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Title: Take Cover, Baby
Author: beyourgoodnight
Rating: NR
Fandom: One Direction
Ship: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Words: 2227
Summary: A hand on his shoulder startles him out of his thoughts, which were dangerously close to spiraling toward full on anxiety. The man connected to the hand snorts at Harry’s reaction and Harry shoots him a look.

“Never met someone so nervous to be returning from war,” Thomas intones sarcastically.

Or, Harry Styles returns from the war and he thinks he might be more nervous to step on the train platform in his hometown than he was to step on the battlefield.

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It’s Gonna Be Me 

Every little deke I do

Never seems enough for you

I don’t wanna lose it again

I’m so much better than them

Stanley when you finally

Get raised by somebody

Guess what…

It’s gonna be me.

domestic life was never quite my style,
when you smile - you knock me out, i fall apart,
and i thought i was so smart.


Himuro knows how to handle kids. He actually took the stick.