so ugly i wanna shoot it

the deadliest mass shooting* in the united states targeted a gay club and gay men are currently being rounded up in chechnya
vp pence thinks we should all be electrocuted for existing and i can be kicked out of any business in my home state for looking too gay
so if yall could stop with this privileged homo bullshit that would be nice

*perpetrated by a single shooter on a killing spree

Wynonna Earp Prompts

Mainly spoken by Wynonna Earp herself. Feel free to adjust wording and pronouns.

  • “I don’t do authority.”
  • “These days, I barely do sober.”
  • “You wanna know how batshit I am?”
  • “Nobody shoots my family but me.”
  • “I’m nuts, remember?" 
  • "That’s why they call it a curse.”
  • "Big city, leather loafers: douche.”
  • “I never blow jobs without a ‘please’ first.”
  • “Ugly and dumb. You sure we haven’t dated?”
  • “Normal dudes carry baby pictures in their wallet.”
  • “How about smiling? You ever do that?”
  • “I have my toys; you have yours.”
  • “That is so specifically vague.”
  • “Worst pickup line ever." 
  • "Oh, I love when you say 'shit-ticket’!”
  • “It’s such a shame all the men in this town are insane.”
  • “I want them to tremble in fear before me.”
  • “Sometimes you come so close to cool, and then cool makes a run for it.”
  • “Put a muzzle on it.”
  • “This is not the kind of penetration I’m used to.”
  • “Do you come with a translation app?”
  • “Just another dude telling me what I’ve done wrong.”
  • “This one cut pretty close to the bone.”
  • “You have a million reasons to hate me, but you still love me.”
  • “That’s what I love about you, dude.”
  • “Is it beer o'clock?”
  • “You and your math both suck.”
  • “There is a little rebel in there!”
  • “Two choices: you can help me, or you can not help me and die.”
  • “I’m trying to become the type of woman who keeps her word.”
  • “I can’t fill up on revenge. I need some peace.”
  • “The creep factor on this aggro goes to eleven.”
  • “I was just thinking I needed another man to tell me what to do today, and here you are.”
  • “Make your peace." 
  • "Worst fortune cookie advice ever!”
  • “We should get t-shirts.”
  • “That guy needs to unclench.”
  • “I prefer ‘HOT mess’.”
  • “Don’t make me get rough.”
  • “If my parole officer is asking, then no.”
  • "I either need way more or way less of this stuff, I tell ya.”
  • "You must be desperate.”
  • “I’ve had it up to here with surprises.”
  • “What the sweet hell is this?”
  • “Your scrapbooking habit has taken a terrible turn!”
  • “Let your freak flag fly free.”
  • “Your outfit’s adorable.”
  • “I brought you a shirt, put your coffee back on.”
  • “Please don’t try to be cool, it’s literally the worst.”
  • “Time moves different when you’re being held against your will, doesn’t it?”
  • “I think whiskey Jim might’ve been pulling my boob.”
  • “I don’t follow very well. I’d say I’m more of a fighter.”
  • “I only shoot bad guys. That’s kinda the point of me.”
  • “That sounds like a gamble to me." 
  • "Do you have a flamethrower? Cause a flamethrower is at least fun.”
  • “We survived hotdog stuffed crust pizza, so I think we got this.”
  • “My relationship with law enforcement is a little complicated.”

anonymous asked:

Omg, did he reply ???

yeah after i told him he looked cute he’s like
“don’t lie to me”
“im not”
“yeah yeahhh”
“driving me crazy lowkey
but anyways that was me shooting my shot🏹 enough of that goodnite”
“shooting your shot.? you hate me tho. goodnight”
“i don’t hate you you said i was clingy and didn’t wanna talk to me anymore🙄 but my dumbass keeps having dreams about you and thinking about you for some reason so i shot my shot”
then he asked about my dreams
i said he’s showed up the past 4 times and he’s like
“damn i’m sorry”
“for what”
“bein all ugly in ur dreams”
“nah not at all but whatever whether they mean something or were there🤷🏻‍♀️”
“alright lil attitude”
“yeah that’s me”
he didn’t respond to that lmfao i’m so dumb. somewhere in there i also said i missed talking to him which isn’t a lie but whatever when he said i hated him i should have said some smooth shit like no i don’t call me sometime and i’ll show you


Today, September 14th, is Subaru’s birthday! To honour him I wore my Subaru Cosplay on the Connichi convention in Germany!

WE ALSO HAD A SHOOTING IN A LIMOUSINE. So if you wanna see more than just one ugly selfie, follow alstroemerical (my personal blog) for more cool pictures!

So ~ ♡ Happy Birthday Subaru-kun! ♡
Love him hard!

If Quarians Said The Stuff Humans Say [inspired by the BuzzFeed video series & based on a Skype discusion]
  • "You don't like Blasto? Wow, I'm so much more human than you!"
  • "I'm so surprised you don't wear a suit. You're just so ugly!"
  • "I don't wanna sleep with you. You're too durable and your immune system is so strong. You might not get sick."
  • "So, are you, like, naked under those unsealed clothes? Do you, you know... pee in them?"
  • "How do you shower without a helmet?"
  • "But I'm dextro, so I can't get you sick if it's unprotected."
  • "Wow, I thought you were gonna shoot me when I saw you. Humans are known for that, you know."
  • "You sound so smart. You don't sound like a xenophobic warmonger like the others."
  • "Hey, I learned some human curse words. Like 'dumbass' or 'fuckface.'"
  • "So, since you're my friend, I have to know. Can I... not wear a suit? It's out of respect for human culture."
  • "Hey, I hate slavery. If someone asked me to be sold into slavery buy a human, I'd say no."
  • "I'm thinking of changing my name to Shepard. Human names are so fascinating and exotic."