so uhh.........yeah

Harry and Arlo.

just a lil something.. single dad Harry is just too adorbs!!

Harry and Arlo.

“No monkey, please don’t do that.”

Harry placed Arlo in her den. He was tired, he was thirsty and a little peckish but Arlo’s needs came first, his current issues were not so important.

“Dada, naa na?

“I know you want a na na, bug, but daddy really needs for a wee.” Harry spoke so gently to Arlo, although he knew that didn’t understand half the things he muffled on about. But Harry still carried on.

“I’ll be 5 seconds.” He told her and rushed to the toilet. Jogging back, Harry soon found a den with an open gate and no Arlo inside. His eyes darted around the room.

She’s so tiny, she could be anywhere, she’s always beating me at hide and seek.

Harry sighed softly and tried to think rationally, where would his 13 month old daughter be?

“Arlo, monkey.. bug..” he started, leaving a pause in each nickname Arlo has. 

“It’s not funny to be hiding from Daddy.” Harry said his voice a little stretched but nowhere near abrupt. 

He walked around the living room filled with every toy you could think of. Harry looked under the sofas, in the toy boxes. “Monkey.” Harry said every now and then. “Bug, please, daddy really doesn’t like this game anymore.” Harry tried to calm down, but he hated the fact that his precious baby girl, was out of his sight.

Ten minutes.

Harry couldn’t hear anything, alarm bells ringing in his head, giving him a slight nauseous feeling and possible migraine, he needed to sit down.

“Arlo, daddy doesn’t want to play anymore, he’s feeling kinda icky and needs a big cuddle from his love bug.”

The little patter of footsteps and muffles of laughter became louder and louder, turning his head to the door of his bedroom he saw her, running towards him chewing those chubby little fingers that he loves to hold whenever he can.

“Da da.”

Her long golden-y brown locks bouncing slightly in the air. Her piercing blue eyes looking him dead on.

 Arlo was hers. Harry knew it, and so did she.

“Yeah well, things are a little ‘tough right now, s’tryna find the uh, perfect outfit for Arlo’s birthday, and s’yeah I know… - s’this just means the albums gonna be on a… ‘spose the word is ‘pause’ for ‘the uh, uh time being.” Harry said into the phone, he was warming up Arlo’s milk in the microwave. He looked back to his laptop screen and continued to scroll through various items, occasionally looking at his emails.

The other end shrieks down the phone, Harry moves it away from his ear. “S’well if ya gon’ s’talk to me like ‘at, I’m s’not gonna listen, s’look… It’s ‘meh daughter’s birthday, and I’m taking time off, to be with her, simple as that, s’this just uh s’not as uh im- important anymore, she is, Arlo is.” Harry put down the phone and just sighed.

He bent down and picked the toddler that was sitting at his feet, up, and kissed her. 

“S’just you and me, bug.” 

good things that happened today that prove life may not suck so bad after all:

• had a fancy bread for breakfast this morning. it had assorted fruit and some kind of cream on top of it and it tasted suuuper sweet and delicious
• told my little sister on the phone that i was coming home this weekend and she immediately screamed in excitement. it made me smile a bit
• caught up with some of the care e-mails @whelvenwings has been sending me. may or may not have laughed/cried throughout the whole process
• watched a lot of videos by my favorite youtubers that i’d been missing out on
• told some friends about my recently diagnosed mental illness and informed them about quitting med school soon. they responded (surprisingly) very nicely?
• one of them even offered me a position in his team for a neurological research that im not entirely oblivious about. thanked him for his offer and told him i might consider it at some point
• had noodles for dinner. it was the right amount of warm and spicy and it sat very nicely in my tummy
• spent 2 whole hours browsing through memes like The Cool Kid™ that i am
• realized that i’ve done a lot of things i should be proud of this week by putting myself first, for once
• you done good, citra
• you done good

anonymous asked:

*handraise* but why is 'hispanic' an incorrect, racialized term? I identify as hispanic over latino, is that wrong?

It’s not wrong. Your identity is yours and you’re the only one who gets to define it. 

One of the reasons why some people bristle at “hispanic” is because it ties Latinxs to Spain, the colonizer, and a lot of people don’t like that. 

There’s several posts that share varying reasons why “hispanic” is not the same as “latinx” here.

The fact that Bakugou takes after his mom so much delights me.

I’m still nominating mama Midoriya as best mom tho gosh.

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Every time you draw nsfw of any characters I just see it as so fetishy bc of your past and plus you're a cis girl so it's weird

time and time again ive acknowleged my ugly past and i’ve honestly truly changed since then if u cant see past that then it’s not my problem dude unfollow my nsfw if it makes u uncomfortable! also i dont have to fit gender criteria to be able to draw something Dummy 

And to be honest i have not drawn more than a handful of nsfw things of mlm characters in the past few months JUST because i was afraid of it coming off wrong (also bc i dont feel it’s necessary anymore since my characters have finally evolved beyond being fuck monsters that just copulate all the time) but i’ve literally gone in to my art frm a year ago and dissected the elements of it that made it so weird (which wasnt super hard lol its pretty obvious at a glance) none of my current stuff reflects that mindset now because i don’t have that mindset anymore! I don’t know how to make it clearer to you that i’ve changed, i was a child then i didn’t know better but now i do.

And i felt that cis girl thing as well and i only really made of nsfw art of cis girl characters for a while because i felt like i wasnt allowed to do anything else !! Well fuckin that’s bullshit because art is never and has never has been dictated by your gender and i feel like if you have the correct mindset even if u are a cis girl u can go about creating lgbt works tastefully and not like a stinking fujoshi!! I don’t know if i’m even explaining myself very well here lmao but basically my point is that i’ve changed (like every person does) and if u can’t help but see me as a stagnant personality of the same person i was a year+ ago that’s your own problem to sort out.

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Would you make a bendy from bendy and the ink machine head and sell it?

Depends on customer base (supply and demand) I’m afraid. Each new mold that is created costs a lot of money in materials, not to mention making the base and the time it takes as well.

He’s pretty simple and there’s no doubt we could do it but we’d need some feedback on the matter   (ゝ∀・) ノ゙ ~ ♡

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Head cannon: Danny is the sperm donor

OMGGGG SO like…. here’s an interesting fact for you anon… I had pretty much believe that Danny could be the donor.

When I first came up with the headcanon I thought… Should I have Casey be the exact SAME colors as Danny though? In the end… I didn’t, because I wanted to give her a fur color that matched close to her father or grandfather… On the other hand… I was CLOSE to making Casey look like Danny. SO yes this is still a running joke (and headcanon) for me and my sister that Danny is probably the donor. 

Which is cool but… Just imagine what would happen if Casey looked like Danny though…. Then Mae and Bea would have figured it out as soon as Casey was born xDD

This is me! Hello everybody:)

 Post a song  last listened to, last selfie and lock-screen.

I was tagged some time ago by @lithialetheia but i decided to answer it today. This will be without lock-screen becouse I don’t have means to do it.


Hi from Poland:) And last song I listened to is this: Kary Perry- Unconditionally

I tag: @pommeverte3, @mistress-light, @allaboutthewitcher, @stillectric but you don’t have to If you don’t want to:) It is not that easy i know:)