so very very fab


@masseffxt , you rock for these outstanding portraits of the girls <3 thank you thank you thank yooouuuuu!!!!
Izzy/Isadore shepard on the right, angry sentinel commander that likes to smash and make things go boom!
Amber LoveHeart on the left, awkward turian mechanic who was raised and adopted by humans, angry drunk that loves to build spacebikes. Honestly, its like you’ve been drawing turians all your life! Thank you thank yoouuuu!!!

*psssttt, guys, look at the adorable detail on ambers shirt ; ; too cuuuuute ; ;

that one part of beat it when everybodys dancing hardcore then this guy just kinda



I am getting over 100 messages a day and that is amazing


I am a small tiny person with a small tiny brain and a small tiny amount of time in a day to answer them so while I really will try to get around to answering them and I appreciate every single one (like wow such love very happ) you must forgive me if I miss one or can’t manage to get through them all, also I am fairly sure tumblr keeps eating them occasionally and that’s just plain rude


IF YOU ARE SUBMITTING TPoH FANART THAT IS WONDERFUL BUT IT WOULD BE SUPER GREAT if you could please submit it to the TPoH fanart blog because it really helps me to not spam my main blog and it helps me to keep tabs on things better ;w;

I am trying to get back on the ball of checking the tags as well but I’ve been really quite ill this week and super busy with work and news and worrying about this unnecessarily THANK YOU I’M SORRY THANK YOU

Varun: I think Alia is very aggressive in real life. She’s hit me a lot of times… scratched, slapped, hit….

Alia: Varun has this dream that he wants a film role where he can beat me up!

Varun: I really do!

Alia: He’s always like: ‘Aliaaaaaaaa!’ (Gestures to show Varun ‘throttling’ her) It’s more like he wants to hit me when he’s happy.

Varun: I am like a proper Punjabi. When Punjabis are really happy, they do this (slaps Alia on her back)

Alia: But most of the time, he obviously can’t hit me, so I take his aspirations forward by hitting him. Like yesterday, I hit him in the car! I was tired and he was irritating me and I couldn’t take it… I caught him by his neck and just slapped him (laughs out loud).

Yeah my ipods being all screwy where it wont let me type or erase anytging, sorry. Just ignore whats below this. I really hope you dont mind, but i kinda made a cute little friend for Assok. I think her name would be Ieepie pronounced like the end of the word cutie and the whole word “pie”. (I thought since assocks name came from hero asking if he was a sock, this ones name could come from somebody calling her a cutie pie). Sorry she isnt very well made…. but there ya go. I hope you like it….

Ok Ieepie