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fat bodies tutorial!

ALRIGHT SO my pal @kalreyno wanted help with drawing fat characters and as a fat artist i felt like i could give a bit of helpful insight on that. there’s also been a lot of complaining about “boo hoo fat characters are hard to draw so i can’t include them in my work Ever” goin on lately so if that’s your case then this is for you too!! and also just for anyone who would like help with fat bodies in general, ofc. anyway, let’s get this show on the road!!

let’s start with some common misconceptions. these are the two main attempts at chubby bodies i run into, so i’ll focus on them. 

the Anime Chubby i see everywhere, and it’s just……so wrong in many ways. first of all, there is almost no additional body fat compared to your average thin character - except for where it’s added in “attractive” places (breasts, hips, thighs). the breasts are way too perky, and don’t have the realistic shape fat would give them (though how to draw accurate breasts is another tutorial all on its own lmao). there is still a thigh gap, which usually only happens in very thin people, and bones are still visible on the surface of the skin, which also rarely happens in fat people.

the Michelin Man is better in some ways, but still not that great. it’s a slightly better attempt, but basically all that’s done there is taking a thin character and blowing them up, while giving no thought to fat distribution. the thigh gap is usually still present, and they look a lot more hard than soft - and fat is very soft and pliable.

here’s a chart on how fat usually distributes (if you can’t read my messy writing, “1. next to no fat, 2. moderate amount, 3. most of the fat distribution”). basically, the more muscle an area has, the more prone it is to develop fat, such as the abdomen, thighs, and upper arms. it’s important to note that fat sits on top of muscle, and that it does distribute in different levels, and not evenly across the body as shown in the Michelin Man. 

now, here’s an accurate fat body with all of that kept in mind!! notice how the fat isn’t only kept to aesthetically pleasing areas, and how it sits realistically on the character’s body. their breasts sag a lot more, which happens even in thin people with larger breasts, and the nipples are pointing more downwards than straight out. there is no thigh gap in sight, there are no bones in sight, and most importantly, they have fat rolls, which are very important in drawing a convincing fat character!! as far as i know i’ve never met a single person with no rolls at all, and everyone has them, whether thin or fat - they’re just more prominent and more consistently present in fat people. pay close attention to where they are and how they’re shaped.

here are a couple of drawings showing how fat is affected when sitting vs stretching. as seen in the first, the fat specifically on the stomach is distributed a lot more evenly and stretched out, so it becomes “flatter”. the love handles are still pretty visible, though, as well as the fat on the thighs and arms. the breasts are raised with the shoulders, and the fat on the shoulders and near the neck forms rolls as it’s being pushed together. 

in the second, there is a lot less room for distribution, so the fat is all pushed together. the breasts sag and the stomach forms rolls and spills into the lap. a good analogy for the way fat works is to liken it to a water balloon, and thinking of how its shape would change when resting flat on a surface, hanging off of a ledge, held upright, etc.

here are a few extra tips i find a lot of people miss!

first on the top is the hip/pubic region. the first circle is showing the way the bellybutton is folded in fat people, as opposed to stretched out in thinner people. the second is the stomach fat spilling over onto the pubic region and creating a separation in the two areas, which is something that’s missing in a lot of art. in addition, the pubic mound also gains fat, making it round as seen in the profile drawing i did up there (i’ve heard people refer to it as fupa?). the last in the hip region is the lack of a thigh gap. i can’t stress this enough!!!! if you’re trying to draw a convincing fat character, make sure their thighs are pretty much always touching!! for reference, mine literally don’t separate until my feet are about 2ft from each other.

the bottom right is showing the double chin, which a lot of people are afraid to draw!! fat does distribute itself here too, and there’s nothing wrong with it, so don’t feel like you shouldn’t give fat characters a double chin in your work for fear of it looking like a caricature.

in the bottom middle, it’s showing how fat affects different types of breasts with the presence of more or less breast tissue. 

lastly, at the very right are stretch marks with their usual locations and directions, which i also can’t stress enough!!!!! i sometimes forget to add them honestly, but they’re so important in accurately portraying fat characters, as they literally come from the skin being stretched from fat being gained (and they’re also just rlly neat lookin like why wouldn’t you lmao). some people have less and some people have more, feel free to experiment with them!

the last thing is body types!! there isn’t one single way for a person to be fat, so feel free to experiment with shapes once you’ve learned the basics!! 

so there you have it, a tutorial on how to draw chubs!! now go forth and make some accurate fanart or some rad fat characters, because the world could always use more of both. hmu if you have any questions or concerns, and thanks for reading!!

EDIT: someone pointed out the bad wording in the tutorial. thank you for bringing it to my attention and sorry for offending anybody. i’ve updated the tut, so please reblog this one!

i am crying bc i just love my best friend so much


Far over the Misty Mountains rise..

Happy Birthday, Selina! <3

↳ ɴᴇᴡ ᴛᴇxᴛ ғʀᴏᴍ ᴢᴀʏɴ ᴍᴀʟɪᴋ ❱
  • ZAYN: oi
  • ZAYN: someone just offered me a "avsugning"
  • ZAYN: idk if it is because i had a few beers in me as of late but it seems interesting

Me, at the beginning of the Valentine’s event: Oh! This won’t be so bad! I can maybe even go for 120 flowers for more than one guy

Me, at the end of the Valentine’s event: humming Lollipop’n World trying to summon more chocos from sega Kill me…. death will be a release…. my love is not strong enough….

Stress - MC

Michael lays in front of me, his body curved around mine and his hand twisting through the mess of humidity spun curls that rest on my neck. It’s quarter past two in the morning and it seems as though sleep won’t find us, but fatigue feels heavy in my bones after spending the day stressed out beyond belief.

It was uncharacteristically hot and humid today with the sun’s beams on full blast and air heavy with unshed precipitation. It had taken two and a half hours for Michael to actually convince me to stop working and get into bed with him. And while the feeling of being pressed against him after so long feels so nice, the pit in my stomach is still there.

Currently though, the both of us lie away in the dark of my bedroom with frigid air filtering through the vents above us; a comforter tangled between our pairs of legs at the end of the bed. His right hand is at the nape of my neck; long fingers twisting through the humidity inspired mess my hair sits in. I watch as his green study me, his head propped up on his left hand for support and his fading teal hair sits messy on top of his head. Sighing, I try to relax farther into the pillow that rests under my head.

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me while watching stranger things: i hate steve
me after watching stranger things: and this is how you redeem a character

anonymous asked:

I'm pretty sure I send you a message like this once a month but your pictures are such an inspiration to me and I love them so much it hurts 💕

thanks ;( ive been having a p rough time lately and these messages always make me feel a bit better so i really appreciate u taking the time to send them. im so flattered to be an inspiration for you!

It's Almost Halloween
  • It's Almost Halloween
  • Panic! at the Disco
  • time to get spoopy (2008)

I’m carving pumpkins
its’s almost Halloween
All my friends are wondering what they’re gonna be
the monster mash is playing
you’re moving to the beat
and now they’re gonna teach you
to do the trick or treat

Everybody scream (2x)
it’s almost Halloween
do the trick or treat (2x)
it’s almost Halloween
everybody scream

there’s a devil in the corner
in candy apple red
dressed up like a fire
buring though my head
I got a little closer
and offered her a drink
[she] took me to the graveyard
and we did the trick or treat

Everybody scream (2x)
it’s only Halloween
do the trick or treat (2x)
it’s only Halloween
everybody scream

Before I learned her name
we were already asleep
when I woke up in my coffin
she was no where to be seen
was it all a dream
who can I believe
it can’t be what it seems
it was only Halloween
what does it all mean

Everybody scream (2x)
it was Halloween
do the trick or treat (2x)
it was only Halloween
Everybody scream (2x)
it was Halloween
do the trick or treat (2x)
it was only Halloween 
everybody scream

do not shake their hands if you don’t want to. if they don’t understand, they’re not worth knowing
when your housemate doesn’t know how to sweep a floor, do not laugh
when your housemate doesn’t know how to ride the bus, do not laugh
when your housemate doesn’t know about generic breakfast cereals, do not laugh
when your housemate is into the cissexist pussy-power period painting kind of feminism, do not laugh
when your housemate says she knows what it’s like to grow up in an ecuadorian neighborhood because her nanny was mexican, laugh
when your friend asks you what a food bank is, tell her
when your friend asks you what a bodega is, tell her
when your friend doesn’t know what goodwill is, take her
when your friend says her shoes were “only” $200, hold your tongue
when your friend cries because her parents “only” give her $50 for a haircut, hold your tongue
when your friend answers every complaint with “just have your parents buy it”, hold your tongue and do not ask her advice again
when your friend calls your brown eyes and raven hair (the most common features on the planet) exotic, do not say thank you
when your friend tells a racist joke, do not hold your tongue
when your friend admits she only befriends homeless people to piss off her parents, find new friends
when you mix up your goodwill rewards card with your debit card, laugh and say sorry
when you order tap water at starbucks, say please and thank you and do not say sorry
when your friend turns down your menthol cigarette, laugh and say sorry
when your friend calls your menthol cigarette ghetto, snatch it back and do not say sorry
when you have to switch from newports to pall malls, do not mope about it (that much)
when you come home for the holidays, prepare yourself for how much home has changed
when you realize everyone who stayed is dead or on heroin, write poems
when you get survivor’s guilt at 5am, find someone with a car
they will visit graves with you
when your big sister’s cat dies, do not make it about you
listen to her cry and watch the ball drop at her apartment
when your friend asks how your visit went, be vague
when your friend asks for details, give happy ones
when your friend condones gentrification, find new friends
do not say “eat the rich” at the dinner table

surviving a year in a wealthy city


how to pick your battles

steve rogers never really lived without a war. he was born during WWI, grew up during the great depression (he was 12 when it started) and as a sick kid especially that was a war for him. then he had about 2 years before WWII. He goes down, wakes up in 2011. And… there’s the Global War on Terror (which i do not support and neither would stevie but still) and he’s a superhero who is fighting aliens.

Steve Rogers, in his 98 years on earth, lived a total of about 13 years without a war. Take off the ones he won’t remember (until he’s about 6 probably) and you have about 9 years. Steve Rogers doesn’t know a world without war.