so upset like wtf

What the heck, America??

I have spent years hearing about Twizzlers and Red Vines. So a few months ago I found a packet of Twizzlers in a store here but the only option was to get a huge packet. Whatever, they’re so hyped up they must be amazing, right?

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They tasted like fake banana flavoured garbage. I was so upset. I couldn’t have any, my brothers finished them over a matter of like 2 weeks. But @imhereforbvcky insisted I needed Red Vines. So the other day I gave in and ordered a tray or Red Vines online which came in the mail today.

I took a bite

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It tasted sweet at first but then boom. Perfume. Oh my god. My tongue is still tingling a little, I swear.

Do you guys not have strawberries?? I mean I’m assuming Red Vines are supposed to taste like strawberries, all the packaging says is “Red”. So maybe I’m just uncultured and it tastes just like Red and it isn’t supposed to taste like strawberries at all. In which case, my apologies. I’m just going to go drink some water so my tongue stops tingling.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: the Hatter's dad and everyone knew about the red queen's head issues and yet when the crown didn't fit correctly he was so upset and shocked, like how did you not consider this? In the first movie when the Hatter was making hats for the queen he made them so they would fit in the indentation in her hair, why tf couldn't his dad? Bc seriously if the crown he made had just fucking fit her so many issues wouldn't have a come about and i just dont understand why this hatter who is supposed to be so good and who has known about the queen's deformity for so long couldn't take that into account when making her crown i mean-

this country really doesnt care bout girls….esp girls of color, esp black girls those posts were so upsetting I really did not know like wtf. 

some faith lehane thoughts that make me want to cry in amends:
  • faith putting up a strand of christmas lights in her motel room
  • faith changing her mind about going to buffy’s because she doesn’t actually want to be alone on christmas eve
  • faith finding presents for buffy & joyce
  • faith wrapping up her presents in old newspapers
  • faith wanting so much to be accepted by buffy & her family that she tries to dress like a ~normal~ girl
  • faith hesitating on the doorstep before she rings the bell
  • faith drinking egg nog with the summers family in a warm house
  • faith standing on the front porch and letting the snow fall on her face

not to start a Discourse, but one thing i genuinely don’t understand is that if all the boys are moving on with their lives and careers, as we’ve seen with harry and niall and liam, how are people still acting like louis is being forced to do things against his will? like, it’s pretty clear that whatever he’s doing now and whoever he’s working with are the result of choices he’s made, and he’s doing just fine. 

the question is “how” not “why” bc i know why people act like this, but i just… how? like, what is going on?? i just can’t…. comprehend why so many people feel the need to constantly roll their eyes at everything louis does or any person he’s seen with who’s not his sisters (hilariously, this applies even to oli, except for the one time harry and oli interacted during otra and omg everyone suddenly loved oli as if they aren’t calling him a predator or a rat 90% of the time??? wow amazing) while at the same time victimizing him in order to strip him of his agency/fault so they can wash, rinse, repeat, next time he does anything

like, even if you don’t believe Some Things, this is his life? so why tear it down all the time? what does that Prove? how does it help anyone? why act like he’s miserable when he looks happy? whatever you think their relationship is, what has danielle done to deserve the shit people say about her? like, oh myyyy goddd louis touched her, time to make 544 photosets and send wild as fuck, offensive anons to prove that he doesn’t care about her. i truly don’t care what people believe, but it’s the way i see people talking about this that’s always been so hard to take. how do you sit there and read the things people say about danielle and not feel kind of queasy? like, i just? it’s been so long, it’s been so long, you know?

just saw this video of some 1d(?) stans meeting Ashton and bryana on the street and ashton didn’t stop for pictures bc he obviously wanted some alone time with bryana and then the stans started screaming nasty stuff at him calling him ugly and calling bryana a groupie. I AM SO DISGUSTED. LIKE THEY ONLY WANTED A PICTURE WITH ASHTON ONLY BECAUSE HE WAS FAMOUS LIKE THEY DIDNT EVEN CARE ABOUT HIS FEELINGS AND THE FACT THAT ASHTON HAD TO SUFFER THROUGH HEARING ALL THese upsets me so much like wtf shut your mouths you self-entitled bitches.

hmm does anyone wanna talk about the week of sardonyx more?

specifically how the plot of the arch was essentially what would feature in a fanfic? the reference to garnet’s and amethyst’s troublesome past fusion and the sadness/guilt/miscommunication about that, pearl being so happy she starts crying, the breathy eyes closed close-embrace that pearl and garnet un-fuse into, their absolute joy,the teasing banter “I hope you’re ready” “you know i am”,  the drama, amethyst and pearl having so many feelings about garnet, amethyst trying to prove herself to garnet and steven helping,  Pearl lying, pearl’s gut-wrenching fear when garnet finds out, garnet being so upset that she unfuses and greg being clueless like wtf is going on, pearl trying so hard to win back garnet’s approval, the “pearl! get off me!” “i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry–!” moment, amethyst being totally sensitive to all of this and trying to comfort pearl, the ‘we’re trapped together in a tiny space so we have to talk’ resolution

that whole arch was like watching fanfic on tv