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EXO headcanons on having a foreigner S/O

Requested by; anon

Hiiii can u pls make an Exo headcanon of them having a foreigner s/o? Thank u!!!


  • would so learn your first language
  • loves it when you speak your language
  • very awkward around your family
  • “what did they just say to me? I don’t understand and I feel so bad.é
  • very giggly


  • very manly he tries
  • wants to make sure he doesn’t insult you or your family
  • very caring and sweet
  • gets along well with your family
  • “does your family even like me?”


  • laughter laughter and more laughter
  • “can you teach me words in your language?”
  • tries so hard to understand
  • really cuddle
  • matching clothes


  • feels proud as hell when he can understand a word
  • “wait, say that again, you sounded really amusing!”
  • movie nights
  • can have deep chats
  • shows you and your language skills off to the members


  • “you’re so amazing, you speak multiple languages which is so cool”
  • extremely proud of you
  • sings songs in your first language
  • sings duets with you


  • game nights
  • loving bullying
  • pulling weird faces
  • him getting along with your friends a bit too well
  • “no offence but how do I insult people?”


  • really shy around your family
  • doesn’t know how to react when your family talks to him
  • “your parents are so nice but I’m so awkward.”
  • very smiley
  • subtle affection and loving


  • smiles so bright when you’re talking in your mother language
  • “you’re too cool for me, words can’t even describe it”
  • coolest boyfriend
  • power couple!!
  • most fashionable duo out of all duo’s


  • he tries really hard to be polite
  • sits really closed up and is shy at family dinners
  • making fun of eachother with love
  • “your aunt has been staring at me for the past hour, help.”

Part One

‘Don’t you think this is a bit much?’ you groaned.

‘I think it fits the crime.’ Peter, or Pan as the Lost Boys called him, said calmly as he continued to carve a random piece of wood.

‘It was hardly a crime.’ you scoffed.

‘You kicked me.’

‘You kidnapped me. What was my reaction supposed to be? Lay on my back and spread my legs for a Disney character?’ she replied.

‘You. Kicked. Me.’ Pan repeated.

‘You. Tied. Me. To. A. Fucking. Tree.’ you said, mimicking him.

‘I don’t think you understand, I am Peter Pan and I never fail. What kind of message would it give my boys if I let you get away with that?’ he said.

‘What kind of message does it send a girl you want to marry?’ you fired back.

‘That she should know her place and not challenge her her soon to be husband.’

‘Know my pla- are you serious?’ you said angrily, if you hadn’t been tied to a damn tree you would kicking this this dude’s ass.

‘I’m very serious, you see even though time means nothing in Never Land, I rather not spend most of it dealing with defiance.’

‘Defiance? God do you even hear yourself? What you’re describing to me is not marriage its slavery.’ you glared.

‘I like the sound of that.’ he smirked darkly.

‘OK, you might as well just kill me.’ you said confidently.

‘Excuse me?’ he said in confusion.

‘With those ears I know you heard me, I said kill me now. I would honestly choose death over being stuck with someone like you.’ you said.

‘Someone like me?’ he questioned.

‘Yeah, someone like you. A crazy, power hungry, misogynistic, god complex having, sexually frustrated asshole like you.’ you spat.

‘You can’t talk to me that way.’ he said as he stood up and got in your face.

‘Oooh, big man is gonna hit a girl who is too tied to a tree to defend herself. So very fucking manly. I will talk to you any way I want, because I don’t care if this is your island. I don’t care if the only thing keeping me alive right now is you, I will sooner die than be yours to control.’ you said looking him in the eye.

‘You don’t know who you are dealing with, girl.’ he snarled before walking away.

You smiled as you watched him leave, once you were sure he was gone you reached around the tree and felt a sharp piece of bark. You moved yourself up and down until you felt the rope snap.

‘Just because I’d rather die than be with him doesn’t mean I wont try and live without him.’ you whispered before running into the woods.

Darkest Side Of Me | Part Three

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x OC

“Oh no, I’m not opposed to fun. Especially if it includes you.”

Summary: Continuation of Darkest Side Of Me (Part Two). Dumbledore has just announced this years Triwizard Tournament. And what comes with the Triwizard Tournament? The Yule Ball. And Elena finds herself being asked (rather intriguingly) by a particular grey-eyed Slytherin.

Soundtrack: Waiting Game - BANKS

Word Count: 1,803

A/N: sorry this took so long!😭 I’m glad you guys are enjoying this as much as I’m enjoying writing it. I love hearing your feedback!❤️ let me know if you want to be added to my tag list xo

Warnings: As always, intense Draco™ ;)

(part 1, part 2)

Darkest Side Of Me | Chapter 3: Unexpected

“A ball?” I heard Ron moan in disdain, making me look up at him from my herbology book. I watched as his hands hands dug into his red hair “Of all things, a ball?” He repeated, pitifully smacking his face into his hands.

It was just sixteen minutes ago that Dumbledore had proudly announced that Hogwarts would be hosting this years Triwizard Tournament - and with the Triwizard Tournament, came the Yule Ball. And with the Yule Ball, came the Drumstrang Institute, and the Beauxbaton’s Academy. Just my luck. Worse news couldn’t have reached my ears.

I watched as Hermione rolled her eyes, “Honestly Ron, it’s not that horrible.”

Ron looked at her, incredulous. “You’re right, it’s worse!” He exclaimed dramatically.

Hermione opened her mouth to speak, quickly closing it as her eyes narrowed on something “Why’s Malfoy staring at you?” She asked, eyebrows pinched.

That made me whip my head around, causing Ron to flinch away from me so he wouldn’t get hit by a swarm of brown hair. My eyes connected with Draco’s cold ones - making him instantly glance away. I frowned in confusion, turning back to my friends.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he likes you” muttered Hermione, her gaze still narrowed on Draco.

I quirked my brow “And you do know better?”

“Of course, Malfoy’s incapable of liking anyone.”


5 Hours Later

“You’re being irrational.” I said to Dawn, her wild strawberry-blonde hair bouncing as she paced back and forth, her green eyes swarmed with panic. I was now in the Ravenclaw common room, enjoying section three of ‘Quintessential Magic’ as I watched my most recently made friend have what she called a ‘post-mid-life crisis.’

“I’m being realistic!” She exclaimed. What’s she being realistic about, you ask? Well..nothing at all. Her most current ‘crisis’ was her worry of the Yule Ball, she, at this point - was 110% certain nobody would ask her. Which was completely ridiculous.

“Someone will ask you, Dawn. It’s only been three hours since it was announced.” I said rationally, closing my book over and placing it on the table in exasperation. I got up from the sofa, ignoring Dawn’s incoherent mumbling. For a Ravenclaw, she was awfully dense.

I made my way out of the common room, passing my other Ravenclaw peers that were chatting away. Our common room was undoubtedly gorgeous, by the way. It was at the west side of Hogwarts, at the top of an old-looking spiral staircase on the fifth floor. Inside, the room was circular and adorned with blue and bronze silks. Padma, our house’s prefect, had told me that our common room has the most stunning view of all the houses; which I could believe - we had the view of the school lake, forbidden forest, quidditch pitch, and the herbology gardens; including the surrounding mountains.

I made my way out of the room, going down to the third floor and into the library, searching for the astronomy section. It was almost eight o'clock, meaning the library closed in exactly eighteen minutes. Tomorrow would be my first astronomy class at Hogwarts, and I wanted to be thoroughly prepared. Not that I wasn’t good at astronomy, in fact, I was rather excellent at it. I could name every single constellation in the sky if you’d request it, and tell you its origin, properties and stars. You see, stargazing was a hobby for me ever since I was a child; my grandfather used to take me high up the mountains of Andorra and tell me each story countless of times until it was etched into my brain. That was, until he died five years ago. Now, I used it as a way of remembering him.

The library at Hogwarts was nothing if not huge - countless books upon countless bookshelves. I wandered past each self, trying to find one labelled 'Astronomy’ until a voice interrupted my mission. “Looking for something?” It said to me - and of course, I instantly recognised it. I turned my head to the side to meet steel grey eyes. He was leaning against the table, his arms crossed over his chest as he stared at me intently. My spine straightened, and I had the sudden urge to fix my hair - but I kept my arms in place, my fingers fidgeting.

“Well, yes. That is what the library is for.” I replied.

“You know, the library closes in fifteen minutes, its out-of-bounds for students after that.”

I rolled my eyes “And what are you? The library supervisor?”

“No. I’m a prefect.” He said, proudly pointing to his badge.

My eyes drifted to the pin on his shirt before drifting back to his. I raised a brow “Yes, a Slytherin prefect. What I do doesn’t concern you.” I said, giving him a fake smile as I walked past him. I heard footsteps follow me.

“Actually, as a prefect my role is to help regulate my fellow students’ behaviours - that includes you, peaches.”

I scrunched my nose. Peaches? Where the hell did he get that from? “Oh, so that would make you the fun-police then, hm?” I teased.

“Oh no, I’m not opposed to fun. Especially if it includes you.” He said, his voice dripping with innuendo.

That made my head turn back to look at him, his lips forming a suggestive smirk. “In your dreams, Draco.” I muttered, making him snort.

A few moments of silence passed by before he spoke again. “What are you looking for anyway?” He asked me curiously.

“The Astronomy section.” I mumbled distractedly, my eyes scanning the titles of each shelf.

I heard him click his tongue behind me “Ah, good luck finding that before the clock strikes eight.” What the hell did he mean by that?. I stopped my search, turning my body in his direction with narrowed eyes. “What?” He said as his eyes swam with amusement.

“Tell me.” I demanded.

“I don’t take kindly to demands princess, ask me nicely.”

My eyes rolled. “Stop being childish, Draco.” I said, placing a hand on my hip in irritation. I stared at him. He stared back. I sighed in surrender. “Tell me, please?”

His mouth hitched up in a dangerous smirk. “No.” He replied simply, making me shoot icicles out of my eyes. I opened my mouth to speak before I was interrupted: “Come to the Yule Ball with me, and I might just tell you.” He said, making me abruptly shut my mouth in disbelief. Well, that caught me off guard. “What?” was the only word I could manage to say - and I said it so quietly, I could barely hear it myself. Was he..did he really just ask me to the Yule Ball?

“Come to the Yule Ball with me, and I might tell you.” He repeated, making open and close my mouth like a fish. What could I possibly say to that?

“You want to go with me?” I asked incredulously.

His eyebrow raised “Well I am asking you, am I not?”

I visibly swallowed, unsure of what to say. “Um-I..but…you barely know me.”

He stepped closer to me, making my heart skip a beat as his eyes watched me intently. I could so easily lose myself in his eyes. They glistened brightly, cold and metallic, rivalling the most excellently polished suit of armour. The sclerae that surrounded them were pristine, untouched by red. They were pure. They were cold. They were beautiful. I blinked ever so slowly when he spoke again “Got plenty of time to get to know you, love.”

“I…don’t know what to say” I said softly, my voice was small, almost incoherent.

He ran his tongue across his bottom lip, making my eyes dart towards them. Wow, was there any part of him that wasn’t so incredibly perfect? Just looking at them sent my mind into a sensual state of intoxication. I wonder what they’d taste like. I was dazed, completely.

“Say yes.” He replied simply, making my eyes drift back up to his. At this point, I’d fling myself out of the library window if he asked me.

“Yes.” I heard myself say, “Okay.” I confirmed again, unnecessarily.

That made him smirk again. Then he started moving. He closed the distance between us. I backed up, he pursued.

The cool wooden wall of the library met my back, making me shiver. The sweat of my palms had run cold and now I was completely terrified - of what, I wasn’t sure. His smell enveloped my senses, making inner me sigh in completely and utter delight. He smelled exotic, like lemons. Fresh. Clean. So very..manly. I had the sudden urge to bury my face in his neck.

“Upstairs. Sixth bookshelf on your right.” He said, making me blink in confusion. “Say thank you.”

“For what?”

“Helping you get your book, of course.”

“What?” I asked again, my brain was complete and utter mush. I flinched away when I saw his hand reach up my face, his fingers nearing my now blushing cheek before he tucked strands of hair behind my ear - sending blissful shivers down my neck. He dropped his hand, to my dismay.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, peaches. Make sure you’re out of here when you find what you need.” Draco said, abruptly stepping away from me as I watched him make his way out of the library.

I was speechless, completely. What the hell just happened? I smacked the back of my head against the wall, groaning. “What’s the matter with me?” I muttered to myself. It was like he had snatched away my ability to think straight. Perhaps he had more of an effect on me than I cared to admit. 'Perhaps? More like definitely’ inner me said, making me let out a loud, frustrated sigh.

Well, at least I had a date to the Yule Ball, even if I was totally manipulated into it. Right. Totally. A small smile crept onto my lips - guess Hermione didn’t know better. Time to find that damn book.



Saying he was pleased with himself was an understatement. A ghost of a smile was still etched onto his face as he rounded the staircase toward the Slytherin common room.

Peaches was his new nickname for her - mostly because he knew it would annoy her but also partially for the reason that she blushed so much for him, and when she did - it was the soft colour of exactly that; a peach.

He also didn’t miss how she reacted to him being so close, how she shivered when he touched her, how her eyes dilated when she stared at his mouth. And damn if he wasn’t tempted to give her exactly what she was thinking about. Tomorrow was going to be undoubtedly interesting.


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bootyshakerkegrimm  asked:

Since it says requests are open, can you do hcs for Kirishima and Shinso where their s/o gives them something cute and a little girly to keep on them to remind them of s/o when they are apart? Sorry if tjis sounds dumb.

It doesn’t sound dumb at all! I really appreciate the request. :)

And yaaaaaas shinsou is my bias

Kirishima Eijiro

  • He would be kind of embarrassed but in a warm, fuzzy way. After all it is a miniature teddy bear with a bright pink bow so it isn’t very manly but it came from his s/o. How could he refuse?
  • Whenever he gets really lonely he strokes the teddy bear’s fur and imagines its him stroking his s/o’s hair.
  • Would brag about it to his friends, despite how ridiculous they think it is.

Shinsou Hitoshi

  • Would treasure it. It’s one of the best presents anyone has ever given him and he’s happy to have it.
  • He would carry the teddy bear in his bag at all times because it was like having a piece of his s/o with him.
  • He’d tease his s/o about how girly it is…even though he secretly loves it.
  • Would have it next to his bed so that if he ever sleeps when he sleeps it’s the last thing he sees.

Saito was hard for me to draw. It was the hair mainly. I have a hard time drawing long hair on guys without it looking girly.

I showed the first one to my sister when I finished, because she asked me to draw Saito next. And she said that he didn’t look very manly.

So I tried again.  I don’t know if I actually did a good job on it, but I tried. 


[TRANS; FANACCOUNT] “Jeon Jeongguk, I really like you (I’m a guy)

Hello everyone, I am just a simple 21-year-old guy. I’m not sure when I started liking BTS’ Jeon Jeongguk. When I first saw him, I thought he looked subtle and handsome but he’s actually very manly. Ah no, I’m not gay. I also don’t know why I’m like this. He’s younger than me… And (honestly) I didn’t use to care about these idols but now I’m a fanboy… How do I say this. He is just so cute and very manly at the same time. I have no idea what kind of feeling is this. I just really like him. What do I do? Because I’m not really gay… Or (maybe) I am becoming one? I’m really getting confused right now about this situation. I’m not kidding everyone, I am serious. (Because looking at him) makes my heart burst.

(T/N: This post is from a fanboy in NAVER.)

chinese trans. by -某霏-
english trans. by maeli (@sugaxing)

anonymous asked:

If you are taking requests, could you possibly write what happens after the movie like your prequel: Light Blue Sky, Bright Pink Flower. It could be a smut to show how much closer they have gotten after their adventure together and after confessing they love each other. Please and thank you.

Here you are my dear anon! :) I hope you’ll like this little fic (Fluff/Smut/Surprise at the end). 

When I read “It could be a smut.” my mind just elaborated “Do a Smut in that fic!”, so here you go. OwO Enjoy a little piece of my madness.

Originally posted by addie-retro

That warm and bright evening was completely silent, just like the tired but satisfied Trolls, asleep in their colorful pods and under soft and fluffy blankets made of leaves and hair. Man, what a long day they had: after their return to the Troll Tree, that was right in the middle of the new and finally happy Bergen Town, the little singing and dancing creatures had a lot of work to do: building and making new pods, fixing the Tree’s broken roots and branches, secure the wild area, pulling weeds, moving things and supplies from their old home… yeah, that was exhausting and boring, but necessary.

And Poppy, the happiest, the most loved and the most positive of all of the Rainbow Trolls, was now the new and beloved Queen, so she had a lot of responsabilities and duties to perform. Of course, her father helped her with his long experience and wisdom, but still… The girl was in fact still awake, with big dark circles around her magenta eyes, and was talking to herself, resuming the day’s activities quickly and with attention: “Ok, so… It’s been a week, a looooooong week, and I must say we fixed and did a lot of work, that’s very good. The roots are ready, green and healty, as the crown of the Tree, full of leaves and flowers. But we need more pods because the population is increasing and the kids are growing, soon they will need their own little homes! Also, the Tree’s bark is far too friable and full of dangerous splinters, and we must create a zone for-…”.

“Woah, talking to yourself, Pops? Work and organization sucks, right? You look dead tired right now!” a familiar and gentle male voice called her from not so far, with an ironic but worried tone and crossed, strong blue-green arms. “You’re tiring yourself too much, you should go to sleep. You are working so hard these days, and for the first time of your life! No parties, no jumping in the fields, no smelling flowers or hugging randomly… you must be lost right now, am I right…”.

“Oh! Branch, it’s just you. Are you still up too, uh?” the royal female laughed sincerely and greeted her new and now happy boyfriend, standing up, quickly approaching him and resting her heavy and throbbing head on his right and strong shoulder, sighing and huffing out her great frustration. “You are right. I know I should get some rest, you’re totally right, but everyone’s counting on me and I don’t wanna let them down. Remember, we are in a big, big hurry. The cold season is coming, you know that, we can’t risk our subjects’ life like this. We’ll freeze!”.

“I know that indeed, that’s the worst time of the damn year and it’s hard to survive without enough supplies, but our work’s half done and the cold season will come the next month. We’ll be ready in a week or two, I promise.” Branch hugged her tightly, trying to comfort and calm her, caressing her slim and elegant back. “And I’ll be there to help you if you’ll need me, always. What you’re doing right now, tormenting youself and worrying too much, won’t help at all. Come on, let’s head inside, there are plenty of warm blankets and pillows, a good rest and everything’ll seem alright.”.

“I guess you’re right as always, you smart, ex-survivalist. Your help is invaluable, without your guide and precious advices I don’t know what I would do.” Poppy nuzzled his neck and kissed his left and slightly glittery cheek, closing her bright eyes and smelling him, finally peaceful and quiet in his arms. “You’ll make a great King one day, you care so much about me and our people, and everybody loves and respects you.” she added with a bold smirk, giggling and punching his back. “King Branch, sounds pretty good right? The bad thing is that you’ll have to wear a beautiful flower crown, eheh! I’m aware you hate them, I’m so sorry.”.

The colorful survivalist gulped and blushed visibly, rubbing his nape and looking away, embarassed and shy as always. “D-do you really think so? I’ll be good enough for the Trolls? For you? Do you really want me, will you really choose the dull, always prepared and strange me? I… just don’t know if I deserve that…”.

“No, you won’t be good enough, Branch.” the pink girl slowly shook her head, looking strangely strict, serious and severe, looking at him into his light blue eyes, now full of surprise and esitation. “You’ll be perfect for us all. I chose you, and maybe that was the best decision of my whole life. And I’d choose you, always.” she smiled widely then, amused by his unsure reactions, grabbing his strong but pudgy waist and, on her tiptoes, she pressed her perfumed lips on his, in a kind but passionate and needed kiss.

Branch groaned and smiled during that welcomed act of affection, his heart full of joy and pride hearing those beautiful words, and used his free and big hands to grab her fluffy hair and gently pull it, knowing how much she would like it. As planned, he heard a tiny but excited squeal and felt her body against his, hot and tempting.

When they pulled away, Poppy grinned and licked her wet and now flushed mouth, fixing a lock of hair and putting it behind her round ear. “I see what you did there, are you trying to make me relax in that way? What a naughty and smug Troll you are, Branch.” the Queen asked, lifting an eyebrow and snickering, a hand on her hip. “But I am too, so… will you join me in my bedroom?”.

It was not like they’ve never done it before or that it was their first time: in fact, during those short and maybe too fast weeks, they found themselves inseparable and deeply connected, in any existing form. Even in that form. But it was still a strange feeling for Branch, being inside his girlfriend’s form and whispering loving phrases, sweet nothings and poetries in her rounded ears.

“You ok, Branch?” Poppy panted with a little and kind smile on her face, her many freckles shone in the darkness as she looked into his light blue eyes, beneath his muscular but chubby body. Her slim hips bounced up and down slowly, meeting Branch’s unhurried thrusts. “You seem a little… uh, restrained? Like you want to say something.”.

“No, no. It’s alright up here. Are you ok down there?” the survivalist smiled back and laughed, kissing her forehead for a moment and continuing his movements, then the male got closer to her right ear and huffing: “But maybe you’re right, I would like to say something. It’s just… I cannot find the words to describe my feelings right now, and… damn, I can’t find the words to tell you how much you mean to me. Maybe I am a poet, well… sort of, but sometimes, especially when I’m around you, I can’t find the right way to tell you how I feel.”.

“Then show me. If you can’t find the right words, then use yourself because you, just you are more than enough for me.” the Queen hugged him, nuzzling against his chest, deeply touched by his sincere words.

The pink Troll felt her partner speeding up after a few moments of reflection and esitation, and his royal blue-purple hair twirling around hers in a passionate and affectionate dance they shared a lot of times, together and connected, in that fluffy and comfortable bed. “Mhh-!” she moaned, spreading her long legs a bit more, grabbing him by the waist, and moving her pelvis along with the survivalist’s.

Branch licked his rather sharp teeth, drooling a little and panting a lot, still not very used to those act of intimate affection, then he gently bit the female’s breasts, sucking them and using his tongue to lap her excited and red nipples, enjoying her wails and whines of pleasure.

Suddenly Poppy used her great strength and agility to lift her smaller body up, helping herself with her behind’s muscles, sitting on the blue Troll’s lap and smirking, happy to finally be on top. She loved it, when she could move and watch her boyfriend’s desperate expressions, closely. With a loud but muffled scream, she started to ride her companion’s rod with speed, while kissing him on the lips and rubbing his belly and nape with her free arms.

“Ugh!” Branch groaned loudly, his eyes barely open and his tongue out, sitting on the pallet and enjoying the show his girlfriend was putting up. He felt a warmth in his groin area and his manhood swelling inside her damp and dripping slit. “She really loves to be on top, uh…”.

“Someone’s approaching his peak, Branchie? Awh!” the smug and self-confident Queen joked while huffing, rubbing his cheek and pressing her forehead against his sweaty one for a second. “It’s ok, I-I’m reaching it too… j-just let it out… will you?”, Poppy knew how to make him come anyway, in fact she knew a really, really sweet spot of his: smiling and smirking, she opened her mouth again and bit gently his pointy and moving ear with her rounded teeth.

“P-Poppy!” he shouted with a not-so-manly and very surprised tone, his hands grabbing her slim hips on instinct and his organ emptying itself inside the Queen’s welcoming and warm canal, filling her up with his white and fertile sexual liquid, that poured out slowly, on the dirty and now messy sheets. “Mpgh…”.

“Branch!” Poppy shivered in pleasure right after him, clenching her muscular inner walls around her partner’s dick and riding out her own orgasm, while electric waves clawled up and down her arching back. “Ahh…” she concluded after a long minute, falling back on the mattress along with the survivalist, both of them dead tired, panting visibly and sweaty. But satisfied. Really satisfied. “I admit it… that… relaxed me quite alot.”.

“T-Told you… And guess what, that even helped me, you know… gathering a bit of courage to tell you something.” the survivalist laughed weakly, kissing her lips for the last time and suddenly sitting on the bed, grabbing his green gilet and searching for something in its pockets. When he found and took it, he turned towards his girlfriends, hands behind his naked back and an embarassed smile on his chubby face. “Poppy, we’ve known each other for so long, 20 years, and I never found the bravery or guts to talk to you, never. But believe me when I say that I loved you so, so much. I loved you with all my heart and soul, but I was a coward and I was scared. Scared to lose you, like I lost my grandma. Only during our journey and especially in that pot, when you lost your hope, happiness and colors, I found myself finally capable to show my real feelings and to tell you I loved you. I couldn’t let you go, I couldn’t see you all grey and sad like I was. And gosh, when you told me you loved me back… I just couldn’t believe it: you, the most perfect and… well, rather annoying dork, my love interest, my beloved party-loving and funny Princess, loved me! You didn’t give up on me, that’s why I fell in love with you long, long ago; with your smile you were able to bright my days and fantasies, especially when I wrote poetries about you. You are my bigger inspiration and an essential part of my new, colorful and beautiful life. And even if maybe’s too early… I’d like to make it official.”.

“… B-Branch? What do you mean, what are you trying to say?” Poppy asked, a little insecure and excited, with her big, enraptured magenta eyes, looking at the little and opened black box with a golden and shiny ring inside, right in front of her.

Poppy, will you marry me?”.

4 Interview with Choi Siwon | 151101

Korean actor and musician SIWON CHOI, who stars in a film for watchmaker and jeweller Piaget, talks with VINCENZO LA TORRE about life as a global phenomenon during a post-shoot interview in Seoul
It’s hard to believe that as recently as a decade ago, South Korea suffered from an inferiority complex, often looked down upon by more prosperous and culturally influential neighbours such as Japan and Hong Kong. How things have changed. You don’t have to travel far to see that the country is now experiencing an incredible cultural renaissance, its soft-power diplomacy extending from Beijing to Tokyo and our own shores. First it was K-Pop, the musical wave that has supplanted J-Pop and Cantopop as the soundtrack of teenagers’ lives all over Asia; then the huge popularity of Korean dramas, religiously watched on TV and streamed online by millions of devoted fans; and finally Korean beauty products, prized for groundbreaking innovations that are imitated even in the West.
Although some blame the Korean entertainment industry for its cookie-cutter approach to building young stars and turning them into flawless and sometimes soulless performers, there must be more than meets the eye, given that young people all over the world can’t get enough of stars such as Super Junior, G-Dragon and Girls’ Generation.
Entertainment companies such as SM Entertainment are behind the rise of Korean pop culture. Their talent agents trawl the country in search of the next big thing, plucking kids from obscurity with the aim of turning them into superstars. Known for the extremely intense training of the new recruits and the competitive streak they foster among wannabe stars, these talent agencies are true conglomerates, churning out stars at breakneck speed and building their careers.’

While many such performers turn out to be one-hit wonders, there are some with real staying power, natural-born entertainers who can move beyond the strait-laced role of the pretty boy or girl dancing on a stage and spewing out catchy tunes. Super Junior, the group that started the craze for Korean boy bands, turned 10 this year and its leading man, Siwon Choi, has managed to transform his image as a young heart-throb into a successful career as an actor, with roles in international productions and a fan base that transcends the screaming tweens who go hysterical whenever he makes an appearance.

The handsome 28-year-old, who recently starred in a film produced by watch and jewellery brand Piaget titled Beyond a Gift, was set on his path to stardom from a very early age. “When I was a kid, I wanted only to be famous, a celebrity. I thought that I would do my father’s job or something like a boring job, always studying and always taking courses, but I really didn’t want to do that,” he says when we meet him on the set of the film in a leafy suburb of Seoul.

It didn’t take long for the then 16-year-old to score an audition with SM Entertainment before being picked out two years later to be part of the global phenomenon of Super Junior, whose best-selling single, “Sorry, Sorry”, propelled the band to international stardom. “The funny thing is that I didn’t want to be a singer or an actor,” says Choi. “Not that I didn’t want to do it, but it’s not that I wanted to do at first. Mr Lee [Soo Man], our chairman, just called me, ‘Hey, come to my office, what do you want to do? What can you do? Maybe drums or taekwondo or something?’”

After that, the two engaged in a long conversation, during which Lee realised that Choi had great potential for international appeal. “He said I should go to China, so I went for three months,” reveals Choi, who since then has mastered Chinese and acted in a series of Chinese productions alongside stars such as Andy Lau and Jackie Chan.

Fluent in both Mandarin and English, Choi realised when just a teenager that language barriers were keeping many Korean stars from making it big on the worldwide stage, and decided to master both languages. “In 2007,” he says, “I went to LA, to an event at the Hollywood Bowl, this huge concert for Korean people. Everyone was speaking English and they asked me something, but I couldn’t understand. Then I was really motivated and I started studying by myself.”

That same dedication is evident on set, where Choi displays a tremendous work ethic and doesn’t indulge in any of the antics of the jaded and spoiled superstar. After a long day filming the Piaget short, he kindly spends a few extra hours on location to shoot this cover story, showing an earnest and friendly attitude that’s at times quite disarming. When asked about his positive outlook, he mentions an early episode in his life that shaped his personal philosophy.

“When I went to New York, I saw The Lion King on Broadway and I met Matt Damon in the theatre. I said, ‘I’m Siwon Choi from Korea, and I’m part of Super Junior, like the Asian Backstreet Boys.’ He said, ‘Wow that’s good! Have fun in the States!’ He was very encouraging, very friendly. I thought, ‘That’s a Hollywood star, wow!’ I was a kid to him, I was 20, and he was really famous.

“I then promised myself that if I ever meet someone, anywhere, if they introduce themselves to me, I would be even friendlier than Matt Damon. I promised myself then. I built my philosophy then. I made my own philosophy. It was very inspiring and motivating. He’s a really good actor, a good father, also a good husband.” Choi further attributes his positive thinking and strong discipline to his Christian faith. “Maybe it’s because I’m Christian,” he says. “I also respect Islam, their culture. They really obey. “Everyone says that they love Jesus, really love Jesus, but then they do what he hates. Christianity is a huge influence on me; religion first and then my dad. He has his own philosophy, his own way, he never does it another way, always does it his way. I really respect him so much.”

Choi is also grateful to father figures such as Andy Lau and Jackie Chan, early mentors who guided him on his foray into acting. “Andy Lau is very professional. He pays a lot of attention to details. I was 18 when I worked with him. He’s been in more than 90 movies in his life. He controls everything he can on set but he respects the director because he never oversteps, only tells him what he’s thinking. Mr Chan is really professional too and he works hard. He wants to be a really good coach to the next generation, like me.”

As someone who’s constantly under the spotlight and who’s the focus of the relentless attention of countless fans who follow every move he makes, Choi seems to take everything in stride, without letting the surrounding mayhem go to his head. He’s definitely not one to complain about the pitfalls of fame and stardom.

“A lot of people would love to get this attention, with so many fans who like them, so I thank God, I don’t complain,” he says. “Second of all, I feel very responsible to the next generation of people. If I do something wrong, if I make a mistake, I can accept it. But for the next generation, I want to be a good influence, a role model.” Even though he grew up on the stage and has been an entertainer for most of his life, Choi doesn’t believe in mixing his personal life with work and reveals that he would rather date someone who doesn’t come from the entertainment world. But for now, family and career are his priorities.

“I’m still living with my parents,” he reveals. “I promised them that I would live with them until I do my military service. You know, Korea is still two separate countries, so I have to do it too, and I promised my parents that until I go to military service I will stay with them.” His close bond with his family also inspires Choi’s charity initiatives. “I’m planning to work  on a Unicef project with Super Junior. I want to do something for children. When I open my eyes, my parents are there for me, Mr Choi and Mrs Choi, my parents. They care about me. But think about it, many children when they open their eyes have nobody and have nothing, no parents, no future, no life. So, if I go to heaven in front of God and he asks, ‘Hey Siwon, good to see you. What did you do for me? I gave you love, what did you do?’ I want to say, ‘I was trying to help poor people, children, somewhere.’”

All this talk about doing good, however, doesn’t keep Choi from focusing on his ultimate goal of becoming an international star on a par with other Asian and Hollywood A-listers. He says that he sees a future career separate from Super Junior and that his goal is to become the first Korean actor of global renown. “If someone asks Western people, ‘Who is your favourite Asian actor or celebrity?’ they always say Jackie Chan, Jet Li or Chow Yun Fat, and all of them are from China or Hong Kong, never Korea,” he says. “Why? Even if it’s hard work, I want to try to make it happen before I regret it, so maybe in five years, when they ask, ‘Who’s your favourite actor in Asia?’ Siwon Choi, yeah me! That’s my dream.”

Source: prestigehongkong


“This man couldn’t possibly be a dream. He was so vivid. His eyes were…well, his nose and his chin…oh, I can just see! I just can’t remember! The man was clear as day! He had a tan jacket, and a deerskin suitcase.”- The Man in the Tan Jacket. 

The top 10 dorkiest Bleach characters

As requested by shuheihisagay. :)

Dorky characters are the best. They’re awkward and silly and kinda nerdy but in an adorable, clumsy way. Here are my picks for the top 10 dorkiest Bleach characters!

#10: Byakuya

Byakuya is a closet dork. Sure he acts all suave and serious, but on the inside he’s a guy who’s really into Admiral Seaweed, who likes to make sand sculptures on the beach with his sister, who puts together (unfunny) comedy routines, who attends the WSRA for kicks. 

Byakuya: If you use the omake as evidence, then we are all dorks.

Renji: But you most of all, Captain.

Byakuya: …excuse me?

#9: Ikkaku

Like Byakuya, Ikkaku tries to project a serious image. But come on. The guy does a lucky dance. And he’s really really impressed by convenience store food. He’s a dork.

Ikkaku: How is my lucky dance not serious?!

#8: Renji 

You think Renji is cool, what with his tattoos and his speeches and his hair. Then he gets distracted during a battle because the enemy complimented his eyebrows. And you remember. He is actually a dork.

Renji: Hey! Bazz-B thinks I’m cool!

Bazz-B: No, I think your eyebrows are cool. 

#7: Rukia

Rukia is more open about her dorkiness than her brother. She is proud of her dorky cartoon bunnies. She seems to enjoy pretending to be a dorky high school student. She once got distracted by giant stuffed animals during a fight. What a dork!

Rukia: As if anyone could resist stuffed animal paradise!

#6: Iba

Iba wants to be manly - so very desperately. And to hang with all of his fellow manly men. But really….he ends up sitting around shirtless in sunglasses with all of his shirtless, sunglassed dorky friends, pretending to be cool. And he once had a fight that turned into a rock-paper-scissors with drinking, so -

Iba: T-the MSRA is NOT dorky!

#5: Isshin

Isshin’s dorkiness may be largely persona - his way of, I don’t know, distracting his children from the truth about his past by embarrassing them a lot? But despite his ability to turn stone-cold serious in battle, I think a lot of Isshin’s dorkness is just the way he is. 

Isshin: It’s what makes me so funny!

Karin: No.

#4: Hisagi 

When you first see Hisagi, you may think he’s some sort of cool rebel, with his tattoos and his sleevelessness and his spiky hair. But no. Hisagi is not cool. Hisagi is a supreme dork. He runs a newspaper and gets flustered by Matsumoto and hunts for free food and plays the guitar badly in secret. Such a little (punk) dork!

Hisagi: I’m not a dork! I’m smooth! Smooth….like butter!

Kensei: What the actual fuck

#3: Urahara

Urahara’s dorkiness may be all an act. Hard to say. But if it’s an act, it’s a pretty good one, because he does in fact come across as a giant dork. His voice, his mannerisms, his silly clothes….you’d think Urahara harmless if he wasn’t so darn scary.

Urahara: Silly clothes?

#2: Orihime 

Orihime is unapologetic in her love of dorky things, from drawings of herself as a laser-shooting robot to silly poses to comedy routines. There’s a reason she and Rukia get along as well, I think.

Orihime: Why would anyone waste time pretending to be all cool?

Hisagi: It’s a lifestyle choice.

#1: Keigo

Keigo may be the personification of dorkiness. He’s so awkward yet earnest. He greets Ichigo by trying to hug-tackle him. He really just wants his friends go bowling with him or something. He’s so….not cool.

Keigo: B-but I’m lovable…right?

Smooth Sailing (3/12) - You’ll Feel It

summary: post 3x22 attempt to answer the question where the relationship would be going without obstacles like Elsa and Marian. But then, there’s always a crisis.

rating: this is the chapter, as you might guess from the title, where we are going up to a M rating. My very first CS smut.

[chapter 1] [chapter 2] - we’ve left off right after Emma confessed to Hook that she wants him - “so badly” - to which he’d given the only appropriate answer: “So, have me.”

also on ff and ao3.

Chapter 3 - You’ll Feel It

Hook just kept holding her though; he didn’t move in any further. He just left it up to her and her alone – again, like he’d already done a few times that evening – to take the next step. She’d once said to Mary Margaret that she wasn’t used to someone putting her first, and now she realized that since she’d met this man, he’d been doing little else than just exactly that, always. Emma smiled as she leaned forward again, standing a little on the balls of her feet and – after one last glance at his slightly parted, waiting lips – closed her eyes and kissed him again. This kiss was different than the one on Granny’s porch; it was more like their Neverland kiss, but this time it felt real. Their mouths collided passionately, breathlessly, opening up as soon as they touched. They were swaying back and forth while teeth were grazing lips, tongues exploring each other.  

Her left arm slid around his trim waist and she moved into him even closer – not getting enough of the nearness – while her right hand crept up to the nape of his neck, messing up his always unruly hair that felt so smooth to the touch. Hook cradled her head in his hand. His fingers combed through those silky, golden locks which had attracted him from that very first day on the beanstalk, and which he’d never been able to resist touching whenever the occasion arose. Unlike before – outside on Granny’s porch – he was much more confident now and less afraid to take control. His fingers grasped a thick strand of her hair and pulled her head back a little, pushing his head forward, and Emma followed his demand eagerly, surrendering to him completely now as he claimed her mouth with a fierceness that left her breathless. His hook rested on the small of her back, pulling her soft body into his hard one, and for the first time she felt that he definitely was as ready for her as she was for him. And suddenly, a teasing memory of his voice sounded in her head: When I jab you with my sword, you’ll feel it.

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Early Morning Blues

AN: Look guys, I wrote something!

This is a sort of sequel to my oneshot ‘A Series of Mostly Unfortunate Events’, but you don’t really need to have read that to get this. However, if you DO feel like reading it then go on ahead. *Nudges everyone* Hint hint HINT.

Anyway, shameless self promotion aside, this is dedicated to everyone who read ASOMUE, no matter if you finished it and did nothing, liked it, reblogged it, reblogged it WITH TAGS (*screams internally*), messaged me demanding a sequel (y'all know who you are and I simultaneously love you and blame you for this one), followed me (omg thank you all so much I think I gained about 20 followers in a day and I love you all for it! *hugs* also ‘followed me’ sounded really creepy…), or hated it so much that you threw your phone/tablet/computer/thingy across the room before telling anyone in a five thousand mile radius that it was absolute shite that should never have been created. Thank you all so much!!! I’d give everyone bonbons if I wasn’t so greedy.

If any of you skipped all of that, I really don’t blame you.




“You what?!?”

Lucy Heartfilia stared at the boy standing in her doorway, a look of pure shock on her face.

“Can I use your netflix account?” Natsu Dragneel repeated. “Ice prick changed the password on ours, and he won’t tell me what it is until I confess my supposed undying love for Elfman.” The pink haired boy shuddered. “I’d rather die then do that.”

Lucy nodded absent-mindedly; she wouldn’t really want to confess her undying love to Elfman either. For starters Mira would be all over her about being nice to her baby brother, then she would have Lisanna’s constant teasing to deal with, never mind the fact that confessing your undying love for someone probably wouldn’t be considered very manly, so she would also be forced to listen to the ‘object of her affections’ bawling his eyes out. Not to mention the fact that Elfman already had a girlfriend. The overall event would almost certainly be a disaster.

Wait, what the hell was she even thinking about?

Natsu interrupted her rather wayward train of thoughts by rudely waving a hand in front of her face. “Lucyyyyy, are you still in there?”

She swatted his hand away, before reaching up to rub the sleep out of her eyes. It was six o'clock on a rare Saturday morning when she didn’t have to be in work until later, and right now she was supposed to be in her nice, warm, comfortable bed catching up on some well deserved rest. That is, she would be if she hadn’t been woken up by her annoying neighbour and definitely-not-massive-crush with his weird requests.

“Pleaseeee Luce,” he whined, and despite herself Lucy couldn’t help but blush slightly at the use of her nickname. He had only started calling her ‘Luce’ recently, and although he probably just did it to annoy her, and although she pretended to hate it, every time she heard him say it she got a kind of warm and tingly feeling in her stomach, sort of like-


Bad Lucy.

“Lucyyyyyyyy, you’re spacing out again.” Natsu’s voice once again snapped her out of her daze, and she was quickly reminded of the current situation. She was standing in her doorway in her dressing gown and pink bunny slippers, her hair was a mess, she hadn’t brushed her teeth or put on any makeup, and Natsu Dragneel was attempting to steal her Netflix account. Holy crap, she had to get out of this before she embarrassed herself any further.

“No,” she said harshly. “No, you can’t use my Netflix account. It is six-effing-o'clock in the morning, go bother someone else.” And with that, she slammed the door in his face, before leaning against it and dramatically wiping her forehead with the back of her hand.

Phew. Potential embarrassment crises averted.

Unfortunately though, she was now far to wide awake to even have a hope of getting any more sleep before her alarm went off. Ah well, she thought (surprisingly calmly), she could sleep in some other day. Right now it was time for a nice relaxing bath.


When Lucy returned into the main room of her apartment a few minutes later, equipped with everything she would need for her bath, she hadn’t expected to find her pink haired neighbour lounging on her sofa, watching her TV and eating food from her kitchen.

Natsu looked up from his position on the couch, and smirked slightly when he caught her eye.“You left the door unlocked,” he said lightly, answering her unspoken question.

Lucy simply stared at him, absolutely dumbfounded.

Had he just broken into her apartment to watch Netflix?!

She took a deep breath, and then another one.

In through the nose, and out through the mouth.

Inner peace Lucy, inner peace.

When she had finally calmed herself down enough that she was able to move without literally kicking Natsu out of her flat, she opened her mouth and attempted to ask him to leave in a calm and civilised manor.

“I am going to go and have a bath now,” she said slowly, doing her very best to not fly off the hook and throw something at him, “and when I get out you better be gone from here, or else.”

“Or else what?” he said, munching on a handful of her pringles.

“Or else I’ll tell Erza that you broke into my apartment while I was in the bath.”

He froze, and as she watched all the colour drained from his skin. “You wouldn’t.” His voice can out as barely a whisper, and he sounded absolutely terrified. “She would murder me on the spot.”

Lucy smiled sweetly at him. “That’s your problem.” And before he could say anything else she spun around on her heel and stalked off to her bathroom, muttering to herself about pink haired bastards as she went.


Lucy closed the bathroom door behind her and sighed. Despite the fact that she may or may not be head over heals in love with him, her and Natsu had never really gotten along well. However, ever since that… incident a few weeks ago she seemed to be running into him quite a lot. In fact, it was almost like he was going out of his way to see her, just so he could annoy her even more. It was really starting to get quite irritating.

Lucy sighed again, shaking her head slightly and beginning to undress herself. This was supposed to be a relaxing bath, which definitely wouldn’t work if she spent the entire time pondering her most recent dilemma, who she hoped had left her apartment by now.

She was standing in her pyjama top and underwear when she realised that she hadn’t turned the bath tap on yet. As she was leaning over to do so, she noticed something inside the tub out of the corner of her eye. She froze, turned her head sharply to look at it, and screamed.

The spider was absolutely huge, with long hairy legs, and at least the size if her fist. Lucy scrambled backwards until her back was against the opposite wall and stared at the monsterous animal.

If there was one thing Luy really hated, it was spiders. She was absolutely petrified of them. It was pathetic, she knew, spiders hadn’t ever done anything to her, but they where just so creepy and disgusting and ew. And they showed up at the most unexpected times in the most unexpected places,

Like this giant one right now, sitting in her bath at six in the morning.

Which, despite all her shrieking and scrambling about the place, still hadn’t moved.

Lucy let out the breath she didn’t even realise she had been holding, and slowly took a few steps towards her bathtub, keeping her eyes on the spider the entire time.

It didn’t even twitch.

Maybe it was dead.

She grabbed her hairbrush from where she had discarded it on the floor earlier, and cautiously reached out to poke the spider, in an attempt to discover whether or not the beast was still alive.

Not that a dead spider was any better.

In her minds eye the creature suddenly moved, jumping at her and racing up her arm. Lucy shuddered involuntary. She was being silly. It was just a spider.

Just a spider.

A massive, hairy spider with thick, long, black legs and potentially bloodsucking or poisonous fangs.

The tip of her hairbrush was about ten inches away. Lucy closed her eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again.

Nine inches.

In through the nose, and out through the mouth.

Eight inches.



The spider’s leg twitched.

Time seemed to slow down as Lucy’s hairbrush slipped from her grasp and clattered to the ground, landing right next to the spider. The aforementioned animal immediately started moving away from the object, running across the bottom of the bathtub at an unfathomable speed. Lucy screamed again, louder this time, and quickly scrambled to her feet and raced out of the bathroom.

It was official, the sun wasn’t even up and already this day couldn’t get any worse.

Lucy made it out of the bathroom alive, and hurriedly slammed the door behind her. She leaned against it for a moment with her eyes closed, trying to get her breath back.

When she opend them again, she came face to face with Natsu.

Actually, scratch that. Things just got a whole lot worse.

“What are you still doing here?!” she practically shrieked. “I thought I told you to get out!!” She stopped and panted, still out of breath from the events of a few moments ago.

“Well,” he said defensively, folding his arms across his chest, “I was about to leave when I heard you screaming.” He paused. “Are you alright?” he added softly.

Lucy could feel the blood rushing to her face, and a small part of her found itself wondering how she always seemed to end up embarrassing herself in front of Natsu Dragneel.

The rest of her was to busy panicking about what to do next to bother coming up with an answer.

“Yeah I’m uh, f-fine, thanks,” she stammered. “I um, just stubbed my toe on the base of the sink. I’m okay, so you can leave now.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Yeah right. What really happened?”

Lucy found herself glancing around her sitting room in an attempt to distract herself from the intense look that Natsu was giving her. Her eyes feel on the TV, which was still turned on (‘just about to leave’? ha! as if!), and an idea slowly formed in her head.

“Actually Natsu,” she said, managing to regain some of her lost composure. “I have a small favour to ask of you.”

His look of concern turned to one of suspicion. “Okay…” he said apprehensivly.

“There is a um, rather large spider in my bathtub right now and I’d like you to remove it.”

“All of that was because of a spider?” Lucy blushed even more at how amused he sounded.

“It was a really big one!” She snapped, crossing her arms across her chest.

He snorted. “Whatever. What’s in it for me?”

That was the question she had been waiting for. “If you get rid of it I’ll let you use my Netflix account.”

Natsu’s eyes lit up when he heard her offer, and he grinned at her. “Great!” he said enthusiastically. “I’m all fired up! Now show me where this spider is so I can kick its ass!”

Lucy smiled back at him, before turning around and opening the door behind her, leading him into the bathroom. The spider was sitting in the opposite side of the bath to where it had first been discovered, apparently unaware of the disturbance it had caused. Natsu froze when he saw it, the look of enthusiasm quickly disappearing from his face.

“Holy crap,” he whispered. “That thing is ginormous.”

Lucy couldn’t help but smirk at that. “I told you so.”

“Not that I’m scared of it or anything,” he added quickly.

Lucy was to busy staring at the monster to notice the way his voice shook slightly. However, when he made no move do go and pick the spider up, she began to grow slightly suspicious.

“Natsu,” she said, “are you-”

“Do you have something I can kill it with?” he said suddenly.

“Kill it!?” Lucy was almost surprised at how horrified she sounded. “Can’t you just lift it outside?”

“Do you want me to get rid of it for you or not,” he snapped, sounding irritated.

Lucy sighed and nodded, and he stalked out of the room, returning a few moments later with an a one-thousand-and-something page hardback copy of The Lord of the Rings. He crouched down beside the bath, and carefully lifted the book, positioning it so that it was directly over the spider.

“If you get any spider guts on that book then you have to replace it,” Lucy warned. The book in question had been a birthday present from Levy, and although Lucy was yet to read it she still treasured it as one of her closest possessions.

“Yeah, yeah,” Natsu murmured, “whatever you say Luce.” And, without waiting for her to reply, he smashed the book down on top of the spider.

The creature moved at the last second, barely managing to dodge Natsu’s blow. It scampered on to the book and froze there, as if hoping that it wouldn’t be noticed. As Lucy watched him, Natsu cautiously lifted the book out of the bath, doing his best not to disturb the animal on top of it. He held the book up at eye level for a moment, as if he was examining the beast, before quickly spinning it over and slamming it to the ground. He stood there for a moment and tried to catch his breath, eyeing the book wearily and stamping on it a few times for good measure.

Lucy leaned over from her position on the far side of the bathroom, where she had been watching the events unfold from a safe distance. “Is it dead?” she asked hopefully.

“I’m not sure,” Natsu replied, his gaze not moving from the book on the ground. “I think so.”

Natsu’s foot nudged the book and the spider shot out from underneath it. It appeared to be missing a couple of its legs, but even so it was still moving very quickly. Natsu attempted to stamp on it a few times, but it managed to dodge being crushed by his shoe. It made it to the bathtub and disappeared into the shadows underneath.

“Where’s it gone?” Lucy asked slightly hysterically, glancing over her shoulder as she spoke to check that it hadn’t magically materialized on the wall behind her.

“I think it went under the bath,” Natsu replied, getting down on his hands and knees to check. “It’s too dark though, I can’t see anything.”

Lucy felt something on her foot, and she had a horrible feeling that she knew what it was. She looked down and, sure enough, the spider was crawling up her bare ankle. She shrieked and waved her leg around, and Natsu looked up from the floor to find the spider hurtling through the air towards him. He scrambled to his feet and leapt to the side, narrowly avoiding falling into the bath, and the spider flew past him, landing on the wall, where it quickly scurried up out of their reach.

Lucy and Natsu glanced at each other, and both simultaneously dashed out of the room, slamming the door behind them.

“How about,” Natsu gasped, when they had both recovered enough air to talk again, “you forget about the spider from hell for now, and you can come and have your bath at my place. We’ll send Stripper in there later, and not let him out until he tells me the Netflix password.”

Lucy had to laugh at that. “That sounds like a brilliant idea. Come on, lets go.” She grabbed his wrist and began to drag him out of her flat.

She was halfway to the front door when Natsu spoke up again.


“Yeah?” She glanced back at him and he smirked slightly.

“You might want to put some clothes on first.”

Lucy froze, and slowly looked down at her partially clothed body. The t-shirt she wore to bed was barely decent, just about covering her ass and the top of her thighs. A look of horror covered her face as she realised that she had been practically naked for most of her encounter with Natsu, having been mostly undressed when she first noticed the spider. Thank god she still had her underwear on.

Her face turned an unfortunate colour of scarlet and she dashed out of the room, leaving a hysterical Natsu in her wake.