so today was awesome

Kichijoji Dake ga Sumitai machi desu ka?

So I found a really awesome manga today???

It’s called “Kichijoji dake ga sumitai machi desu ka?” or, roughly, “The only town you want to live in is Kichijoji?” and is by Maki Hirochi

It’s about two sisters who work do real estate in Kichijoji, Tokyo

They’re both fat girls, but as far as I can tell so far, they aren’t fetishized or are the butt of a joke???

They’re both super cute, and drawn proportionally and realistically, seriously I can’t think of the last time I saw a manga with fat girls as the main characters/protagonists, or if I EVER have period. 



Also the stories are all just really sweet, it’s basically just the sisters helping people who come to their real-estate agency find the perfect home, like, it’s really cute and sweet and good? 

Also it has a live-action drama going on rn which is super exciting!

Basically, I don’t know if this story will get more popular or if the manga will get an English translation, but I was just super hyped about this and wanted to share ~ <3

Modern witches who keep their potions in empty water bottles and tupperware with their purpose scrawled on them in sharpie. Witches who buy cute little bottles from Hobby Lobby and Michael’s so that their potion cabinet will look cute. Witches who’s spell books are messy, thoughtless, scribbled in notebooks with like five different pen colors on one page bc they kept losing their pen, ironically while writing a pen finding spell. Witches who brew potions in hello kitty tea kettles and pikachu pots. Witches who have spells in the notes folder of their phone, and who enchant their phones and wallets so they won’t lose them. Just give me all the cute, modern witches. Give me all of them.


i don’t know it you know guys but there is a new really well made new blog dedicated for Dreamtale! it’s called: @dreamtale-au (by Joku). and tomorrow will be the anniversary! :D

i wanted post it tomorrow but i will be really busy so i have to post it today :’D.

Girl keep working you are awesome<3 i hope that everything will going better for you! sorry for horrible english<3 

more in those liks <3:

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today at walker stalker con, a kid with down syndrome came up to jeffrey dean morgan for an autograph. the con was being strict about selfies but JDM crawled under the table to come hug this kid and take photos with him. He told him how amazing his cosplay was and they booped noses together. i sobbed like an idiot. Jeffrey made my day but this story touched my heart so much more. He’s the sweetest man and I’m so glad this awesome kid got this experience today.

What Happens In Vegas: Part 2

A Bucky x Reader / AU drabble series

Master List

A/N: Since you guys have been so awesome with part one, I was off today and couldn’t wait to write part two. I really hope you guys like it, and like where it’s going. Let me know what you think and, as always, please send me your feedback! ♥

Word Count: 1,024
(i couldn’t stop!)

- language. 

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine. 

You stared at Bucky, literally standing in front of you in nothing but his underwear; his arms crossed across his chest, his brow furrowed as he assessed you in your thin sheet. There was a small smirk on his face now, as the realization crossed over him that you were naked under the thin fabric. You saw this understanding wash over him and you were immediately mortified, pulling the sheet up to your chin.

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Health Update 🤒

So my blood work came back with a red flag on my inflammation levels, which are more than double the normal range. My doc is sending me to hematologist (blood specialist) to run more tests, but right now likely contenders are lupus, cancer, or an autoimmune disease…. Yay?

Meanwhile I’m still drawing and writing and having a grand time in life, with the tiny setback of feeling like an exhausted sack of crap sometimes. But I still have all my limbs and my cat, so I’m okay for now. Here is a picture of Bunny sitting on my butt.

Skip A Thought

Hop scotch;

Skip a thought.

I’ll get back to it later.

Turn ‘round,

On the ground

Is scattered its remainder.

That side,

Caught my eye.

Forget what I’ve forgotten.


Give up yet?

Retracing where I have been.



Chalk numbers all misaligned.



Drifting flashes through my mind.



started 2012, finished 2016

from an ADD mind

So today, I learned something really awesome about one of my favorite 180s

It totally has itbs from an R32 GTR strapped onto it and a sweet 2200cc SR setup

I only recognized it because of the yellow paint, and the fact that a huge chunk of the rad support is gone for the v mount

some of you may also recognize it as this car

this car is very good