so totally would

one day i’ll write up something about how illyana still holds anger at emma and doesn’t wholly trust her and probably never will, nor will she ever truly forgive her for the things she did to her, kitty and the rest of the new mutants all those years ago.

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You literally had cinnamon rolls with caramel sauce and now you're looking to eat pasta with beef? Stop tagging your stuff as ana.

Um if you could read, you’d see that the “cinnamon rolls” were actually ana-fied 146 cal with 0 cal caramel sauce and then if you’d stop making assumptions, you’d see that the 60 cal veggie “beef” would be 0 cal miracle noodles with 0 cal walden farms sauce so total would be 60 cal for that. 

stop being so high and mighty and go fuck yourself.

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can we just discuss the fact that modern curly would definitely have had a fucking anime phase. like u can make headcanons for this if you want/know any animes he would watch but like. he would have an anime phase and tim has pictures of him dressed as naruto for halloween that he uses to blackmail curly (btw this is tim-shepard this is my main aaa)

I support this 1200%

So like

-he would totally try to get Angela watch some of his favorite with him, she personally likes Sailor Moon but he grew out of it

-he is out of his anime phase indefinitely, but he still watches Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

-Y'all know he would be that kid that tried to get a katana or take some kind of martial arts class

-he watched death note and cried at L’s death.

-again with the death note, he also took like a small black composition notebook and tried to make his own death note

-angela won’t let him live that down

- ponyboy kinda inspired curly to draw, but since this was in his weeb phase he tried to draw yaoi/anime guys

I hope these were okay lmao

No matter how their relationship will end up,i will probably still love it ..we still have another 8 weeks to go with this beautiful Anime

so the figure skating anime is coming but you know what else should totally be a thing? figure skater mikleo. like he specializes in water/ice and he’s slender and elegant and all. and sorey would be his biggest fan of course


Okay SING fandom I raise you Buster getting to perform at his own theater

andreil valentine’s day

it’s 1 am and i should be writing an essay but instead i wrote some valentine’s day andreil oops

  • it’s andrew and neil’s first valentine’s day together
  • they didn’t have anything planned or discussed it
    • neil hasn’t ever spent valentine’s day with anyone who meant as much to him as andrew has
    • and andrew could care less about valentine’s day
      • except for the excessive amounts of chocolate on sale the day after
  • the day before valentine’s one of the foxes (probably nicky tbh) comes up to neil and asks him about his plans for valentine’s
  • neil didn’t know that he was supposed to even plan anything for his whatever with andrew
  • cue nicky acting all scandalized
    • “what do you MEAN you don’t have anything planned ??? no plans AT ALL on the MOST ROMANTIC day of the year ???”
    • “why is it such a big deal it’s literally one day”
    • “WHY IS IT SUCH A BIG DEAL you break my heart neil. truly. do you hear that? that’s my heart breaking”
    • “no i dont hear–”
  • neil leaves nicky in the middle of the hallway pretend sobbing
  • later that day neil and andrew are on the roof (bc of course they’re on the roof where else would they be? interacting??? with people ??? lol)
  • neil brings it up
    • “are we doing anything for tomorrow?”
    • “what makes you think that”
    • “idk but nicky rendered one of my ears useless from screaming about needing to do something for valentine’s day”
    • “i don’t care about valentine’s day”
    • “ok but like do you wanna go somewhere or not”
    • “i don’t care”
    • “you’re so annoying andrew i literally ask one question”
  • the next day neil is in class and he gets a text from andrew
    • ‘come to the roof’ is all it says
    • ‘i’m in the middle of a lecture what do you want’
    • andrew doesn’t answer
  • so neil excuses himself from the class
    • “sorry im suddenly sick cough cough”
  • when he gets to the roof andrew is sitting there but there’s also a blanket and some food
  • and andrew is avoiding looking at him until he sits next to him on the blanket
    • “i thought we weren’t doing anything today”
    • “i changed my mind”
    • you changed your mind or did renee convince you to do this”
    • “shut up and eat your food”
  • they finish their food and sit there smoking until andrew suddenly says
    • “don’t think that this means anything”
    • “i don’t”
    • “because i still hate you”
    • “i know you do”
    • “but you’re tolerable”
    • “wow what a compliment i’m so honored andrew”
    • “and now i don’t tolerate you anymore shut the fuck up neil”
About ships

Boy and Girl: *blush at each other*

People: it’s canon.

Two boys: *blush at each other, hug, think about each other all day, hold hands, stare at each other lovingly, dream about each other, share lots of intimate affectionate moments*

People: look at those bros! Such strong friendship!

People: *brush hands with friends of the same gender* no homo!

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about Jack and Ransom and Tim Horton’s, but somebody please give me Jack introducing Tater to Roll Up the Rim.

Tater: So I just roll rim up like this? Everyone in Canada do?

Jack: Yes

Tater: *squints at the words under the rim* I’m win?

Jack: No, it says “please play again”

Tater: … I’m need more coffee, Zimmboni

Jack: That’s your fourth cup…

Tater: I’m not win yet.

"Deleted" scene from Lego Batman
  • Superman *being interviewed*: Yeah, Zod and I have been enemies for a long time, he's like my greatest enemy.
  • *LexCorp Tower in Metropolis*
  • Mercy Graves: Sir? Are you alright?
  • Lex: *sobbing* I'm fine.

Here you go whatisyourlefteyebrowdoingdavid. You want to shoot angst at me then I will shoot it right back. David upset on the beach, that’s versatility for you ;). And I don’t think I need to explain who the “inappropriate kissing situation” was about. LOL. The war continues!

Kylo finds Poe’s crashed TIE fighter first… 

Kylo, feeling the pull to the light side once again, searches the dangerous deserts of Jakku late into the night to rescue his old friend, Poe Dameron.  At first he finds the jacket, but no pilot– devastated, he redoubles his efforts. He knows he’s alive, he can feel it.

In the force awakens Poe can’t remember what happens after the TIE fighter crashed, he wakes up safely in the middle of nowhere… convenient or was BEN SOLO there to rescue you!? 

 #darkpilot #benpoe #national hug day!!!!