so ugly :(

Oda…dear Oda, I love you…but seriously… WTF?! what the actual fuck? My eyes are crying blood, You were drunk and this is a mistake right?
Because this is even more ugly that Sanji’s yellow pants and orange jacket of the cover 81. Uglier than his crocs in film gold. Uglier than his skypiea outfit.
I HOPE that they are all blond and we are gonna see them blond in the flashback and simply their hair have been dyed, for whatever mysterious reason, perhaps cause they are all a bunch of losers. (except Reiju, of course, she is still beautiful). Look at Yonji/Harambe…I can’t..

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he is tho????? i don’t understand people

let me dumb it down for you. when i say don*ld isn’t my president. i mean he doesn’t represent me. it says his presidency and his government is not something i support. it is the rejection of  his values and his ideology. his version of the USA is not one i want to be a part of. he may be *the* president but he is NOT MY PRESIDENT. keep up. 

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