so very very sad about life

What happened to Maddie Ziegler was horrible, just horrible, as a fan this makes me so sad, and I am very concerned about how this will affect her life from now on, this poor little girl is traumatized and crying a lot, no 12 years old should go through this, people are sick and horrible. And the fact that people are saying it’s her fault only makes me more angry.

I wish only the best to Maddie, she is a sweet and very talented little girl.

Addressing this because important

I’m sick of getting messages about not wanting to see “sad” or “scary” posts.

Yes, I am a blog of positivity and hope and love and light. I am a blog about recovery and faith and winning battles. But ultimately, I’m a blog about personal growth and living a full life. And part of that entails “staying woke”, so to speak. I’m here to provide encouragement and love and support, but I’m also here to share the very real, very important things happening around you and me.

Wake up and smell the coffee. People are mistreated, discriminated against, beaten, gunned down, and murdered for the color of their skin, the gender they do or don’t identify with, whom they choose to love, the religion they practice…the list goes on. People are shunned for mental or physical illnesses and/or disabilities. People are violated and can’t speak up because of our corrupt rape culture. People don’t feel safe because the very professionals meant to protect them may, in fact, be the ones who hurt them. People who work long hours and get paid above minimum wage STILL live below the poverty line.

There is so much wrong in the world. And for me to choose not to include posts that raise awareness about various problems would be a disservice to you guys.
Dorothy Surrenders: Storyline D.O.A.

^^^all of this!

“Writers have every right to write whatever stories they want. But the decision by a show built largely on cast chemistry to kill off another recurring, and – may I also say – beloved, character kind of baffles me. Yes, I get this is could be some big arc they want to have about grieving. But, dude, we already did that – and in very real, very sad life with Det. Barry Frost. So unless her death is part of a larger mystery that becomes a overarching plot this season, I just don’t get it.

Also, if her death was so integral to this season, why in the very next episode afterward, was there not one single, solitary mention of her, her passing or her absence from the crime lab? Hey, this person we supposedly like, respect and see every day in the office was murdered. Let’s all eat zeppole and ignore it!”

my emphasis added.

How I got into Evanescence and why I don’t care for another album

So I’ve been an EV fan since I was 11. My sister bought Fallen and put it in the car for a long time before I just took the cd myself and listened to it all year long. Before I knew it, I was obsessed. Sure I was too young to understand how deep the lyrics were and how I could relate, but it didn’t mean that I couldn’t connect to the band any less. Thing is, it was something new, it was different and it was glorious. The next year I found out about Origin album/demo through an Inuyasha PV with “Lies” on it.  I couldn’t find that cd for the life of me I was SO sad. And at the time, downloading was scarce, you didn’t know which sites to trust. 

My uncle and aunt were very supportive of my music taste (they took me to my very first EV concert in 07) and altho my uncle was more metal than rock, he liked a few songs from EV and when I told him about Origin, he surprised me the next morning with finding the album, however, when listening to the first track, I realized he got the “Not for your ears” fake-album or w/e. I was a little disappointed, but then I got songs like Before the Dawn and Anything For You and 2384023802 versions of Imaginary and Whisper. I hit the mother load. A few days later we found Origin and I got it. Within a few days I had like 20 new songs from EV and I was overwhelmed. I had enough music to last me till The Open Door. And after that, I had more than enough until self-titled album came out. (How lame was it that later Ben and Amy had a site where you could get all their Ep-demos-outtakes for FUCKING FREE T_T OH WELL HAHA). Here is the site in case you guys don't know about it. 

Guys I’m checking my itunes right now I have exactly “102″ songs of Evanescence.  

I’m seeing a lot of people on the EV tag complaining about the “breaks” in between albums and how Amy lee just isn’t into EV anymore and if they wanna keep fans they need to keep making music, what. U fookin wut m8. What is that logic? 

I suppose everyone is entitled to their own opinions and feelings, but I just cant understand that statement. To KEEP FANS- KEEP MAKING MUSIC? I think we feel like this because when EV first started it was late 90s. We weren’t even born or were just like 5 yo when their EP and Origin dropped. Imagine we had been older and had music to buy between 2001-2011?  That’s more than a decade of music. I have more than a decade of EV’s progression in music in my life. There are songs that fit every mood for me. It’s insane. And you know what? Most of my favorites are on the Origin album now that I’m old enough to understand the meanings behind their songs, or at least how I interpret them.

I disagree with all these opinions. I don’t think EV needs to make another album. I think I have more than enough music from them to keep myself satisfied. I mean look at me, I’m spamming Where Will You Go 300 fucking times -14 years later from when it was released. 14 FUCKING YEARS LATER AND I’M STILL NOT DONE LISTENING TO IT. 

My point is, yes I would LOVE another album, but do I need it? No. I respect Amy saying how sometimes she is just so consumed in the band that she needs to breathe. That’s okay. There is more to this life than EV for her. She takes breaks and now she’s a mom. Bravo to other artists/bands that have kids and still tour-awesome, but if Amy wants to be a mom instead, then who are we to judge? Did you listen to her new interview? She is taking Jack with her on tour to Japan! Maybe we are lucking out guys and we will get a new album, Idk. Just cuz I don’t need another album, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t embrace it if they decided to make one or have been working on new material btw. I’m all for it, but if not I’m more than okay with what I’ve got.

I’m just saying, for myself, EV has put out so much music that its more than enough for me. And for that I’m always going to be a fan. They will NEVER lose me as fan if they don’t make another album. I’m so okay with what they’ve put out over 10 years. I am a fan for life. And I want to thank Amy for all the work she’s put it and still putting out. Her solo stuff was fantastic and now we’re getting a few tour dates? You bet your fine ass I already got my EV ticket for Dallas, tx for November. My sister and I are stoked. Here’s to EV playing some older songs from Fallen-Father Away would murder my soul if I heard that one live LOL

Anyway, if you claim to be a person that will stop being a fan cuz there isnt new material, you’re not a fan. Fans stick through thick n thin. Dry or wet LOL As long as the artist doesn’t wrong the fans, I don’t see why you can’t continue to appreciate what they have done for you already. 


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ok Seriously can you please share with us your genuine opinion on mikey way

man. this is going to sound worse than it is but it’s mostly neutral? i’ve never had super strong feelings about mikey himself but i love how much the other guys love him, especially gerard.

i’d be lying if i said the 2013 mikeyway scandal didn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth. i recognize that it was at the nadir of his addiction and depression and that he said that he and alicia had broken up by that point but…he dated a very very young fan and based on her twitter reaction alicia didn’t seem to think they had broken up. which is :\

i’m very proud of him and happy for him that he’s got a wonderful, happy life surrounded by people who support him now. and i’m warmed up to him a lot in the past few months.

and i hate saying this because i know people are going to be sad about it (i’m always so sad when someone’s like I ACTUALLY DON’T CARE FOR GERARD and i’m like HOW DARE THIS STRANGER NOT SHARE MY EXACT FEELINGS) but i just got some iffy vibes off him and i can’t seem to shake them. like i said, i’ve warmed up to him a lot and i wish him the best and i think his enthusiasm for trucker hats is funny.

smily90 said: wait, u will not make Ikky really die, aren’t u??? Please no! It’s the time Hyoga remains very traumatized for life… 😨 and I’ll cry a river too… However, u are doing a fantastic rp, girls!! Good job 😉

BUT THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I’m glad you are enjoying this uwu)/ and that you will cry a river heheheheheeh I mean… no, no… ehem… yeah

iceofcygnus is a great rper and I’m enjoying the Hyoga <3 so for me this is going so easy…. and is a sad story thise one but awesome… what about a comic smily90? eue would you cry more? hehehehehehhehe


Goodness. Such a long time since I last posted here. I am so terribly sorry, my loves. 

Life has been … full of a lot of ups and downs. A lot of them recently. They’ve been keeping me extremely busy. And I’ve been struggling a lot with a massive lack of inspiration for my stories. I either lack the time, the energy, or the ideas to sit down and write. And that makes me very very sad. I’m very sorry about that. 

I wish it wasn’t that way. I wish that my characters were talking like mad people, spilling their stories. But they are silent. I miss them. There’s a lot about them that I want to tell yet. 

For me, life is still changing. Steps are being taken that are moving my life forward and it’s … scary. But amazing too. I don’t know when I’ll be writing again. But I’m not giving up on it. Nope. It’s just dormant for now. :-)

I cannot say thank you enough, for you all sticking with me. I hope you continue to enjoy my stories when you reread them. Hopefully, I can give you something soon. Though, who knows when soon is going to be. :-/

I think people forget...

I think people forget about the people that aren’t anorexic or bulimic (these people are very important as well). People that use use food to fill themselves up when there’s a hole. The people that are called stupid and lazy. But I refuse to forget those people. Because I am one of those people. I use food anytime there is an unbalance in my life. When I’m very lonely. When I’m stressed. When I’m tired. When I’m paranoid. When I’m so sad that I’m so scared to tell anyone because they might think I’m crazy. It’s like an instant high. And other people don’t think anything of it when I get my fix. But I am here to stand up and say I’M TIRED. I’m tired, and I want to be healthier. But I can’t do it alone anymore. That’s all. 

Today: easy morning! Obtained blueberries. It was misty and raining I wore a hoodie on my walk to work how refreshing honestly! At work I realized I don’t like one of my co workers ie she is ignorant and 32 years old and her bf called us hens the other day . Obtained pretzels, Lara told me something very VERY sad n upsetting.. Some girl said to Steph, my coworker: im just admiring you, you’re very beautiful. I’m like OMG! It’s true you are!!! DUH and she knows it but then I got so depressed lol that’s literally happened three times to her while I was present im so envious of people who are physically beautiful it’s very unhealthy… I saw Rebecca an old co worker she started ranting for one hour about her entire life and her bf how they are breaking up im like wow hunni :-| then I ate a rice bowl alone at Joon’s they love me there, on my walk home I refrained from buying chocolate then I saw Maria who brought me a coffee which is very nice and then I realized my mom is coming home tomorrow!!! So I’m washing her bedsheets because my cat gets them so dirty Bc we leave her window open for her to go in n out like literally her bad has mud on and in it! Jazz is also coming to town tomorrow and is gonna live with me here in this living room! Until we move in sept! Also jocelyn is coming Tomo from Vancouver! Also Brendan an old coworker of me and Steph is coming by the shop tomorrow to visit us. We haven’t seen him in over two years! I talked to Dylan on the phone and told him everything basically I’ve ever wanted to tell him aside from the fact that I’ll always have a twisted crush on him. He responded poorly. Accepted blame but got strangely sad and upset and hung up on me: SO RUDE and immature peace out I also broke my glasses not kidding also finished reading ghost world p cute

It doesn’t matter what people say, none of my friends have Tumblr, as far as they’re concerned Tumblr is some weird site for strange weirdos which is mostly true lol but I’ll always stand for Tumblr more than any other social media platform. Before I joined tumblr there were so many things that I despised about myself and wanted to change, I was so bitter and was in a very sad place.

Now after over 2 years I have gained such an immense surge in confidence, cultivated a love for myself that surpasses all my flaws and gained in depth knowledge about my heritage I never knew before. At the very least every hour on Tumblr I stumble upon such beautiful people male and female, I meet the funniest people, the wisest people and the most romantic people I probably wouldn’t be lucky enough to meet in real life. So I’m glad I found Tumblr as I have evolved into a better woman for it.

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Someone I loved very deeply betrayed the trust I placed in them and used secrets about me to hurt and threaten me... This person is out of my life and I am safe physically from them, but I am emotionally struggling with this. Im young, and this was pretty much the first person that Ive romantically loved. Im now very sad and lonely and trying to figure out how I don't think I will be trusting enough to enter into another close relationship for a while... Any advice or prayers?

Hi honey, I’m so sorry to hear about this less than ideal situation. Any time we come into close connections with people, it is extremely difficult for most of us to move on. I’ve been there, I’ve been hurt by people I love and trust. It’s a matter of grieving and moving on; if you don’t grieve, how do you expect to carry on? A loss is a loss, no matter if they were great, horrible, etc.. Take this time to take care of yourself, and if you’re Christian, look to the Lord for strength and guidance. He listens to your prayers, thoughts, or anything you have to say! Tell Him how much you’re hurting, place that burden at His feet, and leave it there; pray for strength and He will provide, He always does. It may not happen overnight, it may take days, weeks or even months, but in time you will feel at peace. Trust me <3

I’m not happy! I feel trapped…
Trapped in my age, almost adult, but not quite yet.
I’m trapped by my parents, all the stupid rules they have, I can’t even listen to the music I like when they’re home.
I’m trapped in art as well. I don’t have the skills to express myself and my visions without getting frustrated and even angry. I want to improve and I want it right now. It’s very overwhelming..
I’m trapped by my looks and weight. The way I look doesn’t reflect how I feel inside…
I know some important people for me are ashamed of me… I’m not sure what I am for them anymore. It’s so sad. They just don’t want me in their life as a friend, more like an object…
And thinking about all that makes me feel very anxious and I keep getting panic attacks and its physically painful. I cant breathe, I’m impatient, I’m sad. I’m lonely and the people around me are just staring and wonder why am I so dramatic.

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This morning I realized that my friend who I became very close with and possibly in love with will always be in my life no matter what. We both have so many aspirations and are going our separate ways very soon, which is why we're not in a official relationship, but I was very sad about it. Now I realize after being with him this morning that we have this bond, this pull to each other that will keep us in each other's lives. I'm not as scared for the future anymore

Oh that’s pretty great i guess

this is a very personal thing not meant to be reblogged

ok so i’m sad as always and as you all know sayaka miki is my favorite character and that’s because i relate to her very much 

like she cared so much about kyosuke she gave up her life to heal his arm and that’s something i would do for a certain someone without even thinking about it that much but

at that point she really thought she was being selfless and she was very focused on being a good person according to what her view of “good person” was and a good person isn’t selfish nor wishes anything for herself right 

(read more here this is mostly for my psychiatrist though)

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I live with my grandad and my mom. I HATE my grandad, he is an alcoholic, smokes in the house that is really small (a package a day), watches porn with sound when everyone is there, is very racist, homophobic, sexist, thinks he's a nazi. So everything that could be wrong with a person, he is. Also my mom is broke and she has to support him just because we live in his house because we can't afford our own one. Do you have anything that could help me and my mom live with it? We are both (1/2)

(2/2) depressed and it makes me really sad seeing my mom like that but my grandad is very negative about everything and it really makes our lifes really hard. We have to be here for just one more year. But I don’t know really what I’m asking you, just if you have something to help me and my mom live with him just for one more year?

Hi love, sorry for the late response!

In this situation, I think the best thing you and your mom could do is try to avoid your grandfather as much as possible. Here are some ways you could do that:

  • Is there a friend’s house you can stay at or sleep over at? If so, try to hang out there as much as possible. Maybe you can alternate friends houses: one night you stay at one friend’s house, the next you stay at another friends house. And only stop home to get necessary supplies or only stop home when your grandfather is not there.
  • You could also hang out in a public library until they close. The library would be a good option because you will be surrounded by peace and quiet and be able to be on your computer, and most libraries close at like 10pm or so.
  • Or hang out in a park (when the weather is a bit nicer) until it gets dark. This can also be nice and relaxing as well (and you can bring a book or even your computer if you can get Wifi)
  • You could also join some extra clubs or activities at school (if you are still in school). This will keep you busy and away from the house even more.
  • You could hang out at school even after school is done for the day. Most schools stay open late for after school activities.
  • If you’re not in school, you could volunteer at a hospital or at a local pet shelter. Your mom and you could volunteer together!
  • You could also join clubs / activities in your area (like a craft class, a yoga class, etc). Check out your local gyms, local craft stores, local libraries, YMCA, etc for classes and activities you can join! I know Michael’s and JoAnn fabrics offer cool craft classes! Your mom could take some of those classes together :)

Check out some of these links, which I think can help you a lot!

Hope this helps!

<3 Jen

Paper Towns Movie!!

I thought the movie was amazing!!!! I throughly enjoyed it!!! It honestly made me laugh so freaking hard and I did cry as well but it wasn’t about sadness just more about how Ben spilled pee on Radar (poor, poor Radar). The movie was very different than the book, and although a lot of the timeline and a lot of my favorite parts of the book were changed and/or cut, I still really enjoyed watching this amazing movie. The squad of Ben, Radar, and Quentin was AMAZING. I truly believed that all three of them were best friends in real life. The music in the movie was incredible and all placed very well (especially Lost it to Trying by Son Lux). The acting was all pretty something. Nat Wolff was the perfect Quentin. Everything he did to bring Quentin to life was so well done and just wow. Cara was also truly amazing at bring Margo to life. I was so completely satisfied with their performances. The ensemble cast was incredible. Every character was so well portrayed. I’m just amazed at all the talent this cast has. Overall, this movie was amazing. It was not the book and definitely has a different vibe than the book, but it is good different. I very much enjoyed the prom in the movie at the end and thought that this change was really well done. Although I’m sad that some of my favorite quotes were taken out of the movie (especially my all time favorite, the vessel quote) I still was able to thoroughly enjoy this incredibly well put together movie. Go see Paper Towns!!!!

So it’s my 22nd birthday in 9 days (yay I can finally say I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22…okay not the point) anywayy I have never been noticed by Taylor, and she has been my idol for the past 8 years and has got me through so much over that time. The picture is from my very first Taylor Swift concert in 2012 in Sydney. I was so sad about missing The Fearless Tour since my mum wouldn’t let me go, but being 18 I could finally see my idol live and it was one of the best nights of my life. I would really appreciate it if you could reblog this so there is a chance for her to see it. I know it’s not very likely, but I would love help to try and make it possible, it would mean so so so much to me.


hello. life is strange. this is from a few months ago. i was very drunk. i was very sad. things are different, but only in certain ways. moving about through the universe still. uncertain




I think people remain the greater mystery (they are so close and also so far -the closer they are in measured distance, the further they can be in the immeasurable)
I am far away from the person I wanted to be -closer to something else, between everything.
I just wanted to exist online for a moment, and now I am saying more than I intended.
I am reminded of something - i am keeping it to myself

tell me. who are you?