so upset i wasn't in the fandom to see this

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Tbh I'm loving Nicole's backstory. And I'm my opinion I don't think she cheated on Waverly. I love the fact that shay said what they had was fun but it wasn't real, that nicole genuinely loves Waverly and wayhaught is true love. I don't get why people are so upset, I'm excited to see how Emily Andras writes this story out. My rant might not be making sense but the Earp Fandom needs to take a breather. I loved 2x10, it was one of my favs. Ah sorry lol

Nope, it’s all good. I agree with you. At the same time, I understand that others believe Nicole should have told Waverly about her wife. Which, yes. Kinda important. From the Inside Wynonna Earp/BTS of 2x10, like Kat says, Waverly (and Nicole by extension) had so many other issues to deal with: demons, Bobo, Goo-possession, maybe not an Earp, Wynonna’s pregnancy. I think Nicole never thought it was the right time and whatnot. But, yeah…Nicole probably should have told Waverly about it. To be clear, I’m not mad about this at all. Nicole tries to do what she believes is right, but sometimes she screws that up.

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I'd hoped Kingsman could be a fandom that didn't throw accusations of racism at its writers over inconsequential things. Disappointingly, not I guess. Eggsy speaks in MCLE and not Cockney yet lots of writers drop their Hs with him. I'll still read them and not toss about vile accusations at them for it. Kingsman fandom has been turning so bitchy lately that I think I'll just be walking away despite my love for Hartwin. I'll not bother finishing my stories if this is the reception. Thanks guys.

to be honest, this is exactly what i thought was gonna happen. i’m terribly sorry that you feel this is something you need to walk away from, and i honestly can’t say i blame you. please know, however, that their are still plenty of people who would read your fics even if they were written phonetically.

i understand if that’s not enough to keep you here. it can be difficult seeing fandom rally around an idea that you don’t agree with. it’s definitely uncomfortable to release your fic to an audience you don’t think will be receptive.

unfortunately tumblr is a place that fosters and thrives on this sort of conversation, however uncomfortable it can be. no fandom is perfect. no fandom will ever be truly free of discussions like this.

i will end this by saying: fanfiction is free. it is an unpaid medium that people can choose to consume or not. it is there if you want it, but it can easily be avoided if something about it makes you upset. fanfiction writers do this for fun. and it’s not very much fun if you have to worry about people jumping down your throat for something.

what was your favorite ride at universal

can you believe harry walked up to louis with the biggest smile on his face, put his hand on his shoulder, pulled him back to WHISPER in his ear ‘you were mine’??

and then you know what was even worse?

look at louis’ face - look at his reaction - and then look at harry 


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I'm seeing hate being thrown at amethyst now for trying to throw away another of peri's things. Its not like she was trying to be malicious she was just trying to help, it doesn't make it right but idk like she was being so supportive to peridot even when peri talked down on shapeshifting which ame uses a lot for feeling inadequate and ame wasn't even upset about it instead she was concerned about making peridot feel better. I feel the fandom tends to make amethyst out to more cruel than she is

like, I kiiinda get where people are coming from in not liking that Peridot was losing another comfort item. But yea it clearly wasn’t malicious and, in fact, Amethyst was very obviously trying to help Peridot. Her entire motivation is to try and get Peridot to accept herself as she is. Which is an issue Amethyst has personal connection to, she also struggles to accept who she is (she doesn’t even like thinking about herself, at least until recently)

Like, its misguided, sure, but her intentions were very positive and that’s very important to take into account when analyzing character action

tbh, its not just Amethyst that suffers from this. Every character gets villified, gets their dialogue and actions picked apart immediately in order for someone to criticize them for being bad, no matter how small it is. There’s always people who will take any small thing a character does and interpret it in a way that makes it the worst thing ever. 

And, like, stories are driven by conflict. So any time any character is involved in any episode in which stuff happens and there’s not an outside force involved, they’re going to get hate. 

and considering Steven Universe is about relationships, the bulk of its conflict is between the characters. It’s a character-centered show, which means there’s always character conflict. And, unfortunately, it means there’s always going to be people who take every single action a character does, whether negative or otherwise, and overemphasizes it or twists it to try and prove that the character is 100% evil problematic How Could Anyone Like This Character blahblahblah nonsense

And, I mean, its OK to criticize characters, talk about the negative things they do. But all too often people take anything a character does, and twist it to be bad. Even when characters to actually bad things that deserve criticism, people will pick on the silly, neutral, or even positive stuff to rag on too. Characters cannot catch a break. And there’s, like, zero effort made by a lot of people to even attempt to understand characters they don’t personally relate to or identify with. But that’s the whole point of the show, to make an effort to understand people who are different from you and give them the benefit of the doubt, even when they mess up or do things they shouldn’t.

I see it done with Amethyst, I see it done with Pearl, I see it done with Garnet, I see it done with Steven. I’ve seen it done with Ruby and Sapphire, Greg, Connie, Peridot, Lapis, etcetcetc. There’s not a character that’s been in this show for more than an episode or two that doesn’t get a lot of hate and willfully negative character interpretations

my advice? If it really bothers you, you gotta block the people you see post it. Because unfortunately its not going to stop.

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Hey! You said we could contact Lauren over tumblr fanmail? I wasn't aware she had a tumblr actually? Do you know what it is? c: I hadn't heard about what happened to her on twitter but it's BULLSHIT, and she's someone i quite like on the team. So i'd love to send some positivity her way - though also would like a fuller idea of what happened, so also, does anyone have screencaps of anything of what went down on twitter? ): Not to falt her, i want to see what fandom people did and understand it

hi! yeah, her tumblr url is laurenzuke :D i’m so upset about what happened, but i’m not upset at her at all, just the people who blew it way out of control and ended up driving her to this :’/ 

here’s a screenshot of her last few tweets (some people are taking her earlier tweets about leaks out of context and acting like that was the reason she deleted):

and here are some tweets from earlier this week where she talked about queerbaiting. thank you for sending love her way! she deserves all the support, understanding and apologies we can give her