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any and all klance headcanons please?

ahhh here are a few,, 

  • ok remember that time lance tried to communicate an entire attack strategy with grunts and hand motions? and keith hardly understood? 
    • they eventually learn to work so well together that they develop a kind of way to communicate with no words,, literally just eye contact and some hand movement
    • it confuses everyone else to no end but somehow it makes sense to them 
    • pidge is convinced they have some sort of psychic connection and hooks them up to monitors 
    • pidge: *reads keith’s mind*
      keith’s mind: lance is so cute i hate him so much oh my god i think i’m in love with him his hair is so choppy but it’s beautiful why does he do that thing with his mouth i want to go to the ocean with him he’s so pretty though i love him i hate him so much…
      pidge: what the fucK
  • keith runs off to do something and lance watches him go until he’s out of sight and then turns to hunk and pidge and is like “quick question, does keith talk about me when i’m not in the room?” 
    • pidge: UM aCTUAlly… 
  • inspired by this lovely art: lance is constantly interrupted in the middle of his facial routine, so he’s always coming out of his room with a green mask on and his slippers and a towel wrapped around his head to listen to a debrief
    • one day allura calls them all in and lance emerges with his face mask and slippers and towel and no one blinks an eye
    •  but then… keith shows up right behind him, with a green mask to match and slippers to match and his hair half braided and they’re all like ??? what were you guys up to ???
    • lance quirks an eyebrow, leans over to peel the remaining cucumber off keith’s eyeball, and says “isn’t it obvious? i’m giving keith a spa day”
  • lance spends an an atrocious amount of time wandering an alien supermarket for something to get keith for their one week anniversary bc he’s extra like that (he finds these matching rings that look like they have a galaxy swirling around the inside and keith won’t take his off) 
  • sometimes he finds strange alien flowers and makes a bouquet of them and shoves it ungracefully into keith’s face
    • keith is actually flattered and keeps them by his bedside but it turns out he’s allergic because he ends up with a rash
    • lance dotes over him for the next few days 
  • keith somehow always manages to find the weirdest, most bizarre artifacts and ALWAYS gives them to lance as a show of affection
    • lance: um, keith, babe? what is this? 
    • keith, poking at a glowing blue sphere, lips pouted: um… i actually don’t know. but it was pretty so i thought you should have it 
    • lance, swooning: i love you it
    • it hatches a week later in lance’s room. lance ends up barging into keith’s room with a small alien lizard screaming “WE HAVE A SON, KEITH!!! A SON!!!11!! I’M NOT READY TO BE A FATHER BUT LOOK AT HOW CUTE HE IS” 
  • once they figure out how to swim in the upside-down pool they sneak out of their rooms at 3 in the morning and go swimming together 
  • i’m going to stop here because i always go on too long omg,, thank you
Wouldn’t You Love to Love Her / Kit Walker

Originally posted by itshannahdale

A/N: Based off this anonymous request: “Oneshot where the reader or OC (whichever you prefer) is a virgin and dating Kit, but decides she’s ready, and Kit is just a really gentle lover because it’s her first time and Kit is obviously the sweetest man on Earth?”

I’m not 100% happy with how this turned out, I’m basically shit at writing first time stories, but I didn’t want to completely scrap it and start over and take even longer to put this out. I hope you guys like it! Please let me know what you think.

Next on the list is a James March smut, then part 2 of my last Kai smut, then a new Kai smut. Ya’ll love some Kai, huh? ;)

Warnings: Smut!! Language.

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Go Wild - Sirius Black x Reader (smut)

1. What about a sirius black one shot based on the song “there’s nothing holding me back ” by shawn mendes?
2. Okay, so.. do you know that thing JKR said about how Lupin has large genitalia because he’s a werewolf?… I just thought, what if Sirius had an extremely talented tongue because he’s a dog?… I’d really like a fanfic for that… thank you!
3. sitting on sirius’ lap and he gets a BONER
Warnings: So, guys, my inspiration, and imagination have run out… so, um, this isn’t as great as I wanted it to be but, oh well. Also, my English and smutty. It’s not all the way, though. [Lyrics in Italic]. Image/Gif aren’t mine/Credits to their original owners.
Word Count ≈1.7k

I wanna follow where she goes/I think about her and she knows it/I wanna let her take control/‘Cause everytime that she gets close/She pulls me in enough to keep me guessing/And maybe I should stop and start confessing

You were playing this game with Sirius. You were always keeping him on his toes; you flirted with him shamelessly, you sassed him and messed with his ego. Someone had to do it. He was hitting on every girl but you knew that he never really liked it when he actually got them. He liked the chase. He enjoyed the flirting and the game. So, that was exactly what you did. Played his game. On your terms.
And it seemed to work because his cheesy pickup lines were all towards you. He had stopped sleeping around. He actually had one girl on his mind, as Remus had told you. You were good friends with Remus; you were friends before you developed a crush on his friend. It was only natural. He was gorgeous and he knew it, he was smart, witty and sarcastic while at the same time he was an amazing friend to Remus-as all of them- and he was a kind soul, caring and… well, something about his eyes. They were honest and trustworthy. You had it bad for the ‘bad-boy’. You knew he wasn’t the ‘bad-boy’ he liked to think he was. You knew about his so-called family. Remus had trusted you with that information and of course, you weren’t going to say a thing.
Whenever you two spotted each other in the room, you felt like he was the magnet and you were the metal. Like, now. You were in the common room, talking to Lily, who was in the middle of a crisis about James. She liked him but she didn’t want to admit it. He waltzed over to you and plopped down next to you with an arm around your shoulders.
You arched an eyebrow in question. His eyes were so stormy and so dark. Darker than their usual gray. Like he was provoking you to do something.
“Do you have a map cause I got lost in your eyes” he said seductively. You leaned closer, your eyes drifting from his to his full and perfectly shaped mouth and back.
“No, but you do… Pads” you softly whispered, your breath falling hot on his lips, making him want to drag you all the way to his room and kiss the hell out of you. And his imagination didn’t stop there. He knew that you knew just as you knew that he was aware that you knew. He wasn’t surprised that you knew about the Marauders Map-you were friends with Remus. He was surprised though at his body reaction when you called him by his nickname. Like you had control over him. And boy, did he like that.

She says that she’s never afraid/Just picture everybody naked/She really doesn’t like to wait/Not really into hesitation/Pulls me in enough to keep me guessing/And maybe I should stop and start confessing

“I lost my teddy bear, will you sleep with me?” he continued like nothing had just happened. You were aware of all the stares you had gained. Lily was smirking along with James, Remus was smiling to himself-he knew this was bound to happen since you both held feelings for each other- and Peter was just feeling uncomfortable. You, on the other hand, didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Actually, you had to admit to yourself, you liked this but you wanted more. You wanted him and even though the chase was fun and the playful remarks were nice, you wanted him on a different level.
“Sure” you simply answered, throwing him off. He gasped at your response, not being able to think. He blinked several times as they all did. You held back the urge to laugh and batted your eyelashes too innocent to mean it.  It was your time to make a move; your time to be the predator; your time to let him know how you felt and what you wanted.
“I want to taste something sweet…could I taste your lips?” you asked him, nonchalantly. He choked on his breath. Lily glared at you-she would have to say yes to James now. You had this bet-if you were ever revealed your feeling to Sirius, she would have to go out with James.
You stood up for a bit, tilting your head to the left, thinking if this was a clever idea. If it ended badly, you wouldn’t dare to talk to him again but what if?
You sat down on his lap, a shy but sexy smile slowly making its way to your lips. His arms were instantly wrapped around your waist and he rested his head in the crook of your neck. Your back was pressed against his toned torso and you could feel every single muscle- and they were plenty. His scent was intoxicating; smoke, sugar and sin. That boy was the death of you. You didn’t know but he was already too drunk on you and your ways.
You were shifting and moving to make yourself comfortable but you stopped abruptly when you felt… it.

Oh, I’ve been shaking/I love it when you go crazy/You take all my inhibitions
Baby, there’s nothing holding me back/You take me places that tear up my reputation
Manipulate my decisions/Baby, there’s nothing holding me back/There’s nothing holding me back/There’s nothing holding me back

He got a boner. Sirius Orion Black. The famous Casanova. You felt him going hard and you heard him whining so softly that it was almost inaudible. He had a reputation to uphold but he couldn’t care less; he needed you and he made sure to tell you.
“What are you doing there, love?” he husked. His voice was low and deep and Merlin, the things you wanted to do to that man.
“Just making myself comfortable, love” you answered him like you had no idea what he was talking about. He didn’t buy it and he arched his eyebrow. You arched your body slightly.
“I love it when I catch you looking at me and you bite your lip” you purred. All innocence was gone. And you didn’t want it back. You wanted him. Now. He actually whined again.
“I don’t do one-night stands, Siri. I want the whole thing” you said deadly serious (no pun intended). He squeezed your waist as his mouth was too close to your neck.
“Glad we are on the same page” he cooed. You stood up and grabbed his hand. You ignored all the looks your friends gave you as you were making your way to his dorm.

'Cause if we lost our minds and we took it way too far/I know we’d be alright, I know we would be alright/If you were by my side and we stumbled in the dark/I know we’d be alright, I know we would be alright/'Cause if we lost our minds and we took it way too far/I know we’d be alright, I know we would be alright/If you were by my side and we stumbled in the dark/I know we’d be alright, I know we would be alright

The moment you were inside his room, your clothes were off and you were trapped beneath him. Not that you didn’t want to be trapped there. His hands began roaming your body. He gently caressed the soft skin of your breasts, as you arched into him. He cupped you firmly, his thumb running over your nipple causing a low moan to escape your mouth. He slowly worked his talented mouth down your stomach, leaving open-mouthed kisses and moving on to your core. You could only watch him as he smirked when he saw how wet you were. Gulping I watched him moved down my form until he was facing my…my womanhood. You were so overwhelmed with feelings and sensations that you didn’t even notice the whimpers escaping your lips.
“Oh, doll” he praised you but you could see that he was in hard place himself.  His fingers brushed against your clit and you jolted out with pleasure, sending shivers down your spine. Seeing you like that Sirius felt like he had never felt before. He had plenty of experiences before you but none of them really matter-all of them faded from his mind as he carved your image to his mind. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head and the moment his tongue touched you… you gasped and tried to contain yourself. Needless to say, you couldn’t stop panting. He was so talented that your back arched off of the bed. He was taking his time because well, he was a tease but he also loved you in that state, moaning and begging for more.
He moved his hands to your hips, keeping them apart and leaving bruises as his tongue drew designs of all kinds onto your clit. A cry tore from your lips as his mouth covered your and he took in all your juices. He was the biggest and worst of your mistakes, but for him, you would walk through hell. He was sin; and you loved it. He made those thoughts go away as he brought his skillful fingers back to your heat, separating your lips gently. You closed your eyes, a loud moan leaving-again.
Once you felt his fingers inside you, your mouth formed an open shape. Your whimpers rose when he pulled his fingers out before pushing them inside again and twisting them. He was hitting harder and harder your sweet spot and you couldn’t help but moan and whimper and scream. With his tongue on your clit, his teeth tugging it occasionally and his fingers pumping in and out of you, you came harder than you had ever experienced. And he gladly licked you clean. You opened your eyes and watched him with awe as he licked his lips with his tongue. You wanted more of him, more of… everything.
“So sweet and so spicy, doll” he praised you and Merlin… the things he was doing to you.
“Let me return the favor, love” you said, suddenly regaining your confidence and grabbing him by his shoulders as you crashed your lips to his into a passionate kiss. Once you broke apart, you flipped him over. You were in control now.
And boy it was going to be one hell of a night.

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A/N: This wasn’t requested at all, but I just had a sudden inspiration to write a platonic Tom/Harry/Harrison/Reader fic?? It’s 2500+ words long? Basically this is just Haz’s livestream but with the reader there too. There’s a lot of dialogue, which I apologize in advance for. Hopefully you guys like this, because it’s the first fic I’ve written about real people (I usually just write for fictional characters). I can also do a part two if you guys request it?? Um, that’s about it, really. So here’s the fic. Also I’m gonna tag @hufflepuffholland (I hope that’s okay with you, Charissa).

Watch Haz’s livestream here. 

It was a pleasant evening, the sun just beginning to set and the air not yet cold, and you were feeling rather relaxed. You were lounging in a chair on the patio, your eyes shut as you listened to the crackling of the fire and idle chatter of your friends.

“You know what we ought to do?” Harry said, prodding one of the slabs of steak that was cooking over the fire with a stick.

“What?” Harrison glanced up from his phone, where he was absentmindedly scrolling through his Instagram feed. Upon seeing Harry poking the steak, he scolded, “Stop that, mate, you’ll knock it in.”

Harry ignored Harrison’s warning and continued to jab at the meat. “You ought to go live,” he said.

“No,” you spoke up without opening your eyes, “That’s a shit idea. You definitely should not go live.”

“Why not?” Harry asked defensively.

“What if someone finds out where the house is? We can’t have a repeat of what happened in Georgia,” you pointed out. There was a pause, and although you couldn’t see them you assumed the boys were exchanging eyerolls. “Plus I look like shit, so. I don’t want to be on camera.”

But Harrison clearly didn’t share your concerns. “You look fine, Y/N,” he dismissed, “I’m going live.”

Your eyelids popped open and you gave the blond boy a hateful glare. “Harrison, you prick, don’t –”

Tapping something on his phone, Harrison shot you a shit-eating grin. “Too late.”

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mnemnems  asked:

Funny that I found out I was ace right before pride month lol. Anyways, would the Voltron Family do anything for pride month? Maybe involving older Lance, Pidge and Lotor with their two daddies (Hunk joins in too of course).

helena1205 said: Can we get the Voltron Family celebrating Pride-month?-or a little celebration for themselves as a family? They all have their own sexuality that is a part of the lgbtaq+-community. Happy Pride Month!!!

[The Voltron Family] Lance was the very first one out of the three to join an LGBTAQ+ organization in college. He loved it so he invited Pidge, Lotor and Hunk. They had upcoming events for pride month and they were all brainstorming and Lance was part of the events committee. 

President: Do any of you guys know anyone who could perhaps give a talk about their experiences or at least just share something inspirational?
Member 1: Doesn’t Lance have two Dads?
Lance: *turns head* *whisper shouts* What the hell, Jack?
President: *hopeful* Is that true, Lance?
Lance: *turns back* Um, yeah. 
Member 2: We have to invite them! You think we could do that, President? 
President: Are they free sometime this month?
Lance: *pouts* I’m not sure.They’re super busy *looks around at his friends with hopeful eyes* *sighs* But I can ask?

Lance took a deep breath as he entered the master bedroom at 10pm. He climbed the bed and placed himself between his two daddies.

Lance: *looks up at the ceiling while lying down* *nervous* So.
Shiro: *puts down his book* *looks at Lance* So? 
Lance: *connects both of his hands on his chest* There’s going to be an event in school for my org. And. *gulps* We’re looking for speakers.
Keith: *raises an eyebrow* Speakers. With an “s.”
Lance: *gulps* *nods* And my stupid friend—let’s hide him under the name of Jack Hudson—mentioned that I have two dads. And they asked me if you guys could be speakers and share your experiences as part of the community and—
Shiro: *smiles* When is this?
Lance: It’s more like, when are you BOTH free, if ever you’ll do it. I know you’re all very busy and stuff—
Keith: *checks his phone* I’m free… *scrolls* the week after next.
Shiro: *checks his phone* Don’t have any operations on a Friday that week.
Keith: *looks at Shiro* We could do Friday then.
Shiro: Friday it is. 
Lance: *looks at them back and forth* WAIT. HOLD THE PHONE. You’ll do it?

Lance was pacing back and forth outside the auditorium, waiting for his Dads. Pidge, Hunk and Lotor were already inside along with the rest. When they arrived, he ushered them backstage and signaled the president to begin.

President: For our speakers today, we have two Dads of our very own Lance, Pidge and Hunk. *smiles* One of them is a Best Selling author which I believe most of us have read his books, the other one is one of the top brain surgeons of the country. *muses* I know. What a very interesting couple. So let us all welcome Keith Shirogane and Dr. Takashi Shirogane.

Everyone clapped and soon Keith and Shiro emerged from backstage and the clapping kinda stopped for a few seconds because apparently everyone was staring at the two men (except for Pidge, Lance, Hunk and Lotor who were all looking at everyone else’s reactions). Both of them were holding hands while smiling, walking towards the center of the stage. Keith had his red leather jacket on, while Shiro wore a black formal dress shirt. 

Person 1: *whispers* Holy. Shit. They can’t be Dads. They look so young?
Person 2: *whispers* The one in red is so my type. 
Pidge: *looks at Lance, Hunk and Lotor* *smirks* It has begun. 
Hunk: *face palms* Every. Damn. Time.
Lotor: *chuckles* They make quite an impression. 

Shiro: *holds his mic* Hello, everyone. *smiles*
Everyone: Hi! *cheerful*
Shiro: *chuckles* Excellent crowd tonight. So, my husband and I— *looks at Keith fondly*
Everyone: *teases them* *whistles*
Keith: *looks at the crowd* Please. We’re already married. None of that teasing.
Everyone: *laughs*
Keith: Anyone here who are asexuals? Please raise your hands. *sees a few hands including Pidge’s and Lotor’s* Beautiful. *smiles* I’m ace myself. *places hand on chest* And I married someone who isn’t.

Suddenly the audience were a bit surprised and a lot of hands shot up to ask questions. They shared their story, from when they met, to falling in love, to getting engaged, to finally getting married and then adopting kids.

Shiro: The thing is, there will always be people who will judge us, stare at us like we’re wrong to be who we are. But please, don’t even let that get to you. Ever since I got together with Keith and had our little family *smiles lovingly at Lance, Hunk and Pidge* we’ve been kicked out of a restaurant by a homophobic manager, our kids had been bullied for having two dads. Every day has been a battle, but it’s a battle that we’re all winning. 
Keith: You get up to face a new day, you’re already winning. You put on that binder while you dress, you’re already winning. You look at your face in the mirror knowing you’re not going to take anyone’s shit, you’re already winning. No one, and I say no one, should tell you how you should feel, dress, act and speak except yourself. There might be bruises along the way, but let me tell you it’s gonna be worth it once you get back up again. *smiles at Shiro*
Shiro: *squeezes Keith’s hand*
Pidge: *sniffles* What the hell. They’re still so corny.
Hunk: Pidge, use this. *hands a hanky for her to sneeze on* And Lance stop taking photos of Pidge being sensitive. Lotor, can you please stop him? Pidge, that’s my hand!! 

After the talk, so many people went up on stage to take photos with Shiro and Keith and they were both so overwhelmed. So many aces gathered around Keith to ask him more questions, while Shiro entertained those who were telling him they were such an inspirational married couple. Lance, Hunk and Pidge saw all of these and they were quite proud of them.

Pidge: *points at a guy beside Shiro who was smiling so wide* That’s the dude who said Daddy Shiro was hot.
Hunk: PIDGE!! *scandalized*

genesisovert  asked:

Listen you dont even know how much I love the way you draw Keith. It makes me almost cry to see Keith with my body type. I'm trans and insecure about my body and stuff so seeing Keith who can kick ass and look great doing it with my shape is so inspiring. It just makes me feel like maybe i can kick some ass too. Maybe not Galra was, but dyphoria ass. So yeah um, thank you! Keep doing the thing! Have a nice day/night/whatever!

;O; I’m so happy that you’re happy!!! I’m glad it could inspire you, I always strive to make ppl happy and comfy in the work I put out <3 you have a nice day/night/whatever too my guy!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Cis boy: *wears makeup*
  • Tumblr: Yeah you break those gender stereotypes!! Men can wear make up and still be masculine!!!! You're so amazing and inspiring!
  • Trans boy: *wears makeup*
  • Tumblr: Um sorry but you can't be a guy unless you wear basketball shorts every day and play at least 2.5 sports.
  • Cis girl: *wears masculine clothing and no makeup*
  • Tumblr: Girl power!! Feminism!!!! Amazing!! Fight the power!!!
  • Trans girl: *wears masculine clothing and no makeup*
  • Tumblr: I'm sorry but you are not a girl unless your favorite color is pink and you wear a dress at least 5 days a week.
And the winner is..

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life beat Hitwoman out by just 9 votes. 

So here we have it - our Story Summary:

You ran away from home as a teen and now travel with a carnival in the spring, summer and fall, never expecting to find your soulmate while travelling to a new town every week. But then you meet Steve. A quiet gas station attendant in Rexburg, Idaho. You spend the week getting to know him and falling in love. There’s no way of telling if he’s your soulmate or not until spring when the tree on your arm blooms. Will you take the chance and stay? Or will you move on and risk never seeing the only man you’ve ever loved again?

I’m so excited you guys!!!! This is my first Soulmate AU. I’ve been wanting to write one forever and just needed to wait for the proper inspiration. Well… I found it! 

Feel free to comment on this post if you’d like to be added to the tag list for this series. Part one should be out towards the end of next week! 

…don’t worry angst lovers. Hitwoman will come after this one ends.

Tags are below the cut!!!

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“Hi! Could I please request a fluffly Jasmine x reader where the reader comes out as bisexual to the cast and everyone’s v supportive and it ends with some Jasmine fluff? Thank you!“

another Jasmine x reader?? Sign me the FRICK up

Send me a prompt + a person from this post! 
Askbox Masterlist

Warnings: Swearing, Biphobia
Word Count: 2,800
Pairings: Jasmine Cephas Jones X Reader

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Hearts Don’t Break Around Here

A/N: Hello Again! I just wanted to say Thank you for taking time to read my little story. You don’t know how much I appreciate it or how happy it makes me to see that people actually like what I’m writing. So Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You are wonderful, and I hope you’re having or have had a great day, if not I hope this brings you some small happiness. Wishing you the best! Hope you enjoy! (All lyrics will be in bold italics) Oh and little warning I used Google translate for this because I don’t know french.

She is the sweetest thing that I know…

From the first moment you and Lafayette met, he knew he had met the sweetest person in the world. You had both been at a small café…

There was a huge crash and Lafayette looked over to see what it was. A girl had dropped a tray of food and drinks. She looked incredibly embarrassed and on the verge of tears. And that’s when he saw you. The second you heard the crash and saw the girls expression, you immediately went to help her. You started picking up pieces of glass and food that had spilled, she tried to decline your act of kindness, but before she could, you started talking.

“I used to work at a restaurant, and let me tell you, I don’t know how many times I tripped and made a mess, or how many customers, I may or may not have hit in the head with a tray. And that was just my first day,” you give her a smile, and a chuckle. “I eventually got the hang of it, and so will you, we all have days when nothing really goes right. Don’t beat yourself up over one little mishap.” You help her finish cleaning up, place a reassuring hand on her shoulder, and give her a wink and a kind smile before returning to your seat.

Your kindness completely astonished Lafayette, no one else moved a muscle to help the girl, and you were by her side in a second. It was your kindness that Lafayette had been attracted to first, but as he approached you, he could she just how beautiful you were. The way your hair was tucked behind your ear, the little smile you had as you read your book, the curve of your face. He was drawn like a moth to a flame.

“Um, excuse me,” you look up at him surprised that this very tall, incredibly gorgeous guy was talking to you, “I’m sorry to bother you, but I just wanted to tell you that your kindness inspires me, and you’re incroyablement beau,” at your confused face he corrected himself, “I’m sorry, incredibly beautiful.” He chuckles to himself, “you’re incredibly beautiful.”

You blush furiously and look down, then glance up at him again, “Thank you, so are you,” he gives a small smile and you realize what you said and quickly correct yourself, “I mean you’re very handsome.” Your blush intensifies, as he gives a small laugh, and the most wonderful sound.

“Would you mind if I sat with you?”, he asks hand on the chair across from you. You look into his dark brown eyes and see nothing but kindness.

“No, not at all. I’d like that,” you both smile at each other and that’s how your relationship begins.

You should see the way she holds me when the lights go low, shakes my soul like a pot hole everytime…

Lafayette discovered how shy you were as your relationship blossomed from friendship to significant others. You would blush everytime he held your hand, or look away whenever he complimented you. But he could see you slowly becoming more confident in your relationship. He was pleasantly surprised when you began grabbing his hand to hold, and placing little kisses on his cheek, he reveled in your sweet giggles, as a blush grew on his cheeks. Once he knew you were comfortable enough with him, he would pull you close and give you a quick kiss on the lips, everytime you kissed his cheek. Making the butterflies in your stomach flutter, and making you feel special.

Took my heart upon a one way trip, guess she went wandering off with it, unlike most woman I know, this one will bring it back whole.

Lafayette was completely enraptured in you, he trusted you with everything in him. He trusted you with his deepest secrets, fears, and flaws, knowing you would love him no matter what. Giving you his heart was one of the easiest things he’d ever had to do. With your kind heart and loving soul he had no fear you would ever break it.

Daisies, daisies perched upon your forehead. Oh baby lately I know

He knew how much you loved daisies, often deeming them the friendliest flower. So, he decided to take you to a whole field of them for your birthday. He had you close your eyes, as you reached the clearing. As your eyes opened and you saw hundreds of thousands of daisies, you squealed and jumped into his arms and kissed him as he easily caught you. As he released you, you immediately ran into the field, twirling while soaking up the sun and the beauty around you. He stood watched you, smiling wide as you twirled and even took a few pictures.

You couldn’t be happier that day, sitting in a field of daisies with your favorite person, you felt so full of love. Which was a big deal for you, having been hurt before due to your kind nature. But with Laf you knew you would be okay, you loved him more than anyone before, and you couldn’t deny how he felt about you. With the loving words he spoke, to his actions to make you feel special and loved everyday, there was no on else for you.

Lost in thought you didn’t notice Lafayette making you a crown of daisies. He held it out to you, “Chaque ange s besoin d'un halo, mon amour,” he says before placing it on your head. You smile at him knowing he called you an angel and the he had made you a ‘halo’, you hadn’t told him you’d been learning french.

“Laf, it’s beautiful, I love it, thank you,” you reply as you tackle him with another kiss, which he thoroughly enjoys wrapping his arms around your waist, smiling into your kiss.

Every night I’ll kiss you, you’ll say in my ear, oh we’re in love aren’t we?

That night you went back to his apartment and spent the night. With his arms wrapped around you and your head on his chest, you felt so full of love, “we’re in love, aren’t we Laf?”

You feel him go a little stiff before he sits both of you up. He stares at you as a smile grows on his face, You smile back, “I certainly am, Laf, I love you so”-

He immediately cuts you off with a slow, sweet, searing kiss, holding you tight against him. You kiss him back, pouring all your love for him into it, until you need pull away to take a breath. You both rest your foreheads together.

“Oui, mon amour, we are madly in love. I am so in love with you, mon cher, mon couer,” you smile knowing what he meant, and bring him in for another kiss.

Hands in your hair, fingers and thumbs baby. I feel safe when you’re holding me near…

It wasn’t long after, that you moved in together. You had taken to spending more time at his apartment than your own, so when he asked you to move in with him, you immediately said yes. Laf was so happy, he honestly hated not having you with him, especially when he was going to sleep. You made him feel safe, like he was whole and nothing could take him down. Your love made him feel invincible.

Love the way that you conquer your fear. You know hearts don’t break around here.

It scared you at first how fast and how hard you fell for him, having had bad relationships in the past. But his kind eyes, and loving nature made you feel safe and free. You knew that when you fell he would be there to catch you and lift you up. You could give him your heart with out hesitation or fear. You always remembered the love and certainty in his eyes the one time you did let your fear get the best of you….

You were cuddled with Laf on his couch, and you had been out all day just enjoying yourselves and each other. You couldn’t help but remember all the women that looked at him and tried to catch his eye. He paid them no attention, he was focused on you. You had been cheated on before and you couldn’t help the fear and doubt that he could get bored with you and run off with someone else.

Laf noticed you were distracted and the way your face had fallen into a small frown. “Mon amour? What’s wrong?” he was immediately worried.

“It’s nothing Laf,” you don’t want bring it up, he’s been wonderful. He presses on though not wanting you to be upset.

“Please, mon cher, tell me what’s bothering you,” you look into his concerned eyes and feel your heart swell a bit.

“I’m just scared, I guess,” he looks confused.

“Of what?” he didn’t understand.

“Laf, do you know what an amazing guy you are?” you say, “Not only are you devastatingly handsome, but you also happen to be the most caring, funny, smart, charismatic person I’ve ever met.” He smiles at your description of him, but his smile falls as you continue, “ and I’m this huge clutz, I’m not amazingly beautiful, I’m not witty or funny, and while I know I have a good heart, I don’t know if that’s enough to keep you with me.” His heart breaks at your words, you think you’re not enough for him, it’s the most ridiculous thing he’s ever heard.

He takes your hands in his and kisses both of them, before looking you straight in the eyes, so you can have no doubt of the sincerity of his words. “You are amazingly beautiful, inside and out. I’ve never met anyone who makes me smile or laugh the way you do. And I happen to like catching you when you trip,” he laughs and so do you, it’s happened on more than one occasion. “Your heart, mon amour, it’s the most beautiful thing about you. Your kindness and selfless nature are the first things about you I fell in love with.” He cradles your face in his hands, “not enough to keep here with you? Non, mon amour, your heart is what will make me yours forever.” He wipes away the tears that spilled over your cheeks at his declaration. He smiles, a loving smile at you, “Don’t you know, mon cher?”

“What?” you smile back at him resting your hand on his as he cradles your face.

“Hearts don’t break around here,” you laugh a little and grab his shirt, pulling him in for a slow, burning kiss.

You never doubted his love for you ever again, you never had the chance.


She is the river flow in Orwell, and tin wind chimes used for doorbells…

You and Laf had been together for two years, and he couldn’t wait to ask you to marry him. He had everything planned out. He took you down to a little river you both loved and he made a small candlelit picnic for the two of you.

He grew more nervous as the moment came closer, you both sat looking up at the stars. You had your back against Lafs chest, with his arms around you and you felt so at peace. But you noticed Lafs foot slightly bouncing, “Are you alright, love? You seem a bit jittery.”

“Actually, mon amour, there’s something I want to ask you,” you turn to look at him and he gives you a nervous smile. You’re confused and wait for his question, but he starts to stand and offers you his hand to lift you up as well. You take his hand and stand in front of him, your hands still in his.

“Laf? What’s going on? What did you want ask me?” you’re so confused, is it a bad question? Is something wrong? You were having such a wonderful time. Laf seeing your confusion and questions, gets down on one knee, you gasp.

“Mon amour chéri, you have lit up my life, with your kind heart, and loving soul. There is no one in this world, who could make me as happy as you do, no one makes me laugh harder, smile wider, or makes me feel complete the way you do.” You eyes start to well up with tears, “There is no one else I would ever want to spend the rest of my life with. You are mon couer, mon seul et unique, mon monde, mon tout.” He pauses and releases your hands, takes out a small velvet box and holds out to you, “will you marry me, (Y/N)?”

You jump into his arms, and say between peppering kisses all over his face, “Oui, mon ame, un million fois oui, avec tout en moi,” before kissing him on the lips.


Fields and trees, and her smell fill my lungs. Spent my summer time beside her and the rest of the year the same.

Today was the day, the day you and Laf would become one. You both decided to have a summer wedding, and decided the location would be the very place Laf proposed.

Laf stood with his three groomsmen to his left and the officiant to his right, waiting for you to walk down the aisle. Hercules, his best man and best friend, puts a reassuring hand on his shoulder, Laf takes a deep breath, and there you are. You look beautiful, almost ethereal, like an angel, floating towards him. You take his breath away as you look into each other’s eyes, feeling as if there is only the two of you.

As you reach him, your hands immediately grasp each other, and you smile at one another, lost in your own world before the officiant clears his throat to get your attention. Your guests laugh, as you both blush. You both recite your vows with love in every word. You exchange rings and say I do, and Laf gets to kiss the bride, as everyone cheers, as you are deemed husband and wife. As you pull away and rest your foreheads against each other, you both whisper “I love you.”

She is the flint that sparks the lighter and the fuel that will hold the flame.

Your wedding reception was fun for the both of you and you got to spend time with your best friends. The Schuyler sisters, being your bridesmaids, made sure every moment was a happy one, and you all got to giggle about you being married.

While Laf got teased about not being a ‘free man’ anymore. He laughed it off knowing his friends were only joking, they all loved you.
“Seriously though Laf, is it everything you wanted it to be?” Alex asks, as Herc and John raise their eyebrows waiting for his answer.

“Everything and more mes amies,” he replies. “(Y/N) is everything I’ve ever wanted and more. She is the light of my life, the one that keeps me going, the love of my life, mon….how you say? Mon ame sœur….” He looks to Alex for help.

“Your soulmate, Laf. She’s your soulmate,” Alex laughs, and Herc and John join in.
“Oui, (Y/N) is my soulmate,” he smiles at his friends.

“Well, I should hope so,” he turns to see his beautiful wife and her bridesmaids standing behind him, “or we just did this all for nothing.” Laf chuckles and you smile at your husband, as he takes your hand and pulls you into him. You wrap your arms around his neck as his wrap around your waist, “may I have the honor to dance with you, ma femme,” he asks.

You smile, “of course mon mari, for the rest of our lives.”

Oh roses, roses laid upon your bed spread, oh my hold this, oh this, I know.

The reception had finally ended and you and Laf just wanted to fall into bed, wrapped up in each other. You entered your honeymoon suite in the arms of your husband, and noticed the bed was decorated with rose petals. “How beautiful,” you say as Laf places you on the bed and kisses your forehead. “We have to remember to thank them for this,” Laf nods feeling grateful for your friends as you both got ready for bed.

That every night I’ll kiss you, you’ll say in my ear, oh we’re in love aren’t we?

As you both got into bed, and Laf pulled you close, you nuzzled your face into his neck, “we’re in love aren’t we?” you whisper, smiling into his neck, remembering your words from years ago. You feel your husbands chest rumble as he laughs.

Hands in your hair, fingers and thumbs baby. I feel safe when you’re holding me near…

“Oui, mon amour, we’re madly in love,” he says as he entangled his hands in your hair and brings your face to his in a passionate kiss. You pull him closer to you as your kiss deepens, your arms wrapping around his neck.

Love the way that you conquer your fear. You know hearts don’t break around here.

You both pull away taking a breath, and you look at Laf and feel so lucky that you found someone so special. When he notices your stare, he smiles at you, “What are you thinking about, mon couer?” you smile back.

“Just how much I love you, and how lucky I am,” you reply snuggling into his chest. He can’t help but feel proud of how far you’d come from your fear and doubt.

“Mon amour, I’m the lucky one,” he replies while running his fingers through your hair, “I got to marry the woman of my dreams.” You smile into his chest before looking up at him, his eyes meeting yours, and kissing him soundly on the lips.

Well I found love in the inside the arms of the woman I love.

You and Laf had been married for five years and had a daughter, Olivia. You and Laf were just as much in love now as you were the night you got married, and although your lives had changed, you both wouldn’t trade it for anything.

She is the lighthouse in the night that will safely guide me home.

Laf had been away in France due to his mother falling ill and had been gone for over a week, but thankfully she recovered and he could return to you and Olivia. He missed you both so much, but he missed falling asleep with you wrapped around him, he had felt so lost without you the past week, so empty. Now that he was home he could feel himself becoming whole the closer he got to home, to you. He could feel his heart beat faster, it knew it would finally be near yours.

When he arrived home and entered the house, he immediately looked for you as he dropped his bags by the door. As he walked into the kitchen and saw you cooking, he sighed, “Mon couer.” You stopped and turned and ran into his arms, holding him close to you and kissing his neck, jaw and chin, until you reached his lips. He kissed you back with so much fervor, having missed the luxury of being able to do so.

That’s when you both heard little footsteps running down the stairs. You both smile and part as your daughter runs into your husbands legs and wraps her little arms around them before saying, “Hi, daddy!” Laf smiles picking up the small child and giving her a kiss on the head.

And I’m not scared of passing over, or the thought of growing old. ‘Cause from now until I go…

Sitting on the couch with you and Olivia, watching tv, made Laf feel so complete. You were all he needed, whatever life threw at him, he could take it as long as he had you by his side. He used to be so afraid of passing on and growing old, but after he you, there was nothing more he wanted to than grow old with you. Before you, he was wandering around, not really knowing what he wanted, but the moment he saw you, you were like an angel that brightened his life.

Every night I’ll kiss you, you’ll say in my ear, oh we’re in love aren’t we?

After putting Olivia to bed, Laf couldn’t wait to jump into bed with you and finally have you sleeping by his side. You laugh at his eagerness, and snuggle up to him, nuzzling your face in his neck and pulling him as close as possible. You had missed him too, and hadn’t gotten much sleep without him. You both finally felt whole, you smile into his neck and whisper, “we’re in love aren’t we?”

“Oui, mon amour, madly in love,” he replies as he kisses your head.

Hands in your hair, fingers and thumbs baby. I feel safe when you’re holding me near, love the way that you conquer your fear.

You lift your head to look at him, “I missed you so much while you were gone,” you tell him, as he runs his fingers through your hair.
“I missed you too, I felt so empty and lost without you,” he smiles at you, “I finally feel whole and safe with you in my arms. I don’t ever want to know what my life would be like without you,” he says seriously.

You know hearts don’t break around here….

You place a hand on his cheek as his eyes close, reveling in your touch, and you smile remembering the words he always told you, “darling, don’t you know?” he opens his eyes, “hearts don’t break around here.” You smile at him and he laughs slightly as he pulls you up to him to give you a slow, loving kiss, before falling asleep, the love of his life wrapped up in his arms. His heart finally with its other half.

A/N: I hope you all enjoyed this! And Thank you so much for reading.

Love sonnets

Characters: Jin & You

Genre: romance, slice of life, slight angst, friends to lovers

Words: 4630

Summary: You and Jin have been best friends for years but only when he’s on the verge of losing you, he realizes that you might have been in love all along.

I got quite rusty writing third pov, so this is my attempt to get back to it. I hope it’s not confusing but every other scene is a flashback. Also, check out Pablo Neruda’s poems, they were my inspiration for this fic.

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If you think the best thing Mon El ever said was “I can see why Kara loves you” all of your points against him are null and void

Because you absolutely and completely ignore true irrevocable character development and growth so blatant you can see it from space.

From 2x07:

“[About his bravery and being a hero] Yeah well any uh, any courage I do have iIlearned it from you.”

From 2x08:

“I’m also thankful for you, Kara, uhm, because not only are you understanding, you’re also gracious. Out of everybody who could’ve found me in that pod, I am the luckiest guy in the world that it was you.”

From 2x09:

“I, about getting involved. And then I saw you with those people and, you know there wasn’t much to inspire me on Daxam.”

“He [the Prince, himself] wasn’t worth admiring. But I wanna be. So, that’s the next thing, uh, I’ve made a decision. Um, I wanna be a superhero. Like you. With a name, and an outfit, and maybe a cape.”

“No I wanna, I wanna get my hands dirty, you know like, I wanna do something.”

“I don’t want easy. I want a heavy cape. I wanna help you keep the world spinning. To prove that I was spared for a reason.”

From 2x10:

“And I’ve never seen anyone so stunning.”

“I’m not here to change your mind. Kay I get, I get that you don’t care about me. But not in the same way. And that’s good, that’s fine, it’s okay. You know just, just keep working with me.”

“Just keep being my partner.”

From 2x14:

Kara getting the phone call about Cadmus having the list of aliens on Earth after her crap day, and her saying ‘we get up’ his supportive “Yeah we do.”

From 2x15:

“You are the most moral person I know. So if you think it’s the right thing to do it is.”

“Yeah? You know who else does [helps people]? Supergirl.”

“Hey, you have so much to offer this world. So don’t let Snapper or anyone else tell you differently.”

From 2x16:

“I’m happy you’re happy.”

“It’ll be more of the same [their life on Daxam]. I think about our life there and it, it makes me ill. I detest who I was. I was ignorant and blind to those around me, and letting myself be propped up at the expense of our people. And I’m tired of being served. And I’m tired of taking the easy way out. And I’m done being your prince.”

“No, Mother, that woman is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. The best thing I know.”

“[She] makes me the person that I want to be.”

“If this is about the people, then some things have to change. One day I will become King, and I wanna be a different kind of King. And why not start now? Why not rebuild our kingdom better than it was and make justice available for everyone? And get rid of rank, and, and make it so everyone’s voice is heard equally.”

“We have a chance to start again, Father. So why should we go and just recreate the same broken system as before?”

From 2x17:

“No. Wait hold, I’ll go with you. Whatever you want I’ll, I’ll go back to Daxam, I’ll be your Prince. Just stop hurting her. You have my word.”

You ignore his support. You ignore his want to be a better person. 

You ignore him BEING a better person.

He stated that he wanted to rebuild Daxam to be better. Wanted to stop everything that Every. Single. Hater. criticized him for. The Slavery. The Monarchies. The Caste system. The injustice. 

But all of that isn’t as important as him commenting on why Kara loves her best friend. Because it doesn’t support a ship.

But sure, yeah…Mon El’s quotes about wanting to make things better aren’t the most important thing he’s ever said…“I can see why Kara loves you” is…

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Meet Cute

Prompt: literally no one asked for this. my own brain did it to me. 

Words: a whopping 1,773 

Author’s Note: um, i’ve never posted a fic before(??) on here. i’ve never even written a proper fic before. i’m not even a lin or hamilton blog (i apologize for that) but i’ve been obsessively reading a bunch of lin fanfics from some amazing people lately and it inspired me so i literally wrote this in like an hour and it sucks but. YEAH. huge thanks to @manuelmiranduh, @protecting-my-legacy, @fragmentofmymind, @alexanderhamllton, @musicalmiranda for being my inspirations. you guys are amazing and literally a blessing to my dash every day. 

Warnings: um, if you have a caffeine addiction?? + mild cursing. 

so here we go, i guess. enjoy my crappy lin manuel fanfic because he literally owns my soul now. i’ll probably do a second part because of how cliffhanger-y this ends. 

It was not unusual. This was the way it always happened. It was late evening or early morning and the coffee pot always broke. You’d just be busting your way through another term paper or bundle of notes to pass a final and it happened. You’d first pout and curse, loudly, before sighing and condemning yourself for your damned student budget and “why didn’t I splurge more for the better coffee maker?!” Tonight, you had a four-page paper about the history of journalism during war due at 8 AM in the morning. Instead of letting your anger get the best of you, you shrugged on a coat, packed up your laptop, and took your keys and wallet from the table near your apartment’s front door. This paper couldn’t finish itself and you couldn’t work without coffee. Therefore, a 24-hour coffee shop was your best bet and you happened to know where the best one in the city was.

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you’re not serious? cole sprouse imagine

A/N: Okay so I’ve had this in my mind for a while now, and it does involve my baby Cole and Precious Galvan. It’s basically Cole having a crush on Precious and she’s in an interview with James Corden for the first time. And he let’s it slips that he knows Cole has a crus on her. Hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think. Love you all.

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“So we have a special guest with us tonight. She is just starting out her amazing acting debut along side Cameron Dallas, in the upcoming film. The lovely Precious Galvan everybody.” I hear James announce me before I nervously but confidently strut to meet him in front of the audience.

“Hello,” I say as I wave to the crowd cheering me on. “Hey, it’s so great to finally be here. I love your show!” I say giving James a huge hug.

“Wow, it’s so good to have you here. Now correct me if I’m wrong, this is your first talk show interview, right.” he asks as we make ourselves comfortable in our own seats.

“Yes, yes correct, this is my first talk-show interview. And first time I’m by myself. So I’ll try not to be too weird.” I tell him chuckling the last part.

“You’re doing fine, an we except all the weirdos here.” He says calming my nerves a little. “So I did see clips from the film, and let me say it’s gonna be huge, I love it. You and Mr. Dallas have an amazing chemistry.”

“Oh thank you, I love working with him, you know we both are Youtuber’s and I know he’s been in a couple of other productions and he’s amazing to work with, I love him. And I love the script everyone’s been extremely nice and, and I just love that I can finally say that I’m doing what I love to do.” I say happily.

“Speaking of Dallas, are you two a couple, a thing?” he questions.

“What.. no. I mean he his so handsome but, I think after everything we’ve been through with the production, and hanging out so many times, we think of each other as close siblings.” I say.

“Okay, okay I’ll believe you for now.” he says and we both laugh. “But while we’re on the subject has any of the actor men caught your eye yet.” he says scooting closer to me. I love him.

“Well, I think of this business like I would High School. Like damn there are a lot of fine wine I would love to taste. But I think you want the specifics right?” I ask and he ferociously shake his head up and down. “Well, of Harold Styles, he’s amazing, beautiful. Just to see him will give cardiac arrest, like he’s beyond  talented, I would love to work with him when making a inspiring track. Matt Shively I love him I’ve had a crush on him since True Jackson. Ross Butler yes ma’am. Um (other celebrities that fancy you). Oh and it just happened like a year or two ago that I developed certain feelings for, Cole Sprouse. I love him so much. Like have you seen him portraying Forsythe Pendleton Jones the third. He’s such an amazing actor and I would love to work with him whether it’s acting or with his photography. I’ve, I don’t know it’s like, I would love to just have a conversation with the guy to see for myself how his mind works. He’s amazing.” I say dreamily.

“Wow that’s quite a list and all those guys, she single, she’s talented, and she very gorgeous. Well I have to tell you something and you can take it however you want, but I know at least one of the gentlemen you’ve listed has mutual feelings about you too.” he says smirking.

“Oh God, I feel sorry for that sucker.” I say truthfully.

“Stop you’re great. He did say that he had went t an event where you were present and said nothing but wonderful things to say. Also said that you are very hilarious and had seen the premiere of the film and said he would be soo lucky to work with you.” he says girly.

“I don’t believe you,” I say honestly

“What, I swear it.” he says putting his hands up.

“Okay, okay. Who is it?” I say

“Mr. Forsythe himself. He was here the other day with a couple of the cast of Riverdale and they sold him out.  And he said you are very beautiful.” he swears.

“Well he knows how to contact me.” I say looking into the camera, smirking.

“Well then, Cole you better hurry, because I can guarantee she wont be free any longer.” he says.

After a couple of hours of the best first interview by myself I go home and start to change into something a little more comfortable. Cameron calls me.

“CamBam, how’s your day.” I say making my way to the kitchen

“I just watched your interview, first off it was incredible. And why didn’t you tell me you felt that way for Cole.” he says weirdly.

“I don’t know, I didn’t think it was a secret, well it was a secret for him.” I say siting don’t on the kitchen counter.

“Well have you checked your twitter recently. Because it’s blowing up.” he says

“Cam it’s ways blowing up now, hello youtuber, being in a movie with you.” I laugh.

“Just check it, okay.” and with that he hangs up. okay Mr. bossy.

And then I see it, Cole followed me and tweeted to me

colesprouse: So I hear you want to know just how my mind works preciousg95

holy shit Cole Mitchell Sprouse just did that.

preciousg95: And I hear you think I’m very beautiful colesprouse

After I make myself some thing to eat, I get a call from a number I can’t recognize.

“Hello?” I answer

“So if the rumors are true, what do you want know Ms. Galvan?” The voice obviously belongs to none other than Cole. I try to play it off cool, well as cool as I can.

“And who wants to know?” I question, trying not to laugh.

“The one who loves your work and thinks you’re very beautiful.” he says confidently.

“Well then, I suppose the rumors are true.” I hear him chuckle on the other end, God does he have to be so fucking cute.

“Well, then how you like to accompany me to dinner this Friday night?” I mentally scream to myself, but I gotta play it cool.

“It’s your lucky day, so it seems that I am not busy for Friday night. I would love to go to dinner with you Cole.”  I say confidently.

“Great, can’t wait to see you, Precious.” we hang up ad I immediately scream and do a little happy dance. and I happily eat. okay and I tweeted.

preciousg95: incredible

colesprouse: amazing

Okay that’s a good sign and it turns out we both retweet each others tweet.

This is Precious Galvan, juts I case you guys need an actual visual of her.

-whispers- guys i’ve got 6k+ followers

so um to celebrate i guess i’ll open my ask to ficlet prompts! send me a song (title and artist) and pairing and i’ll write a short ficlet inspired by it! i reserve the right to interpret the song however i see fit or use it to continue one of the many fic/ficlet verses i have going on lol 

i’ll let you guys know when i get enough lolol but srsly thanks for sticking with me! love ya lots 💖

JM: … if you guys ask for them hehe // anyways, im the most active here tho so um yeah you’ll see me often.. the other members love sleeping -__-

admin: hiiii!! omg i decided to open this now since its 2017 anyways, and yes its angel chim bc i view him like that hoho!! ask bangtan anything ♡

inspired by so many ask blogs :’)

Can’t Go Back (Part 3)

Word Count: 2,284


Warnings: Uhhh if you find any let me know :)

Request: Can you write a one shot where Dean and the reader have hooked up numerous times in the past. Then Dean tries to meet up with the reader and she keeps blowing him off and finally he finds her only to find she has a growing baby bump?

A/N: Well it looks like instead of Sam it’s gonna be part 3 cause I got some inspiration for it and just couldn’t stop writing.I’m completely overjoyed that you guys wanted a part 3….so here it goes! Don’t get too mad at me ;)

Part 1

Part 2

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The Signs as Equestrian Instagram Nightmares
  • Capricorn: um im actually 14 ok not 12 and i know how to train a horse
  • Aquarius: *over-edited jumping video playing hip-hop*
  • Pisces: *rides in a neck rope once* omg you guys liberty is the ONLY way to train
  • Aries: omg you and your horse look so good!! check out MY account!!
  • Taurus: you guys need to be more active my likes are dropping from 800 to 790
  • Gemini: learn the TRUTH about spiritchloe
  • Cancer: omg riding btv isn't ALWAYS bad ok learn your facts sometimes it can be good
  • Leo: comment "!!!" if i inspire you
  • Virgo: shoutout4shoutout? f4f? spam4spam?
  • Libra: i taught jojo how to rear today!!!
  • Scorpio: i'm not anti-bit, i'm anti-stupid
  • Sagittarius: if you've never barrel raced dont tell me that kicking with spurs is bad ok sweetie