so very close to my next hundred


hello cuties :-)🌞

i’m looking for new blogs to follow because my dash is dead and i’m getting a bit tired of what i see. reblog/like this post if you want me to check out your blog and/or blog about these:

  • art🎨 (doodles/famous artists’ works/etc basically art hoe stuff)
  • nature🌿 (plants, etc)
  • hippie stuff, good vibes and spiritual stuff🔮
  • 📺steven universe, skins, freaks and geeks
  • 🐷🌈veganism/vegetarianism, equality, lgbtqia+ etc

following me would be highly appreciated as i’m very close to my next hundred  :-)thanks so much!! <3 ❤️xxx

I need some new blogs to follow...

So, if you post any of the following just like/reblog this and I’ll check out your blog.

- Supernatural

- Avengers (esp. Captain America)

- The Vampire Diaries

- Anything funny or interesting

- really like anything cool

- Dogs 

I’m also very close to my next hundred so a follow back would be appreciated. Thanks pals.