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Thanks and Goodbye, Gravity Falls ;(

Figured I should make an actual post about this lmao. Like everyone else, I loved the finale and am VERY satisfied with the completion of the series. I’m just sad that it’s over. GF has done a lot for me and got me through and out of one of the worst situations in my life. I mainly have Pacifica to thank for that one, and I’m so grateful a character like her exists. Also I’m still overjoyed about Celestabellebethabelle being the show’s very own bitch queen unicorn lol

Gravity Falls brought me closer with many of my friends and introduced me to even more. I’d like to extend a HUGE thank you to Hirsch and the GF crew for putting this amazing show together. Another thanks goes to you, my followers and the GF fandom! You guys made the show even better by talking with me and cracking codes so I didn’t have to.


<3 Sam, probablyfakeblonde

Dating Jerome Valeska would include:

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Requested by Anon.

Request: Can you do a headcannon of what dating Jerome Valeska would be like?

Warning: Dating Jerome from the beginning to the end fucking hurts.

A/N: I kind of included his previous ‘life’ too. I couldn’t stop myself, so this turned out to be more than just dating headcanons. 

Jerome’s kinda an ass, but I love assholes so…

Before Jerome murders his mother:

  • Because your parents are acrobats they decide to travel with the circus, where you meet Jerome.
    • You’re both nine at the time. 
  • You becoming friends very fast.
    • Him being very funny and carefree. 
    • Him making you laugh when you’re sad.
    • Him doing mischief. 
  • Your parents loving the cute little red head.
  • Jerome telling you about his mother and the beatings.
    • Him crying a lot and you comforting him with cuddles and ice cream. 
  • Him sleeping over at yours when he can’t stand his mother anymore. 
    • Your parents confronting Lila Valeska, and Lila beating up Jerome more often after that.
  • Him having a crush on you since forever.

  • Him asking you out on a date when you’re both 15.
    • You being excited because you’ve been crushing on him for a very long time.
    • You both watching a movie in his trailer when his mother isn’t around for the weekend.
    • Cuddling.
  • Jerome kissing you sweetly but clumsily after the second date.
    • It was your and his very first kiss.
  • Holding hands most of the time. 
  • Going on more dates.
    • Jerome being a gentleman and super sweet around you.
  • Your mother giving you ‘The Talk’, while your father talks with Jerome.
  • Cuddling and caressing your half-naked bodies when no one’s around.
    • Almost getting caught by your mother. 
  • You giving him his first blowjob behind his trailer when you’re 16.
    • You spitting it out, and Jerome laughing his ass off when he sees your facial expression.
  • Him eating you out / sucking you off in your trailer, with your parents being in the next room.
    • Them totally hearing it, but saying no word, and smilling knowingly at you when you get some food after your session.   
  • Awkward but sweet First Time on his 17th birthday. 
    • Him being super nervous but very careful and tender with you.
    • Lots of kissing and laughing.
    • Doing so many things awkwardly that you’re having more fun than you intended to have.

  • Getting your own trailer with Jerome on the other side of the circus.
  • Having lots of sex.
    • Jerome being very eager to try out new things.
    • Him being very dominant. 
    • Rough sex. 
      • Being loud.
      • Being on top of you.
      • Your neighboors knocking on your trailer.
  • Passionate and wild kisses.
  • You noticing he’s slowly changing.

After Jerome murders his mother: 

  • You crying and not believing when you find out he murdered his mother.
  • Him sending you letters from Arkham and apologizing for not being with you.
    • You ignoring them at first.
  • You visiting him after turning 18.
    • “[Y/N], you came…”
    • “Of course I came, Jerome. Honestly, I don’t know what to say. You killed your mother… Do you know what I see when I look at you? I see Jerome, the boy I fell in love with… and a murderer.” 
    • “She deserved it! You know what she’s done to me.”
    • “I know and I understand.”
    • “Are you afraid?”
    • “Do you want me to be afraid of you?” 
    • “No…One day I’ll be free, gorgeous, I promise.”
    • His laugh creeping you out in the beginning. 
  • You visiting him every now and then, trying to figure out how to let him go.
    • You realizing you love him.
    • You slowly accepting that he killed his mother, 

  • Him suddenly knocking on your door after Theo breaks him out. 
    • “Jerome…. what are you doing here?” 
    • “I told you I’ll be back, gorgeous.” 
  • Him grinning and giving you flowers and chocolate. 
    • He stole them.
  • Him behaving very strangely.
    • Hearing the next day in the news about the Maniax. 
  • Having a fight with Jerome about his doings. 
    • You being afraid at first.
    • Him assuring you that he’d never hurt you.#
    • Him telling you about Theo. 
  • Him visiting you at night, when he thinks it’s safe.
  • Having rough sex.
    • Him being rougher and more dominant than he used to be.
    • Being super kinky.
    • Him trying to convince you to try out anal sex. 
  • Jerome kissing you sweetly when he wants something. 
  • Him slapping you when you’re being ‘overdramatic’.
    • You slapping him back and throwing him out. 
    • Him threatening you, you crying.
    • You almost calling the cops but you can’t because you love Jerome too much. 
    • Angry make-up fucking. 

  • Him dying and you feeling as if someone ripped out your heart.
    • Him coming back to life, crazier than usual.
    • You fainting. 

(Requests for Imagines and Headcanons are open.) 

Reasons why Naruto turned out perfectly fine as an adult

I know it’s so much easier for Antis to deal with the end of NARUTO by persuading themselves that Naruto is unhappy or changed in an unpleasant way he wouldn’t have if the end was different. Sorry for disillusioning you but Naruto became the adult you could have expected for him to become. 

1. His educational style is similar to Kushina’s, Minato’s and Iruka’s – the persons who shaped him very much

• So, now to the first scene, about which Antis complain that “Naruto is sooo strict and horrible to his own son”.

External image

“And look how sad he looks! He is so unhappy! Isn’t he? His life must be such a pity!”
External image

Oh damn, how wrong that is. Actually, this scene is very similar to a well-known one from the first chapter of NARUTO.

External image

External image

Iruka is looking sad here because he can understand partly why Naruto is behaving that way, although it cannot be tolerated. Out of the same reason Naruto is looking sad – he can understand that Boruto wants more attention from his father, but he can’t accept the way he is trying to get it.

• That’s why Naruto complies with Boruto by showing sympathy. Exactly like Iruka complied with him by treating him to Ramen.

External image

External image

“But his smile looks sooo forced here! He’s sick and tired of his family!”
External image

Forced? Why? He is smiling insightfully because he knows what Boruto is experiencing in his age, since he felt the same. That’s nothing to be happy about, that’s why it’s not a happy smile. Of course he would like to make this kind of pain easier to bear for him, but he can’t, since it’s something he has to deal with on his own. It’s ridiculous to think that Naruto should give up on being Hokage to spend more time with his children, because he is a Ninja and as a Ninja there are more important things – for example like creating a peaceful environment for his children to live in.  Boruto will realize that sooner or later. Iruka says that as well.
External image

• “What about the punch then? He is hitting his own son!”
External image

Umm… I think, this picture says enough:
External image

If you are still not convinced, you can see here that this is just the part of Naruto he inherited from his mother. He already did that to Konohamaru when he wanted to teach him a lesson.
External image

Besides that… This is a manga. Not the reality. There are panels reserved for comedy.

“Naruto does not behave like his father at all!”

External image

External image

Come again?
When Minato couldn’t do anything but trusting his son and telling him that he will be able to manage everything, he patted Naruto’s head. Naruto does the same to Boruto in a similar situation.

• “Naruto grew up with no parents, he should know how important it is to spend time with his son!”
Well, he does know that. But he knows that being the son of a Hokage means responsibility, too. Boruto will learn that this role will also be a source of power. Naruto expects this from his son since he had to learn that as well.

External image

2. He still has most of characteristics from back then

• He is still protective

External image

External image

• He still jokes around with Kurama
External image

External image

• He still speaks very bluntly
External image

External image

• He still reassures everybody that he will take care of everything
External image

External image

• He still smiles like usual (of course he has the face of an adult now)
External image

External image

• He still jokes around about skills as a child
External image

External image

(Everyone who is getting angry because “Naruto is a liar” should calm down, it’s just a joke. Another comedy panel for the readers. Naruto has always been like this. Do not take everything so damn serious. It was so obvious that even Sarada and Chouchou understood that he was joking:
External image

• He still wants to do everything alone
External image

External image

3. Many things changed positively

• His nostalgic face

External image

External image

When remembering old times and his rivalry with Sasuke he looks much happier now. Everything became better.

• His meals are not lonely anymore and there is even someone who prepares Bentos for him

External image

External image

(Every Anti is getting happy that he thought of Team 7 instead of Hinata when receiving the Bento, but that’s just stupid. I am pretty sure that he receives many, many Bentos from his family and he always thinks tenderly about his wife, but now for the first time Sarada gave him the Bento and since she looks so much like Sasuke, it’s just natural that it reminds him of the situation with Team 7 back then. Especially since Kishimoto needed a trigger for Naruto to think of the similarities between Sarada and her parents. And do you really think that Naruto doesn’t love his family just because he had no time to wait for Boruto? This is so ridiculous. As if Hinata is disappointed in Naruto just because he didn’t wait for his Bento. Their bond is so strong that it could never be damaged by something trivial like that. Such things could happen in the real world, but not in the Ninja world.)

• There is someone waiting for him when he comes home

External image

External image

Sooo cute!

• He fulfilled his dream!

External image

External image

• He became more mature
External image

External image

TL;DR Version

It’s okay to wish for a different partner for Naruto. But don’t be a dick. Don’t try forcefully to ruin everything where is nothing to ruin. And don’t try pathetically to interpret things in a miserable way, just because you cannot bear Naruto being happy with Hinata.

Naruto is happy. Naruto became a fine adult and father. Everything is alright.

External image

Tatara and Eto

I know that the main focus of the Chapter was Seidou and while it made me sad, I was also very upset over Tatara. That’s because seeing Tatara dying made me think about his character as a whole, and made me realize that we know so little about him and yet a lot about him too, and how his character always seems to satellite around Eto I’m sorry if this is very rambly and long I just have many feelings.

I’m sad over the fact that Tatara has spent a good chunk of his life living for revenge. Here is a man that lost his family and friends to Houji, and left his country for the chance he could kill him. Tatara to get revenge had to move to another country where he would be an outsider, and on top of it have to learn how to speak, read,write in another language. Which I know from people in real life is the hardest thing to do. Which then brings me to my next thing his relationship with Eto.

This is another thing that makes me sad, is that Tatara had this profound loyalty and respect for Eto. Tatara if you really think about it put aside his revenge for a long time in order to serve her, he waited until she deemed it time to sacrifice Aogiri to bring forth a new king. Which is amazing to me, because look at what he did to Seidou for just using a quinque which was made from Fei, and also Tatara could have went after Houji during the Anteiku raid, but didn’t. I feel like Tatara whether it be platonic or romantic, Tatara cares about Eto a lot. Yet, the question is why and what Eto did in their early meetings that impacted him this much.

Well, I think it’s because in many ways Eto gave Tatara a home after he lost everything. I think that for the sole reason that Tatara is able to read Japanese, even if he chooses not to because he gets headaches. I feel like speaking a language is something you can learn through immersion, but reading and writing you need someone to guide you. Along with the fact that Tatara would have had to learn from another ghoul as he is one himself, and Eto is one of the most well educated ghouls, it would make sense he would have learned from her. Then on top of it Eto gave Tatara a way to get revenge on Houji and the CCG as a whole by forming Aogiri Tree together. 

Then I just keep on thinking about how much work Tatara put into making Eto happy. Tatara put in all this work to find her a one-eyed ghoul. Even going as far to find one with the same Kakugan as her, like he thinks of her she is the perfect leader to him. He also bows to Arima and accepts him as his king, he tries to build new one-eyed ghouls to be Arima’s heir when they think that they lost Kaneki, one that eventually kills him. However, all he came to Japan for revenge, and ended up helping a girl build her revolution. Tatara never got to reach his goal to avenge his brother, and he never got to see Eto again.

I am just a jumble of sadness and I want more Tatara backstory.


It [an “incredibly emo tweet back in 2009/2010″]  was something along the lines of “I forgot that when you set your dreams so high, the fall is even harder when you miss.” I think I ended it with a very teenager-y emo “I should have known better.” I cringed when I read it about a week or so ago. I’m cringing typing it out now hahah! But I saw the date and remembered what had been going on in my life. How lost I felt. How sad. How it lasted for months before slowly dissipating. How then a year or so later that lost feeling returned and didn’t leave without a very grueling fight. How even to this day I’ll get a tickle of that feeling and bug out on anxiety and fear that it’s even possible for that haze to come back in my life. I hope you guys know that so many people feel sad. Lost. Heartbroken over people or dreams. But I never want anyone to think they shouldn’t dream high enough. Dream to the stars and beyond!! 

I wonder how my/our senpais handle criticism about their work. Mostly about Undertale and Au’s stuff.

Maybe this is the silly question for today from me haha.
But I just need to know because well…I’m talking about Youtube. In my opinion, I’m starting to hating youtube. Bunch of people is so freaking rude: “Stop doing shit only about sans”, “Just because you animate good I’ll pass you this” <– WTF Dude!? “You can’t live just animating sans with weird clothes” (<- Maybe this hurt me most but then i thought…y’know what screw you!) And let’s not talk about comparisons with anime stuff again XD.
At first, I was very concerned and sad because of that. But now, I’m taking it with humor. I just don’t care anymore. I only care the good comments and correct reviews. I can’t stop doing a very important part of my life just because some people like to hurt others hidding behind a screen! I’m not doing this for fame. I’m doing this because I LIKE to do it and because I’m giving a bit of life to this community with my art. I like Sans and the entire undertale characters. They will have their moment in my project. And I’m not the only that makes cool stuff about this videogame! There’s a better work than mine. So…just learn how to tell your thoughts and screw you if you like to hurt artists.

Is this something that our senpais have to live too? How they can keep doing their works with this…? 


“As an actor, you of course hope your work continues to mean something in years to come. It’s a very special thing to be in a movie that people genuinely care about so many years on.

Heath and I did not keep in touch after filming ended, but when I heard about his death, I was incredibly sad, I was very shocked.

He was such a force, such a vibrant person, right at the really exciting time of his life.” -  Julia Stiles

But as an adult, I also have a very different view of her life and death. This past February, on the anniversary of her suicide at age 30, I realized several things: I was older than her when she died, and oh, how we’ll never know what she could have produced. I feel so young, like my life is still ahead of me, and it made me so sad that her depression, that insidious illness, killed her. There is no romanticizing about her life now – her marriage was tumultuous and troubled, toward the end she was struggling in nearly every way possible, and the end must have been very, very bleak. She could be selfish and vengeful. Simply put, she was human, like the rest of us. That can be very hard to remember when you’re a teenager and idolizing writers that touch your bloody, tender heart.
—  from Sylvia Plath: More Than Just Her Death by Jaime Herndon
Fake rumors (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Hi ! Could you please do a Peter Parker imagine, the reader is not popular, and she is being bullied at school by a girl, she circulated a rumor about her private life , and Peter becomes very protective, he is very angry and he confronts the bully,the reader think peter had never notice her before but she was wrong and peter told her he has a crush on her ^^can you do a lot of fluff pls ? and the bully very angry and sad at the end? i want justice lol

A/N: I just want to say that slut shaming is bad and no women should ever do it. If a woman ever wants to sleep with ten men that night, then so be it. It’s her body and her choices. With that being said, I hope you enjoy this imagine!

When [Y/N] entered school that day, she knew something was off. Everybody kept looking at her, the girls whispering and the boys looking her up and down. She made her way to her locker, trying to ignore the glances everyone was throwing at her. She made a mental list of everything that could be wrong -her t-shirt was not inside-out; she wasn’t on her period, so her jeans couldn’t have a stain; she had her hair on a pony tail and, okay, maybe her make up that day wasn’t the best because she had fallen asleep and had only had time to apply concealer, but it was not that much of a deal.
She opened her locker and took the books she would be needing that day, hoping to get away from everyone.
‘’Hey, sweetie’’ a voice called behind her. She turned to look at whoever was talking to her and saw Michelle, the popular, yet mean girl in her school. ‘’How are you?’’
She didn’t know what to say -she had talked to Michelle a few times in class, but not more than that.
‘’Fine, I guess?’’ she told her. [Y/N] knew something was up, and she knew it had something to do with Michelle, but she didn’t want to ask.
‘’What did you do yesterday?’’ Michelle asked. ‘’Oh, wait, do not tell me. I already know’’ that made [Y/N] furrow her brows, not knowing what she meant. ‘’Let me say it for you. You went to the football practice, and after that, you… How can I say it without sounding rude… Well, you gave head to half of the team in exchange of popularity, right? At least, that’s what half of the school thinks’’ she told her with a smirk.
[Y/N]’s breath hitched as she opened her eyes wide.
‘’But… But that’s not true’’ she whispered. People were already looking at her and Michelle, wondering what was going on.
‘’Maybe it’s not,’’ Michelle said ‘’but people don’t know that. You should have thought about the consequences before making a move on my boyfriend, bitch.’’
‘’What do you-what do you mean?’’ [Y/N] asked. She didn’t understand what was going on.
‘’Jack is what I mean. Yesterday morning at Maths you were flirting with him, and I don’t like having what’s mine stolen’’ she hissed.
‘’I was-I was asking him about an answer for a problem!’’ [Y/N] said, remembering everything from the day before.
‘’Oh, were you?’’ Michelle asked, looking surprised. ‘’Well, too bad, right? Nothing we can do now.’’

Meanwhile, Peter had been listening to the conversation from his locker. His hearing allowed him to hear every word, the rage bubbling inside him. [Y/N] didn’t know him, but he had always had a crush on her, admiring the way she was always kind to everyone.
He approached Michelle and [Y/N], thinking of what he should say.
‘’Hey, Michelle,’’ he started, making both girls look at him ‘’have you told Jack already about that time you slept with Mike at his party? It was in his bedroom, right? While he was looking for you. It would be such a pity if he knew, wouldn’t it?’’ Peter said, a smirk on his lips.
‘’What do you-how do you know that?’’ Michelle asked, her face pale out of the sudden. ‘’You don’t even go to parties.’’
‘’Turns out I went to that one’’ Peter said. He had only gone to pick up his friend Ned, who had thought it would be a nice idea to go uninvited and had ended up being kicked out.
‘’What do you want to keep silence?’’ Michelle asked through gritted teeth.
[Y/N] stood there, not knowing what to do. She knew Peter from some of her classes, although she had never spoken to him. She found him nice -even cute-, but she didn’t understand why he was helping her.
‘’You are going to tell the whole school you started that rumor because you were jealous, and if you ever bother [Y/N] again, I will not hesitate to tell Jack the truth. And do not think for a second that he won’t believe me. I took pictures for blackmail’’ he said. He actually hadn’t taken any photos -he was not a creep; but Michelle didn’t know that.
‘’Fine’’ she said. ‘’But if you ever tell him, you are done.’’
‘’Oh, don’t you worry. It’s all on you. Be nice and you will have good karma’’ he said with a smile on his lips as Michelle left to tell people everything was just a lie.
[Y/N] looked at Peter, a soft smile on her lips.
‘’Thank you’’ she told him, pressing her books against her chest. ‘’You didn’t have to.’’
‘’You didn’t deserve it’’ Peter said, a grin on his face. ‘’Would you, I don’t know, like to go out for coffee or tea or whatever you like if you like to drink, which I guess you do, because, you know, it is necessary for the body, sometimes? It’s totally fine if you don’t want to and I will understand’’ Peter asked [Y/N], feeling nervous at the sudden attention she was paying to him and, therefore, rambling.
‘’I would love that’’ [Y/N] told him, a smile on her lips. ‘’I believe we have English together now. Would you like to walk together? We can decide when to meet on the way’’ she asked him.
‘’Yeah, of course’’ Peter answered, smiling hugely and not believing that he was actually going on  a date with her.
[Y/N] stole a glance at him and smiled, thinking that maybe that rumor would actually lead to something -or someone- good.

anonymous asked:

I think it is worth listening to, and to hear what you think about it. 💔

I don’t know anon. I am in a good place today. I hung out with my sister and found some joy in my life to distract me. I don’t know if it will be healthy for me to listen to it. I don’t want to back track. Lexa’s death hit me very very hard. I have dedicated so much time and lot of myself into analyzing that character. I wrote a 6.7k word analysis on her and this show has been apart of my life for so long now. I won’t disappear, but I am trying to heal….that’s why i haven’t been on Tumblr much for the past few days.

I am trying to think of the positives that this show HAD on my life before it caused so much pain and sadness. I would encourage everyone to do the same…it helps. Think about how for a brief period it helped you cope with aspects in your life. Think about how it caused you so much joy, happiness, and belonging.  Yes, the show destroyed that, but for those few months (at least for me) it gave me purpose, self-worth, a sense of belonging, and something to aspire to be. Think of all the wonderful people in the Clexakru fandom that you have met due to this dynamic. Think of those friendship you have made and the shared laughter due to crack posts.

What is done is done. There is nothing we can do to change it. We can either focus on the horrible thing, or we can band together and look back at the wonderful thing that was Clexa and Lexa. I am thinking about how all of you have brought so much joy and happiness into my life. Without Clexa and Lexa, I would most likely have never started a Tumblr dedicated to this show. I would never have meet all of you. This show gave me a platform to be creative and share my writings, posters, fan videos, etc. Over the past 10 months I had been struggling to find a job and this show gave me purpose. It gave me an outlet to feel productive and valued.  All of your support and kind words helped me not slip into a deep deep depression. Whenever I felt bad about myself, I would come on Tumblr and read kind messages or tags that you have written and you lifted up my spirits. I will NEVER forget the impact you have had in my life. 

We have created a positive community here. Let’s not forget that. Let’s not let the events that happened in 3.07 tear us apart. Some will decide to continue watching, while others won’t. Please do not start attacking the people who continue to watch this show and villianize them. We need to remember that we will forever be Clexakru. I will continue to watch to learn more about grounder culture and see more of the world Lexa came from. 

I am 99.99% sure this show WILL NOT have a season 4. All of the writers and actors are basically ‘done’ with the direction of the show. Therefore, Clexa is endgame. Clarke will not love another like she did Lexa. Lexa and Clarke shared a connection that can’t be replicated; they are soulmates. Soulmates that will find each other in the next life. “In love may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels…until OUR final journey ON the ground. May we meet again.”  ‘Our final journey’…our….Clarke died when Lexa died, they were linked. They were linked due to their real human connection; their infinite love.

Jason may have wanted Be|larke to be endgame, but he won’t get that. He won’t get to invalidate the LGBT community again. He won’t get to depict on screen that f/f relationships are just ‘fillers’ for a m/f endgame relationship. He won’t get to make every lesbian feel like they mean nothing in the real world. He won’t get to make them feel like they are things to be used and discarded. I feel very upset that I have defended and trusted him over the past few months. I trusted him to rise above all of this, but I was wrong. 

In case you’re looking for Hannigram playlists...

I got a question about my favorite Hannigram songs for my Q&A video, and when I was answering the question I mentioned my playlists. So I decided to make a post with all of them, because they’re all important to me.

It’s a beautiful crime.

(general playlist about their love)

Never let me go.

(Will’s pov, sad/happy, lol)

Let’s cause a little trouble, oh you make me feel so weak.

(NSFW, because their sex life is very important)

It’s true what they say, love must be blind.

(angst. very angst. it hurts my heart. I love it.)

I do care.

Hey guys, I haven’t been active on tumblr… Therefore I haven’t shared my thoughts on whats’ been going on in the US.

For those of you who don’t know I am Italian,I don’t live in America, so I am not as affected as most of my followers, but I do have family who live over there and I am scared for my uncles and cousins life. I am very empathetic and very very sad. Not to mention that I am from South Sudan&Ugandan and war seems to never end there, yet I never speak about it, nobody ever speaks about it as if my people’ lives were less important than Americans’… 

I’ve been crying for an entire week every day, I’m heart broken, I feel like our grandchildren are gonna read about this time in books, just like we learned about Malcom X and the slavery…. we live in a fucked up world. History is repeating itself and it sucks, We hear about negative news every day, therefore I want my blog to continue being a pleasant escape for our screwed up reality.

BE SAFE, WHEREVER IN THE WORLD YOU ARE. And don’t loose hope in humanity.

fun facts about henry


  • When Henry first started working for the Chicago Tribune, and when his articles first got published in the newspaper, Henry would point it out all excited to Nancy, like “HEYYY LOOK AT THISSSS LOOOOOOOOK AT THIS AIN’T THIS JUST NEAT LOOK LOOK IT’S ME I WROTE THAT!!”
  • Henry’s final seconds were filled with probably some of the strongest feelings of fear, sadness, and guilt you could ever imagine. He was so afraid of dying because of how much he loved life. Instead of h is initial reaction being disgust directed at Nancy for killing him, it was guilt in himself for trying to abandon Nancy like that in the first place. Of course, he didn’t have much time to think about it before passing on, but the little time he had left was filled with very, very, very strong emotions. Just wanna remind you guys of that.
  • Henry’s a rather clumsy person, and his workspace is pretty messy and covered with papers of all sorts
  • He probably accidentally stapled his finger at one point. 
  • He can’t tie his own tie. Nancy has to do that for him.
  • He DOES know how to tie his own shoes though. He can do that.
  • As a child, henry would take apart small appliances like clocks, radios, and lamps to see what was inside them. he was too young to know the general idea of how electronics worked, and he thought they ran on magic. 
  • Similarly, when he first heard of Nancy’s synesthesia, he thought she had magical powers. Since Nancy didn’t know what she  had was synesthesia, she played along and thought she was magical as well. Later on in the relationship, once it started to get bit closer than “just friends”, even though they knew she didn’t have magical powers, Henry would still describe her as “magical” to compliment her. 
  • Nancy and Henry probably carved their  names into a tree at some point
  • They’re QPPS (queer platonic partners), meaning their relationship is somewhere between best friends and romantic-asexual partners. Kinda like the love you feel for your pet. You LOVE your pet but you wouldn’t wanna date your pet, y’know? 
  • Frances was very strongly atheist, but Henry is more agnostic since he has a lot more hope in the universe and a more imaginative mind than his mom does. Nancy’s family was Catholic, but she, too, leaned more towards the agnostic side, because listening to church sermons produced some really boring and disgusting colors, so religion was always a drag for  her.
  • Henry had one close friend at work; the coworker quoted in the newspaper article from “HOUSEWIFE RADIO”’s description. Henry is the type who, when around strangers, is rather shy and timid, but around his friend (and Nancy) he’s goofy as hell.
  • Henry liked rock and roll and would jokingly sing popular love songs around Nancy - it was slightly out of key, though. He wasn’t the best at singing. 
  • Henry got in the habit of wearing shoes inside because of how dark it was kept in Frances’ home, and because of how Henry would accidentally step on objects (sometimes even dangerous, sharp things) when living there. Because Nancy grew up in a family that didn’t want people to leave their shoes on in the house, she was kind of annoyed that Henry didn’t wanna take his shoes off when they moved in together. Especially ‘cause she’s gotta clean the floor n shit like what the FUck henry

Kuja: “… I don’t deserve to live after all what I’ve done. I’m useless to this world.”

Zidane: “No one’s useless… You helped us escape, remember?”

Kuja: “After you guys beat me, I had nothing left… nothing more to lose. Then, I finally realised what it means to live… I guess I was too late.”

Final Fantasy IX was probably the most formative Final Fantasy-game I played when I was younger. It was Fantasy with beautiful cities to explore and continents to discover. It was colourful, cheerful but also very sad when it wanted to be. It asked a lot of good questions about life and death and the Chocobo minigame was super awesome. Also, it had the Tantalus-theater group. I love acting so that made me very happy. *cue Tantalus-theme song*

Zidane - what can I say about this guy that hasn’t already been said. I love that he’s a happy and easy-going dude. Darn charming, supportive and hilarious - he’s the kind of guy you can hang out with. And perform in theater plays with. How cool is that?!

Kuja - he made Ultima totally badass again (also, sexy). I mean, it had the power to destroy planets and pretty much ends any battle within seconds. But apart from that, Kuja was a really well written villain… no spoilers so I will not elaborate but damn, son.

Bottom line is that I really, really love FFIX.

About the painting process: I listened to the complete OST for days on end (one of my all time favourites) and it got me thinking about the game again. I drew the sketch with pencil and then traced it onto Arches watercolour paper. And then I totally used Gouache instead of watercolours! (Rebel) Painting the roots was very meditative. And got a little out of hand, seeing as it does not look like that in-game. But I have to admit that I don’t care all that much.

Painting blood on Kuja did not make me happy…

For a story that’s very much built around relationships, the Control ending is incredibly sad.

Shepard, body destroyed but mind very much alive, isolated from the ones they love, alone in their limbo of choice for all eternity. After a time, they know that those they care about are gone. More time passes, and the life they fought for is much different than the life they’re protecting. Eventually, hope, duty, anger fades, and they’re filled with regret; had they known this was their fate, they wouldn’t have tried so hard to stay alive.

It’s a lonely existence – if you can even call it that.

sometimes i think about the fact that at some point in his life tyler joseph has been very sad and afraid and alone and lost and it makes me very sad

but then i look at him now- tyler joseph has felt sad and afraid and completely alone and lost, but he didnt give up, he kept fighting and he turned his battles into something better, into art that helps so many people and he survived it all and then i know that i can, too. 

Rest in Peace, Audrey Kathleen Ruston (May 4th, 1929 - ★ January 20th, 1993)

I was just a baby when you passed away, yet, thankfully, your history as WWII survivor, actress, woman, mother and humanitarian crossed my life and gave pure light to it. I finally understood what people meant by the word idol once I learnt more about you, and I feel it in my heart I couldn’t have chosen a better person to take such place. This is a very sad day for me, but I’m glad God has by his side the most beautiful angel who knows just what to do in heaven, as Elizabeth Taylor would say. I want to thank you, oh so very deeply, for being such a consistent part of my life and for teaching me so much day by day. Today, as we do on daily basis but especially today, we celebrate and cherish you. Today, we’re grateful for the human being you were and for the human being you make us strive to be. Our love and your remarkable legacy will keep you alive forever.
#audreyhepburn #21yearsmissingAudreyHepburn

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K so here's the deal

Cuz I’m just not gonna hide it anymore and the scary preliminary stuff is mainly over BUT

congratulations to me: I’ve been diagnosed with cancer.


Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma to be exact. Super high cure rate, got a cyborg arm, chemo’s started. So for the next six months, that is what I’ll be doing.

Some of you already know. Most of you don’t. Don’t worry. I am fine. I have incredible friends, a perfect boyfriend/husband/life partner, and a very supportive family. I’m being taken care of and am very much not sad about any of this.

Most people just tell me to tell them if I need anything. I will always say no. Some people like @estebanwaseaten will ignore that and send crazy incredible care packages (Don’t try to top it. He sent me a Hatori Hanzo sword). There’s a fundraising page but the goal is almost met so I won’t share it.

I don’t know. I’ve just kinda started accepting that this is life for the next six months and I have no idea what to expect or how I’ll feel but I know it’ll all be over eventually.

So when you see a lot of medical posts or whatever, that is why. But bottom line: I am fine. I am not scared. I am tough ghost cookie. All will be well. Send me video games for my PS4.




I was going to upload this yesterday and I completely forgot!!! D:

Another gemsona prompt I managed to do this month, inspired by the episode “Mindful Education”, and the song: Here Comes A Thought

Rubellite is very conscious about her deepest fears, and desperately tries to stick to the little problems of everyday life (white butterflies). But in reality, her thoughts about mortality and death are always haunting her.

(More versions of this can be found at my Facebook Page)

Side note: This was a very personal pic. I think Rubellite had never resembled me so much before ♥ It makes me proud, but also makes me a little sad…