so very doomed

mitch marner for @mouthlikeawolf bc we’re both way too invested in this nerd’s well-being

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how to train ur cat

There’s a little tap tap at the window, maybe more of a scratch scratch like a dog wanting to be let inside, but Maki doesn’t even lift her head. Instead, Umi is the one to turn to the noise. She half-expects to see Honoka with her face plastered against the window, but it’s Rin (with her face plastered against the window).

Well, she was half-right. It’s just the other excitable ginger.

“You can tell her to go away,” Maki says, her fingers flying over piano keys in random scales and arpeggios. Umi looks down at the papers spread all over the table and stands to stretch her sore shoulders.

“Wouldn’t that be your job?”

Umi glances over in time to see Maki wrinkle her nose. “Don’t say it like she’s my responsibility. She’s just… Rin.”

Rin’s goofy smile looks even goofier when she’s got her face pressed against the glass, still going tap tap and scratch scratch as if that’d make Maki change her mind about ignoring her. The door won’t keep her at bay for long. Maki’s scales and arpeggios go uninterrupted when Rin finally bursts in after Umi makes no movement to invite her in. 

“Did you need something, Rin?” Umi asks, seeing no reason to tell her to go away just yet.

“Nope! I just wanted to say hi, nya!”

“Alright, hi.” Maki doesn’t look up from the piano. “Is that all?”

“Weeell, Rin noticed you guys have been working so hard with this new song, so maybe you’re getting bored or something…”

Bored? That’s hardly the case. Umi sits and begins the arduous task of organizing her drafts. Sure, she’s just about done with the lyrics, but Maki is still struggling with composing the music and interrupting her concentration would leave her in a bad mood for the rest of the session, something Umi could do without. “Thank you for offering to help, Rin, but we can manage this on our own.”

“Aww, but I had some good ideas!”

“No, it’s fine, really.”

“Can I at least do my homework in here, then? I promise I won’t be too loud, nya! You won’t even notice that Rin is here!”

A sour chord suddenly interrupts the scales and arpeggios, making Umi cringe. Maki straightens her back and lets the jagged notes linger in a fermata before lifting her hands away and beckoning to Rin. “Hey. Come here.”

Like an obedient puppy, Rin bounces over to Maki without question. She’s already wordlessly teasing Maki with a crooked grin and a glint in her eyes, telling of her plan to embarrass her in front of Umi and embarrass Umi by proxy, because that’s always so much fun, and—

Maki yanks Rin down to her level by a handful of her blazer and brushes her lips over her ear, softly breathing out. Her other hand cups the back of Rin’s head, pulling her in even closer “Go bother Nozomi and Eli, alright? I’m busy.”

“N-Nyyy—ahh…?” Rin stutters, completely caught off guard. Umi is caught off guard, too, and she violently coughs. Some of her papers fly to the floor. Maki presses a gentle kiss to the corner of Rin’s mouth before letting go.



And just like that, Rin wobbles out the door with a steaming red face and jaw hanging slack. Umi is still coughing, unsure of what she had just seen. Doesn’t it usually go the other way around? Oh, god. What happened to the natural order of these things. 

Maki finally breaks her sour expression with a tiny, tiny smirk, watching Rin’s back as she leaves.

Things that are eventually going to happen:

  • Fitz putting his hands so gently on her face (because this is so important to him and he really wants it to be perfect even though she wouldn’t mind if it was the worst kiss anyone had given anyone else in the history of kissing but she knows it won’t be because he cares so freaking much that she’s basically melting and his lips haven’t even touched hers yet)
  • Simmons staring up at Fitz with massive ‘how-did-i-nearly-not-let-this-happen’ doe heart eyes (probably after a kiss, and probably in terrible lighting bc god forbid we capture this moment of blissful adorableness)
  • Quiet, gentle kisses that turn into quiet, hungry kisses like they need to literally inhale the other person
  • Simmons’ hands lifting up Fitz’ shirt or pushing his cardigan off
  • Fitz touching her hair
  • Simmons doing that dorky nose crinkle because he’s adorable and so is she and there are butterflies in her stomach and she cannot deal because she has even less chill than he does