so us a flavour


It’s a shame they can’t produce this for those vegetarians out there. It’s an amazing mushroom. Clean of the spores and cook it like you would chicken. It absorbs a lot of moisture and flavour so you might need to use more oil/sauce than you normally would.

There’s a reason why it’s called chicken of the woods…. can you tell the difference?

Last night someone handed me a vape machine and told me to try it. I was sort of confused but when my mum used to to it she used to have flavoured liquids so I naively assumed it was that.

I took a quick puff to just get it over with and away from me and the person said “You need more than that” and I took a deeper puff, and began to choke.

“It tastes like marijuana” I said, and I was told that it was, not flavoured but just ACTUAL marijuana.

I didn’t even know it was possible and the person who gave it to me thought I knew but like… What a really naive and annoying thing to happen.

I got really high from the large puff and I’m just… I get high every so often but I like to CHOOSE it?

I guess it’s probably no one’s fault but I feel really upset.

The problem with Stacy:

She’s a nice person but the reason no one is rooting for her is because she’s boring. She only uses flavours that are tried and tested so she isn’t experimenting, and her presentation isn’t that original either. Her ideas just aren’t original and she doesn’t deserve to be on the semi final. I can remember at least one bake for everyone else but if you asked me to name one of hers? Couldn’t tell ya.

Chapstick Challenge

“Why are we doing this again?”

“Because I need a video for this week.”

“But this?”

“It’ll be fun,” Jack smirked over at Joe, who rolled his eyes.

“You just want an excuse to kiss me.”

“Do I really need one?”

“Well, no, but—” Jack leaned over, kissing Joe to cut him off.

“Nope. Time to start the video.”


“Hello everybody! Welcome back! How are you? Good? Good. As you can see, I am joined by the lovely, Joe Sugg,” Jack gestured to the other man who waved. “Now, as many of you know, he is my boyfriend.”

“You mention that every time.”

“I like saying it, get over it. Anyways, lately, a lot of couples have been doing the chapstick challenge. And I finally convinced Joseph here to do it with me.”

“Because you didn’t have an idea for this weeks video.” Joe pointed out.

“Besides the point. So, Josh and Conor went out and bought us ten different chapstick flavours, and we’re going to guess which flavour the other is wearing.” Jack explained, holding up the bags containing the chapsticks. “Let the fun begin!”

“Who’s first?” Joe asked, taking one of the bags.

“You can guess first.” Jack told him, reaching into the bag still in his hand as Joe closed his eyes. Pulling out the first one, Jack showed the flavour to the camera before he spread it across his lips. “Pucker up.”

“That is so weird sounding.” Joe muttered before Jack leaned over and kissed him.

Opening his eyes, Joe licked his lips as Jack sat back, waiting.

“Uhm, vanilla?”

“Close, Dr. Pepper.” Jack grinned, holding it up for Joe to look at.

“They make Dr. Pepper chapstick?”

“Pretty sure Conor and Josh grabbed the variety pack for little girls.” Jack laughed, wiping off his mouth.

“Well, it tasted good.” Joe smiled.

“Good to know. Close your eyes.” Jack grabbed the next one, and after showing it to the camera, applied it. “Ready?”

“Kiss away.” Joe replied, and this time the kiss lasted a little longer as he leaned into it, blinking at Jack as the younger man pulled away. “Something…sweet and sour.”

“Hmm,” Jack responded, licking his lips, which did not go unnoticed by Joe.

“Those, gummy candies?”

“Need a better answer.”

“What are they called, sour patch something?”

“Look at that, Joe got one right!” Jack grinned, showing the label to Joe.

“No idea how.” He laughed, “I was guessing.”

“Ready for the next one?”

“Yup.” Joe closed his eyes, waiting patiently until he felt Jack press his lips against his.

Except this time he could feel Jack’s hand on his thigh, and Joe couldn’t help but lick along Jack’s bottom lip. Strictly to guess the flavour.

“Joe,” The younger man scolded lightly as he pulled back.

“Was trying to figure out the flavour.” Joe mumbled, his eyes focused on Jack’s lips. These kisses were just not long enough.

“And what flavour was it?”

“Can I have another taste?”

Laughing, Jack leaned in again, and Joe kissed him eagerly, although Jack pulled back before he could deepen it.



“What type?”

“Does it bloody matter?” Joe snapped.


“Fuck, I don’t know. Kit Kat?”

“Sorry,” Jack shook his head. “Incorrect.”

But Joe didn’t care, not as Jack decided to once again lick his lips, which was pretty distracting.

“Close your eyes.” Jack said softly, and Joe did so eagerly, ready for the next flavour.

When he felt Jack’s lips on his, Joe brought a hand up to the back of his boyfriends neck, licking along his bottom lip before he thrust his tongue into the other man’s mouth. He wanted a proper kiss this time.

Feeling Jack’s hand back on his thigh, this time higher, caused Joe to moan into the kiss, and it didn’t take him long to shift his position so he was straddling Jack’s lap.

“The video.” Jack mumbled, pulling back a bit.

“I honestly don’t care what flavour that is. I like the taste of you better.” Joe replied before kissing Jack once again.

And when the younger man tried to pull apart again, because they did need to film a proper video, Joe rolled his hips against Jack, smirking as he heard his boyfriend moan and the grip on his hips tighten.


“Fuck the video.” Joe told him, rolling his hips again. He could feel Jack responding under him, and his own body was reacting. “We’ll figure out something else.”

“Tease.” Jack growled, thrusting up against Joe.

“You were the one teasing,” He moaned as Jack started to suck at the base of his neck. “With all the fucking kissing. Shit, Jack.” Joe mumbled, his hands moving up into Jack’s hair as their hips continued to move against each other.

“You’re right,” Jack panted against Joe’s skin, “Fuck the video. I’d rather be fucking you right now.”

“Yes, please.” Joe told him, letting out a yelp of surprise as Jack flipped them over on the bed, his lips connecting again with Joe’s skin.

They’d finish the video later.

drinking coffee while dreaming of tea

you taste like cold coffee
like coffee i couldn’t finish the morning
but coffee that was too good to throw away

you taste so bitter, so strong
no amount of sugar could tame you
yet, i find myself pouring in the sweetest of the sweets
but you are cold, so sweetness doesn’t melt

i drink you in the mornings, afternoons, evenings and you follow me into late nights
you keep me awake and you keep me wishing i was asleep
and i got so used to your flavour that black tea now seems sweet

one day, i’ll make myself a cup of tea.
a cup of hot green tea.
but until then i’ll go make another coffee for myself.

‘Someday Someday’ :: Tumblr Edition, #15

“Okay,” Harry stood close behind me in the small ice cream shop, his hand hanging at my side but not resting on it as we investigated the cabinet, “Choc­-peanut is good if you’re a peanut girl. Or mint choc­-chip is fantastic … Hokey pokey is a standard. I’ve had that blueberry white­ chocolate one before—”

“—You’re a chocolate person,” I observed, craning my head back to look at him.

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1.7 - Ki Particles and Energies (part 2)

(Part 1)

The idea of a Saiyan not just having a terrifyingly high genki output but also being able to amplify that even further might be a scary prospect to you. After all, I have explained that it is possible with ki to fight, and yes, harm people. And so I’ll understand your trepidation when I present the next piece of news.

The few people left in the Universe with Saiyan heritage all reside on Earth, and they are formidable in a fight.

To make matters worse, it is very difficult to tell the difference between a Saiyan and anthropoidal Earthling by appearance alone, though I guarantee you you’ve seen one before.

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A classic in the UK this biscuit is perfect for tea dunking. It comes in many variations but this is the one I love and make for my girls - Elf


100g icing sugar
200g plain flour
100g cornflour
200g very soft unsalted butter
The seeds from 1 vanilla pod
Caster sugar for dusting


1) Preheat your oven to 160°C/ Gas Mark 3/ 325°F.

2) Put the icing sugar, plain flour and cornflour into the bowl of a food processor fitted with the double-bladed knife and give them a quick blitz before adding the butter along with the vanilla seeds you’ve scraped out of a vanilla pod.

(Don’t throw the deseeded bits of vanilla pod away: stash them in a jar of caster to use next time a recipe requires vanilla sugar.)

3) Process again until the soft mixture coheres and begins to form a ball, loosely clumping around the blade. Turn this out on to a Swiss roll tin and press to form an even layer, using fingers or the back of a spoon, or both.

4) Using a sharp knife cut in to fingers. Use a fork to make the traditional indentations on each shortbread finger. I like to do 8 on each, mostly because we gave 4 pronged forks.

5) Slide the Swiss roll tin into the oven and bake for about 20-25 minutes, by which time the shortbread will be pale still, but not doughy. Expect a little goldenness around the edges, but shortbread should be not crisp but melting.

6) Remove the tin from the oven and let cool for 10 minutes or so, before removing, with a palette knife and your fingers, to a wire rack. Sprinkle with caster sugar and leave them to cool.

We have numerous recipes for shortbread in our house and my wife will likely come to share her family recipe later but this one was sourced from a Nigella Lawson cookbook and I fell in love with the addition of fresh vanilla. It’s an expensive item, fresh vanilla, so as mentioned the pods can be used to flavour your normal baking sugar or even the kind you add to your tea or coffee.

Let’s be honest here: Mercutio is tumblr’s baby. If there was a poll on favourite Shakespeare characters, he’d win by a landslide. So we had to make a cocktail for him, but we were also very specific about what we wanted to make it suit the character. It had to contain enough hard alcohol to put you in insta-party mode, but it also had to be pretty damn sweet. It had to give off a joyful and incredibly queer vibe while being colourful as fuck. We pondered and pondered, and then it hit us. Now we proudly present: The Mercutio.


  • Pomegranate juice (red)
  • Apricot juice (orange)
  • Mango juice (yellow)
  • Woodruff syrup (green)
  • Powerade “Mountain Blast” sports drink (blue)
  • Blackcurrant juice (purple)
  • Rhubarb juice (pink)
  • 2 cl vodka
  • 2 cl Bacardi Razz
  • 4 cl Cointreau


Make ice cubes from the various different juices; obviously you can use different flavours so long as the colours match up, but these go well together. (Handy hints: the woodruff syrup needs to be mixed with water, but not too much, else it will turn out turquoise rather than green; the blackcurrant juice works best when mixed with a bit of Powerade and a bit of water, to become more purple rather than dark purple-red; if you don’t like Powerade, Curaçao is an alternative for the blue bits.)

Stack the ice cubes in a tall glass so that they make a rainbow (i.e. in the order they’re given above). Top up with the alcohol - pre-chilled, ideally, so that the ice takes longer to melt. Ta-daah! Drinkable, alcoholic rainbow. Go crash a Capulet party with your boyfriend and the Montacrew.

Upcoming animated short film

A short film I’ve been working on, Johanne, is nearing completion. If you like cartoons, pseudohistorical settings, or faint glimpses of an exceptionally large cat, go follow the project’s new blog @johanne-animation!

I can’t tell you much about the film yet (spoilers!) but the blog’ll be updating a couple times per week with stuff like concept art, promo sketches, and backgrounds. So if you’re interested in the sort of work I do professionally, check that out.

However, if you’d prefer your Johanne updates written by someone thoroughly confused by Twitter, go watch me take over our studio’s account at DragonbeeStudio.


Strawberry Coconut Torte

Are you familiar with the feeling when there is no real occasion for a cake, but you feel there should be? I have opted to call this phenomenon ‘cake emptiness’ (with a slight nod to the Manics). It’s a particularly common on Fridays. I know I cannot be the only sufferer, because on Friday my mother sent me an email asking if I was going to bake something for the weekend. Of course I only have to see the word 'bake’ followed by a question mark, and I will start thinking of recipes. At first, she asked for something with mango, but then my sister was adamant they taste like grass and said she would not eat the cake. 

So, I went for the safer option of coconut and strawberries -  the fact that coconut is a recurring ingredient in my cakes is partly thanks to the fact that my sister is a supertaster (or picky eater in normal English). I came across a nice recipe with the two ingredients: a cake with coconut mousse and strawberry jam. But hey, I thought, why not switch it around and turn it into a strawberry mousse with coconut jam instead? I made the jam by mixing 75 gr of shredded coconut with a can of coconut milk, and boiled it down until it had thickened. I turned off the heat after half and hour an added white chocolate and and a few tablespoons of coconut liqueur, stirring it in until it had dissolved. I spread the jam on the cake base and made alternate layers of coconut and strawberry mousse.

Even though I rarely use strawberry in baking (except for fresh strawberries) I was pleasantly surprised at the sheer deliciousness of strawberry mousse. I think my low expectations of anything strawberry flavoured is due to the strawberry yogurt, ice cream, and sweets I consumed as a child. Personally, I feel strawberries should get a protective status and the food industry should be prohibited from using strawberry on packaging, so as to finally separate artificially flavoured strawberry garbage from the real thing. They simply need to invent another name, such as 'starberries’. In Dutch, strawberries are affectionately nicknamed zomerkoninkjes - little summer kings - whereas their common name aardbei doesn’t sound half as appetising. So for my part, the food industry can keep using aardbei, while we continue to use their cute nickname. Problem solved!

vampires are so lame

“oh no, a strong-smelling pungent-tasting bulb, used as a flavouring in cookery and in herbal medicine!”

“oh my word! a strong wooden post with a point at one end that is driven into the ground to support a plant!!!!”

“mmmm tasty life support juice… ”

so lame

anonymous asked:

How about them as waiters? ;)

 Thank you for requesting! working!au waiters! Have fun reading and have a good day/night! ;)


  • one of the best waiters there
  • worked there the longest 
  • he knows how to work the tills as well and is sometimes asked if he is the boss
  • “who me, no!”
  • but inside he’s like “YES IT IS!!”
  • he handles complaints well
  • actually people are kinda scared to complain to him
  • that smile hides a completely different person
  • he like it initiate conversions too
  • kids love him
  • “hello, who’s this princess? oh it’s the birthday princess!”
  • he makes the other guys bring out the birthday cake whilst he serenades them happy birthday
  • if it is someone he don’t likes birthday, he makes them stand on their chair whilst the whole restaurant sings them happy birthday
  • “happy birthday to you” :)))


  • often mistaken as a cleaner
  • when he is doing his real job, he is super friendly and will start conversations
  • “you guys having a great time?”
  • he is that guy who is at your table every 10 minutes asking if everything is fine
  • you could be sipping water
  • and he’ll be like “how is everything??”
  • and you’re like “the water is fine”
  • he’s only trying to get them tips
  • trying to emulate chanwoo and how he gets tips but for some reason??
  • for some reason he’s pretty popular with old ladies
  • “hello m’am! how are you”
  • he reminds them of a grandson they never had
  • when he isn’t serving he’s probably practising his “how is the food” from the others


  • actually applied as the chef position
  • was rejected for reasons his food was inedible
  • likes to rap about the food that he’s got like
  • “here’ the ravioli, the chicken and the macaroni”
  • he doesn’t write the orders properly and scribbles them down
  • the chef can’t read his handwriting so he has to explain it
  • “and table 103 wanted the vegetarian burger”
  • “bobby, you drew the word tree”
  • he loves food so much he has to control himself when people order his favourite food
  • “omygod… uUUUUHH”
  • when it’s his break he normally asks nicely for a free meal from the chef
  • “pls, i am hungry”
  • for punishments, he has to take the meats from the freezer with chanwoo
  • actually uses them to work out his arm muscles
  • spills things often


  • also mistaken for a cleaner 
  • seemingly grumpy waiter
  • “do you want ketchup with that…”
  • grumpy waiter is grumpy
  • but really it’s cause he wants more to life that serving casserole
  • think of the money hanbin who’s gonna pay those bills
  • he is rather blunt and can be seen as rude
  • is jealous of the kids who order ice cream cake and always asks the chef for a piece at the end of his shift
  • recently, teenage girls in big group want him to serve them
  • “it’s that really hot grumpy guy”
  • he secretly likes the attention he gets from them
  • keeps up this image to gain a following
  • people complain about him but he’s a good hardworker
  • when the boss is out, he is in charge
  • “rIGHT GUYS” :))
  • only time he is happy is bossing others around


  • knows the menu off by heart
  • you old ask him “ what’s in the burger”
  • and he ll be like “ the patty is made from ground beef grass fed,”
  • “oh okay, thank you and what’s in the-”
  • “ the pasta is whole grain with pesto and pine nuts drizzled with”
  • he also memorized all the allergy cautions as well
  • “that has been made with peanuts, I am sorry”
  • also lowkey snarky when people complain about food (surprisingly)
  • “this onion soup has too much onions”
  • outside he’s like “okay, I’ll take it back”
  • but inside he’s like “bITCH ITS FREAKING ONION SOUP”
  • he is really passionate about food as he dreams of going to culinary school, so he can mix together flavours to complex for us to comprehend


  • that waiter who writes down the orders really unenthusiastically
  • “welcome…. what would you like to drink?“
  • he looks 120% done with the world and it’s only lunch
  • because he’s tired af (from perfecting his hair or something)
  • accidentally writes down the wrong order
  • you’re like ” Um, I ordered this with no tomatoes”
  • he’ll stand their for 5 minutes before realizing
  • “oh shit I am so sorry!” bows 864 times
  • sometimes sneaks a fry in his mouth from customers he doesn’t like
  • when he has the time, he takes naps in the storage room
  • he really tries his best to look good for his job
  • he might not be the best waiter
  • instagrams his meals


  • cute little waiter who always tries his best to make customers happy
  • “ah yes, it’s very tasty”
  • smiles loads and is just generally a happy spirit
  • every knows that cute kid who works there
  • can carry up to five plates at once (it’s his long arms)
  • “chanwoo can you go up and get the new orders on potatoes”
  • he’s a waiter, but also general muscle who carries things like boxes and frozen meat
  • “hyung, the meat is leaking all on my shirt”
  • if someone is rude to him he might take a bite of their food in the back (junhoe taught him that)
  • normally does day shifts
  • that guy who gets the most tips
  • employee of the month
  • for 8 months straight


 Dara:  “Ok~!!! Now I know the way~ ^_^ Computer Illiterate escape~?!

Anyway!!! Really without notice bbang bbang~ This happened, so embarrassing?! First surprise flavour “The Two of Us” Revealed~ ^_^

And we have a lot to show really!!! You have to find out if I did a show a lot in this drama “We Broke Up” ~~ Gonna be fun and happy hours right. Perhaps this few weeks will give you fun and a lot of happiness!!! This is not even an underground program, why its done hastily!!! Dropped by to give bonuses~!! To put off the tension~
PS. This photo was taken from delivered selcas from Blackjack zone. Later I have to confirm  from blackjack zone and check out if the selca was taken well~~~ >.<“

Translated by Hannah (WeLoveDara)
Screencaps by NOKIOv

Nate Maloley imagine

“Mummy come on” my four year old calls, running through the house to grab my hand and attempt to pull me to the door
“I’m on my way calm down baby, where’s daddy??” I ask, smiling down at my little girl
“I’m right here, who’s ready for ice cream?” Nate says picking up Lily and spinning her around
“Me!” She calls through her giggles and screams, a smile breaking onto my face as I watch the two most important people in my life smiling and laughing together, enjoying every minute of their lives.
“Stop you’re going to make her throw up” I say with a light laugh, moving over and gently placing my hand on Nate’s arm to get him to stop
“Okay boring pants, come on babies lets go get some ice cream” Nate says, taking our daughter in his arms and carrying her out to the car as I follow behind, locking the door before climbing into the passenger seat
“Mummy can you put some music on?” Lily says from the back of the car
“Of course baby, what do you want to listen to?” I ask, turning slightly in my seat so that I could see her
“Frozen!” She calls with a laugh
“Okay anything for you baby” I said smiling at her excitement, finding the soundtrack on my phone and plugging it into the aux cord and blaring ‘Do You Want To Build A Snowman”, listening to the opening few notes before Lily begins to sing loudly along to the song
“She’s actually the cutest kid in existence” Nate said to me, linking his fingers with mine, laying our hands on my thigh 
“I think every parent says that about their child, but I definitely agree with you, we made a cute one” I said laughing, lightly playing with his fingers
“Do you ever think about giving her a sibling?” I said quietly, not wanting Lily to hear and either get excited or kick off
“Yeah I do, but I think this is a talk we need to have when the little one is asleep” Nate says with a chuckle and a wink before putting his attention back onto the road
“Mummy can you change it to ‘Let It Go’ now?” Lily asks me, clearly bored with her current song choice 
“Okay baby, but this is the last song before we get to the ice cream shop” I say clicking the skip button on my phone until I reach the song.
“We’re here baby” Nate says, parking the car and turning off the engine
“YAY ICE CREAM” Lily calls, wiggling around in her car seat trying to get out
“Calm down sweetie, let me get you out” I say to her before I slide out of my seat and go to her door, unlocking her seat belt and lifting her out onto the sidewalk 
“You guys ready?” Nate asked, locking the car as we take a few steps away
“I am! I am!” Lily called, pulling harder on Nate and I’s hands forcing us to move faster 
“Okay, so Lily what flavour do you want?” I ask, picking up my daughter and allowing her to look through the glass counter at all of the ice cream flavours
“Can I have chocolate please mummy?” Lily says
“Yes you can, well done for asking so politely” I say kissing her cheek and handing her over to Nate so that I can get all of our orders
“Go sit down, I’ll bring everything over in a minute” I say pecking Nate on the lips and moving over to the server
“You have such a cute family” The girl says, causing me to smile and look over at my perfect little family laughing in the corner
“Damn straight I do” I say, looking at the glass and picking out our ice creams. The perfect way to spend our perfect day.