so totally would

bisexual disaster, michael wheeler

Will smiles at him, cheeks turning a light pink and Mike feels something in his stomach flutter.

Uh, what the fuck was that Michael Wheeler? a disbelieving voice that sounds horrifyingly like Nancy echoes in his head. Those better not have been fucking butterflies just now. You just broke up with El.

Mike knows that the voice - much like his older sister - is right. He’s only been single for a few months, he’s just lonely and Will doesn’t deserve for him to project those feelings onto him. He deserves way better than that.

Plus… Mike is pretty sure he’s just into girls. Right?

But then Dustin makes a stupid joke and Will bursts into a peal of giggles and Mike finds himself dumbstruck, staring shamelessly at Will’s gleeful, beautiful face for a good thirty seconds. He’s only broken from his stupor when Max unceremoniously elbows him in the side with a snide “Take a picture Wheeler, it’ll last longer.”

That was very gay, Mike! Nancy shrieks hysterically in his head. Very very gay!

“Oh… fuck,” Mike hisses to himself. This cannot end well.

the empire strikes back 


zKrennic lead, zTarkin, Deathtrooper, Thrawn, and trusty Tie Fighter Pilot 

watch with the volume up at your own risk.  and have a wonderful thanksgiving holiday <3 

Jungkook: hey Yoongi wanna- 

Yoongi, in bed: *hisses* 

Jungkook: jeez next time you could just say no *leaves* 

Yoongi: ah, finally some peace and quiet

Hoseok: *enters* Yoongi do you want to- 

Yoongi, out of bed and in a tuxedo: Yep let’s go I’ve been wanting to do something all day

so @misspaperjoker made this incredibly hot western!au steve, and I IMMEDIATELY needed to draw a matching bucky!!!

here is mercenary!bucky, gunslinger extraordinaire

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  • Harry: Ginny, listen... I can't be involved with you anymore. We've got to stop seeing each other. We can't be together.
  • Ginny: It's for some stupid noble reason isn't it?
  • Harry: Not really. It's actually a pretty poncy reason. Well, pretty AND poncy to be exact. And snobbish. Oh, and annoying. So annoying! And manipulative. Infuriating. Witty. Talented. Handsome. Adorable. Vindictive. Petty. Feisty. Brilliant. Beautiful... I'm sorry, what were we talking about?

//wakes up in the middle of the night// WE WERE ROBBED!!!

Crossbow = Swordgun

I live for steven universe crossovers

hunk has to hide pidges eyes everytime these losers decide to fuse lolol

Worried Zen lol.  Scenario takes place after Zen saves MC from bomb threat.  He is on high alert.  Question is would you hit your toe on furniture just to see him running out of the shower? :))))  

Read from left to right please.

MC walks into Jumin:  here

Jumin walks into MC: here

MC walks into 707 after shower here

707 walks into MC after shower here

i lost my voice for a week & nobody noticed because i never freaking talk