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Naruto has a shitty plot, regressive character development, immature fandom, and questionable morals, but at least the character design is okay-


I was tagged by jaegerbombrat for the selfie thing. Thanks bby :3 I don’t take selfies like ever so don’t look ._.

I’m pretty sure everyone’s already done this, but I’ll tag farlan-churchs, king-ereri, nagisaisaprisonassmotherfucker, hellofaheichou, heichou-espurr, levi-daddy-yeager, lancecorporal-ackerbabe, and anyone else who wants to do this.

rachel-in-the-sky-with-ponies asked:

So I read your tags on that one conversation, about the fact that you also tend to have "unconventional" tastes in men, hence the Phil crush. I'm mostly just being nosy, but can I ask about who else you like? I mostly am just curious because I like Johnny Depp as much as the next girl, but I really love my oddballs!

i’ll just step outside of my comfort zone here and say that the first person i liked was jimmy fallon because i thought he was funny at first in some parody things and then i liked him and then everyone figured out that i liked him and then i was really embarrassed and that made me not like him anymore somehow.
i was like 13 at the time, idk
apparently i was staring at a picture of him too much by accident and my dad was like “hey she likes him look at her staring at him” and the entire family was sitting in the same room and that is probably why i refuse to let anyone know if i like anyone because no

one of the people i still like is the singer of lifehouse and i will always like him and i don’t care who knows that because i think everyone knows anyway but i think a lot of other people like him so idk if that counts. although i’ve never made a blog about him. yet.

one of the more normal teenager crush things i had was when i was like 14 or 15 and that was the jonas brothers

i can’t remember who else i liked but i do remember for most of my life i’ve always been like “oh no i like this person that everyone seems to think is ugly for some reason, i can’t let them know because that’s weird”

i should also point out that when i started posting phil stuff here, i did not like him that way, he’s just a great person and his music is the best and he would just be the greatest person to have as a best friend or something and i’ve always felt bad about his divorces and the songs about it and i just really liked him as a person and not as a crush kind of thing

but it didn’t take long for that to change, i can say that i 100% like him in every way now

probably the main reason i refuse to let anyone know who i like irl is because a lot of my family would talk about other people dating and be like “wow why is she dating him he’s so ugly that’s disgusting” and they’d make fun of people for how they looked a lot and i always felt bad because people can like whoever they want and they shouldn’t have other people that have nothing to do with it judging them for their own life choices and opinions

and sometimes somebody would be like “well maybe he has a good personality or money” as if that’s the only reason anyone could like the person

why do people make it sound like there’s 0% chance that anyone could find a person physically attractive just because of their own opinion

tbh i’d rather personality over looks, but it’s not a fact that some people only have one or the other

it just really angers me when people act like opinions don’t exist

i am sorry, i’m apparently in a ranting mood now, i feel like i barely answered the original question and the subject shifted a bit and i’m just posting everything that comes to mind

were learning about bacteria and shit that lives in us and on our skin and everyone’s like OH MY GOD THERES BUGS ON MY FUCKING FACE but like dude. they’re there whether nor not u know they are they’ve been there since pretty much always they’re not about to freak out cause they’re getting attention. I mean yeah they can end up fucking u up but it’s not a big chance and if u didn’t have them ud kinda die so its worth the risk. like. they’re little bug friends. little tiny bug friends chillin in ur bowels and everywhere else. thanks bug friends. im glad ur here for me and I’m glad I could be here for u. cheers.