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Ready to Rock

Originally posted by xmendaily

Warren Worthington III x Reader

Ready to Rock

Author: Morgan

Prompt: Can you do a Warren X Reader where your this shy, quiet person and the teacher makes you and Warren partners for everything in class for the rest of the year. As you two work together you start to open up and he finds out how much badass and heavy metal lover you are.

Note: Aww yisss! I had a gr8 idea for this a long time ago, and I’m so glad it fits into the prompt omg. I made up a fictional rocker for this, so if you don’t know what I’m talking about when we get there, that’s why.

Warnings: None?

You were pink pastels and flower crowns, pretty skirts and frilly lace. Warren was spikes and leather jackets, heavy boots and motorcycles, and most importantly rock music. You always heard Warren blasting the music in his dorm, so loud the walls shook. Anytime you forgot where his room was, you just followed the music like a trail of breadcrumbs.

“Warren!” you shouted over the music. Your fist banged against the door as loud as you could. The music flicked off and the door swung open. You pushed your large round glasses up your nose and hugged your books tighter to your chest. “Um, are you still up for a study session, or…?”

There was a long pause, in which you realized Warren was standing there wearing nothing but a pair of sweatpants. Not even a shirt. He was ready for bed.

“Oh yeah, yeah. Sorry. Forgot.”

“I-it’s fine.” you took a faltering step back, the sight of this literal angel shirtless in front of you was almost too much for your heart, causing it to race in your chest. His strong feathered wings stretched behind him in a way similar to flexing muscles, showing off. Not that he needed to. “Um, I can leave if it’s too late. Sorry for-”

“No!” he almost shouted when you turned to leave, his cheeks betraying him by flushing pink. “I mean…it’s not too late if you want to come in. Curfew isn’t for another hour, and I’ll definitely fail if you don’t help me, so…”

“Okay,” you nodded. He stepped out of the doorway so you could walk inside. You took a seat on his bed. He hastily began to tidy up, pushing discarded clothes out of the way and stacking scattered records and books. You took notice of the large ‘Cupid and the Fallen Angels’ poster hanging on Warren’s wall. Her long hot pink hair blew in the wind, and large feathery wings were mounted on her back. She was dressed as many rockers were, in a black leather jacket, ripped jeans, high-heeled boots. She had a quiver full of arrows that she sometimes fired into the crowds at her concerts, and her lips were painted in the shape of a heart. A small smile tugged at your lips. “You like Cupid, huh?”

“What? Oh, yeah. She’s great.” Warren answered. “Got one of her records around here somewhere.”

“Cool.” you nodded, cracking open your Algebra book. Warren sat beside you. Subconsciously, one of his wings came to rest on your shoulder, wrapping around you like a warm blanket. You smiled under the weight.

“Is that okay? Sorry. I didn’t ask. It just happens sometimes.” Warren’s wing twitched. You had never seen him so vulnerable before.

“It’s fine.” you assured him, scooting a bit closer. “It’s really warm.”

“I know.” he smirked, reading the book over your shoulder. “So, I hope you can help me understand this, or I’m going to fail.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”


A few days later, you sat with Warren at lunch, joining him in the courtyard, which was surprising to say the least.

“How’d you do on the test?”

“Didn’t get it back yet.”

“How do you think you did?”

“Better than I’m used to.” he admitted. He was fully clothed this time, but you couldn’t help but let your mind wander to the thick muscles that lined his chest. God, Warren was something else. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” you smiled, your eyes meeting his. “Anytime you need help, just give me a call.”

“Will do.”


“(Y/N)!” Warren called a few days later, swooping through the courtyard in search of you. You waved him over, both hands high above your head. He landed in front of you, a somewhat bent paper in his hand. It was the test.

“So? What’s the verdict?”

“I got a B!” he stated.

“I’m so sorry-”

“Sorry? That’s the best I’ve done all year!” Warren scooped you up in his arms, engulfing you in a tight bear hug. Your feet dangled above the ground as he practically swung you around. You had almost never seen him smile, not like this. “I’m so happy I could kiss you.”

“Yeah?” you somewhat challenged, still dangling above the ground in his strong arms.

“Yeah.” he set you down and leaned in, but just before your lips met…


“(Y/N), do you vant to practice teleporting vizh me?” Kurt asked, appearing out of thin air.

“Um, sure,” you brushed a lock of hair behind your ear. You pressed a long, meaningful kiss to Warren’s cheek, causing his wings to falter and his eyelids to flutter. “I’ll see you later, okay Warren?”

“Um, y-yeah. See you later.” he was in a daze. He didn’t even care that you had left with Kurt. You had kissed him. God, he was whipped.


“Woah dude,” Peter raised his goggles. “Do you need to see the nurse? You look like you’re gonna pass out.”

“I’m fine. I was just…kissed by an angel.”

Peter took a bite of his Twinkie. “You’re screwed, buddy.”

“Tell me about it.”


“Hey Warren,” you approached Warren at lunch about a month later, very obviously hiding something behind your back.

“Oh hey,” he smiled that charming smile of his that had been making more and more appearances since you found your way into his life.

“I um…Cupid and the Fallen Angels are coming to town, and my uncle owns the stadium they’re performing in, so…he hooked me up with these.” you handed him a ticket and a backstage pass hanging on a lanyard. Warren’s eyes widened and his jaw just about hit the floor.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah. I mean, I can’t go. I’m gonna be out of town, but uh, Uncle Howard gave me some for the whole crew, so you won’t be alone.”

“Thank you so much,” he took your hand in his, pressing a kiss to your forehead. You let go of his hand and wrapped your arms around his torso, hugging him tightly.

“Don’t mention it.” you mumbled into his muscled chest. He chuckled.

“Maybe next weekend I could…take you out for dinner to make up for it?”

“Sure.” you nodded. “I’d like that.”


“Warren!” you knocked on his door minutes before the crew was leaving for the concert.

“Yes?” he opened the door, already dressed in his Cupid shirt. His fluffy Mohawk was arranged into neat curls, and his ensemble was enhanced by his signature leather jacket.

“I…this is gonna sound weird. Can I borrow one of your jackets? It’s an emergency.”

“Yeah, sure,” he let you into his room and opened his closet, revealing at least ten leather jackets. He handed you one, wrapping it around your shoulders. It was such a contrast to your usual pastel and flowers wardrobe, but he would admit: you looked hot.

“Thank you so, so much, oh my God.” you stood on your toes and kissed his cheek. “I owe you.”

“I don’t mean to pry, but what is it for, exactly?”

“Um…I’ll tell you when it’s over.”

“O…kay…?” Warren’s eyebrows crinkled. “Oh, and uh, thank you so much for the tickets.”

“No prob. See you later?”

“Yeah, see you later.” he stated. You winked before walking off. He smiled, leaning against the doorway. He liked the sight of you in his clothes. He might have to loan you his jackets more often.


“Are you ready to rock?!” you walked onto the stage, demanding attention and channeling confidence with every step. The heavy eyeliner and the bright pink wig you wore in all of your concerts were more enough to throw anyone who knew you off of your scent. Yes. You were Cupid.

Being a teleporter certainly helped you make it to shows on time no matter where they were. You didn’t work quite like Kurt. You used portals, and therefore you could transport further than he could.

You strutted down the stage, performing all of your songs. You spotted Warren and the others from the Mansion not too far from the front. You had gotten them the best seats in the house. Warren was close enough to see your face, really, truly see it. His eyebrows scrunched up, and when you got closer, he could have sworn that was his jacket you were wearing…

But he brushed it off. You were out of town, not a rock princess known all over the world. And besides, the (Y/N) he knew was a shy, sweet, innocent nerd. Not a heavy metal rocker with big feathery wings. No. Couldn’t be.


After the concert, you met up with the X-Kids backstage.

“Zhat vas incredible!” Kurt appeared in front of you in a puff of smoke, shaking your hand. “I’ve never been to a concert before! My name is Kurt Vagner.”

“I know, Kurt.” you smiled. Warren squinted, taking a timid step forward. You shed the giant wings mounted on your back and dropped your fake quiver. Lastly, you took off your pink wig and handed Warren his jacket. All of their jaws dropped. “Thanks for loaning me the jacket, Warren. You’re a life saver.”

“But you’re…how?!” Peter shouted.

“Teleporter, remember?” you smirked. Warren was speechless. “I told you guys I was in a band.”

“I thought it was some hippie ukulele group.” Warren chuckled. “But this…I could get used to this.”

“You like it?” you bit your lip and took a step closer to him. One of his arms wrapped around your waist.

“Mmhmm.” he nodded. The other X-Kids subtly snuck away, not wanting to interrupt your little moment.

“You know…” your voice was low. You stepped closer so your bodies were touching. “That last song was about you. The new one.”

“Really?” he raised an eyebrow, smirking. “Was everything in it true?”

“Yes,” you nodded, cheeks flushing red.

“Everything?” he asked. You nodded. “Even that you wished your curly-haired angel would kiss you until your lips went numb?”

“Especially that.”

“Well…” Warren’s hands cupped your face, pulling you closer. “I’d say we have our work cut out for us then.”






A Certain Romance(Acoustic)
Arctic Monkeys
A Certain Romance(Acoustic)
A Certain Romance(Studio Acoustic)
from Straighten The Rudder

“Don’t you know, oh it’s a funny thing you know
We’ll tell them if you like
We’ll tell them all tonight
They’ll never listen”

can we please talk about zed
because he is so fucking adorable in the manga and i was so glad they gave this ep to give him well deserved screentime despite late intro bc he’s a gr8 character and just holy shit how cute is he with his sensible monotone replies

ok so here is my extreme presgrub headcanon 

aradia and sollux are the tightest of buds, the broest of bros, the closest of chaps, but pretty much all of their friends assume that because of this, they are probably in a red relationship with each other. partially because they just dont care, partially because they find it funny, aradia and sollux never bother to correct them

meanwhile fef is starting to feel red feelings for sollux so naturally she talks to her moirail eridan about it, and of course eridan doesnt take this too well so he tells aradia about fef’s feelings in the hopes that aradia keep that from happening

upon hearing this news, aradia rolls up her sleeves, initiates a chat with feferi and says; ‘0mg y0ure red f0r s0llux thats amazing he c0uld use a matesprit like y0u’ and aradia and feferi chat a lot about how theyre gonna hook (lol fish pun) fef up with sol, and aradia and feferi become gr8 friends as a result

as they become closer and closer and aradia gives nonstop support to fef’s feelings for sollux, feferi starts to realize 'wait a second t)(is is w)(at a moirail s)(ould be like not the ass)(ole that eridan is’ bc hell yeah pale arafef

so then finally feferi guts up and sends sollux a message 'can we talk?’ and sollux responds with 'aa'2 dead’

after all the trolls are done mourning aradias death, feferi is unsure as to whether she should still try to be matesprits with sollux, but then she remembers that aradia WANTED her to be in a red relationship with sollux

when fef finally confesses her feelings, aradiaghost watches and slowly nods to herself

Okay so I’m gonna drop the OoC/Brackets here because this has been something that had been bugging both me and my gr8 pal @basedmercury. We’ve both been hella salty over this whole “Was it Neo or Emerald” debate, and they had found this really great argument that just made me itch. So, following off the tailcoats of the original post (which I had debunked earlier), this point rose up. So, time for a counter argument \ o /

So, let’s start from the top: When Coco gets literally dragged. Looking at the diagram below, we can see just how the positions are on the field. Dark green is Emerald, Brown is Coco, and that lime green spot we’ll talk about later.

So, Coco gets dragged.

And she lands against a tree. This next diagram shows where she’s facing. a la that small line.

She’s still facing forward. “I take it back. I don’t like her.”

When suddenly BLAMMO HEADSHOT. Coco turns around and finds Emerald in the trees.

This is supported by the fact that, with the circle on the right, it shows the stadium; they’re both back at the read of this ¼th of the arena.

Chase ensues, Emerald leaps and jumps and treats this forest like her playground.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Emerald was heading to the right before she “disappeared”, and this is super important. We’ll get into it later. 

So we’re going to assume that Emerald kept going, and this is where that green dot comes in. That is “Yatsuhashi”, or at least, the illusion of. We’re running with the idea that “Yatsu” is Emerald here, not Neo.

So, for now, ignore that green dot and focus on the lime. Coco keeps her eyes trained to where she saw Emerald last (and this is important). However, she hears the announcers overhead..

.. And not only is Yatsuhashi pronounced wreckt at the time, but note that small, small decrease in aura from Emerald. Huh, I wonder why that is.

.. It was like as if it was for a brief flick of the semblance. At this point, Coco turns around, and in the diagram below we demonstrate the position that Emerald would’ve been had she stayed.

And then the position of where she would be had she hidden away. Now we’re back to focusing on the green dot. “Yatsuhashi” has been dispelled, so now it’s just two girls in this fight.

So of course we remember that blur, everyone has seen the post with it. But it also demonstrates something very important: Emerald can move faster and quieter than what Coco can pick up. Coco has no idea that Emerald is literally right in front of her; just look at that gun! If we take this and apply to Emerald “disappearing” prior, we see now that Emerald hadn’t halted completely. She eluded Coco, either by pausing before moving or by playing mind tricks and ducking behind another tree. 

So, another thing that this shot points out: Emerald is moving to the right/upwards. She’s rounding out to the back of the arena.

And around Coco’s field of vision.

To land a finishing blow.

To quote Coco, “Damn.”

pls tell me u understand my edit was shitty on purpose

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