so upset like wtf

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We keep saying Dean's "emotionally compromised" and I keep feeling like I'm on a procedural cop show

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A procedural cop show where Sam is the long suffering partner and best friend to Dean who is in love with the leader of the forensic team Castiel and gets all excited whenever there’s a chance they need to call him in.



where th FUCK is all the scoutcest

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I live and work in Ohio and just found out today that No Meal or Rest Breaks are Required. I'm just so... upset??? Like wtf OH get with the program of at least pretending your workers are human like a lot of other states do. (Not meaning that in a bad way. We are all human just companies don't treat most people like they are when you work for them.)

Random thoughts before passing out :

- Kentin’s comment was just… so rude and unnecessary. Like it actually hurt me quite a bit bc I like Kentin and I think he can be a good friend so I hope it won’t get worse than that

- I cant enjoy Melody’s reaction to Candy dating Nathaniel. To me it’s just… sad. Her reaction was uncalled for but you can tell that her feelings for Nathaniel are genuine even if she kinda idolizes him. But she really needs to move on now. Idk. I dont think she deserves to be hurt like that. She’s not a mean person in the end. I think I need a Melody arc

- im still so upset bc of Armin and Alexy ?? Like wtf why did they want me to choose between my bf and my bff that’s so cruel ;;; I didnt say anything when they asked bc ??? I usjt couldnt choose and they just got so mad I wanted to cry that’s the most unfair thing that has ever happened in my like literally wtf was that they apologized but still it was awful I felt awful as if it was my fault but it wasnt fuck u for making me feel awful

mama is so full of bullshit they really took 1mill of our votes in every category and exo gained? like wtf? i’m so upset and i fucking know sm paid mnet to do this shit so both are cancelled and i’m gonna go back to voting bc my boys deserve to win wtf

Some lis fans: i dont like the last scene of the game. it added nothing writing-wise, was upsetting, and was purely for shock value



2018.01.02 Songs of Tokyo

I might sound mean on this post but as I began to write it just came out of me. I know many people were excited about this and I totally get that but at the same time the whole thing was just weird. The festival was aimed at promoting Japanese artists worldwide but honestly everyone knows it just gave weeaboos more selection. I mean, even when they try to have this thing with subtitles and interviewing foreigners in the audience in English, every time 90% of them just start talking in good Japanese because how the fuck do you think it’s possible to keep up with the Japanese scene without learning it? Half the people in the audience who they talked to also were like fans of 10 years??

The whole set-up was like “Here! Look at all our cute Japanese children! But please be gentle with them!” There were some very talented artists in the line-up, sure, but most were for rather specific tastes. Like, in all honesty, I love NEWS to bits but if a friend asked me to recommend them some Japanese music for starters they would not even make the top 20 list. 

I know we Japanese-loving freaks are used to everything and get all excited just for the video being uploaded to Youtube but both the online broadcast and the YT one are in absolutely crappy quality. And I liked NEWS set, I really did. The only thing that bothered me was the number of Juniors they brought on stage, it looked like a Shounen Club episode. But the song choice was nice, the stage was pretty and they did their best so it was even more regretful that nobody but the people in the audience could really appreciate all the effort because the video quality is shit. 

I don’t even want to start on the interview. It was so weird seeing NEWS with official subtitles. Also please don’t let Tegoshi talk. He thinks he’s a fucking expert on all things foreign but he just makes you want to throw a shoe at him. It was really cute how Koyama and Shige lit up just hearing a foreign girl say “Kei-chan” and “Shige-chan”. The voting tho - I’m glad Koyama got two votes but Massu was so upset. After Tegoshi got 2 votes Massu was just like “WTF?” Like what does it matter so much who these few specific people choose? But “Kei-chan” totally had an that extra spring in his step for the rest of the performance.

Anyway, what I’m saying is: sure, my babies were happy to perform there so I’m glad for them but I just don’t see the point, really. “This is NEWS! Love them, foreigners! Of course, you can’t watch any of their PVs online and they don’t tour outside Japan but if you come here, learn the language and join the fanclub, you can enjoy them!”

this one ship prompts blog keeps tagging their stuff as ‘aro compatible’ meaning it gets into the aro tag and none of the prompts they’ve tagged as that are inherently romantic but? They’re still ship prompts and I still feel very uncomfy about it?

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: the Hatter's dad and everyone knew about the red queen's head issues and yet when the crown didn't fit correctly he was so upset and shocked, like how did you not consider this? In the first movie when the Hatter was making hats for the queen he made them so they would fit in the indentation in her hair, why tf couldn't his dad? Bc seriously if the crown he made had just fucking fit her so many issues wouldn't have a come about and i just dont understand why this hatter who is supposed to be so good and who has known about the queen's deformity for so long couldn't take that into account when making her crown i mean-