I am sure that Ian loves Mickey. Ian has always loved Mickey. Ian fell in love with Mickey since Season 1. Ian will always love Mickey, come what may. The problem is that Ian’s love is censored by Ian’s illness, and if the writers don’t realize this and do something about it, Ian won’t do something about it because he can’t deal with this by himself, and he’s having no help whatsoever, from no one. This is why, fucking fuck of a holy shit fuck, it’s so important for me that Ian goes to the-ra-phy. THERAPY! A smart, empathic, informed psychologist/psychiatrist is (probably) the only chance Ian has to really deal with his illness, instead of running from it and saying that he’s managing it only because he doesn’t do nothing crazy because he pops nine pills a day. 

Sorry if this is an Ian-centered post and it’s not what you wanted. But you asked some questions in your ask and I tried to answer as deeply as I could. Can we be sure Ian loves Mickey? Yes, I can be sure. I am sure. 
Do we know if Ian thinks of Mickey? Yes, I think he does think of Mickey, but tries not to as hard as he can. But he’s been with Mickey for five years. Usually, when you are that long with someone, it’s hard not to think about them everyday. Only because the writers don’t wanna show us, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. 

Love is when you care about your partner. Yes, but sometimes multiple things don’t allow you to. Obectively, Ian can’t take care of Mickey, because they are physically separated. Even if Ian went to see him, he literally wouldn’t be able to do anything for him. And that would damage his already very very frail, ill mind. Ian can’t take care of Mickey because he can’t even take care of himself. This is a situation I’ve lived many times. Keeping relationships and friendships in order while having a mental illnes is extremely difficult. People will sometimes feel abandoned by you, neglected, won’t understand you, and you will feel guilty, and you won’t be able to do anything about it, because the illness doesn’t allow you to. It’s as simple as that. You can’t be there for that people. You can’t give emotional support. Because you don’t have it in you and don’t have a way of creating it. 

In the end, the point is that sometimes, mental illness will stop you from loving. From feeling love, from knowing how to love. It’s horrible. It’s ugly. It is what it is. It’s not a death sentence. You can learn how to love again, you can remember what it was like. But Ian needs help, and if the writers won’t give it to him, then. Well. Gallavich doesn’t have a lot of hope, because Ian doesn’t have a lot of hope.

I mean. I do believe that Mickey could help Ian a lot, because Mickey knows how to love him, and loves him unconditionally. To be honest, I think Mickey’s the only one who truly ever loved Ian. I think Mickey understands Ian and sees Ian better than anyone (better than the writers, obviously, and better than all of us). But if the writers don’t agree, there’s not much we can do about that. 

These are my opinions on the matters you brought up. Please let me know if you have any other thoughts buzzing around. I love talking about these things.

And if anyone wants to share their thoughts too, go for it. I have to distract myself from real life problems. Please, distract me, lol. Have a gif of Ian hugging the only person in the world who sees him and understands him and accepts him for who he is. 

Baekhyun Scenario (Fluff OneShot)

burning-clown said: Hi again, i think you have lot to do but if you have some time would you mind doing exo scenario where baekhyun thinks that her gf is cheating on her and he tries to get her back by making cute surprises and stuff for her? * Turns into small fluffy unicorn with puppy eyes * No need to hurry! 👌🏼

A/N: Since I’m on a scenario mood, I decided to fullfill your request, I hope you like it since this is my first Baek Scenario, and I’m glad I’m writting it for you, since I know that you’re a very loyal follower,so thank you for everything and here comes puppy Baek for you <3

“She doesn’t even talk to me as she used to!” Baekhyun whined to his friend Chanyeol. “That doesn’t mean a thing hyung, she’s probably feeling nervous about something” “Yeah, like getting caught for cheating on me?!” “No!” Chanyeol rolled his eyes “Hyung you know Y/N would never cheat on you” “I don’t know anything anymore” “Ah, don’t be so dramatic, why don’t you do something for her? Show her you’re her boyfriend, whatever it is she will tell you” Baekhyun stopped to think “I think you’re right, I’ll try to surprise her, tonight.” “Okay, spare me of the details hyung, I don’t need to hear about it, I will come back tomorrow then,so you can have privacy” And with that Chanyeol left giggling and Baekhyun was alone with his own thoughts.

What’s wrong with her? Baekhyun thought. She was always distant now, and she was always spending time with that friend of hers which he didn’t even knew much about, they were about to do 4 months of dating and she was already giving up on him? What could he possibily have done that was so wrong? It didn’t matter anymore, he was going to get her back. He decided make sure everything were her favorites for this date, he texted her saying that she should cancel any plans she had for tonight so they can meet, she was a little taken back by his determined mood but accepted.

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for the fic prompt meme: 25. “My nightmares are usually about losing you.” silverflint (kill me with the angst Gemma ♡)

Ack, sorry dear, I don’t know if this is as angsty as you would have liked (although lbr anything set during canon has angst inherent). Coming at you with some more of that weird, intense intimacy! Hope you like it! Set after 3x6

“My nightmares are usually about losing you.”

Flint finds Silver right where Madi said he’d be – lying in a private hut, alone, attempting to glare his pain into submission and failing.

Silver glances up when Flint arrives. He looks startled, and exhausted. “When did you get back?”

Flint approaches the bed, trying to keep his features unconcerned. He’d been on the last boat launched from the Walrus when they made it back to Maroon Island. Even from here, he could hear his crew outside the hut in camp, where they’d been talking and eating and settling in for almost an hour now. He needs Silver focused and able for the days ahead, but he also needs him not mad and defensive. “Not long ago,” Flint says. “How are you feeling?”

Silver’s face changes. The bleary-eyed weariness melts to anger as quickly as dusk becomes night. “I fucking told her not to tell everyone –”

“She didn’t tell anyone,” says Flint. “She told me.” Madi is a smart woman, who knew when to pick her battles, and this is something Flint would have figured out on his own anyway. “Answer my question.”

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The Art of Forgetting || Raulson AU || One Shot

“Is it possible?” The room was filled with sweat, with a peculiar smell of sex and disgrace. She lied down on her back, naked, staring at the celling. “What is?” Her soft voice echoes like a thunder with million questions. “That you are still thinking about her even after we make love.” There’s a pause, and the brunette forgets how to breathe. He has mentioned HER. Again. Minutes pass and there’s no answer for a fact given; although she tried her best to come up with something that seemed smart to say, her mind was blank and honesty ate her up. “I can’t take her off my mind, Colin” His breahting was heavy and he cleared his troat before answering, “I know that. I can see you wondering in the morning, or at nights, even when I’m on top of you… Your thoughts seem to be lost on her memory.” But she doesn’t even try to reply, he is right, all that he said and more. So he continues. “What is she like? Some sort of mermaid or a greek goddess? Tell me about her, Sarah. Please, I need this to fully understand how have I lost you to this woman.” Her eyes get shinny, tears building up and warning to come out as a exposed fall. “She does look like a mermaid.” She starts, her voice about to crack. “She’s the good and the beauty in every woman all at once. She’s elegant, wise and seductive. You can get lost in her mysterious eyes, which I must say, you’ll never know the exact color. They can be green as a wild forest, or blue as a deep everlasting ocean… sometimes even gray as the worst rainy day, but they’re marvelous and unique. I remember feeling alive everytime she looked straight at me. And her touch - I’m sorry” She realizes she’s gone way over the limit. “I don’t know what she did to me that night, or the next night, or that week. But she’s in my mind and there’s no escape.” Colin stands up, he covers his naked body with a dressing gown and before crossing the bedroom door, he looks at Sarah and asks, “You love her, don’t you?” She sighs, she’s been discovered. “I do.” She mutters as low as possible, praying to god that her husband hadn’t heard. The door gets shut, he’s gone.

“Is it because I can’t give you kids?” Sean’s voice is small, almost begging for an answer. “Sean, we’ve talked about this before. Stop it now before any of us gets hurt.” He frowns, his lips are downwards, he tries to think what was his mistake. “I am hurt, Lily - I am hurt that you look so miserable and unhappy. I forgave you after all, didn’t I?” She shocks her head and closes her eyes trying not to face reality. But she’s been trying for too long already, she’s been too strong and now it’s time for her to be weak. “I am not happy by your side anymore, Sean. Is that what you wanted me to say?” Tears fall off, his cheeks already wet. “Continue.” He asks. “I didn’t plan for that to happen, you know? Life with you was good, I considered I was happy. But she had to get into my life to understand that I wasn’t.” There’s a silence after that last sentence, it’s a heart broken on the background and Lily is guilty. She looks away, up to the celling, remembering, trying to understand herself how did it all change. None of them seem to be brave enough to break the silence, but she feels a pain in the pit of her stomach that makes her throw up her truth; “She made me happy, Sean. I - I don’t regret it, those seven days by her side seemed like paradise to me. The heart wants what it wants, Sean and my heart wants her. Only her. I am in love with her, and there’s no going back.” His voice is shaky and he turns around, giving his back to his wife. Not being capable of accepting his new fate. “I will let you go.” She stands up and walks to the door, she leans on the frame and whispers; “Thank you.” Before he gets a chance to reply, she’s gone. Probably, forever. 

There’s a knock on the door. The kitchen is dark and she leaves her cup of coffe aside, the woman walks frightened and curious about who could it be on the other side. She tries to fix her brown hair before asking; “Who is it?” But there’s no reply. She takes a deep breath and slightly opens the door with shaky hands. Just before her heart stops beating, the blonde in front of her utters, “Come with me.”

I hope you enjoyed this one shot, guys! I did try my best.

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Can i get a touch repulsed nico? I noticed that i am a few days ago, and i really need this,,, ((valdangelo would be appriciated))

yes you can my friend!!!!!!!! one of my fav things is ace nico cuz i am ace and also cannot stand to be touched mostly as well,,,,, so yes take this

- Nico and Leo started havin a thing for each other some point on the argo II, and after the war they rescue calypso and Leo figures out that no, he really does love Nico and chooses to be with him (thats a whole nother drama tho tbh lmao)

- They start dating and its amazing because they both really get each other, and they dont feel so alone anymore. Leo doesnt need to seek attention from Nico like he does with everyone else, Nico doesnt need to hide from Leo because he actually likes spending time around him.

- but there is just one little problem in their relationship. everytime Leo gets the slightest bit to close to Nico, he pulls away and makes an excuse to do something else.

- Leo doesnt get it at first because Nico doesnt tell him. Theyve been dating for like 3 months and havent gone farther than holding hands and a peck on the lips when Nico’s in a good mood. Is it him??? does Nico not like him??? does he regret dating??????

- hes incredibly insecure about it for a while and they are both dumb because they could just talk about it but noooooo they are foolish boys.

- Leo stops trying to touch him. he doesnt get it. he worries about it night and day and Nico feels SO GUILTY because he knows this is upsetting his boyfriend, and he just wants to make him happy. So one day he finally decides to *try*

- He initiates it, trying to make out. Theyve never gone farther than a small kiss, and here Nico is practially on top of him in his lap kissing the every-loving hell out of Leo. But Leo can feel something wrong, he knows Nico doesnt want this and he stops him and hes like”look,,, buddy,,, neeks,,, are you sure you like,,, actually want to do this???” and thats it thats all it takes. Nico just starts crying and he really cant stop himself because he wanted to try and be normal for Leo

and Leo is like “oh my gods???? what is wrong, did i fuck up do you not want to be together what did i do i’m so sorry” and panicking and shit and nico is like “NO YOU DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRONG, I LOVE YOU IM SORRY I CANT DO THIS I JUST WANTED TO MAKE YOU HAPPY BUT I CANT” and he finally just SAYS WHATS WRONG FFS and explains because no, its not leo, he literally just cant stand the thought of being touched, he never could with anyone but he loves leo so much and he was going to try for him because he doesnt want to be a bad person

and that is just like a huge relief for leo and hes like “u dumb,,, i was so stressed i thought u hated me,,, no we dont have to do anything u dont want to oh m y gods nico,,,,” because like hell he was gonna make his wonderful bf do anything he wasnt comfortable with??? he coulda just said so??

- and after that everything is okay. better than okay. now that they both know whats up they go back to cute dates and happy times and shitty puns, and Leo always asks if its okay to give Nico a kiss before he does and they are the best

so anyway yeah a cute thing, but also this is totes why communication is key. as someone who personally cant stand the thought of being touched, i can tell you ive had trouble in the past because i wasnt really able to articulate it too well. if ur partner loves you and is a good person, they will understand that sex/touching is not for u and it will be a-okay my friend

A Part of Me - A Brett Talbot Fanfiction - Part II

You sigh and flick off the bedside lamp, turning uneasily onto your side. It didn’t feel right. After what felt like a few hours restlessly tossing and turning, you reach for your phone on the table. Checking Facebook, you immediately see ‘Brett’s’ post, already with over 70 likes and 50 comments and still increasing. 

The comments ranged from:

“Holy shit, Dude!” from heavily impressed and entertained guys to “OMG Brett! Marry me!” to “You’re going to be in so much trouble Brett Talbot!” from a family member. 

In the morning, you were awoken by the shuffling of Marissa, accidently kicking you in the scramble to stop her quiet alarm from increasing in volume.

“Embarrassing song” She replied, pressing the top button of her alarm.

You lazily feel the cabinet beside you for your phone and squint your eyes as it lights up. It was 9am and you’d been getting numerous texts and calls since 6. 
“I know you had something to do with posting those pictures on my facebook. Tell Marissa to answer her fucking phone!” An unknown number texted. It must’ve been Brett. Abusive texts followed about the invasion of privacy by girls who probably had Brett’s body as their screensaver. 

“Marissa, do you remember being on Brett’s facebook last night?” You asked, slipping on a fresh pair of underwear and sliding your jeans on. You threw a jersey over your bra and crossed your arms.

“Not really… did we frape him?" 

"Yes and no. I fraped him, you posted nude pictures of him" 

"No! Oh my God!” She pretended to be shocked, but you could see right through it. A smile was tickling the corners of her lips.

“It’s not funny!” You grit your teeth, knowing there would be repercussions.

“Fine, fine! It’s not funny! Brett will have deleted it by now anyway!” She tried to keep her face straight and failed “It doesn’t really matter”

Furious banging began sounding downstairs. You didn’t have to guess who it was. A few moments later, Marissa’s bedroom door was thrown open and Brett was panting angrily from the hallway. 

“How dare you?!” He stormed towards her, backing her into the corner. Her complexion had turned ghostly.

You ran to her defence and shielded her from Brett. Placing your arms against his hard chest to keep a slight distance. 

“This is trespassing. Get out before we call the police!” You yell at the boy towering over you.

“This barely concerns you. Let me talk to Marissa” He batted your hands away.

“Well too bad… because… I posted them…” you lie. 

“What?” He clenched his jaw in anger.

“Yeah, I did. Maybe you should push me down this time” you screw up your face in disgust at his previous actions towards your best friend.

“You don’t know anything about me” he snarled “my parents and the school are going to hear about this”

“I’m not scared of you, Brett” You could feel your fingers tremble so you quickly held them together behind your back.

“You should be” he growled at you, he was inches from your ear at this point. You were too caught up in him invading your personal space to realise he literally growled at you. 

He stomped angrily away and Marissa slid to the floor in tears. You kneel beside her.

“You shouldn’t have done that, (Y/N). I can’t believe I ever dated that guy!” She wept on your shoulder “Next time, I promise I’ll protect you from whatever goes on in your life" 

"Thanks. I’ll be fine. I know what he’s done to you and I’d protect you from him everytime” you smiled as she collapsed on you in a hug.

On Monday at school, you were asked to step into the principles office as soon as you hit your seat in English. Brett wasn’t in his usual seat at that point, so you knew what it was about. Heavily sighing, you fling your bag over your shoulder and strut away, giving Marissa a strong smile before leaving.

Stood outside the principles office was your mom with a look of disappointment on her face. 

“This isn’t like you, (Y/N). I’ve never been called from work to see the principle about your behaviour and especially so early on!" 

"I’m sorry, mom” you drop your head, feeling guilty for regretting your decision to take the blame. But there was no going back.

You knocked and creaked open the door. Taking the seat beside Brett confidently, you couldn’t show weakness about this.

“Miss (Y/L/N), thank you for joining us. It seems there have been some seriously allegations towards you regarding pornographic photos of Mr Talbot. What’s your side to the story?”

“Marissa and I were getting drunk and she showed me the pictures and after everything he did to her when they were in a relationship, I decided to post the pictures as revenge…”

“Oh honey, please don’t cover for Marissa again. I know she’s your friend but…” your mom chimed in

“I’m not covering for her… I posted the pictures…”

“What were you getting revenge on Mr Talbot for?” the principle asked, holding up his index finger to Brett’s parents who were ready to interrupt.

“He would hurt Marissa when they were in a relationship. He would push her and yell at her, she had been stood up by him nearly every date and she was left waiting for hours at night alone…” you could feel yourself getting emotional. 

“I assure you, Brett would never do anything like that” his mom interrupted.

“Please, Mrs Talbot. Brett… is this true?” The principle turned to him.

“Not quite, but I wasn’t the best person to be around at that point…” he went quiet and dropped his head.

“My opinion on this situation is that you’re both in the wrong. I don’t think the police need to be involved or you’d probably both be charged. Didn’t you two used to be friends anyway?”

“We had friends in common…” you mutter.

“I don’t want to see any more trouble from either of you…consider this a warning” He replied “Mr Talbot, you know this on top of your English scores is heading down the route of being unable to play for the lacrosse team… you need to pull your grades up and tread very lightly”

“Well…” your mom began speaking “(Y/N) is doing incredibly well in English and she does usually tutor kids for money… maybe she could tutor Brett for free as an apology…" 

You wanted to smack yourself in the face. This was definitely the last thing you needed. 

"I don’t… I’m not so sure…” you begin, but couldn’t finish.

“I think that’s a brilliant idea! Is there any times that Brett is free for tutoring?”

Brett’s parents sighed, you knew they couldn’t argue any longer now Brett admitted that his actions were horrible. 

“Brett usually has Tuesday after school free to visit friends, but now that he’s grounded, I think it would be good to work for two hours on school work that he’s failing” his mom spat bitterly. 

“This is gonna suck so much” you murmered under your breath, it was practically silent, but Brett turned his head slightly to you.

“You’re dismissed, you can go back to class. I’m glad we could all come to an arrangement” the principle grinned proudly. 

Reasons to Unfriend People: 50 Shades edition

And I actually didn’t threaten to block them, just unfriend.
Under Ponyhoof’s app, ‘Unfriend’ reads as 'Banish to Moon’, which is more interesting when you think about it…


People who defend 50 Shades of Grey: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Do you realise they meet every criteria of abuse we’re taught to look for in Social Work?


I just can’t believe she said, “It’s not rape because she consented”… at any point, if someone says [stop/safety word] and the other person involved ignores it… it becomes non-consensual.

Which is Rape.


Also, the level of Domestic Violence in those books is terrifying.
Abusers isolate victims, belittle them/damage self-esteem, make them entirely dependant, make the victims believe they deserve this, can stalk, often restrict contact with others, allow them to have no secrets/privacy and therefore diminish the concept of 'self’ in their victims.

If I say I will punch you in the face and you say STOP, but I don’t and do it anyway… is it still assault?

If we are having intimate contact of any form and you say STOP, but I don’t… is it still unwanted/non-consensual sexual contact and therefore rape?


Christian Grey is a predator.

He deliberately chose a young, naive (idiot) female who had no real way to fight back or protect herself. He went for a vulnerable person he could mould into what he wanted…

And make no illusions, this is not a dom/sub situation. No, this is straight up abuse incorrectly wrapped up in BDSM wrapping paper… 

The same way the Westboro Baptist Church tries to hide it’s hateful, aggressive messages under the umbrella of Christianity. 

Seriously, from the very first moment he deliberately went out of his way to get her… tapping her phone, stalking, forcing her to do things she didn’t want to in public…

Can we just focus on that for a minute? That is a HUGE red flag.

Most abusers will be considered pillars of the community/a nice person, have a dozen people on hand as character witnesses as to how great they are… it’s part of who and what they are. Which is why they tend to relegate all forms of abuse to the home, you know the saying, “What happens behind closed doors”, right?

Well, when they actually act out in public, forcing their partner to do something… that’s a big flag. If they’re willing to damage their character/reputation to degrade, humiliate or control you in a public arena… then what the hell are they going to do to you when the front door swings shut and you’re away from prying eyes?


So just right at the beginning of the thing, there are signs… she’s followed, forced into signing a contract that voids her human rights (pretty sure that’s illegal), forced to do things she has said no to, punished (and not sexily, playful or BDSM scenario style either; actual torture-style punished), raped multiple times despite saying NO to him… isolated from people who could help her, has autonomy removed…

Like, it’s horrific… and we’re not even talking about HOW it’s written (English teachers probably read this fucking piece of literary trash and weep - “inner goddess”, metaphors that are terrible “HD IMAX”, etc.) 

AND dangerous.

Several people have already been raped, tortured or died as a result of this fucking book, and it’s only going to get worse now there’s a MOVIE.
[Movies open up to a wider genre, especially for people with poor reading comprehension, the illiterate, those who speak other languages than english (subtitles), those who find reading hard or prefer audio-visual stimuli as opposed to visual or audio (books)  only, etc.] 

People are reading this, seeing this… and while older people with life experience might think it a 'guilty pleasure’ and have the ability to discern that this character is actually in a dangerous situation…

Younger people, or people who have never encountered these things, don’t have that differentiation. It’s hard enough when the majority of the world doesn’t receive adequate sexual education, are coded with specific ideals on the gender roles and how they affect them, are continuously told by the media what they should look like/aspire to be/desire sexually even if it means they hurt themselves to attain it or put themselves in a dangerous position, etc.

Then we have shit like this… and the story it was based off of (I have so many issues with Twilight, specifically that Bella was magically unable to function with discoball boy in her life, to the extent she kept trying to kill herself for his attention… and also the baby thing, ugh. What does that say to girls? Or guys?  If they don’t love you… kill yourself?).

This is the stuff they see.

This is what they see everywhere, on buses, stores, on trains and tv and billboards… surely something that widespread must be good, right?  Normal? Something to aspire to?

It’s how things are normalised.

Subliminal advertising. You know the billboard is there, and you might not consciously read it everytime you pass, but it is recorded somewhere in your mind… 

That’s when things get dangerous.

Especially as there is a heavy degree of people pushing that this relationship is BDSM, and do not seem to have any concept of consent.

For one -no.

Secondly - if it was, it’s a very bad version of it where the Dom has NO concerns about the Sub, and provides no aftercare.

[It’s like… hmmm, an analogy might be having a personal trainer.
You meet with them, you agree that you’re going to work on a certain thing, you have a goal… but it’s not going to happen overnight, trust has to be built. 
After each training session, they talk to you, help you stretch, make sure all is good, right?

When you do do the big thing you were planning (say, run a mile in three minutes or something that requires significant physical effort), your trainer is running with you.

If you have to stop, they’ll stop beside you… it would make no sense if they kept going to the finish line while you’re dying of a stitch  a quarter of a mile to the finish line, right? But they won’t make you feel bad for stopping, probably talk you through working the stitch out (some small exercises can help with stitches), or etc.

On the other hand, if you both make it to the finish line/your goal, you’re both going to be elated and pleased… but at the same time, you still do the cool-down exercises anyway.
Does that make sense? I think it sort of does.]

Thirdly - shitty writing with no factual evidence behind it is generally annoying in most books, but dangerous in ones that portray alternate lifestyles incorrectly.

As many BDSM groups and advocates have come out saying (pleading, really), you should not leap into the whole thing and do whatever the fuck you think might be kinky… without knowing what you’re doing.

They don’t let you in a tank without the training, after all.

For example:
-even mundane things like spanking, or using some sort of little whip/crop/thing can result in significant external and internal damage (bruising as the least that can go wrong, and organ failure/damage as the far end of the 'shit we fucked up’ scale). 

-Ropes… there’s a lot of tropes about tying people up. However, as the groups have said over and over, you need to know a) what kind to use and b) how to tie someone up properly.
Sounds silly, right? Anyone can tie rope up… well, yeah, but on the other hand, these people have worked hard to find knots and associated materials that are safe to use and will not tighten to the extent everything goes to hell.
Emergency rooms see a lot of people who have tried to tie themselves/others up and the restraints have tightened, cutting off circulation… which can often lead to amputation.

So, just from those two things… you can see the risks of not knowing what you’re doing.; now imagine a whole mini-population of the world getting a look at this movie and thinking they’d like to try this.

Oh wait, no, it’s happening. People are being seriously hurt over this.


Also, consent to one specific thing… is not blanket consent for anything, anywhere, anytime. 

Clearly Christian does not understand that, or, more likely, doesn’t give a shit… as he ignores her asking him not to do something multiple times. And when she explicitly says NO to something (anal)? He does it anyway.

And people think it’s sexy.

I don’t understand how people read this stuff and don’t think, “That man is so sleazy and disgusting I want to simultaneously hunt him down with a crossbow and take a scalding shower to get the taint of reading this off of me”. 


[Also, for those who insist upon taking cucumbers to the theatre with them:
a) it’s unsanitary
b) children use those seats
c) using vegetables is frowned upon as they carry innate bacteria that may eventuate in serious infection, which can complicate into toxic shock syndrome.
d) some poor employee now has to scrub down your seat]


The news is trying to blame feminists for 'not doing anything about this series before it got out of control’.. like, excuse me, you were the ones slamming it in every face you could find. Hyping it up so everyone read it, watched it… and screaming down anyone who said otherwise.

Feminists are trying, Organisations who deal in DV, Sexual assault and abuse are trying, BDSM groups are trying… but they are being shouted down by 'fans’ and mocked by the media as 'prudes’.

Well, look what that’s done?

Women have been tortured and murdered over this, and that’s only the large-scale things that have been reported. Like it’s been identified earlier, things can go very wrong if something’s done wrong so there’s probably a spate of ER visits that can be attributed to this bullshit…

Not to mention the hyper-sexualisation of Christian Grey himself.
Making him out to be what all girls should desire has put not just women, but everyone in danger. 

There are C. Greys in the world. They come in all shapes, sizes, races, genders, sexual orientation, socioeconomic strata, religion and political affiliation… they may not all be rich, white, cis, male or hetero… but they are out there. And making the traits displayed by C. Grey in the novel something to aspire to in a relationship?  Normalising the stalking, coercion, abuse? 

Is EL James going to give an apology at the funeral of every person she gets killed because of her novel?

Is she going to visit the hospital bedside of every still-just-barely-alive-and-mangled victim of her novels and apologise there?


Then burn this book. Tell your friends and family how dangerous it is over and over until they hear you. Educate them on consent and the signs of DV, make sure they understand that no (or safety word)  means no, and the book lied about BDSM practices…

In short, because I forgot where I was going with this except a growing internal anger at the whole scenario… 50Shades is dangerous. 

It has caused others harm, it will PERPETUATE harm for as long as it is allowed to go uncontested.

Be that one voice that won’t shut up when the world is hushing you. 
Be the one person who won’t back down.
Be a hero.

Because it beats sitting at a funeral and wishing you’d said something beforehand.


anonymous asked:

top five favorite moments from disney movies?

In no particular order…

  • Mulan cutting her hair, this scene is just really powerful, the music track “Short hair” is gorgeous in every way and all the little symbolic things that happen in here are fantastic. Like Mulan picking up the scroll and leaving behind her hair piece (Meaning like..leaving behind her old self and taking on this new role and in Asia when a someone cuts their hair this drastically it means somewhat the same thing but more along the lines of moving forward and letting go of the past)  Everything that happens is breathtaking from her watching her parents and see how heartbroken they are, to Mulan paying her respects to her ancestors cause she knows whats shes doing could bring dishonor to her family. Mulan is my favorite hero from a Disney Movie, she’s just a fantastic character.

  • Rapunzel dancing in the town square, while I love the lantern scene this is my favorite from Tangled. Kingdom Dance in my opinion is the best track on the Tangled soundtrack. How Rapunzel interacts with all the people is adorable, just seeing how well she is able to is remarkable really seeing how shes had no interaction with people, kinda shows you that in her heart she still has a love for her people even if she doesn’t know shes a princess. Also here is where we get to see Rapunzel and Eugenes relationship blossom and my god how much I love these two, my favorite Disney couple. He buys her gifts and Rapunzel takes him to the library and reads him all kinds of books, while the scene is short it shows that in the short day they did so much together and I just find it adorable.

  • Circle of life from Lion King. Okay this whole movie is just a cinematic masterpiece so its hard to chose one moment from it, especially since it has my all time favorite villain, Scar (love him). Disney always does a great job at giving you a look into the story from the opening sequence but Circle of Life did it better then any other movie has. It tells you basically what the core of the movie is about and the circle of life is quoted many times throughout the movie. Plus who can’t help but sing along to this song, even if you don’t know the first part! All in all a remarkable scene.
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  • Hellfire from Hunchback of Notre Dame. While Scar is my favorite villain, Hellfire is my favorite Disney villain song. This scene is so powerful, probably one of the most vile disney songs out there. Frollos lust for Esmerelda is so powerful that he is more then willing to kill and burn down Paris just to have Esmerelda as his own. “Destroy Esmerelda and let her taste the fires of hell or else let her be mine and mine alone.” The backing choir and the vocals provided by Tony Jay make this a hauntingly beautiful experience.

  • Any scene with Nani and Lilo from Lilo and Stitch, Lilo and Stitch will forever and always be my favorite Disney movie. While Frozen did a good job at portraying a sisterly bond, Lilo and Stitch did it a million times better. This movie took a chance at touching on some serious topics and it came out wonderfully. How Nani is doing all she can to take care of Lilo even though she is barely an adult. How Nani knows how different Lilo is compared to her “friends” but doesn’t try and change her, she embraces her sister for who she is and lets her express herself in whatever way possible, even if it is getting her collection of fat people photos developed to put on her wall. Nani is one of the strongest females in Disney imo and I can go on about her for ages. She is always thinking of her sister, like when they first got Stitch and the adoption lady said “Stitch isn’t a real name” Nani quickly stopped her because if Lilo thought it was a good name thats all that matters, then theres little things like how when she got fired because of Stitch she didnt put any blame on them, instead she responded with “The managers a vampire and he wanted me to join his legion of the undead.” This probably something Lilo has mentioned before and Nani said this to make Lilo not feel guilty about her being let go. At one point, Cobra comes to take Lilo away and Nani has to tell Lilo, in her own way that she won’t be around anymore. Aloha O’e is short and simple and packs a punch, theres no backing music, no shiny special effects, no long discussion but it alone is so powerful. Nani can’t physically say “We wont be together” so she sings her feelings in this short song and it breaks my heart everytime. I won’t go on about Lilo cause that will take too long LOL but yeah. Any scene with these two is pure gold and I love them so much.
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