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Playtime with Daddy 2 (Part 2)

Daddy sits on the bed and motions me towards his lap. I do as I’m told while continuing to keep my wet panties in my mouth. I crawl over daddy’s lap lower my head and lift my butt up. Daddy rubs my bottom slow and gentle in little circular motions, then without warning spanks me hard. I yelp through my panties but don’t move away, I know daddy will punish me if I do. He repeats the same motions, gently rubbing and then spanking me, with every smack, I can feel myself getting increasingly wet to the point of practically dripping on his bed. Daddy continues until my butt is nice and red.
He reaches over to my mouth with his palm spread. I do what daddy wants and drop my panties into his hand.
“How’s my little girl doing?”
I wiggle my bum with enthusiasm. “I’m good daddy hehe”
Daddy reaches down and feels me, I’m dripping on his fingers.
“I’d say so. That’s my good girl” I’m overjoyed. Being daddy’s good girl is all that matters to me.
“I think you deserve a reward don’t you?”
“Yes please daddy!!” I say enthusiastically.
“Come here baby, come ride daddy”
I crawl on top of daddy and feel his big cock with my hand, stroking it briefly. Daddy knows I love to ride because I can control the pace and daddy won’t tease me. I ease on top, feeling daddy’s tip slowly stretching me as I make my way down his shaft. I exhale a moan as daddy’s cock fills my pussy. It feels so good. I begin bouncing on daddy’s cock picking up pace as quickly as possibly. Feeling the pressure build inside me.
“Fuck daddy”
I continue bouncing
“It feels so good!”
I continue picking up pace
I’m riding daddy as hard and fast as my little body can take, daddy’s cock feels amazing inside me.
“Little girl” daddy moans sternly
I reluctantly slow down
“Yes daddy?” I say innocently
“What do you think your doing?”
“Nothing daddy”
“Trying to finish daddy early??”
“No daddy! I swear!” Uh oh I’m in trouble.
“Mhm hands and knees baby”
“But daddy!!” Daddy gives me a stern look as if to say not go test him. I reluctantly climb off daddy’s cock and do as I’m told. Daddy goes and grabs something then comes up behind me.
“Put this back on your clit baby.”
“Yes daddy” it’s my clit stimulator I put it back on. I hear daddy squirt something from a bottle. My heart sinks. Uh oh, daddy’s going to play with my button again.
“This is only going to hurt for a bit, but daddy loves you and he promised it will get better, understand?”
I hesitate.
“Baby girl?”
I sigh, I wanna please daddy. “Yes daddy I understand.”
Good girl. I feel daddy’s tip, up against my button, I try my best to relax and not clench. Daddy’s done this only a couple times and I learned very quickly I have to relax and just let it happen. Daddy slowly begins pushing forward. My button slowly begins to feel like its on fire.
“No moving” daddy warns
I try my best to remain still and calm. Daddy continues to fill my behind with his cock. I wince in pain but remain as still as possible. Daddy’s cock is halfway in.
“Fuck baby girl, that’s my good fucking girl, so tight for her daddy”
Daddy pushes his cock forward and is balls deep in my button. I let out a small scream but manage to stay mostly still.
“You’re okay baby” daddy tells me and he begins to thrust slowly. In and out. The pain is still there but it slowly begins to lessen just as daddy promised, I begin to focus on the feeling of the clit stimulator as daddy begins to pick up pace. I let out a moan, this makes daddy go even faster. Now daddy’s pounding my ass while my clit is stimulated by my toy. It begins to feel like heaven. I start to feel the pressure build inside me again. I begin to squirm a bit. Daddy grabs me and holds me still.
“Don’t even think about it until you have permission baby.” I can only cum if daddy says so. Daddy’s going faster and faster dominating my ass, his property. I’m straining myself trying not to cum.
“Fuck daddddy” I moan in desperation. “Please let me cum daddy”
“You know the rules baby” daddy always cums before me. “Almost there baby girl this may hurt a little” I feel daddy ram me harder then before, daddy’s right it does hurt. He does it hard and fast that it causes tears to form in my eyes a bit. Daddy keeps going and going and going and suddenly I feel my ass being filled with something besides his cock. Daddy blows his entire load in my ass as he continues to fuck me and it feels amazing I can’t help it anymore.
“Okay baby you can cum for daddy”
Instantly I finish letting out the loudest moan. My entire body feels stimulated.I’m breathless. Daddy pulls his cock out of me and with it his cum. I fall to the bed exhausted. I always get sleepy after I cum. Daddy caresses my hair and kisses my forward, as I snuggle up to him.
“Thank you daddy”

Make Believe

Characters:  Dean x Reader

Summary:  Dean and reader pose as a couple to lure a vampire

Word Count:  2540

Warnings:  Smut, language, near death situation

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Originally posted by winsmut

Make Believe

We were in the middle of this hunt when Mary called. We couldn’t exactly walk out on this, so Sam had volunteered to help Mary while Dean and I stay behind to finish the job.

Which led to the situation that I’m now in. It’s not so much a situation as a ‘how the holy fuck did it end up like this’ type of scenario. At the moment, as I sit in the Impala at the edge of a secluded forest with Dean, I wish that Dean had gone and Sam had stayed.

Not that it wouldn’t have been weird with Sam. It would have been weird, just a different kind of weird. Normal weird, not weird-weird. Sure, Sam is six plus feet of handsome, but the relationship I have with him is more sibling-ish. I just don’t have those kinds of feelings for Sam - the kind where my heart races a bit faster when he’s near and my girly bits get all tingly. Dean, on the other hand, has that effect on me. My relationship with Dean is strictly platonic, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream. And boy, do I ever dream. The man is fucking sex on bow-legs. Can you blame a girl?

Here’s the thing about this particular vampire - he’s got a bit of a twisted fetish. His tastes run into the kinky. He likes to take his victims mid-coitus. Doing the nasty. Knocking boots. The horizontal Mambo. He’s a real piece of work. Like I said, he’s a kinky son of a bitch.

His modus operandi is to kill the male and snatch the female. We haven’t quite figured out what he does with the girls, but our best guess is he turns them. And keeps them for his own amusement, if you catch my drift.

But I’m getting off course here. Right now my gut is swirling with butterflies, my heart pounding loudly enough that this vampire can probably hear it a mile off. In just a moment, I’m going to be making out with Dean. Sure, it’s for the greater good, I volunteer as tribute, blah blah blah. I know it’s not real, it’s just for show, but I’m nervous as hell. I’m staring at his lips and he’s giving me that cocky as hell smirk, you know the one I’m talking about. His tongue darts out to lick his lower lip and I practically swoon. I’m like Scarlet fucking O’hara, I’ve got a case of the vapors. I might actually pass out.  

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Mistakes || Jeon Jungkook (PT. 2)

Originally posted by hohbi

Word Count: 1.8k

Genre: Fluff

Two weeks. It had been two weeks since you and Jungkook had started the break. You didn’t want to admit it but you had spent all of the time up until now laying in bed, and trying to disappear within the covers. You didn’t want to see the outside world if it meant you would have to remember his absence.

As much as you wanted to call Jungkook and tell him to come home, you were too stubborn. There was a small part of you that wouldn’t let your fingers punch in the familiar number. He wasn’t as strong though. He had called you everyday and left you with countless voicemails, all of them telling you how much he loved you and that he was truly sorry.

He hadn’t missed a single day.

Of course he was still doing promotions and working with the guys, but he was messaging you and calling you whenever he got the chance, and it made your heart hurt. You wanted to answer every time the phone rang, but you didn’t. It wasn’t until a different ringtone started playing that you actually grabbed the device and pressed answer.

“Hello.” You answered quietly.

“Hi.” His voice sent shivers down your spine and you were so dumb as to not expect him to try something like this. He had before, and yet you had fallen for it again.

“You have to stop calling me from Jimin’s phone or else soon I’m not going to pick up and he’s going to be pissed at me.” You replied, sitting up slightly in bed and resting your back against the pillows. You didn’t want to admit it but it felt good to hear his laugh come over the line.

“I’m sorry, I had to hear your voice. I thought I was going to go insane.” He replied. Your fingers played with the edge of your blanket so as to try and distract you from the fluttering in your chest. It didn’t matter what he said, he could be reading the script of the bee movie and you would still find yourself distracted by his voice.

“You’re a twit, you know that right?” You questioned, trying to goof around a little bit. Jungkook chuckled slightly and you could tell that he wasn’t completely there. “How are thing’s going with the guys? They’re being nice right?”

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“Okay… Just… Please, hang in there a little longer…”

Twitter ver.

Better Than Medicine // Na Jaemin


the prompt: Could I request something super fluffy and full of cuddles with NCT Dream Jaemin? Thank you!

words: 1097

category: fluff + kind of a best friend scenario?

author note: i have had this plot for jaemin in my head for months and now is the perfect time to bring it out. also i miss him so but he’s my lil honey bun and i hope he’s okay and healthy and living a unstressed life rn. ANYWAY hope this was up what you wanted! please enjoy!

- destinee

Originally posted by haechannie

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PLL is the worst but that scene between Toby and Spencer had me sobbing

Serious kudos to those actors

(Although in other news, killing off Toby’s wife just so they can be together is so problematic like????)

-Also “check the appendix” when you just receive a life-size version of yourself means the actual appendix, like are you serious

- Caleb calling Hannah’s vagina her “spicy tuna roll” my GOD can we get some new writers in that room please and can those actors try a little harder than just phoning it in at this point holy disaster


-I know Aria isn’t A but she is the only thing that mattered this episode: total badass, nice acting performance, interesting storyline and dope ass wardrobe like where can I get those outfits 

-They said there will be “two weddings this season” so does Yvonne and Toby count as one? Which means that Caleb and Hannah will probably be two which means Aria will dump Ezra’s pedophiliac/polygamous ass and end up with Jason?? TELL ME ITS TRUE

- If Spencer isn’t really Spencer, and it’s Bethany pretending to be Spencer, that is the only explanation I will accept at this point. It would explain her Caleb obsession, it would explain the newfound lack of chemistry between Spoby, it would explain Spencer’s turn on the game being bogus while everyone else’s was brutal, it would explain her being such a colossal bitch to Mrs. Hastings for adopting her, and it just would be a smart twist on the OG plot line from the books. If it’s any other explanation, I’m done. 

Sam & his view of Dean

I’ve been having some thoughts and conversations about Sam’s view of Dean recently with Dean’s facade coming heavily into play in the narrative this season and thinking back over the seasons and some of my struggles with how I have perceived Sam in the past. 

I feel like this season is addressing this head on and I applaud this, it’s actually very refreshing and freeing to not have to keep my negative thoughts on some of Sam’s behaviour to myself as it’s clear that this is how it was supposed to be perceived as it is now brought to the forefront of the story in order to be overturned as Sam is led to realise some things…

Originally posted by weeklyspn

Continuing under the cut as this post got a long longer than I intended…

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BTS reaction: Finding out that you left hickeys on their neck

A/N - might mention some slightly NSFW things so don’t read if you’re uncomfortable with stuff like that.


Originally posted by xingorjin

Jin would scream in horror as soon as he notices the giant purple hickey on his neck while he’s brushing his teeth. He would storm out of the bathroom and give you an angry look.

“Y/N! HOW CAN YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT TO MY BEAUTIFUL NECK! It’s so ugly! Now come here and help me cover it!”


Originally posted by leojuseyo

When Yoongi sees the hickey while he’s taking a shower he would smirk to himself and possibly get a little turned on from the thought of you biting his neck. After he is done with his shower he would come back into the bedroom and ask you if you want to go for round 2.

“Hey Jagi. So I noticed that you left a little something on my neck last night…Wanna leave some more?”


Originally posted by park-jimizzle

When Jhope sees the hickey you left on him the night before he would pretend to be mad about it just to mess with you. But the moment you start apologizing and saying that you would try to be more careful next time he would start laughing and tell you that he is not actually mad but you should really be more cautious next time. 

“It’s okay sweetheart I’m not actually mad. I just made you so excited you weren’t able to contain yourself.” *winks and starts laughing even harder*


Originally posted by baebsaes

Namjoon would love it! He would love it so much he wouldn’t even try to cover it. When he sees you after finding out about the hickey he would give you a kiss and whisper in your ear  that next time it’s going to be his turn to leave his mark on you.

“Thanks baby, but next time it’s my turn…”


Originally posted by lonastic

Jimin would be a little upset when he sees it but wouldn’t say anything, because he doesn’t want to upset you or make you feel bad.

“It’s okay jagi. Just, please be more careful next time….”


Originally posted by mvssmedia

Kind of like Namjoon, Taehyung would really like it and probably wouldn’t try to cover it very much. But he would still be a little worried of what other people would think so he would take a scarf with him just in case.

“I actually really like it, but next time try to leave one where people can’t see it.”


Originally posted by nnochu

Jungkook would be a little shocked when he first sees it but he wouldn’t try to cover it, he would do just the opposite actually. He would try to show it off so everyone else can see that he’s not a kid anymore.

“Oh that? It’s just a hickey.” *pretends to be cool on the outside but on the inside he’s like “See! I’m not a fucking child anymore!”*

Surprise - Colton Parayko

Originally posted by phillymyers

Notes: hi hi! So, this is gonna be the last smut for a bit, just because I have so many so close together I want people who don’t like reading smut to be happy too. So please enjoy!! but this is super dirty so I wouldn’t suggest reading it unless you like that.

Warning: Smutty as hell, kinky as hell

Smut: Yes | No

Requested: Yes | No

Up Next: Auston Matthews

Teaser: “I’m into a lot of stuff, I guess.”

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Take my whole life too

In the process, he learns a few things. First, the pup is most certainly a girl. Second, she’s a lovely golden color beneath the muck. Third, once she is clean and dry and fed and curled in front of the fire, snoring quietly, Vax can’t bring himself to leave her. Never let it be said Vex is the only twin with a soft spot for strays.

the working title for this was “vax adopts a dog” which is really all you need to know. vaxleth, 2.2K. title from “can’t help falling in love”

He finds the poor thing huddled under the eaves of the inn where he’s staying, comes back late in the dripping, seeping cold and only just notices the shifting shadows out of the corner of his eye. It’s a testament to the long hours he’s spent following his Lady’s mark that his first thought is to draw his dagger and slip towards the disturbance, silent as a wraith, until he gets close enough to make out––

Well, no dark being of undeath, anyways.

“Oh, you poor thing,” he murmurs, sheathing the dagger and paying no mind to how very much like Vex’ahlia he sounds as he crouches. “Oh, you poor poor thing. C’mere, I’m not gonna hurt you. C’mon, there’s a good boy.”

The pup shivers in the rain, caked with muck and whimpering pathetically. Vax waits patiently, hand outstretched as it slowly uncurls itself, damp nose stretching forward to bump against Vax’s hand.

“That’s a good boy,” he grins. “There you go. What d’you say we go inside, hmm?”

The pup whines as Vax carefully sets his hand beneath its midriff and lifts it up, cradling it against the damp leather of his armor (which is sure to stink to high heaven after this, but what’s new).

And so Vax and his newfound charge slip into the inn, and thunder cracks like gunfire and the pattering rain swells into the white noise of a steady downpour.

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Title: Closer

Pairing: Loki x OC

Summary: Loki and an Elena aren’t in a relationship but use each other to get their frustrations out. Loki disappears for a while and she is really horny one night. She takes matters in her own hands and is about to call up someone to fulfill her needs, Loki shows up and is really possessive over her. Rough sex ensues.

Rating: M

Words: 2441


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with the lights out (it’s less dangerous)

Pairing: Jerome Valeska x Reader
Rating: E for smut
Words: 3368
Requested by: Anonymous

You didn’t know how he managed it but he was stalking you, like a predator, and you weren’t sure why. What did he want to do to you? Fuck you? Strangle you? Both? The uncertainty unsettled you and put you on the defensive, something that only seemed to amuse Jerome.

Originally posted by pleasingpics

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anonymous asked:

Hi love your work especially your ravi smut i was wondering if i can make a ravi smut request . Them being together on a movie date night and reader complain from shoulder and back back pain so he offers her massage maybe a candle massage with hot oils . Would love it if u accept my request thanks ❤️

All Better:

“Ravi, have you gotten the popcorn ready?” You asked bending forward to plug up the cords from the HD sound system to your television set. Your boyfriend popped his red hot with a goofy smile nodding his head as his eyes gleamed.

“I’m all ready princess. How about you?” He asked walking towards the couch that had a plethora of blankets laid on top all ready for you two to enjoy the night before you. Grinning at Ravi you stood up and walked back to him, plopping down on a green blanket and once he opened his arms you crawled into his arms snuggling against his chest. Grabbing at the remote you flipped through countless movies on Netflix, settling for some cheesy romance love story you nodded your head happy with your choice. Ravi wrapped both of his hands around your waist pressing tiny kisses against your temple with a smile. He was home for the weekend and you told yourself no matter what you would do all that you could to make sure that you took up all his time without hesitation and so far, he wasn’t objecting.

As the opening credits rolled, you had already managed to bury your hand in the bowl of popcorn munching on the buttery goodness getting lost into the movie. It was always great when you could spend times like this with him because he was just an amazing man to you and you found yourself always falling deeper for him, especially when you would cast your eyes up to his face looking at his full lips and strong jaw structure. He was a very attractive man to you but if you kept staring at him he would know your game and know what’s up. So, with a soft sigh you told yourself to focus on the movie at hand clicking your tongue gently.

Some time had passed and you couldn’t stop squirming rolling your shoulders back you took deep breaths biting on your lip. “Something wrong baby?” Ravi asked gently stroking his fingertips up and down your left side along your hip bone.

“Ah, I’m just sore love. Nothing that sleep won’t work off. The job has been getting intense lately and I know it’s going to clear up! But, just for now it’s a large over work.” You grumbled softly thinking about the hectic hours you were about to have to put in and how much you needed to get done while the silence filled the room once again.

“Well.. You do remember that I have my oils and things like that, right? I am sure a massage could help loosen you up a bit.” He suggested causing you to smile and shake your head.

“No baby it’s ok! Really-fuck.” Your little speech was interrupted by a groan of pleasure bubbling up from your throat. Ravi had his hands on your shoulders, the pads of his thumbs and fingers pressing into your skin to create a pleasurable sensation that you hadn’t felt in a while. All the soreness and tension seemed to drain from your body as you looked up at him with pouty lips once he pulled back. He went back to watching the movie and you slapped his arm. “Yah!” You huffed in mild annoyance turning to face him.

“Hm? Oh!” Ravi beamed eyeing you and licking across his bottom lip. “Well you said you didn’t want me to do it, so I thought that I’d just give you a minor show.” He nodded his head stroking his chin thoughtfully. “Does that mean you changed your mind?” He asked with a soft chuckle at how eager you were to nod your head. “Fine, stay here I’ll be right back.” He cooed leaning down to plant his lips against yours sweetly escaping back to the room you both shared.

“___ I’m ready!” Ravi called out for you sometime later, grinning to yourself you dashed towards the shared bedroom halting in your tracks as you looked around the room. The room was dimly lit with flickering candles decorated across the dresser over candle holders. The bed was cleared off expect for a silk dark purple sheet so that your body would be comfortable when you laid down. Ravi cleared his throat as he watched you before he opened his arms. “My beautiful queen. I need you to strip for me before we continue. You remember what happened the last time.” He gave a subtle wink but his eyes told you a different story. Huffing as your face heated up you pulled at the hems of your shirt lifting it up and off your body. The last time you two had ever done something like this, not only did the room almost go down in flames but oil was all over you clothes and you weren’t fortunate to get those stains out. Hands quickly unclasping your bra and pushing down your pajama bottoms and panties, you walked towards the bed climbing on it. Moving to lay with your stomach completely against the bed. The soft silk touching your breast caused you to bite your lip and remind yourself to stay calm. Your hands rested on the sheets with your palms facing upwards towards the ceiling. Ravi moved to spread your legs wider a bit, his hands quickly going to work. “Remember this is all about relaxing baby girl. It won’t do us any good if you get right back tense.” He patted your ass softly before he went towards the radio that was built into the wall synching his phone to it he let The Weekend play setting the mood a bit.

Ravi walked back to your body, his fingers skimming against all the oils that were lined up on your nightstand. He chose a lavender scented oil. He popped open the top, pouring the oil gently on a line from the dip of your back up to the middle of your back. Sitting the bottle down he used his hands to spread out the oil starting to rub it up and down the spot he applied it to. His hands were spread wide pressed down flat rubbing the oil into your skin. He smirked at his work, watching your body become wet for him. He grabbed at the oil again pouring more up from the middle of your back to the top of your shoulders. Working it into your skin more, he immediately went back to squeezing your shoulders applying pressure to the knotted areas. He watched as you tensed up, eyes growing dark he reached a hand down to slap across your ass reminding you of his rules. It only made you moan out at the touches of his hands and he felt proud to evoke such emotions from you.

“Good girl, just like that relax.” Ravi cooed, his fingers dancing across your shoulder blade. He grabbed at the bottle of oil, pouring it against your neck and at the tip of your back he squeezed the oil watching it run down in a line towards the crack of your ass. Ravi lifted his hands back up massaging the oil into your skin not squeezing too hard or too soft. It seemed just right. He was obviously proud of himself grinning like a wild cat. He kept getting distracted while he worked on your body though, his eyes kept wandering to your plump ass that was just there. How your legs were parted and you were just sprawled out there. He wanted to make you feel good in all ways. He let one hand slide back up to grip at your shoulders as his other hand trailed down to your ass. Your delicate oiled skin glistening under the candles. His fingertips danced across your ass cheeks while he squeezed harder at your shoulder his free hand poured oil on your ass and he rubbed it in as well slapping it a few times. He watched your face contort the tiny little sounds that flew past your lips as you focused on being still for him. Ever so slowly his fingers made their way down to cup your pussy, using his fingers to spread your lips apart he started to circle his middle finger around your clit slowly.

Your body was on fire and the noises that escaped your lips were everything including needy. Your hips remained still as his fingers stroked against your folds, his middle finger going faster and pressing down against the bud the oil from it causing you to get more slick for him. Ravi groaned moving the hand that was on your shoulder down to your middle back holding you in place. Watching you with hooded eyes he slipped his long index and middle finger inside of your dripping pussy feeling your tight walls clamp around him.

“Fuck, my baby girl is always so tight.” He commented, his fingers slowly sliding in and out of you. Your hips were eager to push back slightly against his fingers taking him deeper as he searched for your spot again. “That’s right baby, fuck this pretty little pussy on my fingers.” He groaned out removing his hand from your lower back. Ravi watched as your ass bounced from your hips moving, your hands gripping at the sheets as you looked back over your shoulder to meet his gaze. Ravi sped up his fingers making a scooping motion with his fingers pressing them against every spot and scissoring them until you were panting lifting your ass higher in the air for him once he found your spot.

“T-there!” You cried out gripping harder at the sheets as he plunged his soaked fingers into your wet cunt moving them at a fast pace.

“Right here baby girl? Did I find your spot my little vixen?” He asked leaning down to nip at your ear kissing along your jaw until his forehead was pressed against yours.

“Y-yes!” You cried out trying to fuck his fingers harder you wanted to cum so bad, the buildup in the pit of your stomach was causing you to lose your mind. Ravi knew just how and where to touch you, and it felt like heaven. “Please Ravi! Please.” You begged looking in his eyes, his fingers along were great but you would only need more of him to satisfy your hunger.

“Please what?” Ravi asked in a low-pitched voice. His voice deep and thick with the lust that he was feeling inside of him, all you had to do was beg and he was done for.

“I want you to fuck me! Please it’s been so long. I need to feel your dick inside of me. I want to feel every inch Ravi. Make me cum.” You let your mouth say the dirty words unashamedly as you stare at him, your want for him over powering the little self-consciousness you felt inside of you.

“You got it baby.” Ravi pulled his fingers from you, bringing them up to his lips he sucked on the digits making slurping noises as he watched you humming in delight at your sweet taste though there was a hint of bitterness it wasn’t nothing he despised and couldn’t handle. He moved to pull off his shirt tossing it aside away from the candles. He took off his pants next and his boxers climbing back on the bed he spread your legs out wider grabbing at your hips. He was rock hard, tip oozing in precum he couldn’t wait anymore. He slid himself forward slowly breaching past your tight entrance causing some cries of pleasure to escape your lips. He bit down harshly on his bottom lip as he entered you and buried himself to the hilt not wanting to moan because he wanted to hear you more. His hands steadied on your hips, slowly he pulled himself out to the tip only to slip back inside of your wet pussy that molded around his shaft. You could feel the veins of his dick pressing against your walls causing you to squeeze around him more arching your back slightly. Your fingernails continued to pull at the sheets clawing like you were a mad woman as he picked up the pace. Rolling his hips and pushing forward each time he connected his hips against yours. Ravi looked down to watch his dick disappear inside of you loving how you took him without no complaints, how it made him feel to have your wet warm walls wrapped around him. He circled his hips slowly moving his hands in different directions. One hand went to press up by the side of your head as the other hand went to wrap around your waist and rest on your clit. He pressed his lips against yours kissing you deeply as he snapped his hips harshly against yours causing you to cry out. His tongue slipped into your mouth and you fought to kiss him back, all your cries of pleasure being swallowed up by him. He moaned softly against your lips his tongue exploring your cavern and playing with your tongue as well. In no time, he was pounding into you causing the bed to shake lightly under you. His hips flush against your ass as he drilled harder into you. Breaking the kiss so that he could whisper dirty nothings into your ear bringing you closer to a release. His fingers stroking against your clit in a rapid circular motion helping aid to how he was fucking you, your back arched off the bed and you reached a hand up to grab at his hair smashing your lips together one last time. With a few more harsh thrusts against your spot, you were laying your head back against Ravi’s shoulder crying out his name as your walls clamped down and you let your cum slide out onto his dick. He watched you with a growl pulling his body back from yours so that with his free hand he could continue to pull you back on his dick. His hand on your clit never stopped causing you to surge into another orgasm that had you squirting on the bed. He was in a pure state of bliss, watching you react like that only caused him to throb harder inside of you, his orgasm coming down onto him as he delivered slow heavy thrusts to bury his load inside of you. Once he was sure you were milked he rode out both of your orgasms leaning down to kiss up your back and lay on you with his hands bracing on either side of your head as he smiled at you.

“Now do you feel better?”

anonymous asked:

Hcs for the paladins? S/o that is unaware of their strength bc smol and they always playfully hit the guys? They hit s/o as hard as they can as payback. S/o is now on the ground crying and screaming like a child. Somebody save the both of them

yes omg jsjjsj this was fun to write!


- shiro found s/o’s playfulness really endearing

- he doesn’t mind the playful hits now and then

- he was shook when they hit him stronger than before

- like it didn’t hurt

- but he was shocked

- and he decides to hit them back as payback

- it turned out that he hit harder than he expected too

- and the whole room goes silent

- and s/o’s eyes starts to water

- and shiro was dead

- and when they burst into tears he was so panicked

- he quickly apologized to s/o

- they forgave him but they were still in pain

- and he’ll try to soothe down their wailing

- poor shiro


- lance loves how playfull s/o is

- probably because he could joke around with them

- playfull hist are normal around them both

- its like they’re thing

- lance just wanted to hit s/o jokingly a little bit harder

- more like a tiny shove

- but that didn’t go as planned

- s/o was curled up on the sofa, clutching their arm crying

- and on instinct, lance started wailing

- he almost cried knowing he hurt s/o

- the space fam will probs raid the room

- some comforting s/o and some lance

- lance just feels so guilty man


- keith finds s/o’s playfulness annoying and cute

- just as long as they know where the line is at

- playfull hits are common between them

- keith doesnt mind it at all

- he likes that sort of affection

- one day s/o hots him harder than he expected them too

- and s/o seems clueless about it

- so decides to hit a little harder

- but damn

- it ends up with s/o crying in his arms

- complained on how painfull it is

- keith would panic

- he’d apologize and hold them close

- trying to soothe them when he’s also freaking out

- would never playfully hit s/o again

- turns them into soft nudges


- she doesn’t mind it at all

- but like keith, she has limits

- she was really annoyed once

- and s/o kept pestering her

- and she’s just like ‘stop please’

- and s/o is like okay sure and playfully hits her

- and it was kinda hard

- and pidge knew it was an accident

- but wanted payback

- but that didn’t go as planned

- the space fam has too soothe crying s/o and guilty feeling pidge

- poor space fam


- he loves s/o’s playfulness

- isnt shy to hit them back playfully from time to time

- his s/o loves it really

- there are a lot of playful banter between them

- and hunk enjoys it a lot

- s/o said something really funny one time

- and hunk was laughing so hard

- that he accidentaly hits  thme too hard

- and he started crying

- because he’s a softie

- and he hates eeing s/o in pain

- so they’re both hugging eachother

- crying and wailing

- and eventually falls asleep

The girl who tried to save the Holmes  - Sherlock x reader / Mycroft x reader

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AN: Requested by @whoolemilk (it won’t let me tag you for some reason) I might change a little bit of it later on but for now, here ye are!

Summary: “can you write something from The Final Problem where Sherlock has to decide between shooting Mycroft, John, and the reader and the reader is trying to convince him to shoot her - something in that scenario?”

Word count: 1,547

Warnings: Some strong language, Slight Sherlock x reader, slight Mycroft x reader, angst, talk of death, you have to go though this painful as shit scene from the final problem again

There you were, stood in between Mycroft, John, Sherlock and a gun. Wondering how the hell you got yourself into this situation. 

It was your own fault. You insisted you come to with the boys to see their sister, Eurus. 

However a visit had turned into a hell hole of an experience rather quickly. Eurus had been challenging you all through little twisted games. Threatening and killing and toying with you all. 

Sherlock got it worst. That’s who Eurus actually wanted to hurt; to break. 

“Hey, Sis, don’t mean to complain, but this one’s empty. What happened, did you run out of ideas?” Sherlock asked as he moved into the next room. You and the others close on his heels.

“It’s not empty, Sherlock. You’ve still got the gun, haven’t you? I told you you’d need it, because only three can play the next game. Just three of you go on from here. Your choice, it’s make-your-mind-up time. Whose help do you need the most, John, (Y/n) or Mycroft? It’s an elimination round. You choose two and kill the other. You have to choose, family or friends. Mycroft, sweet little (y/n) or John Watson?” Eurus’s words made you go cold. Elimination. Kill

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Pairing: Reader x Ivar
Warnings: let’s see…death, murder, blood, swearing, NSFW
Summary: Reader knows what Margrethe told Sigurd and wants her to pay for it with Ivar’s help.

This is part one.

Tagging: @squirrelacorngliterfarts @captainpoopweinersoldier @underthenorthstar @mizzvengenz6661 @whenimaunicorn @lordavanti @ivartheboneme @pagan-raider @synnersaint

I broke through the thick brush, jumping and just clearing a few small boulders at the very edge of the forest clearing. I panted heavily, a smile on my face as I made the chase, catching up much quicker than I thought.

I followed close behind the flowing cream dress of Margrethe, she screamed out loud when she turned to look at me over her shoulder. No doubt to see just how close to her I was getting after a good 10 minutes of running. Though she probably knew that already, as my boots pounded into the ground, while she ran barefoot.

With the smile still planted on my now hot face, I got close enough to almost reach out and touch her dress. Instead, I took a chance and lunged out, tackling her to the ground with a hard thud.

She whimpered into the ground, half at my full weight landing on her and half that she was tired of running, I guessed. I caught my breath for a few seconds, breathing in her salty skin and hair. I held onto her thin dress tightly so she wouldn’t get away again.

She really thought she was going to get away from me. From us.

“Ivar! Over here!” I called out into the cool night air, my voice was rasped and scratchy from running. I breathed harshly into the back of Margrethe’s hair, my nose pretty much at the nape of her neck, while I waited for Ivar to show up.

I soon felt the low rumble and thudding of Ivar’s chariot getting closer, a few pebbles bounced lightly next to her blonde hair. I sat up with my knee pressed to her back and just in time to see Ivar shouting at his horse loudly, slapping the reigns like a madman. Which he was.

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Got7 reacting to your cooking and it tasting awful...(hyung line)

A/N: Admin requested this and I kind of just threw it together on our way to the mountains/while we were in the hotel room but I hope it’s ok. The would pretty much react the same trying to be nice and let you down easily. Sorry if it’s not very good lol -Admin Totoro

Mark: He would stare at the food for a little and then take a tiny bite. His eyes would start to water from the bitter taste of the burnt rice but he would quickly swallow and put a smile on his face so you wouldn’t be too disappointed.

“How about I just make some of my special ramen?”

Jaebum: As soon as he tasted it, he would scrunch up his face in that cute kind of judgmental way he does sometimes but in order to spare your feelings he would choke it down and start laughing a little bit. 

“I’ll take over the cooking if you do the dishes.” “Deal!”

Jackson: He would put the fork in his mouth and immediately start acting and making yummy sounds so you wouldn’t feel bad. He would then try to take a second bite and regrets it as soon as he does but his smile never leaves him.

“That was great but I think next time we should just order take out.”

Jinyoung: He would take a bite and immediately put his spoon down chuckling at how salty the soup was. He would look up at you and laugh a little harder. 

“I’m not laughing at you but can I please ask you to never make this soup again?”

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A definite yes to preggy TaeTae. He's such a cutie ♡♡

Ohhh i hope this is for the wolf au!! Im on mobile right now so please excuse any mistakes ill try to come back and edit them when i get on my laptop.


A pregnant Taehyung is actually a little bit of a mess. He’s still trying to figure out how to be an omega and now paired with being pregnant, its really not easy.

Especially because male wolf pregnancies are a lot harder and shorter than normal pregnancies. Male omegas go through body changes where their insides shift to be able to hold the pups and not only that, they also have to deal with shots and other medicine to help them make certain hormones needed to help their pups.

The beginning for Taehyung is especially hard. He gets these cramps that often leave him curled into a ball and whimpering until Yoongi comes back home from the studio and holds him. The first time it happens he’s actually really fucking scared something is wrong with him but is quickly assured by his doctor that its normal as its just his body preparing him.

Yoongi spends most of his nights cuddled up by Taehyung while he rubs his omegas stomach with a warming lotion.

When the cramps aren’t hitting him though its really nice. Of course his tummy takes some time to grow but that doesnt stop Yoongi from placing his face near Taehyungs stomach and talking to his unborn pups.

“Hey babies its daddy, take it wasy on your papa okay?”

Taehyung giggles and runs his fingers through Yoongi’s hair as he listens to his alpha. He’s a bit scared because his doctor has told him male omega can have up to five pups at a time but he knows no matter what Yoongi will be his support.

Taehyungs craving are actually funny too. He makes whatever member is with him at the time try anything he’s eating. Poor Jimin gets the worst of it as he’s extra protective over his best friend and spends the most time with him. One time Jimin is forced to try watermelon and peanutbutter and he almost cries while Taehyung happily eats.

He starts showing around the two month mark. It’s not super super noticeable but his shirts are starting to fit a bit tighter and his bump is viewable from the side. It makes the alpa in Yoongi growl with a new kind of possesiveness because those are HIS pups inside of HIS omega. He especially likes it when he catches Taehyung napping on their bed shirtless and cradling his tummy.

On the fourth doctors visit they find out they are expecting three pups! Taehyung is happy but a bit scared while Yoongi is grinning with pride because his omega is strong enough to give him that many pups on the first try. He spends more time than normal that night talking to his pups.

“One of you has to he an alpha okay? So you can keep your papa safe while I’m working on songs.”

When BTS is scheduled to have a comeback, Taehyung is already four months pregnant and heavily showing. He’s wadling around now and his feet swell more but that doesn’t stop him from going to practices and supporting his members even if he can’t really dance along. The pups tend to kick more whenever the members are practising one of the Cyphers and Taehyung giggles because obviously his babies have good taste.

There’s also a lot of baby bump pictures on twitter. Taehyung loves to post little videos of things on his belly so fans can see how the babies kick.

There are a few moments when Yoongi has to hold Taehyung as he sobs because his hormones are a mess and he’s read some mean comments online. Wolves arent a new thing to the public but male omegas that are pregnant are and that often gets haters. Eventually he just stops reading them and focusses on his supporters.

“Hey Yoonie, how long are omega typically pregnant?”

Yoongi’s in the middle of rubbing Taehyungs swollen feets when he pauses.

“Well its usually around six to seven months.”

Yoongi grins as he can smell the excitment coming from Taehyung. Soon they’ll be able to meet their babies!!

Around five months Yoongi notices that Taehyung has been smelling him more. Its not that noticeable really but he of coursw catches it right away. Taehyung is wearing his shirts more and holding to his face when he’s reading or watching anime. It makes him feel a type of way because he’s read omega only do that as a form of comfort. He pulls Taehyung into a hug so the omega can just bury his face into Yoongi’s neck instead and smell him better.

While it’s not really possible to be able to tell if the pups are going ro be alpha beta or omega until they are born, Yoongi and Taehyung are excited to find out one of their babies is for sure stronger than the others and might definitely be alpha.

Its not all pretty though. Yoongi sighs a bit as he’s cuddling with Taehyung in their sleep and he wakes up to a crying Taehyung and a wet spot on him. He already knows Taehyung must have had an accident as he is bigger now and its not as easy for him to get up when needes. He gently gets up and changes his omega and himself and the sheets and spends some time assuring Taehyung that its normal and no he’s not gross its all apart of being pregnant.

When Taehyung does go into labor its just a wild ride. He’s in the dorm alone because the members are at a music recording and he’s trying to relax in the bath tub when he feels a sudden pain. Its sharp and directly to his stomach and his instincts kick in right away. He reaches for his phone and calls his personal manager and with some help they get him to the hospital. As soon as Yoongi hears that Taehyung is in delivery he leaves the show without even taking his mic off.

The alphas heart breaks when he arrives to the hospital and sees that Taehyung is curled up in a ball on his side crying. The omega has an iv in his hand and other things connected to him and Yoongi waste no time going to his omega side and doing as best as he can to hold him through his pain.

When it’s actually time for Taehyung to deliver he has to have all the cords taken out so he can shift into his wolf form. After his shift its just a blur of crying and slick and whimpering.

The first pup is a male omega they name Sangmin. The second another male omega, this one though is special because his eyes are the same striking blue that Yoongi’s wolf are. They name him Sanghyuk. Finallt the hardest time Taehyung has is with their last child. It’s bigger than the rest and Taehyung has to take breaks because he just cant. Finally though, she comes out and wow a female alpha. They name her Sunmi.

(Well we finally have the pups! Let me know if you want me to continue life with the pups!)

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hiiii I'm kinda new to the fandom and I really wanna get into the fics but I haven't really seen much, do you know a list or summat I could look into? Thanks x

Nonnieeee! Finally Im here. Im so sorry this took so much, thank you for being patient with me. These are my faves but if you have something specific you’re looking for, come back and I’ll try to find it for you! And I have s o many more so yeah you can always come back! :) xo

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