so upset like wtf

Random thoughts before passing out :

- Kentin’s comment was just… so rude and unnecessary. Like it actually hurt me quite a bit bc I like Kentin and I think he can be a good friend so I hope it won’t get worse than that

- I cant enjoy Melody’s reaction to Candy dating Nathaniel. To me it’s just… sad. Her reaction was uncalled for but you can tell that her feelings for Nathaniel are genuine even if she kinda idolizes him. But she really needs to move on now. Idk. I dont think she deserves to be hurt like that. She’s not a mean person in the end. I think I need a Melody arc

- im still so upset bc of Armin and Alexy ?? Like wtf why did they want me to choose between my bf and my bff that’s so cruel ;;; I didnt say anything when they asked bc ??? I usjt couldnt choose and they just got so mad I wanted to cry that’s the most unfair thing that has ever happened in my like literally wtf was that they apologized but still it was awful I felt awful as if it was my fault but it wasnt fuck u for making me feel awful

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I live and work in Ohio and just found out today that No Meal or Rest Breaks are Required. I'm just so... upset??? Like wtf OH get with the program of at least pretending your workers are human like a lot of other states do. (Not meaning that in a bad way. We are all human just companies don't treat most people like they are when you work for them.)


where th FUCK is all the scoutcest

I have. expressed countless times that I don’t like to be touched and I’m not a fan of physical contact but my mum and my grandma keep doing it and then act all offended and betrayed when I take a step back like no leave me alone have anyone ever heard of respecting boundaries wtf is it really that hard to understand

when you get upset about a finale for a fandom you’re not even in anymore 

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ok but like people are defending alesa????????? what? she cheated on adam seven times and youre still gonna say she did nothing wrong??? 

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: the Hatter's dad and everyone knew about the red queen's head issues and yet when the crown didn't fit correctly he was so upset and shocked, like how did you not consider this? In the first movie when the Hatter was making hats for the queen he made them so they would fit in the indentation in her hair, why tf couldn't his dad? Bc seriously if the crown he made had just fucking fit her so many issues wouldn't have a come about and i just dont understand why this hatter who is supposed to be so good and who has known about the queen's deformity for so long couldn't take that into account when making her crown i mean-

not to start a Discourse, but one thing i genuinely don’t understand is that if all the boys are moving on with their lives and careers, as we’ve seen with harry and niall and liam, how are people still acting like louis is being forced to do things against his will? like, it’s pretty clear that whatever he’s doing now and whoever he’s working with are the result of choices he’s made, and he’s doing just fine. 

the question is “how” not “why” bc i know why people act like this, but i just… how? like, what is going on?? i just can’t…. comprehend why so many people feel the need to constantly roll their eyes at everything louis does or any person he’s seen with who’s not his sisters (hilariously, this applies even to oli, except for the one time harry and oli interacted during otra and omg everyone suddenly loved oli as if they aren’t calling him a predator or a rat 90% of the time??? wow amazing) while at the same time victimizing him in order to strip him of his agency/fault so they can wash, rinse, repeat, next time he does anything

like, even if you don’t believe Some Things, this is his life? so why tear it down all the time? what does that Prove? how does it help anyone? why act like he’s miserable when he looks happy? whatever you think their relationship is, what has danielle done to deserve the shit people say about her? like, oh myyyy goddd louis touched her, time to make 544 photosets and send wild as fuck, offensive anons to prove that he doesn’t care about her. i truly don’t care what people believe, but it’s the way i see people talking about this that’s always been so hard to take. how do you sit there and read the things people say about danielle and not feel kind of queasy? like, i just? it’s been so long, it’s been so long, you know?

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I'm so upset about Dwight and Caroline's reunion in tonight's episode. Like wtf? Its such a beautiful scene in the books and it was totally butchered. It definitely should had been longer. Sorry for ranting but I'm so disappointed right now.

You’re not the only one, trust me. Even forgetting how wonderful the book scene was, it wasn’t even appropriate for the hamfisted and scant story they’ve tried to tell so far. Caroline’s only plot line in the episodes up to now was to worry about Dwight and all she gets out of it in the end is a 20 second scene that is cute but honestly lacks any real emotional depth???? Really, Debbie? Really??

If you’re going to change something that important and climactic to two major characters storylines, at least do it justice. Just think of what Luke and Gabriella could have done with a scene that was just a few minutes longer. 

I despair.