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another meme i won’t finish: [4/15] music artists/bands ▷ oh wonder
“i know your hope is heavy but you’ll get over it, you’ll find another life to live, i know you’ll get over it. and i know you feel like everything is falling to the wind, but don’t you let the thunder in, cause i know you’ll get over it”


if you want like a full minute of dan laughing here you go

So I feel you. I do. When I first made this blog, and my first drawing in fucking 5 years, I posted it here, and watched it sit for 2 months with literally 0 notes. At the end of the day getting notes is about building momentum, and a following. And no matter, that’s gonna take some time.

I don’t think there’s a secret solution. I’ve seen artists with tremendous work that seem to get only a few dozen notes per illustration. Since you asked anonymously, I don’t really have any insight into some things that might be effecting viewership, like how often you post, what you post, (NSFW gets lots of view, but less notes) and how many fandoms you service. But here’s some general advice that I’ve observed:

Use the tumblr community to improve. If you keep at it, you’ll get better, and you will get more attention. Seek critiques. One of the biggest differences between art school, and no art school is the detailed (often harsh, but necessary) feedback you get from peers and teachers. ASK FOR CRITIQUES. Accolades are great. Head pats power my soul. But critiques make me better. My inbox is ALWAYS open if you want something critiqued. My one requirement is that I post the critique publicly. Good critiques take time, it’s nice to share that effort, and let others learn. :)

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k so like there was a post floating around about avatar space race and it’s so funny because @jamieslowlyimproves and I were so invested in a project that revolved around that VERY CONCEPT anyhoozies space race propaganda is what i’m HERE for 

I’m hella proud of this commission lol

EDIT: a detail shot because tumblr format effed up 

This is the (fortunate? unfortunate?) result of a conversation about Hunk hypothetically taking over every Food Network show. Gordon Ramsay who? Alton Brown who? Hunk is the culinary master we need and deserve.

For all you little children out there, here’s some advice

When someone tells you college is harder than high school, don’t believe them. They are lying to you. For example:

In high school, you have to get up while it’s still dark outside just so you can watch the sun rise from your first period class while trying your damnedest to either hide coffee from your teacher or not fall asleep before you have to get up for the pledge of allegiance. 

In college, you can pick whenever your classes are. You can have days where your first class isn’t until two in the afternoon. You can have days where you only have one class and that’s it (just gotta be fast cause those classes fill up)

In high school, I had to wear a “uniform”, as do a lot of unlucky children these days. Every year your parent has to shell out valuable cash that could be used for food and groceries to buy you come boring khaki pants and some damn polos just so the school won’t send you home for not dressing right. And don’t even get me started on ladies. A lot of schools don’t even allow skirts anymore cause some girls wanted to wear them all short and give the per-pubescent boys in their class raging distracting hard ons apparently so yeah, it’s just girl khakis with no pocket room at all. Sorry ladies.

In college, you wear whatever the fuck you want to. If it’s hot, wear some damn shorts. If you wanna wear jeans, wear them damn jeans. If you woke up and don’t feel like getting dressed, go to class in your jammies, nobody cares.

In high school, you had to stay the whole duration of the 8 hour day, including through every class because every teacher has to teach “bell to bell”, even when they run out of stuff to teach for the day.

In college, professors will straight up cancel class if they don’t feel like teaching that day. And if you’re in class and the professor finishes early, they’ll just tell you to pack up and leave cause you know, they have lives too, they aren’t there to babysit you.

In high school, you get a too short lunch period with a choice of eating poisonous food I doubt even prisons would serve or bringing your lunch so you don’t starve to death or risk food poisoning and get sniggered at because you’re “the kid with the lunchbox”. Um no, how about the kid that’s smarter than your ass and actually bought some good ass food to eat?

In college, you can go WHEREVER YOU WANT FOR LUNCH (if you have the money that is). You want McDonalds for lunch? Go right ahead. You wanna meet some friends at a restaurant because you have a few hours before your next class? Okay, sounds great. Or maybe you live at home like I do and can drive to your own home and eat your own food for free and save some money.

And oh yeah, about all those “hard classes” they say the ACT/ SAT prepares you for? Yeah, those don’t exist. The difficulty of your classes depends on your major and what you’re particularly good in. Like if you want to be an engineer, you need to be good at math. If you want to be a teacher, you need to be prepared to learn about most subjects. I’m studying acting and so far have gotten an A in every single acting class I’ve taken (not that it’s hard, just memorize the damn lines and pour your heart into the performance and you’re gold). But also, some gen ed classes aren’t even required for some majors. For example, I had to take 3 hours of math which equals one math class. Took that freshman year. Bam. Done. No more math.

So yeah, don’t believe teachers and parents when they try to scare you about college being harder than high school. Yeah, it’s a bit difficult to get in cause America is dumb and makes you take an aptitude test that doesn’t measure anything just so you can even qualify and then they make you pay your life savings for an education, but hey, it’s been a hell of a lot easier than high school for me. I can go to class in sweatpants, have class in the afternoon, go where ever I want to for lunch and not have to worry about dumb bully children because everyone in college is an adult. So if you’re excited about college, you should be because as long as you’re responsible and keep up your grades and get enough sleep (which can be hard sometimes but hey so was high school), you’ll have a great time.

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hi, i’ve finally made an icon page that no one asked for. so far these are the types i have made, but i’ll add more as i go along. please take a look!

.like/reblog if you’re using + give credit somewhere on your blog
.redirect if you’re asked where you got them
.please do not steal or claim as your own
.you can find them all here (i will be updating this regularly)
.requests are open!

a quick note! remember that jonghyun is one of the three nominees for the win on “inkigayo” tomorrow with “déjà-boo”! sbs will be counting all views that go toward both the live performance and music video! the views will stop being counted at 0:00am kst on january 18th! (that’s midnight in south korea. this post was made at 5:30pm kst so there’s just over six hours left to watch!) the goal is to get the mv to at least 650k views and the performance as many more as we possibly can!

I’m like 99.9% sure that Magnus created Magnum ice cream, but someone told him it was too obnoxious to name your brand after you so he changed the last letter and BOOM! Magnum Ice cream!

(he also tried to add glitter to the ice cream, but apparently edible glitter hadnt been invented)