so waffle

i need jason to meet sally 

in a hundred lifetimes, i’d choose you


05.04.17 24/100 days of productivity
Lil physics flashcards 🗂🦋Trying to gradually condense your notes on a module is a really good method of picking out what you need to revise more thoroughly vs what you’re confident on!


submitted by @fleecy-fawkes91: I saw submissions were a thing, so these are my three babies.

The big orange beastie up top is Waffle. Once he warmed up to the idea of people, he was a big marshmallow. 10/10 super snuggly. Sadly he passed away last May, and i still miss him.

The wee tortie snuggling Waffle and doing a blep is Miss Jordan. She loves attention and is something of a mother hen. She chirps rather than meows and gets underfoot a lot.

Jack is the black and white one eyed kitty. He was found abandoned as a kitten in a swampy area, and bonded to me almost instantly. He’s got 22 toes, his claws dont fully retract and he crinkles more than meows and i love him pieces.

The summer storm, Sahriv. Only taken me approximately 5 evers to continue the portrait series I planned from the start of this blog, but belated or not–this is the Devavani’s custom, darling little Volt Prime. He’s a high-strung, high-energy, high-maintenance bundle of anxiety who will paw/scratch at his operator’s somatic link pod’s door until it opens, only to curl up and go back to sleep (presumably satisfied that his operator hasn’t abandoned them all in the night). Additionally, this “curling up and going back to sleep” often takes place in his operator’s lap–or, at least, the attempt is made.

A lap dog cat frame he is not, but he has big dreams and you can’t take that away from him.

(Fortunately, Saif’s some sort of immortal void demon child so hopefully suffocation or electrocution isn’t a big concern.)


OKAY I HAD A WONDERFUL IDEA!!!!! Based off of an old teen titans episode (idk if it was the og or go cartoon) and some of that ‘Inside Out’ movie, the paladins come across a crystal? Which lance breaks? And it ends up splitting him into his five strongest emotions, so now there’s 5 existing lances. The other paladins+allura and coran have to take care of the lances until they can get the crystal put back together, and they all learn about Lance and his various depths as a person. Fear- Hunk takes care of fear, consoles Fear and ends up becoming a little more fearless himself Happiness- Allura and Coran take care of happiness, and it brings out their own happiness as they are encouraged by Happiness!Lance Sadness- Taken care of by Pidge, who themself learns to accept their sadness of searching for her family but also uses it as part of their motivation to save the universe Anger- Keith takes care of lance’s manifested Anger, bonds with anger somewhat about how life just isn’t fair sometimes, actually fights anger? Ends up learning that being the angry emo that acts in impulse isn’t the best idea all the time when Anger!Lance actually whoops his ass Wisdom/Intelligence- The manifestation of Lance’s intelligence and calming ideas of strategy and self-care hangs out with Shiro, who acts as a good encouragement to Shiro’s own leadership self-esteem and helps Shiro through some panicky/ptsd moments If someone wants to use this as some sort of langst inspiration for fics? Feel free but tell me or tag me so I can see the shit too, fam