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Support the gay agenda. 

Help get Wynonna Earp renewed. 

Even if you don’t watch this particular show, but you care about healthy LGBTQ representation, please, please help us get our voice heard. 

We are a pretty small fandom, but with your support we can get a third season. 

If you can, tune in on the show live on syfy - even if it’s just to leave it in the background while you do something else (but I reccomend you give it a shot, it’s good) - help us on twitter, let’s trend #renewwynonnaearp to syfy. If you are an Earper and live in a country where the option is available, consider buying the seasons off itunes or amazon. Rewatch season 1 on Netflix!


🌱💜Imbolc Tarot Spread of Personal Growth 💜🌱

Imbolc or Candlemas is a Gaelic traditional festival marking the beginning of spring. It’s a wonderful time to set goals for yourself and become grounded for the awakening of spring. What are your goals for this year? How do you want to grow? Happy Imbolc, friends!

The First Card: You are just a seedling at the start of Spring and so are your goals! How can you ground yourself so you are ready to grow strong this spring?

The Second Card: For plants to grow strong and healthy you need to give the proper nutrients and make sure nothing is blocking them from receiving sunlight. What is something you need to let go of, to properly grow and reach your goals?

The Third Card: As for the proper nutrients, what can you do to properly nurture and take care of yourself? The third card represents an act of self-care to help you nurture your soul and mind so you can reach your goals. 

The Fourth Card: With Imbolc on our doorstep we leave behind Winter and welcome Spring. What changes come with the changing of seasons?

You can see some of my readings and spreads here and you can get your own reading by me here. 💖

As confident as I am that CC is popular enough to get a third season, my confidence was a little weakened by the fact that Jordan had to make a post about the pirating problem. That shows just how bad the pirating is getting, which makes the likelihood of season 3 a lot less…likely.

You guys like the show so badly? Then you seriously need to stop pirating it, or we will not get season 3. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but this can and will kill the show and if it does, you can’t blame anyone but yourselves.

‘But what if I watch it on Youtube when it comes out’??? Then RT is still not getting the revenue they need during the week when its out for FIRST members, which contributes to whether or not they will keep the show around. I’m sorry, but doing anything besides getting a FIRST account (or even getting the 30-day trial if you cannot afford a full one) is harming the show. Any form of pirating hurts the show. No expections.

If you care about CC, you need to stop pirating it. Period. End of story. And if you’re a FIRST member, then you should lead by example and wait a week to post your spoilers, or make good use of readmores and tags. 

“Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen" 

They sure do fancy the long episode titles on this show. 

Max is a little badass. 

You can’t trust those damn ducks. 

Can you be any more obvious, Jonathan? Sheesh man, take it down a notch. 

This girl scares me more than Valentine & Jonathan combined. 

Did she just say, "crush”? Well fuck you too. 

The institute needs to invest in better locks. It’s ridiculous how easy it is to get in places around there. 

Why does no one think it’s weird that Sebastian is always around being “helpful”? 

Pick up the phone! 

I miss the days when Alec couldn’t stand Clary. I love me some salty Alec. 

A cop, a leader of werewolves, restaurant owner, is there anything Luke can’t do? 

How are you feeling???? Really??? How do you think he’s feeling, dumbass?

It might just be me but this scene between Jace & Clary seems hella awkward. 

Stop lying Simon, no he doesn’t. 

This poor guy must think they’re into some weird kink. 

Damn, thwarted again by those pesky Lightwoods. 

Dear Goddess of the Universe, forgive me for loving Jonathan’s evil smile. It’s not my fault, I swear. It’s Will’s fault. 

Now that’s what I’m talking about. My babies laughing, having fun, getting their groove on. 

“They’re beautiful. You’re beautiful." 

Seriously the security in this place sucks. Also, these Shadowhunter guards are really kind of pathetic. 

Take this asshole out, Luke. 

I love how Simon’s the arm candy in Maia’s story instead of the other way around the way it usually is. 

I love Maia so very much. Oh god, don’t make me cry. 

We’re all afraid of that, Magnus. No one wants to relive the 80s. 

This just might be my favorite hand holding moment ever. Not even exaggerating. 

Oh, that hurt. 

Wait, I was wrong??? Impossible. 

Elite guards, my ass. 

I am in love with this fight choreography. 

And there goes that happy family fantasy. 

Clary wasn’t playing. 

Save the ducks, Maia. Save the ducks. 

"We can figure this out." 

Nothing like getting emotionally gut punched to take the pep out of your step.

I don’t know who this guy is but I like him already. Don’t let me down, new guy. 

Seriously, who is this chick??? 

Those angels sure were crafty. 

Final thoughts: I already shared them earlier, but this was seriously my favorite episode of the season. So far. It allowed some characters to shine who are often put in second or third position and they carried the episode beautifully. I can’t wait to see how the final two episodes play out. I have a feeling they’re going to be epic.

Maces and talons post

I could not stop wondering how this game works, how many pieces it has, how it is supposed to be played and if it is related to chess in any way.

So without further ado, a very long post about all its appearances and possible pieces.

Viggo uses it as a metaphor (despite him disliking metaphors) for his battle with Hiccup. Its first appearance was during Viggo’s introduction, in which he held a dramatic little speech about how he came to love the game.

He shows us the first piece, the Viking chief which he speaks of as “honorable” although he could have also been talking about the player being honorable in his or her strategy. I’ll just call the piece the Viking chief, as honorable is not used as an important part of the piece’s portrayal.

Next we get a close up of the board, left we see a dragon, in the middle stands the Viking chief and just behind it lies a longship. On the right there is a figure facing the camera, holding a sword in his hands, I’ll call it the swordsman for now. The figure seen from the back looks like he is holding a shield in his hand. And lastly Viggo holds a spare miniature mace.

In the next episode Viggo leaves Hiccup a maces and talons board with three pieces. Hiccup pointed at the left one and said it was supposed to represent him, the Viking chief. On the right stood the chief of the Marauders, the leading piece of the other party. The two chiefs start sound like the black and white kings on a chess board. Both pieces carry the same title, namely the title of chief, and are clearly of opposing teams.

In the middle stands the impostor, or the traitor as Hiccup calls it. Viggo later confirms that the piece is named the impostor, but also goes by the name of the traitor, possibly because of its role in the game. Hiccup stated that the traitor always dies in the end, which bears some resemblance to the role of the spy in Stratego. (The spy can take out the highest ranking piece of Stratego if he attacks first, but dies by the hand of any other piece). It also suggests that the traitor is a much anticipated piece. Players use it a lot and as a result it dies so often it ends up dead during most of the played games. Both the impostor and the spy die most of the time, but are still pretty important pieces to a player.

Fishlegs comments that “the game was designed to test the abilities and decision making expertise of future chiefs in the heat of battle”, telling us that it is a game stimulating a war where the player is the leader of their force, not unlike popular real-life games such as chess and Risk.

By now we can also identify the figure from Viggo’s board that was seen from the back. It is probably the chief of the Marauders. Both pieces carry a shield in their left hands and both have a helmet with a shorter horn on one side. The impostor (as seen on the right below) also carries a shield, but lacks the belt that both figures on the left have. Its shield appears to be more ornate amd the sides of its mouth point downwards. Another difference is the sword in the right hand of the impostor. The chief of the Marauders does not hold anything in his hand.

The impostor is also spoken of as singular. It’s other known name and role as the traitor could very well mean that there is only one of these in the game, flip-flopping from the Vikings’ side to the Marauders’ and back.

Next we get a scene where Viggo and Dagur play the game using real life people as pieces. They speak of “my longship” and “your kingship”, implying that both players own one of each of these ships. Any of these four could be the ship seen on Viggo’s board, but my money is on the longship. I would expect something a little more impressive from a piece called the kingship.

There are also eight hunters, addressed with possessives as well, making the total sixteen, just like pawns in a chess game. The word “hunters” used to address their pieces could both be the official name of the figures, or the name given to them because they are played by dragon hunters.

At the end of their game one of Viggo’s hunters/pawns holds a mace to Dagur’s Viking king’s head. This mace could very well be the miniature mace he used to knock over a figure during his introduction, making that mace one of multiple. If there was only one mace in the game, it would have been THE mace to Dagur’s Viking king ’s head.

Dagur has the figure of the Viking king, which I believe is the same as the Viking chief. Taking out Dagur’s viking king made Viggo the winner, in resemblance of taking out the king on a chess board. As seen on the board Viggo left Hiccup, the Marauder chief and the Viking chief are the leaders of their respective parties and probably the most important pieces as well. Having another king on each side would not make a lot of sense, so I’m just going to assume the Marauder king/Marauder chief and the Viking king/Viking chief are the same piece.

It is also worth noting that if Dagur plays the Viking chief, Viggo is the Marauder chief, just like he was on the board he left Hiccup. Apparently Viggo prefers playing the Marauders’ side. Maybe because it gives some sort of advantage in the way the player playing the white chess pieces starts the game? Or maybe he identifies with the Marauders more, seeing as the said himself playing the “honorable Viking chief” was what got him to lose from his grandfather.

The last we see of the game in season 2 is Hiccup holding the viking chief.

By now we know that the game is well known because every member of the gang seems to remember this game. Hiccup feels the need to point out which figure is which and what their roles are, so the gang’s knowledge of it might be a bit shady. This does not seem illogical, after all not everyone can recite the rules of a real-life strategy game at the drop of a hat. Only those who play it often (in this case Hiccup) may.

It has the following pieces: The viking chief, the Marauder chief, one or more impostors, two kingships, two longships, eight viking pawns, and eight marauder pawns. Figures not identified yet are a swordsman and a dragon, both of which could belong to any of the two parties.

All those pieces can never fit on the board together without making it impossible to move them. Every time we see a Maces and talons board there are only a few pieces on the board itself. Either they have been removed, or as Dagur said “have been taken out” or they are yet to be added as the game progresses. A third option would be that a player is able to trade pieces on the board for pieces not used at that moment in the way a pawn can become a rook or queen. I’d personally prefer the second theory, making the board pieces similar to the troops used in Risk that a player can add at the start of each turn.

Lastly we know it is played by strategists to test their intelligence.

So far so good, now it gets confusing~>

The game makes its reappearance in the season finale as Hiccup meets Viggo and hands him a piece that is most likely the impostor. the confusing part is that he was seen holding the Viking chief back in season 2.

We also get a view of the board, with the longship from Viggo’s board back in Maces and talons Part 1, the dragon and the figure that looks like the Marauder chief, but with a sword. I’ll call it a pawn. (My explanation will follow later, keep reading).

We get two more shots of the board, both from roughly the same angle. They show the longship on the left, the swordsman in the back, two impostors in the middle, the dragon and on the far right the Marauder chief.

I don’t know if this was a mistake, intentional or just Hiccup messing with Viggo by returning him another piece. Viggo does not comment on this, rendering the last theory unlikely, unless he chose to keep quiet to frustrate Hiccup.

Next we see Ruff, Tuff and Fishlegs playing the game. On the screencap above stand the Viking chief and the swordsman and on the screencap below Fishlegs looks at the dragon, a longship and the impostor.

On Tuffnut’s side we have a pawn, the Viking chief (so far the Viking chief is the only figure with bent horns) and the swordsman. The Viking chief and the swordsman are likely to be the same as the ones two screencaps up. Not much new information is given.

On the contrary, the game’s last appearance is VERY interesting. Fishlegs and Snotlout play against Heather and Astrid and their game is in full progress when the camera hovers over the board.

There are two ships on the board and two beside it: the longships and the kingships. It looks like the animators used the same model, so we can’t tell the difference between the two kind of ships, but I am sure the characters can.

The two pictures above show that there are multiple pieces of the figure with the sword in one hand and a shield in the other, pretty much confirming that these are the pawns.

Below I have marked every piece I could identify. Circled in green are the four ships, two kingships and two longships. There are eight pawns in red, one impostor in blue and three dragons in orange. Unidentified are three objects in the top left corner.

All figures marked with orange have a tail and wings, making the total of dragons three while the Marauder chief and the Viking chief are nowhere to be seen.

There are three pieces left unidentified. On the side lies a figure without bent horns, with a belt and without a sword in his right hand. If I have to guess I’d say it is the swordsman. The swordsman has so far only been seen once per game and was not on the board itself. The little piece on the right looks like a spare mace to me. In the middle lies something I cannot identify AT ALL, but given that it was hinted at that there were multiple maces in the game, I’d pin this object as a second mace.

My conclusions~>

Except for two little errors, I’d say maces and talons is a very detailed and logical game with many elements from real life war-simulator board games.

The first error is that Hiccup gives Viggo a second impostor in Defenders of the wing Part 1, despite holding a Viking chief at the end of Maces and talons Part 2. For the conclusion, let’s assume this was a mistake and Hiccup actually handed Viggo the viking chief. This would turn the impostor into an unique piece, matching Heather and Fishlegs’ game where I marked only one figure in blue.

The second error are the three dragons on Heather and Fishlegs’ board and the lack of the two opposing chiefs. My guess is that there is only one dragon and that two of these dragons were supposed to be the chiefs instead. This is a guess, as the dragon has so far only been seen once per board. It has never been addressed, nor hinted at, so anything about it would remain a mere shot in the dark.

With those errors fixed… Let’s move on to the real conclusion

The game features two parties at war with each other, the Marauders and the vikings. The parties are led by their chiefs, and taking out the opposing chief will win you the game, like the king on a chess board. Each party consists of a longship, a kingship, a mace and eight pawns. Furthermore the game houses one dragon and one swordsman, both without known designated roles, and one impostor who does not belong to either side an usually pays for this with its life.

Furthermore, the Viking chief holds two axes while the Marauder chief holds up his hand without holding something in it. A spare piece of the game is the Marauders’ mace, which I think could fit into the empty hand of the Marauder chief. If the Marauder chief wins, the player can take out the mace and knock the Viking chief over in a chessmate kind of style.

Not all pieces are on the board at the same time, usually only a few are seen on the battlefield, tying into the strategy-part of the game. Picking the right pieces to play with at the right time could be a huge intelligence test for the player, reminiscent of how a player picks a card to play during various card games.

There seem to be rules on how the pieces are supposed to move across the board as well, yet I do know them, nor could I figure them out.

All in all Maces and talons seems inspired by turn-based strategy games like Risk and Stratego to some degree, while keeping Chess as its main influence.

So what do you guys think? Feel free to add your theories! ^^



This Monday is ഓണം so let’s prepare for this amazing celebration. ഓണം onam is Kerala’s equivalent of New Year celebration. There is a misconception among non-Malayalees that ഓണം is only celebrated by Hindus. Although the origin of ഓണം is of Hindu religion and beliefs, it’s loved and celebrated by every Malayalee, regardless of religion on this planet. Schools give out a week long break even adults get few days off, everyone goes shopping for new clothes, we have a dress code :)

Google will give you a more detailed story, so the short version of the myth behind ഓണം is മാവേലി Maveli, a just and kind king, was asked by a disguised Vishnu (a poor brahmin) if he could have three feet/steps of land and the king agreed. Since this was a test for Maveli, Vishnu grew so large that with the first step he covered the entire earth and the second the skies. Now he doesn’t have place for the third step and he tells Maveli this and in response Maveli said he can place the third step on his head and Vishnu does, sending Maveli to nether world/underground. Having passed the test and he gets a wish but the king only had one request, to visit his kingdom, Kerala, once a year. Vishnu moved by all this granted it. So on the day of തിരുവോണം, the final day of onam season, Maveli visits Kerala.

We’ll cover the Malayalam months first, which is based on the കൊല്ലവർഷം (Kollam Year.) Right now the year is 1193! On a day to day basis we do follow the gregorian calendar but for things like festivals, farming, and birth charts etc we use the Malayalam months because കൊല്ലവർഷം is solar calendar and the months are named and based on constellation position (there is lot more science involved but we don’t know all of it).

Based on Gregorian Calendar the year starts in August-September time frame. So the months are:

ചിങ്ങം Chingam

കന്നി Kanni

തുലാം Thulam

വൃശ്ചികം Vrishchikam

ധനു Dhanu

മകരം Makaram

കുംഭം Kumbham

മീനം Meenam

മേടം Medam

ഇടവം Edavam

മിഥുനം Midhunam

കര്‍ക്കടകം Karkkadakam

And so Onam is celebrated in ചിങ്ങം! It’s a season, 10 days long, on the 10th day is തിരുവോണം, the actual day malayalees go all out and celebrate it! This year it’s from the 25th of August to the 4th of September.

Now let’s truly prepare for the festivities so you can wish people and more importantly ask for more food!

ഓണാശംസകൾ! Onnashamsakal (lit trans: onam greetings) Make sure to greet everyone on Monday!

പൂക്കളം pookkalam = A flower arrangement done with different kinds of petals in a colourful design

പുലികളി pulikali = tiger dance

വള്ളംകളി vallamkali = a traditional boat race that looks AMAZING when you see it happening irl

ഓണാ സാധ്യ ona sadhya = a meal with variety of traditional dishes( **vegetables only for onam!**) are served on a banana leaf, this meal is during lunch only

Next are types of dishes you can make with almost any vegetables, or even fruits!

തോരൻ thoran = coconut shavings based veggies, for example: beans thoran

പുലിശയറി or മോര് pulisseri or morru= yogurt curry

അവിയൽ avial = vegetable potluck

എരിശേരി erisseri = spicy coconut paste base with one or multiple veggies

പരിപ്പ് കറി parippu curry = lentil curry (what westerners drink as soup)

സാംബാർ sambar = the essential curry to all South Indians, spicy red color vegetable mix, soup consistency

മെഴുകുവാര്ടി mayukkuvarti = kerala equivalent of stir fry

അച്ചാർ aCHar = pickle (you can turn any food item into achar, even meat but this onam so only veggies)

Dont forget the പപ്പടം! Pappadam = a thin crispy kind of food so your sadhya is more crunchy

പായസം paayasam = the milk based dessert that ties everything together in the end

This is like extra fancy having that many sides, but we hope everyone gets to eat this many sides cause it is heavenly~ And bless you all with at least two types of payasam :D

Eat with your hands like a proper Indian, and fold the leaf top to bottom to show that you’ve enjoyed the meal and you’ll come again! (If you fold it from the bottom, it’s disrespectful!)

Happy Onam!

Season 3 News
  • ‘The premium cabler in June announced a two-season pickup for the series from developer/executive producer Ronald D. Moore and Sony Pictures TV. The third season will consist of 13 episodes based on Voyager, the third of eight books in Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling Outlander series. In March, production and filming on the current season moves from its home base in Scotland to Cape Town, South Africa, to shoot sea voyage scenes on the former sets of Starz’s original series Black Sails. Production on Season 3 began in September and will wrap in June.’ -
  • ‘The third season of Outlander—which will include 13 episodes based upon Voyager, the third of eight books in Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling series—will premiere in September. Fans eager to get an early taste can also catch the Outlander panel at San Diego Comic Con this summer.’ - Vanity
  • “With the scope of the production and all of the intricate details that go into the Emmy-nominated sets and costumes, we had to make sure everything is kept to the high standard of the previous seasons and [author] Diana Gabaldon’s beautiful story,” stated Exec VP Steve Kent of Sony Pictures TV, which produces the drama for Starz. “We’re so proud of the incredible work that Ron [Moore] and the Outlander team have done.” Filming is expected to wrap in June, just in time for the cast to attend San Diego Comic-Con. - Entertainment
  • The 13-episode third season will feature episodes shot in Scotland and South Africa; the latter will stand in for Caribbean locales that show up in Diana Gabaldon’s third Outlander novel, Voyager. All told, the final five episodes of the third season will be shot in South Africa. -
Shoma & Satoko interview from Quadruple 2017+Plus

Brief interview between Shoma and Satoko during 2016 GPF published in Quadruple 2017+Plus.

“The two earnestly hardworking individuals”

Born in December of 1997 and March of 1998, respectively, Uno Shoma and Miyahara Satoko are in the same school year. Since their junior years, these two have dazzled—including standing on the podium for the second consecutive year at this season’s Grand Prix Final. We had a special conversation with the two of them onsite in Marseille. It was a brief one, but it ended up being a delightful talk with these two humble individuals.

What do you normally call each other?
Satoko: I call him “Shoma-kun.”
Shoma: I call her “Satton” (lol).

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

I think queerbaiting is discussed in relation to SPN because it is all subtextual. A lot of people still watch the show through their heteronormative goggles, because that is normal for them and they DO NOT SEE the destiel. I feel like it's canon at this point, but others do not see it and it is not discussed in the show. Is Dean bi??? The General Audience doesn't think so. We've made a lot of progress this season, but destiel is still subtext. I hope that changes by the end of the season. 1

2 I don’t mean to rain on your positivity parade, because the subtext is STAGGERING, but clearly they need to push it a bit further. Any hetero couple would have gotten together and broken up and had misunderstandings and separations that couldn’t be explained away by anything else in the narrative (which we are getting FINALLY this season) for the 8 YEARS Dean and Cas have known each other now. Like we can have TEXTUAL acknowledgement without them BEING together. Even if it’s from a third party.

I know what you’re saying but….

Originally posted by bigmuldyandtinysculler

X Files is a prime example because it wasn’t a ROMANTIC show, it was a SUPERNATURAL show, it wasn’t ABOUT the romance so it just kind of… was there in the background for YEARS AND YEARS. I think it basically went canon at Endgame? Then broke up to make the movie and new series? Like - yeah cos their arcs were not finished, it added tension and drama, so yeah of course!

I am not a writer for the show, I have no more information than you do or anyone does, I just look at what is given to me and this is how I read it. I have always also stated that I don’t think its 100% for sure because there are reasons (mainly production at this point because narratively there are pretty much no reasons not to go there) why they may decide not to.

I’m sorry that people are upset by it but I still stand by the fact that you can’t have a long drawn out will they won’t they love story by having it go there half way through.

I don’t WANT them to get together only to break up - also that is not the point of this kind of relationship or their own individual character arcs!

Their character arcs mean that they individually have to figure a lot of shit out before they can fully be happy with who they are and only THEN will they be able to function as a couple. 

Pushing them together before they’ve reached their own individual endgame would therefore NOT WORK because they wouldn’t be their endgame, better selves. 

The Destiel story is only a PART of their own individual endgames and they have to work at the rest of it in order to have a functioning relationship (which is what the whole show is about, it’s a character based show bathed in supernatural themes, the emotional story of Sam and Dean Winchester and now Castiel, Angel of the Lord and even all the others: Crowley, Rowena, Mary, Lucifer… all EMOTIONAL STORYLINES). 

In a way @amwritingmeta is right when she says that Destiel is their reward for the resolution of their true character arcs, I kind of see it a sum of parts but the theory is still the same, Destiel is only a part of the story and it can’t be pushed forwards into a part of the narrative where it isn’t ready for it yet or it will just crash and burn.

Dean can’t be in a relationship with a ‘guy’ until he accepts himself as bisexual / gay / Cassexual (whatever they want to do with it, my head canon is bi, but lets see!), until he thinks he deserves to be loved, until he puts his own happiness above or on the same level as Sam’s and tells anyone who has a problem with this or any other side of his personality that he has been repressing for decades to SWIVEL.

Cas can’t be in a relationship with a human until he accepts himself as not really an Angel anymore, not immortal, not Dean’s protector, guardian Angel, babysitter, that he also deserves to be loved, deserves happiness, isnt a failure etc.

Without all this personal growth it would just be forced and be doomed.

Also - the third party thing. I hope that when the series ends and people rewatch they will realise what they previously might have missed. All the bi!Dean subtext, all the Sam bitchfaces, Sam looks between Cas and Dean, the Destiel subtext, Metatron, freaking AMARA…. it all points to endgame Destiel for me and hopefully it will end up being a sum of parts when it is canon.

I don’t want that and I don’t think anyone does. Sometimes love has to be patient :)

Season 3 Campaign Effort

Hey guys! So after the disappointment that was Blue Summer Fes, I’m planning on leading a campaign effort to get a third season of AoEx. Basically stuff like tweeting at the anime twitter that we want one, plus maybe a petition. I want to get Japanese fans involved to, so if anyone speaks Japanese, that would be extremely helpful. If you would like to help out, let me know! I really want to see the anime continue in some way, so hopefully with enough fan response, we can make s3 happen!

To My Fellow Supercorps

You are valid. You deserve representation. You are not something to be laughed at. You are not a joke.

I know you are all hurting, I am honestly crushed. So let’s do something about it, because quite frankly our voices aren’t being heard properly over social media. To all of you who are angry and upset, when season 3 starts back watch it illegally. The one thing that seems to get any attention is views, so make sure yours don’t count. Given how a large amount of the Supergirl fanbase are wlw, we will have an impact.

And in the mean time, give your support to shows that actually support you. Wynonna Earp was just renewed for a third season, so go and celebrate that. The Bold Type, is developing a relationship between a lesbian Muslim and one of the shows leads who has realised she isn’t as heterosexual as she thought. Go and watch the Bold Type so it can get a second season and continue to represent us in a positive light.

Good Stuff: Baman Piderman

WARNING: When making Kool-Aid, buy two packets for better flavor. Thank you, take care out there, and enjoy.

Holy Slamacow, this show is the tops and bottoms

Before Tumblr became my glory hole for art and visual entertainment, I had more complex sites like Newgrounds, Stickgames, and Youtube before it became a sellout. And in Youtube, there was a channel called Mondo Media that felt like a reject Adult Swim sub-channel. And in that, Mondo had stuff like Dick Figures, Gundarr, and Larva that would produce new episodes by the week and I’d check in every time. Not Happy Tree Friends though, that scared me. But I saw a particular series that I then I unfortunately sweeped under the rug like a pak of gummi blobs. Let me tell you, I was a FOOOOLISH child for thinking this was nothing but nonsense scribble dribble! This was/is the best thing to enter my life, and it deserves all the praise and love and cake and ice cream that one might be able to get. Why I skipped out on such a delight back all those years ago is a certain mystery. Then again…

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Made by Lindsey and Alex Small-Butera, a couple of artists whose fluid yet jittery outlined animation can be recognizable if you’ve seen an Adventure Time or Ed, Edd, n Eddy. Not saying they were involved in the latter, but this show takes the style from the Eds and pictures from the early days of animation reels. And if you haven’t seen Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy as a child, then I feel sorry for you. This was what got me hooked at first, with simple motions the characters look like something from old Fleischer or Disney shorts, but when it needs to pick up the motion can be as smooth and well flowing as a… Ghibli film? No, that’s more grounded. Steven Universe? No, that’s too floaty. I GOT IT! Have you ever heard of The Snowman, a small film about a boy that flies with a snowman he built himself that is just genuine Christmas? Now have you ever heard of this one commercial that parodies that movie where this child and a snowman were flying through the winter air while the child had a Scottish soft drink in hand and the snowman ditched him since he was too spoiled to share? See below, but Baman Piderman is like that with its direction, except it doesn’t have as detailed an art style as the commercial or the film.

it also doesn’t have a punk who REFUSES to spare a sip!

The second, and personal favorite, element of the series are the characters. Admittedly, BP’s first season didn’t do much for me beyond introducing most of the main cast. It’s silly hijinks for a start, but season two certainly picks things up. My favorite character will go to the ghost girl Wanda, not just for her giddy prankster attitude but because her past is very intriguing; originally a haunter in Piderman’s house it changed somehow but more on that LATER! Though, I’ll say the evolving couple of Pumkin and the very big squib are a well featured dynamic, with Pumkin’s laid back charm in contrast with Squib’s enigmatic attitude. Their episode here perfectly captures their gentle and fun togetherness, as well as the central mood for the show, and I hope their kindling relationship blooms like a cloud in the sky.

It’s also the simplicity of it that gets me

This can be a silent film sometimes and there’s a comforting sense of passion that shows how much the creators care about this and you, esp. when some feels step in. So many feels. I highly recommend this to anyone who would just like a nice time passer or a spirit booster when times get tough. As we speak, a new episode of their third season is almost finished (that’s gonna be spoopy), so that can be something out for as well. But that’s all; just wanted to persuade you into checking this. You may continue with your scrolling.

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And I’m off to dream…peace

Calm it about the Spoilers

Mild Spoilers for 2x06

So there was a screening of 2x06 which means there are now tons of spoilers floating round. There seems to be a ton of conflicting information though, the first post I saw said it would be great, then others have said that the malec date is really short and another said Malec ‘only’ gets 8-10 minutes of screen time… I’m sorry but 8-10 minutes is basically a ¼ of the whole episode, that’s pretty incredible considering neither Magnus or Alec is the protagonist (as much as I’d like them to be) and there is other shit going on in the episode. We had an entire episode called Malec and it wasn’t completely about them. There are 7 main characters, that’s about 5 minutes of focus on each of the characters, so it has to be spread out. Yes I’m sure it was overhyped in the promos but then it would be. TV is a business and Malec is shadowhunters money maker. it’s almost universally shipped and they know it will get people to watch. And that’s a good thing, if people watch then we get a third season and more Malec and more positive rep. If for no other reason the show cares about this relationship.

Also, one of the major complaints people have about book!Alec is that he didn’t really have any storyline outside him being gay an we were all pretty clear last season that we didn’t want the show to follow suit. The episodes are only 40 minutes each, only so much can fit in, there will be some episodes where Alec and Magnus’ main focus is their relationship and some where it isn’t, which is good. I think a lot of this negative reaction has to do with not having so much Malec in the last few episodes but we know that 2x06, 2x07 & 2x08 will have some major Malec moments in them so if everyone can just chill for a second.

Critics Pick the Returning TV Shows They Can’t Wait to See — IndieWire Survey

From “BoJack Horseman” and “Mr. Robot” to “The Good Place” and “Better Things,” critics weigh in on the most anticipated returning shows.

Of course I am excited for all of my superhero shows to get back to saving the day. “Gotham” is going full-on “Batman Begins,” and if “Legends of Tomorrow” can keep up the fun it had last season, it’s third round could be a total scream. The ensemble works perfectly now. “The Flash” has a lot of promise with the decision to put Candice Patton’s Iris in a bigger team role. Both women are ready for it, as are the fans. “Supergirl” never fails to make me happy and “Arrow” is finally free of the Lian Yu flashbacks, so fingers crossed we can put them behind us and move on—plus, Katie Cassidy back as Black Siren? Sign. Me. Up. (Damian Holbrook, TV Guide Magazine)

hear me out;

So like I know some people are hella salty about Walker’s absence/death (NOT CONFIRMED) but I am going to try and give Simmons a chance, hear me out.

Okay, so he’s just doing his god damn job he has to pay his bills and considering CMBB didn’t get renewed for a third season being offered a ‘secure’ (🙄) place on a top rated show was something he wasn’t going to pass up.

Secondly, the man has just joined lmao so I feel that it’s wrong to make impressions of him based on what’s happened with CBS and the writers and not based on your opinions on his character itself.

Lastly, I think that there’s really no use fighting about whether it was wrong or right to fire Gupton now because there’s literally nothing we can do about it, they’re already 5 or 6 episodes into filming, so it’s no use.

Basically, all I’m saying is just give the man a chance. I know the circumstances aren’t great but he deserves a proper welcome, even if it’s not what you wanted


I’ve had my fair share of slaps of existential crisis and self-loathing because of this TV series. BoJack Horseman is one of those shows that uses dark humor to hit you exactly right where it hurts, but you can’t do anything about it but laugh, and then maybe cry afterwards (because nobody would understand if they see you crying in front of a cartoon, amirite?).

There are way too many lines in the (so far) three-season run of this show that I dearly loved and related to, but this scene of the second season finale is what struck me the most. In season 2, it was shown that BoJack was depressed, hated himself and his life, and didn’t think he deserved anything that makes him happy. At the finale, it was shown that he exerted effort to exercise as he ran around their neighborhood, even though it was shown before that running wasn’t really his thing. This scene tells the audience that BoJack was ready to help himself and is willing to change everything that he hated about his life. It was when he got tired and lied down the grass that the baboon we’ve been seeing running in front of BoJack’s house all-season long came up to him and gave him this piece of advice.

“Every day, it gets a little easier, But you gotta do it every day. That’s the hard part. But it does get easier.”

Sure, the baboon could be talking about running. It was shown that he’s been running for a long time, and it could be a friendly advice to someone he thinks is struggling from the exercise. But the quote is a double-edged sword, and BoJack took it as an advice towards the change he’s making in himself. He then said, “Okay,” and it could be his delivery, I don’t really understand how, but that word was somehow the perfect way to end the season. It was as though he agreed with the baboon, and accepts that if he really wanted to see changes in himself, he has to keep doing it until he finally feels like he doesn’t really need to exert effort anymore, because it got easier. I took that “Okay” as BoJack’s sign of finally making peace with letting go of his old habits in order to better himself.

The sad part is when reality kicks into this fictional world. Because the third season came, and it didn’t get easier for BoJack.

It’s the same thing with the real world. We all feel hopeless, but we will find a simple piece of hope, we’ll cling to it as tight and as long as we possibly can, and things will get better (or so we think). Then everything will fall apart and we’ll feel helpless again.

As for me, I think I’m in the part where I’m clinging tight to my small piece of hope–this quote from BoJack Horseman. I don’t know how long I will be able to convince myself that things will get better, but I sure hope that it does before I even let go of this tiny thing.

thoughts on season 3 of shadowhunters (may contain spoilers from season 2)

okay so now that the season is over and they’re going to begin shooting i thought i’d say as to what i’d like in season 3. i’ve watched multiple reaction videos to the finale so i am now coming back to y'all w more opinions and knowledge ab the books. okay let’s begin:

-malec. obviously. according to matt we’re going to be seeing a more domestic side of malec which i’m v excited ab. i really hope there’s no drama between them during the third season

-clace. i immediately fell in love w their relationship and i hope that jaces whole resurrection issue whatever it may be doesn’t stand in the way of them.

-i want jaces “consequence” dealt w and over w immediately. i feel like the season needs to start by getting rid of that so we can have a fresh start obviously w the exception of lilith.

-sizzy. okay let me talk a lil bit ab sizzy. they are so perfect for each other and when they have other partners they’re cute but it agitates me. they teased us in the first season and then it never turned into everything. i’m honestly ready for them to just jump right into them having simon be the queens sex slave and breaking it off w maia and the queen to be w izzy. whatever it takes.

-what is luke gonna do ab the lesbian ?? i mean he could turn her and go against the pack and possibly the accords bc lets be honest the leader of the clave was a traitor, things are changing.

-i wanna see how alec handles the institute during upcoming events in the shadow world. we haven’t really seen tHAT much of his leadership skills, just the way he handles investigations and the downworld. i want to see what KIND of leader he is.

-maybe some jordan ?? i mean it would be hella interesting to have him back while simon and maia are still together.

-i wanna know if valentine is really dead. i’m pretty sure sebby is dead so now i need to know ab val bc clearly we can’t trust even a dead body.

-can we see more drunk luke lmao. he reminded me of that episode of glee (just stay w me if u haven’t seen glee) where they’re all drunk in rachel’s basement and finn describes the different types of drunks like the “happy drunks” which i think were mercedes and tina. luke is definitely a happy drunk.

-can someone please explain in the comments how simon and clary are parabatai in the books when he’s a vampire ?? bc in the show i really want izzy and clary to be parabatai.

okay that’s all i think. please tell me what you guys would like to see in season three and if u can answer any of these !! 😽😽