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I am that mysterious adventurer in all of time and space, known only as Doctor Who. And these are my disposables, Exposition and Comic Relief.

inspired by this + this. | with thanks to @watsonspavlova​.

So I heard @waiting4codot was making his Music Meister voice Tim Curry and well, I just couldn’t miss the chance

I also used his version of the visor 

I feel like we’re in the ‘wildest imagination’ theoretical timeline. 

Look at all the shit going down - cartoon villain ‘president’ of the United States who spends more time embarrassing himself on Twitter than attempting to run the country, fucking Nazis have become so comfortable with being fucking Nazis that they think they can have fucking Nazi marches in the fuckin streets without protecting their identities (and then are shocked and surprised that consequences exist). We’ve got fukin’ super storms: “yeah, it’s a category 5, but its over 10 times bigger than a category 5 from 20 years ago. it’s bigger than a state. Puerto Rico’s buildings are just kinda gone.”. Half the country was on fire at the same time this was going down. People are literally fighting over a sauce they could buy at walmart because of a cartoon whose message they were incapable of actually receiving but believed they received. the young adults and youth are obsessed with oblivion and laughing at the futility of existence because the concept of having a future is ridiculous

Loki and the Girls


mitch marner for @mouthlikeawolf bc we’re both way too invested in this nerd’s well-being

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As You Wish - Chapter 1 - MsLanna - Star Wars: Rebels [Archive of Our Own]
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Relationships: Arihnda Pryce/Thrawn | Mitth'raw'nuruodo
Characters: Arihnda Pryce, Thrawn | Mitth'raw'nuruodo

Follows the events in the Thrawn novel and Rebels Season 3. I don’t know where I will be going with this, but I’ll find a plot to make this romance happen.

Updates will likely be short and irregular.

who has no chill?
i have no chill

how to train ur cat

There’s a little tap tap at the window, maybe more of a scratch scratch like a dog wanting to be let inside, but Maki doesn’t even lift her head. Instead, Umi is the one to turn to the noise. She half-expects to see Honoka with her face plastered against the window, but it’s Rin (with her face plastered against the window).

Well, she was half-right. It’s just the other excitable ginger.

“You can tell her to go away,” Maki says, her fingers flying over piano keys in random scales and arpeggios. Umi looks down at the papers spread all over the table and stands to stretch her sore shoulders.

“Wouldn’t that be your job?”

Umi glances over in time to see Maki wrinkle her nose. “Don’t say it like she’s my responsibility. She’s just… Rin.”

Rin’s goofy smile looks even goofier when she’s got her face pressed against the glass, still going tap tap and scratch scratch as if that’d make Maki change her mind about ignoring her. The door won’t keep her at bay for long. Maki’s scales and arpeggios go uninterrupted when Rin finally bursts in after Umi makes no movement to invite her in. 

“Did you need something, Rin?” Umi asks, seeing no reason to tell her to go away just yet.

“Nope! I just wanted to say hi, nya!”

“Alright, hi.” Maki doesn’t look up from the piano. “Is that all?”

“Weeell, Rin noticed you guys have been working so hard with this new song, so maybe you’re getting bored or something…”

Bored? That’s hardly the case. Umi sits and begins the arduous task of organizing her drafts. Sure, she’s just about done with the lyrics, but Maki is still struggling with composing the music and interrupting her concentration would leave her in a bad mood for the rest of the session, something Umi could do without. “Thank you for offering to help, Rin, but we can manage this on our own.”

“Aww, but I had some good ideas!”

“No, it’s fine, really.”

“Can I at least do my homework in here, then? I promise I won’t be too loud, nya! You won’t even notice that Rin is here!”

A sour chord suddenly interrupts the scales and arpeggios, making Umi cringe. Maki straightens her back and lets the jagged notes linger in a fermata before lifting her hands away and beckoning to Rin. “Hey. Come here.”

Like an obedient puppy, Rin bounces over to Maki without question. She’s already wordlessly teasing Maki with a crooked grin and a glint in her eyes, telling of her plan to embarrass her in front of Umi and embarrass Umi by proxy, because that’s always so much fun, and—

Maki yanks Rin down to her level by a handful of her blazer and brushes her lips over her ear, softly breathing out. Her other hand cups the back of Rin’s head, pulling her in even closer “Go bother Nozomi and Eli, alright? I’m busy.”

“N-Nyyy—ahh…?” Rin stutters, completely caught off guard. Umi is caught off guard, too, and she violently coughs. Some of her papers fly to the floor. Maki presses a gentle kiss to the corner of Rin’s mouth before letting go.



And just like that, Rin wobbles out the door with a steaming red face and jaw hanging slack. Umi is still coughing, unsure of what she had just seen. Doesn’t it usually go the other way around? Oh, god. What happened to the natural order of these things. 

Maki finally breaks her sour expression with a tiny, tiny smirk, watching Rin’s back as she leaves.

Hoseok Scenario: Love Me Harder.

Request:  SONGFIC WITH “Love me Harder” with Hobi and Y/N. Please? Thank U so much, you are amazing

Genre: Romance / Drama

Tell me something I need to know, then take my breath and never let it go

There were times when you thought too much about this, about what exactly was going on and what was definitely not going on between the both of you; but there were also other times when you didn’t care to think what this was, what title to put it, what circumstances brought you back once again to him. Times like right now, when his kisses were making you dizzy and his hands held you closer to that warmth you had grown so accustomed to in the spare of a few months.

-I have to leave…- you said a little breathless and he had the audacity to laugh softly and place a tender kiss in the left corner of your jaw.

-This is around the fifth time you say so-

Hoseok laughed again against your skin, the amused rumble of his laugh echoed in your ears addictively and you actually brought your hands up to his shoulders meaning to shove him away but your will wasn’t as strong as you thought it was when his lips found yours again and kissed your anxiety away in that form that was so exhilarating and so inherently Hoseok that you couldn’t find it anywhere else, on anybody else.

You accommodated yourself better on his lap and kissed him back. His hands had a possessive iron grip on your waist which wasn’t as hurtful as it was pleasing, reassuring, telling you that maybe it was the same for him and he couldn’t walk away neither, forget you and your kisses or the way being around each other seemed to make everything better if you just didn’t stop to think too much of what was lacking and focused in what was happening right there and then.

The present, as in your very, very best right there and then was Hoseok. Hoseok with his insistent hands on your waist, Hoseok with his extremely addictive laugh, Hoseok with his dizzying kisses that could make the breath get caught in your throat. Hoseok, who had crashed into your life and was making you lose every little ounce of control over yourself that you once thought you had.

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Cause of death: Tauriel and Kili’s tragic love story

People who judge you when you're busy browsing through the Children's Section of a bookstore have never read a book that passes for 9+ these days
Some unresolved questions after Adventure Time’s season finale:
  • Where is Betty?
  • Are Finn and Jack going to keep an eye on Gunter now? Because seriously, somebody needs to.
  • With Gunter actually being Orgalorg have any repercussions with the fact that she hatched a magical kitten thing???
  • Is Ice King aware of Gunter’s true identity now?
  • Is Betty ok?
  • How is Princess Bubblegum going to get her kingdom back? Is she just referred to as Bubblegum now? Can’t she just move in with Finn or Marceline for the time being?
  • Will we ever know anything about Finn’s mom?
  • Will Martin going off to who knows where with The Comet’s mystical insides have any lasting consequences?
  • Why have both Finn and The Lich been ‘comet boys’ and is that like a super important connection or just a coincidence?

Things that are eventually going to happen:

  • Fitz putting his hands so gently on her face (because this is so important to him and he really wants it to be perfect even though she wouldn’t mind if it was the worst kiss anyone had given anyone else in the history of kissing but she knows it won’t be because he cares so freaking much that she’s basically melting and his lips haven’t even touched hers yet)
  • Simmons staring up at Fitz with massive ‘how-did-i-nearly-not-let-this-happen’ doe heart eyes (probably after a kiss, and probably in terrible lighting bc god forbid we capture this moment of blissful adorableness)
  • Quiet, gentle kisses that turn into quiet, hungry kisses like they need to literally inhale the other person
  • Simmons’ hands lifting up Fitz’ shirt or pushing his cardigan off
  • Fitz touching her hair
  • Simmons doing that dorky nose crinkle because he’s adorable and so is she and there are butterflies in her stomach and she cannot deal because she has even less chill than he does

WHAT IF AN OLDER EGG, SOMEHOW, UNEXPLAINABLY, finds himself in the wrong time (but the right place) meeting a younger Harry from just before the time Harry had met ~Eggsy’s father~. Eggsy’s younger than him still, but not by much. He panics, because there’s no fucking precedent for this and it feels like a damned surreal dream and he’s not all too sure it’s real—panics and introduces him as Lee Unwin. He’s been a kingsman too long to not be overly cautious—what if it was a bizarrely elaborate trap, what if someone’s gotten him under and hallucinating–he doesn’t really figure it out until he catches a glimpse of Merlin at HQ with hair. And that’s when it hits him that this could actually be real.

Eggsy’s never been really good at digging for reasons, doesn’t understand science (fucking bloody sci-fi) none of that, doesn’t bother questioning why things are how they are, he leaves that to Merlin and Roxy, ‘cause he’s a hands-on sorta guy aite? So he doesn’t question this. He never lets down his guard fully, but this is an opportunity he never thought he’d ever get.

So they get to know each other, and Eggsy pretends to know nothing about Kingsman. He lays on his accent (that he’s managed to get rid of after all these years, finally) thick, dresses down so nostalgically chav it hurts, tells Harry he’s from the Marines, that he’s home for a few weeks break. Gotta visit his uh, wife and kid (it’s a good cover if nothing else). And of course Eggsy takes the opportunity to get to know Harry in a way he never got a chance to. (And he’s doomed, so very doomed, the more he finds out about Harry, because Harry’s different, a good different, but he’s no longer the mentor he knew barely anything about, he’s no longer looking up with his neck craned because they’re equals now and isn’t that a heady thought.)


Because Eggsy remembers a lot, but Harry never really told him about the way his father died in detail, all he knows is that Harry missed a small detail, his father ended up saving Harry, and that was it. He’s never needed to know more, never needed to dwell on the past when he had his future and Harry’s legacy ahead of him. He doesn’t connect all those dots until it’s too damned late.

And Harry goes to Michelle Unwin’s house, tells her he’s sorry, that Eggsy’s father’s gone, and she’s a bit confused but still utterly wrecked and angry at the world, because what if Lee Unwin had died just a few months prior, actually from the Marines, entirely unrelated to Kingsman, and she’s still grieving (they were young and too in love) and just assumes this strange man is someone who worked with Lee, who only managed to come around to pay his respects now, and Harry doesn’t know any better, either. And his wording is vague enough they’re all none the wiser, nothing seems too off. So Harry gives the medallion to a baby Egg, tells him the password, and leaves with a heavy heart for the man he’d grown too fond of (but could never have) and WE START THIS DAMNED TRAGIC CYCLE ALL OVER AGAIN.

five adorable things about bucky barnes - compiled by steve rogers

A Companion Fic to this Story:


“Does this idiot not understand the concept of boundaries and no, she is really not that into you?  Yes, be Switzerland!  Move over there, even! Drop both those losers like hot potatoes. For fuck’s sake!”

Steve has to explain this to a snickering Sam.  Yes, Natasha lent Bucky Certain Novels about Vampires and Werewolves with all the attendant warnings.  Yes, she did it for the entertainment value alone.  Yes, Natasha has a very strange and singular sense of humor. 

Yes, Bucky has a tendency to talk out loud when he’s reading something that really affects him - arguing and swearing at the characters and/or the author will be a given. 

Steve’s used to it by now.  

“Steve, this book’s leeching away what’s left of my intelligence and sanity.  Save me.  Come on.  Steeeeeeeeevie…..” And of course, Steve, God have mercy on his soul, is now confronted with big blue-gray eyes and a definite pout.  He has no defense against these things.  So, Captain America must apply his tactical mind to best defuse the situation. 

He brandishes The Princess Bride.  “Okay, I am going to read this to you.”

Bucky frowns.  “Not that I don’t appreciate the dulcet tones of your voice, baby, but why do you hafta read it to me?” He reaches for the book. 

Steve angles it away.  “I really need to read it to you, Bucky.  And that way, you can argue with it all you want.”  His turn to deploy big pleading eyes.  “Trust me.  Please?”


Steve began.  This is my favorite book in all the world, though I have never read it…

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