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The thing that really sucks about bisexuality, is that if you are ugly you get rejected by so many more gender

good thing you (and everyone else reading this) isn’t ugly. If they don’t like you they don’t see what a gr8 catch you are.

headcanon that if an outsider ( coughs-everything in destiny-coughs ) were to hear a Guardian speak without a special translator, they hear choral singing/a very musical voice

Of subtle long-term effects of bullying

In which I talk too much, as usual.

Let me tell you a story. When I was a kid, I was bullied because I was, in summary, a nerd. I survived these years without killing myself because although I was very aware that yes, if I was prettier and liked fashion and stuff more people would like me, but I also wouldn’t be me anymore. And I didn’t want that, because I loved myself. I had depression, but it never translated to not feeling worthy or thinking people would be better without me or hating myself. I just hated the world I was stuck in. Me against the world.

Now I’ll be 25 in two months. These years are a distant memory. But you see, the last two weeks I had to ponder a crucial decision for my career (due to unexpected change of laws and such), one that I must take in a short time but with a lot of future consequences, and with contradictory advice given by different people because nobody fucking knows what’s going to happen in a few years.

I’m distressed, I’m trying to research all my options, I’m generally being at a low point and decide to go talk a bit to technicians I worked with before and seemed to like me. So I explain, they listen, and they say “you know, the lab people like you, but the only doctor who will support you has no power at all” and I learn that btw one of the guys I work with (and trusted and protected against critiques) actually wouldn’t support me, for petty reasons. Which I had a feeling about, but dismissed as me being overly emotional like “you’re not in school anymore, just people sometimes don’t at lunch with you doesn’t mean they don’t like you”.

Well lo and behold, I was right. And you know what? Learning this liberated me. All of a sudden I wasn’t angsting over my future anymore, I was back to the good old “me against them” mentality. And it made me feel so good! My brain is so used to this because it brought me through 4 years of hell in middle school that now when it reverts to it, it thinks everything is great and we’re in control. So I feel better, and I also feel slightly peeved. Slightly.

In summary, I’m going to go my own way, use help from as few people I can so I don’t owe anyone anything, and in a few years they’ll better watch out for me because I’ll be fucking ruthless.

tldr; fuck you I’m fabulous, also I’m actually 13 yo

throwback to when i was in ireland and the 1st day we were there this girls boyfriend broke up with her and literally the second thing she said was “oh my god i can’t change my instagram bio from ‘taken’ to ‘single’ because we don’t have wifi right now” and then she burst into tears